Perfect Vegan Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Stack of delicious gluten-free vegan chocolate chip cookies beside a glass of almond milk

The other day, I was thinking through my rolodex of recipes and realized I don’t have a basic vegan gluten-free chocolate chip cookie on the blog. I KNOW. It’s just wrong. So, obviously, I had to fix that. The rest is history. Friends, ready your aprons and let’s bake!

Blue tray displaying almond flour and other ingredients for making vegan gluten-free chocolate chip cookies

This 9-ingredient recipe starts with aquafaba! Yes, aquafaba knows no bounds. It acts as a binding and leavening agent in these cookies, which is kind of amazing.

If you haven’t jumped on the aquafaba bandwagon yet (which is just the liquid from a can of chickpeas), you totally should! Don’t dump that liquid gold out next time you’re making hummus! It keeps in the fridge up to a week and makes so many delicious things (like oil-free granola!).

Bowl with dry ingredients for incredible gluten-free vegan chocolate chip cookies

Next comes your dry ingredients, which are organic brown sugar, vegan dark chocolate chips, almond flour (which is key to keeping these light and tender), and our gluten-free flour blend. Add a little coconut oil and vanilla to your whipped aquafaba, combine with the dry ingredients, and you’re halfway there!

These cookies benefit from a brief 30-minute chill before baking. But if you absolutely cannot wait (I mean, like you just can’t), march bravely onward toward baking. I just find they’re easier to work with (and bake better) when chilled.

Batch of freshly whipped aquafaba for delicious vegan gluten-free chocolate chip cookies
Using a wooden spoon to stir aquafaba into dry ingredients for vegan chocolate chip cookies
Parchment-lined baking sheet with a batch of Vegan Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Friends, you’re going to LOVE these cookies! They’re:

Tender on the inside
Slightly crisp on the outside
Perfectly sweet
Studded with chocolate chips
Easy to make
& SO delicious

True story: When we shared these cookies with a friend, she had to hide them from her family because they didn’t trust themselves around the whole batch. Also, they said they were “undetectably” gluten-free. That’s a win in our book!

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If you try this recipe, let us know! Leave a comment, rate it, and don’t forget to tag a photo #minimalistbaker on Instagram. Cheers, friends!

Small bowl with a stack of gluten-free vegan chocolate chip cookies

Perfect Vegan Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Perfect vegan chocolate chip cookies made with simple methods and 9 ingredients. Tender, sweet, studded with chocolate, and undetectably gluten-free.
Author Minimalist Baker
Tray and bowl with our Vegan GF Chocolate Chip Cookies alongside a glass of dairy-free milk
4.79 from 80 votes
Prep Time 45 minutes
Cook Time 12 minutes
Total Time 57 minutes
Servings 11 (Cookies)
Course Dessert
Cuisine Gluten-Free, Vegan
Freezer Friendly 1 month
Does it keep? 4 Days


  • 1 1/4 cup almond flour (almond flour works best here as opposed to almond meal, which would give these more crunchy texture and nutty flavor // if avoiding nuts, see notes*)
  • 1/4 cup vegan dark chocolate chips (we like Enjoy Life)
  • 1/3 cup gluten-free flour blend
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 tsp sea salt
  • 1/3 cup organic brown sugar (or sub muscovado sugar)
  • 1/4 cup aquafaba (the brine/liquid in a can of chickpeas // measured before whipping)
  • 3 Tbsp coconut oil (melted)
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract


  • In a large mixing bowl, stir together almond flour, dark chocolate chips, gluten-free flour, baking powder, salt, and organic brown sugar. Set aside.
  • In a separate mixing bowl, beat aquafaba using a handheld mixer until light and fluffy and loose peaks have formed. (Add a little cream of tartar to help them along if not whipping.)
  • To the aquafaba, add the melted coconut oil and vanilla and beat or whisk to combine. Then add to the dry ingredients and mix until just combined. You should have a firm, semi-tacky dough.  
  • Loosely cover and let chill in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. In the meantime, preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 C) and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  • Scoop out 1 1/2-Tablespoon amounts of dough (I like this scoop) and transfer to your lined baking sheet. Use the palm of your hand to smash the cookies down slightly into small mounds. They won’t spread much, so no need to leave a ton of room between cookies. There should be about 11 cookies (amount as original recipe is written // expect a different yield if altering batch size).
  • Bake for 12-15 minutes or until the edges are golden brown. Be careful not to burn (especially on the bottoms).
  • Remove from oven and let cool on the pan for 5 minutes. Then carefully loosen with a spatula and enjoy or continue to let cool.
  • Store cooled leftovers in a sealed container at room temperature up to 4 days or 1 month in the freezer. These are super delicious when warm and dipped in almond milk or hot cocoa!



*If avoiding nuts: try subbing a blend of oat flour, coconut flour, and ground flax or sesame seeds. Alternatively, we suspect the seed mixture called Superfood Burcha from Feel the Lean would be a nice substitution. Feel free to mix and match any of these seeds. If using large seeds (like pumpkin or sunflower seeds), give them a blitz in a blender or food processor or chop finely with a knife before using. We have not tested this idea – it is just a suggestion. 
*Recipe adapted from our Trail Mix Cookies, originally adapted from the Sprouted Kitchen cookbook.
*Nutrition information is a rough estimate.

Nutrition (1 of 11 servings)

Serving: 1 Cookies Calories: 211 Carbohydrates: 23.5 g Protein: 3.9 g Fat: 12.5 g Saturated Fat: 4.9 g Sodium: 82 mg Potassium: 110 mg Fiber: 2.8 g Sugar: 6.8 g

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  1. Reshma Mohindra says

    For his birthday my eight-year-old son wants a cookie ice cream sandwich cake. Could I make this into one cookie, about 9-10 inches in diameter (spring foam pan size)?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Reshma! We haven’t tried that so we aren’t sure if it would work, but sounds like a fun idea! Let us know how it goes if you give it a try!

      • Reshma Mohindra says

        So I did a trial run yesterday. We created 2 large cookies with the measurements above. I just wanted the kids to try it and approve before the bday cake. We stuck to the recipe except changing to white chocolate chips that my son prefers and adding some cocoa powder for a bit of color. They came out great!! Thanks so much.

  2. Rachel says

    I love these cookies!! I’m gf/df, but not vegan so I used 1 egg in place of the aquafaba. These turned out great! Sweet, but not sickly sweet. So moist and chewy. Highly recommend this recipe!!

  3. Dolly says

    I’ve been trying to create a sourdough discard chocolate chip cookie for months now! This recipe turned out to be perfect for doing that! I used flax “eggs” in place of the aquafaba, reducing some of the water used for the “egg” and also reducing some of the flour blend, I was able to add my (gluten free, brown rice) sourdough discard. I’ll let the dough sit in the fridge for a few hours or even a couple days to enhance to sourdough flavor if I’m feeling patient. Thanks for always being a tried and true source for tasty recipes with simple ingredients!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      That sounds amazing, Dolly! We’re so glad it turned out well! Thank you for sharing your experience! xo

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Aria, if not vegan, you could try egg whites. We aren’t sure other subs would work. Hope that helps!

  4. Kookie says

    Thank you for this recipe!

    I used coconut palm sugar and two eggs instead of the chickpea liquid.

    I also forgot to put in the flour blend BUT It still turned out AMAZING. The texture isn’t like crispy cookies. But it was still sooooo moist! My picky daughter loves loves it.

    I’m going to make another batch tonight with the flour and hope it will have more of a cookie texture :)

    Again thank you for this recipe!

  5. Anita says

    These cookies are amazing! I didn’t have almond flour so I used almond meal instead. Worked perfectly, I slightly overcooked them so they are really crunchy (which is fine by me!). I also added 1/3 cup of peanuts, because, why not?!
    Thanks for another easy and delicious recipe.

  6. Aria says

    This is really cool I have never worked with aquafaba before. I made these for my mom because she is on a diet and she loved them!

  7. Claire says

    I made these two weeks in a row, that’s how yummy they are! I’m not vegan or GF but I love baking with aquafaba. Instead I substituted dairy butter and a scant amount of whole wheat flour, which both worked perfectly!

    I baked the second batch for less time and the next day, they were extremely soft and crumbly. Is that just the nature of almond flour cookies? Still delicious, just curious.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Amazing! We’re so glad you enjoy them, Claire! Almond flour cookies are more prone to being tender the next day, but shouldn’t be much different than the first day. Perhaps they needed more baking?

      • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

        Hi Shaw, we haven’t used King Arthur, but it looks like it has similar ingredients, but is heavier on the white rice flour/tapioca vs. brown rice flour. So we’d guess it would work, but you might need to add slightly more flour. Be sure to check out the photos and video for guidance on texture. Hope that helps!

        • Sharon Shaw says

          Hello, I tried it and it was a little too chewy and gummy for me. Do gluten free cookies always have to taste like that? Is your flour blend lighter?

          • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

            Hi Sharon, too much tapioca can make baked goods gummy. We’d definitely recommend giving our blend a try!

  8. Richa says

    What is the texture of the cookies after baking? I want to make crunchy cookies. Will this recipe result in crunchy cookies or soft cookies?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Richa, these cookies are tender on the inside and slightly crisp on the outside. Hope that helps!

  9. Yvette Rosario says

    I couldn’t use the almond flour due to an allergy. I tried the suggestion of oat flour, coconut flour, and flax but that didn’t work. They were too crumbly. Even though I added a flax egg and more oil. I’m sure they would have been great had I made them with the almond flour.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      So sorry these didn’t work out for you, Yvette. Thank you for sharing your experience. xo

  10. JY says

    I’ve made these and they are awesome. One question – do you think this cookie dough could be frozen? would the Aqua faba hold up?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      We’re so glad you enjoy them! Hmm, we haven’t tried that, but we don’t see why it wouldn’t. Let us know if you try it!

  11. Jenny says

    this recipe is amazing!! best CCC’s ever.
    I can’t get my aquafaba to whip up – its a different brand and i also added C of T.
    can I substitute the aquafaba with whole eggs? I know someone had success with egg whites I’m just wondering about whole eggs.
    Thank you!
    you’re my fave recipe blog. by far.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      We’re so glad you enjoyed them, Jenny! Thanks so much for your kind words and lovely review! In our experience, eggs can make these a bit more dry, but it does technically work. Let us know if you try it!

  12. evs says

    I’ve made these several times in just a few days and they’re a super hit! Chewy and fluffy with a little crunch and nicely balanced; not too sweet and just hits the spot. Also love how minimal it is in number and quantity of ingredients, unlike a lot of other cookie recipes, vegan or traditional. Just adding my comments to add to successful mods for others:

    I used homemade aquafaba from cooking raw chickpeas and it works just as good as from canned. The latest batches I subbed peanut flour/meal for the almond flour (because of a shopping mixup lol) and the batter was a little too wet (guess the peanuts are less absorbant than almonds) so added a few tablespoons of coconut flour to get to a nice dough consistency. Baked a treat and is a nice pb & chocolate chip cookie. Will definitely keep making. Thanks Dana!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      We’re so glad you enjoyed them! Thanks for the lovely review and for sharing your modifications!

  13. Kitty says

    So yummy! Despite messing up measurements both times I’ve made these … they were great! The first time I added too much aquafaba and probably coconut oil resulting in a very soft version of this cookie. The second time I accidentally doubled the salt but they still rock.

    My question is, do I measure the coconut oil when it is solid or once it is melted?

    Thank you!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      We’re so glad they still turned out well! Measuring before and after melting shouldn’t make a huge difference, but accuracy is a little easier with melted. Hope that helps!

  14. Ashleigh says

    For the aquafaba measurement, is this before it’s whipped or after? I measured it post-whip and the dough was a little bit dry so wondering for next time. Thanks!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Ah, sorry for the confusion, Ashleigh! It’s measured before whipping. We’ll add that.

  15. Courtney says

    Wow! Just WOW!! I’ve been on the search for the perfect vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe, found yours today, and can confidently say that my search is over!! These are quite literally the BEST chocolate chip cookies I have ever eaten, vegan or not, in taste and texture. A delicate crispness on the outside, but chewy, gooey, and melty on the inside. Seriously, they’re the BEST EVER. I only made a couple of minor swaps, based on what I have on hand, but they were the same amounts as listed in the recipe. I replaced the gluten-free flour with unbleached all-purpose, and replaced the standard brown sugar with coconut sugar. The only other slight modification was a generous hand in my measurement of the chocolate chips, lol! Absolutely superb recipe, and super easy to make! Thank you so much for sharing this with the world!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Aw, yay! We’re so glad you enjoyed these cookies, Courtney. Thanks so much for the lovely review and for sharing your modifications!

  16. Shree says

    These were very delicious and were gone in no time. I added 2 tsp of raw cocoa powder, 1/2 tsp grated nutmeg and 1/2 tsp ginger powder. They were so yummy, I’m going to make another batch tommorow. I’m very happy with the texture and flavour. I’m a new fan of aquafaba baking. Your website is my trusted source for GF vegan baking. Thanks a bunch !

  17. Henna says

    These are the most delicious cookies I’ve ever had! It beats anything I’ve ever had, handmade or store-bought, even before I turned gluten-free and vegan! I will definitely be making these over and over again!

  18. An says

    I’ve made this 3 times within a week now and it has been amazing! I subbed gluten free flour for the same amount of all-purpose flour and they turned out amazing. Thank you for this amazing recipe!

  19. Pam K says

    Made these with substitutions below and they were fantastic! My daughter ate three cookies as soon as they cooled. Will definitely have to double the recipe next time. So these are my subs:
    1) Almond flour – I used Tigernut flour because we can’t do nuts
    2) GF flour blend – I used Bob’s 1:1 GF flour
    3) Coconut oil – I used Earth’s Balance unsalted buttery sticks
    My aquafaba didn’t foam up as much as it did in the video, but it seemed to work fine and by accident I put in a tablespoon of vanilla. For future batches, I’d like to make it sweeter, so I’ll add in more brown sugar (or granulated sugar, Dana?), and I also added in more Enjoy Life chocolate chips…because why not?? :) Thanks again for a great recipe!!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks so much for sharing, Pam! Some brands of chickpea make more foamy aquafaba than others- we like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s best. More brown sugar or granulated sugar and chocolate chips are never a bad idea ;)

  20. Tamara says

    These were soooooo good! I am beside myself with delight. So so delicious. I used a little less than 1/3 cup of coconut sugar (what I have on hand) in place of brown sugar, and I used unsweetened carob chips instead of chocolate ones (can’t have caffeine).

    They’re super yummy. I will try the base with other mix-ins at some point.

    Thank you for providing diverse and delicious recipes!

  21. Anna says

    I love chocolate chip cookies, but rarely find a plant-based, GF version that resembles the ones I grew up with. This MB version, however, blew my mind. A bit crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, I don’t think I could eat a normative chocolate chip cookie again. Also, the ingredients are par for the course for MB, which means no extra special shopping. Thank you!

  22. Sheila says

    I made these with regular flour on Christmas Day and was pretty disappointed. The website says you can sub reg flour for any of the gluten free mixes. But after I mixed all of the ingredients together, the consistency was like sand – too much dry ingredients! I had to add about a 1/3 cup of wet ingredients to get them into a dough. Then they came out like dense chocolate chip biscuits. Still tasty, just not a cookie. I’d have someone revisit this recipe… MB is my go to and I usually never have issues like this.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Sheila, thanks for the feedback and sorry to hear that was your experience! Was it on our website you saw that regular flour can be subbed in place of any gluten free mix? Typically when subbing all purpose, you need to use less of it than GF. In this recipe, it should work to sub the GF flour blend for a lesser amount of all purpose, but we wouldn’t suggest subbing the almond flour (because it adds moisture).

  23. Megha Doshi says

    Just getting ready to make this recipe today! Do you have any recommendations on how to replace / reduce the sugar? I try to follow a lower sugar diet. Would Monk Fruit sweetener work? Or would it work to just reduce the brown sugar by 50%? Thank you!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Megha, we haven’t tried it with monk fruit sweetener, but if it’s granulated, we think it would work to reduce the brown sugar by half and replace the remainder with monk fruit. Let us know if you try it!

  24. Marina says

    I made these with a few modifications. Baking soda instead of baking powder (1/3 teaspoon BS), no vanilla, and 1 cup of almond flour and 1/2 cup of coconut flour. All out of necessity; I was using what I had on hand.

    This was my first time making anything with Aquafaba, and I let it spin on the lowest setting of my vitamix while I prepared my other ingredient. Part of me wondered, did I over-whip this? I guess I’ll never know.

    Anywho, the cookies came out good. They are certainly not very sweet, and I think I would have preferred them to be sweeter. The texture was wonderful and they were definitely better the next day after being in the fridge overnight.

    If you’re skeptical of the aquafaba, don’t be. It was a New experience for me and I definitely would be more inclined to try to bake with it in future recipes.

    Happy holidays, Dana!

  25. susannah says

    We made these cookies following the recipe with no alterations. They were eaten within the hour by GF and non GF eaters. I have tried a few different GF vegan chocolate chip recipes unsuccessfully. This is the best recipe I have found that is vegan and GF. I would like to alter them to be oil free but overall am really thrilled with this recipe and had compliments from all family members. I am wondering if applesauce might work in place of coconut oil. . .

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      We’re so glad you enjoy it, Susannah! Thanks for sharing! We haven’t tried it oil-free, but it might work with either applesauce or nut butter. Let us know if you try it!

  26. Holly says

    Yay! Another amazing recipe! I followed this one exactly except for the aquafaba. Instead of that I whipped up 2 egg whites in its place because I eat eggs. I baked for 12 mins & I think any longer they would have burned. They are crispy on the edges and have a nice chewy middle. I used vegan chocolate chunk pieces instead of chips but they still held together fine. My husband who loves all things dairy is always in disbelief when I make these recipes. Wish I had doubled the recipe & made more but I will make again very soon!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Mady, we aren’t fans of the flavor of garbanzo flour in baked goods. Also, it absorbs more moisture, so they could be dry. We’d strongly suggest sticking to a gluten-free blend.

  27. Jessa says

    I used extra aquafaba by accident, (I didn’t read ahead and poured it right in!) but I whipped my next 1/4C of aquafaba and compensated for the additional liquid by adding about an 1/8C of coconut flour. (I love coconut!)
    I used ice cream scoops to measure the cookies (the kind that scrapes for easy scooping) and tucked about a teaspoon or two of peanut butter inside the cookie and pinched it shut before plunking it onto the cookie sheet. If you’re looking for that chocolate-PB combo, this turned out delicious!
    Because these cookies don’t call for egg, I find that under baked tastes just fine and makes them pleasantly soft. It’s my second time turning to this recipe (first time modifying) and I love it time and again!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Nicol, it sounds like it turned out too dry? Did you make any modifications? Did you measure out 1/4 cup of chickpea brine or whipped aquafaba?

  28. Akanksha says

    I tried these cookies with my first attempt with aquafaba. It was awesome and so much less calories. With Nut butters, we invisibly add calories.
    Loved my batch of crispy crunchy and chewy cookies.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      We’re so glad you enjoyed them, Akanksha! Thanks so much for the lovely review!

  29. Kelly says

    I love this recipe! I make these more often than I’d like to admit. Today, I didn’t have chocolate chips so I added 1 tbsp poppy seeds and used a scant 1/2 tsp almond extract in place of the vanilla. Oh. My. A perfect little tea cookie. I will definitely make them like this again. Now, I’m curious how a lemon poppy seed version might be. If I try it, I’ll let you know.

      • Jane says

        Loved these! Added a sprinkle of sesame seeds and sea salt on the top for a unique flavor combo and thought they turned out fantastic! Let them brown just a tad on the ends and they were nice and chewy and chocolatey. Will definitely make again.

    • Caroline says

      Is there an option to make these with regular GF flour? Would there be anyway to balance it out so they don’t get too dry? Looking for cheaper alternatives to GF flours when gluten isn’t a big issue for me !


      • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

        Hi Caroline, we think you mean in place of the almond flour? It adds moisture and a nice texture here. But we have other chocolate chip cookie recipes that use less (or no) almond flour, such as this, this, or this. Hope that helps!

  30. Talah Spillane says

    Hi! I’d love to make these but don’t have access to some of the flours used to make the gluten free flour blend, can you substitute it with anything else?

      • Jessa says

        I used extra aquafaba by accident, (I didn’t read ahead and poured it right in!) but I whipped my next 1/4C of Aquafina and compensated for the additional liquid by adding about an 1/8C of coconut flour. (I love coconut!)
        I used ice cream scoops to measure the cookies (the kind that scrapes for easy scooping) and tucked about a teaspoon or two of PB inside the cookie and pinched it shut before plunking it onto the cookie sheet. If you’re looking for that chocolate-PB combo, this turned out delicious!
        Because these cookies don’t call for egg, I find that under baked tastes just fine and makes them pleasantly soft. It’s my second time turning to this recipe (first time modifying) and I love it time and again!

  31. Kate says

    Made these cookies now for the second time. They are the dreamiest, chewiest, most perfectly balanced cookie ever.

    I’m obsessed. I followed the recipe to the letter, but I did have to bake for about 15mins- 12mins doesn’t cut it!

  32. Devin says

    Is it possible to sub the aquafaba for something else? I noticed in another recipe you subbed aquafaba for flaxseed.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Devin, It might work in this recipe, but it probably won’t have the same fluffiness.

  33. Vesna says

    This recipe is a home run! I love the soft centre (I like softer cookies more than crunchy cookies). My whole family went nuts for these. We were inserting them into our mouths as if they were tokens. LOL

    I used whole wheat flour instead of the gluten-free flour, and coconut sugar instead of the brown sugar—and they turned out perfect, just the way the recipe characterizes them.

    Thank you for this gem! I just love this site. Everything has always turned out amazing, and more and more of these recipes are becoming part of my repertoire; there are some days when I make two Minimalist Baker recipes in one day :D

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Aw, thanks so much for your kind words and lovely review, Vesna! We are so glad everyone enjoyed them! xo

  34. Emily says

    Whenever I make these I taste some sourness that I’m guessing comes from the aquafaba – none of my other ingredients were spoiled. Maybe it’s time to try a new brand of chickpeas? The raw dough had the same strange taste.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Emily, we haven’t had that experience, but it definitely sounds like one of the ingredients is off. Let us know how it goes with the new brand of chickpeas!

      • Vesna says

        Since this recipe calls for gluten-free flour blend, there’s also a good chance the sour taste comes from one of the ingredients used for the gluten-free flour blend. In my experience, store-bought gluten-free flour blends vary a ton in flavour, because there are so many approaches to making gluten-free flour. Also, they go stale quickly, whether you buy the components separately or whether you get cup-for-cup blend from the store.

        I just made this recipe for the first time today, and it took some resolve to not eat the dough before and after refrigeration. It was that yummy. And the cookies themselves had an amazing flavour. I used chickpeas that come in a non-BPA-lining can.

  35. Marie says

    These came out perfectly, we love them! It’s like a shortbread cookie with chocolate chips…sooo delicious! I baked them with our 3 year old. We used Namaste GF flour blend.

  36. Mia says

    These were pretty good. I swapped in all purpose flour for the gluten free mix and replaced the coconut oil with olive oil to reduce the amount of saturated fat. I noticed that the dough was a little bit tough and dry. The cookies themselves were alright, but somewhat biscuit-y. I don’t know if it was because of my swaps, but I didn’t love these. If I were to rate the end result, I’d give them 3 stars, but I don’t want to give it an official rating because the issues might be due to my substitutions and it would be unfair for that to reflect poorly on the recipe.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Mia, we think the all purpose flour was likely the issue as it is more absorbent. Let us know if you give them a try with gluten-free!

  37. Tamar says

    Delicious! Thank you for sharing another wonderful recipe!

    The instructions were simple enough for me (a non-baker) to follow. All the ingredients were on hand in my cupboard—including just enough almond flour that needed to be used. No shopping required!

    I decided to use an egg instead of the aquafaba. Nothing against aquafaba—I just didn’t have use for and didn’t want to waste the chickpeas. The batter looked too dry with one egg, so I added a second one.

    If you’re short on time (or just impatient), I missed the step about refrigerating the batter before baking—oops. Maybe that’s why the cookies were hard to form. I just rolled them in my hands a little bit so that the cookies held together.

    Even with my substitution and the missed step, the cookies still came out great because the base recipe is spot on. My gluten-and-dairy-eating family loved them.

    Thanks again Dana!

  38. Michelle says

    Oh my! You’ve done it again, Dana! I finally made your GF flour blend! I have been searching for a healthier CCC recipe since the one my almost 9 year old baby likes calls for 3/4 cups of oil. She said these are good but not really. Don’t be offended by that comment! What’s tasty for most is not for her. I’ve learned to take her opinions with a grain of salt.
    I definitely will be making these again though. Thanks once more! ❤️

  39. Diana says

    These are super yummy! However for some reason they burnt on the bottoms even with just 9 minutes in the oven. Still tastes good though! I replaced the aquafaba with 1 egg, and used coconut sugar and almond meal. My first time making and using almond meal! I’m not GF but it’s fun to play with the ingredients especially when the results are so delicious!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      We’re so glad you enjoyed them, Diana! As for burning on the bottom, we’d suggest making sure to place them on the center rack in the oven and maybe play with reducing the temperature slightly and/or cooking for less time.

  40. Molly says

    Amazing! So SO good. First time I made them I replaced the gf blend with the flour which worked perfectly and the 2nd time I made them all almond flour and added chia seeds – still delicious but slightly more dense and took a lot longer to cook.

  41. Jessica says

    Hey there! So I tried subbing coconut flour and the dough wouldn’t form (crumbly). So I refereed back to the recipe and saw that it says use a BLEND of oat flour, coconut flour, and the nuts. Can I have a measurement on that? Or do you just meant to pick one?

  42. B says

    Tried it and really liked it !!! They definitely taste like a gluten free biscuits but is delicious never the less. I didn’t have enough coconut oil so I melted down some peanut butter instead and that worked out great. Will definitely be making these again but I’ll try with different flavour combinations. Would highly recommend trying these out especially if you’ve got leftover bean juice ( aquafaba).

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      We haven’t experimenting with egg replacer, but a couple other readers have done so with success. To see what they did, you can press “ctrl+f” on a PC or “command+f” on a mac and a find bar should pop up that allows you to search for specific words (such as “egg replacer”) in the post and comments. Hope that helps!

  43. Jae Young says

    Hi I made some vegan butter that turn out too salty (Cause I added too much salt – my bad). I was thinking of using this recipe with the vegan butter without the 1/4 salt. Can I substitute the coconut oil with the vegan butter ? :) TIA

  44. Kat says

    What could I use instead of oil or non dairy butter in a lot of your baking recipes?! I don’t do dairy and I don’t really like to use dairy substitutes or consume oil!

  45. Nicholas The Geezer says

    I made a batch everyday for 4 days over the holidays and people DEVOURED them! They’re my go-to cookie!

  46. daisy says

    I made these over the weekend and they are fabulous. This will be my go-to recipe to tweak as desired.
    I didn’t have the aquafaba, so I subbed unsweetened almond milk. I also kept it even lower in sugar by using Lily’s chocolate bar. I just broke it into pieces. This particular bar contains milk, but no sugar, but there are others that are dairy-free as well.

    Enjoying going through your recipes and adding them to our family recipe file!
    Keep rockin’ it, Dana!

  47. Maya says

    I have a question about aquafaba! How long can I store it in the freezer for? I have a few bags of it stored in the freezer but I have no idea how long I should be keeping them for… And will the texture be the same if it was frozen and thawed?
    Thanks :)

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Emily, the almond flour is key to keeping these light and tender! But it might work. Let us know if you give it a try!

  48. Erica says

    These are so good they won a friendly cookie contest next to other glutinous and dairy- filled cookies! First time using aquafaba and wow- game changer! You really do have to be patient with it though – be prepared for around 10 min of beating with a hand mixer! I’m wondering if that’s why some people’s batches didn’t work out…. Followed the recipe exactly. Thanks so much! We’ll be making these again!

  49. Anne says

    I have almond meal (not flour), but I don’t want them to be too gritty/almond flavored. I have oat flour, but I don’t have any coconut flour on hand. How would you recommend that I go about mixing the two so that it doesn’t taste too much like an almond cookie?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Anne, can you eat eggs? If you can eat eggs you could try subbing the aquafaba with 1 small chicken egg. Otherwise we wouldn’t recommend trying these with oat flour or coconut flour or the texture will be off. With an egg, however, it may work. Let us know if you give it a try!

  50. heidi says

    Hi, I was excited to make this recipe… this will be the first time using aquafaba in baking.
    I followed the recipe exactly as is, using all same ingredients.
    The cookies are crumbly, and some cracked while baking.
    I eat vegan and gluten free, so, I was excited to try aquafaba. I thought it would moisen my recipes that generally call for flax egg, but now I’m not so sure…

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hmm, so a little cracking is normal as they rise and puff. But they shouldn’t be crumbly. Wondering if the dough just got a little dry. Perhaps more oil or aquafaba next time?

  51. Laura says

    YES! Thank you for this recipe. My daughter can’t eat wheat, eggs, or dairy so this was right up our food alley. I followed directions exactly and used a cookie scoop to put on the sheet. Since the cookies don’t spread I don’t recommend the cookie scoop. I rolled a few cookies into a bigger than golf size ball and squished them down to look like a regular sized cookie and everything turned out well. These have an excellent taste. Even my fiance who wouldn’t eat something without wheat and eggs liked these cookies.

  52. Liz says

    These are bomb. Best GF/DF choc chip cookie I’ve made and I’ve made a lot. They don’t spread so smoosh them down- be generous with coconut oil And choc chips and double the recipe using two eggs in place of the chickpea liquid. Everyone raved and love they are a bit healthier. Thanks for a great recipe!

  53. Trisha says

    I used date sugar, which is just ground dates, instead of the brown sugar, making these completely guilt-free. They turned out beautifully and transcendentally delicious. I also used an egg white instead of the aquafaba. I think date sugar is not usually recommended for baking because of its graininess, but that was no problem in these cookies — or in your brownies I put it in either.

  54. Sarah Brasher says

    This is my second time making these and I love them. Very tasty! I just use an egg instead of the aquafaba and turns out great.

  55. Renee says

    These are close to the best cookies I have ever made. I followed the recipe exactly. I suggest doubling it.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Mallica, we haven’t tried that, but it might work! The cookies will likely be more dense. Let us know if you give it a try!

  56. Vanessa C says

    These are delicious and super easy! I wasn’t sure the dough looked right until I chilled it for about 45 minutes, so definitely don’t skip that step. All in all, I like them better than regular chocolate chip cookies!

  57. Ashley says

    These cookies are amazing! I had fantastic results using 1/2 coconut sugar and half organic raw cane sugar and used ground almonds – perfectly crispy edges and soft gooey middle and they taste amazing! Love your recipes so much :))))

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks so much for the lovely review, Kassie. We are so glad you enjoy this recipe! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Thanks so much! xo

  58. Lesley Kosinski says

    Super yum!!! I am a current flexitarian…mainly avoiding gluten and dairy. Exception of eggs! I ended up using 1 beaten egg instead of aquafaba. And extra chocolate chips obvs! Turned out so great! Quick and easy no fuss. Great recipe thanks!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Joann, The only sub we know of is egg whites (which isn’t vegan friendly, of course, but should work as an alternative). Hope that helps!

  59. Dianne Sellin says

    I have not made these cookies yet. My question is: can I make these w/o almond flour? I have coconut flour and was wondering if I could substitute? I think coconut flour requires some fiddling around with liquids? Not sure. Would appreciate any helpful comments.

  60. Stephanie White says

    Hi there! If you’re subbing the almond with the oat, coconut, and flax, what do you think the ratios would be? Would you divide 1 1/4 into thirds for equal amounts of the 3 subs for 1 1/4 cups total? Or a little less coconut flour and flax, and more oat? I can’t do almond at all. Thanks!!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Stephanie, we haven’t tried it, but would recommend equal amounts of each. Hope that helps! If you give it a try, we would love to hear how it goes!

  61. Kayla says

    SO GOOD. I used half coconut sugar and half organic cane sugar, used Bob’s 1:1 flour, and used aquafaba that had been frozen before whipping. They are the best gluten free chocolate chip cookies I’ve made, vegan or not.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      We haven’t tried that, but think it should work! Though the dough may be a little more firm than if only refrigerated for 30 minutes (due to the coconut oil). Hope that helps! If you give it a try, we would love to hear how it goes!

  62. Annette Brousseau says

    Love this recipe! I made two batches. I had them in my freezer. I typically have non-vegan cookies in there for my boyfriend and ran out over the weekend. He said he was desperate and would have one of my vegan cookies. Well … FOUR later he had to force himself to stop or he would have eaten them all. LOL

  63. Erin says

    I just made these and things did not go well. I followed the guide for the almond flour substitution and otherwise followed the main recipe/instructions exactly. However, after I added the coconut oil and vanilla to my aquafaba it began to deflate. I quickly added in the dry ingredients and the mixture was very crumbly. I thought maybe that was due to using the almond flour substitution, so I added in more aquafaba (as was instructed above). The mix was still too crumbly so I finally added in water. The resulting cookies are not good — quite dry and flavorless aside from the chocolate chips. :-(

  64. Jen says

    Love these!! So easy & I ran out of all purpose flour so I used tapioca instead & they were perfect! Even our picky toddlers devoured them! Bookmarking these to make again! We baked them for 12 min & they got perfectly crispy (per the kids’ request)

  65. Leptosiphon says

    Seriously my favorite cookie right now. I dont even understand how they taste so good… and cooking with the ashwaganda (bean water!) Is kind of a fun twist. Who knew?! I love learning these new tips!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      We haven’t tried ourselves and can’t say for sure, but if you experiment with it, report back on how it goes! Good luck!

  66. Newbiemama says

    Just pulled these out of the oven … they’re gone! The family loved them ! Thank you for the recipe ♥️

  67. Vanessa Smith says

    Made these today, and although the mixture seemed a bit crumbly, the end result was a delicious, soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside batch of cookies. I used chickpea flour for all the flour add ins, which is likely the reason for the crumbly batter…I just REALLY like chickpea flour in baking. Hehe. Once again, thank you for the recipe!

  68. Jo says

    Well the mix is chilling in the fridge but i’ve a feeling they’re going to fail! Adding the vanilla and oil to the aquafaba completely killed the peaks and turned it back to liquid. Then adding the dry ingredients resulted in a dry crumb that wouldn’t come together! Seemed like not enough moisture overall. I double checked quantities. Any tips or ideas where i might be going wrong?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hmm it sounds like there is not enough liquids in your cookie a pickle, you can always add a bit of non-dairy milk or more aquafaba and that should help but I’m not sure why its coming out dry in the first place.

  69. Ajnira Laurie Bloom says

    Hi Dana, these are a truly superb chocolate chip cookie! The substitutions I made were that I used a combination of coconut and sorghum flours in place of the almond flour, I used 2 Tbsp melted coconut oil and 1 Tbsp grapeseed oil instead of 3 Tbsp coconut oil I used coconut sugar in place of the organic brown sugar and added a bit more sweetener in the form of monk fruit sweetener, I doubled the chocolate chips (!) and since the dough was a bit dry I added some water to adjust the consistency. This recipe is very forgiving. I had to bake them longer than recommended as well. But they came out perfect and when kept in an airtight container they retained that just out of the oven consistency. Love these and they are the best GF Vegan chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever made and I think they are an improvement over the classic ones which are so rich and greasy. I have a photo if you want me to post it. :) Thanks so much. These ROCK. Love your work!

  70. Jenn says

    Yep — these are AH-MAZ-ING! I subbed the 1/3 cup of brown sugar for 2 TBSP + 2 tsps of Truvia® Brown Sugar Blend (stevia leaf) and these ended up being the perfect amount of sweet for my diabetic family members. I also added some pecans… you really can’t go wrong adding to these!


    Question for you: I love and use your GF Flour Blend often. A few family members are allergic/intolerant to Brown Rice. Do you have a recommendations for substitutions to Brown Rice Flour?

  71. Anais says

    Hi! I love your blog and follow you on Instagram for a long time! I made these cookies using coconut sugar instead of brown and peanut butter instead of coconut oil and they were amazing! The best cookies I’ve ever baked :)

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      We wouldn’t recommend using just coconut flour, but you could us a blend of oat flour, coconut flour, and ground flax or sesame seeds.

  72. Helena says

    Hi, this looks like an amazing recipe. Which flour do you thing is better to substitute the gluten-free flour blend: oat, chickpeas or regular flour?
    Thank you

  73. stanley says

    Thank you so much for this recipe! These gluten free cookie is delicate, moist and holds together well. To me, they do have strong coconut flavor. I might would half the coconut with vegan butter.

    Do you for see any issues with this?

  74. Jane says

    I made these and they were delicious, even though I forgot to whip the aquafaba! I was wondering if the coconut oil you use is the processed stuff that doesn’t really taste coconutty or the pressed stuff which does have a coconut flavour? thanks.

  75. Ange says

    These are the most delicious chocolate chip cookies ever!! I ate the entire batch myself within 2 days! So good. Thank you!
    Question – how long do you think the batter would last in the fridge/freezer? Because I can’t trust myself around a cooked batch, perhaps they could be made a few at a time.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Ange! We’re so glad you enjoyed these cookies. If you want to store the batter in the freezer, it will keep for up to 1 month. Here is a great resource that you may find helpful when freezing your dough!

  76. Cassie Autumn Tran says

    Your cookie recipes NEVER get old, even if they’re the most basic! Do you have a substitution for the oil in the recipe?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      We’re glad you enjoyed them, Cassie! In place of oil you could use a nut butter or applesauce instead.

      • Bronwyn says

        Hi there,
        These look great! If I were subbing apple sauce/nut butter for the coconut oil, what quantities would you recommend? I’d be happy to use a combination of the two.

        • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

          I wouldn’t recommend that as the coconut oil helps a lot with texture. But if you were going to try, nut butter would be the way to go. Sub in a 1:1 ratio.

  77. Sara Lou says

    So first time writing a comment. :) I tried several of your reciepes and I love them. Especially all baking reciepes,..
    This one, I tried several times in various ways, but the original with my messed up aquafaba was the best so far. by the way,.. aquqfaba everytime i mix the coconut oil to the fluffy beautifully mixed aquafaba, it kinda crumples up and just vanishes and becomes this wierd textured fluid with flocks of coconut.. I try it everytime and i just don’t get it the way you do.. so i sometimes just stir it around softly 1-2 times..
    One time I tried the reciepe with only coconut flour: did not work at all!
    The I mixed 3/5 coconut flour with almond flour and I ended up tripling the aquafaba. Kinda worked but in the end the cookies taste more mealy/ floury. love all your creations and love to play around wit them as well.. :D

  78. laura boike says

    I doubled the recipe but otherwise followed it as written. These are absolutely fabulous!!! These will be our go-to cookies from now on. I may try to add some walnuts next time. Thanks for another great recipe!

  79. Becky says

    SO delish! Definitely need a mixer to get soft peaks with the aquafaba, otherwise super easy. Could have baked them for longer but still so yummy. Next time I will double the recipe!

  80. Debby Chiang says

    I didn’t have any almond flour so I subbed for coconut flour like you mentioned in the notes. It was like saw dust and didn’t hold together. I ended up using a full cup of aquafaba and it just barely held together. During baking, it fell apart again. Any tips to make it work?

  81. Jay says

    These were pretty good. I am not sure if I baked them too long? I baked them for 16 minutes because the edges weren’t browning. They were kind of dry. I am gluten free but not vegan, is there anything I can do to make it more moist? Thank you again!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Jay! If your cookies come out dry and are not browning like they should, you’ve likely added too much flour. Better luck next time!

  82. Ashley Morgan says

    Is there something I could add to preserve baked goods for longer, instead of freezing? I’m wanting to give out Christmas Cookies as presents to friends this year, but feel weird telling them they need to eat them in 3-4 days LOL Thank you so much!

    • Teresa says

      I’ve found that storing many of the baked goods from Dana in an airtight container in the fridge will extend the life of them by quite a bit. But even storing in the freezer isn’t as annoying as it seems — a quick zap in the microwave often brings them back to life just fine!

  83. Alejandra says

    I made this recipe twice! I don’t consider myself a baker. This was easy and super delicious! My husband, who’s an amateur gourmet cook, devoured them! I made them a batch with eggs and a batch with Egg Replacer. The batch with eggs was moister; the one with egg replacer was dryer. They were both equally delicious. I’m so grateful to my friend Leah who swears by your recipes and pointed me in your directions. I’m trying another recipe this week. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe for healthy delicious cookies!

  84. Gabriela says

    I made these yesterday, the aquafaba did not get firm, used it after all and the cookies taste so good! They looked different though, but who cares ;-) thank you for the recipe

  85. Danielle Smith says

    Doubled the recipe and subbed egg whites for aquafaba, and they turned out GREAT. Crisp but soft on the inside, perfectly sweet and chocolatey. Thanks for such a simple, delicious take on a classic cookie recipe.

  86. Florina says

    Hey Dana! My question is quite irrelevant to those chocolate chip cookies even tho I’m sure they are delicious, I just wanted to ask what happened to the blogger resources page where John was explaining how to customize the Foodie Pro theme? When you click on it it just nowhere to be found (404 error). I really loved those tutorials and I also bought your food photography school and the lighting tutorial. Please bring it back ;(

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi, Florina! I think we were just having a server glitch. The page appears to be available now! Sorry for any inconvenience.

  87. Dana Logan says

    There is no way to contact you that I can find but many of your links for older recipes are not working. Your 5 ingredient vegan peanut butter energy balls recipe is not accessible. I always make these when I got to a monthly get together and I can’t remember all the details – measurements- and my friends will be so disappointed if I don’t bring them. Help!!

  88. Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

    Thanks, Hannah! Next time can you leave a rating? It’s super helpful for us and other readers! xo

  89. Myra says

    I just made these cookies and they are just the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever made! I added a couple of tablespoons of sesame seeds and a little extra Aquafina and an extra tablespoon of coconut oil to balance moisture. Came out crisp on the outside and chewey on the inside and just delicious!! I also reduced sugar to 1/2 cup. Just perfect if you don’t like things too sweet. The flavor of almonds and sesame seeds stands out more.

  90. Hannah says

    Dana does it again!! I’ve tried dozens of gf/v chocolate chip cookies and these are BY FAR my favorite!! They have the perfect texture–crisp on the outside and soft and pillowy on the inside and they don’t crumble or fall apart. Definitely gonna be my new go-to recipe. You’ve gotta try ’em!

    • Michelle says

      My daughter was specifically looking for a chewy on the inside, crisp on the outside chocolate chip cookie. We used egg whites instead of the aquafaba (she was worried to try it and we didn’t have enough almond flour to do two batches). They were amazing! Shared the recipe with my brother on FB.

  91. Jennifer says

    I would love a recipe for GF/Vegan oatmeal scotchies! I don’t even know if that could be done but a girl can dream :)

  92. Heather says

    Have you made these? I was wondering how they turned out for you in terms of texture, gf cookies I find tend to find quite dry.

  93. Lauren from Cape Cod says

    Can’t wait to try these . Who doesn’t crave cruelty free chocolate chip cookies ?I have just started vegan baking two months ago and love the results. I read about using Aquafaba from my first vegan cookbook Americas Test Kitchen “Vegan for Everybody” but flopped at first attempt.
    I’ll watch your video and get to baking.
    Thank you Dana!

  94. Alyssa says

    Hi! This recipe looks great. I haven’t done any Vegan baking yet so I’m not very familiar with the different flours. I have an almond allergy, is there another gluten free flour you would recommend? Thanks!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      I’d recommend half the amount in coconut flour OR another seed or grain flour, such as sunflower seed meal OR oat flour! Let us know if you give it a try.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hmm, I’ve never experienced that. If there’s no sweetener involved it doesn’t taste great. But assuming you didn’t cut that out, I’m not sure what went wrong. Unless your aquafaba was spoiled?

  95. Kirianne Green says

    Loved and have followed your blog for a long time. So many of your recipes are using aquafaba now that many times I can’t make the recipe, which is sad because I’ve loved every single recipe of yours I’ve made! Is it possible for you to include a substitution recommendation for Aquafaba? (I’m vegan but I’m unfortunately allergic to all legumes except for lentils, soy and peanuts). For these cookies do you think a flaxseed egg would work? Thanks Dana!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Oh shucks! Sorry, Kirianne. I’m not sure on vegan subs for aquafaba. It’s light, fluffy, and crisps up when baked. A flax egg would probably be the next best thing, but not perfect. Let us know if you give that a try!

    • Heather says

      You could try something called Orgran Egg Replacer, it’s a powder mix so it last ages. It whips up like aquafaba!

    • Heather says

      Have you made these? I was wondering how they turned out for you in terms of texture, gf cookies I find tend to find quite dry.

  96. Aminah says

    This recipe looks amazing! Unfortunately we don’t have any gluten-free flour, could I sub with regular flour instead?

  97. Brittany Audra @ Audra's Appetite says

    I love how these use almond flour!! To be honest I’ve never tried aquafaba yet, but I’m so intrigued and excited to try it! :)

  98. Lauralli says

    I successfully use aquafaba from canned great northern beans as well! In fact, I’ve used that more than from chickpeas because we eat more of those. So, don’t be afraid to try other “bean juices”!

  99. Angie says

    If anyone tries (or if you have Dana) coconut sugar versus brown sugar, let me know how they turn out. These look super yummy and I am excited to try the recipe! Thank you!!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      I think both would work! Brown sugar is just more moist, as opposed to coconut sugar which is dry. So adjust your dough as needed!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      The only sub I know of is egg whites (which isn’t vegan friendly, of course, but should work as an alternative).

  100. Krystin says

    Long time follower, first time writer :)

    If we don’t have ingredients to make the gluten-free flour, is there a suggestion of a blend we can purchase that you think would work?

    Love your recipes!!! So pumped to make these. I am gonna try tonight!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Krystin! The best blend you can buy is probably Bob’s Red Mill 1:1 GF blend, OR the cup 4 cup blend. Good luck!

  101. Holly says

    I totally haven’t jumped on the aquafaba bandwagon yet, but it seems like such an awesome ingredient & it is often so difficult to bind ingredients together in gluten free bakes. I can’t wait to give this a go, thanks so much for sharing!