Almond Meal Cookies with Chocolate Chips and Coconut

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The Sprouted Kitchen cookbook and a batch of Coconut Chocolate Chip Almond Meal Cookies adapted from the cookbook

A month or so back I stumbled upon blog so lovely I immediately became enamored. The name, Sprouted Kitchen. The mission, to make whole foods tasty. The pair behind the movement, husband and wife Sara and Hugh Forte – cook and photographer, respectively.

Consider me hooked, hence the reason I hopped over to Amazon mere moments after discovering their site and snatched up a copy of their new cookbook. This is my humble attempt at honoring the amazing work Sarah and Hugh have put forth in this stunning book that has now become my constant cooking companion, favorite coffee table book, and source of light reading on the weekends (all three true statements).

Chopped dark chocolate for making homemade Coconut Chocolate Chip Almond Meal Cookies

I love Sprouted Kitchen because it’s not trying to be anything, per say, besides honest. It’s not trying to secure the market on gluten free cakes or sneak spinach into brownies or make you give up meat. It’s simply presenting whole foods in a beautiful, simple way and making them damn delicious in the process. Proof? These gluten-free cookies that require just a few ingredients (that’s my kind of recipe) and contain three of my favorite flavors: chocolate, coconut and almond.

Baking sheet with a batch of Almond Meal Cookie ready to go in the oven
Baking sheet filled with freshly baked Almond Meal Cookies made with chocolate chips and coconut

John and I had a few friends over for dinner last week and as we were expecting a few gluten-free eaters, I knew these cookies would be just the thing to bake. I had everything on hand except coconut flake, which I walked a block or so over to our local specialty foods purveyor (Nifty Nut House) to grab a pound or so of. While there I also managed to snag a “sample” of a double dipped dark chocolate malt ball – an object so large it hardly warrants the title of sample and more like small feast. Either way, I headed back to our place, the Kansas wind whipping my hair in all directions, coconut clutched in my hand and a happy chocolate-coated malt ball belly in tow. Life was good.

Baking sheet with a batch of freshly baked Almond Meal Cookies recipe
Stack of Chocolate Coconut Almond Meal Cookies with more in the background

I was so excited to make these cookies – my first recipe to try from Sprouted Kitchen – that I think I literally squealed out loud while gathering my ingredients. Three things I loved about this recipe: It was simple, healthy and quick to prepare; not to mention it yielded some seriously amazing chocolate chip cookies that any eater – gluten-free or not – would be pleased to pick up (yes, the cookie platter was plumb empty halfway through our dinner party).

So thank you Sara for dreaming up such delicious, wholesome recipes and sharing them on Sprouted Kitchen. And thank you Hugh for capturing it all with your impeccable photography skills. I suspect these cookies – and your cookbook – will be warming my little home and my heart for a long time to come. Cheers.

Bowl of Chocolate Coconut Almond Meal Cookies for a delicious gluten-free treat

Almond Meal Cookies with Chocolate Chips and Coconut

Gluten-free cookies from the Sprouted Kitchen Cookbook, featuring bits of dark chocolate, shredded coconut, and hearty almond meal.
Author Minimalist Baker
Wood bowl filled with Almond Meal Chocolate Chip Cookies
4.76 from 295 votes
Prep Time 45 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 55 minutes
Servings 20 (cookies)
Course Dessert
Cuisine Gluten-Free, Vegetarian
Freezer Friendly 1 month
Does it keep? 3-4 Days


  • 1 1/4 cups almond meal or almond flour* (see notes // not almond pulp from making almond milk)
  • 1/4 cup chopped dairy-free dark chocolate (Sara used cacao nibs)
  • 1/2 cup shredded unsweetened coconut
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 tsp salt (Sara used sea salt)
  • 1/3 cup brown sugar (Sara used muscovado)
  • 1 large egg
  • 3 Tbsp coconut oil (melted)
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract


  • In a large mixing bowl, stir together almond meal, dark chocolate chips, coconut, baking powder, salt and sugar.
  • In a separate bowl, beat egg using a whisk or large fork until uniform in color and slightly foamy.
  • Whisk in the coconut oil and vanilla, then add to dry ingredients and mix until just combined.
  • Chill in the fridge for 15-30 minutes.
  • Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 C) and grease a baking sheet or line with parchment paper.
  • Shape dough into 1-inch discs (we like using this small cookie scoop or a tablespoon) and place on the prepared baking sheet. Make sure the cookies are pressed down because they don't spread much.
  • Bake until edges begin to brown, 8-12 minutes.
  • Remove from oven and let cool completely before serving.


*Nutrition information is a rough estimate.
*If using almond flour, we suggest starting with 1 cup because it is more absorbent and can lead to crumbly cookies.
*If using almond meal from almond pulp, you may need to add additional oil.

Nutrition (1 of 20 servings)

Serving: 1 cookies Calories: 78 Carbohydrates: 5 g Protein: 1.7 g Fat: 6.3 g Saturated Fat: 2.9 g Fiber: 1 g Sugar: 3.5 g

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My Rating:

  1. Valerie Westergard says

    I made these cookies today. I substituted Swerve brown sugar for regular brown sugar and the results were very good! I will definitely be making these again.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Yay! So happy to hear these worked with that sub. Thanks for the great review, Valerie!

    • Emma Westcott says

      Wholesome and tasty, these cookies are easy to make and make a nice snack. I used olive oil instead of coconut oil as that’s what I had. I would make these again.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Valerie, we haven’t tried that but we think it could work. Let us know how it goes if you give it a try!

  2. Robyn Gough says

    This recipe is a big hit! I followed the directions exactly and the cookies are delicious, the texture chewy and the taste delicious. My friend is visiting tomorrow and is on a gluten free diet and I know she will love them. We do! Great recipe.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Yay! So happy to hear you enjoy these cookies, Robyn. Thanks so much for the lovely review!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Ann! We haven’t tried either of those sweeteners in this recipe and we aren’t sure if they would work. It’s possible that coconut sugar could work instead, but we also haven’t tried that. Let us know how it goes if you try any subs!

  3. Rita Marasa says

    Everyone from my 13 month old granddaughter to me just loves these cookies. I have issues with coconut oil so I use canola or corn oil and they are perfect.

  4. Amy says

    This is my first time baking these cookies. All the flavors together sound amazing…and they smell good too! My question is this: why did my cookies not flatten while baking? After 12 mins they were still balls so I gave them a little squish and finished baking. I will say I didn’t have quite enough almond flour so I added (tbsp or two) oat flour because I wanted to stick with the healthy. Thoughts? Thanks!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Amy, these cookies don’t spread much, so they do require pressing down before baking. Oat flour is more absorbent than almond, so that would also contribute. Hope that helps!

  5. gina says

    I have made these countless times, this is actually my very favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe! Everyone loves them, and as a diabetic, I love that they are a healthy treat! Thanks so much for such a wonderful recipe!

  6. Debra says

    I’ve been making this cookie for my gluten free friends ever since you printed it. I get asked to make them every year for Christmas holidays. Good cookie!

  7. KIP says

    I love this recipe – it is fantastic as written and very forgiving as well. Yes to cocoa nibs! I do find with almond meal they don’t spread much so I either press with a fork or add a bit of almond milk. Other variations I have tried with success: skipped coconut and replaced with extra almond flour, have reduced sugar and replaced with more almond flour, have made with vegan flax egg, and made with avocado oil instead of coconut oil – all delicious! Also great as a breakfast cookie replacing some coconut with pumpkin seeds and museli. Thanks for the great treat!

  8. Danny McSwiggan says

    These are delicious. I will definitely make these again and recommend the recipe to my gluten free friends. Warning: when they say to grease the cookie sheet they really mean it. Also they do spread a bit so beware.

  9. Danielle says

    These turned out perfect, even though I made a couple errors! 1. I missed the note about almond meal vs flour and used 1.25 cups of Bob Mill’s almond flour. 2. I forgot to chill. I thought they’d be dry but when I took a bite, they were delicious and moist. I tried to be careful when measuring the flour: gently scooped to avoid using too much. Maybe that helped? I will definitely make these again. No substitutions.

  10. Mom says

    My friend and I were having a Zoom baking date and were looking for a sweety treaty to bake together. One of us did not have brown sugar and replaced it with white sugar and maple syrup instead (almost 1/3 cup of white sugar and top it up with maple syrup). The recipe was easy to follow and we appreciated the useful descriptions at each step. Unfortunately, while following the tablespoon measure in the instructions, we still only managed to make 10-12 biscuits each :( After a painful 15 minute wait for them to cool, we finally tasted. They were WELL worth the wait. Happy dancing and 5 stars all round. Not sure what Ferment4Life was talking about in the comments, these were a blast!

  11. Nan says

    I used 3 T butter and ground up sliced almonds in my blender. Baked for. 8 minutes at 375. They got a little too brown around the edges but still crunchy and delish. Next time I will bake at 350. Best thing about these cookies is the small amount of sugar. This recipe is a keeper! Thank you
    P S I will be shopping for a oven thermometer to check how accurate my oven is.

  12. Louise says

    Delicious recipe, thank you! Love that they’re not too sweet. I put slightly less brown sugar and added freshly grated orange rind. Yum.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks so much for the lovely review and sharing your modifications, Louise. We are so glad you enjoyed them! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Thanks so much! Xo

  13. Geney Liechty says

    I have made several batches of this amazing cookie. Everyone has loved them! They’re a hit whether people eat gluten-free or not. I substituted coconut palm sugar for the brown sugar. I renamed them Chewy Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies. I will definitely be making them on a regular basis.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Yum! Thanks for the lovely review, Geney. We’re so glad you enjoy the cookies! xo

  14. Lena says

    I made these today. I didn’t have almond flour so I pulsed blanched almond flakes in a food processor. The mix was a bit too runny so I ended up adding some oat flour into it. The cookies turned out great and they taste amazing. I will definitely make them again.

  15. beth says

    I have made these cookies a few times and absolutely LOVE them. I add chopped, roasted pecans and also use slightly less sugar and salt and they come out perfectly. I like making the batter early in the day and then pop them in the oven during dinner or while cleaning up. Quick, easy, and delicious. Thank you!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Woohoo! We’re so glad you enjoy them, Beth. Thank you for the lovely review! xo

  16. katrina says

    I am living in Thailand at the moment, so these are great to make as the coconut oil never solidifies unless refrigerated. These are some of my favorite cookies…but better than that, two times making them for others, they told me these were the best cookies they’ve had. And these friends (especially one of them) are quite the bakers themselves. The besides the taste, the texture is great…and not so sweet, but just right!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks so much for the lovely review, Katrina. We are so glad you and your friends enjoy them! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Thanks so much! Xo

  17. Annie says

    I just made the recipe, but when I added the wet to dry, I think the coconut oil started solidifying so not all the dry got incorporated, did I do something wrong? Hopefully after I put in fridge I’ll be able to mold them into cookies.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Annie, if it was cold in your kitchen, that may have been the issue. They should still turn out well – just make sure to stir thoroughly. Keep us posted!

  18. Gabriela says

    This is my go-to cookie recipe – so easy to make and I love that it doesn’t make too many cookies, just enough to serve after dinner!

  19. Natasha says

    These tasted delicious! But my cookies didn’t spread in the oven. Like at all. I followed the recipe exactly, I rolled into about 1″ balls, and slightly flattened them. They didn’t change shape at all in the oven so I smashed them a little bit again after I took them out and they were still warm to make them more cookie-shaped, and I ended up with very small 2-bite cookies. I used mexican vanilla extract, and next time might add some chopped pecans too.

    I’m not sure how to modify to make them spread better… maybe more oil? Or maybe this type of cookie just won’t do that the same way “normal” eggs, flour, butter cookies do?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Natasha! These don’t spread as much as normal cookies do. But they should spread a little, like you see in the photos. It sounds like your mixture got a little too dry?

  20. Marketa says

    Hi everyone! I am having a little trouble getting the cookies to flatten out. I’ve already tried the recipe twice and the cookies are amazing, but they’re like mini puffy cakes. I make the balls, flatten them a bit with my fingers (more or less like in the photo in the recipe), but then they stay like this through the whole baking time. They just rise a bit but do not spread to the sides. What can I be doing wrong? Has it happened to anyone of you? Thank you for your help!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Marketa! These don’t typically spread as much as other cookies. It sounds like you made them correctly! You could try adding slightly less dry ingredients next time and they will spread a bit more.

  21. Ekta says

    I made them yesterday and they turned out to be very tasty.. I like crispier at the edges and it was when I tasted it after it cooled down…I covered them with foil and in the morning they are so soft… can you plz tell what could be the reason and can I still make them better.
    Just for your information, I substituted sugar with maple syrup.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Ekta, Substituting maple syrup was likely the issue. Also, make sure to let them cool completely before covering.

  22. Laura says

    These look amazing and the comments have been helpful in planning what to be mindful of! My family is not big on coconut (at all). Any recommendations on what to use in place of that? Or would they be fine if we just excluded coconut?

  23. Joanne says

    Okay… I absent mindedly posted the review without putting a rating, but it says a lot that I’m making them again today. ( giving 5 stars). My partner says these are the best biscuits he’s had., and we’ve been together 45 years. This time I’m adding quarter of a cup of finely chopped apricots. I’ve reduced the brown sugar down to a quarter of a cup, and using 70% cacao chocolate(used 85% last time). A basic recipe that can be tweaked many ways, and so delicious. Thank you.

  24. Joanne says

    These are lovely. I just ate one hot from the oven and I think they’d be even better cold.

    I’m not concerned about gluten, so I substituted half a cup of almond meal with all purpose flour and sifted it in with the baking powder. I used extra virgin olive oil, and substituted a quarter of a cup of coconut with rolled oats. They came together perfectly, even though I thought at first that the mixture might be a bit dry.

    I don’t think they really needed refrigeration, but I did it for a while anyway while I drank a cup of tea.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      So great, Joanne! Thanks for the kind review. Next time would you mind adding a rating to your review? It’s super helpful to us and other readers! xo

  25. Rachel says

    Moist and delicious. Hands down the best almond flour cookie I’ve ever had so far. I used monk fruit brown sugar and stevia sweetened chocolate chips. These are so healthy and delicious. I ate three cookies right out the oven! I will be making these again in the near future to satisfy my sweet tooth.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Ivana, We’re so glad you enjoyed them! Did you flatten them into discs before baking? They won’t spread a lot, but that should help.

      • Ivana says

        Thank you. I did the fork press thing like with regular chocolate chip cookies… your images looked more rich and decadent. Mine were more like a healthy bar. But really yummy. Maybe I need more oil / butter?

  26. Kirie M says

    I was looking for something sweet to make but not a traditional cookie (my household is trying to get back onto regular habits after holiday excess). Baked these up. Doubled the amount of chocolate (used chocolate chips) because 1/4 cup seemed too chincy. I was wrong! 1/2 cup was too much for the dough to bind with. They were pleasing and will do the trick for today, but not very sweet at all and the texture is a bit funny…. then I realized I completely forgot the sugar! So I will be trying them again next time WITH the proper amount of sugar and chocolate. My four year old gave these sugar free ones a thumbs down but happily finished his cookie. I found them filling and satisfying but not something I could overeat, so that’s a win! And really, if somebody wanted to, they were absolutely edible with sweetened chocolate but no sugar in the batter.

      • Kirie M says

        Oh my goodness! Made again with sugar. These are the perfect cookie! Chewy like a coconut macaroon, filling with the almond flour. Amazing! Will definitely make again!

  27. SARAH LEE says

    This coconut choc cookie recipe is the BEST ever. I added a bit more chips and made them in mini muffin tins (because its the only small pan that fit into my toaster oven). The cookies are perfectly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I’m keeping this recipe forever. Thank you so much!

  28. Heidi says

    I made these cookies tonight and they turned out perfectly! I used Bob’s Red Mill super fine almond flour, bittersweet chocolate chips and Trader Joe’s organic unsweetened coconut flakes. I baked at 350 degrees, because my oven runs hot, for about 12 minutes. I flattened them before baking and they were just starting to get golden when I took them out. I only chilled the dough for about 20 minutes but it felt the way oatmeal cookie dough feels whenever I bake those, easy to form. These are the first gluten free cookies I’ve tried baking and they might be the only ones I ever need to know. Thank you!

  29. Clare says

    Great recipe. I added 2x tablespoons of ground flax and one heaped tsp of brewers yeast with 1/4 cup sunflower seeds. … these made delicious lactation cookies… I used 1/4 sugar as the dark choc chips were enough and let rest in fridge overnight… I find this gives best results. Def makes bugger all cookies so I highly recommend doubling the recipe… I ended up adding another yolk and another cup of almond meal… Made 18 tiny cookies in the end. Beautiful slice Texture … more-so dense slice-like than cookies … which was super fine by me! next time I will bake in a slice tray… loved them. Will bake again for sure!

  30. Bailey says

    Ok, so I just tried these today and I didn’t know you had to bake the almond pulp to turn it into almond meal before baking with it. I made your almond milk recipe earlier and then made cookies with the straight up pulp. Needless to say they didn’t turn out as planned lol! I think as a rookie clean eating baker, it would have been helpful to have that note directly in the recipe that the pulp needs to be baked first. Also I think adding almond flour would make this fluffier and more “cookie” like if that makes sense. No shade here, I love your recipes overall, I just think those additions to the recipe might be helpful for people like me who aren’t necessarily “seasoned” in baking with these ingredients (pun intended).
    Thank you!!

  31. Jen says

    This is my go to recipe for cookies now. I am close to paleo in my diet and just love the taste and texture of these. I like other kinds of cookies..crispy, chewy, whatever. I use coconut sugar in mine. My husband can eat anything and he loves these!

  32. penny says

    Wow….just yum! these are super. moist, chewy, just a little sweetness to satisfy the craving without sacrificing your diet! thank you 🙏

  33. Meg says

    I am very confused, I followed the instructions exactly but the cookies turned out strange. They barely spread at all (even though I pressed them down) and despite being almost burnt on the outside they were still liquid in the middle. They tasted just ok and looked nothing like the pictures.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Meg, sorry to hear that! It does sound like something went wrong. Did you make any modifications to the ingredients?

  34. Ferment4Life says

    I was so hopeful that I would love these cookies. I love coconut, chocolate and almonds. I do not like soft cookies, therefore, I do not like these cookies. My bad. To me, soft cookies taste half baked, or stale. I like a nice crunch when I bite into a cookie. I could have left them in the oven longer, but I wanted to make them exactly as directed. If you like soft cookies you will like these.

    My 3 yr old granddaughter asked for the biggest one, took a bite and gave it back. Her dad (and my other 2 sons), who is always trying to take home my homemade cookies, didn’t ask for any.

    Nuf said…

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Sorry to hear these ones weren’t for you. They are a more soft and tender cookie due to the almond meal and lower amount of coconut oil. If you’re looking a crunchier cookie, we’d suggest ones with a mix of gluten-free flours and higher butter/coconut oil content. Hope that helps!

      • sanya sekhar says

        Hey thanks for the recipe but unfortunately it was a little dry, there was no spread on the cookies and it could use a bit more sugar …

        • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

          Hi Sanya, sorry to hear that! Some readers seem to really enjoy these and others have had a similar experience to you, so we aren’t sure what’s going on there. Did you make any modifications?

  35. JRBaker says

    So good!! Thanks for the link to this recipe. Cookies turned out very well… will double it next time. I have followed Sara Forte before… found her recipes reliable and delicious.

  36. Ka says

    oh my god! I made these with white chocolate chips and a little extra salt. I ate 6 cookies in one go. So delicious!!! Thank you!

  37. Hans says

    OUTSTANDING!!! Used vegan mini-chips and doubled those. I have tried many GF cookie recipes and trying to be healthier. These cookies were a home run with my kids. They don’t usually go for coconut, but they loved it in these.

  38. LDN23 says

    These turned out SO yummy. Really chewy and satisfying. I used olive oil instead of coconut oil since that is what I had on hand. I am needing to use up a lot of random items in my pantry as we are moving so I used some very high quality hot chocolate mix instead of the chocolate chips. It was a salted caramel hot chocolate mix that has big chunks of flaked chocolate. Because the hot choc mix had some sugar in it I used less of the brown sugar. I think it worked out very well as a substitute! I mean they tasted amazing so can’t complain! Will definitely be making these again and next time may add in some flax seed. Thanks!

    • Amy Schafer says

      They reminded my husband and I of Girl Scout Samoas. I may try to make them in a ring shape next time 😂 I did add a little more brown sugar to finish off the bag. I made them with the almond meal I made, also using the recipe from this blog. I added a little more coconut oil to compensate for the dryness.

      But seriously, has anyone tried adding caramel?!

  39. Katherine says

    Had almond meal and went looking for recipes–came across this one and had to try. Loved that ingredient list was in the pantry and took about 40 minutes from mixing to chilling. Would agree tastes like a healthy Almond Joy/macaroon treat. Next time I will add that extra coconut oil and for my sweet tooth, will try sweetened coconut flakes. I have a number of gluten free friends and this will be a nice treat for them next time we get together. Thank you for the recipe!

  40. Pamela Riggins says

    Your notes say…. If using almond meal from almond pulp, you may need to add additional oil. Can you tell me how much additional oil to use? Also, if you wanted to use Honey or Maple Syrup instead of Brown Sugar, what would be an appropriate amount to use?

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Pamela, we haven’t tried with those substitutions, so we’re not certain. But perhaps 1-2 Tbsp oil and the same amount of maple syrup or slightly less honey? Let us know how it goes!

  41. Merve says

    Finally found a recipe for using up left over almond pulp! I subbed coconut oil with olive oil as that’s all I had. My almond pulp only made 1 cup of almond meal so subbed 1/4 cups with oats instead. I baked them for 8-9 mins and it looked quite soft then. It sets when cooling, but it could be best to bake for a few more mins. I topped mine with a bit of sea salt to finish off. The cookies are soft and chocolatey inside,and crispy on the outside, and they are very moreish! I’m surprised that this makes 20, I had about 9 thick cookies rather than the thin ones in the photo. I’m not complaining though cause I prefer it! Will be making this again!

  42. Anne says

    I love this recipe and have made it over and over. It makes 20 cookies exactly. Last time, I tried the recipe using Swerve golden “sugar” (erythritol). Worked great and made the cookies Keto. Mine don’t spread either, they’re like little balls. They’re soft and chewy.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      We’re so glad you enjoy this recipe, Anne! Thanks so much for the lovely review!

  43. Priscella says

    taste like an almond joy! & I think it taste better the next day (-: Flatten the cookies a little before you bake. Its a nice recipe. I think I would use a little less than 3 tbsp of oil though. I also used a chia egg instead of a real egg & it turned out good still (:

  44. Kathy says

    my favorite! I can resist anything, but can’t resist these . Grab one every time I walk in the kitchen. Yikes!
    Seem to come out better when i make a double batch. Not sure why that would be.

  45. Shery says

    Wonderful cookies. I used almond flour instead, added an additional egg yolk and another tablespoon of oil. Making batch 2, as the first batch is all gone!

  46. Lois says

    I used almond flour instead of meal, skipped the chocolate and replaced it with chopped walnuts. Took 12-15 minutes to bake. These had a nice chewy texture and satisfying taste.

  47. Maria Abad says

    This is the best gluten free recipe I have ever tried! It was moist and delicious. I did a couple of tweaks: I added a yolk and an extra tsp of vanilla. I was a bit skeptical when the dough appeared runny after an hour of refrigeration but it turned out yummy! This one is a keeper!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Whoop! We’re so glad you enjoyed it. Thanks so much for the lovely review, Maria!

  48. tabs says

    hey! I just made this recipe and was disappointed to see that there was barely any spread at all. they do taste great, though! I baked for over 15 minutes which even led to some of the cookies in back to burn slightly but still no spread. I used store bought almond meal and followed the recipe to a T. also flattened the dough balls very slightly before baking. however, I did use the entire cookie dough to make 12 cookies instead of 20 so my dough balls were bigger than expected. do you think that might have something to do with it?

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Tabs, that could be partly the issue. Flattening them into discs is helpful or they will have a hard time spreading while baking. Better luck with the next one!

  49. Zahra says

    These cookies are seriously delicious, by any standards (gluten/gluten-free alike!). However, I find the amount of dough is more suited to making 12-15 cookies rather than 20.
    Thanks for the recipe!

  50. anne says

    OMG thank you so much for this recipe! I almost eat them all in one sitting! even my husband who is a picky eater liked them! This recipe is so versatile: next time I will use lemon zest, or just almond extract, or orange zest, or cardamomon, or canela, or ginger lol OMG so good!! thank you so much! Also, I did replace splenda and a bit of honey for the brown sugar and still awesome! thanks again!! My go to almond chocolate chip cookie!

      • Amelia says

        The first time i made them i used mostly the same ingredients but added a few more dark choc chips and reduced the
        amount of sugar (i used unrefined coconut sugar). They were an absolute hit with the family!
        The second time i made them, i subbed shredded coconut for oats and choc chips for cacao nibs (just to feel a bit healthier) and reduced the sugar again. Equally as good but has slightly more bite to it.
        I found that this recipe gave me about 14 cookies instead of 20 cookies.
        All in all, fantastic!! Defs will be my go-to cookie recipe .

        • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

          We’re so glad everyone enjoyed them, Amelia! Thanks so much for sharing! xo

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Pat, we haven’t tried it, but it looks like some other readers have done so with success. Let us know if you try it!

  51. Sara says

    These cookies were amazing. They have an amazing texture too. I replaces the sugar with some monkfruit sweetener, which made them keto, and they were still delicious. Definitely give these a try!

  52. cheri says

    These are delicious! I may eat the entire batch for dinner. Seriously. This is the best gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipe I have tried. Thank you!

  53. lou says

    made these ….so yummy but very small cookies to make 20 with the dough…. did make some changes … instead of brown sugar i used 1/2 sweetener and 1/2 sugar free maple syrup (the syrup i mixed with the wett ingredients) and used sugar free choc chips … will make again !! :)

  54. Emily Neustrom says

    Literally my favorite cookies! Takes 5 minutes and I feel healthy eating them, however I usually can’t control myself. Seriously thank you for this amazing recipe!

  55. Sheryl Fisher says

    Love these! Make these throughout the year as written and also for Passover without the baking powder. Always awesome! Although I have been known to double the salt, never a bad thing with chocolate!

  56. Maddy says

    I tried this recipe for the first time and it’s a huge hit with the family. The toddler had a whale of time helping in making them. I subbed almond meal with almond flour, coconut for oats which gave it a nice bite, baked them at 350F for 12 min and boom scrumptious cookies for the win! Next time I plan to use honey instead of brown sugar and double the recipe as it gets over fast. Thank you Dana! Oh and the 5 ingredients Granola bar are a personal favorite of mind, so easy and delicious :)

  57. Amy says

    Have you ever tried this Recipe with coconut flour Vs almond four?
    It’s the only flour I have in the house ….

    Or do you have another recipe on your website that just uses coconut flour, it’s unusually hard to find one! Lol

    Thank you

  58. Lauren says

    My husband accidentally bought almond meal instead of almond flour so I googled recipes with almond meal and this cookie recipe came up. The reviews were really good so I tried them. Mine did not turn out the same as these. Mine stayed in the exact same shape as before I put them in the oven. I even left them in for 5 additional minutes. Not sure what I did wrong. The taste is alright…probably needs more chocolate chips (I used 1/3 of a cup, but would do 1/2 next time) and more vanilla for flavour. A mix of coconut and oats could probably make these better too. Overall, they are decent if you are gluten free or dairy free.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Lauren, Sorry these didn’t turn out as expected. Flattening them into discs is helpful or they will have a hard time spreading while baking. Better luck with the next one!

  59. Amy says

    it didn’t work well with almond pulp from almond milk. I added oat flour and tapioca flour to help with binding which had helped some but still not perfect. I need to play with other options as I started to make my own almond milk and need to find a way to use the pulp. I appreciated the receipt that gives me some idea to make it better next time around.

  60. Emma says

    This recipe is amazing! It’s been a big hit in our household.

    I made a few changes that worked well! I used rolled oats instead of coconut and used 1/4 cup of honey instead of brown sugar. Due to using honey, I set the oven at 175 degrees as I read online that they may brown more quickly due to this change! They were still lovely and sweet and cooked through as well.

    Thank you to the Minimalist Baker for this gem of a recipe :)

  61. Katie says

    Made some modifications. Didn’t have any coconut, so I went without the coconut flakes and replaced the coconut oil with an equal amount of butter. It turned out wonderfully! Even better with milk on the side :) If I did this again, I would add more sugar to make up for the missing coconut flakes.

  62. Tara says

    I have an egg allergy so I decided to sub the egg for a quarter cup unsweetened applesauce. I was a little nervous about how this will come out. But I have to say they came out divine! The texture And color were beautiful after 12 minutes at 350. Everything else in the recipe I did exactly the same but instead of brown sugar I used raw cane sugar ( all I had ) and add cocoa nibs as well as chocolate chunks. My new go to chocolate chip recipe!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks so much for the lovely review for sharing your modifications, Tara. We are so glad you enjoyed them! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Thanks so much! Xo

  63. Eva says

    I used a chia egg (1 T ground chia meal + 3 T water), and didn’t have shredded coconut (only flakes) so I ground the flakes in my coffee grinder. I also subbed in 1/2 C Bob’s Red Mill GF all-purpose baking flour for that much of the almond flour. I suspect these substitutions are what made my dough too dry/crumbly, so next time I’ll add 1/4 C maple syrup to see if that yields a more pliable dough. I hope my cookies will spread more on the pan next time. These were tasty though!

  64. Ulwi says

    I just made these (substituted olive oil for coconut oil and oats shredded coconut, rested dough for 10 mins and baked for 11 mins) and really enjoyed them! It made 10 medium cookies. They tasted sweet but not overly so and had a nice almondly aftertaste. My family (who are very critical about what I bake) loved them and my picky eater brother who usually only eats “unhealthy” cookies gobbled them up.
    Thanks for a great recipe!
    I must stop myself finishing the entire batch :)

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks so much for the lovely review, Ulwi. We are so glad everyone enjoyed them! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Thanks so much! Xo

  65. Kelsey says

    LOVE these cookies as do all of my family and friends! I sub oats for the coconut and it’s just beautiful. I could eat the entire batch in one sitting! They are that good! Thank you!!!

  66. Rebecca says

    Delicious.. I made this tonight. I’m trying to use up things I’ve had in my fridge and freezer for a while during the Covid 19 quarantine. I baked this with 3tbs butter instead of coconut oil, used 60% chocolate chips (and addled 1/4 c more. I turned the temperature down to 350 and baked for 13 minutes (as per others’ suggestions) and they were perfect. Even my boyfriend liked it and he’s picky about his sweets.
    Tomorrow I’m going to play with the ingredients to try to bring the calories down. I’m going to try using raisins instead of chocolate, coconut sugar and stevia instead of brown sugar and maybe half the fat with apple sauce or banana and see what I can do. Maybe even replace some of the flour with garbanzo bean flour?

      • Abby says

        There were great! No spread but who cares? They’re chewy and coconutty and delicious! I only had maple syrup so I used that and they turned out perfectly :)

  67. Kristan Drzewiecki says

    Great recipe! I modified a little, substituting regular butter + about 2T of almond butter, and Monkfruit sugar for a tasty low-carb treat! Thank you!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks for sharing, Kristan! We are so glad you enjoyed them! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Thanks so much! Xo

  68. Mel says

    I’m not sure how these cookies scored so high. I let them cook for longer as suggested by others. The cookie looked golden on the outside but was still raw in the inside. A nice taste but not sure how to get them to cook on the inside without burning the outside…

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Sorry to hear that was your experience, Mel! It sounds like there may have been too much moisture. Did you by chance use almond meal made from almond pulp?

  69. Jamie matlock says

    I was looking for a recipe close to a cookie I bought at the health food store for almost $3….yes it was worth it. But I figured I could make it. I did change up the recipe some did 3/4cp almond flour 1/2cp nut mix flour ( almond coconut pecan walnut)
    2 tbl fax meal. 2tbl coconut oil
    2 tbl butter I sweetened with a mix of truvia golden swerve and allulose with a tbl molasses. Doubled the chocolate chips with a mix of lilys dark, semisweet, and cacao nibs. Then threw in some pecans. After reading some comments I baked at 350 for 15 min I think 12 would have been perfect the back one were a little brown. They are very close to what I was looking for.

  70. Allison says

    Very disappointed. I was thrilled to find a yummy-looking treat I could make with almond meal instead of almond flour as I had some leftover from almond milk-making and I hate to throw it out. Unfortunately, this is the most disappointing cookie I have ever tried to make. I bake a lot, so I know my oven and how to make cookies. I followed the recipe to the letter and my coconut is finely shredded so no big pieces of anything to be problematic. The overnight chilled dough is very crumbly. You have to shape the balls as one would with playdough by squeezing, not rolling. I had to actually mold the shape of the slightly flattened ball because making a ball and then slightly flattening it made them just crack and risk falling apart. After 7 minutes of baking at 375F, the cookies are still round, slightly flattened balls. They have not spread AT ALL. I read the comments and reduced the temperature to 350 and set the timer for 10 minutes more. After 17 minutes total, they are now dry slightly flattened balls (still not spreading at all), but now they are browning here and there on the tops and completely sticking to the pan, slightly burning underneath. I flattened the second pan’s cookies more before they went into the oven which meant actually shaping them as flattening them is impossible without them falling apart as noted above. I’ve baked them at 350F for 12 minutes and they are not cooked inside yet but are already getting too dark and sticking on the bottoms but still light on top with no browning. I left them in another couple of minutes so they are at least cooked inside. Not all of the first batch of balls are absolutely, completely cooked inside but I’m going with it rather than burning them more. The second batch is so stuck to the pan, I can’t get them off without breaking most of them into a million pieces. Flattening them more just made them impossible to salvage after baking. They taste lovely, just like coconut macaroons. But you can’t take a bite out of any of them without them crumbling in your hands and falling on the floor. They look nothing like any of the photos above.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Oh no! So sorry to hear that was your experience, Allison! It almost sounds like they were missing the oil? Is it possible that it got left out or reduced?

      • Allison says

        No. I measured three tablespoons of coconut oil that I melted. I didn’t even put it in a pan. I put it in a bowl and let it melt over a bit of heat more slowly so I would get all the oil out of it. The beaten egg and vanilla went into it after cooling just a bit so I didn’t even lose any oil transferring it. Plus I use a rubber spatula to get every bit of my liquids and sticky things out of their bowls.

        • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

          Did you use store-bought almond meal or did you make it from almond pulp? Almond meal made from almond milk pulp will have less fat and we recommend adding additional oil if using it in baking.

          • Allison says

            I used almond meal leftover from making almond milk. There wasn’t anything on this page about using more oil. I didn’t follow a link elsewhere. Maybe that could be made more clear. I Googled “recipes using leftover almond meal from making almond milk”. Yours was one of the first ones. And it definitely looked the yummiest for my tastes. And it IS yummy. It’s just not a cookie right now. It’s more like coconut macaroon granola. LOL Can almond flour be used instead of almond meal, or is there something I need to add if I use the flour (which I happen to have on hand)?

  71. Grace says

    Thanks for the excellent healthy and tasty recipe .i tried it and came out excellent .only the baking time was longer so did it in less temp after 10mts of baking .

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Grace. We are so glad you enjoyed it! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Thanks so much! Xo

  72. May says

    Soo good! Love that this is gluten free but doesn’t taste like it! I used almond flour bc I had it on hand and it came together wonderfully.

  73. Melissa says

    These cookies turned out amazing! As someone who does not typically avoid sugar or gluten, i was not sure how I would like them, but I had to put them away so I would not eat them all! I did substitute maple syrup for the brown sugar as another review had suggested. I also added a little extra almond meal and substituted melted butter for the coconut oil since I was out. I chilled the dough in my deep freezer and used a cookie scoop and did not flatten the balls which resulted in a great texture. Next time I will cut the salt in half. They were a bit salty, but that may be because of the syrup vs sugar. Thanks for this new, go-to recipe!

  74. Agnes says

    I have made these twice and love the simplicity and taste!
    However I can’t seem to get the baking time right. After 10 minutes at 375 they’re still completely humid and raw, I seem to need almost 25-30minutes to get the outside dry and a bit browned, but then they’re too crumbly. No idea what i might be doing wrong…
    Great recipe, thank you!

  75. Sinead says

    My family love these! I also make a double batch and add chopped dates, chia seeds and flax seeds. I roll up mixture and freeze then cut off thick slices and bake. Great recipe.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks so much for the lovely review, Sinead. We are so glad your family enjoys them! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Thanks so much! Xo

    • Maggie L Beaupre DeYoung says

      I also googled cookies to use with leftover almond pulp and this was the first recipe that pulled up. I think the recipe needs to be modified if you’re using meal from the store or homemade. They really aren’t good with homemade almond meal.

        • Paula says

          I second this suggestion. I made the cookies ? with dehydrated almond pulp (dehydrated at home) from homemade almond milk. The taste is good but the cookies are way too dry they almost crumble. In this case what would be the best way to add more moisture?

  76. Andrea says

    I was out of coconut shreds, so i subbed walnuts. I also used coconut brown sugar (coconut sugar mixed with molasses) and ghee instead of coconut oil. Lol. Same proportions tho. Lol. The batter is so tasty. They are fricken awesome. The subs worked well and next time i will have all the right ones and try it that way.

  77. Manon says

    Hi Dana,

    I’d like to try this recipe but would like to not use the shredded coconut. What would you recommend me to use instead? Can I add a little peanut butter touch?

    Thanks in advance!

  78. Tammy Duncan says

    These are the BEST gluten free chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever tasted or made! I did sub out most of the shredded coconut for oat bran to give more fiber and protein, as well as add in a Tablespoon of raw local honey and an extra Tablespoon of coconut oil to compensate for the dryness of the oat bran. My hubby loves them!

  79. Patty Dailey says

    This recipe will become my new standard! Absolutely LOVED these little guys. I’m quite sure I ate more than I should but what are cookies for, anyway? I only had large chips of coconut, so I pulsed them and they became quite fine, instead of being flakes or small bits. It made the cookies seem almost like an almondy macaroon….SO good! Thank you for sharing this recipe and for the info on the differences in almond flour, meal and pulp. I opted for the almond flour (easiest choice at the moment) and the cookies were perfect, otherwise I made them as the recipe indicated.

  80. Sara says

    I made this in two variations.
    Variation 1
    I substituted coconut sugar for brown sugar and butter instead of coconut oil.
    I also added wet to dry ingredients without whipping the egg.
    I used equal parts almond and quinoa flour to make up the 1 1/4 cup of flour called for.

    The raw dough was very dry and didn’t mix easily. The color was quite dark. I let it sit in the fridge for 30 m before baking.

    Variation 2
    I substituted maple syrup for the sugar and only used almond flour. I also used the coconut oil and followed mixing directions , whisking the maple syrup to the egg like the oil and vanilla.

    The raw dough was much lighter in color and texture. The dough tasted sweeter as well but did remain somewhat soft even after 30m in fridge.

    Finished product was better with variation 2. The first variation was not as sweet and the cookies were dry. I’m guessing the quinoa flour being so fine caused the density and the coconut sugar was not sweet enough.
    Variation 2 was much sweeter but the cookies spread a bit more than I expected with just almond flour.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Sara! Next time would you mind adding a rating to your review? It’s super helpful to us and other readers! xo

  81. Deb says

    These look really great. Haven’t made them yet. Is there another oil I can substitute for the coconut oil? Trying to keep the cholesterol factor down : ) !

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Deb, you could try olive oil or avocado oil, but they might be more tender and less crispy. Let us know if you give it a try!

  82. Ht says

    Great recipe! I didn’t have coconut shreds so I used oatmeal instead. I added a little pinch of baking soda and an extra egg to accommodate the oatmeal. Then I added cinnamon, a tiny amount of raisins and dark chocolate bits. I pretty much changed the overall look and feel but they are still SO GOOD! Happy my tweets worked out :)

  83. Jane says

    I made these for dinner club last night and they were a HUGE hit! Mine didn’t spread much in the oven, so my cookie shapes were a bit wonky. Next time I’ll try to shape them a bit better before baking. Or I could maybe pulse the coconut flake in the food processor to get it a little finer and easier to roll into balls. Either way, they are delicious!!

      • Jane says

        I made these AGAIN for my coworkers and they were AGAIN a big hit! This time, I shredded my shredded coconut a bit finer and manually rolled the dough into balls and flattened them. (The first time I made them, I just used an ice cream scoop and slightly flattened them.) The outcome the 2nd time was more consistent, better shaped cookies. Still tasted just as good as the 1st time. This recipe will definitely be a go-to!

  84. Joanne says

    I absolutely love this recipe! I have made it many times now. I did modify it because I wanted a Keto friendly version for friends. I changed the sugar to xylitol (a bit less than the sugar quantity) and added a tablespoon of molasses to replicate the taste of brown sugar. I also added chopped walnuts and used cacao nibs rather than chocolate. Fabulous!!!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      So glad you enjoyed them, Joanna! Thanks so much for the lovely review and for sharing your modifications! xo

  85. Kimberly says

    I have never revisited a recipe so much, I have made these so many times. Sometimes, healthier cookies are more bland and soft. I followed the recipe exactly, adding 1/4 cup of chopped pecans, and they always come out perfect! Crispy on the outside, chewy in the middle. I feel they taste better than your average chocolate chip cookie. I love chopping them up and putting them into some NadaMoo vanilla ice cream. Thank you for sharing!

  86. Dara says

    I sub coconut sugar for the brown sugar, add 1/2 teaspoon almond extract, and add 1/2 tablespoon ground flax meal. It always comes out delicious and makes a nice, healthier cookie for my ten yr old son and his friends. The cookies are sturdy and freeze well and travel well, I have mailed them to a sick friend and they arrive fine 2 days later! Also the easiest way to make these is to use a 1 tablespoon cookie scoop and cook on parchment paper, so easy and quick to clean up!

  87. Natalie says

    Incredible recipe. I’ve been making it for a while now, and it’s always a success. I always substitute the vanilla extract for almond extract instead and it’s just heavenly. All those flavors come together perfectly

  88. Kim says

    These cookies look wonderful and I’m looking to use the almond meal leftover from my almond milk. But I need to make some egg free how would I do that? Thank you

  89. Heidi says

    I’ve made these cookies twice, exactly as the recipe describes, and they are absolutely perfect. Dare I say this is the best cookie recipe I’ve tried? The combo of almond flour and coconut is super yummy, and they are not too sweet. The process is also easy peasy. Will be making them again and again.

  90. Annie says

    Best cookie I’ve ever had let alone made !!! I love coconut and chocolate and these did not disappoint. Also super quick and easy recipe. Only adjustments I did was I used almond flour instead of almond meal, since I couldn’t find almond meal at the store. Also I used coconut sugar instead of brown sugar.

  91. anna says

    Sooooo good and easy to make! Didn’t have almond meal or coconut oil so used self-raising flour and melted butter. Made about 20 with the recipe amounts, they didn’t flatten but were bite sized and all gone within a day. Delicious!!

  92. Jess says

    Damn these are tasty! The only alteration I made was subbing coconut for brown sugar, but I could imagine adding oats and raisins in future iterations of this recipe. Mostly came here to say that I doubled the recipe after reading comments that it only really made 12 but my doubled recipe made 42 decent sized cookies using my medium cookie baller scoop, and that was after likely eating the equivalent of 3 or 4 cookies’ worth of dough! Nice one Dana and Sprouted Kitchen! (Heading over to Amazon to order a new cookbook now too :)

  93. Karen says

    These are incredibly delicious as well as easy to make. I use coconut sugar in them.
    My boyfriend prefers these over any other cookie. I make a double batch and freeze some. I’ve made lots of cookies in my life… but now I only make these.

  94. Betul Jones says

    this recipe became my favorite cookie recipe I sometimes alter the ingredients. I use coconut sugar instead of brown sugar. I sometimes put oatmeal instead of coconut. My husband doesn’t like coconut but even with coconut oil he loves these cookies. I get a lot of compliments when I make these cookies. They are so easy to make.

  95. Daniella says

    Very delicious and filling!
    Added oats, peanut butter, banana, chia egg, less oil, and swapped the sugar for a splash of maple syrup.
    Shamelessly ate half the batch right after cookies had cooled slightly.
    So glad I have a recipe to use with my leftover almond pulp!

  96. Lisa says

    Love this recipe! I made it with the almond meal leftovers from making almond milk, and wasn’t sure if that would affect it, but I ended up just adding about half of a flax egg to it and they were great! Love the coconut almond flavour.

    • Lisa Alton says

      Oh the only thing I was going to say in addition to my comment was that the recipe says 20 cookies but it only made 12 for me, and not big ones. I will double it next time as they are so good and 12 just isn’t enough!

  97. Jeanette de Aldrey says

    These are delicious and have great flavor and texture. I will definitely make them again. I wonder if you can help me answer the question of why they stuck to the cookie sheet pan? And if there’s anything Imneed to do. Thanks.
    Ps, your husband takes beautiful pictures.

  98. Storey L says

    I had some browning bananas, so I mashed them into the batter with an extra 1/3 cup of almond meal.
    Makes for a reaaallly guilt free breakfast cookie!

  99. Candice Klopfenstein says

    These cookies are wonderful! I’m getting ready to make them again for some GF and DF friends. Found a couple DF chocolate chip brands, so they will work perfectly.
    Question- have you tried freezing the cookies after they are baked and cooled? I can’t make them the day of, and plan to either refrigerate or freeze them for two days or so…

  100. Crystal says

    This is my go to GF cookie recipe that is easy to adapt. I sub a chia egg (1 Tbsp ground chia plus 3 Tbsp water). I find the batter to be too dry, so I also add 1/4 cup maple syrup. In the past, I have subbed melted vegan margarine for the coconut oil and pulsed old fashioned oats for the shredded coconut to make oatmeal cookies. All versions came out great!

    For me, the cookies didn’t expand, so I use wax paper and a fork to squish the cookies flat before baking like a peanut butter cookie.

    As an FYI, using 1 level Tbsp made ~12 cookies and 1/2 Tbsp made ~ 23 cookies (it’s a very small amount so being even a little off on your scoops messes up the numbers).

  101. Claudia says

    Made these and they came out more of a ball than flat cookie. They were too crumbly to flatten more.. maybe an additional egg or more coconut oil? Used oven dried left over almond pulp as the base so perhaps it was dryer than store bought?
    So delicious and nice chewy consistency. Yum! Great with hot chocolate..

  102. Carol says

    Thank you for such a delicious recipe. I made a few adjustments since I am on a plant-based diet and (try my best to be) oil-free. I substituted the egg, brown sugar, and coconut oil with a flax egg, maple syrup, and apple sauce. The cookies were a little fragile, but amazing!

  103. Tricia says

    I had some almond flour I needed to use up, didn’t have quite enough so added some rice flour. I also used coconut sugar and an extra egg as they were medium not large. I used cacao nibs as well. Lovely cookies, crisp on the outside and soft on the inside (so far, I ate two right out of the oven!) Chilling the dough in the fridge makes all the difference compared to other similar recipes I have made. Thank you for sharing this.

  104. Jessica Yao says

    I regularly make this and its always so yum however I do have to add 3 more tbs of coconut oil just so it holds better

  105. Joanne Banas says

    This recipe is wonderful!!! I am so happy to have found it. I have been making them regularly and they are a big hit every time. I do use the cacao nibs. I didn’t think I would like them but I wanted to try these without adding any sugar so I stuck to the cacao nibs and liked them! I have also successfully used xylitol sweetener with a tablespoon or so of molasses to mimic brown sugar. I have added chopped walnuts to the mixture and it is so lovely that way! Finally, I didn’t bother refrigerating the mix and it still worked fine but I normally melt my coconut oil very gently in the microwave so it doesn’t get very hot.

  106. Genevieve Haack says

    I was sure what to expect by this recipe but it turned out great! The taste and texture and fantastic which is so surprising considering there isn’t a drop of flour. I will definitely make again!

  107. Asarat says

    These turned out really yummy! I substituted flax egg (1 tbsp flax and 3 tbsp water) for egg and date sugar for brown sugar. I wasn’t paying attention and grabbed almond extract instead of vanilla, but it actually worked out well and added nice flavor to the cookies.

  108. Eliza says

    I love this recipe! I’ve made these cookies too many times to count. I substitute the sugar with swerve to make them lower sugar and also use 2 eggs instead of just one. I like using an 85% chocolate bar cut up into peices and throw in some cacao nibs as well. Delicious.

  109. Fatima says

    I made this recipe twice in two days it was so good! The first time I followed the recipe as is except I used olive oil and added very few raisins.The cookies turned out lovely.

    Today I doubled the recipe, added a handful of raisins and I didn’t have eggs so I used liquid egg whites (1/3 cup to double the recipe). I accidentally forgot to add oil and I had already rolled the cookies into balls on the baking sheet. I decided to bake them and see how they would turn out and they turned out lovely! My husband even said they turned out better!

    Will be making these again w/o the oil, substituting egg whites and adding raisins next time.
    Thank you for an awesome recipe!

  110. gina says

    this is, hands down, my FAVORITE chocolate chip cookie recipe. i just really needed to tell you that. i am a type 2 diabetic, and these cookies are such a delightful, fairly guilt free indulgence! thank you so much!! ?

  111. Patricia says

    This recipe is delicious, my husband absolute favorite homemade cookie hands down. Thank you!! I use almond flour and sometimes add salted toasted pecans. But seriously they need nothing further than the original version. Perfection!

  112. Sidney says

    A new family staple!! Great cookies. Super easy and delicious. Loved and consumed by everyone in the family.

  113. Suzannart says

    I have made this cookie recipe many times for my gf family and friends. The cookies are wonderful! My only tweak is that I add more chocolate! ?
    Thank you for sharing.

  114. Ashli says

    This recipe is incredible! Definitely my go to for a treat around the house or when my husband has wheat cookies around the house.

  115. Ahmed says

    These cookies turned out REALLY good, like can’t stop munching them good (which is bad I guess xD). Thanks!, I used almond flour not meal , sweetened coconut shreds not unsweetened, I also used demerara not muscovado sugar (just cause I needed to use up the batch of stuff I already have, I do think muscovado would be worth to get – lovely taste dimension to add for sure), it turned out amazing still.

    Easily a batch of cookies I’d take proudly to friends.

    Again, Thanks a lot!.

  116. Lana says

    Im trying to figurebout what I did wrobg as my balls did not flatten out at all. I had to squish them with a fork to get them to a somewhat cookie shape. Also 7-10 minutes was not nearly enough. I followed the recipe exactly. :(

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Lana! Sorry you had a bit of trouble with this one. Next time, just make sure to flatten them into discs or they will have a hard time spreading while baking. Hope that helps!

  117. Jenifer says

    These cookies looked so good and I was so excited to try them, but mine did not stick together at all! I have no idea what I did wrong, but these just crumbled. They almost looked like granola when they came out of the oven. Couldn’t even pick them up without them crumbling into pieces. Any tips?

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Jenifer! Sorry to hear you had some trouble. Did you change anything in the recipe by chance?

  118. Marni says

    Surprisingly good. Halved the recipe, with the exception of the egg. The badder was very runny therefore I added 3 Tb. Almond butter. I increased cooking time by an additional 10 min. Changes aside, they still turned out like a soft thin cookie with crisp edges. A great way to use up the almond pulp leftover from making almond milk. Looking forward to trying it again using exact measured amounts.

  119. Kristi says

    These were the most delicious cookies I think I have ever made. I can’t believe there are still two left. The whole family loved them. I followed your recipe exactly Dana. Thank you for GF goodness!

  120. Damien Swan says

    this did not work at all. the mixture was grainy the next morning, so i ended up making it into a loaf, which in turn ended up dissolving into a crumble. i am not a baker – should i have added another egg to hold them together?

  121. Jen says

    IF you are buying the raw organic non pasteurized honey for the nutrient value, you are defeating the purpose, when heating it. Real maple syrup has minerals in them, but the heat does not destroy them, like it does the Vitamin C and etc of the honey. I am glad to see some are using coconut sugar over the brown sugar.

  122. Tracie says

    These cookies are incredible! always a hit with any type of person. You can safely bring them to any event and people will eat multiple (maybe even 4. double the batch :)
    I almost double the amount of chocolate chips that goes into these, but they are so so good and SO EASY

  123. Anita says

    These were awesome! I did not have any chocolate chips, so I used cranberries. I’m sure they would be good with either, or several different options , but this recipe was excellent. I didn’t even have to put it in the refrigerator, maybe that’s because my almond meal had been in the freezer, and That caused it to be very cool and firm after mixing. Thank you for sharing your awesome recipes! Anita Sweet “Sweet Living with Anita Sweet” via Facebook.

  124. Angela says

    I made these – but with a LOT of modifications (some out of necessity & some because that’s how I like to bake) I’ll describe what I did in case there’s anyone else out there like me who likes to read a ton of comments on a recipe then cobble together their own version :)
    I subbed 1 banana whipped with a bit of flax oil & ground up chia seeds for the egg & added extra baking powder because of another comment I read – not sure if the extra did anything though. I added pecans and candied ginger in addition to chocolate. I also used a mix of butter and coconut manna rather than just coconut oil.

    Last but not least if anyone out there is wondering if they could use almond pulp leftover from making almond milk – it worked! I had a fresh batch of pulp from making almond milk – popped it in the oven spread over parchment paper at 175 degrees while prepping my other ingredients – when I took it out it was warm & fairly dry but still a bit damp/very pliable. Used a mix of 1 cup of that plus half cup almond flour. I baked for longer than 10 minutes and also towards the end flipped them over with a spatula because I could tell the bottoms were perfect but the top looked a bit wet still.

    They are DELICIOUS fresh out of the oven – boyfriend said he had to restrain himself from having more than two! Banana added nice flavor and I highly rec. adding candied ginger!

    ps: They look different from the pictures but that is to be expected given all my changes. I also think it’s pretty key to this recipe not to over-mix. Sorry for the wall of text – excited they came out so well!

  125. Charissa says

    Hi, can anyone suggest an alternative to the shredded coconut please? My brother can’t tolerate it. I am used to substituting oils but not other coconut products.

  126. Suzy says

    This was my fifth time making these cookies and they are SO delicious! I can’t stop eating them! However, mine do not expand and flatten out like they do in the pictures. They pretty much come out the same size and shape you put them in. I followed the recipe exactly all 5 times and I cannot get them to come out the way they look in the picture. Also, for me, this makes about 12-14 cookies. I don’t know how you could possibly make 20 cookies with this amount of dough.

  127. gina says

    i have made these twice in two weeks. i’m diabetic and i’m always looking for healthier treat options, and these are by far the BEST healthier cookies i’ve ever made..heck, these are some of the best cookies i’ve ever made in general! thank you so much for all of your amazing recipes- i have tried quite a few!

  128. Tracy says

    Hi! Enjoy your Instagram! :) Fancy that, stumbling upon one of your recipes here.
    Just wanted to say, was searching for a cookie recipe without flour, as I’m experimenting with not having wheat in my diet. I miss cookies!! These cookies were amaaaaazingggg!! I used coconut sugar instead of brown, but otherwise followed the recipe to a “t”. Hubby just told me they are his new fave cookies :) Thanks for all you do!

  129. DeeDee says

    OMG! I’m on this dairy- and gluten-free DTOX plan and was craving cookies. I’m and avid baker and had to find something without gluten and dairy. Google brought me to your amazing recipe! Instead of the egg, I used the flax seed egg concoction and Ghiradelli semisweet chips. I also added about 1/4 cup of walnuts. I cannot stop eating them!! I have probably violated my cleanse, but it was worth every morsel. ?Thank you so much! I am going to add this to my cookie recipes. Cheers!

    • Radhika says

      I tried this recipe today, followed it to the T. Only exception was I used leftover almond pulp from almond milk and the pulp was moist. The cookies taste great but they didn’t crisp up at all, they were soggy Inspite of baking them at low temperature for almost 25 mins. What have I possibly done wrong? They were yum nonetheless, but was expecting a crunchy texture they way it looks on your blog. Any help will be highly appreciated ?

      • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

        Hi Radhika, did you see the notes section with tips for making these with almond meal? If not, we think that might be the issue!

  130. Susan says

    I made this and it was delicious but why didn’t my cookies expand? They came out exactly the same as they went in. I followed the recipe exactly, what would cause the cookies to not expand?

  131. Suzy Q says

    I made this and although it is delicious, mine did not expand while baking. I followed the recipe to a T, I wonder what went wrong. Mine came out the same size and shape it went in. It was delicious nonetheless.

  132. Urszula says

    These are by far best cookies ever.
    Last couple of months making a batch every week ( they are so yummy only last couple of days )!!!
    Excellent, so light and so hard to resist :)
    Thank you !!!!

  133. Bibi says

    these are my new favorite cookies. I substituted 1/4 cup of maple syrup for the sugar, and added a bit more (very dark) chocolate chips. My husband says they’re better than “regular” chocolate chip cookies and never wants me to make anything else! Thanks so much for this fabulous recipe!

  134. Stella says

    Hi everyone!

    I made these and placed them in the fridge over night. Took them out in the morning and used the smallest ice cream scooper to form them. Pushed them down a bit to flatten them with my thumb. I also added mini chocolate chips and cranberries to the delicious batter. Added 1 BIG chocolate chip on top of each. Baked them for 10 mins and they came out exceptionally tasty! They got crispy on top and are soft and chewy in the inside. Mmmm really good! & I will make them again for sure! ??

  135. Sylvia says

    These look so good. I want to try but have an egg allergy. Did you ever make them with an egg substitute? I usually use flax, “flax eggs”.

  136. Peg says

    I don’t usually take the time to comment but I made these 2 days ago and they are by far the best almond flour cookies I have made so far. I did add a banana to this and used Truvia brown sugar mix
    which for 2 tablespoons plus 2 teaspoons equals 1/3 cup brown sugar. I did throw in a little extra flour and coconut because it seemed like such a small amount in the bowl. Thinking I might try adding peanut butter next time. These were delish and remind me of coconut macaroons. Thanks for the recipe! This may be our fav cookie recipe from now on, so good and easy to make.

  137. Mafalda says

    I make my cookies at 170ºC but the ingredients are very well balanced! Well done! And chewy, indeed!

  138. Natasha Graf says

    So tasty!
    I did with flaxegg and they are indeed a bit trying to fall apart when warm. But let them cool and they are good to go.
    Will do it again and again!

  139. Danielle Boettger says

    This recipe is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! ALL MY COOKIES ARE GONE AND I THINK I ATE THEM ALL. MY friend had given me her left over cupboard food and I didn’t know what almond meal was or if I was even going to like it, so this is the first site I came to with a almond meal recipe so I gave it a whirl and to my amazement its better than most cookie recipes, I’m going to make them again(next day) everybody loved them. I did use 1 tablespoon of reg oil and 2 tablespoons of melted butter because i had no coconut oil, I highly recommend you trying this recipe and i look forward to the chefs book that i’m about to order, I think shes a winner!!

  140. Sue Lavene says

    Hi! I made these last night and really enjoyed them, thank you to you and Sprouted Kitchen!!! I used cacao nibs (first time using them) in place of dark chocolate. Also, and the REAL test, was that my 7 and 9 year olds and our 5 1/2 year old neighbor friend loved them!!! I am so excited about your site, that we can enjoy sweets that have high quality, healthy ingredients!

  141. Karen says

    I made this using honey instead of brown sugar AND I added 2 Tablespoons Cocoa Powder instead of chocolate chips and I enjoyed it immensely! The second time I made them, in addition to the previous alterations, I used 2T avacado oil and 1 T applesauce just to try it and they still were delicious! This seems to be a versatile recipe that I enjoy very much!

  142. Karen says

    Loved this recipe! Made it as is and ground my own almond meal from blanched slivered almonds. It wasn’t as tricky as I thought – just lots of short burst food processing and stopping before it starts to clump together. Also, I added dried sour cherries just to further jazz them up. Thanks for the great GF recipe!

  143. Lisa says

    I used almond flour instead of almond meal. The dough was crumbly- is this normal- or was it because I used almond flour?

  144. Erika says

    I made these tonight and they are soooooo perfect. I’m definitely making them again because . . . They’re already almost gone:)
    I didn’t have coconut so I used extra chocolate chips. I had a ton of almond meal from making almond milk and I couldn’t figure out what to do with it but this hit the nail on the head. Thanks so much for recipe!

  145. Myra says

    I have made this recipe with several variations and it has turned out absolutely delicious each time. The richness of flavor is effected by the quality and variety of Almond Meal used but always outstanding! I get requests from everyone to make more for them! Thanks for sharing this fabulous recipe.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi! Almond flour is ground more finely but should work! If you give it a try, let me know how it goes!

      • christine Colton says

        I made them with almond flour because that’s all I had at home and they were AMAZING! My husband and I ate the entire batch in one sitting. OOPS! Thanks so much for this !

  146. Christina Culley says

    Hi! I’ve been making this recipe for years and I love everything about them ( except that they disappear so quickly ) do you have any experience in freezing them? The dough or the cookies? If not do you think they would freeze well? Thank you! And Happy Holidays

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi! Though I haven’t tried freezing them myself, they should freeze well! Just make sure to flatten them into discs or they will have a hard time spreading while baking. Hope that helps!

  147. Angie says

    Hello! I just made this cookies and these are the best cookies I’ve ever made! I ground up my own almond though to use as a flour meal.. I put brown sugar but 1/2 of 1/3cup and instead of mixing the chocolate chip I just push them down to the top of my cookies. I love that the taste plus its not so sweet which I like and the healthiest one I eve made and its also great if you have toddler who loves cookies! Thank you!

  148. Judi says

    Hi, Dana:

    I have made these several times, and they’re a giant hit every time. I’m taking these for Thanksgiving tomorrow.

    Also accompanying me are your wonderful banana crumb muffins, unless the bananas don’t ripen, in which case it will be blueberry muffins.

    I always try to bring muffins or something so that my friends have a ready-made breakfast on Friday. After all, they worked very hard to make a fantastic vegan Thanksgiving and they should have breakfast when they get up the next day.

  149. Judi says

    Hi, Dana:

    What would I do without you at the holidays?

    This is an incredible recipe, but I inadvertently grabbed very fine coconut at Whole Foods. Is it okay, other than texturally, to use that?

    The only coconut PeaPod by Stop & Shop carries is sweetened. Any ideas on how to substitute? How much should I decrease the sugar?

    I’m also bringing, on Thanksgiving and Christmas, your banana muffins sans crumble. These are a huge hit with everyone, and the recipe is almost always requested. I want to leave each family with breakfast after the holidays. Because these stay moist for days, they’re perfect. I also throw in a handful of blueberries.

    I hope you can answer my questions.

    Again, thank you!


    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Judi! So kind. The fine coconut will work great. As for the sugar, I’d decrease by a few Tbsp. Good luck!!

  150. Guro N. says

    These were amazing! I used muscovado instead of brown sugar, I put almonds in the blender to make the almond meal and I used sunflower oil instead of coconut oil and everything worked out great :-) Thanks for a great recpipe! I will definitely make these again.

  151. Janet Jones says

    I tried this recipe to use my almond meal left over from making milk.
    I didn’t have any chocolate chips so used cocoa powder
    I then saw the comments about them not turning out well with wet almond meal
    So I added a good cup of oats and bingo they are perfect !
    Thank you

  152. Victoria says

    These were surprisingly good! This recipe is very forgiving. I felt like something sweet the other night so used what I had on hand. I did have almond flour/meal on hand. I used sweetened coconut flakes I had in the freezer and cut back the brown sugar to 1/4 cup. Butter instead of coconut oil – probablu used a bit of extra butter and also used it to grease the pan.. I used 1 X large egg and the white of another egg. I used some fancy vanilla bean paste I found at Whole Foods that I had been saving to attempt creme brulee instead of extract. I (sadly!) didn’t have any chocolate on hand at all but I smashed a snack bag of roasted almonds and mixed them in with the dry ingredients. Added cardamon and lemon zest and I sprinkled some Maldon salt on top at the end of baking. Delish! My daughter and son-in-law gobbled them up. I’m going to try it with other ingredients next time just to play around. I’m thinking macadamia nuts with white chocolate chips…

  153. Southwestsam says

    So nice I made a double batch day after first making these for GF friends at work. Used only one measure of chocolate in the double batch as I wanted to use up some macadamia nuts I had, so I substituted same weight of those in. Unfortunately the chocoholic in me felt this was an inadequate amount of chocolate so I added a tablespoon of cocoa to compensate. I also rolled this up like a sausage in cling wrap (one slightly thinner for my share batch and a slightly fatter one for home), before popping in the fridge. I wonder if one of the sausaged rolled batch could be frozen to be baked on another day? Thank you for sharing!!!!!

  154. Marti says

    Cookies turned out great, with minimal alterations to the recipe (1 Tbsp butter + 2 Tbsp coconut oil and angel flake coconut in lieu of unsweetened b/c that is what was on hand). 7.5 minutes in my oven was just right.

  155. Annie says

    We enjoyed these. The battery was too crumbly, so I doubled the eggs. I also thought that it needed a few more chocolate chips and so I doubled that too. We are sugarfree, so I substituted about 1 teaspoon of stevia. I also added about 1 tablespoon of backstrap molasses for flavor. The batter was a bit sticky but I did not refrigerate it and it still (with a little extra care) turned into nice cookie shapes. I also thought that it could have used a little more salt. All in all, though, a great recipe that I will come back to.

  156. Rosalind says

    I have just put my first batch in the oven. My mixture was quite sticky but after some time in the frig, I could take teaspoonfuls and roll them into balls, then flatten with a fork. Substituted very light olive oil for the coconut oil ( not very keen on coconut )
    I will easily make 20.
    Can”t wait to test one.
    Castlemaine, Australia

  157. Tami says

    I made these cookies tonight and my husband and I thought they were delicious. They are delicate and, although some of them fell apart, the flavor was amazing. Next time I will let them sit overnight in the refrigerator. Thank you for a wonderful recipe.

  158. Wendy says

    I’ve just made a batch of these little cookies, replaced the choc with pecans.
    Just waiting for friends to arrive to try them but they look great.
    Thanks for sharing ??

  159. Sandy says

    Low Carb Magic….
    I’ve made these 5 times since discovering this recipe just 2 weeks ago. I only alter recipes to suit my family’s low carb dietary needs. They don’t always work out, but I hit the jackpot with this one.
    I subbed 1/4 cup erythritol (pyure brand) and 10 tiny flat scoops of pure stevia powder (Kal brand) instead of the sugar. The scoop comes in the package, but if I had to guess a measure it would be just under a pinch per flat scoop. Kal is the best stevia ever, and I’ve been through many brands over the years. I increased the baking powder to 3/4 teaspoon, and subbed almond essence for vanilla a couple times when I ran out. Both work beautifully.
    I put the mixture in the freezer for 20 minutes instead of the fridge to save some time. These are undoubtedly the best low carb cookies I have ever tasted, so thank you so much for this quick and easy recipe. Only problem is they only last a few hours in my house!

  160. Alan V says

    A concern. I ended up using coconut flour instead of almond, and I tripled the recipe. But the “batter” is very, very dry. Not wet or even sticky. Is coconut flour significantly more absorbent?

  161. julie babb says

    has any one baked these cookies without chilling the batter? perhaps the stiffness of the dough prohibits the cookie from spreading. Has anyone used stevia instead of coconut sugar?

  162. KT says

    My favorite cookie recipe, and I’m not even GF! I always make these as directed and they come out perfectly textured with a nice balance of sweet and nutty. I also love how they only dirty a few bowls and can be whipped up in a jiff. Also means I probably make them TOO often!

  163. Elissa says

    A tried and true recipe I keep coming back to. So good, and I love that they’re gluten free so I can bring them to parties and accommodate people with allergies. Thank you for sharing!

  164. D. Sherman says

    These cookies are so delicious! I’ve made them several times. I follow a plant-based diet so I substituted the 1 egg with 1 serving of Ener-G egg replacer. They were yummy but a tad dry. So the next time (and each time after) I doubled the Ener-G egg replacer and it turned out perfectly! I’ve even given boxes of these cookies as gifts. Thank you for sharing.

  165. Teresa says

    These are super easy to make and delicious, the only downside is that these are way too sweet for my liking. I’ve cut down on sugar consumption for a few months now (after watching the Sugar Film) and I’m not used to eating things this sweet. I will definitely make these again, but will halve the sugar amount. I’m not sure how that will affect the cookies in the end though?

  166. Erica says

    If I wanted to make these double chocolate, should I replace some of the almond flour with cocoa powder or will that completely destroy this recipe? Help from any and all is welcome! Thank you!

  167. Nayana Wagle says

    Thank you very much for sharing this recipe! It was of tremendous help when my husband was on a 1-year super restrictive diet where he couldn’t have grains, sugar (I substituted Stevia) or any fat other than coconut oil. In fact, it has become so popular in our family and friends that we have been making it regularly even though we have no more dietary restrictions. And we’re never going to stop! :)

  168. Sidonie Blackett says