Gingery Mango & Berry Smoothie

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Glass serving jar filled with banana-free Gingery Mango & Berry Smoothie

Most of our smoothie recipes have bananas, and some of you happen to dislike bananas. (Weird, I know – some of my friends and family included!)

So, when I recently ran out of bananas but was still craving a smoothie, I discovered this recipe, which would be perfect for those of you who aren’t in love with bananas but still want a delicious, creamy smoothie.

Let’s do this!

Wood cutting board with fresh fruit for making a vegan Gingery Mango & Berry Smoothie

This recipe requires just 6 ingredients, 1 blender, and 5 minutes – simple, just the way I like it.

Instead of bananas for a creamy, sweet base, I relied on another favorite: mango!

And for a gorgeous pink hue and dose of antioxidants, I added in a mixture of strawberries and raspberries. Frozen fruit makes the creamiest, dreamiest smoothies. But if yours is fresh, simply add 1-2 cups of ice to chill things down.

Fresh fruit, ginger, and shredded coconut in a blender for making Gingery Mango & Berry Smothie

Next up are lime for some acidity, ginger for a bit of spice, coconut milk and shredded coconut for a bit of coconut flavor, and a pinch of cayenne to bring a bit of heat (optional but recommended!).

Blender filled with beautiful peachy-red vegan smoothie made from mangoes, berries, lime, ginger, and coconut

Mmm, look at that creamy goodness. All that’s left to do is enjoy as is or layer and garnish with delicious toppings!

I went for my Easy 2-Ingredient Coconut Yogurt, but full-fat coconut milk works wonders as well for that sultry swirl effect. And on top, I went with more raspberries, a bit of lime, and a spoonful of coconut flakes. Yes, please.

Glass serving jar with a swirl of coconut milk and filled with Gingery Mango & Berry Smoothie

I hope you all LOVE this smoothie! It’s:

Naturally sweet
Gingery + subtly spicy
& SO delicious

This would make the perfect on-the-go smoothie in the mornings or even a post-workout snack if you add in a little of your favorite protein powder.

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If you try this recipe, let us know how it goes. Leave a comment, rate it, and don’t forget to tag a photo #minimalistbaker on Instagram. Cheers, friends!

Close up shot of our banana-free delicious vegan smoothie made from mango, berries, lime, ginger, and coconut

Gingery Mango & Berry Smoothie

A wholesome (banana-free!) smoothie of mangoes, berries, lime, ginger, and coconut, with a hint of spice from cayenne. Satisfying, delicious, and packed with vitamins and nutrients!
Author Minimalist Baker
Glass serving jar with a swirl of coconut milk and our Mango Berry Smoothie recipe
4.84 from 24 votes
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 2 (smoothies)
Course Beverage, Breakfast
Cuisine Gluten-Free, Vegan
Freezer Friendly 1 month
Does it keep? 3 Days



  • 2 1/4 cups frozen chopped mango (if fresh, add 1 cup ice)
  • 1 1/4 cups frozen raspberries and/or strawberries (I mixed both)
  • 1-2 cups light coconut milk or unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 medium lime, juiced (~3 Tbsp or 45 ml as original recipe is written)
  • 2 Tbsp fresh ginger
  • 1 Tbsp unsweetened shredded coconut
  • 1/8 scant tsp cayenne pepper (optional)
  • 1-2 Tbsp protein powder of choice or hemp seeds (optional)

FOR SERVING optional

  • Coconut Yogurt or full-fat coconut milk
  • Berries
  • Unsweetened shredded coconut
  • Hemp seeds


  • To a high-speed blender add mango, berries, coconut or almond milk (starting with the lesser amount), lime, ginger, shredded coconut, cayenne pepper (optional), and protein powder of choice (optional).
  • Blend on high until creamy and smooth, scraping down sides as needed. If it has trouble blending, add more coconut, almond milk, or water.
  • Serve as is or layer with coconut yogurt or milk and top with desired toppings. I prefer berries, hemp seeds, and coconut flake.
  • Enjoy fresh or refrigerate leftovers for 3 days. Or store in the freezer (as a smoothie or Popsicles) up to 1 month.


*Nutrition information is a rough estimate calculated without protein powder or additional toppings.

Nutrition (1 of 2 servings)

Serving: 1 smoothies Calories: 376 Carbohydrates: 76 g Protein: 6.6 g Fat: 10.2 g Saturated Fat: 7.7 g Trans Fat: 0 g Cholesterol: 0 mg Sodium: 39 mg Fiber: 13.8 g Sugar: 51.5 g

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My Rating:

  1. Bella says

    OMG as soon as i saw this recipe i had to make it as i am a huge morning smoothie fan! Usually i take inspo and add stuff in of my own but this was so detailed and delicious i did not tweak it whatsoever and have been making it every other day! Thank you so much for this and all the great recipes you put out! I have been a fan for a while just haven’t made any comments yet :)

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Aw, yay! We’re so glad you’re enjoying this recipe, Bella! Thank you for sharing! xo

  2. Suzanne says

    We are in Florida with access to a Mango tree. My husband pureed several Mangoes yesterday and wondered what to do with the puree! I found the answer with your fabulous recipe. We had all the ingredients on hand, and both of us loved this smoothie. I used Almond Milk but will try Coconut Milk next time I make this. I’ve already added the recipe to my collection. Thanks for another delicious and easy recipe.

  3. Ella says

    😍so excited to make this!! But I have a question: the light coconut milk is from a can right? Thank you so much 🙏🏻❤️

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      We diluted light canned coconut milk for this one. But it should work well with canned or boxed or homemade! Let us know what you think!

  4. Barb says

    I layered it with organic yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries. On top hemp hearts and crumbled vegan no bake brownies with chocolate ganache! So good with chocolate.

  5. an says

    I made this two days in a row, it was soooo good! I used a bag of mixed berries with raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries so it was definitely bluer than the pic. I loved the kick from the fresh ginger and cayenne. The mango, ginger, and cayenne are perfect together. Perfect for a light, healthy, quick lunch! MB recipes have been my go-to for smoothie and smoothie bowls lately – so so yummy.

  6. Nika says

    Absolutely delish. I love the tiny kick of spice from the cayenne! I had a blend of mangos and strawberries that I used and coconut milk for the first half cup and water to thin it out. It’s a keeper!

  7. Nadia says

    Delicious! I didn’t really measure the ingredients before throwing them in, but the final product was definitely a win. Used coconut water as the liquid since I wanted something lighter. Such a refreshing drink after a morning workout.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      If you have a powerful blender with sharp blades, you can just throw it in there. But otherwise, grate it!

  8. Zoe says

    I just made this smoothie and holy cow it is SO good! It is delicious and has a perfect balance of flavors. This one will be going on repeat! Thank you!

  9. Michell says

    Is this the same recipe as the marriage saver smoothie + mask? The link from the 12 healthy smoothie list takes me here, but the name of the recipe is different and there is no explanation of the mask or how it is a marriage saver in the write-up. What did I miss?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks so much for the lovely review and for sharing that lovely addition, Soraia. We are so glad you enjoyed it! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Thanks so much! Xo

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Nadia, ginger powder won’t provide the same flavor as fresh. We’d recommend fresh for best results! But maybe 1-2 teaspoons? Let us know how it goes!

  10. Sharon says

    This smoothie is AMAZING! It tastes like strawberry limeade. All my ingredients were frozen and I had no trouble blending it in a high powered blender. Used cashew milk and hemp seeds, but did not add the coconut or cayenne. A new favourite smoothie! (along with the PB&J one from here as well)

  11. Stephanie says

    This was horrible. Not only did I have the hardest time getting it to blend I had to add so much liquid it almost overflowed. I had to dump it all out and add it back a little at a time and that worked better, but then it had blended so much that now the consistency is like juice or milk. I went to taste it and it’s disgusting!!! Not sweet or flavorful whatsoever. It tastes like flat lime la croix. It may be good or better with fresh fruit but wow am I angry because that was the last of my frozen fruit and I’m starving and wasted my time.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Stephanie, we’re so sorry to hear that! Is it possible your blender is small? It shouldn’t even come close to overflowing in a standard blender. It sounds like it ended up having too much liquid by the end which diluted the other flavors. Better luck with the next one!

      • Stephanie says

        Thanks for your response. I have a 32 ounce blender so I don’t think it’s too small. I knew going into it the ratio was not right…. perhaps it would help people to know to use fresh berries like in your pictures than frozen? The amount of liquid I had to add to make it work Against the frozen substance was obscene, but seemed the only way to remedy it. Perhaps my blender is broken. Anyway, I’ll maybe try it again with fresh fruit! Thanks.

        • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

          We used a 64 ounce blender so we’d suggest making a half batch in the future if you give it another try! It should be able to be made with frozen, but we’ll take another look at the recipe and modify, as needed.

  12. Katie says

    This smoothie is so incredibly delicious! The flavour is amazing with the hint of ginger in there. I didn’t add the cayenne but I did layer some full fat coconut milk in my cup and it was everything I hoped for in a smoothie. Thanks for the amazing recipe!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks so much for the lovely review, Katie. We are so glad you enjoyed it! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Thanks so much! Xo

  13. Brian Schemenski says

    Tasted great! My version is 2 bananas cut in pieces by hand. Frozen mango, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries all 1/4 cup. Huge blob (soup spoon fill overflowing) chunky peanut butter, 1 ounce Hershey’s chocolate syrup, if making for dessert and not a meal, vanilla almond milk topped off in 32 ounce nutribullet blend cup. Blend 5-10 seconds. If I do not use the chocolate then I go for huge squirt of locally grown honey. I could live off smoothies!!

  14. Bruce says

    Thanks for this recipe. I do not get smoothies at commercial establishments as they always add bananas and I am allergic to this fruit (it makes the inside of my mouth itch). Wish more people would suggest alternatives to ingredients as many people are allergic to bananas and almonds and strawberries and carrots and having them in concentrated into a smoothie is not recommended.

  15. Lynn Ink says

    Eek! What happened to the Roasted Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie that used to be on this page? I couldn’t find it through the search bar, too. Was the recipe removed from the blog? It was such a yummy smoothie…

  16. Megan says

    Delicious! I had some extra frozen bananas and ended up doing half mango/half banana. I love the ginger in this! It’s so refreshing.

  17. Kim says

    If I wanted to keep this blended drink in the freezer what container would I store it in? Also I’m looking for a grab and go drink. Do you put it in the fridge the night before?

  18. Syd says

    This was delicious. So fresh and tangy! Will definitely make again. I used chia seeds instead of hemp and strawberries because I didn’t have frozen raspberries on hand but next time I will try with raspberry! Thanks for another wonderful recipe :)

  19. Laura says

    I love this smoothie!
    Hands down my favourite on the website (so far!!).
    I love the kick the ginger and cayenne add to it.
    I recommend raspberries.

  20. Claire says

    Really wanted to make this but didn’t have mango on hand so I used half a banana and frozen kale. Left out the desiccated coconut and added some flaxseed – it was yummy! My kids and I gulped it down. :) I love the little kick from the ginger!

  21. Liza Bergen says

    Made it just as recipe stated, minus the protein powder and toppings. It is sooo good!! Made it because I don’t like smoothies with bananas and it’s my new favourite :)

  22. Laurie Wiederhold says

    Keep these smoothie recipes coming! Love them! Had to make this right away. I liked the twist of adding ginger, lime and cayenne. It was delicious and I will be making it again. Thanks!

  23. Amy says

    Oh my gosh the flavors in this smoothie are absolutely brilliant together. Thank you so so much for this recipe, I think it might be my favorite smoothie ever!

  24. Arman says

    This gingery mango berry smoothie recipe is absolutely golden, I love the use of a different fruit than your normal banana that provides that real good creamy texture. This is definitely a must try for me during the morning as part of my breakfast, thank you!

  25. Kathryn Tate says

    Hi Dana!!! And thanks as alway!!!
    I added a tablespoon of concentrated cherry juice and used full fat coconut cream
    in the can.
    All the flavors were great!!!

  26. Susan says

    I winced as I squeezed in an entire line but you were right~ the recipe is PERFECT as is! Fresh, tangy, cooling, delicious- perfect breakfast on a hot, humid morning!

  27. Dalya says

    Dana, your smoothie looks out-of-this-world! I feel like I’m on vacation just looking at it! Plus, I love the addition of cayenne pepper to balance out the sweetness.

  28. Kelli @ Hungry Hobby says

    I eat mangos straight out of the freezer they are my favorite treat when it’s hot – which is most of the time in AZ don’t know why I haven’t made a smoothie with them in a long while! Love the addition of ginger!

  29. Maria says

    I’m still on a high from all of the gingery-mango things we gobbled up in Hawaii last week. This looks amazing!! I love the swirl in of co-yo rather than blending it with the whole thing. I am a weirdo who isn’t a huge fan of yogurt (of any type) blended into a smoothie. It makes it almost too filling for a beverage? I don’t know how else to explain it because I LOVE yogurt otherwise.

  30. Joyce says

    This looks gorgeeeoouuusss! And so tasty…but albeit from fruit, 51 g of sugar?! Hot dang, that would rev up my mornings for sure.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      That’s definitely all natural sugar, but to dilute it, cut back on mango and sub a little ice :D Or frozen cauliflower!

  31. Katie | Delightful Vegans says

    This sounds absolutely delicious – a perfect Smoothie for Spring – which is only a few days away in Australia! My bestie hates bananas with a passion, which I always find odd! I love them – and they are great in soooo many recipes!

  32. 'stine says

    Yay! My kiddo hates bananas in smoothies, but I love the idea of getting him a lot of good stuff in an easily prepared breakfast drink. thanks!