Vegan Vanilla Protein Powder Review

Review of vegan protein powders

*Updated 5/16/18

My search for the perfect vegan protein powder has been a complicated one, meaning, I have never been able to find one I truly like (until now).

Despite this, I kept hearing recommendations from friends and readers about their favorite brands so I knew there was more out there to explore.

So, I decided to do a formal, side-by-side review of some of the most popular vegan protein powders on the market to see which ones delivered and which ones weren’t worth the hype (so you don’t have to!).

I started with vanilla protein powders because it’s what I’ve been reaching for as of late and they seem to be the most versatile (and decent tasting) option for adding to most smoothies.

I’ve also now reviewed Vegan Chocolate Protein Powders and Vegan Flavored Protein Powders.

The Ground Rules //

  • I tested 13 protein powders, and only ordered protein powders I could find on Amazon because a) they are most accessible to people, and b) and usually have the best prices.
  • This review is not sponsored in any way and I was not given free product or compensated for any of my reviews. I had no contact with any of these brands.
  • I had tried a handful of the powders before this review (in my own searching) and tried to remain as unbiased and objective as possible when reviewing.
  • When testing the powders in almond milk, I used Califia unsweetened plain almond milk. I mixed 1/3 cup (80 ml) almond milk with 1 Tbsp protein powder in a mason jar with 2 ice cubes then shook vigorously for 30 seconds.
  • When testing in a smoothie, I used my Ginger Colada Green Smoothie and omitted lime juice to control bitterness. I mixed 1/3 cup (80 ml) smoothie with 1 Tbsp protein powder in a mason jar then shook vigorously for 30 seconds.
  • I graded the protein powders on a scale of 1-5 (1 being poor, 5 being excellent) on:
    • Texture
    • Sweetness
    • Overall flavor
    • How well it mixes with almond milk
    • How well it mixes with a smoothie
  • For consumer awareness, I also examined:
    • Type of protein base (i.e. brown rice, pea, hemp)
    • Quality of ingredients (i.e. organic, non-GMO etc.)
    • Total # of ingredients
    • Grams protein / serving
    • Additional claims/perks (i.e. probiotics, greens, added fiber)
    • If I would repurchase

The Review //

Aloha vegan vanilla protein powder review

Aloha Protein

Texture: 1 – gritty + flecks (almost resembled flax seed)
Sweetness: 5 – perfectly sweet
Overall flavor: 3 – pretty decent – a little chalky
How well blended with almond milk: 2 – gritty + flecks, but mixed – didn’t stay mixed
How well blended with smoothie: 2 – little gritty
Protein base: Pea, Pumpkin Seed, Hemp
Quality of ingredients: Organic
Total # ingredients: 13
Protein / serving: 18g/packet (37g)
Other perks/claims: Promotes muscle formation + healthy metabolism, and boosts energy

Overall score: 13
Overall impressions: If the texture was less gritty I’d like this one more. The ingredients are high quality and the flavor and sweetness are actually pretty good. But it’s highly detectable in both almond milk and smoothies because of the texture.
Would I repurchase? No.

Bob's Red Mill vegan vanilla protein powder review

Bob’s Red Mill Vanilla Protein Powder

Texture: 4 – overall good, little gritty, chia seeds throughout
Sweetness: 4 – nice amount of sweetness, borderline too sweet
Overall flavor: 4 – nice vanilla flavor, overall pleasant, maybe a little overpowering on its own
How well blended with almond milk: 4 – mixed well, but chia seeds sank as to be expected
How well blended with smoothie: 5 – blends well even with chia seeds
Protein base: Pea
Quality of ingredients: Non-organic
Total # ingredients: 7
Protein / serving: 20g/ 1/3 cup (45g)
Other perks/claims: Chia, probiotics, high in iron, serving of Omega-3s, sweetened with monk fruit

Overall score: 21
Overall impressions: This was my favorite! The flavor is so pleasant, the sweetness and texture spot on, and it blends so well into both milk and smoothies. It makes smoothies taste better rather than worse – the only of its kind! Plus, I love the chia seeds – they’re a fun and healthy addition.
Would I repurchase? Yes.

Garden of Life vegan vanilla protein powder review

Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein

Texture: 3 – little chalky, not much grit
Sweetness: 4 – not too sweet
Overall flavor: 3.5 – Overall good, good amount of vanilla yet neutral, would pair well with most smoothies
How well blended with almond milk: 5 – mixed well, stayed mixed
How well blended with smoothie: 5 – blends completely
Protein base: Pea, Brown Rice, Amaranth Sprout, Buckwheat
Quality of ingredients: Organic
Total # ingredients: 34 (22 without probiotic & enzyme blend ingredients)
Protein / serving: 22 g/packet (31g)
Other perks/claims: Probiotics & Enzymes / Soy Free

Overall score: 20.5
Overall impressions: This is one of my favorites! The texture is spot on, the flavor is neutral, and the sweetness is perfectly balanced. I’ve had success mixing it with a lot of different types of smoothies.
Would I repurchase? Yes.

Genuine health vegan vanilla protein powder review

Genuine Health Fermented Vegan Proteins +

Texture: 3 – mostly smooth, little grit, little chalky
Sweetness: 3 – little too sweet
Overall flavor: 3.5 – tiny bit chemically/bitter, nice vanilla flavor
How well blended with almond milk: 4 – mixed well, stayed pretty mixed, little chalky
How well blended with smoothie: 3.5 – blends well, little gritty
Protein base: Pea, Brown Rice, Hemp, Quinoa, Alfalfa, Spirulina, Mung Bean Sprouts
Quality of ingredients: Non GMO
Total # ingredients: 11
Protein / serving: 15g/packet (22.1g)
Other perks/claims: Fermented, assists digestion

Overall score: 17
Overall impressions: Overall good, but the flavor was a little off-putting.
Would I repurchase? This one is a toss up, but probably not.

Manitoba harvest vegan vanilla protein powder review

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro

Texture: 1 – chalky, gritty, unpleasant
Sweetness: 1 – not sweet at all
Overall flavor: 1 – unpleasant, not sweet, no vanilla
How well blended with almond milk: 1 – really bad – didn’t mix well
How well blended with smoothie: 1 – mixed poorly
Protein base: Hemp
Quality of ingredients: Organic
Total # ingredients: 3
Protein / serving: 9g/4 tbsp (30g)
Other perks/claims: N/A

Overall score: 5
Overall impressions: Despite having so few ingredients and the quality being high, I didn’t like the texture or flavor. This was my least favorite of the bunch.
Would I repurchase? No.

Naturade vegan vanilla protein powder review

Naturade Vegan Smart

Texture: 4 – pretty smooth, not too chalky, no grit
Sweetness: 3 – little too sweet
Overall flavor: 3 – nice vanilla flavor, but too sweet and an odd taste to it
How well blended with almond milk: 4 – smooth, not too chalky
How well blended with smoothie: 5 – blends completely
Protein base: Pea, Hemp, Chia, Potato, Chlorella
Quality of ingredients: N/A
Total # ingredients: 32
Protein / serving: 20g/2 scoops (43g)
Other perks/claims: Added vitamins, minerals, fiber, omega blend, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, fruits + veggies

Overall score: 19
Overall impressions: Loved the perks this one offered. Although the flavor wasn’t perfect, the sweetness and texture were spot on.
Would I repurchase? Yes.

Clean Lean Protein vanilla protein powder review

Nuzest Clean Lean Protein

Texture: 3 – a little chalky
Sweetness: 2 – not sweet at first, and then overly sweet
Overall flavor: 3 – heavy vanilla, a bit too sweet at the end
How well blended with almond milk: 3 – pretty well, stayed mixed, but chalky
How well blended with smoothie: 4 – blends well
Protein base: Pea
Quality of ingredients: Non GMO
Total # ingredients: 3
Protein / serving: 21g/2 scoops (25g)
Other perks/claims: N/A

Overall score: 15
Overall impressions: I liked how few ingredients there were, but the sweetness can be too strong.
Would I repurchase? Yes.
UPDATE:*Since writing this post I’ve tried Nuzest again because I love how simple the ingredients are. I also recognized my body does well with pea protein powder. It has since become one of my new go-tos and I would definitely recommend giving it a try.

Orgain vegan vanilla protein powder review

Orgain Organic Meal

Texture: 2 – kinda chalky, kinda gritty
Sweetness: 4 – good on sweetness – not too much, not too little
Overall flavor: 1.5 – unpleasant, vanilla flavor OK, generally offputting, has an earthy flavor
How well blended with almond milk: 3 – pretty well, stayed mixed, little chalky
How well blended with smoothie: 3 – smooth with chunks
Protein base: Brown Rice, Pea, Chia
Quality of ingredients: Organic
Total # ingredients: 47
Protein / serving: 20g/2 scoops (57g)
Other perks/claims: Fiber, Fruit + Veg

Overall score: 13.5
Overall impressions: Impressive list of ingredients but the texture and flavor didn’t deliver.
Would I repurchase? No.

Plant fusion vegan vanilla protein powder review

PlantFusion Complete Plant Protein

Texture: 2 – mostly smooth, but chalky and kind of “slimy”
Sweetness: 1 – way too sweet
Overall flavor: 2 – way too sweet, good vanilla flavor, but bitter and chemically
How well blended with almond milk: 3 – stayed mixed, but thick and chalky
How well blended with smoothie: 4 – blends well
Protein base: Pea, Artichoke, Amaranth, Sprouted Quinoa
Quality of ingredients: Non GMO
Total # ingredients: 12
Protein / serving: 21g/1 scoop (30g)
Other perks/claims: Enzyme blend

Overall score: 12
Overall impressions: Texture was blendable, but a little tacky. The flavor was really off.
Would I repurchase? No.

Sunwarrior vegan vanilla protein powder review

SunWarrior Warrior Blend

Texture: 3 – mostly smooth, little chalky
Sweetness: 3 – neutral, sweetness is about right
Overall flavor: 1 – not good, bitter, weird tasting, off-putting
How well blended with almond milk: 3 – pretty well, stayed mixed, little chalky
How well blended with smoothie: 4 – blends well
Protein base: Pea, Hemp, Goji Berry
Quality of ingredients: Organic
Total # ingredients: 8
Protein / serving: 18g/scoop (25g)
Other perks/claims: N/A

Overall score: 14
Overall impressions: Texture was OK, but the flavor was really off.
Would I repurchase? No.

Vega One vegan vanilla protein powder review

Vega One All-in-One Nutritional Shake

Texture: 2.5 – little chalky, little gritty, not too smooth
Sweetness: 2 – too sweet, but not bitter
Overall flavor: 2 – unpleasant, bitter, strange, vanilla flavor is faint
How well blended with almond milk: 2 – didn’t stay mixed
How well blended with smoothie: 3 – kind of gritty
Protein base: Pea, Flaxseed, Hemp
Quality of ingredients: Non GMO
Total # ingredients: 35
Protein / serving: 20g/1 scoop (41g)
Other perks/claims: Added fruits & veggies

Overall score: 11.5
Overall impressions: Overall bad. Did not enjoy the flavor or texture.
Would I repurchase? No.

Vega protein and greens vanilla protein powder review

Vega Protein & Greens

Texture: 1 – little chalky, little grit, not smooth
Sweetness: 1 – way too sweet
Overall flavor: 2 – unpleasant, chemically, not a fan
How well blended with almond milk: 2 – had a hard time mixing thoroughly – some stuck to the bottom
How well blended with smoothie: 4 – blends well
Protein base: Pea, Hemp, Brown Rice
Quality of ingredients: Non GMO
Total # ingredients: 12
Protein / serving: 20g/1 scoop (30g)
Other perks/claims: 2 servings of greens

Overall score: 10
Overall impressions: Surprisingly unpleasant with poor texture, but high quality ingredients + perks.
Would I repurchase? No.

Vega Sport vegan vanilla protein powder review

Vega Sport Performance

Texture: 3 – mostly smooth, little chalky, little grit
Sweetness: 1 – way too sweet
Overall flavor: 3 – nice vanilla flavor, too sweet + overpowering
How well blended with almond milk: 3 – pretty well, stayed mixed, little chalky
How well blended with smoothie: 4 – blends well, little grit
Protein base: Pea, Pumpkin Seed, Sunflower Seed, Alfalfa
Quality of ingredients: Non GMO
Total # ingredients: 14
Protein / serving: 15g/.5 scoop (21g)
Other perks/claims: Probiotics, Turmeric

Overall score: 14
Overall impressions: Overall good, but way too sweet and the texture wasn’t completely smooth.
Would I repurchase? No.

Results //

Stack of protein powders as part of an extensive review of vegan protein powders

First place: Bob’s Red Mill Vanilla Protein Powder*
Second place: Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein
Third place: Naturade Vegan Smart
Fourth place: Genuine Health Fermented Greens
Fifth place: Nuzest Clean Lean Protein 
Tied for Sixth place: SunWarrior Blend + Vega Sport Performance
Seventh place: Orgain Organic Meal
Eighth place: Aloha Protein
Ninth place: Plantfusion Complete Plant Protein
Tenth place: Vega One Nutritional Shake
Eleventh place: Vega Proteins + Greens
Twelfth place: Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro

Conclusion //

I tried to be extremely honest in this review which is why it seems like a lot of the feedback was critical or negative. That’s because I honestly didn’t like many of them.

But the standouts are definitely the top 3, and my new go-to will definitely be Bob’s Red Mill Vanilla Protein – an unexpected favorite!

UPDATE:*Since writing this post I’ve tried Nuzest again because I love how simple the ingredients are. I also recognized my body does well with pea protein powder and few other add-ins. It has since become one of my new go-tos and I would definitely recommend giving it a try. I have also been enjoying Tropeaka, an Australia-based vegan protein powder with great ingredients and flavor.

Photos of protein powders tested as part of our unbiased vegan protein powders review

*Despite having a working relationship with Bob’s Red Mill in the past on Minimalist Baker (which has since been discontinued), my relationship with them had nothing to do with this positive review. I didn’t even know they had a vanilla protein powder before I did this review and had no communication with them about it. I was genuinely and pleasantly surprised with the results. This post is entirely unsponsored.

*This post contains affiliate links. In the case that you would purchase something using our link, we receive a small commission from Amazon which helps support our work here.

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  1. stevematthew says

    Because not all vegan protein powder on the market is healthy, it is imperative to continue writing in this style

  2. Mallory says

    This is such a helpful post! Unfortunately I believe they no longer make the Bob’s Red Mill protein powder that was your favorite :(

    Please, I would love to see an update for 2022!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Mallory, Some more recent brands we prefer are Tropeaka and Epic Protein. Hope that helps!

      • Kathy says

        Danged – sorry to hear Bob’s no longer makes vanilla protein powder. Love Bob’s ground flax and always have that on hand to add to oatmeal, smoothies, whatever. Very good products.

        Had an excellent smoothie in Key West at a place that only served breakfast and lunch (Eggs O’Clock) and had a wonderful assortment of smoothies to choose from. Got me hooked on smoothies! They added unflavored yogurt for protein, but I’d prefer to have protein powder on hand all the time.

        I will try one of the other top powders. So glad I ran across this review!

  3. Vicki Childers Zimmerman says

    I was in one of my favorite health food stores here in Orange County, California and I’ve been using Garden of Life for many years and as a fan of yours I immediately went to your site to check on your “best protein powder” list, because I know I can trust you, lol, so I decided to try a Nuzest packet and I have to tell you I am so favorably surprised and impressed. It was very smooth tasting (in this smoothie, I added some vanilla-flavored almond butter that I wanted to use up). It really was very good and while I have a brand-new canister of GoL, I just may go back and pick up the Nuzest. Separately, adding on to the one person‘s question to you about making some other protein powder-recipes, I noticed that Kodiak Cakes pancake mix has a protein cookies recipe on the back of their box. Perhaps something like that, some good-tasting protein cookies would be one suggestion. Thank you for a excellent and dependable blog.

  4. KSM says

    FYI – Garden of Life is bought by Nestle in 2017. Nestle has committed to: child labor, unethical promotion, manipulating uneducated mothers, pollution, price fixing, sucking water resource from various communities in the world (to sell bottled water) and mislabeling. They are not my opinion, they are all documented. You can easily google and it’s all there…

    Not that other giant companies have a sparkly clean ethical history, but Nestle know what they are doing, and keep continuing unethical practices. I would re-consider using Garden of Life products. I’m in no way affiliated to any organization. I am a consumer who would like to put my money in where it deserves and Nestle really doesn’t deserve mine!

  5. MJ says

    Hi! I see from the comments that your new favorite brands are Tropeaka and Epic. I’ve tried Tropeaka’s Lean Chocolate. I think texture and mixability are great but it is still TOO sweet for me! Can you tell me if Epic’s tastes any less sweet on the palate? Thank you!!

  6. Kelly Wadsworth says

    Looove this post and study! I’m looking for a clean vegan vanilla protein powder to add into our household-including our boys. Any chance you have or could put Unicorn Superfoods into this scale?!! Pretty please with a unicorn on top?

  7. Jackie says

    Thanks for this review! Really appreciate it! Any chocolate flavors you recommend? For baking, if possible!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      We’re so glad it’s helpful, Jackie! You can find our chocolate protein powder recommendations here.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Tara, Yes, it’s a bummer! Since this review, some other we’ve enjoyed include Tropeaka and Epic. Hope that helps!

  8. Sarah says

    This is amazing – thank you! I hate to be the bearer of bad news but looks like Bob’s Red Mill has discontinued their protein powder. ~cue sobs!~ I was able to get my hands on one package and it was my favorite powder so far! I’m so sad they aren’t making it anymore.

      • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

        Hi Shannon, we prefer it! It’s not too sweet and is very smooth. Hope that helps.

        • Pamela Warmoth says

          Since the Bob’s Red Mill is no longer available, do you now prefer the Tropeaka over the Nuzest? Thank you SO much for ALL you do and share!! You’ve helped me tremendously to find clean meal prep/recipe options that taste GREAT! …honestly, you MUST have a magic wand?! ;)

          • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

            Aw, we’re so glad to hear it, Pamela! Thank you for sharing! Some more recent brands we prefer are Tropeaka and Epic Protein.

  9. Tracy says

    Hi there! You should check out NutraVegan!! It’s my FAVOURITE! It’s gluten-free, nut-free, peanut-free, non-gmo, plant-based and made in Canada :) It’s also sugar-free and free of any added chemicals or fillers.

    I’ve been using Nutracelle protein products for years now, I’m surprised not to see it on this list

  10. Kilee Smith says

    I appreciate that you did this review so thoroughly! I trust your taste buds as I’ve used many of your recipes and they have all turned out really well. Thank you, again–much less work for me. LOL!

  11. Suzette Krausen says

    This post was really helpful. Whey and soy upset my stomach so I’ve been looking for Vegan proteins. I have recently been using Raw Nutritional Vegan Protein, its a Canadian company and I ordered it from their site. It came within a week. It blends pretty decently and I haven’t noticed a chalky texture. They don’t have a plain Vanilla, but a friend swears by the Maple Vanilla – I am not impressed with that flavor. I really like the coffee -wafer, the berry and the chocolate.

    Give it a try and let me know how you would rate it.

  12. Hector says

    Thank you for this review, I have been trying different vegan shakes also. I really like the PBfit Plus Vegan Organic Chocolate. I usually end up going back to that one. I just wanted to get someone elses opinion and review on this product if you have tried it.

  13. Jennifer Fishman says

    Hello there,
    I hope your doing well. I really enjoy reading your blog and creating recipes you post. In addition, I was wondering if you ever reviewed this product. My husband has been pushing me to try it but I love Nuzest. His big points are the healthy ingredients, but it seems to be overwhelming in my opinion. What are your thoughts.

    Thank you in advance :)

  14. Hannah says

    Super helpful thankyou! Would love to know how these compare to muscle nation vegan protein if you’ve tried that? It is so creamy and delicious but i’m looking for a dupe!

  15. anisha says

    Hi Dana, This is Anisha , a silent follower of your blog and admirer of your skills and recipes. Haven’t had any failed recipe from your blog, to day I have a request, if you can develop a recipe for vegan protein powder, its more safe and better to know what all goes in it. Am sure if you try you will nail it.

  16. says

    I think vanilla’s real strength comes in its versatility. Craving a chocolate shake? Add a little cocoa powder and natural salt to your vanilla protein. Mix all that with chilled coffee for a protein-boosted iced coffee. Or, go simple with almond milk and ice for a simple, smooth, and creamy vanilla shake. You can make basically any flavor by combining fruits and spices with vanilla – in fact, the vanilla just makes it better! Truly, vanilla proteins don’t get the respect they deserve.

  17. Nicole says

    Awesome and comprehensive review! :-) However, there doesn’t seem to be much good things out there for those of us who are allergic to peas and pea protein! :-( Have you come across anything good without peas?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hmm, that’s tricky! Hemp would be the best alternative, but we aren’t a big fan of the texture/taste. Sorry we can’t be more help. Let us know if you find any!

    • Layla says

      Hi Nicole! This is about a half a year late but I can’t have legumes of any kind and I’ve found Growing Naturals Rice Protein Powder to be pretty good! The Vanilla is my favorite and it doesn’t upset my stomach the way literally every protein powder does.

      Hope this helps!

  18. katie says

    I’ve been reading up about plant protein and researching a lot before I purchase one. The one thing that is holding me back is the amount of heavy metals that are naturally in plant based protein compared to non vegan. Not a lot of brands would answer questions about whether their products have been tested or not, how do I go about finding which vegan protein powder is the best?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Katie, it’s tricky to know with some of the brands. But there is a website (can’t remember the name of it) where you can see which brands have been tested and the results. Hope that helps!

  19. Jess says

    Hi, I just tried the Nuzest Clean Lean Vanilla. It is fantastic. I have gestational diabetes right now and am keeping my carbs under check. It has enough sweetness to make things taste nice plus a pleasant vanilla flavor. I source of vegan protein and only 1 gram of carbs per serving.
    Thanks for doing these reviews. You saved me a ton of money!

  20. Mascha says

    Have you tried the YourSuper protein powders? They don’t have Vanilla yet, but the ones they do have are delicious!

  21. Kelley Tison says

    Thank you for taking the time to do this. I’ve tried several protein powders but haven’t found anything I’d purchase again. Hopefully, Bob’s will be a winner for me, too.

  22. Carol G says

    Curious if you’ve tried Oriya organics ever? I never see this brand reviewed but I think it’s fantastic!
    (I get it at whole foods)
    Their 5 ingredient blends well into smoothies and actually has fiber which is generally lacking in protein powders (it’s sprouted rice protein, chia seeds, hemp protein, chorella and spirulina)
    It has very little taste, but I’ve only blended it into a smoothie and not put it in almond milk.
    By far my favorite :-)

  23. Kim says

    Hi! I’d love to see how Tropeaka rates against the Nuzest. Could you please do a comparison of Tropeaka with Nuzest? I loved Tropeaka but with everything going on right now, it would take so long to ship from Australia (not to mention the shipping costs!).
    There is also a brand from Ora Organics called So Lean & So Clean that is available on Amazon. Have you had a chance to try this?
    Thanks again for your review! It really was so helpful and I can tell you put a lot of time and thought into it!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      We haven’t tried those yet. I’m with you Tropeaka is good but it’s a commitment to order b/c of shipping costs. The one thing about Nuzest that I don’t like is their flavor comes from “natural flavors” which they don’t have to disclose, and those ingredients could be potentially harmful or less than ideal. One that I recently ordered and enjoyed has been Epic Protein. Their vanilla is quite good!

      • Kilee Smith says

        Thank you for this comment–I went to buy Tropeaka upon your recommendation and was shocked when the shipping was $24. I will try the Epic instead–thank you!

  24. Carol says

    What about KOS? I hear the chocolate is good. Could you please test?

    This is so helpful. I would love to get started on a Vegan Plant Based protein Power but I have no ideal where to start.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Carol, we haven’t tried that, but let us know if you do! You can find our review of chocolate protein powders here. Hope that helps!

  25. Keala says

    This is the most helpful article on protein powder i’ve ever read!! I have never found a protein powder that I liked the taste of-even in smoothies. I’ve tried various hemp and vega protein powders, and now that i’m training for a marathon I‘m looking for tasty ones to supplement. I’m definitely going to try the top 3-5! Thanks😄😄😄

  26. Thomas says

    You are an all star. I was looking for a review and this was truly perfect. Only thing you didn’t call out was the macros (which I know isn’t important to everyone). Thank you for doing this!

    • Danielle says

      When I went to order the Nutzest on Amazon I saw that recent reviewers said the recipe had changed. The result was more sweet and had higher sodium levels. Have you bought this since the recipe change and do you still recommend it? I am trying to find a protein powder that is easier for my stomach to digest and I was so excited to see your reviews! Thank you for putting such a well done post together for us.

      • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

        I haven’t! I haven’t used Nuzest often recently. My new favorites are Epic Protein (their vanilla lucuma) and Tropeaka (lean vanilla).

  27. Casey says

    Thanks for this post!!! I really don’t like any type of protein powder or bars or anything related and I’m also lactose intolerant but I need to maintain weight and a balanced nutrition to my body so I just ordered Nuzest!

  28. Marissa Mason says

    I know that it’s not on Amazon, but have you tried Compliment Protein Powder? I was thinking about trying it. I’ve tried most of the powders that you’ve sampled, but I didn’t know Bob’s Red Mill made protein powder, so I’ll have to get that. Thanks!

    • Joellen says

      I have tried it but the flavor and texture for me is just awful. Love NoMeatAthlete and wanted to support but this was an absolute no for me.I’ve got a whole bag of it after trying 3 times which will have to be trashed and it is extremely expensive. I have tried over 20 protein powders and that one was the worst. The upside maybe is if you are super committed to nothing in the powder and you yourself adding a bunch of ingredients to make a smoothie maybe it would cover that flavor, texture, chalkiness, and grittiness. I’m not sure. I don’t like 500 calorie smoothies (peanut butter, banana, fruits, chia, flavor, sweetener, etc all adds up to a really high calorie smoothie if you are not careful) and I only want to use greens and ice and almond milk in mine. With that – even adding frozen fruit I could not drink it.

      For me my favorite protein powder is from Australia from a company called Happy Way. I love their vegan protein! But it’s not for everyone as it is only available via shipping.

  29. Tia says

    Thank you so much for this post!! I’ve been struggling over the decision about which protein powder to buy and your review helped make up my mind. I saw that you added in a comment about Nuzest. Would you recommend them over Bob’s Red Mill at this point? I struggle with stomach issues and need something easy to digest.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Tia, it’s hard to know which you might tolerate better! But Nuzest tends to be easier to tolerate for us.

  30. Dana J Von Seggern says

    Have you tried the unflavored version of the Bob’s Mill Protein Powder? I don’t like protein powder because it’s usually chocolate or vanilla…I have an unflavored one but it has a faint cheese taste and that is NOT appetizing in a sweet smoothie. I start drinking it and I’m looking or ok, ok pretty good and then it hits me, CHEESE NO……but I will gladly by your guinea pig ??
    I am going to order the unflavored protein you recommend and I will let you know how it goes!

      • Cheryl says

        It seems very clean, ingredient-wise. I haven’t tried it either. But, since you’ve tried so many, it would be good to get your review on this one compared to others.

    • Stephanie Fairfield says

      I LOVE that you did this! I would be curious of your opinion on Sprout Living protein powder. I don’t know where you’re located, but if you are in the US, they will ship to you, but if you’re in Canada, then they do have some retailers, however if you reach out to them they may ship to you. I also found their product at natures fare. I have a hard time understanding health benefits, and a very difficult time finding a good protein powder. The flavour of their vanilla one, on its own isn’t very yummy, but chocolate maca is good!

  31. Camille says

    This is so interesting! The funny thing to me is that I actually like the Manitoba Harvest one, I like that it’s not sweet because other protein powders I’ve tried have been like overly sweet, and for some reason I like it’s weird texture in smoothies. I have to be honest though and say I haven’t used it in maybe 2 years just because my neighborhood store stopped carrying it and I never got around to ordering it online. I don’t know if they have changed their formula at all since I used to use it. But I definitely want to try the Bobs Red Mill one because I think they do carry that at my store. Thanks for the reviews!

  32. MIchelle says

    I am allergic to all beans/Legumes
    Can anyone recommend a protein powder? I work out 5 days a week and need to protein shake

  33. Lisa says

    Thank you for this!! My challenge is that I can’t have any Pea (Also known fact, Pea Protein is one of the hardest plant proteins to digest) so I’m always looking for options without a pea protein base. Hard to find one that tastes decent. So for now, I’m on the Unflavoured Hemp Yeah Protein. Its definitely taste that takes getting used to!

  34. Rose says

    I have been thinking about trying this brand called tone it up because they have a coconut flavored protein but it’s kind of risky to buy a whole new container so let me know if you have ever tried that!

  35. Valerie says

    I have also discovered recently that pea protein doesn’t sit well with me (confirmed with a food sensitivity test). Are there any vegan shakes out there without pea protein as the base? I saw that you tied a hemp one that was awful. Any other vegan options?

  36. Stacey says

    Thank you for this thorough review. I appreciate all the time you put into your work. Did I see a recipe for a homemade protein powder on your site? I looked but could not find one.

  37. Diana Luangphone says

    Have you tried Care/of protein powder? There is a website called, where you take a small survey that personalized product that works best for your body. They have options for vegan when taking their survey. I have Care/of vegan protein powder of my own and it would be wonderful if you part-take your honest opinion on this protein powder.

    Thank you for in-depth tastings and breakdowns on each of the protein powder! I am 4 months in on my vegan journey and I am new on finding that perfect protein powder for my morning smoothie for breakfast and for my workout days.

  38. Clarissa says

    Thank you for the list – this was very helpful! I really enjoy the Bob’s Red Mill brand. My only hesitation is the monk fruit. I’ve been burnt before with the saccharine-y sweetness of some monk fruit-sweetened things. I used to buy Vega One on occasion but it was just too sweet in the end. Do you find the monk fruit in the Bob’s Red Mill brand to have that ‘fake-sweet’ taste?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      It is sweet but not overly so. Also check out Tropeaka Lean Vanilla protein! It’s our new go-to.

  39. Brande Plotnick says

    Thank you for this! I’m going to try Bob’s Red Mill. I’ve been using Garden of Life which I really like, but I’ve discovered they have been bought out by Nestle (satan). The co-op that I buy from is very socially conscious and they’ve stopped carrying all GoL products, which I respect. I’m on the lookout for a new product because I don’t knowingly buy anything from Nestle.

  40. Michelle says

    Thanks so much for sharing! I’ve been on the hunt for a good vegan protein so definitely going to give the Bob’s Mill a try. Have you tried baking with any of these??

  41. Danielle Johnson says

    I’m very picky with protein powders and can’t stand any of the ones that are gritty or chalky. The best one I’ve found thus far is Tone It Up which is sold at Target. It’s vegan and uses monk fruit for sweetener, but isn’t too sweet. I really like their chocolate flavor and it’s great in pancakes and muffins. You should try it!

  42. Craig says

    I realize you shopped Amazon so everyone could have access. But, if there is a Trader Joe’s nearby or can order from them –try their pea protein. I use plain and the taste disappears and it blends very smooth in a smoothie. Great price, also.

  43. Lena says

    Thank you for thoughtful review! I was wondering what your thoughts were on “natural flavors”… I use the Garden of Life meal replacement without stevia because I’m sensitive to stevia. However, I have found that it some “natural flavors” and 6g of sugar…what do you think about that breakdown?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      We try to avoid natural flavors as much as possible. Someone recently shared how many undesirable ingredients can be hidden under that term. The sugar is totally your call. We are OK with stevia so that doesn’t bother us much!

      • Morris Family says

        You avoid natural flavors but you’d rate a product #1 that’s not organic? Even if it tasted like a milkshake from Dairy Queen doesn’t negate the fact there could be pesticides all over the product.

  44. Whitney says

    This article was exactly what I was looking for! Vegan protein powders aren’t cheap, thanks for trying them all so I don’t have to!

  45. Rachelle says

    Wow, thank you for such a thorough review. I am new to veganism and just stared looking for some things to supplement my protein intake, especially when doing heavy workouts. I just tried the chocolate Orgain this morning and I agree with you about the chalkiness. I’ll give your top three a try.

    • Aneta says

      Very helpful! Thanks. So given the two, new items you mentioned in your update; would you still rank Bob’s Red Mill as your favorite, and, did you find out what their “natural flavors” actually are in their product? Also – I would love to know your rating on the sweetness and grittiness for Tropeaka. Thanks in advance!!

      • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

        Hi Aneta! We do still like the Bob’s brand, but our new favorite is Tropeaka lean vanilla protein. It’s not too sweet and is very smooth! xo

  46. Julie says

    Including ‘consumer awareness’ was most helpful to me. Im going to try your least favorite (Maitoba Harvest Hemp) only because its exactly what I am looking for in regards to protein base, # and quality of ingredients. Thanks so much for the reviews!

  47. Sara says

    Hey! Super helpful, so thank you. I love nuzest,but want to try Topeka (spelling). Anyway, found your comment about not working with bobsredmill interesting…any reasoning? I have not been buying after lack of confirmation from the company regarding safety of their prods for c eliacs.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Oh, not at all! We just don’t do sponsored work anymore. They’re a lovely, reputable company in our experience.

  48. Jackie H says

    This was exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for the detailed notes, mixing, textures, and accessibility. This was thoughtful through and through. I’ll have to review my top favorites for the essential amino acid delivery. Thanks!

  49. Rebecca Green says

    This is incredibly helpful! Just wanted to say thank you for creating this content. I love every recipe I’ve ever tried from you – long time fan. <3

  50. Steve says

    Curious why you tried the Orgain Meal Replacement powder, and not the more mainstream Orgain Organic Protein Powder (so it’s an apples to apples comparison with all the others)?

      • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

        Hi Debby, we’re so glad you enjoyed reading it! We mixed 1/3 cup non-dairy milk with 1 Tbsp protein powder in a mason jar with 2 ice cubes then shook vigorously for 30 seconds. Hope that helps!

  51. Keri says

    Thanks so much for doing all that work! I totally went to Bob’s Red Mill an it isn’t too bad. I would have never tried it if I hadn’t read your review. I need to tweak it a little bit but overall, it was pretty good.

  52. Ann says

    Thank you for taking the time to review these protein powders and for preparing them all the same way for a true comparison. I really appreciate it and I plan to try the Bob’s Red Mill ?

  53. Sue Ellen says

    Hi Dana,
    Thanks for the review. I too, have been searching for the ‘perfect’ vegan protein powder. My concern is also the purity of the ingredients. Have you heard or read about the ‘junk’ (i.e. glass, plastic, etc) other debris in these powders? Specifically the manufacturing process has me a bit concerned.
    I’d appreciate your thoughts?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Sue Ellen, thanks for sharing the concern! We are familiar with some of the testing out there on protein powders- more so in regard to heavy metals, not debris. Unfortunately not all of the brands out there have been tested so it is hard to know whether this is a problem with protein powders in general or specific brands. Thanks again!

  54. Tish says

    Wow,Dana!!! Thanks SO MUCH for doing this research! I’ve recently discovered how sensitive I am to milk and have tried two of the veg proteins you did and totally agree with your low scores! I definitely will be trying the ones you gave top scores! Thanks for saving me from trying all of these on my own!!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Nat, we tested all the brands back-to-back on the same day so it would be difficult to decipher whether any led to digestive symptoms. In our chocolate and flavored protein powder reviews, we did our best to find brands without sugar alcohols or oligosaccharides since those are more likely to contribute to digestive upset. Hope that helps!

  55. Kelly says

    PLEASE do not purchase Garden of Life. I think that somebody posted the link in another comment, but there is a site called The Clean Label Project that tests and ranks food and Garden of Life is in the bottom 5 for containing industrial and environmental contaminants and being the least nutritional. I implore you to remove them from your list and warn your readers about the potential danger they may be putting themselves and their families in by consuming that protein powder.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Kelly, thanks for sharing the concern and we will take that into consideration! We are familiar with some of the testing out there on protein powders. Unfortunately not all of the brands out there have been tested so it is hard to know whether this is a problem with protein powders in general or specific brands. Thanks again!

      • Deb says

        ugh ?I just saw your review. unfortunately i saw it too late after purchasing my protein powder and looks like the one i bought is one you tested and said NO too that you would not repurchase . I do not understand tho because it was rated with high reviews as one of the top protein powders and high review . This is what I bought Organic Plant-Based Vegan Protein – Creamy Chocolate Fudge :-( why is it you don’t like this one ?

        • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

          Hi Deb, we have only tried the vanilla, not chocolate flavor from Orgain. Let us know if you give it a try!

        • Jesse says

          I personally love the chocolate fudge orgain one, it’s my favorite chocolate protein powder I use almost daily :) it takes a little effort to mix with water/plant milk, but otherwise I love it!

  56. Donna Morello says

    Hi Dana……
    LOVE your recipes. You are most definitely my go-to for vegan recipes that I know will be delicious:)
    I just decided to start adding protein powder into my diet. In doing my research, I came across some important information regarding pea protein. I am not sure you are aware of it, but always make sure it is organic. If not, there is an ingredient used to get the pea into the mixture that is actually used in roofing glue! Sadly, the FDA is not regulating it. And, yes it is dangerous.
    Please do your own research, but I just wanted to give you you a heads-up.
    Thanks for all the AMAZING recipes.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      It’s gone to good use! We donated any we didn’t want and used the brands we loved!

    • Meg says

      Any tips for a vegan protein powder without Stevia? I am having the hardest time finding one without fake sugar. I can’t stand it overly sweet fake taste.

      • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

        Hi Meg, the Bob’s Red Mill one does not contain stevia. It is sweetened with sugar and monk fruit so it has less of a fake sweet taste than some of the others. Otherwise, maybe try an unsweetened one and add your favorite sweetener to taste. Hope that helps!

  57. Darlin says

    Thank you for this review, it was so helpful when I started searching for vegan proteins and immediately felt overwhelmed by all the choices.

  58. Micah says

    Hi there,
    Thanks for these reviews, really helpful! I was wondering if you could please add detail about the cost? Value for money is an important factor for many when choosing a protein.
    I live in NZ and my go to is NZ Salted Caramel protein- very yum and cheap!

  59. Lily says

    Love your review. Very easy, organised and genuine.
    However, Having looked at Bob’s Red Mill’s ingredients, it contains Sugar and Cornstarch. Which is rather disappointing.

  60. Cassie says

    I order the Bob’s Red Mill and ain’t gonna lie, I thought it was dreadful. Guess we can’t agree on EVERYTHING!

  61. Elaine says

    We’ve been using Garden of Life Raw Protein for 7-10 years. Noticed a change in health quickly. Respiratory illness dropped to almost zero a year. So many awesome ingredients added…check out the label and I doubt Garden can be beat. Plus it is organic! I drink a smoothie for breakfast every day (protein powder, almond milk, frozen blueberries, 1/2 frozen banana) YUM! I also add turmeric powder for my stiff hands and Garden of Life Greens (can’t ever get enough greens). Thank you for the reviews. Appreciate you doing this.

    • Vicki Zimmerman says

      Hi Elaine, I’m a Garden of Life fan and have been for a number of years. You mention the GoL Greens. Does that come in a large container, too? I know they have the “meal” and was wondering if this was something different. I like your smoothie recipe, too, and also add a Pink Lady Apple and my own greens like lettuce, spinach, kale and/or celery.

      • Elaine says

        The container is not as large in size as the GoL Raw Meal container. but the Greens container does have 30 days of product. Anytime I have fruit or veggies about to go bad I’ll throw them in my smoothies too. Try letting your bananas ripe then peel, break into small pieces and freeze.

    • Denise says

      Elaine — How is the taste in Garden of Life Raw Protein? I won’t be adding anything like berries to it, so taste is very important to me. I mix the powder with Coconut or Almond Milk. Recently Orgain Organic Protein Powder has been tasting awful after YEARS of it tasting great. Tried it from two different sources and yech. Looking for a new GOOD TASTING Chocolate or Vanilla flavor in organic protein powder.

      • Elaine says

        I like chocolate for traveling and if you want to add peanut butter or banana. I daily use vanilla because I also add blueberries and bananas. Without flavoring in vanilla I’m not fond of the taste. However, there’s nothing on the market that I can find with even close top the same nutritional valve.

    • Alma says

      Yes Elaine, I Love Garden of Life as well…. I Love the Vanilla Chai… I’ll have to try the Greens. And I do what Vicki does…. add spinach, kale or a mixture of both & the Pink Ladys at times- :-)
      And Thanks so much for the reviews! Much appreciated!

  62. Kim Morse says

    Hi Dana,
    Thank you for your reviews on protein powders.
    I wanted to make you aware of a fabulous vanilla protein powder available in Amazon, but not included in your reviews.
    It’s called Ora Organics So Lean and So Clean.
    I do not work for Ora, and have no relationship with them whatsoever.
    I am an extremely happy and loyal customer.
    Please check out this amazing protein powder.
    I’ve tried them all, and this is hands down the best!

  63. Tracey FitzPatrick says

    Dear Minimalist Baker,
    What a great thing to do! So useful! I’d also be interested in hearing your opinion on PranaOn, a brand that we’ve been using. It is advertised as being “the best vegan protein powder”. If you are able to, I would love to see how you feel it compares to the ones you’ve already tested.

  64. ZIna VanBergeyk says

    Thank you for this! Very helpful advice as there are soooooo many products out there!…

  65. AKN says

    This post is awesome! I would love if you include calories per serving and a nice table matrix summary as well.

  66. Taylor Johnson says

    I’m definitely interested in trying to be Bobs Red Mill protien! I personally have a really hard time with protein powders powders as they tend to make my digestive system go absolutely wild (haha sorry).

    I actually have settled on adding about 3 tablespoons hemp seeds to my green smoothies and my coconut milk banana “chocolate shakes” with cacao and it’s blended in beautifully with no digestive issues!

    Side note: I’ve also tried tropeaka (being a freak fan of Sarahs Day) and I was not stoked!! I felt it had a lot of the texture issues (chalkiness) as some of the others I have tried to incorporate in the past!

  67. Marilyn Coronado says

    Thank you for trying so many vanilla protein powders. Very informative. I like Amazing Grass. It is a bit gritty but mixes well in smoothies, is organic and contains many seeds. vegetables and fruits.

    Thanks also for all your delicious recipes!

  68. Kimberly Slayden says

    thx dana that was the most useful info i’ve read all year. i have a huge tub of expensive organifi vanilla protein powder sitting on the shelf i must conquer. will gladly incorporate your favorites in daily nutrition warfare. you’ve saved us all time and money. lookin forward to a green drink review… =^..^=

    • Kimberly Slayden says

      update- purchased the top rated for both chocolate and vanilla and i have to say… your sweet detecter is much different from my sweet detecter! these were not VERY sweet at all, as in way too grown up for me! ah well, the vanilla and choc flavoring is pretty sparkly so guess i’ll grow up. =^..^=

  69. mike says

    I liked Bob’s Red Mill Vanilla Protein Powder overall. I really liked that it came in eco-friendly bag as opposed to giant, half filled plastic tubs. I wanted to get away from stevia sweetened brand. Bob’s advertised and printed clearly on front of bag that it was naturally sweetened with monk fruit. GREAT I thought and ordered 4 bags. Disappointed to read ingredients label on back that said each serving contained 3 grams of sugar. I like Bob’s Red Mill products. I think they are generally good quality. While I thought the Vanilla powder tasted OK, thought labeling was a little bit misleading.

  70. Isabelle says

    I really do appreciate this review, unfortunately my struggle to find the perfect one cannot be based on taste and texture since most of those I tried give me stomach ache. I tried fermented ones, but there’s still something wrong with the formula my tummy dislikes ?

  71. Deb says

    As a physician, I have a concern regarding the safety of protein powders. Protein powders, and supplements in general, are unregulated. The FDA leaves it to the manufacturers to evaluate safety and label their products. So, there is no way of knowing if what’s on the label is actually what’s in the bottle. Fortunately there are independent labs which do test some of these products. Your readers may be interested in

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Deb, thank you for sharing this information. We understand concerns surrounding heavy metal consumption (a concern that extends beyond just protein powders) and recommend researching individual brands as needed.

  72. Shannon says

    I, too, am obsessed with finding the best clean and delicious vegan protein powder, so was really happy to see this post! One that comes close to ticking all the boxes for me is the Tone it Up vanilla protein. It’s organic, sugar free (uses monk fruit), has very few ingredients, and has a pleasant flavor. It’s sweet enough, but not too sweet.

    • Erin says

      I second that you should try the Tone It Up vanilla and chocolate protein powder! My favorite for being clean and tasting great and awesome texture!

  73. Kathi says

    Try the protein powders from The Healthy Chef’. The pea protein is a standout when comparing to other vegan protein powders .

  74. Jen in Bozeman says

    I appreciate this post so much and wish I had found it sooner! I’ve really struggled to find a decent-tasting vegan vanilla powder. So many just taste odd or not really vanilla-y at all! I’m ordering the Bob’s Red Mill one right now; I had no idea they even made this product and I’m excited to try it. Thanks for your thorough analysis, and for saving me a boatload of money :)

  75. Anna Kris says just to add – I’ve tried almost all the ones listed above…and still think their gross. Lol sorry! I’ve been drinking Vegan protein powders for 10+ years and I have one that’s truly amazing. It’s from a small company called Nutragen. It was started by a local chiropractor I used to see..It’s gluten free, soy free, organic, and Vegan. Plus it has enzymes in it to boot! I personally like the Chocolate one way better but the vanilla blends beautifully. Hope you like it if you try it. :)

  76. Emily says

    I add a protein to my smoothies that’s only 1 ingredient, high in protein and fiber, blends really smooth, adds a nice flavor, and is ridiculously cheap: beans.

  77. Bekah says

    THANK YOU. No really, I’ve wasted so much money trying to find the right vegan protein, to no avail, and when you linked this article from your newest Warming Winter Smoothie, I basically did a happy dance. Love your work. Can’t wait to try your favs. You’re the best! <3

  78. Jenny from the Cube says

    I’m looking for something with no flavour. I love no flavour no sugar added whey but it’s not vegan. Any suggestions?

    • maria ricci says

      Standard Process has a good one…it literally is just whey and has no flavor. You will need to purchase through a chiropractor or Holistic doctor.

    • Kate says

      Check out Naked Nutrition, they make completely plain protein powders from a variety of sources. For vegan they have pea and rice. I really like the rice! It blends right in with smoothies.

  79. Sherry R says

    I really enjoyed reading your ratings. I like how you did it unbiased, it’s interesting to see how
    Others feel about protein powders.
    I use one that’s non-gmo, vegan, GF, kosher, soy free and of course all plant based. It’s also a full amino acid score. I’m always curious what others think of it.
    Thanks for the info

  80. Sam Munoz says

    I’m pregnant and realized I’m not hitting my daily protein targets at all. I was just telling my husband yesterday that I needed to start having vegan protein shakes and then you post this link today. It’s like you read my mind. Such a great, thorough review. I really appreciate your feedback as you’re someone who’s opinion I honestly value. People always recommend Vega to me, and as someone who has been vegan 13 years I can honestly get down with very “green” tasting things, but I can barely swallow vega without gagging. We’re all different though. Thanks again for the review!

  81. Nanda says

    I wanted a plant-based protein powder with protein from multiple sources, but since I can’t deal with Stevia I’m using the Nuzest. Expensive but really good and very simple. Thanks!!

  82. Daniela says

    Try Vivo Life protein powder! They now sell the Vanilla flavor on Amazon, although the salted caramel maca is less sweet and has a better texture. I’m not a huge fan of protein powders but this flavor was great.

  83. Kathy Collins says

    Thanks for the review. I tried a few of these and have been using the Naturade Vegan now for years. Whatever brand i try, i always get vanilla then add my own dark cocoa to it if I want chocolate. That seems much better than their chocolate flavors.

  84. Jody says

    I use leanfit complete green Organic protein (Vanilla bean)! It tastes pretty good when blended into a smoothie! It has 5g fibre, 21g of protein, 100 cal, 0 sugar. Give it a try…available at most Canadian Costco’s! It is also a pea protein;)

  85. George says

    Thank you Dana for this beautiful revuew. but i have one question did you try the IronVegan protein shake. if yes can you please give me your feedback and if not can you please check it out and let me know as well.

    Thank you so much!

  86. Ana says

    Thank you for this! I have tried only from essential nutrition with almond and pea protein and I really like it but thought before re-purchasing, if I should try something else :-) so your review is super helpful. Question though – are your favorites sugar free and if so, what is the sweetener?
    Thanks so much!

  87. Tabitha says

    Ok, have you tried Nutiva Organic plant protein in vanilla? It’s hands down my favourite vegan protein EVER! Perfect flavour, texture and ingredients (includes probiotics and 12 vitamins and Minerals!) plus a fruit and vegetable blend! It blends well with anything and makes the best homemade protein bars! Please give it a try you won’t be disappointed ?? Love your site by the way! Keep on making delicious food!

  88. Shemaiah says

    Thanks for the in depth research. I am on the hunt for a vegan protein powder. Your helpful pointers take out the guess work!

  89. Ashley says

    My boyfriend and I LOVE the Orgain chocolate fudge. I prepare mine by mixing a frozen banana, a few ice cubes, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1/4c rolled oats, some flax, and sometimes a scoop of nut butter, and it’s literally like drinking a filling chocolate milkshake.

  90. Miranda says

    Love this list! I’ve recently switched to plant-based protein powders because my stomach seems to be a little sensitive to whey. I do still have a problem with the taste/consistency of some of the plant proteins out there though.

    Have you tried IdealRaw yet, it’s one of the better tastings I’ve had so far.

  91. Roya Sedighi says

    Thank you so much for this thorough and very helpful review of some plant based protein powders! I recently tried SunWarrior and I thought it was so nasty I couldn’t even finish it. I’m not the biggest fan of Orgain but I’ll drink it over SunWarrior. I start a mostly liquid diet tomorrow in preparation for my upcoming bariatric surgery so I am about to walk into Whole Foods right now and I will probably go with Garden of Life. I don’t think they have Bob’s Red Mill here but I will find out. Someone commented earlier that BRM was whey-based. That was a bit puzzling because whey is dairy and I thought BRM was a plant based protein powder. Anyway, I will find out for sure, but I do want to thank you so much for this helpful review!!! I will be checking out your site more often! Thank you!

  92. M Rae Harris says

    Hi! I’m just getting started on my sugar-free sweet life journey to health! As do so many others who’ve overcome health issues and sense their mortality as they age, I am finally improving my diet! Two important reasons for this are:
    1.) My overall health, and
    2.) To show by my actions the results of making a lifestyle change for a sweeter life experience!

    Anyway, I wanted to Thank you for taking the time to compare all these products and wondered if you’ve down other comparisons since?
    You noted that your system responds best to pea based products and I came across “Naked Pea” by Naked Nutrition.
    Have you tried this product?
    Sincerely appreciate your site!

  93. brite says

    Thank you for this review. I just started with some vegan protein powder I got from my gym and although it hits all the marks for nutrition and protein it’s so very very sweet. Thanks to your comparison I will know what to buy next.

  94. Nahum A Nicholas says

    I am going to try the hemp one because pea protein does not agree with me. Have you tried Spirutein & Fruitein? So many delicious flavors.

  95. pooja says

    Thank you so much. This was a very helpful post as I have to buy one of these for my daughter and this gave me all the info I needed to choose one to start with. She has some limitations so we are going to try Nuzest. SO appreciate this post!

  96. KW says

    Tried the Bob’s Red Mill because of this post and am totally smitten! Have been using it now for the past four months or so :)

  97. Deb says

    Thanks for the review. I was just about to spend too much time searching for a protein powder after finishing my Nutiva powder. Nutiva is double the price of your favorites, so I’ll definitely try one of your top 3.

  98. Gretchen says

    Thanks for this review! I love bob red mills nutrional booster. One thing I have been searching is the clean label test. So many plant based proteins rated poorly for lead, mercury and bpa etc. so upsetting.
    I can’t find the clean label review for bobs yet. Have you looked into the clean label project? Thoughts? Thanks again for this thorough review.

  99. Maria Christina says

    Hello, thank you for all your recipes and the above reviews of the protein powders. I followed your advice and bought the Garden of Life protein and indeed I also thought it was a good product. The second time I bought, the taste of the powder was totally different, much blunter. Is this normal?

    I just ordered some Tropeaka.

    Enjoy the rest of the summer!

  100. Madeline says

    Thank you so much for this post – I honestly come back to it time and time again. I obviously love your recipes, but just wanted to call this one out.

    Thank you for putting so much time and effort into this, it is so appreciated!

  101. Angela Batty says

    Thank you so much for this! This was exactly what I needed. Excited to try Bob’s Red Mill Protein Powder!

  102. Profuel says

    Im impressed, I must say. Really rarely do I encounter a blog thats both educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head. Your idea is outstanding; the issue is something that not enough people are speaking intelligently about. I am very happy that I stumbled across this in my search for something relating to this.

  103. Andrea Carioca says

    This review was so interesting and useful!!! My family is a big fan of smoothies with protein powders, and after a few tries I kinda of settle for the least bad one. Some here are completely new to me and expanded my horizons! Thank you!!!

  104. Tia says

    Love that you guys aren’t sponsored by any brands! It’s the only way I trust these sorts of recos ??

  105. Anoud says

    Hi Dana
    Have u tried the Welleco protein powder. They are very expensive but was curious on whether it was worth the hype or not. The one you are holding on your recent post isnt here.

  106. Mishka says

    Awesome! Thanks for the thourough review! Its so interesting to see how different personal preferences can be. I personally love all the Vega ones and I keep coming back to them though for you they were too sweet. I like the bobs ones but I dislike that the carb content is too high considering it should be lower as it is protein powder. Seeing as you like less sweet ones – I highly recommend trying the muscle pharm plant based versions and also Sunshine protein – fairly sure both are US brands, they are not too sweet and the flavour isnt overpowering :)

  107. Joanna Diallo says

    Thank you! This is the best round up I’ve seen and you have such nice detailed criteria. I haven’t found one I like after a long quest and I’m excited to try your top three (none of which I’ve had!)

  108. Pandora says

    Thanks for the reviews. I recently found out that the protein powder I have been using for the last year is actually contains some not very nice things, even though it is sold at my local health food store and came recommended. (They are normally careful about what they carry). So I’m looking for a new one. I’m going for the Bob’s. Have had good luck with their products. Thanks again and cheers!

  109. Charnita Fance says

    Thank you so much for this! It’s extremely helpful because it’s so hard to figure out which powder is best just by a simple search on Amazon. You’ve done all the hard work for me! :) I really appreciate it and now, I know which ones are the best for me to try out.

  110. andrea mennella says

    I found this sooooo helpful! Thanks for this thorough review of everything. Have you tried THINK THINs plant-based fiber protein in vanilla? It’s pretty good, I’d love your thoughts. :)

  111. Oce White says

    Thank you! I will try the bob mills, love most of the other stuff this brand makes. I have tried lots of vegan protein powders and my absolute favorite is Gardenia! You must try it if you have not already!

  112. Stephanie says

    I loved you post after I read it over a year ago. It helped me find my favourite powder (Garden of Life) and a much better alternative to Vega One. Unfortunately Garden of Life was bought out by Nestle in December 2017 :-( Time to continue the never-ending question for a nutritious organic, non-GMO protein powder. Any new insight?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      We’ve heard that Vega just released a new Organic Non-GMO Vega One in the US, but have not tried it and cannot vouch for the taste.

  113. Loryn Irwin says

    Thank you so much – I’m having such a hard time finding a vegan powder that isn’t disgusting – since I love everything you make – I’m hoping that the bobs is usable!

  114. Matt Enos says

    Thank you so much for this review Dana! Spent the last few days reviewing powders until I found this article. Your website has been such a treat as I’ve been transitioning to more of a plant-based diet. Keep up the amazing work!

  115. Meaghan says

    THEY make a natural (no flavor, just a little sweet) and natural unsweetened versions of all the Vega protein powders, which are much better for smoothies than the vanilla (I find it has a stevia/chemical aftertaste).

    • andrea mennella says

      Totally agree. I wanted to try a berry flavor and bought Vega. Tossed the entire pouch in the garbage. :(

  116. Astrid says

    After reading this blog I bougbt the Garden of Life protein powder (ranked second), and I was completely disappointed. It was super chalky. Ruined my smoothie. Didnt blend at all, felt like I was eating sand!… I didnt want to try the Bobs Red Mill, cause it has 19g of carbs. I was looking for a low carb powder… so, dont buy Garden of Life!

  117. Tamar says

    FYI, Bob’s Red Mill Protein Powder has a Prop 65 warning on it, meaning, according to, that the product is “known to the State of California to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity” (i.e. birth defects, hormonal changes, or other reproductive harm.)

  118. Chelsea says

    Thank you so much for doing this review!!! I was having the hardest time deciding on a new protein powder and it helped so much. I’m going to try Bob’s Red Mill protein powder :)

  119. Deb Witter says

    Thank you for taking the time and expense to do such an extensive review. Your input is greatly appreciated.

  120. Nicole says

    Hello! Thanks for the post! I just discovered TERRA ORIGIN. And so far so good! I got it available cheaper at Marshalls & Home Goods. But it can be bought on Amazon or their site.

  121. Ana says

    This article was super helpful, but ironically, I found it because I had already bought Bob’s Red Mill vanilla protein powder and didn’t like it, and was researching what other brand I should try! For me, like you said, the sweetness and vanilla was a little too much for my preference. There are so many protein powders on the market that I was dreading even reading reviews to pick a new one, but I am already a huge fan of your site and was SO relieved when I saw you did an article about it! Thanks for doing all this work to help others!

  122. Jan Watson says

    Wow, this is a great comparison. I am just beginning a journey to move to a more plant based diet, and needed to replace my 365 Whey Protein Powder with a plant based protein powder. WFs is my local shopping venue – and they pointed me to the Vega Vanilla. I used it for the first time today and I still can’t get the sweetness out of my mouth – Yuck.

    I’m definitely going to try the Red Mill. Thanks for taking the time to do this comparison, and posting it. I’m looking forward to looking at your recipes, and giving some of them a try.

  123. Kyla Kendrick says

    Fantastic review! My search for reviews on the Vega vanilla proteins & greens led me here. Your review has helped me dodge a bullet. I didn’t know Red Miĺl created protein powder, but I hope it’s available here in Canada. Would love to see a review on other flavors, like chocolate!

  124. Rachel says

    This is one of the most concise, helpful reviews I’ve ever read. Thank you for being so thorough & honest in your approach!

  125. Dave says

    Hey Dana,

    Thanks for writing this review. I have tried most, but not all of these and share a lot of your sentiments. I recently found Gnarly Nutrition makes a vegan protein that I found smoother less grainy, non-soy, non-GMO, and not overly sweet. I drink it mostly with a combination of water and almond milk and it mixes well. Curious if you have ever tried this one?


  126. Eva says

    Thank you so much for this! I’ve been so looking for a review like this. I like Garden if Life’s vitamins but haven’t been brave enough to get the protein so even though came just 2nd place I will give it a try :) Thank you again! Happy cooking and baking! :)

  127. K D Morgan says

    Thank you for your extensive review. I agree with your ranking for BRM. I am not vegan, but I have concerns with protein powders because I avoid grains and sugar. I also don’t want a high carb load and absolutely no protein isolates or soy. BRM is not perfect, because it has a little sugar and is whey-based, but it strikes the best balance to me and it does taste good. Carb load is the main concern for me. While BRM looks like it has a lot of carbs for a 2 scoop serving, the net carbs (total carbs minus fiber) are relatively low. I use just one scoop in my smoothie and the net carbs are only 3.5 grams, due mostly to the chia seeds, which are a welcome fiber boost. I liked Garden of Life, but was disappointed in its reliance on grains, so I had to stop using it. However, I understand they make a grain- free version now. After reading the comments, I may look into Arbonne. Thanks again!

  128. Kim Malloy says

    I have tried numerous protein powders and found so many of them to taste bad or leave an after taste. My favorite that I have been using for several years now is Arbonne’s Protein Shake Mix, it is pea, cranberry, and brown rice protein. Certified Vegan and Gluten free, plus no soy. It comes in a chocolate or vanilla flavor and while I mix it with almond milk and fruit for different shakes, I can drink it with straight water and enjoy it. Love it, my favorite brand and I love their ingredient policy and the company. If you ever get the chance to try it, it is awesome.

  129. Pat says

    Thanks so much for doing all the work required to review these products. I’ve been looking for a protein powder and didn’t know what to buy. I’m a fan of Bob’s Red Mill products, so I was sold. Ordered it from Amazon and I’ll have it in two days. What could be easier?

  130. Sahar Gerstel says

    Hey! Thanks for this reviews! It was very helpful when I searched for vegan non soy protein.

    But… I bought the Bob’s Red Mill one but (both the natural flavour and vanilla) but it’s not as nice as I thought and I struggle with mixing it.

    Any suggestions (or recipes that you’ve posted) how to use them?


  131. Dana says

    This was incredibly helpful. The formula from Garden of Life has changed, and many said they don’t like the new one. You put it at number 2, so I decided to give it a try. It’s very clean, and I’ve used successfully before, and love the live probiotics, etc.

    I appreciate that you took the time to reveiw them all, so I didn’t have too gamble.


  132. Shannon Pinder says

    I read this review and decided to buy your number one favorite, Bob’s Red Mill Vanilla Protein Powder. I’ve only used it twice in smoothies but that was enough for me to rave about it. It makes everything taste great and it fills you up!

    Thanks so much for doing your research so that the rest of us didn’t have to taste the bad protein powders ;)

  133. Amy Buckingham says

    I thank you for doing this article, I really have been looking around. I really don’t want to spend a lot of money trying them all out. So thank you so much!

  134. Laura says

    Can Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein be used as a meal replacement. Or do you feel Garden of life’s Meal Replacement shake is just as good?
    Im looking for the most complete shake for nutrition being a Vegan newbie.
    Thanks in advance :)

  135. Emma says

    Hey thank you so much for all the hard work put into this for your readers! However I really wanted to use your link to by the Bob mills protein powder but the link brings me to teff flour? :(

  136. Johanna says

    I am so pleased I stumbled across this article. I just recently discontinued an expensive membership with a nutritional protein shake company. I found the BRM protein powder at our local bulk food store. They just had received it in stock. I paid $20 for the 1 pound bag with 10 servings.
    I added peaches and spinach to the shake and it turned out Fabulous!
    I have tried numerous other shakes before and have not appreciate them like this one.
    Thank you!

  137. Jenn says

    Thank you for this post! I did my own little taste test before stumbling upon your blog (which I love!), and found the same about Vega and Manitoba. Now, I’m obsessed with Toneitup Perfect Fit Vanilla Vegan Protein. A-MA-ZING for smoothie and baking. And I also love the Manitoba Vanilla Chai Smoothie flavor… it has greens (Spirulina) too.

  138. K. Davis says

    Thank you for this review, would love to see it done annually! The Orgain protein powder used in this test was a MEAL replacement protein, which I agree is very gritty. I personally use the regular Orgain protein powder in both vanilla and chocolate flavors and find it to be very smooth. Texture is a deal breaker for me. I hope you’ll consider adding the regular protein powder in your next test. : )

  139. Camie says

    This is a great resource- thank you SO much for rating these. I was so happy to read that your Sun Warrior rating was so low- it validated my experience with it. I was so perplexed because every time I looked up reviews on in, people seemed to mostly like it. I was so put-off by it, I threw the entire $40 jug away, which was so painful, not to mention wasteful!! I agree with your review on the Vega pp being WAY too sweet. Bought that, and had to throw that away (unfortunately I don’t know any vegans that would want to try the two I got rid of, plus, I really wouldn’t want to subject anyone to those two; such a waste.) Thanks again!

  140. nicole says

    These are great reviews! thank you for being so detailed and specific! I really love trying new protein powders as well, and have tried some of the same ones!

  141. vanessa cutler says

    I really appreciate you taking the time to complete this review. I’ve been in search of an affordable, non-soy, naturally sweetened protein source that is also easily accessible- you rock

  142. Cara says

    Thank you so much for this review! I’m happy I’m not the only one who found Vega protein powders way too sweet. I feel like I can trust your recommendations because you seem to have about the same taste as me. Thanks again! :)

  143. Bob O'Brien says


  144. Amy Gavin says

    My husband and I are on the hunt for a vegan protein powder and your post was amazing: just what we wanted!! Thank you so much for your effort and honest criticism. The powders are expensive and you’ve saved us so much money in trial and error.

  145. Lauren P says

    Thank you so much for doing this review. I’ve been struggling finding a vegan vanilla protein powder I really like. I’ve disliked hemp based powders. I’ve found one brown rice based one that’s pretty good, I’m just not a fan of the taste of stevia. That one is Rainbow Light Creamy Vanilla Protein Energizer. I appreciate the criteria you used and descriptions, I’ll be trying your top recommended!

  146. Mandy Dawkins says

    Hi All!

    I have a conundrum I was hoping someone could help me with…
    I drink a protein shake every morning. I have recently become aware that I am allergic to peas (along with a bunch of other things such as dairy, soybeans, wheat, yeast and pineapple) and I am reluctant to give up my morning shake. I’ve tried hemp protein, but I am not a huge fan of the taste. Does anyone know of a protein powder that accommodates all of my allergies??

    Any help would be MUCH appreciated!!!

  147. Yuliya says

    Trader Joe’s recently came up with a new Pea protein powder, in both vanilla and plain, I’m curious how the vanilla would hold up in relation to your favorites. I might try it out once I run out of my hemp.

  148. Kay says

    Thank you so much for this! I tried a handful of really terrible powders and was starting to wonder if they just weren’t for me, but after reading this I went out and purchased the bobs red mill! It’s so different from the other ones I’ve tried – as you say it actually tastes good and makes smoothies taste better not worse! Cheers!

  149. Natmari's Corner says

    Thank you for the extensive review. I always wondered about vegan protein powder. Now I know which ones to try.

  150. Holly F says

    Thank you for this!! Im not a vegan but I want a good quality (and tasting) plant protein powder and it is soo hard to find one that tastes good to where you enjoy it! Most I try are simply awful! So this will help me narrow it down!
    Thank you for your honest reviews!

  151. Tes says

    Thank you for reviewing all these protein powders! I’ve tried way too many protein powders that I’ve disliked. Have you tried Bob’s Red Mill Pea Protein Powder?

  152. Vlas says

    Nice to see a review like this as I’ve sampled many protein powders over the years but this list has a few I haven’t tried. Is there a reason you tested the Orgain meal replacement instead of their basic protein powder? I haven’t tried the meal replacement powder. I did taste vanilla Orgain once and it wasn’t bad but the chocolate one is great in smoothies. I recommend that kind if you do a review on flavored ones in the future. I really love their chocolate protein shakes that come in individual cartons, but it’s cheaper to get the powder. Looking forward to trying BRM vanilla next, now that I know it exists :)

  153. Audra says

    This is amazing and just what I need right now! I’ve tried the Garden of Life kind, but didn’t like it as much as their new Sport vegan protein powder line. The vanilla is spot on!

    Thank you for this post!

  154. Jenny says

    Thank you for this review!!!

    My only comment (which may have been made above … there were so many!!) is that the Vega Protein and Greens is bad with milk … but so good with water. It doesn’t mix well with the milks for some reason. So if you still have the container throw it in some water and try again. I had a contain for months that I was slowly drinking in milk to not waste it and one day when I ran out of milk I put it in water … so much better.

    Strange I know. Thank you again.

  155. Colleen says

    This is such a helpful review, thank you so much! Have you ever tried Burts Bees vanilla protein? I didn’t even know they had a protein until recently and I’m interested to see if it’s any good. The ingredient list looks promising… thanks! You’re great! My fav recipe ever of your is the red pepper pasta ?? I make it all the time!

  156. B. says

    Just found this post & it’s incredibly helpful! Thank you for the reviews, it makes shopping for a vegan protein powder much easier.

  157. June says

    Thank you–deeply, sincerely–for taking the time and trouble to do these reviews–and saving ME time and trouble in the bargain. I have just ordered Bob’s Red Mill vanilla and chocolate, as well as their whey for my son. Had gotten really tired of seeing all the additives in other brands. BRM’s is refreshingly simple. (BTW, I did my ordering from JET.COM, as a first-time customer. Much more reasonable than Amazon or the Red Mill site). (Much as I would have preferred to order directly from Bob’s Red Mill, the difference was enormous).

    Additionally, if you don’t know Bob’s life story it is inspiring and worth reading–regardless of one’s beliefs.

  158. Cathy H. says

    What about Powerootz Superfood Nutritional Shakes???!!! Their Chocolate PB Madness is the bomb plus it has rare earth minerals and 15 raw superfoods in it. I think they have a regular peanut butter flavor and a raw chocolate one to. No weird gums or fillers and its def the cleanest protein powder that I have ever had. Hands down the best tasting protein powder I’ve ever had!

  159. Bonnie says

    THANK YOU for doing this post, so helpful!!! I’ve been putting off trying a protein powder for ages because I didn’t want to spend the energy and time of finding a good one, but now instead I can just read your reviews :-).

  160. Brandi Hart says

    Thank you! Thank you, thank you thank you!

    I could not be more grateful that you took one for the team when trying all of these! It’s so disheartening to spend a ton of money on a vegan protein powder and then discover that it’s, well, terrible.

    I can’t wait to purchase and try bobs red mill! Every powder that scored low I have disliked for the same reasons so I’m encouraged that there is a “good one” out there :)

  161. Victoria says

    Thanks so much for this! After reading this I have ordered the Garden of Life one and I cant wait to try it! In the review you said you added it to multiple smoothies, could you please let me know some of the smoothie recipes you had success adding it to?

  162. Kat says

    Wow, surprising! The Manitoba Harvest vanilla is my absolute FAVE vegan protein powder. It is very rare to find a vegan powder with no pea protein, which tends to make me feel very bloated. That said, I can certainly see why it would be awful for just mixing with almond milk, and I do see what you mean by the grittiness, though I don’t find it chalky.Thanks for the useful post though! I’m curious to try out a couple of the ones here that aren’t too pea-heavy, although I don’t think anything could sit as well in my stomach as the hemp one.

  163. Dee says

    Hi Dana,

    Great post as usual! I checked out the options they had at Costco and for my Canadian friends I really like the LeanFit CompleteGreen protein. It’s not expensive (approx $36 for 34 servings) and the sweetness and texture are on point :)

    Dee x

  164. Rick Sullivan says

    Thank you — I have been looking for a good round up of non dairy protein powders. Really looking forward to trying Bob’s Red Mill and Garden Of Life.

    So happy I discovered your blog.

  165. Kathryn K. says

    I definitely have to agree with the Manitoba Harvest review…it’s extremely gritty…I have a powerful blender and the smoothie I had tonight with this powder was awful…I don’t really think the powder tastes that bad but the texture of a smoothie for me is very important and this smoothie was so unpleasant to go down…all grit bits in my mouth…I had to rinse and rinse my mouth after drinking it down…I usually put smooth peanut butter in my smoothies for the protein factor, the texture is way better…I think I’ll go with a whey protein powder as I’m not vegan…at this point I don’t think other powders could be worse than the Manitoba Harvest, lol.

  166. Molly says

    Oh how I wish I would have seen this before buying VEGA PROTEIN & GREENS. Agree, it’s way too sweet. Oddly so. Will try others recommended here!

  167. Amanda Koning says

    Dana – I am an avid follower. I have been a vegan for about a year now and I constantly go to your website for nightly dinner options! I use the Iron Vegan – Sprouted Protein it is DELICIOUS and available on Amazon! I highly recommend it! Cheers

  168. Shayna says

    Thanks for the great breakdown! Glad to know I’m not insane when I try these high end, much publicized brands….and then return them to WF!

    Bob’s looks like worth trying, but just to share my experience because you mentioned possibly stomach symptoms…I’ve read about how even the “organic” or high end pea proteins often go through a process called hydrolization (sp?) that causes them to often behave similar to MSG in the body (one of the symptoms can be tummy trouble). I’d been using and enjoying (flavor and texture wise) the NuZest for over a year, but started to feel like every time I used it I actually felt more sluggish and “heavy” after drinking my smoothie, no energized and good.

    It’s not on amazon, nor is it cheap, but I tried this one from Sarasota Integrative Health (upon recommendation from a friend) and it’s really awesome! I’ve only tried the chocolate (and I DO like to add just a little extra raw cacao to my smoothies), but the hemp protein isn’t too “hempy” (you know, like drinking a j?) ;p, it blends great in the vita (i haven’t tried just mixing it into a smoothie) and most importantly I FEEL really good after I drink it. I will be trying the vanilla next. Of course, the ingredient list is small and I could probably figure out how to replicate it at home for less, but I like what SIH does and appreciate the efforts they went to to formulate this and not spending the time to DIY. Anyway, hope maybe it helps or you if you give it a try would love to know what you think!

  169. Connie says

    Thank you for this review! I currently use a vegan protein powder I purchase from my doctor–that has the “Care Group” brand on it….however, I’ve been looking for another protein powder as a back up. I appreciate your comprehensive, organized, easy to use review. Thank you. Connie

  170. Ashley says

    Have you ever tried Arbonne products? I work as a consultant for them but I’ve used and love their protein powder forever. Gluten-free, soy-free, Kosher certified, vegan, whey-free, GMO-free, minimally processed and made in an environmentally-conscious facility!

  171. Maureen says

    I was surprised to see your unfavorable review of PlantFusion which is my favorite. I use unflavored and chocolate. What I like best about it is that is also contains complete Amino acids and gut enyzmes. I have compared it to Isogenix and this is better and cheaper. Try the chocolate.

  172. Tamar says

    ah, this is SO helpful. Thanks for doing this!! I’ve been looking into getting a vegan protein powder for a while now but i had no clue which to get haha. I’ve had the myprotein chocolate soy protein before and it was god, but i was wondering about what other brands would be like!! This review was so helpful, you laid it wall out so nicely, thanks again :)

  173. Katy DeBardelaben says

    I would love to see a post reviewing unflavored protein powders. I have tried to keep the clean, pure flavor of my green smoothies while adding protein but haven’t had success. Maybe that is just the nature of protein powders in general and what I’m looking for isn’t reasonable, but it sure would be good to know your thoughts!

  174. Ezra says

    My personal favourite is myprotein soy isolate. It has a very high protein content and is nearly pure protein- so it’s low calorie. It’s possibly not the best tasting (but it’s decent) but it’s very cheap as it’s frequently on sale for 60% off of an already cheap price. I’d definitely recommend it over any more expensive type.

  175. Erica says

    Great info! I have tried the Orgain product and I agree that it did not wow me with its flavor so I was looking for a better option. I am going to try out the Bob’s Red Mill product.

  176. Liz says

    What a thorough review, Dana! I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for Bob’s Red Mill. I really like Whole Foods’ plant-based ‘Fit Protein’ powder; it’s relatively affordable and pretty tasty.

  177. keary says

    In addition to the qualities you have ranked, and the added comment from a reader regarding price per serving, it is also very important to know from where the ingredients are sourced and if they have any adverse health affects. For example, many raw materials are sourced from China for protein powders. I call companies and ask. China does not have the same purity standards as America. Additionally, some ingredients can lead to adverse health outcomes such as decreases in renal or liver function. Know what you are consuming and never believe the hype printed on the package. Educate yourself.

  178. Mads says

    Reviews like this are much needed so thanks for taking the time to do it. Interesting that you went with vanilla first, which tends to be the hardest protein powder flavor to get right. My husband and I workout regularly and we tend to go for chocolate based flavors since they taste better with just water or almond milk when you’re in a rush. I actually really like Aloha’s chocolate powder. I’m not sure what you’re mixing method was, but when I put it in a blender/food processor I find that it blends really well and gets nice and thick–plus adding a banana for extra oomph only improves it. Also, since it’s available at Target it’s easy to find AND you can use coupons on it (it’s way more expensive on Amazon).

  179. Carolyn Foster says

    Thank you so very much for this review of vegan protein powders. I’ve recently been diagnosed with a long list of food allergies including wheat, soy, corn, lentils which makes a vegan food plan even more challenging than before. This list will help me wade through these options.

  180. Rebecca says

    Thank you for doing this post! Vanilla flavored protein powders have been so disappointing for me. So I switched to chocolate and found that Vega’s chocolate protein powder isn’t bad when blended with a frozen banana and coconut milk.

    Another take-away: Bob’s Red Mill has a protein powder?!

  181. Shannon says

    Thanks for the post! I’ve been trying to find a protein powder for a while and had my eye on Bob’s Red Mill. Were you able to find a vendor on Amazon that sells an individual bag of it? I’ve only been able to find it sold in a case and would love to try it first!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hmm, the link I shared looks like they’re charging way too much for a single bag of vanilla. I’d recommend looking for it in stores! Or ordering from Bob’s Red Mill directly.

  182. Teresa says

    I bought the Garden of Life protein powder based on your recommendation in your Popped Amaranth Protein Bars ( I’m relieved to see it come out close to the top here!

    I haven’t had the chance to use it, but I’m glad you did this review. Even if I like this one, once I run out I’ll probably buy Bob’s Red Mill instead. Their products have never let me down and I try to support the (employee owned!) business as much as I can.

  183. Shruthi Shankar says

    I wish i had read this sooner! great review – thank you. I just bought a BIG tub of the vega greens and protein vanilla powder from costco, and its so disgusting. i have a tried a few of the others you reviewed, and i think our taste buds are similar :) So i will try the bob’s powder and hope for the best.

  184. Jose says

    Good post! I used Garden of Life and I like it a lot, tastes great (I prefer this lack of sweetenes) & it´s organic. Fully support your opinion

  185. Melissa says

    I love how nerd-ily and objectively you analyzed everything. I’ve also had a similar response to the Vega flavors. I’ve had trouble finding a protein that is neutral enough without the unpleasant sweetness from stevia and chalky texture. Thanks for the hard work.

  186. RK says

    I have invested in a brand of vegan protein but it causes too much discomfort.
    Did your top choice cause any stomach woes, or did you not consume it frequently enough?
    i.e. gas, bloating or anything of that nature?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi RK! I have had similar issues. One tip I have is to not overdo it on protein powders. Don’t rely on them to be your everything. That was one of my problems – I was consuming too much of a good thing. With the top two brands I haven’t experienced any discomfort! But I also don’t consume them daily, only when I feel my protein intake is low. Hope that helps!

      • Michèle says

        I learned that people have problems to digest the protein because they drink our shake to fast….They said if you had to eat a steak with 30g of protein, would you eat it in 5 minutes? So we have to take our time and relax :)

    • Jose says

      I´m using Garden of Life almost daily, I´m athlete and need to reack 80-100 gr of protein a day. No issues comming from this one! gas? always :) but maybe comming from other sources!

  187. Heather Austin says

    Thanks so much for reviewing these. I’m always scared to try a new powder because they are too expensive to “not like”. I’ve been a VegaOne proponent for years. I’ll give Bob’s a try but I really wish their ingredients were organic. Thanks again!

  188. Stefani says

    Thanks for this review. I’ve been hesitant to shell out the money for the Vega powders at the grocery store, and now I don’t have to. I hardly ever use protein powders so I don’t need a huge tub, and your review has given me a few good options to look into.

  189. Kadee says

    Hi there! I’m new to vegan cooking and really appreciate your review of these products. I’m wondering if you could comment a little on the when/why to use protein powder in the first place. I get that it’s a source of plant-based protein :) but I’m not exactly sure how much or how often I should be incorporating into my meals. Any thoughts much appreciated!

  190. Lisa @ Early Morning Run says

    This is so great! Thanks for doing all this taste testing for us. It’s pretty incredible how many vegan protein powders are out there and my head just spins when I’m trying to decide what to buy. Especially since they are not cheap. I’m surprised by your reviews of the Vega powders. I haven’t tried the vanilla because I’m partial to chocolate (and I like their chocolate). I’ll definitely refer to this before I buy more protein powder!

  191. Sue says

    Interesting that Bob’s came in 1st! Will keep this on hand for when I shop for the kids. Fwiw, I love my PlantFusion, but only buy the unflavored.

  192. Hanusia says

    Thanks for the informative review! I will definitely keep this in mind if I’m ever looking for a vanilla protein powder. Right now, I’m using the chocolate fudge flavor of Orgain, which I love! Admittedly, it is my first foray into protein powders in general so I don’t really have a basis of comparison. But it is really delicious blended with a frozen banana, frozen berries, and almond milk…yum…

  193. jeremy c. says

    Thanks so much for this! Would love to see how many grams of sugar per serving each of these powders contain. That’s almost always a factor in my buying process.

  194. Judith Roberts says

    I noticed a couple of other people mentioned Arbonn’s vegan, gluten-free protein powder. I am an Arbonne consultant and use both vanilla and chocolate regularly. Love them!
    I went on a business trip last year and forgot my Arbonne powder at home. I went to a local health food store and purchased several small packages of protein powder, including Vega and Garden of Life, thinking “oh, I’m sure these will be fine, they have pretty much the same ingredients as Arbonne’s.”
    Oh my goodness, was I mistaken. They were almost undrinkable!
    I was so glad to get home to my delicious Arbonne shakes!
    I wish you would try Arbonne’s, even though I understand your explanation that you wanted to purchase everything on Amazon.
    I would be happy to send you or any of your readers a sample to try!
    Just let me know.

    • Jennifer says


      I would love to try Arbonne’s flavored protein powder. I have been in search for a vegan protein powder for a while and can’t find one with good taste, mixability, and ‘bakeability.’ Please let me know if this is still possible :)

      • Melanie says

        Jennifer, did you ever get to taste Arbonne’s shakes, and what were your thoughts? I love them.

  195. Susan says

    I second your endorsement! Bob’s powder is the best and I also found the price to be MUCH less expensive in the grocery store than online. Thank you for posting this valuable information.

  196. Melanie says

    Oh man, what an expensive experiment!! Thank you for taking this on for the rest of us :) I bought the Bob’s powder after you posted on IG about it, and I love it. I don’t usually add protein powder to things, but when it’s in a snack recipe, I always feel bad leaving it out.

  197. Priscilla says

    Thank you so much for doing this. Much needed as all the ones I have tried so far were beyond poor in taste. Will give your favs a try!

  198. Cele McEvoy Walter says

    I was JUST talking about vegan protein powders… I had tried the Vega and was not impressed…just ordered the Bob’s and am excited to try and share with my vegan (and non-vegan) friends.
    Thanks so much for taking the time to do this comparison!!!


  199. Aleksandra says

    I always go for the easiest pea protein around, but then again, I do mix it with my sauces rather than with milk :)

  200. Emilye says

    Thanks so much for doing this review!
    Too bad it came out after I already purchased a few bottles on a recent trip to the States. Good for future reference though, thanks again :)
    Look forward to reviews of flavoured ones.

  201. Mncross says

    There is a fairly new powder I am in love with called Iron Vegan you may want to try if you can get your hands on it! I
    Think it’s only available in Canada.

  202. JR says

    This is excellent and on par with my past experiences. Ka’chava is quite good but costs twice as much as I’d like to pay. Bodylogix has given me great results while being quite palatable. I can easily find the BRM products but never thought to try the protein powder. I’ll cross my fingers!

  203. Kris says

    This is such a fabulous list and analysis! Like others have mentioned, I really don’t like the taste of stevia. I’ve used Garden of Life’s Raw unflavored protein because of that, and it’s just fine but I’d prefer their meal replacement formulas rather than just the protein, but they all contain stevia. I’d love it if you’d highlight what sort of sweeteners each of the proteins you tried use–it would be great to find a flavored protein powder without stevia–I was about to try Aloha because I read it uses coconut sugar (though I’d prefer no sugar, stevia, etc., at all), but after reading your review, maybe I’ll hold off!

  204. Sue Shaw says

    Thank you for your reviews! I have wondered about most of these, but didn’t want to buy them to find out I didn’t like them. Thanks again!

  205. Marissa says

    Thank you for this post. I agree with one of the other commenters…Perfect Fit Protein from Tone it Up is truly a winner in all of the categories for me (taste, texture, ability to mix well, few ingredients, vegan, non gmo & more). It is definitely worth a try and all of the flavors are good. I am definitely interested in trying Bob’s Red Mill though now too. Who knew they made a protein powder? ;)

  206. Dorothy says

    Thank you!! Helpful and insightful and a great time saver!!! I have a full container of Optimum Nutrition Whey protein which tastes great, when I’m finished I’ll try Bobs!

  207. Jennifer DeLucia says

    I was a daily Shakeology user, until I started having severe abdominal pain and discovered that I had developed an allergy to quinoa. I also discovered from my gastroenterologist that quinoa allergy is becoming much more common. I share this here just in case anyone else develops similar symptoms. I love Bob’s Red Mill and will definitely try the vanilla protein powder. Thanks Dana for your review!

  208. Brooke says

    Thanks for the in-depth review. Tons of useful information. I also had no idea that Bob’s Red Mill sells a protein powder.

    I’m curious: what are your thoughts on protein isolates and extracts? Seems like most protein powders are this type, which I believe to be questionable in terms of being good for one’s health (in the same way that any extract or isolate of a food– for example, resveratrol extracted from grapes– is much less healthy and health-promoting than the entire food, which contains tons of synergistic phytonutrients and other health-promoting compounds).

    I tend to steer clear of protein isolates and extracts as much as I do “wheat meats” that are packed full of gluten and other isolates.

    Seems one would be better-served by sticking to real, whole foods– for protein and other nutritional needs. I just don’t know of any protein powders that use real, whole foods aside from maybe hemp powder, which tends to be gritty and taste bad.

    • Brooke says

      Just noticed that Bob’s states, “Unlike other pea protein powders, which are processed with chemical solvents, ours is isolated from yellow peas using a low-heat, water based method. It is pure vegan energy, purely derived.”

      I’ve read a lot about Bob himself and he seems to be a great guy who makes some great, trustworthy products. Thanks for the review. :)

  209. Ellen says

    Thanks so much for this thorough review! When I can spare the funds I will definitely buy Bob’s Mills Vanilla. I use the Yeast for Baking Bread and have always been satisfied with the results.

    Have a great Holiday Season and thanks again!


  210. Jamie says

    Thank you for this review! I add Garden of Life Protein and Greens to smoothies. I have wondered about the many other brands available, so glad you took the guess work out of it for us.

  211. Danielle says

    Hi Dana,

    Any chance that you’ll be exploring making your own protein powder? The reason I ask is because this is what I am working on now since the packaged powders are so pricey for our family. We were going through a 2 lb tub in 5 days. At a min of 30 bucks each, this adds up quick! Juse wondering.



  212. Rosanna says

    Thank you for testing these many protein powders!.. I can’t stand gritty/chalky taste.. I have tried a lot of them and my favorite of all is Amazing Grass – Protein Superfood (with green food blend, protein blend and fruit and vegetable blends) … so many combinations (vanilla, peanut butter/chocolate, original).. Sold at too!

  213. Mason says

    What a great roundup, Dana! I don’t really use protein powders but if I ever decide to, this will save me a lot of headache!

  214. Wendy says

    Hey Dana,
    This is a great post. I have almost a full bag of Bob’s Red Mill Vanilla protein at home… Could your next challenge be to create some amazing recipes, using vegan protein powders, beyond the smoothie? Thank you!

  215. Pia says

    Thanks so much for this thorough, helpful and simply AWESOME post, Dana! Now, should I ever jump aboard the protein powder wagon, I know which ones I’d better not waste my money on (even though I’m bound to have difficulties getting them where I live, unless I want to spend a fortune on delivery and tax….)

  216. Ellie says

    Great review! I currently already use the garden of life, and will look no further after reading this. It is certainly my favorite of what I’ve tried so far. Vega is terrible!! Really helpful article, previous commenters suggested a price per serving comparison as well, is that possible to add or do in the future? But great idea to focus on the readily available ones anyways (ie on amazon). I live in Canada so some of these are not available for me, for example the aloha brand (which after reading the review I am no longer sad about)! Looking forward to a chocolate review :) also, any comments on how these fare with baking? Sneaky protein is good sometimes haha. Thanks again!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      I’ll consider adding the price comparison! As well as the chocolate/flavored review + baking recipes! Thanks for the feedback.

  217. Kat says

    Thank you so much for this review and all this work!! I have been wanting to try the SunWarrior but would opt for the Natural instead of the Vanilla. I’m sort of nervous about Stevia which is why I am trying to find a powder without it. It’s proving to be really hard!
    I love your recipes and your site, thanks for all you do!

  218. Eleanor says

    Your are the best to “test” then give opinion on this..I have STRUGGLED with which protein powder to choose….great info!! Thx

  219. Elsa says

    Dana, thank you so much for taking the time to review protein powders. I’ve been struggling to find one I enjoy, and have been making pea-milk smoothies as my post-workout drink (I highly recommend Ripple Unsweetened – safe ingredients, 8g protein, 5g fat, 0g carbs, 0% sugar). I had given up on vegan protein powders, because I tried so many that I truly hated.

    I received a sample of Bob’s Red Mill Chai-flavored protein powder and found the flavor overwhelming and perhaps a little too sweet. I’ll try the vanilla flavor though, since you’ve made such a compelling argument for it.

  220. Beth says

    Thanks for reviewing these! There sure are a lot of protein powders out there….I usually opt for unflavored powders, as I find that the flavored ones often contain sugar, which I like to avoid. It would be nice to know what these are sweetened with. I just finished a bag of Bob’s unflavored hemp protein powder; only one ingredient, hemp! (Turns all smoothies into “green” smoothies?).

  221. Meghan says

    I really encourage you to try Blenditup’s protein powder. I first found it at Costco during a Vitamix demo. It’s available on Amazon, too, but more $. It lends a very very slight sweetness to a smoothie with great blendability.

  222. Staci says

    I haven’t looked at the other comments but, I personally use Gnarly Vegan Vicious Vanilla protein (I get mine on It has been the best thing I have tried and actually pretty pleasant. I could say it’s pricey, but if I had to pay a couple extra bucks to not sacrifice on flavor, I’d say it’s worth it.

  223. Michèle says

    thank you!!! But the Bob’s Redmill is really to high in carbohydrates, 19 g per serving. Too much!
    Garden of life is better, 2g per serving, 10 serving per container. The Garden of life is 20 servings per container. So Garden of life is the most economic and organic.

    • Michèle says

      If forgot, maybe for the same price and good ingredients, this one recommands by Dr. Axe, could be a good alternative.Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein – Vanilla

  224. Brian says

    Thank you for the review. When I finish my Sunwarrior I just may try some of the others you’ve suggested. Since I don’t reply on protein supplements & typically only use it in the occasional smoothie, baked goods, or my travel go to protein balls I look for quality over taste or quantity. I prefer organic & minimally processed ingredients & the fewer ingredients the better. I can always doctor it up as needed. Thanks again for your thoughtful review.

  225. Channing says

    I laughed when I saw the Vega Protein and Greens review. I tried it once and it was the most awful thing ever! I wondered how it would rank in your review. I’m excited to try the Bob’s Red Mill. I’ve been on the search for a good vanilla protein but like I said, was totally scarred by Vega so I’ve been afraid to try any. If you ever do a chocolate review, I’ve really loved Orgain chocolate fudge flavor mixed in almond or coconut milk. Anyway, awesome post! Thanks for your hard work, Dana!

  226. Peggy says

    I’ve tried some of these (and others) all with disappointing results. The BEST protein powder I’ve found is Perfect Fit. It blends nicely into smoothies and can be used in baking. The flavour is amazing!! Can’t get it off of Amazon and it can be a little pricey , $1 per portion, but it is totally worth it!

  227. Christine says

    Hi…My favourite so far has been the Garden of Life Natural meal replacement. I do not like the flavoured ones and this one has its own unique flavour with just the right amount of sweetness. It does not use Stevia which I dislike…most of the meal replacements, protein powders are sweetened with Stevia and way too sweet. Vega is the worst! If I want vanilla flavour, I just add some extract..their is vanilla, almond, peppermint, etc. If I want chocolate, I add natural cocoa powder. I also have added a ripe banana or some spinach. I do it myself that way I get the choice. I will definitely look for the Bob Mill’s brand, but not too sure if available in Canada.

  228. Patti says

    Great review! In my own personal quest, my results were about the same. Garden of Life is my current favorite, but I have not tried Bob’s Red Mill as yet.
    Great for anyone just starting out!

  229. Kathryn says

    Wow, this review is so helpful! I’ve been wanting to try the Bob’s Red Mill protein powder, but protein powders can be so hit-or-miss that I wasn’t sure it was worth the money. Will have to give it a try!

  230. ReaderRita says

    Are any of these gluten free? That’s where my search always takes a turn for the worse…
    (then when I add organic/non-GMO to my criteria, I usually completely tank.)

    • Peggy says

      It’s a little expensive but Perfect Fit protein is AMAZING! GF/Organic/Non-GMO. Its delicious and blends perfectly in smoothies and baking!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      I didn’t look for that listed, but most of these are. Once you pick out your favorites you can also double check the listing I link to!

  231. Julia Day says

    I actually love the Amazing Grass Protein Superfood! That’s another good option for you to try, if you aren’t totally burned out from trying 13 others haha. I love their Chocolate peanut butter one, it’s so smooth you can just shake it with Almond milk and it’s great! Perfect fit is awesome too, and now i’m definitely going to try Bob’s red mill for sure.

  232. Crystal says

    Thank you for doing all this leg (taste) work! I too, have been on the hunt, but vegan powders don’t come cheap, and it’s so disappointing to get one that’s yuck! Can’t wait to try your top 3!

    And thanks for all of your great recipes and posts (and the Everyday Cooking cookbook)! They are truly appreciated

  233. Heather McClees says

    Great review! My favorite is actually Garden of Life’s Raw Meal Vanilla. It’s SO much better than their regular and is so easy to digest. It’s my go-to! :) Plus, it has extra goodies in it for less sodium, it’s higher in fiber, and in my opinion, it tastes much better too. I wish I could use BRM, but the inulin and other fillers in it just messes up my stomach. Anyway, great review!

  234. Jessie Snyder says

    I LOVED this Dana! And am right there with you on your thoughts on them all. Having tried so many, I stuck with Garden of Live Vanilla ages ago and use it daily, so in love with it. I’ve wanted to try others for fun but was so glad to read your reviews here to space me the icky-ness! xx

  235. Rhonda says

    Love this review, I’m sure it reflects what many of us are really thinking, which is, “Man, some of these protein powders really suck!” That being said, the protein powder created by Joe Cross, of Reboot/Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead fame is worth a review as well. It is my favorite because it is so undetectable in smoothies that even my kids don’t notice it. Thanks, love your recipes!!

  236. Chelsea J says

    wow! I loved this! The top 3 were very unexpected for me. I never would have guessed that garden of life would have tasted good. I was also surprised that aloha protein powder did not meet your expectations. Sun warrior – I have tried, but it made my nose feel weird and itchy so I was thinking my body was reacting to some ingredient in the powder. I agree with you – The taste was a bit odd too. I personally love MySmart Plant Shake by USANA. It is a delcious vegan protein powder made from potato and pea! It also has lots of healthy coconut fats in it which makes it more satisfying and no sweeteners! It is very smooth!

  237. Kiersten says

    This is awesome, thanks!

    Off topic, but have you ever tried the Amazing Grass Protein Superfood in the Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor? It’s soooo yummy. Only protein powder I’ve ever used that also smells great!

  238. Vanessa says

    I highly recommend Vege-Pro 7 by North Coast Naturals. I’ve tried chocolate and vanilla and both are delicious! Very simple, high-quality ingredients. It’s also sweet. You can buy it at Bulk Barn. It’s a Canadian company, so I don’t know how widespread they are in stores, but you can definitely order it online.

  239. Kevin says

    Excellent list of proteins! I’m not a fan of the taste when it comes to protein powders, but I love the way my body feels after getting some clean protein in me. One that I think should be added to the list is Bright Earth Foods Vanilla Protein Powder! Their protein is the best tasting protein I have tried in a long time! Raw, Vegan, Non-GMO, and packed with Superfoods. It is the perfect addition to any of my smoothies. They also have a chocolate flavored one! Here is a link if anyone is interested:

  240. Annie B says

    I loved this post! Super interesting! I have to disagree though- I love Vega Sport! I’ll have to give Bob’s Red Mill a try. :)

  241. mai says

    Thank you for this post. I have not had any luck finding a good tasting protein powder and am excited to try Bob’s Red Mill!

  242. shoe gal says

    this is awesome.. a little sad the #1 choice has chia, which I am severely allergic to. I will definitely be picking up #2 on your list… thanks again for going through all this time and effort for eeveryone

  243. Marilyn says

    What a great review! Perfect as I’m in the market for a new protein powder but other supplements is a huge bonus for me.
    I used to love Vega when it was new and it provided the iron I needed (which is why I started, as did everyone I knew who was taking it) but when they changed the formula it no longer had the high iron and it also left me feeling heavy after.
    I was surprised at Plant Fusion as I’ve liked that one but I think I use less then a serving so that may be why.
    I also really liked the Wellco Vanilla Protein (not reviewed) but it’s pricey.
    Bob’s Mill, here I come!

  244. Katherine says

    My sister just started using bobs. I’m a little more aprahensive. I don’t like that it’s not organic or gmo free. Also that they have some questionable “natural” flavors and one of them being vanilla powder that uses sugar and cornstarch. That was a big disappointment to me. Thoughts?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hmm, examining the ingredients myself I felt good about them. But if there are things you’re concerned about, definitely go for my #2 choice!

  245. Penny Rowbottom says

    wow, that was an extensive review. Thank you for taking the time and expense to do that. It’s pretty overwhelming with what’s available. I’ll definitely keep this on file and check out your top choices .

  246. LJM says

    It’s expensive for sure, but Shakeology vegan Chocolate and Strawberry flavors are my favorite, I have tried most of these and wasn’t a huge fan. Spirutein is also pretty good. I can’t wait to try the Bob’s Red Mill! I had no idea they even made one!

  247. Andrea says

    This was a helpful post. Unfortunately I just bought a tub of the Orgain Vanilla mix. I haven’t tried it yet, but after your review it seems I need to add fruit and chug it.

    • christina says

      I use Orgain all the time, but I love it! It’s actually my favorite and I’ve tried a few of the other ones on this list. I don’t notice an after taste or anything. It’s good with almond milk and blended into a smoothie.

      • Andrea says

        I tried the Orgain vanilla with only water yesterday, and while the flavor was a bit different, it wasn’t bad. It isn’t a favorite, but It was good enough to keep. It mixed up pretty thick and kept me full for a long time.

  248. Eryn says

    So helpful but I LOVE the Aloha protein, so agree to disagree! I have a morning protein shake with it every day and don’t have problems with grittiness or separation at all, though it is less finely milled than other powders. Best taste compared to others I’ve tried and it doesn’t taste artificially sweetened compared for Vega, for instance.

  249. Christina says

    I’m surprised Perfect Fit Protein didn’t make your list. You should look into it, I LOVE it! Thanks for the in depth review of others though!

  250. Katrina says

    I’m so happy you took the time to do this for us! I’d love to see this sort of thing as a series…definitely useful! Also, I hate Vega protein powders! They all taste terrible. I haven’t tried Bob’s Red Mill. Thanks to you, I will now!

  251. P. says

    Wow, think you! This was Amazon: super thorough! I cannot buy mosto of these because i live in Europe but it was still super interesting! I would love to see A review of unflavoured proteins as I mostly use those, mixed info soups! I find them easy to take in that way.

  252. Caitlin says

    I was actually standing in the protein powder aisle this morning just staring at the options. I need to grab this Bob’s powder. I’m always shocked when people love Vega- I think it’s so awful! It’s like the trendy protein powder everyone wants.

  253. helen says

    thanks, dana!!! i am wondering if the ones you like have stevia in them. like some of the other commenters, i really dislike stevia and can taste it immediately, even if there are trace amounts.

    • michelle geil says

      Thanks Helen. I’d like to know that too – it doesn’t matter how little stevia is in a powder, it tastes awful and makes me a little sick. I have to do my own follow up whenever I hear of a new protein mix. However, I can tolerate monkfruit, which the Bob’s has in it’s formula. I’ll look for it at my grocery store. Good luck! Also I just found a sweetener on Amazon called Allulose, which appears to be natural and slightly sweet, powdered, no aftertaste. It adds just a touch of sweetness, from what I can tell. Check it out (-:

  254. Tracy | Pale Yellow says

    Thanks for doing all the work! I’ve want to try protein powders for meals on the go, but it’s an overwhelming field. Most seem expensive to buy if you don’t know whether or not they are any good. I’m excited to try Bob’s Red Mill!

  255. Sara @ Oats & Rows says

    This was super interesting and helpful! Thank you for the variety of brands you used…most of them I had never heard of before!

  256. Gissell says

    I think this is my first comment in a blog, ever, but seeing the need for a nice protein powder and the fact I found it :) I have to say the Arbonne Protein Shake Vanilla. I am not an ARBONNE consultant, in fact this product is the only one I buy from them consistently. It is an amazing protein powder with nutritional value and an excellent taste, it is vegan and all sort of good things..check it out. I know you checked Amazon, easily accessible, affordable, etc, but if anyone is looking for something they do no dread to drink this is the one. I have to keep it hidden or else the kids will drink it as if it was one of “those” unhealthy shakes…and yes it is not the cheapest.
    Thanks for your awesome blog.

    • Karen says

      Co-sign! Arbonne’s protein powder is surprisingly delicious! I’ve tried the vanilla and chocolate. I think they have a plain version out now, but I haven’t tried it yet.

  257. Sarah says

    This is so perfect – just this morning I threw away my Sunwarrior protein mix because I found it so disgusting and couldn’t even give it away… I’m going to try your favourite now and see if I like it! Thanks for doing the research for us.

  258. Laura says

    Thank you! I have been wanting to add Vegan Protein Powder to my smoothies, but haven’t wanted to buy a dud. Thanks for figuring it out for me!

    • Kim says

      I was thinking the same! But just like Bob’s, who would know that Arbonne makes protein powder?
      I used to have a favorite “Vegetein” (was sooo goood!) but the company Rezealiant (mail order company only, the shipping is awful) changed their recipe and now it’s not at all comparable and I no longer like it. I tried Arbonne as my friend is a rep and she really likes it… oh my gosh it was yum! It was very similar to the Vegetein that I can no longer get. Arbonne is just SOOO expensive… ugh and I thought Rezealiant was bad… I’m going to try Bob’s and then if not I’ll go to Arbonne.

      Dana– awesome review list!! Many thanks.

    • Shylo says

      Totally agree – Dana did mention in the piece that she stuck with brands available on Amazon, but I agree – Arbonne’s is my favorite and delivered right to your door. Totally smooth, no grit at all, great flavor, complete protein, non-gmo, no soy, gluten free, 20g of protein and it’s true that most people do better on pea protein. :)

  259. Brooke says

    Thanks for this review! I really don’t like many vanilla protein powders either, only chocolate! Unless mixed in with a lot of fruit and almond milk. I like many of these brands in their chocolate counterparts, but definitely not in the vanilla. You should try another review with the chocolate ones :) I’ve never tried the Bob’s Red Mill one, maybe I will now, I also like the Garden of Life one.

  260. Curllee says

    The Bob’s Red Mill product is also one of the most expensive I have ever seen. Much more expensive than average at $3 per 20g of protein serving. The 1 lb pack you linked to at Amazon is $30, and contains only 10 servings. That is ridiculous, especially for a mere supplement. Sure, the others may not taste as well. But most of them generally cost only one-third as much at about $1 per 20g of protein serving. It is a shame that your review did not account for price per serving.

  261. Beth says

    I’ve been waiting for this since you talked about it on your insta story. Thank you! I’ve been wanting to incorporate vegan protein powder to supplement my protein intake and this post is very informative and helpful!

  262. Ashley says

    Thank you for doing this! I always buy chocolate because I mix it with water immediately after my gym workout. Vega Sport has been my go-to, but I’m thinking about trying the Bob’s vanilla now! I wonder if Bob’s has a chocolate option? I’m sure this took a lot of time and effort but uhhhh…. would you be doing a test for chocolate in the future?

  263. Patricia Rowell says

    Thank you SO much for this! My husband & I were just about to start comparing. This saves us a lot of time & money! We currently have the Vega Protein & Greens & agree completely with your assessment. Interestingly, I just purchased the Bob’s Red Mill Vanilla yesterday because I like their other products and had a $3.00 off coupon! We will be trying it today. :)

  264. Keira says

    Wow thank you so much! I didn’t realize Bobs had one either! If you ever want to try one not on Amazon, Perfect Fit protein from Tone It Up is amazing- and vegan. They have vanilla, chocolate, vanilla latte, and pumpkin spice flavors- great for baking and smoothies ?

    • Melissa says

      Keira, I was thinking the same thing as I was reading the article! I LOVE Perfect Fit by Tone It Up, and I love even more at how well it bakes yummy treats! I’ve been looking for something I can get at the store when Perfect Fit isn’t on sale, so I’ll have to try the Bob’s!

        • Illan says

          Can I also recommend you try Sun Pyramid? It’s pretty good. Thank you so much for this review! Looking forward to trying Bob’s.

          • Kaylee says

            I’m curious too! Have you tried Tone It Up brand yet? How did it compare to your list? I loooove the Tone It Up vanilla flavor and was thinking about trying some on your list, but was curious how it would compare.

  265. Toni says

    I wish I had this review a few weeks ago! I’ve been searching for the perfect vanilla plant protein base for my smoothies as well – my fav was Aloha (purely based on taste,the big flecks never bothered me) & I have recommended it to others, however I started wanting more benefits/nutrition other than just protein which led me to Vega. I just don’t like it at all. I had high hopes because it seems so popular but it makes everything I blend with it (even my stronger flavored smoothies like pumpkin pie & mango cardamom) taste only like the product itself – oddly fruity/chalky. Awful. Thinking about trying to return it & picking up Bobs! I didn’t even know they had one!

  266. Rachel says

    Super helpful! I’ve wondered about Aloha… now I don’t have to face the disappointment haha. Now for my 2 cents…

    Vega One has a “natural” flavor that, to me, tastes sweet and vanilla but not to the overwhelming degree that the French vanilla flavor does. I like it in smoothies, but still cut it with citrus because I’m easily overwhelmed by stevia flavor.

    And perhaps the best I’ve tasted in taste and texture: HPN ProZero in both vanilla and strawberry. It’s sweet, no lie, and I’m adding citrus with it in my smoothies, but the flavor it adds, and the texture it does not add, makes this my favorite. It’s on Amazon! And they use a vegan source of D3, I’ve asked!

    • Jill says

      Hey Rachel, I would definitely skip the ALOHA protein. My nutritionist and trainer looked at the macros and advised me to throw it out. They both suggested Sun Warrior or Garden of Life – I’m going to ask about Bob’s – like everyone else, I doubt they knew about it! Time for some marketing!!

      PS, Dana, this is incredible work – really appreciated!

      • Candice says

        100% agree with Jill! Aloha protein actually had a recall a few months back and a lot of people got sick from it (myself included). The original version of it was sub-par to begin with, and after the new one came out, they never really seemed to get it right. Literally left a bad taste in my mouth.

        I’ve never tried Bob’s but am excited about it now! I’ve also heard many RD/nutritionists say that Sun Warrior has the best flavor and amino acid profile among the plant-based proteins out there. Would definitely rather spend my money on quality ingredients rather than overpriced “pretty” packaging.

      • Kelly says

        Bob’s doesn’t have all essential amino acids. It’s not a complete protein so it’s kind of useless as a protein powder ?

  267. Sarah says

    Thanks for this! Do you have any idea how the Garden of Life product you reviewed compares to the Raw Organic Meal product? We just bought it after “rave” reviews in our local store. It’s pretty disgusting. HA. I mean- it seems to blend all the way in cashew Malk. We will be trying it in our smoothie today. I hope it goes well. By itself- it tastes like fake sweetener and dirt.

  268. april says

    Just wanted to say thank you for testing these out. I’ve tried a few and they were HORRIBLE, so I’m looking forward to testing out your top picks.

  269. Jess @NourishedbyNutrition says

    Wow! This is a awesome much needed post! If you’re up for trying another down the road, I recommend SunWarrior Classic Plus. I personally don’t like any of the protein powders so far that are flavored or sweetened, especially with stevia. They all taste slightly off to me. But I’ve found I really like the thickness and flavorless taste of the Classic Plus, especially in oats. I also like that the ingredients are a mixture of protein sources. Maybe give it a shot? Anyways, thanks again for the extensive research h and effort behind this post!

  270. Becca says

    This was so interesting! I’m a loyal vega protein + greens (although I prefer the chocolate, I didn’t love the vanilla) and was surprised it fared so low! Looking forward to your flavored review!

    • Lea says

      I agree, the vanilla is GROSS, but the chocolate is so ????. I was glad to read this though, I just found I’m allergic to pineapple and mushrooms and I don’t eat soy, so it’s become way more challenging to find healthy protein with those parameters!

    • Grace says

      Thanks for doing this review – I have tried all the flavors of the Vega Protein & Greens and the vanilla IS the absolute worst. If you do something like this again, I’d suggest doing another flavor like chocolate just to see if there is a difference.!

    • Kristi says

      I was surprised the Vega Protein and Greens got such a low mark, too. I have also tried many protein powders, several from Vega, Orgain, and many others in the past and at this point the only one I’ve repurchased is the Vega Protein and Greens. I didn’t know Bob’s Red Mill had protein powder either, so I’ll certainly give that a try when mine runs out! Thanks for testing. Next testing round you should test Burt’s Bees new protein powder! I’m curious, but not curious enough to buy it yet…

      • Maestro says

        I’ve been using the Burts Bees vanilla protein powder in smoothies. Pleasant vanilla flavor is a bit sweet but not overly so, no bitterness or odd taste noted when adding fruit, spinach, chia or flax, and nuts. It blends well with almond milk and stays blended, not to chalky. However, sodium is 210mg/scoop 30g. I’d love to see sodium content of the powders tested here. TY

    • Amber says

      For years, I was a loyal Vega Sport fan, but they sold out & are now owned by a corporation. Recently, products contained in all Vega products have come back as being high in heavy minerals.
      Vanilla didn’t used to taste overly sweet & I alternated between that flavor & chocolate. Mocha was way too sweet & I never tried berry.
      To the coffee drinkers out there, make a protein coffee by scooping powder into a large mug then pour hot coffee over the top & stir. DELISH!

    • Donna says

      I use the Vega vanilla and think it blends perfectly. The vanilla is quite strong and sweet so I am thinking of using less than a scoop in my next smoothie. Would try Bob’s when I run out of Vega.