Easy 2-Ingredient Coconut Yogurt

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Large Weck jar filled with amazing 2-Ingredient homemade Coconut Yogurt and berry compote

Friends, I made yogurt! Coconut yogurt to be exact.

And if I can make yogurt, you can make yogurt – promise. Let’s do this!

Emptying probiotic capsule into the coconut yogurt

There are no fancy tricks or expensive equipment involved here. Just 2 simple ingredients required!

All you need is coconut milk and probiotic capsules, which (if you’re like me) you probably have in your pantry right now. Score!

This is a 3-step process:

1) Empty coconut milk into a clean glass jar or bowl.
2) Top with probiotic and stir.
3) Cover with cheesecloth and wait.

That’s it! Seriously – it doesn’t get any easier than this. And the result is phenomenal!

Jar of coconut yogurt covered with a cheesecloth and secured with a rubberband

I’m sure you’re thinking, “How good can homemade yogurt be?” Trust me, I’ve tried all the store-bought coconut yogurts and this by far is the best!

It’s creamy (almost like Greek yogurt!), rich, and tangy – just like the “real” thing.

Using a wooden spoon to stir homemade Coconut Yogurt

Once your yogurt has activated (24-48 hours), simply refrigerate to thicken / cool and then enjoy!

I prefer my yogurt plain, but it is also delicious with maple syrup, lemon, vanilla, or fruit. For serving, I made some of my fruit compote and added some chia seeds to thicken and WOW – it was amazing with the yogurt. Dream big, friends! Just about any flavor combination works here.

Stirring coconut yogurt with a wooden spoon in a glass mixing bowl
Weck jar filled with berry compote and homemade coconut yogurt using our step-by-step instructions

I hope you all LOVE this yogurt! It’s:

Easy to make
& SO delicious!

This would make the perfect satisfying snack or breakfast. I like serving mine with some banana, fresh fruit, and a sprinkle of Classic Granola or Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Granola and hemp seeds for added protein and fiber! Talk about an amazing plant-based treat.

This yogurt would also be delicious on top of things like my Life-Changing Banana Pancakes, Best Vegan GF Waffles, Peanut Butter and Jelly Muffins, 1-Bowl Banana Bread, and more! And I put it to good use in upcoming recipes, so stay tuned!

If you try this recipe, let us know! Leave a comment, rate it, and don’t forget to tag your yogurt creations #minimalistbaker on Instagram so we can see. Cheers, friends!

Jar full of our delicious homemade Vegan Coconut Yogurt

Recipe updated 7/24/17 to reflect another round of testing and troubleshooting. Switched recommendation of light coconut milk to full fat! Other considerations: 

  • Please make sure your probiotic is high quality and does not contain PREbiotics.
  • The combination I have had the most success with: 1 can 365 Whole Foods Full Fat Coconut Milk + 2 Renew Life 50 billion probiotic capsules.
  • I have not tested this recipe in a yogurt maker or with a yogurt starter/culture. So if you try them this way, let me know how it goes in the comments!
  • It’s important that you follow the recommendations of coconut milk brands I mention, otherwise I can’t guarantee good results. I believe Whole Foods 365 brand works so well because the flavor and consistency are nearly perfect. It does contain guar gum, which may be why it helps create smooth texture and prevents separation. Brands that do not contain guar gum are more likely to have some separation.
  • If you have separation, that’s OK! Either stir it in, or put it in the refrigerator separated, then scoop off the creamy top layer.
  • If your yogurt takes on weird colors or odd smells, something has gone wrong. This never happened to me, but it can. If this happens, throw it out! It should taste tangy, but not spoiled.
  • If you made this recipe with good results and you tried other brands / methods, please leave a rating and share any tips or tricks that might be useful to other readers!
  • I have not tested this recipe with any other non-dairy milks and have no further recommendations besides full-fat coconut milk.
  • Lastly, if you want to thicken your yogurt even more, place two layers of cheesecloth over a fine mesh strainer set over a large mixing bowl and carefully pour in your yogurt. Then loosely cover the top (with a lid or plastic wrap), and refrigerate / let drain for several hours (draining liquid as needed) until desired thickness is reached!

Easy 2-Ingredient Coconut Yogurt

Easy, vegan, and gluten-free coconut yogurt with just 2 ingredients and 1 bowl! Thick, rich, tangy, creamy, and perfect for snacking!
Author Minimalist Baker
Jar of homemade Easy Coconut Yogurt with fruit compote at the bottom
4.49 from 367 votes
Prep Time 1 day 6 hours
Total Time 1 day 6 hours
Servings 6 (1/4-cup servings)
Course Breakfast, Side, Snack
Cuisine Gluten-Free, Vegan
Freezer Friendly No
Does it keep? 7 Days



  • 1 14-ounce can full fat coconut milk* (organic when possible, see below for brand recommendations // or sub light for thinner yogurt)
  • 2 capsules vegan-friendly probiotic* (they need to be capsules, not pills, which have to be crushed, see below for recommendations // capsules can be easily opened and emptied)

ADD-INS optional

  • Maple syrup, stevia, or agave nectar for sweetening
  • Vanilla extract or vanilla bean powder
  • Fruit or Fruit Compote


  • SEE NOTES ABOVE FOR MORE TIPS! It’s important to select a coconut milk that’s creamy and smooth (not grainy or clumpy) to ensure that the yogurt is creamy and smooth. Our favorite brands are: Savoy Coconut Cream, Aroy-D Coconut Milk, and Whole Foods 365 full fat (BPA-free). Native Forest Full Fat (BPA-free) isn’t as creamy, but it still makes tasty yogurt. We would not recommend Trader Joe’s (BPA-free), which was recently reformulated and is now chunky/grainy. 
  • Shake your coconut milk well. Then open and pour into a clean, sterilized, dry glass jar or bowl. You can easily sterilize clean jars by rinsing throughly with boiling water and letting dry completely. Just let them cool back down to room temperature before adding ingredients. For jars, I like this one from Weck. Sometimes the coconut milk is separated, so after adding it to the jar, I stir with a whisk to get it completely smooth.
  • Empty your probiotic capsules (see brand recommendations below) into the yogurt and (important:) use a wooden or plastic spoon to stir, not metal, as a metal spoon can react negatively with the probiotics. Stir until creamy and smooth, pushing the probiotic up against the side with your spoon to evenly disperse.
  • Cover the mixture with cheesecloth (or a very thin, clean dish towel – something that lets air in but keeps bugs out) and secure with a rubber band.
  • Let the yogurt activate for at least 24 hours and up to 48 hours (sometimes longer – 48 hours is my sweet spot for thickness and tang) in a warm place. The longer it rests, the tangier the yogurt will become. In warmer climates and summer it’s easy to make yogurt if your house is warm (75 degrees F / 23 C and above). But in cooler climates or seasons, place the yogurt in the oven with the light on (do not turn on the oven), where it should have the right amount of heat to activate.
  • That’s it! Once the yogurt has reached the right amount of tanginess and thickness for your liking (be sure to sample with a wooden spoon), cover securely with a lid and refrigerate until cold. Refrigerating will also thicken the yogurt even more, almost to a Greek yogurt consistency (depending on the brand of coconut milk you used)! For even thicker yogurt, line a fine mesh strainer with two layers of cheesecloth and set over a mixing bowl. Pour in the yogurt, then loosely cover with a lid or plastic wrap and let rest in the refrigerator overnight or for 12+ hours. It should thicken up quite a bit more.
  • You have coconut yogurt (!!), which can be enjoyed plain as I prefer it, with fruit, or even with Fruit Compote. You can also add a bit of sweetener or flavor at this point, such as maple syrup and/or vanilla extract.
  • Store covered in the refrigerator for several days (mine kept for 7 days). You’ll know it’s gone bad when the smell is off-putting or there is mold.



*My go-to probiotic is Renew Life Ultimate Flora 50 billion. However, the company does not confirm whether or not it is vegan. So a good vegan option is Jarrow Probiotic 10 billion, which I tested with the yogurt and it worked well! Keep in mind, one bottle of probiotics can not only be used to make dozens of batches of yogurt, but can also be taken orally for good digestive health!
*Nutrition information is a rough estimate calculated without add-ins or sweeteners, using full fat coconut milk.
*Method heavily adapted from the amazing Laura Miller!
*Recipe updated 7/24/17 after another round of testing and troubleshooting!
* Recipe makes 1 1/2 cups yogurt.

Nutrition (1 of 6 servings)

Serving: 1 quarter-cup servings Calories: 120 Carbohydrates: 2 g Protein: 1 g Fat: 12 g Saturated Fat: 10 g Trans Fat: 0 g Cholesterol: 0 mg Sodium: 25 mg Sugar: 1 g

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  1. Edwinia says

    I made this recipe and then I put in my blender with some thawed frozen strawberries, and 5 teaspoons of raw sugar. It became runny after blending it but it looked and smelled just like regular yogurt. And I thought it tasted ok, but my son said it tastes Awesome! Thank you so much for a yogurt we can eat without getting sick, or breaking the bank.

  2. Lara says

    Hi lovely,
    I made this recipe two days ago. The coconut milk jars are still sitting on my bench top but nothing has happened. The milk has separated into a thicker white part and a watery almost translucent part. I used organic coconut milk with no other ingredients aside from coconut milk extract and water. I used two probiotic capsules and iced well. And covered with cheesecloth. Do you know what might have gone wrong?
    Thank you.
    With love,

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Lara, what temperature is the room they’re in? We’re wondering if perhaps it’s too cold and they might benefit from moving to a warmer spot. Hope that helps!

      • Lara says

        It’s summer here in Western Aus. The kitchen where the jars were sitting was always between 22-33 degrees Celsius.
        I left them for three days but threw them out yesterday.

  3. Kathleen says

    Hello – love your coconut yogurt recipe. I am looking to make my own higher protein yogurt. Do you think this would work with higher protein plant milk sources – Ripple (pea protein milk) or Silk Soy Protein plant milk?

    Thank you!!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Kathleen, we haven’t experimented with those milks, but you’d need to heat them and let cool to the right temperature for proper fermentation. With canned coconut milk, the canning process does that step for you!

  4. Kyndra says

    I love the sound of your recipe, I just have one question. If you’ve made a successful batch can you use your previous batch to make a new one?

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Kyndra, We tested the idea of using the previous batch as a starter using 2 Tbsp of coconut yogurt and found that it wasn’t as tangy and didn’t really thicken. It’s possible that using more would work. Hope that helps!

      • Kyndra says

        Thanks for letting me know! I just got done fermenting it in my yogurt maker and it smells like cheese or maybe Ghee. I hope that’s not the “odd smell” you were talking about!

  5. Meagan says

    Hi – question! Why are we not able to use the probiotic with the prebiotic? Thanks in advance! (if someone has already asked this and I missed it, I apologize)

  6. Tim says

    Just used this recipe for the first time. Didn’t find/read all the instructions and used Thai Kitchen organic coconut milk (which contains guar gum), two of The Vitamin Shoppe’s Ultimate 10+ 30billion probiotic caps, and stirred them together with a metal spoon! A badly designed heating system leaves one room at about 78 to 82deg – after 20 hours at that temperature I have beautiful thick creamy lightly tangy yogurt! Will make excellent tzatziki for Christmas Dinner appetizers.

  7. Susan says

    I made this with Aroy-D coconut milk and the texture is a bit runny. Is this typical for this brand of milk? Or do I need to leave longer? Im overseas and not able to access Savoy brand.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Susan, How does it taste? If the tanginess is where you want it, we wouldn’t suggest leaving it longer. If you want to thicken your yogurt more, place two layers of cheesecloth over a fine mesh strainer set over a large mixing bowl and carefully pour in your yogurt. Then loosely cover the top (with a lid or plastic wrap), and refrigerate / let drain for several hours (draining liquid as needed) until desired thickness is reached!

    • Emma says

      Hiya, I just made this! left out for 24 hours, popped in the fridge over night and It has thickened up very nicely,
      but when I took the lid off it smelt quite strongly of eggs almost? It doesn’t really taste eggy, do you think it will still be okay?

      • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

        Hm, it’s tough to say! It could mean there’s some unfriendly bacteria growing in there, so to be on the safe side, we would not suggest consuming it.

  8. Marg M says

    Does the number of the probiotic matter for the recipe, or is there a minimum number you would recommend? You mention two brands, one 50 billion and one 10 billion. A local natural foods store sells probiotic in bulk and in capsules, each with different numbers. Thanks!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Marg, we would suggest using at least 10 billion CFUs. The more probiotics, the tangier it will be. Hope that helps!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Yes! It should take about 12-24 hours, depending on your yogurt maker and preferred tanginess. We’d suggest referencing the instructions on your yogurt maker to double check timing.

      • Isabel says

        more coconut can for the trash (already 4 in total of my experiences).
        I am very sad, it seems that I will never be able to make this yogurt.
        I didn’t use the recommended brands (I didn’t find it in Portugal) but I used a can of organic coconut milk, 60% coconut. it always separates…. I used probiotics now 25 billion.
        I do not know what to do ….

        • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

          Sorry to hear that, Isabel! A little separation is normal and can be resolved by stirring it just before eating. Using a brand of coconut milk with guar gum in it will reduce separation. Hope that’s helpful if you give it another try!

  9. Donna B says

    We are making yogurt but we have the probiotic in powder form, not capsules. How much do you think we’d need to use? How much is in a capsule? If you can help that’d be awesome!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Donna! We think ~1/4 tsp would be the equivalent of two capsules. Let us know how it goes!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      After the fermentation time at room temperature (24-48 hrs), we transfer to the refrigerator and it thickens more. Hope this helps!

  10. Diana Welvaert says

    Ok..made this twice. First time used correct amount of yogurt, glass jar, etc. followed all the directions to the t. Tried to keep the jar at correct temp. My oven light does not stay on unless oven is on..! So that was a fail, so wrapped in warm towel..tried a grown light, lol, sort of worked. Let it sit for 48 hours..and very sour..not a nice flavor. So added some maple syrup to it. Sort of worked, but not super impressed. So went and bought two cans of organic coconut cream. This time, after researching, realized it tastes more sour the longer it ferments, that 24 hours should work, also used the yogurt setting on the instant pot for warmth. Then put in fridge. When I took it out, the top part was hard!. like really crunchy..and then lots of water on the bottom, like one inch. tried to stir but very grainy etc. So now that one sits in the fridge with straing cloth. hmmm. This is def not easy peasy..So many variables. sigh..going to see if I can salvage this into sour cream. lol..but not as I had hoped.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Diana, sorry to hear it’s given you trouble! It sounds like you’re on the right track with decreasing the fermentation time. We’d suggest trying a brand of coconut milk with guar gum in it to reduce separation. It may still need stirring after it’s been in the fridge, but shouldn’t have a hard and crunchy top. Hope that helps!

  11. Claudia says

    I’m so excited about this recipe! Q – I didn’t whisk the coconut milk before combination. It’s definitely a bit clumpy. Is it okay to go in with a plastic whisk a few hours in, or should I just leave it alone and maybe address the texture during straining?

  12. Jon says

    I have had good luck using Thai Kitchen coconut milk and Renew Life Ultimate Flora 30 billion CFU (all I could find at the grocery). It takes about 5 days for a good, thick yogurt, but that might be faster if you can manage warmer temps.

      • Rizwana says

        Hi, I made this coconut yogurt unsuccessfully 3 times with just one strain – saccharomyces boulardii. This is because I miss yogurt and I am currently on a candida diet and shouldn’t be on any probiotics but this strain is potentially OK in the healing process. When I left my jar in a warm place it overflowed and was slightly foamy on top, with whatever overflowed leaving oily drips everywhere. It is quite tangy/sharp and still fairly liquid with no separation after about 7 to 8 hours so have moved it to the fridge. I’m not sure that it will ‘set’ as I’ve read you need certain strains to make a set yogurt, and it will probably be more of a probiotic drink. Do you think it will be OK to use still, or did the foaming/overflowing indicate its gone bad? Also is it possible to make it more of a set yogurt with a thickener or gelling agent/gelatin? Thanks.

        • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

          Hi Rizwana, we haven’t tried it with saccharomyces boulardii, but as you mentioned, it’s not one of the strains usually used in yogurt making, so we aren’t sure it will work. There are some recipes that use gelatin, but you’d need to cook and cool it before fermenting. Sorry we can’t be of more helpful on that!

  13. Efraim says

    “My go-to probiotic is Renew Life Ultimate Flora 50 billion. However, the company does not confirm whether or not it is vegan”

    I asked them via Facebook whether it is vegan or not. it is!

  14. Fede says

    I followed precisely the instructions of this recipe and the taste was awful. It tasted like rotten eggs! And, YES! I’ve sterilised the jar, used exactly the same brands of probiotic (and they weren’t expired or old since I bought them specifically for making this yougurt), check the temperature etc…
    The consistency was perfect after refrigerated it.. the smell/taste absolutely disgusting 🤢

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Fede, we’re so sorry to hear that was your experience! Is it possible your coconut milk contains any sulfur-based additions?

  15. Melanie says

    I used what I had on hand: Thai Kitchen canned coconut cream (not milk!) and two 25 billion cfu Klaire Labs capsules and this was perfect at the 48 hour mark 💗

  16. Suzi W says

    In the process of making my first batch. I did purchase Tapioca granules after reviewing the ingredients of my favorite coconut yogurt brands (Cocoyo, Harmless Harvest). I have yet to add it, but imagine it will assist with the thickening if necessary. Bob’s red mill also sells guar gum, another thickener.

    Would love if you could update the recipe with a specific amount of probiotic. I see several comments here from 10B – 25B – 90B. Since good probiotics can be pricey, would be great to know how much is necessary to create a good yogurt, so we are not over or under utilizing the capsules.

    Thanks for the easy recipe. Was about to purchase a yogurt maker for my too small kitchen and hoping I can master this recipe with just 2 – 3 ingredients and some basic kitchen utensils.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Suzi, We’re glad you’re excited to make it! You can find our recommended brands and strengths of probiotics in the comments. Hope that helps!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Yen, you would need to heat it to kill off any harmful bacteria and then cool before adding the probiotics. The canning process does this, which is why it works with canned coconut milk without having to heat it.

  17. Jason Hsu says

    I’m trying again with the CORRECT coconut milk and probiotic supplements in my yogurt maker. I did find the required coconut milk at Whole Foods. (It’s with the other canned goods, not the coconut milk in cartons. Yes, it’s closer to the canned tomatoes than to most other coconut milk products.)

    How do I know when my homemade coconut yogurt is finished? When I made homemade dairy yogurt, I used whole dairy milk and a yogurt starter. Because it was liquid at first, it was easy to see that it was done.

      • Jason Hsu says

        After nearly 24 hours in my yogurt maker, I haven’t noticed it thickening, and it doesn’t have much of a tangy flavor. Is this normal?

      • Annie says

        Thank you for sharing! Can i save the coconut yogurt for making the next batch of coconut yogurt instead of keep buying the probiotic (when it’s ran out)? If yes, what’s the ratio? Can it be freeze till ready for next batch?
        Also have you ever make coconut milk/cream out of shred coconut chips? Can it make this recipes with it?

        Thank you again!

        • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

          Hi Annie, you can make coconut milk/cream out of coconut chips using this recipe, but we wouldn’t recommend using it for yogurt unless you heat and cool it first. We tested the idea of using the previous batch as a starter using 2 Tbsp of coconut yogurt and found that it wasn’t as tangy and didn’t really thicken. It’s possible that using more would work. Hope that helps!

  18. Lee Crevier says

    Hello there…love your recipes, thank you! I have made the coconut yogurt a few times. The first was a disaster as I used the wrong coconut milk and it didn’t set! And then I watched your video and things went better and I have a question. The yogurt tastes really good, nice and tangy and way better than store bought. It smells funny though, kind of funky. Is that normal? I thought that there shouldn’t be that smell if it tastes good. I have read where some people say it smells like eggs and that is similar to what has happened. Please let me know if you have any ideas for me! Thanks

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Lee, glad to hear it went better the second time! Hmm, it shouldn’t smell unpleasant. Is it possible you’re using coconut milk with added sulfites?

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Sonia, what was the texture of the coconut milk before fermenting? We’d suggest one that’s smooth and creamy for best results. If you haven’t already checked out the video and section above the recipe for troubleshooting tips, we’d recommend looking there!

  19. Jason Hsu says

    HELP! I tried again using Fresh Thyme’s canned coconut cream instead of the Whole Foods 365 canned coconut cream (which I couldn’t find). The coconut cream and Renew Life probiotics have been sitting my my yogurt maker for the past 36 hours, but there still doesn’t appear to be much progress. The appearance of the mixture hasn’t changed, and the taste has only just barely changed.

    Will this work out, or do I have to write this all off AGAIN? What went wrong this time? I did use coconut cream instead of watery coconut milk.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Jason, sorry to hear that! Hmm, is it possible your probiotics are expired or were not stored in the refrigerator?

      • Jason Hsu says

        I store probiotics in the refrigerator, and these are NOT expired.

        I know that the brand of canned coconut cream isn’t the 365 Whole Foods brand, but I couldn’t find that product at Whole Foods, so what was I supposed to do? There can’t be that much difference between one brand of coconut cream and another, right?

  20. TN says

    I used one can of coconut milk, and two probiotic pills. I cooked in my yogurt maker for 24 hours and am waiting for it to cool int the fridge. I think 24 may have been way too long. It was still runny when I turned it off and looked like it had formed a heavy skin on top. Will try tomorrow morning.

    • TN says

      By morning it had bubbled grayish film on top and smelled off. The top layer was like coconut cream and the rest was liquid. Followed both directions and ingredients so had to be the heat and the amount of time. I used organic milk so was sad to see something expensive just go to waste.

      • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

        Sorry to hear that happened! The temperature could definitely be a factor. If you didn’t already check out the video, we’d recommend watching it for troubleshooting tips!

  21. Caroline says

    Hi, I used the probiotic and Whole Foods organic coconut milk you recommended. Made in glass jar and stirred with a wooden spoon. After 48 hours of sitting on the counter it was the same consistency as when it came out of the can, a little thicker than milk. When I watch your video, it looks like it is very thick when you open the can. Could that be the problem?

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hmm, is it possible you used light canned coconut milk? If you didn’t already see the tip above the recipe for thickening, give that a look! The video also should help.

  22. Cat says

    Hey, I made this recipe–so easy! I got my coconut cream by Savoy, put in my probiotic capsules, mixed it all up and let it sit for two days. Put it in the fridge and it was really thick and creamy–like the best Greek yogurt. Not gonna lie, it tasted like….. fart. Definite hard-boiled egg/mild sulphur aroma to it. I hoped adding vanilla extract and honey might make it usable but that odor still came through. I couldn’t take it and dumped it. I am wondering if there are probiotic cultures that give a better flavor than others? What do you use?

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Cat, so sorry to hear that was your experience! What probiotic did you use? We’re thinking that may have been the issue! You can find our preferred brands in the recipe notes. For best results, we’d suggest using a probiotic that has at least one of these strains: Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Streptococcus thermophilus, Bifidobacterium lactis, and/or Lactobacillus acidophilus.

  23. Jason Hsu says

    HELP! I know from watching the video that it was a mistake to use coconut milk from a carton instead of a can.

    Can I at least drink the fermented coconut milk? I’m hoping that I can at least salvage something from this fiasco and not have to pour it all down the drain.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Ah, bummer! We don’t think it’s salvageable, unfortunately. You’ll be able to tell by any signs of mold or it tasting/smelling off.

  24. Natalie says

    Leaving a comment for all the folks who asked how to thicken it – mine didn’t thicken either until I used the strainer method. Watch the video, it helps to see how she does it. I get a centimeter of liquid that drains out, the remaining yogurt is THICK! It only takes a few hours in the fridge with the strainer to get the liquid out.

  25. Karen says

    Hi this is a great thorough video & super simple recipe thank you! Can I add collagen powder without ruining the texture. i wanted to add more protein in it and was thinking of adding my Vital Protein brand collagen powder.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Karen, we’re so glad you like it! We haven’t tried that, but if you do, we’d suggest adding it just before transferring to the refrigerator so it doesn’t interfere with fermentation.

      • Patricia says

        I just mixed my Aroy-D coconut milk and RenewLife Ultimate Flora 50 billionaire cultures/12 probiotic strains in a STAINLESS STEEL bowl, with METAL WHISK! I totally missed the comment about glass bowl or plastic spoon being so vital. The mixture was only in the bowl for like 2-3min before transferring to a sterilized glass mason jar but did I completely sabotage my yogurt? Did I just deactivate and bugger my ingredients? Also, I also doubled my mixture (2 cans milk & 4 capsules probiotic) – is that ok to do? How did I take such simple instructions and completely mess it up? Feeling discouraged, but I guess I’ll have my answer to all of this in 48 to 72 hours.

        • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

          Hi Patricia, it might still work! We’d say just look for signs it may be off – mold, discoloration, or funky smell/taste. Hope that helps!

  26. Nitsa says


    My batch is currently incubating in a clean mason jar. Fingers crossed it works.

    My question relates to the reactivity of the bacteria & metal. Should I use a plastic lid or are standard coated the Mason jar lids OK?

    Thank you.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Nitsa, the lid shouldn’t be an issue as long as it’s not touching the surface of the yogurt.

  27. Ame says

    Thanks to your tips I finally had success making yogurt! And it is SO much better than store bought. Thank you for all the details in your recipe!

  28. Alina Aminova says

    Hi Dana!
    I made the coconut yogurt recipe. Thank you for that recipe! I used the 365 coconut milk but my yogurt came out grainy. I can’t understand why. Could it be because I used a lot of probiotic capsules? I put 8 capsules for one can of coconut milk. Thanks so much!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hmm, perhaps! We’d also suggest giving the milk a whisk before adding the probiotic if you didn’t do that.

  29. Emily Foote says

    I found the Renew Life ultimate flora probiotic at Walmart, but didn’t realize it was 30 billion in stead of 50 billion. The yogurt was delicious! I used the Arroy D coconut milk. The only think is it didn’t get really thick. It was sort of like a kefir consistency. Should I use 3 capsules for a total of 90 billion? Instead of using two 50 billion capsules? Would it make a difference? I let it sit about 32 hours before refrigerating and I liked the tanginess. I was comparing it to the Cocoyo brand

        • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

          Hmm, it sounds like the amount of probiotics you used was good, we’d suggest maybe trying the whole foods brand full fat coconut milk next time if you can find it, and you can also look at step 6 for tips on straining/refrigerating to get thicker yogurt. If those adjustments don’t help then you could possibly try increasing the probiotics, but keep in mind that might make it activate more quickly. Hope this helps!

  30. Debra says

    I made this in my instant pot on the yogurt setting. After 8 hours it tasted delicious but did not thicken. I used the Savoy coconut milk you recommended. I put it in fridge still did not thicken. Would it be because my probiotics were expired? I also used the probiotics that you recommended. What do you recommend?

  31. Melissa J says

    My probiotics are Mega Sporebiotic from microbiome labs…do you think those are fine? Not Sure how they differ.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Melissa, we don’t think the strains in Megaspore are the ones typically found in yogurt, so we’re not sure how it will turn out. For best results, we’d suggest using a probiotic that has at least one of these strains: Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Streptococcus thermophilus, Bifidobacterium lactis, and/or Lactobacillus acidophilus. Let us know if you try it either way!

  32. Renee says

    For my first attempt on making this I plan on using exactly what coconut milk you suggest. However, I do wonder if I can use the Thai full fat coconut milk in a shelf stable carton. You get a few more ounces of milk by using that. Have you tried using this product?

  33. Natalie says

    Thank you so much for the detailed instructions and video! My yogurt came out just as you described it would. I used the recommended Renew Life probiotic and am storing them in the fridge (I wouldn’t have known to do that that, so thank you!!). I tested Native Forest w guar, Savoy and Aroy-D. They all worked, but I need guar-free, so Savoy and Aroy-D will be my go-to’s. Found them at an Asian market. I got some separation and used the cheese cloth/strainer/bowl method and that worked like a charm. Being able to eat yogurt again has made my life so much better/easier! I’ve been on an elimination diet and struggle to find options – so I am truly grateful to have found your post.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Aw, we’re so glad it turned out well for you, Natalie! Such a relief to be able to have something delicious to enjoy =) Thank you so much for sharing! xo

  34. Carole says

    All I have to say is WOW. I am having a horrible time sharing this fabulous yogurt with my husband!! It goes QUICK.

    I used the recommended brands. I add a cap full of vanilla and 2 tablespoons of Swerve to mine, topped with granola. It is my new favorite treat. Thank you so much!

  35. James says

    That’s a lot of saturated fat! I can’t imagine it’s very healthy when you factor in the sat fat

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Angie, it looks like another reader tried it. You can find their experience by doing a search in the comments. If you press “ctrl+f” on a PC or “command+f” on a mac, a find bar should pop up that allows you to search for specific words (such as collagen) in the post and comments. Hope that helps!

    • Natalie says

      Try the cheese cloth/strainer/bowl in the fridge method. She shows it in the video. This helps strain out the water and leaves you with nice thick yogurt. Mine were coming out thin, so I did this method and it worked like a charm. I still add collagen to my yogurt for protein when I serve it.

    • Yemu says

      Please educate yourself on the topic of fat healthiness (I recommend Perfect Health Diet book). Sat fat from the vegetable source is the most healthy of all fats :)

  36. Cindy says

    Best thing I’ve ever made. I can’t eat dairy anymore but would be converted anyway. I have a question about your cheese cloth. Where did you get it? It is much more luxurious than mine :-)

  37. Yvonne says

    I checked my probiotics and it contains prebiotic. May I ask why should I exclude prebiotic? What would happen?

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Yvonne, it can interfere with proper fermentation and cause the yogurt to taste/smell off.

      • Travis says

        I live in Haiku Maui and have coconuts available, so I just made a batch of coco yogurt using this recipe. I made coconut milk by blending tender coco’s with coconut water until smooth and yogurt consistency. Then I used a scoop of store bought coconut yogurt instead of a probiotic capsule. Excited to see how it turns out, it’s sitting on the counter right now.
        Love the recipes here, by-the-way! Thanks!

        • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

          Thanks so much, Travis! Let us know how it goes. Our understanding is that if not using canned, the milk needs to be heated to kill off any unfriendly bacteria before fermenting.

  38. Naomi says

    Hello, I tried this recipe, I love the taste! but something did got wrong…. :(
    for some reason didn’t get creamy, it get small tiny crumbles mixed with creamy yogurt( like tiny cottage cheese) .
    Im not sure what did I do wrong but very upset with texture. Do you think you can give me a tip how can I solve it for the next time? Thank you!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Naomi, so sorry to hear that was your experience! It sounds like perhaps the coconut milk wasn’t creamy before adding the probiotics? Does that sound like what happened? If so, we’d suggest trying a different brand that’s creamier. You can find our brand recommendations in the post.

  39. Paulina says

    Hi, my coconut yogurt didn’t thicken like yours did, like the way yours turned out on your video, I did all the steps, the two capsules, sterilization, 48 hours covered with cheesecloth, the the same brand yogurt. The only thing I noticed is my capsules look a little smaller than the ones you were showing, I added two capsules just like you did but they were smaller. Do think I should add three capsules next time?

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Paulina, Do you mean you used the same brand probiotic or coconut milk? If you used a different brand of probiotics, that could be the issue. If so, another capsule could help. Be sure to also check out the troubleshooting tips above the recipe for additional guidance.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Rane! If you’re asking if you can use pre-made yogurt in place of the probiotics, we aren’t sure! We have not tested this with a yogurt starter. In place of the coconut milk, we don’t know for sure either, as it may affect the bacteria and create spoilage. Let us know what you find out if you give it a try!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Becky! Unfortunately we aren’t qualified to recommend a probiotic, but a quick google should help you find something that works!

  40. Jordan Dawick says

    I was super excited to try this recipe. followed the instructions using my oven with the light on as an incubator. Left this for about 24hrs then transferred it to the fridge till later in the evening. I opened the jar and stirred a beautifully thick yogurt. However there was the most horrific smell of sulphur. Made the husband sample a *tiny* bit and it tasted OK but the smell was too much. Any idea what went wrong?

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Oh no! Sorry to hear that happened, Jordan. Does the coconut milk have any sulfur additives in it? Or other ideas would be if some contamination got in there or the probiotic contained prebiotics that interfered with fermentation.

  41. Yuri says

    So easy and delicious!!!! I used two capsules but could probably do with 3 next time for extra tanginess. I used probiotics (10billion) I had on hand so that was probably why. It sat for about 24hrs and another 12 in the fridge, such a creamy and thick texture! Loove!! Paired with with your dark chocolate granola, amazing!!!

  42. Stephanie says

    Hi there! I wonder if you could tell me if your coconut yogurt has a bit of a…”funky” smell? Mine does, but it does not taste funky, just very very tart.

  43. Lynn says

    I’ve made this twice using the suggested coconut milk and probiotic. After 20 hours, the yogurt has the right tanginess for me but it will not firm up. It’s like a yogurt drink – nothing at all like a Greek yogurt consistency. I’ve tried to strain it per the instructions but the liquid simply pours through the cheesecloth! I’m so disappointed! Are there any other fixes you can offer?

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Lynn, so sorry to hear it didn’t turn out as you were hoping! For a thicker yogurt, you can try using coconut cream.

  44. Jeanne says

    I made coconut yogurt and I used all your recommendations & it turned out ok except I can’t taste any coconut. Why is that? I love coconut. Thanks so much.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hm, we’re not sure! Perhaps the brand of coconut milk? We wonder if adding coconut extract might help.

    • Susan Redlon says

      I made this recipe!
      Creamy , but almost too tangy tart taste. There is also a probiotic sulphur smell?
      I used savoy cream and 2 of the 50 billion Renew Probiotic ‘little’s compared to yours onYouTube.
      It stays a solid 80° here, maybe it’s too hot? I washed and boiled hot water!

      • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

        Hi Susan, we’re thinking maybe it fermented too quickly at that heat. If you try it again, we’d suggest checking on it sooner to see if it’s ready!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      That should work! You can use it instead of a whisk before adding the probiotics.

  45. Rebecca says

    I followed the directions carefully and the only difference I could see is the size of the probiotic capsules looked smaller. It sat for 3 days and I debated on adding more or just starting over.
    I will try the second batch this week, and decided to contact the probiotic manufacturer so I can get an accurate measurement.
    Thank you for your research, and being the special diet “test kitchen”.

    I love to cook and understand the chemistry of cooking, but being fairly new to GF and DF with as much vegan as I can, it has made the transition more pleasant and less wasteful.


  46. Caroline Le Grand says

    Many thanks for this great recipe! Easy and no fuss!
    I tried it with coconut cream (78% coconut) and it separated. It’s still on the counter (been there for 36h now) I’m waiting for the 48h mark to take it to the fridge. I’ll probably strain it as to get a real thick yogurt.

    I have two questions though:
    1- Would you recommend straining it before or after taking it to the fridge? (I would guess after since it will thicken more in the fridge)
    2- I really like my coconut brand (I live in Belgium, it’s Kazidomi).Do you think I could add a pinch of guar gum myself as I make the yogurt to prevent separation? how much would you recommend?

    Thanks in advance for your advise!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Caroline, thank you for sharing! We typically strain before adding to the fridge, but either way should be fine. As for the guar gum, that could help, but we aren’t sure on the amount. Let us know if you try it!

  47. Kristi says

    Hi! Thank you so much for this helpful post and video, loved it! I used Aroy-D coconut milk and “NOW probiotic-10 25 billion 10 probiotic strains” It has been sitting in my 84 degree garage for about 20 hours. I see about 1/2” of separation on the bottom and it smells a little tangy/sour. Is this all normal?

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Kristi, that does sound normal, as long as it doesn’t smell off and there aren’t any signs of mold. You can find troubleshooting tips for the separation above the recipe. Hope that helps!

  48. Cynthia Reed says

    I want to thank you so very much for sharing your amazing recipe. I made it, it took closer to 3 days for mine. My husband likes a cold house. I used a nut bag to drain the separation. I’m a southern girl so I’m gonna use that liquid for cornbread and the yogurt for my baked potatoes. It tastes wonderful I’m so excited because I’m allergic to dairy. Also I get sick from commercial coconut yogurt so this is a game changer for me!!!

      • Susan Redlon says

        Well I did do just that; I evaluated where placementof my jars where.
        They were not in sunlight, but the heat was too, much!
        So I put this batch in the cupboard to control light and heat. Timed it to exactly 24 hours AND I used
        1 1/2 Renew capsules of pro-biotics. I kept tasting my probiotics? So I tried a little less.
        Viola , Thank you love this recipe after you find your tweak spot!

  49. Emma says

    This is my go-to yogurt recipe these days! No more watery store bought yogurt.

    I’ve been making this for about 2 months with Native Forest full fat and it works beautifully. I buy in bulk on Amazon.

  50. Sara says

    Hi! Love to try this recipe out and before that, I have a question. Is it possible for me to keep a portion from the last batch and use it to culture the new yogurt? Thanks!!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Sara, We tested that idea with adding 2 Tbsp of coconut yogurt to a batch and found that it wasn’t as tangy and didn’t really thicken. It’s possible that using more would work. Hope that helps!

  51. Sara says

    My coconut concoction smells like eggs! Is this normal? It also hasn’t thickened up over 48 hours– It’s still very runny. I used Aroy-D and a non-prebiotic capsule. I made sure to sterilize everything as shown in the video. Where did I go wrong? Has anyone else had the sulfur smell?

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Oh no, sorry to hear that! It sounds like something did go wrong. What strains of bacteria were in the probiotic? What is the brand?

    • Rikki Bobchin says

      Mine also smells like eggs too but tastes okay. When I opened the coconut can it did smelled a little, so maybe the coconut in the can was bad? I used Savoy

      • Caitlin says

        I used the Thai Kitchen brand, it smells like eggs a lot of the time right when you open it. It doesn’t mean it’s bad….some brands just smell that way. I really don’t like what came out though. I switched to the Whole Foods Organic 365 and so far have had no issues.

  52. daria faïn says

    the first time I made the yogurt it was perfect : )
    the second time i doubled the doses with 2 cans and 4 probiotic capsules and left it for 48h but it remained liquid.
    any clue why?
    thank you!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Daria, is it possible any of the brands you used were different? Or the room temperature?


    I tried this recipe this weekend and wow, it turned out awesome! I used the WF 365 Full Fat Coconut Milk and ReNew Flora 50 billion. Do you have any experience if this can now be used as a master for more yogurt or do I need to start the process over each time?!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      We’re so glad it turned out well! We tried that and didn’t find it to work with this recipe. But if you try it, let us know how it goes!

  54. Karen says

    I’m going to have to make this again. Oh yea, I made it allright, then left it on top of the refrigerator. For. Weeks. My sweet husband “uhhh, what’s THAT?” Me, “I dunno.” Then “oh, just a science experiment” as I’m tipping the colorful mixture into the poor trashcan. It was quite pretty though…

    • Emma says

      I tried this with coconut milk and probiotics and didn’t have much luck at all. Perhaps the weather wasn’t warm enough, but it just stayed runny no matter how long I left in the warmest spot I had, nor did it thicken in the fridge. I now have tried with Kara coconut cream and probiotics and used with my normal yogurt maker – mixed it in the jar, added boiling water and it was ready 24 hours later! So yum!

      • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

        Thanks for sharing your experience, Emma! Room temperature can make a difference. Glad it turned out in the yogurt maker!

  55. Cari says

    Delish and hella easy! I used the recommended brands then tried some others. My face is Kara coconut cream because it’s super cheap in Thai grocery stores and it comes in 32 ounce size.
    I have an old-timey gas stove, so I store the fermenting yogurt in the bottom next to the pilot light and it’s always perfect. I tried it in a room and it went funky on me, so I stick to the stove now. I thought a room would be warm enough because I live in LA, but it wasn’t apparently.
    I mix it up in a large pitcher first, then pour into smaller jars to make it easier.
    Also, the whey leftover is great in baking or smoothies.

      • Marie says

        I love the Cocojune yogurt, it is thick, creamy, smooth and delicious. Would this recipe taste like that, I do not like any of the other brands because they are too sour.

        • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

          Hi Marie, it will depend on the probiotics you use and how long you let it ferment. We’d suggest checking it at maybe 18 hours to see if you’re liking the taste? Hope that helps!

  56. Jos says

    Excellent recipe. Thick, tangy, and delicious. Have your tried this recipe with only one probiotic capsule? What do you think the results would be? Probiotics are a little spendy so I just want to save a little.

    Thank you!

  57. Ash says

    Hi, I’m just about to try your recipe, looks so simple. I have a shelf stable probiotic with the strain lactobacillus rhamnosus 12 billion. Would that be okay to use? Thanks!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Unfortunately that won’t work! Oat milk would be too thin and require heating for safety.

  58. Emma says

    Hello! I just made this yogurt a few days ago. The instructions made it very simple to do! I used the 365 Full Fat Coconut from Whole Foods and the Garden of Life Raw Women’s Probiotic. My yogurt sat for over 30 hrs. I put it in the fridge after that and now it’s thick and tangy! The only thing that I am curious about is why there are some lumps in it? My guess is that I didn’t shake the coconut milk up enough before pouring it in my jar. Id love some feedback on how to make it smoother for my next batch! Thanks!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Emma, thanks so much for sharing! We’d suggest giving the coconut milk a whisk before adding the probiotics. Hope that helps!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      We haven’t! If you try it, we’d suggest doing so just before transferring to the refrigerator so that it doesn’t interfere with fermentation. Let us know how it goes!

    • Tracey says

      I’m trying my 2 Nd batch as we speak lol first one has turned out pretty good although it’s grainy I separated the water from the coconut “ cream” in the can and used 1 1/2 50 billion vegan probiotics and I put it in a clean glass jar with cheesecloth to cover and put it in the oven with the light at a perfect temperature of 26 degrees and took it out of the oven after approximately 30 hrs put into fridge overnight and it tastes good and very thick but like I said grainy 🤷🏻‍♀️
      This time I mixed up the whole can water and milk together so hoping for a better result this time 🙏🏻🤞🏻

  59. Laura Williamson says

    So delicious! I used Organics full fat coconut milk from Safeway and the Renew Life probiotic tablets recommended. I had to let it sit for nearly 48 hours because we’re living in the mountains and it’s cold at the moment. But so creamy with perfect level of tartness!

  60. Katelyn says

    I am so sad/confused. I followed all the steps properly to the best of my knowledge. I used Savoy coconut milk and Renew Life probiotics and everything seemed like it was going perfectly. It had separated during fermentation and after refrigerating, I went to go scoop all of the yogurt off of the liquid and even though the top tasted fine, OH MY GOD. THE SMELL FROM THE BOTTOM LIQUID. It smells like the worst rotten eggs. What could I have done wrong? Everything else seemed great so I would love to try this recipe again, but I’m super sad that this batch is inedible.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hmm, sounds to me like there was some bacteria introduced from improperly sanitized equipment! Did you sanitize properly?

  61. Ann says

    I was super excited to find this recipe for vegan yogurt. I’d planned to make it today, but unfortunately, when I looked at the Renew Life probiotics label I learned that milk products were included. Soy, too, but that’s not a problem for me. I’m going to look for a brand that is definitely dairy free, and then make your delicious-sounding yogurt. I honestly can’t wait!!

      • Ann E says

        Hi Dana. I did find dairy free probiotics so I made this yogurt and it turned out perfectly! It’s opened up a whole world of food for me. Some recipes call for buttermilk or yogurt, and whatever I could find had a funky taste or consistency. Even those that claimed to be “plain unsweetened” were no good for tzatziki because of something identified on the ingredient list as “flavour“. What the ?? Yogurt already HAS flavour. And it’s yummy!! I’m so happy I found your recipe. Thanks a million! :) 👍

  62. Steven holmes says

    I know that with regular yogurt, you can use a previous batch for “starter” for the next batch because you are transferring a culture. Am I right to guess that a new prebiotic needs to be put in with each batch and you can’t use an old batch as a “starter”?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      We tried that and didn’t find it to work with this recipe. But if you try it, let us know how it goes!

  63. Jade says

    I made this coconut yogurt using 2.5 capsules of my probiotics which have 10 billion active probiotics each, I let my yogurt sit activating in a warm environment overnight and checked it around the 19-20hr mark and it was very tangy in taste but not very thick at all, therefore I put it in fridge to harden up, when i came to check it about 2 hours later it had bubbled up a lot and even leaked out of the jars lid, what could have gone wrong? (I used the Aroy-D coconut yogurt)

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hmm, sounds like your probiotics were very active? I’ve never experienced that kind of change, especially not after refrigeration!

  64. Makayla Endo says

    Hi there,

    I am wanting to make this for my 8 month old and am wondering if I can use a baby probiotic, Renew Life Ultimate baby flora probiotic. Do you think this would work. If not, do you think that adult levels of probiotics is safe?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Um, without being familiar with that product I can’t guarantee it but it should work considering it’s high quality, a powder (tablet) not a (crushed) pill, and does not contain prebiotics. I can’t speak to whether an adult probiotic would be safe for children – consult your doctor!

  65. Taylor says

    Yeah so it smells similar to buttered popcorn and it tastes like tangy, whipped, unsalted butter. When I made it the first time, I used coconut milk that was too watery (only 2g of fat) and it smelled like a coconut dessert and tasted like yogurt more or less but it was the consistency of kefir. I couldn’t get it to thicken beyond that, which was fine but I wanted to try with full fat coconut milk. The second time I used Andre Prost unsweetened coconut milk (13g fat/serving). The probiotics both times were Nature’s Truth Probiotic-14 (25 billion active cultures). The second time (the buttery one) the mixture was already super thick immediately upon mixing it with the probiotic. Thanks for getting back to me!

  66. Taylor says

    Hello, I made this recipe with full fat coconut milk, and it smelled like butter after it started to ferment. I tasted it and it sort of just tastes like tangy butter. I was a bit put off by that, as in I wasn’t expecting it. Is this normal/something you experienced or is this something weird on my end? Thanks :)

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hmm, tangy butter. Tangy is normal. Not sure what you mean by butter? Which brand of coconut milk / probiotic did you use?

  67. Summer Ward says

    Hi there! I have a couple questions. The wooden spoon… does it need to be sterilized as well? If so, does a quick rinse in boiling water suffice? I’d hate to dry it out too much! Also, can I keep it warm on the yogurt setting of my instapot for the 24-48 hours? I would want to cap it with a lid as I make curry dishes in there and wouldn’t want the smell to transfer. Is the air getting in necessary for culturing? Meaning does it need to be covered with only a cheese cloth or can I put a lid on it in the pot?


    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Summer, The wooden spoon should be sterilized and a quick rinse with boiling water is fine. And yes to the Instant Pot!

  68. Kristi says

    So is it OK to use a yogurt maker? My oven doesn’t get very warm with just the light, I have tried using it before.

  69. Amanda says

    Hi! I have a probiotic powder (youtheory spore probiotic) with 6 billion CFU. The recipe recommends a probiotic capsule with 50 billion. Will that make a difference?

    Thanks so much!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Amanda, we haven’t tried this recipe with spore-based probiotics, so we aren’t sure how it will turn out. For best results, we’d suggest a mix of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria strains.

  70. Marci says

    Ok I Dont get how you deal with the chunk of fat that separates to the top of the can????? It does not blend in without heat and you make no mention of that

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Marci, it’s important to start with a brand of coconut milk that’s already smooth and creamy.

  71. Devon says

    Hi! I made this and it tastes great! It also smelled great, until I put it in the fridge! I transferred it to a different jar and covered with a metal lid. I think my partner has also been serving with a metal spoon. Does this matter? It just has a sulfur-y scent at first when the jar is opened. Thoughts?

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Devon, the metal lid/spoon shouldn’t make much difference after it has already fermented. But we wonder if something got in there that caused it to go bad? Did the brand of coconut milk you used have any additives like sulfites?

      • Devon says

        I used Aroy-D Coconut Milk. The only added ingredient there is Polysorbate-60. It seems like sulfur is naturally occurring in coconut from what I’ve been reading. I found a company called The Cultured Coconut that says their product smells sulfur-y when first opened. And have found a few other recipes online that say the same thing.

        It tastes great, but I’m still going to play it on the safe side and toss this batch. Will try making another.

        Thanks for your help!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Beth, We tested that idea with adding 2 Tbsp of coconut yogurt to a batch and found that it wasn’t as tangy and didn’t really thicken. It’s possible that using more would work. Hope that helps!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi, you could try using a yogurt starter, but you need some sort of beneficial bacteria to promote lactic acid fermentation.

      • Amber says

        I just used whole food 365 coconut cream. They were out of full fat tonight. Also, Natren probiotic, but i put 4 in. They were a gel, not powder. Do you think this will work? Hoping so til i can get the exact ingredients!

  72. Alyssa says

    Hi! I’m getting ready to attempt this yogurt for the first time. I already have in my fridge the Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Probiotics, Mood+ capsules. They’re powder filled. Do you think this brand would work?
    Thank you in advance =)

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Alyssa, it looks like that product contains PREbiotics, so it might interfere with fermentation.

    • Betty says

      I have a question for Alyssa… Wondering if this might get to her…
      I have the same product, so I wonder if you tried it and, if so, what were the results?

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Tracy, you can place two layers of cheesecloth over a fine mesh strainer set over a large mixing bowl and carefully pour in your yogurt. Then loosely cover the top (with a lid or plastic wrap), and refrigerate / let drain for several hours (draining liquid as needed) until desired thickness is reached!

  73. Stef says

    Thanks for your recipe. I am currently doing a lod fodmap and scd diet. As per scd, I can’t have any commercially made yogurt, so homemade is okay, but i can’t use anything with guar gum added. I bought 2 brands of coconut milk from Noah’s that doesn’t contain any thickener, but in the end it didn’t turn out. One was completely liquid the other was semi liquid/runny even though I stirred it. I think it could be because there’s no thickening agent to the coconut milk? Any suggestions? I’m wondering if I should try refrigerating the coconut milk, then only using the solid part for the yogurt, reserving the liquid for something else. Do you think that might work? Thanks so much again

    • JoAnne says

      After having a failure at making oat yogurt, I tried your recipe and was so worried that like the oat it wouldn’t thicken, so I added 2 tsp. of Agar powder and didn’t have a probiotic so I used a store bought coconut yogurt as a starter.

      OH MY Goodness, it was DELICIOUS and REALLY thick. It was in my slow cooker for 24 hours and thick when it came out.
      THANK YOU dear and God Bless and keep you healthy.

  74. Cheryl says

    Hi Dani, a vegetarian culture can be ordered from the Cheesemaking
    Workshop and Deli in Coffs Harbour. My coconut yoghurt with Ayam coconut milk and cream was great.

  75. Dani says


    I am trying to make this recipe as, however, I do have a questions before I start. I am based in Australia and it is hard to find the probiotic brands you have recommend. I was wondering if there are any suggestions about what probiotic brand I can use that is available in Australia.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Dani, we aren’t familiar with brands of probiotics in Australia. Another idea would be to look for a (vegan) yogurt starter as it will likely have the types of bacteria that promote proper fermentation. Hope that helps!

      • Lucy says

        Hi minimalist baker and Dani, I’m in Australia and I have made this twice! I Use Nutrivital 50 billion probiotic. It’s vegan (only a small symbol tells you this) and it’s shelf stable. It seems to hit the criteria, and the yoghurt was yummy! You can get it ina Go Vita store if you have one..

  76. Christa windle says

    Hi I just made your coconut yogurt after hrs looking on internet to find dairy free yogurt without boiling milk! And not costing a fortune Thank god I found you was about to give up,I’m wondering if I use a quarter cup of yogurt I made as starter to next batch if it will have as much probiotic as using 2 capsules every time? I take a capsule every day usually of 50 billion
    Thankyou soooooo much christa from nz😊

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Christa, We tested that idea with adding 2 Tbsp of coconut yogurt to a batch and found that it wasn’t as tangy and didn’t really thicken. It’s possible that using more would work. Hope that helps!

      • Michelle Wilmott says

        Thanks for recipe I tried it last week but the smell was awful. I did taste it and it seemed fine but the smell was so awful I couldn’t eat it.

        Any ideas? Thanks

        • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

          Hi Michelle, it does sound like something went wrong. We’d suggest double checking that your probiotic does not contain prebiotics. There are additional troubleshooting tips in the videos.

  77. Krystal says

    Hi! I just made this and it is amazing, very thick and creamy and the perfect tanginess. I was wondering if I could then use this as the starter for future yogurts (ie put a spoonful of this yogurt into another can of coconut milk and have yogurt). Has anyone done this/had success?
    I would love to be able to make yogurt from each batch before as the starter and then not need to buy the probiotics as often.
    Thank you!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Krystal, we’re so glad it turned out well! Some readers have mentioned using it as a starter, but in our experience it wasn’t as tangy and didn’t really thicken.

  78. Gayatri says

    Have you guys frozen this yogurt? Mine was full fat coconut milk, it came out so thick in fact that it felt like butter/ice cream consistency. I’m assuming because it was 18gms of fat that’s what caused it to get so thick.

    So I was wondering have you guys tried freezing it after refrigeration, and what that does?

  79. Lyndsey says

    I’ve made this twice and neither time worked – the first time, I left it out for 24 hours then in the fridge for 24 hours. It didn’t thicken or become tangy. The second time, I left it out for 48 hours. 12 hours after moving it to the fridge, I took it out and found mold. Both times it was covered with a cheese cloth. Any idea what went wrong? The brand I use is only made of fresh coconut kernel extract (as per the can…)

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Lyndsey, sorry to hear it didn’t work out! It sounds like the probiotics aren’t active and/or the room isn’t warm enough.

  80. Nicole says

    I’ve been making this recipe for a few years now and it’s always worked out very well. I’ve found a brand of coconut milk that works well for me – the Aroy-D brand is widely available and while it does separate it creates a yogurt with a great mouthfeel and lovely, gentle tang.
    The problem I’ve had, though, is with my yogurt giving off a strong sulphur-like smell that to others makes a room smell as though someone has passed gas recently. The yogurt tastes perfectly fine but the odour produced by fermentation means I can’t eat my yogurt anywhere but at home. (I don’t dare send my kid to school with it and the local brand of this yogurt Is getting quite expensive at $8 per 500 ml jar!) I assumed it was the strength of the probiotic I was using (50 billion count). I tried using half a capsule and my yogurt fermented but tasted off and had an odd pinkish film over the top that made me think it had gone bad.
    I’m curious if you think a higher count of probiotic could create greater fermentation and lead to a smelly yogurt? And since you mentioned using a probiotic with just 10 billion units, perhaps it wasn’t a lesser amount of good bacteria but contamination that lead to my other yogurt going off?

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Nicole, we wonder if a sulfur-reducing bacteria is getting in there and causing the smell. We wouldn’t recommend eating it if it develops a pink film. Did you switch brands of probiotic or just the amount of probiotic? We’d suggest making sure your probiotic has at least one of these strains: Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Streptococcus thermophilus, Bifidobacterium lactis, and/or Lactobacillus acidophilus. Or you could also try using a yogurt starter. Hope that helps!

      • Nicole says

        Hello! I’ve been making this recipe almost since you posted it back in 2017. With one exception, I’ve used the same probiotic every time and have always had the same sulphur smell. The exception was that I tried one other probiotic (20 million units) and it didn’t work; the yogurt just didn’t ferment at all.
        The strains you mention have been in the capsules I’ve used, though I wonder if it isn’t some other strain that causes the smell ones. Clearly, the pink film was all kinds of wrong and I would never eat that.
        Trying a yogurt starter is a good idea – would I use it in the same way as the capsule or would I have to use a yogurt maker? (I don’t have one of those or means of making something like it, so I may just try another brand of probiotic.) Thanks for your help!

        • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

          Ah, gotcha! Thanks for clarifying. It does sound like the capsules may have some other bacteria or there’s some sort of contamination happening. Yes, you can use the yogurt starter similarly to the capsules and we’ve had success without a yogurt maker.

          • Nicole says

            Something interesting to note that I’ve discovered since the last time I posted here…I found a brand of canned coconut milk with a statement on it’s label saying “…may contain naturally occurring sulfur dioxide.” Sulfur dioxide does give off a stinky smell akin to what I described and, sure enough, my next batch of yogurt turned out with exactly the the same stink despite me using a different brand of coconut milk and a new probiotic with all the bacterial strains you mentioned above. Perhaps this is a compound that naturally occurs in coconuts and is present to some degree in all coconut milks. I fermented my yogurt for two days and it was only on the second day the stink developed. After the first day, the yogurt smelled just fine. I think a shorter culturing time is probably key as well. (My home is super cold in the winter but I get the exact same result with this yogurt regardless of the time of year.)

  81. Cheryl says

    I made coconut yoghurt in Australia with 2 cans 400ml Ayam coconut milk and 1 can 400ml Ayam coconut cream with a culture for non dairy milk, simply mixed together and in a yoghurt maker and it was great, consistency and taste excellent!

  82. Gaya says

    Hi there! Thank you for this simple recipe! I tried it and it came out, FANTASTIC. I’m based in Australia. I sanitised my jar, got fullest-fat coconut milk (18g), probiotic capsules, and put them together. I don’t have a cheesecloth, so used 2 layers of clean kitchen wipes (the blue and white ones because they have holes).

    I checked after 24 hours – it was thick on top, I tried a scoop and it tasted great, although the inside of the yogurt was still a tiny bit runny. So I popped it in the fridge – and it got REALLY thick. Kind of like coconut oil.

    I would like it to be more like yogurt (so slightly more watery) – any suggestions? I also really want to cut down on the fat content (18-20g is a bit too much). I may try this with a lite coconut milk (8-10 g fat).

    I know you said to not use lite milk – What has been your experience with lite milk, like what happens?

    Thanks! Looking forward to hearing from you!


    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Gayatri, it sounds like you would prefer a thinner consistency in which case lite coconut milk may actually be more what you are looking for. Hope that helps!

  83. LindaLu says

    I want to make this recipe before I do, I have a question. I have cans of the Native Forest Simple full fat coconut milk. The milk you recommend is their Classic formula. Can you tell me if the one I have will work?

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Linda, we don’t think that one will work as well because it doesn’t have emulsifiers so it’s typically more chunky. But if you open it and it’s creamy, it could work!

  84. Steven says

    I covered my jar with a lid rather than cheesecloth. I used organic whole coconut milk by Native Forest – no guar. Per different instructions I let it sit for four days. It’s like cottage cheese on the top and rest is liquid. I used Raw Probiotics by Garden of Life. I’ve had the probiotic sitting in a closed jar for several months. Any suggestions?

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Steven, we wonder if it may have cultured too long. We typically culture closer to 1-2 days. Does it smell funky?

  85. Tracy Conley says

    My first batch in my yogurt maker was delicious!!!!! So good. It’s really runny – the top is thick and I can see liquid on the bottle.
    It was soupy but still delicious. I will continue trying to perfect it.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Tracy! We’d suggest a thicker coconut milk/cream and also checking out the notes above the recipe for more info on how to thicken. Hope that helps!

  86. Olivia Layne says

    Hi there! Can I use homemade coconut milk or is it not creamy enough?
    I bought a vegan yogurt starter, can I use that instead of the probiotic pills??

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Olivia, homemade coconut milk needs to be heated before making the yogurt for safety. With canned, it’s heated during processing which kills any harmful microbes. If your homemade coconut milk is extra thick, then maybe it would work with heating. We haven’t tried a vegan yogurt starter, but it should work well!

  87. Vegan-ish says

    I have the EasiYo (non electric yoghurt maker) and also a yoghurt setting on my oven (I think this is maybe 30-40C). Would this be too hot for this vegan yoghurt recipe (not sure how the probiotics in capsules compare with that in a live dairy yoghurt starter?
    Also any recommended UK brands of coconut milk? Would the long life coconut milk 1litre cartons work eg. Alpro/KoKo etc or are these not creamy enough?

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi, That temperature isn’t an issue, just know it will ferment faster. We aren’t familiar with brands in the UK, but we’d suggest doing a search in the comments to see what other readers have found. If you press “ctrl+f” on a PC or “command+f” on a mac, a find bar should pop up that allows you to search for specific words (such as “UK”) in the comments. Hope that helps!

    • Fiona says

      Hi Veganish, I think they are talking about the cans of coconut milk you find on the shelf for Asian cooking, not the coconut drinks like the Alpro and Koko. Those won’t work. You need the thick, white coconut solid stuff in the can for yoghurt.

  88. Jade Amoy Palmer says

    Can I use this as a substitute for plain curd? I saw a video on how to make a pizza white sauce without cheese, and it’s mostly vegan aside from that ingredient.

      • Rebecca says

        Hi, my first attempt didn’t work so now attempting to troubleshoot what the issue is. I ended up with a beige film on top and while it smelled and even tasted fine, it gave me a stomachache after having a tiny amount just to taste. I ended up tossing out just in case.

        I will be doing better about the sanitizing step (may have been the issue), but had a question about the probiotics. I have the Renew Life 50 billion you recommended but the capsules are much smaller than yours appeared to be in the video. Should I use three?

        Thank you!

        • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

          Hi Rebecca, sorry to hear that! Renew Life recently modified to make smaller capsules with the same amount of bacteria, so we don’t think you need to adjust that. Let us know how it goes with additional sanitizing!

          • Rebecca says

            I just wanted to report back and let you know the extra sanitizing step made all the difference. Also, I made sure to use 365 brand coconut milk and that just made a perfectly creamy and smooth end result. I can’t speak to your other recommended brands but I had the best results with the 365 brand milk. I tried a few other brands I had on hand already and the yogurt never really thickened up as much.

  89. Em says

    I’ve had a go but when I’ve retrieved my yoghurt after the 48 hrs it has a thick creamy wrinkled layer on top? Is this a bad sign or is this the separation to mentioned?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      It may be a bad sign, but without seeing it it’s hard to say. How does it smell / taste? A film isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

  90. Rebecca says

    I can’t wait to try this recipe! Would it work in a yogurt make or would that be too warm and not enough air flow? Thanks!

  91. Alycia says

    Can I still make this with the renew life probiotic but the 30 billion rather than the 50 billion you suggested?

  92. Charmaine says

    Hi! This recipe really really worked! I used really twice because I am in awe and so excited!

    I made two batches in one day – I was rushing and somewhat skimmed the recipe so for the first batch I used a metal spoon. After I mixed it I went back to read the recipe and discovered that a wooden spoon was best, so I covered the metal spoon one with cheesecloth anyhow, just in case and made a batch with a wooden spoon. I used two vegan 10billion capsules in each container and full fat coconut milk.

    After 48 hours I went to try the metal spoon one and it was the same consistency so I let it sit in the fridge for two more days – no change. I decided to just use a splash of it in my smoothies and just now in my kitchari.

    I completely forgot about the second batch until now – I used up all of the first batch in my kitchari and remembered i had a second jar and when i went to pour it, it was yogurt! Tastes good tooo! I am going to make a peach compote to go with it!

    Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe – the metal spoon really does make a difference! I am glad I made one with a wooden spoon as well.


  93. Manon says

    Oh Dana!
    Thanks for the video 😍

    I tried the recipe a few years ago, I was a little hesitant and mine didn’t turn out right. I gave up on it until today where I decided to check the recipe again…
    and surprise: a video! Yassss

    Your video is given me the tips I was missing and as a non-native speaker it just is so much easier to see you do it.
    You’re fab fab fab, thank you again!

  94. Frances says

    Why do you use 50 billion CFU for non-vegan, but only 10 billion CFU for the vegan? Don’t the CFU’s make a difference?

      • Michal saragani says

        Hello, I think I put a little amount of probiotic capsules, each capsule contains 5 billion bacteria and I put 4 of them.
        The yogurt had been almost a day and had not thickened at all except for a little foam on top. I would love to know what to do in such a case, maybe it is possible to add capsules?

        • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

          You could possibly add some capsules! The foaming sounds normal. The thickening happens mostly in the fridge. Sounds like you just need to throw it in the refrigerator once it’s tangy enough! And follow the additional tips if it doesn’t thicken enough.

      • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

        We’d say it’s worth continuing to see if it will work! But if it smells or looks off, it’s best to toss it.

  95. Belle says

    The first time I tried this with Whole Foods 365 coconut milk & Natren Megadophilus (which I already had in the house), it didn’t work, didn’t set up. I out the milk in the jar, added the powder, and tried to stir it in (with a bamboo spoon) but the probiotic powder stayed in chunks floating on the top. Not sure if that’s why it didn’t work.

    Second time I used the recommended Renew Life 50 billion and it worked great, took 48hrs in a cold kitchen but near my stove. This time I put the powder in the empty jar first, then added about 1 tablespoon of coconut milk, stirred it to make sure the powder was distributed, then added about 1/4 cup more milk, stirred agian, then added the rest of the milk and stirred. I wanted to make sure the powder was fully distributed, and maybe this helped make it successful the second time. Just made it a third time in the same fashion and it worked again!

    Question: Can you make this like you would homemade dairy yogurt, where you start a new batch with some of the yogurt from the previous batch? Would save $$ on the probiotics, which are pretty pricey and makes it not much cheaper than buying the same amount of non-dairy yogurt. Otherwise great recipe!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Belle, thanks so much for sharing your experience! We tested that idea with adding 2 Tbsp of coconut yogurt to a batch and found that it wasn’t as tangy and didn’t really thicken. It’s possible that using more would work. Hope that helps!

  96. Megan says

    This was my first time trying this! I think it was an OK first attempt, but I can’t figure out where my error was to make it better. It had a weird chalky texture to it.

    I think I followed the directions precisely – even watched the helpful video. I used the full fat 365 brand coconut milk, and 2 Renew Life 50 billion as recommended. Shook the coconut milk and poured into glass jar that I’d rinsed with boiling water; used wooden spoon to stir/smear around sides of jar to evenly distribute probiotic, covered with the cheesecloth, and set in oven with light on for 48 hours. My little ambient temperature reader said it was 85 degrees in there!

    There were about 2 inches of liquid at the bottom (not sure why), so as recommended, I used the bowl + strainer + cheesecloth method to thicken it up in the fridge for another 24 hours.

    No foul smell, no mold, and it certainly thickened up. It was really, really tangy — maybe too tangy?! The flavor had such a strong bite to it I could barely eat a sample even with honey and golden kiwis mixed in — but the main thing for me was the texture. There were these little chalky bits in it. I tried stirring and stirring the final product to get that really smooth greek yogurt texture, and no dice. I could not get rid of the chalky bits no matter how hard I tried.

    Any thoughts on what that was about and advice on how I can try to improve this next time?

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Megan, sorry to hear it didn’t turn out! It almost sounds like it was a dud can of coconut milk? We’re not sure what else would cause a chalky texture. For the tanginess, you could try cutting back on the amount of probiotic or fermentation time.

  97. Eric Busby says

    Hoped to start a batch tomorrow, but realized that the probiotics that I have are 1 billion.
    Any recommendations on the amount that I should use, as 50 would be extremely excessive. Even 10 would seem a bit much.

  98. Mike says

    My first attempt at this was a mixed bag. I used Savoy Coconut Cream and Now Probiotic-10 25 billion. The flavor was pleasantly tangy, though milder than I like, and it hadn’t thickened at all after 36 hours.

    My second batch, however, was a tremendous success, setting up as delicious and creamy in fewer than 24 hours. Since I changed up the coconut brand (Shoprite Organic), the number of capsules (4 Probiotic-10 25 billion) and the method (i introduced more heat since my house is really cool in winter, it’s hard to tell what worked. All I know is that it really did. As you promised, it’s the best yogurt I’ve ever tasted.

  99. Mike says

    Thanks for this great post.

    I tried this using Savoy Coconut Cream and NOW brand probiotics. After 36 hours it has a very pleasant tangy flavor, but doesn’t seem to have thickened up at all. Also, mine tastes a good bit more like coconut than the So Delicious coconut brand I buy at the store. Would it become less coconutty and more yogurty if I let it set up longer? I don’t mind the coconut taste, but I’m just curious what my expectations should be.

    Also I’m wondering if the coolness of my house is slowing things down. I’ve been using the oven light trick, but my oven doesn’t seem to get noticeably warm. Do you know anything about starting this off by warming the coconut milk first? I notice that people who do this with cow’s milk often use heat.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi, Mike! The longer it sets unrefrigerated, the tangier it will become. Our sweet spot is usually ~48 hours. And yes, a warm home / environment helps. My other go to place is the laundry room where it’s usually kind of warm / humid. Just avoid direct sunlight.

  100. SueB says

    I have made this recipe a few times now using either the Arroy-D or 365 coconut milk as suggested, as well as the suggested Renew Life 50 billion capsules. Both have turned out great when left in the oven for 24 hours with the light on (only). The only differences were that the Arroy-D was not as thick so I put 3 tbs of chia seeds in before putting in the fridge to cool, turns out awesome. My next batch, I will try one capsule of 100 billion, instead of two 50’s. I say this because for $3 more you get the 100 billion but only need to use one capsule instead of two – hopefully it will work as I’ll be able to make twice the amount:). Thanks for the recipe.

    • Talia says

      Hello! I’m super excited to try this. I’ve completed all the steps and currently have my yogurt in the oven. However, I’ve noticed there are little chunks of the probiotic powder despite my stirring and attempted smoothing. Will this impact my yogurt?

      Thanks so much!

      • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

        Hi Talia, it might, but there’s a possibility it will still work. If it looks, smells, or tastes off, it’s best to discard and try again.

  101. Tashi says

    Mine came out perfect I used the 360 coconut milk and sprouts brand probiotics. I left it in my microwave (off) for about 35 hours. I grew up eating plain tart yogurt with everythin. I have a dariy sensitivity so I no longer am able to do that. This is the best replacement I have found. I have tried everything on the market

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks so much for the lovely review, Tashi. We are so glad you enjoy it! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Thanks so much! Xo

  102. Lisa says

    Hi! I just mixed the probiotics with the coconut milk…really curious to see what happens!
    If it comes out nice, would a spoonful of the yogurt work as a starter for the next batch?
    Thanks as always for the wonderful recipes and tips!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Lisa, We tested that idea with adding 2 Tbsp of coconut yogurt to a batch and found that it wasn’t as tangy and didn’t really thicken. It’s possible that using more would work. Hope that helps!

      • Rainbow Warrior says

        Hey! I saw oatmilk in the store the other day. So that means you CAN use other milk options to make yogurt. The culture will grow through the milk substance. To thicken, one can use agar, arrowroot starch, or gelatin to achieve desired thickness. I have not tried this method. But I know it exists! You’ll know the culture process is underway when it tastes tart or tangy like standard yogurt.
        Another coconut yogurt recipe I found mentioned the use of starches to thicken the yogurt once the culture has grown.
        Ihope this helps!

        I’m making my yogurt from a scoby culture. We’ll see how it works out!

  103. Laura says

    I used the only brand I could find, “Native Forest simple”, with the same probiotic you used, sprinkling and stirring it into the milk. I used glass and no metal. It made a too-thin yogurt (more like kefir) which smelled and tasted nice. It had the normal yogurty smell and taste. But 10 min after I ate it, I got a stomach ache and cramps. I almost never get stomach aches, so it made me worried I had dome something wrong. What do you recommend for next time?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      OK strange. Have you consumed this probiotic before? Perhaps it was too active for your system? The other possibility is it was rancid or went bed, but if you said it smelled and tasted fine that wouldn’t have been it.

      • Laura says

        Yes, when I bought the RenewLife Probiotic you mentioned, I began taking it every day, too. No issues there. Usually with fermented foods, if they smell pleasing to our noses, they should be mostly the good bacteria. I am used to eating store-bought coconut yogurts, and I’ve never had an issue there, either.

        On another note, the yogurt was just thin. I knew it might be, because you said this brand was not the best for thick yogurt. But I don’t usually see those better brands around. I’ve read other coconut yogurt recipes where gelatin can be added for thickness. Do you recommend it for those who are eating animal products?

        • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

          I’ve never tried adding gelatin but if you do certainly let us know! I’m not sure what else may have upset your stomach, unless it was the coconut milk itself.

          • Laura says

            I am accustomed to the coconut milk as my only milk because I’m on the AIP for RA. — I used a yogurt maker, which has a 9 little jars. Every single jar had the same smell and taste. So, it’s not as if a stray bug got into one and dominated over the probiotic bugs. It’s something that was there in the original mix. I’m really confused about it. But I will try again and see what happens. The RenewLife bottle is new, too. I’ve had it only 2 weeks.

  104. lori says

    I love your video on making own coconut milk.

    while the brands of coconut milk/cream and probiotics may not be available in my area.

    I am having difficulty determining which ones would be acceptable and work.

    so what ingredients would I then look for in particular and which ones to stay away from.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      It’s not so much the ingredients (although important) as it is where they’re sourced from (which determines quality). You can reference this post for more guidance!

  105. Gary casares says

    Hi I did my best to make this coconut yogurt and after two days nothing happen I used organic coconut mike and probiotic I used 30 billon caps is this were I went wrong on my third day and still nothing I added two more pills that would make it a total of 150 could it be that I bought a bottle that the seller labled probiotic and it just something else that seller wants you to believe but not. Nothing added to the coconut. Milk thanks for your time

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Gary, we’d suggest looking at the ingredients on the probiotic bottle to see if there were PREbiotics added (inulin, oligosaccharides). That could cause issues.

  106. Lillian says

    Used whole foods coconut milk. Came out PERFECT. I am SO impressed how thick mine got without any extra straining. Left it on the counter for 36 hours, then threw in the fridge overnight.

    • Emma says

      Hi! I’m so excited to make this! Is there a cheaper probiotic you could recommend? Is there a specific amount (how many billion) it needs to be?


      • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

        Hi Emma, we haven’t tried any others that we would recommend. High quality probiotics are best here, which tend to be more expensive. Sometimes you can get a packet or sample size to make it more affordable.

  107. Michelle Johnson says

    If we accidentally preheat our oven to 400 and realize when putting in food the yogurt is in there will it be okay? 😭😭

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Oh no! Sorry that happened, Michelle! Maybe if you caught it early? We like to put a sticky note on the oven that says “DO NOT TURN ON OVEN” when making yogurt.

      • Michelle Johnson says

        Such a great idea!!! Thanks!! The yogurt has been in the fridge for a day and it didn’t thicken at all. Did maybe something go wrong from it being heated in the oven?

        • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

          Hi Michelle, it’s possible, but if it doesn’t look or smell off, it could also be that the type of coconut milk wasn’t thick enough. We’d suggest looking at the note just above the recipe for tips to thicken and watching the video.

  108. Maryanne says

    Good Morning Everyone :)

    Just a little bit of history :
    I made yogurt for the first time – I had tried my hand previously with kefir but it didn’t go well for me and found out I’m not able to do dairy seems I had Crohn’s Disease and didn’t know it. So I’m finally back to doing the AIP diet seems when I did this before I had my best time with my body as a whole. So I’ve now on to the main attraction the beautiful coconut yogurt.

    I used the following ingredients as I’m in NS, Canada and the coconut milk I had used is of 2 ingredients as I’m not able to do anything with guar gum, xanthan gum that I react very badly to them (An experience I don’t plan to repeat)

    Coconut milk – Cha’s Organic coconut milk premium – has only organic coconut, water

    The probiotic is Jamieson Probiotic 10 Billion active cells w/ 14 Unique Strains

    So I completed this, last night I followed the directions provided by Minimalist Baker

    My yogurt did separate and I refrigerated just like that, no stirring I want to have the yogurt cool down.

    I have to say just like the Minimalist Baker did at the beginning about if I can make it, anyone can, I will reuse their line here as it is very true.

    The visual of the yogurt could go for another 24hrs to be in total 48hrs in the oven – My husband was asking why we needed to keep the light on all night …hahahah

    This morning I was very surprised how warm the oven was. Due to my oven being over 20+ years old

    The taste of the homemade coconut yogurt without a yogurt machine was creamy and tangy- there was a slight smell but not a bad sour smell and no mold

    I was very surprised how well it did taste.

    So thank you as I found out I’m off the charts with inflammation and yogurt is supposed to be very good to rebuild your gut flora :)

    Other options as it seems me and sugar don’t get along in my body so I’m probably going to try adding once it cools down shredded coconut – either non sweetened or sweetened.

    Thank you for provided this recipe and I give it a thumbs up and hope this helps others that may have gut issues or not having the exact same ingredients.

    Thank you and send through lots of positive vibes
    Have a fantastic day everyone :)

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks so much for your kind words and for sharing your experience, Maryanne! Sending lots of healing vibes your way! xo

      • Lisa L says

        I am struggling. I have tried this four times. I am now draining it in the fridge to see if I can get it thicker. it’s SUPER tangy. more than I like. I am afraid it’s gone off. I have an extremely limited diet due to my autoimmune disease, ankylosing spondylitis. I eat about 5 things (protein, about five vegetables, almonds, walnuts and in moderation berries, honey and maple. I can have coconut products as well) I can’t eat anything containing starch, any eggs, any dairy, or other inflammatory foods. I make almost everything from scratch as we try to eat clean without processed foods (greek yogurt, granola, protein bars, dressing, all bread products, all condiments, doggie cookies, crackers … the list goes on). I can’t eat most of the things I make but my family can. But I can’t seem to get this down. I was SOOOO hoping to add coconut yogurt to my limited diet as store bought brands usually have a starch in them. I followed the instructions. I used biona coconut cream and my probiotic
        I followed the instructions to the T. help me please!!! Can I use a yogurt starter instead of the probiotic? https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B011050G20/ref=ox_sc_act_image_1?smid=A2EQNLS61VWRO4&psc=1

        Is this the same one you recommended? https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B007SVLEW2/ref=ox_sc_act_image_2?smid=A1WJZ404QZG1DE&psc=1
        Any help is appreciated! TIA

        • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

          Hi Lisa, it looks like that probiotic contains inulin which is a prebiotic and likely causing the issue. We’d suggest using a different probiotic that doesn’t contain inulin or oligosaccharides. Either of those coconut milk brands should be fine.

          • Lisa L says

            Oh my ! I had no idea! I was looking for something saying prebiotic. Thanks for letting me know. I will try another. Can I use a yogurt starter probiotic? The ones sold specifically to make yogurt.

          • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

            Hi Lisa, we haven’t tried that, but it looks like some other readers have. To see what they did, we’d suggest searching the comments (“ctrl+f” on a PC or “command+f” on a mac). Hope that helps!

    • Judith says

      Finally, someone like me! I’ve never heard of anyone who reacts to xantham gum/guar gum the same way that I do. 😞
      I’m also in Canada, in London Ontario, and discovered my sensitivity to gums via coconut milk. I’ll look for the brand you mentioned. Where I live, I might be able to find a brand with no guar gum but it’ll have polysorbate 80, which I hear isn’t great for you, either.
      Based on your review, I’ll give this yogurt a try!

  109. Mara says

    Hi! I made the coconut yogurt with the brands recommended, the taste turned out great but the consistency was more watery than I’d like. Any tips to get a thicker consistency? Thank you!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Mara, see the note just above the recipe about straining through cheesecloth. Otherwise, you could try making with coconut cream next time. Hope that helps!

  110. Melissa Reynolds says

    I had to put the jar in the oven (off) with the light on to get the temp up to 74. However, I checked the temp in the morning after sitting overnight under the oven, and the temp was 101. Is that too high?

    Also have you ever tried Goya? I couldn’t find the other brands you recommended.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Melissa, that should be fine! We haven’t tried Goya, but other readers have mentioned it works well.

  111. Vasilisa says

    OMG!!!!! I have made this twice already and it’s so so gooood!!!! I use the 12oz mason jar and I eat the whole thing at once! so bad it takes me 2 days to make and only 5 minutes to eat what’s stated as 6 servings?! oh wow! but it’s so so good I can’t help myself! I did get the separation twice, but I don’t really care, because I like it thick, so it turned out to be the perfect consistency for me. I used the whole foods coconut yogurt and Garden of Life 80 billion CFU probiotic! I’m just curious, can I do a double batch in a large mason jar at once, or it’s better to do separate small containers? because I really want to eat it every single day, it’s so so so good and soooo easy! next time I will try the mango variation! thank you so much for the recipe!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      We’re so glad you enjoy it, Vasilisa! We don’t see any reason a double batch wouldn’t work. Let us know if you try it!

  112. Faezeh says

    Hi Dear
    Is it possible to make this yogurt out of home made coconut milk? I did so and I got 2 seprated fase with a heavy sour smell. It doesnt look like yogurt.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Faezah, Canned coconut milk is heated during processing so if using homemade coconut milk, you would need to heat it first. We haven’t tried it though.

  113. Karen says

    Hi, thank you for all of these tips! Great resource for starter yogurt-makers. I’m curious if you’ve tried the 365 brand of the coconut cream (not coconut milk). It also has guar gum, and I’m curious if that also works but just makes a creamier texture. Thanks!

      • Karen says

        I made it over the weekend with the regular Whole Foods 365 coconut milk (not cream), along with Renew Life Ultimate Care Women’s Care probiotic (only because that came in a smaller quantity at Target and I just wanted to test it out). It “firmed up” after about 36 hours and into the fridge it went. I’m going to try with the 365 coconut cream as well sometime soon. I’m so grateful for this recipe and for the “tips” video that helped me to avoid a lot of the pitfalls. Thank you!

  114. Betsy Briggs says

    I am so excited to make this!! recently have become vegan so looking for different things i enjoy eating. just a comment

  115. Bahar says

    I made the yogurt followed the instructions bought the same probiotic. The yogurt was thick for sure but it had sour taste and felt chuck like I didn’t use organic milk so not sure what went wrong there can you please help.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Bahar, just to confirm- you used canned coconut milk? Was everything fully sterilized? We’d also suggest taking a look at the troubleshooting tips in the post and video.

  116. Christy L Janes says

    I made this & it smells like bread. It looks good. Haven’t gotten the courage to try it yet because of the smell.

  117. Rena says

    I was super excited to try this easy recipe. But not sure if the yogurt is suppose to have a brown layer on top… Has a bit of a stink but yogurt doesn’t smell good anyways… so wondering if the brown thin layer on top is a NO NO… I’ve not tried it…honesty afraid to…
    I did was the glass jason jar with HOT water, used wooden spoon (Clean but not washed) Bio Kult Probiotic. Please advise… Thank You.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Rena, it does sound like something went wrong. If the wooden spoon wasn’t sterilized, that could be the issue. Otherwise, make sure the probiotic doesn’t contain any prebiotics. We have more troubleshooting tips in the post and video. Hope that helps!

  118. Lauren says

    I tried to make this. My apartment usually runs at about 77 degrees during the day and 72 at night. To start, I dumped boiling water into the mason jar and then dumped it out. I’m not sure if that was sufficient sanitizing? Then I dumped the coconut milk in it and stirred in the probiotic with a plastic spoon that had been washed (the probiotic has been in my fridge and is good through february I believe- and I don’t think it contains an prebiotics..its the renew life but 90 billion so I only used 1 capsule). However, after 24 hours I went to taste the yogurt iand it gave me a pretty immediate bad stomach ache (just from a small amount). After 48 hours, the same thing happened. It tasted tangy and smelled fine but it made my stomach hurt. I usually have no issues tolerating coconut products and there was nothing else in the can of coconut milk so I’m wondering what went wrong. Any ideas? I’m afraid to try again as I don’t want to consume bad bacteria as I already have gut issues. I was hoping this would help with that.. I’ve been trying to read up on whether leaving this on the counter in the heat is safe as you say, but haven’t been able to find anything. However, I have been reading through some of the comments here and someone mentioned that “so much can go wrong”..any way. I’d love some ideas I’d like to try again but I’m afraid to get sick.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hmm, so strange. What brand of coconut milk did you use? It was either a spoiled / bad coconut milk or your probiotics weren’t fresh. OR something wasn’t properly sanitized…

      • Lauren says

        I think the native forest one? I just purchased it…probiotics definitely have been in my fridge and have an expiration date of february I believe..I will try it one more time I got a different brand this time. what is the best way to sterilize the jar and a plastic spoon?

        • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

          Hot soapy water, rinse with very hot (almost or just boiling) water. I think the native forest one should be fine. But if you get a stomachache again it’s either the coconut milk or the probiotic. Have you tried the probiotic and the coconut milk on their own (separately) before?

      • Lauren says

        i haven’t tried the coocnut milk on it’s own in a while but I have had coconut milk before with no issues (probably not that brand but there was no guar gum or anything else in it) I never have issues with any other coconut products though either I eat them daily! I also was regularly taking that probiotic prior to making this (although it had been a month or two). I will try the probiotic again on its own..and I’ll try this one more time. Thank you!!

          • LAuren says

            so I didn’t re try making this yet but still trying to figure out what the issue was. My probiotics were refrigerated…then they got put in a warm environment..do you think that could have caused it to go bad?

          • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

            Hi Lauren, it’s possible. We’d suggest watching the video for more troubleshooting tips!

  119. Garrison says

    Hello, I was wondering if you have ever tried starting your next batch of yogurt using the last of your previous batch as opposed to using probiotics again. Thank you!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Sehaj, we haven’t tried those specific brands, but it looks like that probiotic might contain PREbiotics (such as inulin) which can cause issues. Hope that’s helpful!

  120. Scott D Mccanles says

    Hi, If you wish your Yogurt to be thicker, do you do the cheesecloth step after the 48 hours?

    Thank you,

  121. Jake says

    Nice simple recipe; however, I modified the recipe a little by first sterilizing everything. I used two cans of your recommended coconut milk to which I added 2Tbsp of maple syrup. I also used what probiotic I had which was Strengtia K-61 30 billion ct. I put the mix into my dehydrator set at 105ºF and let it sit for about 14 hours.

    Unfortunately it didn’t turn out quite like I had hoped. The yogurt had separated which was fine but when I mixed it up with a whisk it began to effervesce. It also had a strong yeast odor. Not bad – just smelled more like a sourdough starter but nothing like the sourness of yogurt.

    The only thing I can think of is that after looking into my probiotic a bit more, it turns out it contains prebiotic as well.

    Any ideas about what went wrong? Should I toss it out and start with a different probiotic or yogurt culture?


    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Jake, it does sound like the prebiotics caused that. We’d say try again with a different probiotic!

  122. Xamatha says

    Thanks for posting this recipe. Excuse my ignorance but I have never made coconut milk yogurt before so I have no clue at what point do we introduce the “ad-ins”, it is mentioned in the ingredients section so Im assuming its incorporated in the making process, can you update?

    Thank you!

  123. amy says


    Im just about to give this one a go! Can’t wait to see how it turns out, i love all of your other recipes i have made so far. I was just wondering, my oven light doesnt stay on and it is still fairly cold her in Australia, my oven does have a keep warm function which turns it on at 30 degrees celcius, would that work ok? for the moment i have put it in the microwave as that can keep the light on. thanks ! amy (:

  124. Kacie says

    Hi! I’m really curious because I love yogurt without sugar, If you don’t add any sugar, what does the bacteria feed on if it’s just coconut milk and probiotics?

  125. Raciel Fernandez says

    This seems like the easiest recipe I’ve seen so far. I’ve had several fails so far with other recipes. Can you tell me if it has a coconut taste when it’s done? Or is it undetectable? Thanks!

  126. Celia says

    This recipe looks amazing and nice and simple. I wpuld love to try it out. Although I’m unsure if my probiotics are adequate, I have asked my dietician for his opinion on them but he didn’t respond. Are you aware if there particular strains of L & B that are required? I noticed the one I have has several of the same strains as your but there isn’t any of the L. acidophilus strain neither B. bifidum.. and I’m wondering if it will still work

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      I haven’t gotten that scientific about it, unfortunately. Perhaps just test a half batch to see if it works!

      • Celia says

        Thank you, I’m trying one out now. Would like to let you know I love your blog and recipes 😊 thanks for sharing

        • Alesk says


          I would like to try to make this yogurt recipe, would you be so kind as to let me know what size Weck jar you use and where did you get the wooden spoon. I noticed you did have a link to the Weck jars but when I click it, it takes me to a page that says “this page is not secure and may be …. we advice you go back to original page”. So I can’t open the link to see what size you used.

          Thank you,

          • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

            OK interesting. You can buy weck jars through their website or through amazon (the link is to amazon so maybe that’s why it’s saying it’s not secure?). That one is the Weck 743 3/4 mold jar.

      • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

        Hi Adriana, With homemade coconut milk, it needs to be heated and cooled to kill any bacteria. The canning process does this so that’s why we recommend using canned.

        • Deborah Garren says

          Hello, I have to use homemade coconut milk because I cannot find any canned coconut milk that is free from gums. So, if I heat my homemade coconut milk first – what temperature should I heat it to? I am on the AIP diet due to an autoimmune disease and cannot eat any gums. Thank you for any help!

          • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

            Hi Deborah, we haven’t made it from homemade milk so we’re not sure on the details. As for canned coconut milk without gums, there should be lots of options available online, such as Savoy. Hope that helps!

  127. Donna says

    Great tutorial on making Coconut Milk Yogurt! I would have just used a Plastic Fork to mix the Probiotic into the Coconut milk. All good though!

  128. Sami P. says

    This is SO delicious and easy. I used Garden of Life’s unrefrigerated 100 billion probiotic per 1 can of Whole Foods coconut milk and it came out perfectly! I’ve now made it 3 times and will continue to keep it as a staple in my fridge. I even use it as a substitute for sour cream in things like chili, as it’s perfectly tangy!

    Thanks for this awesome recipe. It’s very impressive to tell people you make your own yogurt ;)

  129. Conny says

    Thanks for a wonderful recipe. I am not only vegan, but also practicing “zero waste” as much as possible. Therefore I have not eaten yogurt in years, since they all come in plastic containers (or plastic coated cardboard). This recipe offers an easy, cheap & eco friendly solution (if you do not count the plastic bottle of the probiotic capsules).
    I used the recommended WF coconut milk and the probiotics from “NOW probiotic-10 25 billion”. 50 capsules cost only around $14.
    Therefore a glass of yogurt cost around $2.20! Which is also much, much cheaper than store bought yogurt!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Yay! We’re so glad you’re able to enjoy yogurt again =) Thanks so much for sharing, Conny!

  130. Marianna says

    Hi Dana, can you use yoghurt made this way to start your next batch? If yes, how much would you use for a can of 400ml coconut milk? Any other instructions?
    Btw, made using Aroy-D, great taste but runny (don’t care much as long as it tastes this good:)).
    Love your recipes btw, the Almond Joy Granola has been one of my best friends for year.
    Thanks, Marianna

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Aw, thanks Marianna! We tested that idea with adding 2 Tbsp of coconut yogurt to a batch and found that it wasn’t as tangy and didn’t really thicken. It’s possible that using more would work, but we are going to stick with using probiotic capsules for now. Hope that helps!

  131. Anni says

    Thank you for such a well-researched and detailed recipe! Hope I don’t jinx myself, but it worked for me on the first try. (I used WF organic coconut milk and the Renew Life probiotic.) So creamy and just the right amount of tang—and much better texture than store-bought yogurt! Have you tried doubling the batch? Just wondering, as sometimes doubling a recipe does not end well.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Yay! We’re so glad it turned out well, Anni! We haven’t tried a double batch, but assume it would work? You could make in two jars just in case?

  132. Em says

    Question: If the yogurt does culture but doesn’t thicken, is there any harm in throwing in a bit of chia to thicken it up? I know that’s an added ingredient but if you want thicker yogurt and you like chia, it might work.

    • Ferment4Life says

      You should be able to use stainless steel safely. It’s nonreactive. I make milk and coconut milk kefir and this is what I’ve been doing and advising my customers for years.

  133. Amy Berman says

    I followed all of your instructions and used the correct coconut milk and probiotic and sterilization but made the mistake of adding vanilla and maple syrup from the beginning – it’s now about 18 hours in the oven with the light on and it is still liquid – is it going to solidify at all or did I ruin the recipe?

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Amy, it might still be okay even if it doesn’t thicken! Just make sure it doesn’t look/smell off. Which brand of coconut milk did you use?

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Amy, we haven’t tried that, but maybe try adding instant coffee powder after it has fermented? Let us know how it goes!

  134. Hope says

    I am trying this for the first time! I forgot about the no metal and used a small stainless steel metal whisk to stir in the probiotics 😕. Everything else is just as you suggested. Do you (or anyone else) think this batch is doomed? Have you ever had success when stainless steel is involved?

  135. Carla Keith says

    I made the coconut yogurt per the instructions, but after about 20 hours, it had not thickened up at al (I was afraid that my probiotics were too old). I put it on the counter as we were using the oven to bake something, and I left it there overnight. I looked at this morning (around 11:00 am), and it had thickened nicely. I was just wondering if I left it out too long since it was past the 48 hour point? Will it be safe to eat? Thanks!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Carla, as long as there are no signs of mold and it doesn’t smell bad, it should be fine! Use your best judgment though!

  136. Laura Nesmith says

    😩😩😩😩 I have tried it 3 times so far and have yet to succeed.
    I’ve been using the 365 Full Fat can, and 50 billion probiotic just as suggested. I have sterilized and followed everything to a T. There is quite a lot of liquid separated at the bottom and the top seems to just be the coconut cream, nothing different other than a bit tangy. I’ve tried leaving it longer than 24 hours and still no difference.
    Any other suggestions as to why the liquidy bottom and not thickening and becoming creamy? I want to perfect it so bad cause buying coconut yogurt has become quite expensive!
    Thanking you in advance!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Laura, so a little separation is normal and you can stir before transferring to the fridge. But if you prefer a thicker yogurt, maybe try with coconut cream instead? Hope that helps!

      • Laura says

        It’s very separated though. It is as if the top is just the thick hard cream. The bottom is liquidy with some apperance to yogurt.

        • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

          Laura, this is due to the variability in quality of coconut milk. No two cans are alike. You can either stir to combine once fermented, then strain if desired to thicken (see notes above). Or you can use Savoy or Aroy-D brands, which have been more reliable for us as of late. Hope that helps!

  137. Beth says

    Can you add protein powder and/or mix in dehydrated fruit before adding probiotic, or will that mess up the process?

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Beth, protein powders sometimes contain PREbiotics which we’ve found can mess up the fermentation process. We think it would be better to add them when transferring to the fridge.

  138. Fanny says

    Ok so my first attempt at making coconut yogurt was kind of a fail… 🤦‍♀️I did use Aroy D coconut milk as you suggested and left it to ferment for 48hours. There was about 1-2 cm of liquid at the bottom of the jar and it didn’t really thicken up. Tasted fine though so I still ate it all. 😊 I’m not giving up though! I will get this right! I love how many tips and troubleshooting ideas you give and I’m thinking maybe I didn’t add enough probiotics or the ones I used weren’t the freshest. Either way, thanks for this recipe! I appreciate how thorough you are.

  139. Chris says

    I followed the recipe except I used a fermentation airlock and I used a 5 capsules with 2 billion CFU each. It came out great! But, it was thin even after leaving it in the fridge for a full day. So, I just blended it with frozen fruit and made an awesome, frozen yogurt/sherbet thing! A creamy desert that doesn’t shred my bowels? Nice.

    Will bumping the probiotics up to 50 billion make it thicker?
    Can I use the Airlock instead of the cheesecloth?

    PS – If you don’t know, Airlock’s release the bacteria’s carbon dioxide without letting air in. Also, I have cheesecloth I can use.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Chris, we haven’t tried using an airlock so we’re not sure about that! Increasing the probiotics may help with thickness, but we find it more so has to do with the creaminess of the coconut milk you use. We’d recommend using a thicker coconut milk or using coconut cream for thicker yogurt. Hope that helps!

      • Chris says

        I used Grace Classic Coconut Milk which I consider to be as thick as Whole Foods Organic Coconut Milk. But, after a closer comparison, Grace has preservatives and emulsifiers that probably fudge up the fermentation. For my next batch, I’ll try the Whole Foods and Trader Joes’ Organic Coconut Cream.

        Regarding airlock question, I simply should have asked:
        Does the bacteria need plenty of air to ferment?

        Thanks again!

        • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

          Hi Chris, we wouldn’t recommend the Trader Joe’s- they changed their formula and its now very oily. Our understanding is that lactic acid bacteria does not need oxygen to survive.

  140. Steve-o says

    If dairy milks thickens into yogurt due to the protein how does the coconut milk thicken? I ask because I’m two tries in with no success. I switched to the Whole Foods brand on my 2nd try thinking that there was something different in the ingredients but their wasn’t. I guess I’ll try Renew Life probiotic – it does have 2 or 3 different strains than the one I bought. But still would like to know how it is actually thickening it. Definitely makes you wonder if certain ingredients are not being reported.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      coconut milk generally thickens because of the fat content. Use our tips (of straining and refrigerating) for thicker yogurt!

  141. Danielle says

    I followed the recipe exactly, and the consistency is right, but the yogurt seems really yeasty. I’m assuming that means I did something wrong?

  142. Amber says

    On the RenewLife blog, they also have a recipe for coconut yogurt. The ingredients include their Daily Probiotic + Prebiotic powder. In the instructions they heat and cool the canned coconut milk before adding the powder. My question is: does heating and cooling the coconut milk make the difference in having success using a pro/pre combo?

      • Amber says

        I tried it and it worked!

        I used 1 can of Native Forest unsweetened organic coconut milk and 1 capsule of Swanson ultimate probiotic formula 66.5 billion CFU (contains FOS).

        Thanks for the inspiration!

      • Steevie says

        It may be that the heating process kills any existing bacteria so that you have a ‘clean slate’ for the bacteria that you are adding yourself

  143. Misty says

    Can you add the fruit to your containers and store it in the refrigerator or should you add fruit just before eating?

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      It depends on the fruit, but in most cases, adding it before storing would be fine.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi EJ, we have not tested this recipe with any other non-dairy milks. We doubt it would thicken properly, but if you do some experimenting, we would love to hear what you learn!

  144. Drew says

    This is my new favorite recipe! I love love love coconut yogurt, but I don’t love all the gums and sugar that can also find their way in. Plus really good, natural yogurt like Culina can cost an arm and a leg. Short of selling my kidney, I went on a hunt to find a yogurt recipe that was easy and didn’t require a ton of extra stuff and I ended up here! Thank you for creating this recipe!
    TIPS: I used the exact probiotic you recommended from my local HEB, but I found that swapping the coconut milk to Thai Kitchen ORGANIC coconut milk worked really well because I couldn’t find the ones you recommended. It also works with Thai Kitchen coconut cream. This recipe did not work with a Taste of Thai coconut milk. Just like another user recommended, ALWAYS BE SURE TO SANITIZE! I make my own kombucha and am used to sanitizing with my dishwasher or using an antibacterial soap and hot water to get the job done. For this, I wash all my supplies with soap and warm water (even if they are already “clean”) and then use boiling water from a kettle dumped into my jars, dump out, and wait to cool. Always have clean hands and use clean towels as well. You don’t want to grow mold or nasty bacteria!

  145. Nsk says

    I love this blog! All of the recipes are great except for this one… :( I tried it three times and it never turned into yogurt.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi! We’re so sorry you’ve had trouble with this recipe! Many readers say it works great, but for others, it seems to cause issues. Did you watch the video for additional troubleshooting tips?

  146. Melanie says

    Hi there! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. I left my coconut yogurt sitting on the counter for two days now and it hasn’t thickened at all. In fact, it has a bitter (not a tangy) aftertaste. I love Aroy-D (have used it for the past year) and used the kind that’s 100% coconut milk. I used Thorne probiotics, but would have had to use an entire bottle (very expensive) to get to 100 billion for each batch (I made a large batch), so I probably only used 20 billion per batch. Should I just scrap it and try again with a different probiotic?

    I’m assuming if I used two 14oz cans, then you’re recommending 200 billion in probiotics? Just making sure I have this right before I try again. ;-)

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Melanie, sorry to hear that! It does sound like something went wrong. We wonder if the probiotics you used had prebiotics in them? We have used 20 billion for 1 batch successfully with Jarrow brand probiotics. But yes, use more probiotics if doubling. We’d recommend watching the video for more troubleshooting tips!

      • Melanie says

        Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. No, the probiotics don’t have prebiotics in them, but it must be user error on my side somewhere. I’ll update you here when I finally get it right! :)

  147. RA says

    Thank you so much for this! It’s so incredibly simple, quick, and easy. I’ve had success with a number of brands not listed. Helpful tip: if you don’t have a cheesecloth, you can just cover your jar with a double layer of paper towels and secure with a rubber band. Works like a charm!