20 Great Gift Ideas For Foodies

Assortment of gift ideas for foodies

Happy holidays, friends! It’s that time of year when you wish you had written down all the great gift ideas you came up with throughout the year that have now escaped you. We’ve got you!

Whether you’re looking for gifts for a college student, seasoned home cook, budding baker, or someone who’s really into coffee, we’ve compiled gift ideas for all types of foodies in your life! Check out the links below to find gifts your friends and family (or you!) will LOVE.

For the Newbie

It doesn’t get better than the basics: Every kitchen needs these to get started! 

Our favorite large cast iron skillet

Cast Iron Skillet – cast iron is our favorite kind of cookware. This brand comes pre-seasoned so you don’t have to do anything besides rinse it out, and it’s ready to start cooking! Learn more in our guide to cast iron.

Chef’s Knife – a sturdy yet affordable knife that we love and use ourselves! A good knife makes a world of difference, especially for tougher-to-cut veggies like winter squash.

Wood Cutting Board – an essential for food prep, and pretty too! Perfect for chopping eggplant, butternut squash, or any other fruit or veggie. The grooved edge catches any stray juices, which comes in handy for fruits, especially watermelon.

For the Budding Baker

For that special someone who’s obsessed with pastries, cakes, and cookies! 

Offset Spatula – Perfect for spreading cake batter in pans, adding filling to pies, or topping cupcakes with frosting! 

Cake Pan Set – A brand we use (and love!) in the Minimalist Baker test kitchen, this cake pan set will set any baker up for the layer cakes of their dreams!

Cuisinart hand mixer

Handheld Mixer – Perfect for everything from cookies to whipped cream to aquafaba, a handheld mixer can take any home baker to the next level!

For the Experienced Home Cook

How about the person who seems to have all the kitchen things? These items can help them elevate every dish, simple or snazzy! 

Our favorite microplane grater

Microplane – Perfect for zesting a lemon for a lemon loaf, grating nutmeg (so fragrant!) or ginger, or topping pasta with a delicate dusting of cheese!

Our favorite mandolin for thinly slicing vegetables

Mandolin – This snazzy slicer is perfect for delicately slicing fruits and veggies for everything from homemade chips to eggplant bacon!

Vitamin blender and Vitamix base with Classic Tamper for processing thick mixtures

Vitamix Blender – our top choice for a high-quality blender. It’s a game-changer for creating creamy smoothies, plant-based cheeses, dairy-free milks, and desserts!

For the One With The Tiny Kitchen

That relative who’s living in New York? A college student in a dorm? We’ve got you! 

Hanging Produce Basket – These baskets can hold everything from fruits and veggies to bread! Free up counter and cabinet space in one easy step!

Roll-Up Over Sink Drying Rack – This nifty drying rack is strong enough to be placed over a sink (hello saving counter space!) for drying dishes but still rolls up neatly for compact storage.

Magnetic Spice Jars – Buying spices in bulk is cheaper, cuter, and a huge space saver! These cute jars can go on the side of the refrigerator to free up cabinet and drawer space!

For the Coffee Connoisseur

Pour overs, espresso, or french press — after getting high-quality beans and filtered water, accurate measurements are the most important thing to elevate the coffee experience!

Mini French Press – An easy upgrade from a drip coffee maker, a french press is not only easy to use, but this mini press is completely adorable and perfect for 1 or 2 cups!

Our favorite Bonavita coffee scale for making excellent coffee

Scale – Precision is key for making the perfect cup of coffee every time! A scale comes in handy for accuracy in baking, too!

Our favorite electric kettle

Gooseneck Kettle – This gooseneck style is ideal for pour-over coffee but works beautifully for any kind of coffee prep (plus making tea or any other time you want hot water quickly)!

For the Honorary Herbalist

Whether simply enjoying some loose leaf tea or venturing into the world of adaptogens, your herby pals are sure to enjoy one of these! 

Glass Teapot with Infuser – Perfect for brewing all your favorite looseleaf teas and herbal infusions. Plus, so pretty!

Jar of Sun Potion Ashwagandha for our favorite brand of this superfood

Ashwagandha Powder – Well known in Ayurvedic medicine, ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb admired for its stress-reducing properties. Try it in our delicious adaptogenic hot chocolate!

A mug of our creamy caffeine-free Moringa Latte for an antioxidant-rich drink

Moringa – Known as “the miracle tree,” moringa is a super nutrient-dense herb that’s been used around the world for centuries. We love using it to make moringa lattes or replacing half the matcha in a matcha latte for “half caff.”

For the One Tending the Bar

We all know that special someone who can confidently pick the best wine and shake the best cocktails! Take their treat to the next level with these goodies!

Large Square Ice Cube Molds – Large ice cubes not only add character, they also keep drinks colder, longer. These ice cube molds are perfect for everything from Old Fashioneds to a simple whiskey on the rock(s)!

10 Piece Bar Set with Stand – Why give one gift when you can give 10? This gorgeous bartending set comes with a stand for easy organizing and will give both newbies and experts all the tools they need! 

We hope you found this gift guide helpful! Happy holidays! xo

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