Spicy Fruit Salad

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Bowls of our irresistible Spicy Fruit Salad

How can mango get any more delicious, you ask?

Put some chili powder on it and experience a serious flavor bomb.

Trust me, it’s science.

Bowl of mango, strawberries, kiwi, and blueberries for an incredible summer side dish

This fruit salad is inspired by three things:

1) The mango served with chili powder at Indian restaurants.
2) My love of all things spicy-sweet.
3) John’s suggestion to make a spicy fruit salad.

I know, my husband’s a smartie. It’s almost like he knows me after 5 years of marriage.

Pouring lime juice onto our amazing vegan Spicy Fruit Salad recipe

This salad is simple, requiring less than 10 ingredients and just 15 minutes to prepare.

It’s also delicious. Ripe summer fruit is dressed with a simple mixture of lime juice and maple syrup, then tossed with a pinch of sea salt and chili powder.

Chili powder may seem like an unlikely addition to fruit. But if you’re a spicy-sweet lover like me, you’ll love this combination!

A bowl of our Spicy Fruit Salad sprinkled with chili powder for a kick of heat

This fruit salad is beckoning to be made. It’s:

Naturally sweet
Subtly spiced
Super healthy
& Wonderfully delicious

Make this dish to take along to your next BBQ or dinner party, or alongside fresh summer meals like Quinoa Spring Rolls, Spicy Plantain and Black Bean Tacos, Strawberry Arugula Salad, or a Chickpea Sunflower Sandwich!

If you give it a try, let us know what you think by leaving a comment and rating it. It’s so helpful for us and other readers. And don’t forget to take a picture and tag it #minimalistbaker on Instagram. We’d love to see what you come up with. Cheers, friends!

Bowls of our amazing vegan Fruit Salad with lime juice and chili powder

Spicy Fruit Salad

A simple, 15-minute fruit salad with mango, blueberry, strawberry, and kiwi, dressed with lime juice and chili powder! Spicy-sweet, healthy, and so delicious. Perfect for summer BBQs and heat-free meals!
Author Minimalist Baker
Blue mixing bowl filled with our Spicy Fruit Salad recipe
4.91 from 10 votes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings 6
Course Salad, Side
Cuisine Gluten-Free, Vegan
Freezer Friendly 2 Weeks (see notes)
Does it keep? 2-3 Days


  • 2 ripe mangos (peeled and cubed)
  • 4 medium kiwi (peeled and sliced or quartered)
  • 1 cup sliced strawberries
  • 1 cup blueberries
  • 1 small lime, juiced (1 small lime yields ~2 Tbsp or 30 ml)
  • 1 Tbsp maple syrup or agave nectar (optional)
  • 1/4 tsp chili powder
  • 1 pinch sea salt
  • 1 ounce silver tequila or white rum (optional)


  • Add all fruit to a large mixing/serving bowl.
  • Add lime juice and maple syrup (optional depending on ripeness of fruit) to a small mixing bowl and whisk to combine. Then pour over fruit and gently toss to coat.
  • Add sea salt. Then sprinkle on chili powder a little at a time, gently folding/stirring the salad as you go. I found 1/4 tsp (amount as original recipe is written // adjust if altering batch size) to be the perfect amount, but add more or less depending on preference.
  • Taste and adjust seasonings, adding more chili powder, maple syrup, or lime juice as needed. Add tequila or white rum for a boozy kick (optional).
  • Serve immediately, or cover and chill for 2-3 days (sometimes longer depending on freshness of fruit). See notes for freezing tip.


*To freeze leftover fruit salad, puree 2/3 of the salad in a high speed blender or food processor until creamy and smooth, then add back to the remaining whole fruit and stir to combine. Pour into large ice cube molds and freeze to add to cocktails and smoothies, or into popsicle molds to make an easy summer snack/dessert.
*Nutrition information is a rough estimate calculated with maple syrup and without rum or tequila.

Nutrition (1 of 6 servings)

Serving: 1 serving Calories: 112 Carbohydrates: 27.4 g Protein: 1.3 g Fat: 0.7 g Saturated Fat: 0 g Trans Fat: 0 g Cholesterol: 0 mg Sodium: 44 mg Fiber: 3.9 g Sugar: 20.6 g

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My Rating:

  1. Georgia Smart says

    I’ve used this as inspiration to make a spiced kiwi and clementine crumble…
    kiwi, clementines (all roughly chopped) maple syrup, chopped chilli, sea salt, cardamom (out of the pods), lime/lemon juice for the fruit portion and melted butter mixed with porridge oats, small amount of dark brown sugar and sea salt again with more sugar sprinkled on top.

  2. Mick says

    Delicious, loved it!
    On the topic of spiced up fruit, try:
    Mixed berries (raspberries, blueberries) grapes;
    Mixed seeds, any other fruit (a cut up banana)
    (Lime juice)
    For spice: grated fresh ginger ( go light, then work your way up depending on the spice kick you want),
    A dollop of (Greek) thick plain yoghurt
    Or vanilla ice cream.
    Mix it all up for a crunchy, juicy and spicey dessert. Delicious and gives your whole bossy a buzz!

  3. Cathy says

    I brought this salad into work and recieved rave reviews! One coworker told me it was the best fruit salad she ever had and would be making it herself in the very near future. I have to make it again also because I never even got to try it… it was demolished before I could go to get myself a serving (and I had doubled the recipe!)

  4. Mary Ann says

    After seasoning, put the fruit on a skewer in rainbow order.
    1. It looks beautiful
    2. It saves dishes (yes, lazy)
    3. No fighting over “he took all the strawberries”
    4. Nice, tidy serving sizes

    ~Just a mommy who needs sanity this summer…

  5. Mike says

    Hi Dana,

    This looks great – I’d like to pair it with your Golden Milk ice cream but just wanted to ask the expert whether you think they will go well together? :-)

  6. Vidz says

    a friend recommended your website, and i checked it out recently. truly mouthwatering dishes, well-showcased by hi-res images and attractive website layout!

    seems like you like spicy-sweet dishes and your spicy fruit salad is inspired by indian tastes. i have a suggestion for a whole new range of indian dishes – CHAAT. do check it out, you will fall in love all over again! :-)

  7. Grace says

    This looks intriguing, I’ll definitely give it a go. I’m so sick of the various “vanilla” versions, it’s time to spice up the things a bit. Not to mention that it’s perfect for the colder months.
    Lately, I’ve been eating a lot of oven-baked meals and barbeque and it’s only appropriate to clean my diet again.
    Making this tonight, thanks!

    – Grace –

  8. Steve Heikkila says

    Very cool idea, Dana. I love the combination of fruit and spicy heat. This is kind of like a fruit salsa, writ large!

  9. Susannah (Lemon and Coconut) says

    Beautiful post, as always, you guys are fab! It’s inspired me to try with finely ground black pepper as I can’t eat chilli, I’ve been toying with the idea but hadn’t tried it, going to take the plunge :)

  10. Nicole says

    I used to buy bags of fruit mixed with lime and chili powder on street corners in Los Angeles. Too good!

  11. Leigh says

    Try some jicama for crunch. Fruit vendors in LA offer most every fruit in season. I usually pass but even fresh coconut is available. Salt and fresh lime juice…a perfect lunch!

  12. Cady | Wild Heart of Life says

    Yes Dana! I always go into my New England college’s dining hall, mix watermelon and mango, and top it with lemon + chili powder. My friends think it’s weird, only my fellow native Californians understand. Reminiscent of fruit vendors on the beach! The tequila, though, that I will be trying. ;)

  13. Sydney | Modern Granola says

    Yay for another heat-free recipe! This sounds so heavenly! I love the spicy-sweet combo. I’ve never tried mango + chili powder, but I’m super game, because that sounds amazing. Can’t wait to try!
    xx Sydney

  14. Ashley says

    OOOH! This looks so gorgeous and so, so good! I have a work potluck coming soon, and I bet this will be a hit!

  15. Moran says

    Looks delish, as always, and perfectly fresh, just great for the major heat wave we are under right now..

    Oh, just a small typo, looks like the ml is missing in the last line of the ingredients:
    optional: 1 ounce ( ml) silver tequila or white rum


  16. Alexa [fooduzzi.com] says

    LOVE this! What a fun play on a classic summer treat! And the optional booze…is it really optional? ;)