Coconut Gin and Tonics

Coconut Gin and Tonics! Refreshing, bubbly, naturally sweet and just 4 ingredients!

A life list. Have you ever written one?

If you have, you know how difficult it is.

Maybe at the ripe old age of 28 I’ve simply done it all (sarcastic eye roll). But in all honesty, I like the person I’m becoming each day. I like that I try to be intentional about my life and my work, and when John and I say we want to do something we actually try and do it. I like that we spend every new year’s eve talking about the people we are and the people we want to become.

Coconut Water Gin and Tonics! 4 ingredients, SUPER refresing and so simple!

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Easy Baked Rosemary Beet Chips! Fast, healthy and SO simple #vegan #glutenfree

Baked Rosemary Beet Chips

I distinctly remember one December in college when my dad took me to his office Christmas party at a dinner theatre. I hardly remember the show, but I do remember the buffet which seemed to extend into eternity with overcooked vegetables. Among the saddest victims were Brussels sprouts and beets. What is it about these beautiful, delicious veggies that makes people use and abuse them? They are ... Read More →

THE CRISPIEST Oven Baked Matchstick Fries with Garlic! Simple, fast and SO ridiculously crispy and delicious! #vegan #glutenfree

Crispy Baked Garlic Matchstick Fries

French fries. We have an on again off again relationship. Meaning, I stuff my face with them once a month, then swear off them until we meet again next month. Thankfully, however, I've recently mastered the art of making fries at home super crispy style sans frying. Score! Now the two of us can see each other much more often - thank goodness. ... Read More →

Quick HOMEADE Ketchup! Whiskey BBQ infused for that perfect boozy, smoky flavor

Whiskey BBQ Ketchup

It takes a lot for John and me to fall hardcore in love with a new restaurant, but the minute I dipped one french fry into the whiskey bbq ketchup at Beer Kitchen in Kansas City, it was all over. It had to be made at home. ... Read More →

Summer Corn Soup! 9 ingredients, 30 minute, SO savory and easy #vegan #glutenfree

Simple Summer Corn Soup

Corn has always been one of my favorite summer foods. I recall once eating four cobs in one sitting at a family cookout, much to my parents' amazement. It's just that good. ... Read More →

HEALTHY Chocolate Cherry Almond Milk! 4 ingredients, SO simple and INCREDIBLY delicious! #vegan #glutenfree #chocolate

Chocolate Cherry Almond Milk

Supa thick. Supa chocolatey. Supa cherry-y? Let's do this. ... Read More →

Vegan Peanut Butter and Jelly Pie! 9 ingredients, no bake besides the crust, and SO ridiculously delicious! #vegan

No Bake PB&J Pie

My earliest memory of eating a PB&J is when I was about 5 years old. My family lived in New Mexico and my mom would take me to half-day Kindergarten in the morning, pick me up around noon and promptly make me a diagonal-cut PB&J once we got home. I would eat my sandwich hovering over a towel "place mat" on the floor in front of the television, eyes glued on "Woody the Woodpecker," ... Read More →

7 Ingredient Vegan Gluten Free Waffles! Perfectly crispy, totally customizable and just ONE BOWL required! #vegan #glutenfree

7 Ingredient Vegan Gluten Free Waffles

If you're anything like me you end up having the same thing for breakfast most days without realizing you haven't branched out in months. Lame. Not that eating the same thing every day is necessarily a bad thing. But it seems the more simple options I have on hand, the more likely I am to branch out. Enter: these waffles. ... Read More →

3 Ingredient Peanut Butter S'MOREOS! Indulgent, sinful, fat kid food at its finest

Peanut Butter S’moreos

OK, can you just indulge me for a moment? I know what this looks like: Unadulterated, full on fat kid food. That's because it is. But if there's one thing I've learned about life thus far it's that time flies and life really is short and you've got to take advantage of moments and experiences when you can. Otherwise they're gone in a snap and you wake up one day and realize you never did any ... Read More →

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Granola! 6 ingredients, super peanut buttery and perfectly salty-sweet! #vegan #chocolate #glutenfree

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Granola

Peanut butter and chocolate just go together. Can we agree on that? OK, then we can move onto how DELICIOUS this granola is! Perfectly crisp peanut buttery oats sprinkled with dairy-free chocolate chips. It's like Christmas in the mouth. ... Read More →

Cherry Limeade Smoothies! 5 ingredients, perfeclty tart and sweet, and SO healthy and delicious! #vegan #glutenfree

Cherry Limeade Smoothie

In the small town I grew up in, there was one main road down the middle of town and when we got a Sonic put in next to the gas station, it was a big deal. Watch out everybody, we're big city now. My favorite drink has always has been a cherry limeade. So refreshing, bubbly and perfectly tart and sweet. I especially love the cherry and squeezed limes at the bottom to nosh on once the drink ... Read More →