Naturally Sweetened Vegan Chocolate Mousse

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Two glasses filled with Naturally Sweetened Vegan Chocolate Mousse and topped with coconut whipped cream, fresh raspberries, and shaved chocolate

The day has arrived! My take on healthy (avocado-free) chocolate mousse is here. Let’s do this!

Cocoa powder, coconut milk, dates, and cocoa butter for making Naturally Sweetened Vegan Chocolate Mousse

The base for this easy, 7-ingredient recipe is cocoa butter and cacao powder, which make a rich chocolate base when combined. Next comes coconut milk for creaminess and a little natural sweetness.

Whisking ingredients in a saucepan for gluten-free Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Then add dates for natural sweetness and even more thickness. Once it’s all blended, put it in the fridge to chill until firm and cold.

Dipping a freshly pitted date into a jar of Naturally Sweetened Vegan Chocolate Mousse
Grabbing a spoonful of rich and creamy Vegan Chocolate Mousse

And that’s it! Garnish with desired toppings, such as coconut whipped cream, berries, and vegan dark chocolate.

Placing a raspberry on top of a glass of Vegan Chocolate Mousse with coconut whipped cream
Scooping up a spoonful of delicious Naturally Sweetened Vegan Chocolate Mousse

I hope you all LOVE this recipe! It’s:

Naturally sweet
Easy to make
& SUPER delicious

This would make the perfect healthier dessert for special occasions like Valentine’s Day or just to have on hand throughout the week for after-dinner treats.

If you’re looking for more healthier dessert recipes, be sure to check out our 5-Ingredient Chocolate Coconut Butter Cups, 5-Ingredient Vegan Caramel Sauce, Coconut Cacao Tahini Snack Bites, Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Coconut No-Bake Cookies.

If you like this recipe, let us know! Leave a comment, rate it, and don’t forget to tag a photo #minimalistbaker on Instagram. Cheers, friends!

Close up shot of a glass of Naturally Sweetened Vegan Chocolate Mousse topped with coconut whipped cream and fresh raspberries

Naturally Sweetened Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Rich chocolate mousse that's naturally sweetened! Just 7 ingredients required, thick, rich chocolate flavor, and so delicious! Entirely vegan and gluten-free.
Author Minimalist Baker
Tray holding two short glasses of Vegan Chocolate Mousse topped with coconut whip and raspberries
4.71 from 44 votes
Prep Time 4 hours 25 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 4 hours 30 minutes
Servings 6 (glasses)
Course Dessert
Cuisine Gluten-Free, Vegan
Freezer Friendly No
Does it keep? 5 Days



  • 1/2 cup + 1 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder or cacao powder
  • 1 Tbsp carob powder (optional // deepens the chocolate flavor and sweetens)
  • 3/4 cup chopped cocoa butter (or sub vegan bittersweet/dark chocolate)
  • 1 pinch sea salt
  • 1 14-ounce can full-fat coconut milk (divided // I like Thai Kitchen or Whole Foods 365*)
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • Stevia (to taste // ~3/4 tsp powdered stevia as recipe is written)
  • 6-9 whole pitted medjool dates (this helps thicken as well as naturally sweeten! If you don’t have dates, you could also sub maple syrup, but the mousse will be thinner)

TOPPINGS optional


  • In a small saucepan, combine cocoa or cacao powder, carob powder (optional), cocoa butter, salt, and 3/4 cup coconut milk (180 ml // as recipe is written // if altering batch size, use approximately 2/3 of the coconut milk for this step). Begin warming over medium-low heat, whisking to combine.
  • Once the mixture is melted, add remaining coconut milk and whisk until fully combined. Then remove from heat and add vanilla and stevia to taste (or just add more dates).
  • Transfer the mixture to a blender (I used a Magic Bullet, but any smaller high-speed blender should also work). Add dates (start with 5 and increase to taste), and blend on high until creamy and smooth. (At this time, you could also add other flavors, such as peppermint oil for chocolate-mint or peanut butter for peanut butter-chocolate.)
  • Taste and adjust flavor as needed, adding more cacao powder for rich chocolate flavor, dates for sweetness, or sea salt for saltiness.
  • Transfer to a bowl and cover. Refrigerate until cold and thickened – at least 4 hours, preferably overnight.
  • To serve, enjoy as is or divide between serving glasses and top with coconut whipped cream, raspberries, and chopped vegan dark chocolate or cacao/cocoa powder (optional).
  • Store leftovers covered in the refrigerator up to 5 days.



*Not all coconut milk is made equal. I like Whole Foods 365 organic full fat coconut milk and Thai Kitchen brand as well. I’ve also been enjoying Aroy-D brand with success. To make thicker mousse, you can try omitting the liquid from your coconut milk by chilling first the can overnight, opening, and draining off any clear. Then add only the cream. However, I didn’t find this necessary and added the whole can and still achieved fluffy mousse.
*Nutrition information is a rough estimate calculated without toppings.

Nutrition (1 of 6 servings)

Serving: 1 glasses Calories: 286 Carbohydrates: 12.2 g Protein: 2.5 g Fat: 29.1 g Saturated Fat: 17.6 g Trans Fat: 0 g Cholesterol: 0 mg Sodium: 65 mg Fiber: 3.3 g Sugar: 4.5 g

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  1. LB says

    This was so tasty. I used bittersweet chocolate instead of cocoa butter. I didn’t put stevia or carob. I added 6 dates and it was sweet enough for my taste (I like really dark chocolate). It’s very dense and decadent. Would make again.

  2. Nicole says

    I loved this – so decadent! I do have a question though: Once fully chilled, my mouse was extremely dense. While I was very happy with the taste, ideally I’d prefer a lighter, fluffier texture that doesn’t resist the spoon so much. I did sub coconut manna/ butter for cocoa butter, but saw that another reviewer did the same and didn’t mention texture changes. I used the full amount of dates and was happy with that sweetness level, so I wouldn’t want to reduce them to reduce the thickness. Do you have any suggestions for getting the consistency more mousse-like? Perhaps less coconut/ cocoa butter, or more coconut milk? Thanks!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Nicole, we do think coconut butter would produce that result, because it’s more fibrous and less smooth than cocoa butter. More coconut milk might also help!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Charl, these glasses are probably ~8-10 oz, and we didn’t fill them all of the way. We think it makes about ~6, 4 oz servings, maybe a bit more. Hope this helps!

  3. Darlisa A. says

    This recipe is very easy to make, and tastes delicious! I usually use bittersweet chocolate instead of cocoa butter, and find it works really great! The 6 dates keep it more bitter, while more makes it sweeter. Highly recommend for anyone looking for an easy, no-nonsense dessert!

  4. Yumna Islam says

    This looks amazing! Dark chocolate and coconut and dates and rich creamy goodness, right up my alley. I’ve been searching for ages for a healthier take on a vanilla mousse, anyway to convert this to vanilla?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Yumna! We haven’t tried this as a vanilla mousse so we cannot guarantee results. The cocoa powder itself is helpful for the right texture and we aren’t sure of any substitutes that would work the same way, but it’s possible you could omit it and just increase the vanilla? We’re not sure! Let us know how it goes if you give it a try!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Cindy! While we think this would be delicious as a cake filling, we suspect that it might be too soft to hold up. If you keep your cake refrigerated it might work – let us know how it goes! xo

  5. Claire D. says

    This recipe is fantastic! I’ve made it at least five times. I add about a tablespoon of agave to get the sweetness I like. It’s just a super simple, delicious recipe! Thank you!!

  6. Dee says

    One of my fav decadent recipes. I omit the Stevia and use a slab of very dark chocolate. Its so hard to stop eating just one portion.

  7. Katie says

    Hi Dana, thanks for all your beautiful recipes, including this one!
    Unfortunately, I have medical issues with dates so I’m respectfully asking you whether you think I could use brown rice syrup instead. Would love to be able to use dates, and I did in the past, but I now have big issues with fructose.
    Would love to make this recipe!

  8. Rowan says

    Hi there,

    I was wondering if it’s recommended to soak the dates beforehand, or is that unnecessary? Looking forward to trying this out soon!

    Thanks so much,

  9. Jenny Pompilio says

    Made this for my family for Valentines Day. Used Lacuma Powder instead of carob powder. It was so good but very very rich, and might overwhelm you if you are not a chocolate fiend. I think six servings could be turned into 8+. I was wishing I could stop eating it halfway thru my 1/2 cup serving (but could not of course!🤣). Adding a spoonful of peanut butter and a few pieces of candied ginger helped offset the chocolate. I’m sure my boys will love it when I surprise them with it!

  10. Laurel says

    I really enjoyed the taste of this but I definitely wouldn’t call it a mousse. It wasn’t light and airy like a mousse, but more of a pot de creme. I topped it off with quite a bit of aquafaba whipped cream and that cut the thickness a bit but definitely a decadent dessert.

  11. Makayla says

    I have made this a couple times now and I am super impressed! It is sooo thick and creamy, and it tastes so rich. I made it for my friends and they all loved it. Surpassed my expectations!

  12. Kates says

    I really loved this recipe. Added some “blackout chocolate” instead of carob or cocoa butter but otherwise followed it to the tee and topped it off with her coconut cream whipped cream. I definitely had to let it sit for a good 12-24 hours to set up enough for a real mousse consistency, but it was PERFECT. Thank you for the recipe!

  13. Clara says

    I used all the coconut milk can and dark chocolate instead of the cocoa butter and it turned out delicious, everybody loved it and wanted the recipe ! Thank you

  14. Mischa pearson says

    Unfortunately this was very disappointing, despite all the good reviews. When I took it out of the fridge it as almost the consistency of a heavy ganache with a horrible taste of cacao butter. I threw the whole thing away. I followed the recipe to the letter. Not sure why or how it was so bad.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Oh no! Sorry to hear that, Mischa! Did you use a really thick coconut milk or a coconut cream? That could cause it to be a ganache texture.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Ely, that should be great! It will likely be more thick and ganache like. If you prefer something more light, you could try diluting with water. Let us know how it goes!

  15. Marissa says

    Hi! First of all I am a long time follow of yours and love all your recipes! Thank you for giving us such easy vegan alternatives!! Second, I made this last night and am obsessed. It was so beyond easy to make, ingredients were easy to find and it all came together exactly as you said. I followed the recipe exactly (used the cocoa butter) but my consistency is off, the mousse is hard, also like really cold frosting if that makes sense. I am wondering if it’s bc I live in Denver and have the altitude to worry about? It’s still amazing and I will be eating every bite of it but when I make it again (maybe next week bc I’m a little addicted) do you have a recommendation to make it creamy? Maybe more liquid? I’m just not sure but would really love and appreciate any insight you have!! Thank you again for all your amazing recipes!!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Sounds like perhaps your coconut milk was very high fat? Next time you could try using light coconut milk instead for fluffier consistency! and/or add slightly less cacao butter, as it provides firmness. Hope that helps!

  16. alex turshen says

    Thank you for the reply! (My husband thought he saw water too, ha!) But I went ahead and made it following your written instructions, subbing with Lily’s vegan bittersweet chocolate chips (no cocoa butter to be found!) I left out the stevia and added extra dates. It came out beautifully! I will definitely be doing this again. All my guests (vegan and non-vegan) loved it!

  17. alex says

    It looks like you’re putting the cacao powder into water in the video. Does this recipe need water? If so, how much? Thanks!

  18. Tara Patwardhan Kalra says

    Taking inspiration from The Minimalist Baker as well as one of my twins (Aparna Spark Lad) – had oodles of fun creating my own version of their wonderful vegan mousse for a combined birthweek party tonight. Ingredients used were dairy free chocolate nibs, dairy free cocoa powder, pinch of Himalayan pink salt, Macca powder, rice malt syrup, full fat coconut cream, crushed medjool dates, organic cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil, chia seeds, star fruit and raspberries.

    Thank you, Minimalist Baker for this amazing recipe! ?

  19. Ali says

    I was pretty skeptical about my abilities to make this, but it turned out perfectly. The mixture was quite runny after blending, so I wasn’t so sure it would set in the fridge overnight. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the texture turned out exactly like the non-vegan mousse I’ve had from restaurants! I used “Navitas Cacao Butter” and “Cocoa Metro Belgian Cocoa Powder” – both from Whole Foods. The flavor was super rich with just the right amount of sweetness after adding 7 or 8 dates. Will definitely make this again!

  20. Eliza McMillian says

    Just made this recipe. I had to sub something in for the coconut milk because it’s not the best for blood type. I subbed in soy creamer. My daughter and I loved the taste test. We can’t wait till sets. I also added about tbsp. of avacado oil for the fats.

  21. Jessica Flory says

    DANA. This stuff is SO. GOOD. Thank you, thank you!! Seriously one of the best desserts I’ve ever had, healthy or otherwise. I used homemade coconut milk (using your recipe!) and it thickened perfectly. I omitted the stevia and ended up adding 8 dates. AMAZING!!

  22. Victoria says

    I made this with cacao and dark chocolate. My blender isn’t so good so I used a mesh sieve to take out any date lumps and added some maple syrup to balance the sweetness. The mixture didn’t look very mousse-like so I whipped up some Aquafaba and folded in the cooled chocolate mixture, worked a treat. The flavour is soooo good!

  23. Rachel Haley says

    I make this with dates and without carob powder–it’s amazing. Some of the richest, most deeply chocolate chocolate mousse I’ve ever had. If you eat some hot (bc it’s hard not to!), it tastes like Mexican hot chocolate. Would be good with cinnamon and/or chili added.

  24. John Hanna says

    Thank you for this recipe! If I want to make this into a 9 inch round cake pan, would I double or triple the quantity? Hoping to make the right amount for the cake.

  25. Julia says

    I made this and it is QUITE amazing! I used 8 or 9 dates and 1/4 tsp monk fruit sweetener. I did not use Stevia or carob powder. It has a fabulously firm consistency. I wonder why it only lasts for 5 days in the fridge. Does the coconut milk spoil?

  26. Mateo Duran says

    Can this mousse hold its shape? if its piped into a mold, frozen and then taken out of the mold.

  27. Simone says

    This is good stuff! I’ve made it twice now. I love how you can control how sweet/bitter it is. The second time I made it just with coconut cream (not the full milk can) and I found the texture to be closer to ganache — could make some truffles with it! It’s extremely good with raspberries on top.

  28. Lisa K says

    I made this tonight as a treat for my kiddos and husband and boy did they inhale it! I was out of vanilla and used dark chocolate in lieu of the cocoa butter. I found it very thick like a ganache, but still so yummy! I may end up using this recipe for truffles and also trying to whip it up with a hand mixer as well to make it more mousse like. Either way, it tasted amazing and I like finding “healthier” options for my kids as an occasional treat. I find myself on your blog every day looking for my next recipe to try! :). THANK YOU for such yummy vegan recipes and beautiful photography!!

  29. Izzy says

    Ok I made this for fathers day & it was delicious! I used stevia sweetened dark chocolate instead of cocoa butter. It was very thick & fudge like, not mousse like at all, so I think I’ll take the one readers suggestion of whipping it after it’s chilled.
    Thanks for sharing!

  30. Izzy says

    Hi there! So I’m looking to make this mouse, but I’m curious, please forgive my ignorance but my dietary restrictions are new to me so I’m learning to navigate. You are happy that this is an avocado free mousse & I’ve seen quite a few recipes out there that use avocado. Just wondering, does avocado mousse have an odd taste or is not really a healthy alternative or is there another reason you were avoiding using them here? Again, I’m just looking for info. This recipe really looks amazing & I will review properly once I make it :)

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Izzy! For people who cannot have avocado or are simply just not fans of it, this is a great recipe for them. While avocado-based mousse and puddings do not have a prominent avocado taste, we just wanted to create an alternative!

      • Lola says

        I happen to have too many avocados in the house so want to use them. Your end result and method look most appealing. Can I just add an avocado or two, perhaps in place of something else, or does it mean that amount of all ingredients will need increasing? Asking for a friend…

          • Leah says

            Made a few times now, we add extra coconut and dates for our liking but WOW LOVE IT! I actually froze some this evening to test it… well guess whos having chocolatey fudge icecream right now? ? thanks for another awesome recipe, its now going to be a monthly make minimum thats for sure just need to add some choc chunks and fudge sauce :O

          • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

            We’re so glad you enjoy this recipe, Leah! Thanks so much for the lovely review! xo

  31. Brittany says

    I love all of your recipes! I made this one the other day but I used CACAO butter instead of COCOA butter. I think the tastes are a little bit different because it didn’t taste quite like I expected. It was a little off, kind of strong but I still ate it anyway. I also used cacao powder instead of cocoa powder and I left out the carob powder. I subbed the stevia for coconut sugar. Still good but next time I’ll try COCOA butter instead.

  32. Annie Secrest says! I made this for my husband and mother-in-law and they loved it! I bought the cocoa butter you linked (thank you!) and rubbed a little extra on my hands while I was cooking for the health benefits :) This was fantastic; thank you for being such a damn good cook!

  33. Lauren says

    Wow, this recipe is amazing! I made it for a few friends and they all loved it!! I also couldn’t stop eating it myself. 10 stars!!

  34. Liz says

    Just made this–wow. Incredible. Used less stevia and 4 large dates and it was sweet and chocolatey and with a great mouthfeel. For some of them I added a little coconut extract and this was my favorite. Will make again, 100%!

  35. Julieann says

    I made this and it was delicious! I used cacao butter instead of cocoa butter- a misread of the ingredients on my part. It came out thicker for me though, more like a ganache and less like a fluffy mousse. Do you think it’s because of the cacao butter? The flavor was delicious and my friend said it tasted like a professional dessert. Thank you! Love your recipes!

    • Avsky says

      Mine came out really thick and ganache-like too, but I whipped it up with an electric hand-mixer before serving and it made a HUGE difference. Give that a go!

  36. Jessica Marquis says

    I made it with whole foods brand dark chocolate chunks instead of the cocoa butter and skipped the stevia and it was fantastic! Seriously loved it!

    I do have a question though cus it turned out quite a bit thicker than I expected…after cooling in the fridge overnight it was almost more like fudge than mousse (which is awesome don’t me wrong ? just not what I was going for). What did I do wrong? I’m guessing it had to do with the chocolate chips i used so is there a specific kind of dark chocolate you need to use in order to replace the cocoa butter?

    • Laura Atwood says

      I seem to be the only one who had problems with this recipe. After I put it in the refrigerator it became solid. I ended up letting it warm up a bit and then rolling it into truffles. Which were really good but definitely not mousse. I used dark chocolate instead of cocoa butter but that should have been OK according to the recipe. Any thoughts as to what went wrong?

  37. Kathy says

    I just made this and boy is it delicious! I added a little bit of crushed red pepper flakes for a bit of a bite and did use coconut milk & vegan bittersweet chocolate. I added a dash more of vanilla and I will top with raspberries once this is chilled. Thx for sharing!

  38. Tarina says

    I remember seeing a vegan cheesecake recipe on the website that had cauliflower as an ingredient. I cannot seem to find it in my emails or on the website. Please help :)

  39. Gabriela says

    This is seriously, the most equally easy, delicious, and impressive dessert I’ve ever made! Plus, anything you can make ahead is my jam! It was the perfect end to Valentine’s Day dinner :)

  40. Sarah says

    Made this for Valentine’s and we both loved it even though we are just part-time veggies. I didn’t use any stevia, just dates, and it turned out delicious!

  41. Hermione says

    I used to make a vegan chocolate mousse years ago that involved silken tofu and it always had that little bit of “vegan” flavor that put everyone else off, and it was a far more complicated recipe so I haven’t made it in years. I made this last night and was surprised to see it thick and creamy this morning. before it had fully thickened (obviously I tried it last night, after about three hours in the fridge), it was basically like chocolate pudding — also amazing and a food I had completely forgotten about. it probably could have been “fluffier” if I kept blending it but I kept eating it so I needed to make it quick. I used cocoa powder alone, very dark chocolate, and seven big dates instead of any stevia, and thus it was so very dark and rich. it was perfect. all I can do at work is think about the fact that I still have an entire bowl of it at home.

    on a related note, I learned while making this that refrigerated dates taste like a sort of caramel when eaten straight from the fridge. half of me was like, Why make mousse when I can just eat cold dates? but I’m glad I persisted with the mousse.

  42. Sandy Hitchin says

    This was ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! Rich, creamy, chocolatey. I could scarcely believe it was sugar free. THANK YOU for this amazing recipe and for everything you do to share these health-forward creations with us!

  43. Melissa says

    hi! I am making this right now but the cocoa butter measurements don’t add up – I’m at 1 cup so far and it’s well over 100g – so do I do the 3/4 cup or go up to the 163g? Please help!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Melissa! In this instance we would recommend going with the standard (cup) measurement first as the metric measurements can fluctuate depending on brand/quality. Also make sure your cocoa butter is chopped well and distributing evenly in the measuring cup.

      • Melissa says

        I ended up splitting the difference between the volume/weight of the cocoa butter since it was so different when I measured/weighed it – I went with about a cup of cocoa butter which was 115g, finely chopped – more volume, but less weight than the recipe. (Which leads me to wonder about that 3/4 cup being equivalent to 163 grams…) I added no carob or additional sweetener. This was more like a very dense pâvé than a mousse – too much cocoa butter? Between that and the coconut milk, it was much too rich. A spoonful was a lot, it left that unpleasant coating on the tongue and in the belly. I am certainly in the minority on this one but I don’t think I’ll try it again. But you have a great track record in my kitchen, onto more wonderful recipes!

  44. Laurie Low says

    Just made this for a Valentine’s dinner tonight. A.MAZ.ING. So good. Decadent and yummy. I bought cocoa butter a few weeks ago for another recipe and have never used it before. It will definitely be a once in a long while treat – I love the suggestion of serving it in a shot glass. Thanks for your easy, delicious, plant-based recipes! So glad I found your blog.

  45. Victoria Bolton says

    This looks so wonderful! Thanks for sharing it. If I make it, I’m going to serve it in almost guilt-free shot glass size servings.

      • Olga says

        ?? I am really loving your site!
        Have you considered specific segments for super fussy diets like the Candida Dysbiosis diet ? I’m finding it increasingly hard to find anything to eat that is super yum, so you can imagine my relief after making your mousse!

  46. Hannah says

    I just made this and used coconut butter in place of cocoa butter. It’s delcious! I also skipped the stevia and just added more dates then it called for. It’s not very sweet but that’s how I prefer my desserts anyways. Having them for a Valetines Day dinner tonight. Thanks Dana

  47. Clayton Henderson says

    Great recipe! Just made this today for me and my wife. I did add a fresh raspberry and blueberry syrup to add that extra punch of berry flavor to this amazing mousse recipe! Thank you so much for always sharing awesome recipe.

  48. Elizabeth says

    Can I use dark chocolate chips instead of cocoa butter? Also can I leave out stevia? I can’t stand the taste. Also curious if someone replaced the coconut milk, if so with what? Thanks!!!

  49. Kristin says

    She just gave you a FREE recipe. Your response is a very ungrateful one. If you don’t like it, just don’t use it. Personally I’m sugar free, including dates, but I thought this was a very inspirational and interesting recipe.

    So thank you Minimalist Baker for taking the time to create this, take gorgeous photos, write a full blogpost and post it on Instagram for me to find. You are doing great work in this world?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hmm, what about cashew cream? Or homemade almond milk made thicker by using less water to almond ratio?

      • Adi says

        I’ve done it with homemade cashew cream, and it worked perfectly! I didn’t add the additional sweetener (outside of the dates) since cashews already have a distinct sweetness to them.

  50. Pooja says

    This looks amazing! I have made a decent avocado chocolate mousse before, but I recently tried a tofu version and never got the tofu taste out, ick! This seems amazingly delicious! Makes me want to purchase cocoa butter just to make it!

    • Rose says

      Hi Pooja, honestly, you don’t need cocoa butter. I made it with dark, dark chocolate and it is amazing: decadent, silky and delicious. It really does need the chilling time Dana recommends for it to thicken. As for the sugar content, at least dates have some redeeming value, I.e., fiber, magnesium, B6, etc., while refined sugar has virtually nothing. Yes, sat. fat is high, but coconut milk actually has a little less than heavy, whipping cream., which you’d likely use in a traditional mousse. This is not an everyday dish for sure, but for entertaining or once in a while, it’s YUM, and a little goes a long way. I’d definitely make it again. Thanks Dana, for going to all the effort to givie us easier, smarter, and more delicious options!

  51. Marie Coppolaro says

    Compared to the processed desserts that are on the supermarket shelves and served in restaurants etc, this is an unprocessed, delicious healthy option. Thanks for sharing.

  52. Cherie Hobday says

    Some people just don’t get it! Sugar be it refined or natural is still sugar with the end result having the same consequence. Dates in particular are very high in sugar (fructose) Dates are used frequently in recipes, semingly trying to give the impression of no sugar, naturally sweetened, good etc!
    Good fats are good in moderation yes, but saturated fats are the bad guys and should be avoided. For me this recipe is very high in Saturated fats . I am just giving my view – I wouldn’t go there.

    • Michele says

      Then don’t make it!
      Personally I am always happy to find treats I can make for my daughter that have natural alternatives to sugar. Natural sweeteners like dates, maple syrup and honey don’t send her on an emotional roller coaster the way processed sugar does. Her anxiety and ADD are so much better since she has stopped eating sugar. In her case, sugar and natural sweeteners DO NOT have the same results.

      • Cherie Hobday says

        As I said I don’t intend making it! there are other healthier alternatives to eating sweet treats. People are so addicted to it these days, even making sure our kids get it loaded into them. As I was referring to the end results, not the immediate spike of some sugars that some people have trouble processing … I think it DOES HAVE the same effect on people’s LONG TERM overall health. Fructose is very bad news for kids as well as Dental Health, some people may not have heard about is dried, loaded with sugar fruits are very bad news. Dentists advise against giving them to our children.

        • Mare says

          Wow…the recipe is *intended* for VEGAN and/or GLUTEN FREE diets. It’s not geared toward sugar free or saturated fat free diets (there are other recipes for those purposes), so it’s kind of unproductive to focus solely on those issues. A healthIER (based on intended diets) treat for a special occasion? Not going to have a deleterious effect on your long term health! Certainly have your own opinions and stick to what’s best for you, but don’t be rude and disrespectful when you’re voluntarily reading what someone else shares…I recommend looking into a *kindness* diet. It’ll do wonders for you, your children, and everyone you encounter. Plus it’s 100% sugar and saturated fat free!! A win-win for all!

          • Debbie says

            Just made it. Twice. In a row! Made one baron and decided it was so delic I’d need to double it for our dinner party tomorrow night…if it lasts that long! ???

        • Diane says

          I just bought all the ingredients! I cant wait to make it !!!!
          Cherie needs a hug and some love ! So disprectful towards our wonderful minalmist baker

      • Dawn says

        Right on, Michele! If you’re gonna have sugar, I’d rather it be in the form of raisins, dried apples or God forbid, dates, than gummy bears, soda, or toffee. Sometimes it’s about making smarter, more informed choices, rather than deprivation or abstinence. After all, life is short and nobody ever went to their deathbed thinking, “I wish I’d eaten more rice cakes”.

  53. Alexis says

    This looks so good. I’ve recently cut down on sugar and given up dairy so this naturally sweetened dessert should fix my dessert cravings :). Thanks for posting.

  54. Marti Glenn says

    I have found myself so often looking for a recipe and began to notice that the one I always choose is “Minimalist Baker.” Your recipes are simple, simply delicious and well within my restrictive diet. I am so grateful for your depth of knowledge and generosity in sharing your incredible expertise!!

  55. Rose says

    Oh my!! Just made this (as I said I would in a comment above): holy mother of deliciousness!! Didn’t have cocoa butter, so used bitter chocolate as suggested and used xylitol, only about a tsp., and 6 small dates. Ooo-la-la!! Now, the question is, can I wait a whole four hours for it to chill? I’d bet no. Maybe 3 tops. Thanks for a great, easy recipe!!

  56. Rose says

    I’m interested in trying this and will. My personal take on your comments? Yes, sugar is a plant, but it’s refined. Dates aren’t. Hence a natural, or unrefined sweetener. Any serving that comes in under 5 grams of sugar is a winner as far as I’m concerned! Also, fat isn’t the enemy we once thought it was if you’re a healthy individual. Fat doesn’t make you fat. Just sayin’…?

  57. HealthNut says

    There is a lot of controversy about the dangers of Stevia. It is highly processed and considered a chemical so I don’t use it. What are your views about this? I prefer to use maple syrup or honey (not for vegans), or fruits like dates, etc.
    This recipe looks yummy!

      • jess says

        I also find stevia gives everything a metal taste and avoid using it. I actually did use maple syrup (maybe 2 tbsp?) and it worked great!

  58. Courtney says

    It looks delicious but saturated fat content is very high. I wish this recipe were using a healthier option rather than full fat coconut milk.

    • Lyza says

      This is a common misconception; not all saturated fats are bad. The saturated fats that full fat coconut milk contains are medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which are incredibly good for our brains and can actually aid in weight-loss.

  59. Danny says

    I’ve started using coconut sugar because of recipes I find here. Could I use that instead of the Stevia (the coconut sugar is just on-hand and would prevent a trip to the grocery store) or would you recommend a trip to the grocer?

  60. Leigh says

    In step 1 of the instr2, we should combine water with carob and cocoa powders, however, I do not see the amount of water required in the recipe. How much water should be used? Thank you.