Easy Vegan Breakfast Tacos

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Plates of Tofu Black Bean Tacos for a healthy vegan dinner

People who like tacos are good people.

Ingredients for making Vegan Breakfast Tacos

I mean, how can you go wrong? Delicious, savory, crunchy, colorful fillings in a portable shell – it’s literally what dreams are made of. Well, that and Peanut Butter Cup Pie, am I right?

Origins of Tacos

Who exactly invented the taco? It’s still a bit of a mystery! But a professor who has spent much time researching the topic theorizes that tacos were invented by Mexican silver miners in the 18th century. (source)

Tacos became popular throughout Mexico and were introduced to the US by Mexican immigrants in the 19th century. 

Vegan Breakfast Tacos with tofu, pomegranate, avocado, and cilantro

Vegan Breakfast Tacos

In my quest to switch up breakfast, these simple, colorful tacos came to mind.

I’ve recently been into pomegranate arils on EVERYTHING, especially baked sweet potatoes with black beans, onion, cilantro and salsa. It’s literally my go-to lunch these days and I have no plans of changing that anytime soon. I highly recommend it right after you nosh on these tacos.

This recipe comes together in about 30 minutes and is seriously versatile!

Not a tofu fan? Sub roasted sweet potatoes or leave it out. No cilantro? Sub kale. Mash your black beans for more a “refried” feel. The breakfast possibilities are endless.

Plates of healthy Breakfast Tacos for a filling vegan meal

These tacos would make a colorful, filling and healthy breakfast or brunch for two, and are easy to multiply for a crowd. Bonus? The toppings keep for days in the fridge so you can make them ahead and nosh on them all week in various forms.

I hope you give these a try! And if you do, be sure to tag a picture #minimalistbaker on Instagram so we can see. Cheers!

Close up shot of vegan breakfast tacos made with spicy tofu, black beans, fruit, and veggies

Easy Vegan Breakfast Tacos

Simple 30-minute vegan breakfast tacos with a spicy tofu scramble and hearty black beans topped with veggies, creamy avocado, and pomegranate arils! Healthy, filling, and so delicious.
Author Minimalist Baker
Plate with two Vegan Breakfast Tacos made with black beans, avocado, and pomegranate seeds
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Servings 3 (two-taco servings)
Course Breakfast, Entrée
Cuisine Gluten-Free, Mexican-Inspired, Vegan
Freezer Friendly No



  • 8 ounces firm tofu
  • 1 cup cooked black beans
  • 1/4 red onion (diced)
  • 1 cup fresh cilantro (chopped)
  • 1 ripe avocado (sliced // or sub guacamole)
  • 1/2 cup salsa (for serving // hot sauce also optional)
  • 1 medium lime (sliced // for serving)
  • 1/4 cup pomegranate arils
  • 6 whole corn tortillas (2 per person)



  • Wrap tofu in a clean, absorbent towel and place something heavy on top, such as a cast-iron skillet, while prepping toppings.
  • Cook black beans in a small saucepan over medium heat until bubbly. Then reduce heat to simmer and set aside. If unsalted/unseasoned, add a pinch of salt, cumin, chili powder, and garlic powder.
  • Add dry tofu spices + salsa to a small bowl and add enough water to make a pourable sauce. Set aside.
  • Heat a large skillet over medium heat and unwrap tofu. Use a fork to crumble.
  • Once the pan is hot, add 1-2 Tbsp (amount as original recipe is written // adjust if altering batch size) oil of choice and the tofu. Stir fry for 4-5 minutes to brown. Then add seasoning and toss to coat. Continue cooking until browned and fragrant – about 5-10 minutes – stirring frequently. Set aside.
  • To serve, warm tortillas in the microwave wrapped in a damp paper towel or in a 250-degree F (121 C) oven (optional). Top tortillas with tofu scramble, black beans, onion, avocado, cilantro, salsa, fresh lime juice, and pomegranate arils (or desired toppings).
  • Serve immediately with the best breakfast potatoes or fruit.


*Nutrition is a rough estimate.
*Tofu adapted from my Spicy Southwest Tofu Scramble, originally inspired by Eat Within Your Means.

Nutrition (1 of 3 servings)

Serving: 1 two-taco servings Calories: 372 Carbohydrates: 51 g Protein: 18.6 g Fat: 13.4 g Saturated Fat: 2.1 g Trans Fat: 0 g Cholesterol: 0 mg Sodium: 523 mg Potassium: 866 mg Fiber: 14.6 g Sugar: 4.5 g

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  1. Sharon Musgrove says

    This easy Mexican tofu was a last minute throw together taco bar item! I love when all the ingredients are on hand! It was delicious!

  2. Nicki says

    We were stuck in an avocado toast or oatmeal rut and this was an awesome and easy change for breakfast! Hubs said if he had to chose only one breakfast for the rest of his life that this would be it. Next time I’ll double the recipe so we can have more leftovers for through the week, and this will certainly be in our regular rotation. Next I’ll try the Buckwheat crepes you posted this morning! Thanks so much!!

  3. Claudia says

    Thank you so much for this recipe. I made it this morning and posted the pictures on social media and made sure to mention The Minimalist Baker! It was a huge hit. I really appreciate this blog because it’s helping people not only be kind to the environment, but also eat well and not miss their previous omnivorous diet. I know I am not, AND i feel much better too. THANk YOU ❤️

  4. Haley says

    Solid taco recipe. The pomegranate arils take it to another level, but it is also great without them. I have made it both ways. I usually double the recipe so I can reheat it in the morning for two breakfasts (for 2 people). Also good as a breakfast burrito. Thanks, Dana!

  5. Juliet says

    I love tacos and will definitely try out this simple yet healthy breakfast recipe tomorrow but without avocado.

  6. Natasha @ The Cake Merchant says

    I had scrambled tofu for the first time yesterday, and it far exceeded my expectations. I have never made it at home, though. I cannot wait to try this recipe!

  7. Vegan Donkey says

    I made these as soon as I saw the recipe! It’s such a simple, sort of formula for throwing together whatever you have on hand. I sauteed fresh garlic with onions, too, and added a Mexican spice mix I had.

  8. Swati says

    This was a fantastic dinner after an exhausting day. The pomegranate makes the whole meal so refreshing, and the tofu and beans made it filling! I used salsa verde, it gave a really nice flavour to it. Thanks! :) I’m thinking of substituting the salsa with almond butter sauce/peanut butter sauce tomorrow.

  9. abby - www.littlecityadventures.com says

    Ah so good! When I grocery shop tomorrow I am buying the ingredients for this and treating myself to a delicious dairy free breakfast on Saturday <3

  10. Leigha @ The Yooper Girl says

    I just made something super similar to this a few nights ago – black bean and tempeh tacos on homemade sourdough tortillas! SO yummy and I bet these are just as good! Also, is that corn in the tacos? I don’t see it listed on the recipe!

  11. Sarah says

    How long will the tofu keep in the fridge once cooked? I really want to make these but I’m the only one in my house that eats tofu.

  12. Lauren says

    Pomegranate arils on everything. Always. I had pomegranate salsa the other day – it was so good! In fact, it would be beyond delicious on these.

  13. Laura says

    My favourite part of tacos is their versatility! You can make them whatever kind you want prep everything and chop it up on a plate and then just start taco building! Love it. Great ideas here for my next taco build:)

  14. Ellen Lederman says

    As much as I love your granolas, this will be a nice change. Must see if I can find organic corn shells, since I try to avoid GMO stuff. Genius to put in some pomegranate arils—I have a freezer full of them since I have a friend who has pom trees in her backyard!

  15. niels @ haveanotherbite says

    I love the way these taco’s look, they look so tasty. I’ve been using a lot of cranberries lately, will maybe try pommegranate as well soon.

  16. Maria G. says

    Pomegranate on tacos? Seriously? (But who am I to talk about that, since I never even tasted fresh pomegranate! Some day I will, when my pocketbook can afford it.) By the way, the tacos look mouthwatering!

  17. Medha @ Whisk & Shout says

    I make a similar vegan taco for dinner all the time! These look phenomenal… I looove that you used pomegranate arils. Stunning photos, too :)

  18. Ashley-Marie says

    Ahh I want to eat these right now! Ingredients have been added to the grocery list. Also, love these photos & the bright quality to them!!


  19. Heather Mason says

    love this! I love cilantro on everything! The pomegranate seems a bit out of left field but I will give it a try!

  20. Alexa [fooduzzi.com] says

    Man, oh man. These sound perfectly filling and so yummy! I’m usually a “sweets for breakfast” type of girl, but I’ll definitely have to give these a shot!

  21. Beth @ Eat Within Your Means says

    I love everything about this. Where do I begin? First, POMEGRANATE ARILS on TACOS. You are my hero. Why didn’t I think of that? I have three poms sitting on my counter right now, and can’t get enough of them. Brilliant, I tell you. Second, breakfast tacos are one of my favorite things on the planet. Always with avocado and Cholula. Third, you are the classiest lady around for the second mention. Big time high five and a hug comin’ at you.

  22. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says

    I’ve been crushing on pomegranate arils BIG TIME lately, but I would have never thought to add them to tacos. Sounds amazing.

  23. SAM @ PancakeWarriors says

    such a fun creative dish!! The lunch idea you mentioned sounds so easy and delish. I’m obsessed with pomegranate as well

  24. Kathryn says

    Mmm I feel like this would be the perfect weekend breakfast! I love the addition of pomegranate here. It’s something I never would have thought of but it would add such a great flavor!

    xx Kathryn