Banana Almond Meal Muffins (Gluten-Free + Vegan)

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Plate of Banana Almond Meal Muffins

My love for muffins has been going strong for 26 years now and has no intention of slowing. It all started with the crumb-top blueberry muffins my grandma would make for the grandkids.

I’d wake up early in a messy-haired daze and eagerly round the corner to the kitchen to always find a plate of fresh baked muffins on the counter. My grandma is the best at food, period. I’d heat up two jumbo-sized gems and slather them in butter. Breakfast of champions, I tell you.

Almond meal and bananas for making muffins
Pouring honey into a batch of our Banana Muffin batter

The only bad thing about muffins – besides the fact that you always want two or three – is that they can often be carb- and sugar-heavy.

In recent years, though, I’ve experimented a ton with making these breakfast stars a bit healthier, and I succeeded with recipes like my vegan banana nut muffins for 2, and sweet potato almond butter muffins, among others.

This banana almond meal variety is certainly on the healthier side, too, but full of flavor and nutty texture.

Bowl of Almond Meal Banana Muffin batter
Cooling rack with a batch of our Gluten-Free Banana Almond Meal Muffins

Besides being gluten-free and vegan, these muffins are also extremely low in sugar with just a few tablespoons of natural sweetener – such as agave or maple syrup. Gluten-free “flours” like oat flour and almond meal keep these GF-friendly. And they’re insanely moist and flavorful thanks to the mashed banana. Kind of perfect in the muffin world, if you ask me. Plus, just 1 bowl required? Party on.

Plate filled with a batch of our Gluten-Free Banana Almond Meal Muffins recipe

Straight out of the oven these are PERFECTION slathered in a little almond butter and sliced banana. (Honey for non-vegans is a must).

They aren’t overwhelmingly heavy or sweet, making them a great post-workout snack or light breakfast to get your metabolism churning first thing in the morning. I enjoyed mine as an afternoon snack to tide me over between meals. They’d even make a great after-dinner “dessert.” These muffins can do no wrong.

Banana Almond Meal Muffin topped with almond butter and sliced bananas
Close up shot of a Banana Muffin topped with almond butter and banana

But seriously, the almond butter, banana, honey suggestion? DO IIIIITTTTT.

Showing the texture of the inside of a Banana Almond Meal Muffin

NOTE: Recipe updated January 8, 2016 to include: increased baking time, emphasis on cooling, as well as emphasis on using almond meal ground from raw almonds (not pre-ground store-bought). Also, these muffins are meant to retain their moisture even after cooling. If you’re looking for a more crumbly muffin, check out these Vegan GF Banana Muffins!

Banana Almond Meal Muffins (Gluten-Free + Vegan)

Light breakfast or snack muffins made with banana, almond meal, oat flour, and agave or honey. Gluten-free, slightly nutty and sweet, and so deliciously healthy.
Author Minimalist Baker
Gluten-Free Vegan Banana Almond Meal Muffin cut in half
4.65 from 115 votes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Servings 8 (muffins)
Course Breakfast, Snack
Cuisine Gluten-Free, Vegan
Freezer Friendly 1 month
Does it keep? 2-3 Days


  • 2 batches flax eggs (or sub 2 small eggs if not vegan // 2 Tbsp (14 g) flaxseed meal + 5 Tbsp (75 ml) water as original recipe is written)
  • 2 medium ripe bananas
  • 3 Tbsp agave nectar or maple syrup (or honey if not vegan)
  • 3 Tbsp unsweetened vanilla or plain almond milk
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 cup almond meal (ground from raw almonds – not almond flour or pre-ground store-bought)
  • 2/3 scant cup oat flour (ground from GF oats)

TOPPINGS optional

  • Chopped nuts
  • Rolled oats
  • Crumb topping


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (176 C) and line a muffin tin with 8 paper liners (amount as original recipe is written // adjust if altering batch size).
  • In a large bowl, prepare flax egg by mixing flaxseed + water and letting rest for a few minutes.
  • Next add bananas and mash. Add agave, baking powder, vanilla, almond milk and stir.
  • Add almond meal and oat flour and stir once more. Taste to see if it needs more sweetener. I added a touch more because I prefer sweeter muffins.
  • Bake for 30-40 (+) minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean and they become somewhat firm to the touch with a little give. They should appear golden brown on top.
  • Remove and let rest in pan for 5 minutes. Then let cool completely on a cooling rack. They can be tender when they’re warm. (I even found that they are better after cooling overnight.)
  • Store in an airtight container or covered with plastic wrap for several days. Freeze for longer storage.


*Nutrition information is a rough estimate.

Nutrition (1 of 8 servings)

Serving: 1 muffins Calories: 158 Carbohydrates: 21 g Protein: 4.5 g Fat: 7 g Trans Fat: 0 g Cholesterol: 0 mg Fiber: 3.7 g Sugar: 10 g

Muffin love continued…

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  1. Melissa Schroeder says

    Made these with chicken eggs, added salt, cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger. I think I’ll use only 2T of agave next time. My toddlers love them. Great snack!

  2. Gigi says

    Just made this and the whole house smells amazing, my daughter is having a hard time falling asleep because of it! I used regular almond flour, eggs and milk, they turned out so good. I think I will add apple bits next time as someone else suggested, and maybe some walnuts to make them extra hearty. It’s a really great base recipe. Thanks Dana!

  3. Sara says

    I’ve been looking for easy recipes to use up my almond pulp leftover from my homemade almond milk (which unfortunately often gets wasted). So happy to have come across this muffin recipe, will be making it weekly! I added a little pink salt in half the batch and think it can go with or without it. I also added some raw pure chocolate to some which was a nice addition, and an extra tablespoon or so of maple syrup. Will definitely try adding some nuts to the batter in the future. Even my boyfriend who I thought would find them to be too healthy/boring loved them.

  4. HEATHER H. says

    Thanks for this recipe, delighted to find I could just use ground up almonds, way less expensive that buying almond flour. My only thing is I didn’t like the flax seeds that didn’t dissolve, so next time I will mix up my flax seeds and ground them up in my blendtec blender first along with the milk and get that smooth. Also I added 1/2 t. of cinnamon and I think that added more flavor but will try even more, 1 t. next time. Also I substituted maple syrup, delicious.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Heather, glad to hear you found the almond meal tip helpful! Using ground flax seeds (also known as flaxseed meal) is what we recommend for making flax eggs. Hope that helps for next time!

  5. Marilyn says

    This recipe is a staple in our household also! I’ve probably made these wonderful muffins 40 times!
    There are some changes I like:
    – add 1/2 tsp salt
    – use less agave nectar, but add 1/4 apple cut into tiny pieces (with skin)
    – mix wet ingredients; mix dry ingredients in separate bowl; then mix wet and dry together
    The other variations in the comments look very interesting – must try some!!

  6. Jenny H says

    Delicious! I upped my quantities to make 12 muffins, used Trader Joe’s almond meal, half maple syrup and half honey, and added 1/3-ish cup chopped walnuts. Yummy toasted with almond butter. My only suggestion is to add salt, either in the muffin recipe, or with almond butter – without it, seems like something is missing.

  7. Lauren says

    These were a big hit in my home. I highly recommend topping with the almond butter, sliced banana and drizzled honey. It really took these to the next level.

  8. Marie-Béatrice Armstrong says

    I have just made these muffins and they are perfect, a combination a sweet gold crunchiness on the outside and softness inside. I followed the recipe exactly and only substituted the eggs for real eggs. I also onky left them bake for 30 minuted. My 4 year old daughter loved them also ! Thank you Dana, i will bake these again and again.

  9. Mary says

    I really liked the basis for this recipe and I made enough changes that I won’t go into that here but I wanted to share a couple of pointers that make muffins easier in general. To avoid sticking to cupcake paper I always bake with parchment paper. It peels right off of anything. Also, make sure ALL ingredients are at room temperature. I use extra baking powder because these heavier flours just rise better. I put 1/3 to 1/2 cup arrowroot powder in the batter. Somehow it lightens things up. I mix all the dry ingredients, get all the wet ingredients mixed and then mix together. You don’t want baking powder sitting in the dough. Get it in the oven as soon as it’s mixed. And it’s ok to get them a little browned to make sure they cook through. I loved finding a recipe where I could use almond flour and oat flour. These came out delicious!

    • Jennifer Vellios says

      Hi Mary, I quite like the texture of gf baking with arrowroot/tapioca. When you include arrowroot in this recipe do you have to up the quantity of wet ingredients?
      Thanks – Jen

  10. Alyxa says

    Hi Dana, thank you so much for this recipe! I’ve just pulled my second batch out of the oven!! They smell amazing!
    I am so shocked by some of the comments, each time these muffins have come out perfectly. I do chia egg instead and use store bought almond meal (I’m lazy!), yet these are by far the best GF and egg free muffins I’ve ever made.
    I’m pregnant and find these little beauties perfect for my breakfast, I do a dollop of chocolate nut butter and a banana on the side. I store them in the freezer and pull out one or two in the morning as needed.
    It’s such a shame some people haven’t loved this recipe as much as I do!

  11. Kristin says

    This recipe is a STAPLE in our household, now. We’ve been making them for two years, I think?
    We’ve added chocolate chips for a sweet treat, and have played around with sweeteners.

    I’d love to honor this month of the pumpkin by taking a stab at pumpkinizing these beats. Do you think i could substitute some of the banana for pumpkin and it turn out right? Have you made a pumpkin muffin recipe that is similar that I haven’t seen?

    Thank you!


  12. Ashley says

    I halved the recipe because I didn’t enough oats for the oat flour. As someone with food allergies this recipe is great. The only change I made was adding vegan cinnamon streusel on top of them.

  13. Miriam says

    I made these muffins tonight as a pre workout snack before the gym! They are delicious!! You were right about needing a little extra sweetness and I should’ve greased the paper liners! Other than that, I love them. Thank you!

  14. Hannah says

    These are delicious! I love that they’re not too sweet and that they’re nice and hearty. These are great for breakfast. I also put a bunch of walnuts in them (I’m a sucker for banana nut). Thank you so much for the recipe!

  15. Marla Curtis says

    I absolutely love these muffins and make them all the time! I use whole milk and one large egg. I never grow tired of them, and they are so healthy and scrumptious. I recommend waiting for them to cool completely as the papers peel away from the muffin completely that way.

  16. Alondra M. says

    I’m so sad :( I followed the recipe and did ground my own raw almonds and oats, yet the muffins came out gooey in the center. I cooked them for as long as I thought I could without them burning but they started sticking to the cupcake liner.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      We don’t recommend it, Alyssa! Check the comments above for further info!

  17. Debbie says

    Hello Dana, Despite some ‘negative Nellies’ and Positives rule THESE ARE AWESOME ?? Just baked using 2 Med Eggs as no flax & Almond meal & Coconut flour 1 cup & 1 Tbspn etc didn’t fill up to top of Muffin tin – Light moist Fluffy Yummy muffins Definitely a Must from your amazing Repertoire of tried nd tested Paleo treats!! Thank you again for your knowledge and love of Paleo Yum…

  18. Cait says

    So I just made these first time using real eggs, store bought almond flour and coconut flour instead of oat flour. They turned out dry…but I think that could be remedied by more milk and adding some oil/fat till the batter consistency is wetter. Will definitely try again. The flavor is good and will definitely cook them in cupcake papers next time. They stick to the pan too much. Hope my experience is helpful to others

  19. Charlotte says

    This was divine! I added ~1tsp of cinnamon for some extra flavor. I used 2 pasture-raised eggs in lieu of a flax egg and Bob’s Red Mill almond flour instead of almond meal. I baked the recipe in a standard loaf pan lined with parchment paper for 35 minutes and it was perfectly moist and tender. Thank you, Dana, for the recipe!

  20. Teresa says

    Hands down my favourite gluten free muffin yet. I am definitely going to try out your other recipes. Thank you thank you!

  21. Cierra says

    I made this recipe just as written and the results were fantastic! I even drizzled with almond butter and honey. So good. Thanks for another great recipe! This one is definitely going to be a keeper.

  22. Ilene says

    I made them today and got 27 mini muffins. I forgot the vanilla, added peach jammy bits (than I get from King Arthur flour), put chopped walnuts and top and they are adorable and delicious. Thanks so much for the recipe and I appreciate how thoroughly you test your recipes before posting.

  23. Lisa says

    I just made a double batch this morning, and they’re very good! Even my picky husband likes them :-) The only change I made was to add 1/2 cup (1/4 cup for a single batch) gluten-free flour mix, as the batter seemed too thin. Using honey and real eggs, I baked them for 30 minutes. I recommend using parchment baking cups, for a perfect release, even when warm. Thank you for providing such a great , healthy gluten-free recipe!

  24. Heather says

    dubious about instruction to taste the uncooked batter – salmonella risk from raw egg… I won’t be doing that part…

  25. Emily says

    I took a chance and made these with bagged almond flour instead and they still turned out great. Maybe more mushy in the middle but I really liked them that way. I also added chocolate chips. I’ll definitely be making these again.

  26. Aparna says

    The best muffins ever!
    My daughter hates eating nuts, so incorporating them into baked goods is a practical and delicious option for me.
    I added 1/2 cup wholewheat flour and 2 tbsp sunflower oil to the batter, and these are the most yummy, fluffiest muffins I have ever made. My daughter and I both love it, thanks!

  27. Vanessa says

    Yummy! I just made these muffins, using store bought almond meal, whizzed rolled oats in a mini processor, 2 small eggs as we are not vegan. Added a TBL of coconut oil when I mashed the bananas, just a little maple syrup. Added a tsp of baking soda because I like the taste. Chopped pecans and currants.
    The most moist, tender, lightest muffins I’ve ever eaten.
    Thank you so much for sharing your recipe!

  28. lindsay says

    I made these and they are delicious! I doubled the recipe and It ended up making 28! Much more than I expected. I do suggest letting them cool ENTIRELY otherwise the muffins will stick to the liners (I used paper). otherwise they are quite nice and pretty healthy.

  29. Brooke says

    Just made these and they are delicious! I used real eggs, ripe bananas from my freezer, Trader Joe’s almond flour, made oat flour in my blender w steel cut oats. I added a tiny splash of maple syrup and frozen blueberries. Reduced the almond milk by a tablespoon due to the frozen add ins and added one extra tablespoon oat flour. I used a silicon mini muffin tray and baked for 15 min. They rose perfectly and are brown on top and moist in the middle. My new favorite recipe, thanks!!

  30. Val says

    Whoo hoo! So excited to find this recipe. I had to tweak for dietary restrictions. I substituted oat flour with coconut flour, left out honey / agave, and added a little more almond milk and vanilla than called for. Oh, and added 1/2 c shredded zucchini. Turned out awesome!

  31. Tasha says

    Can you substitute coconut flour for oat flour? I want to make these for my son but he’s allergic to oats and is gluten intolerant.

  32. Wells says

    Call me lazy, but I just had a baby a week ago and didn’t feel like grinding almonds. ? So I did use the store bought AF but was aware of the potential runny problem. SO instead of using honey or syrup, I added 9 packets of Truvia. Yes, I like it that sweet. ☺️ They turned out PERFECT, and using Truvia also makes them lower GI. Nunaturals stevia is also an option and perhaps more “pure.” Ate with earth balance on top and MMMMMMM!!!

  33. Sophie says

    So yummy! I used the almond meal I had from making almond milk and blended that up with the oats for oat flour. I also added pecans and dark chocolate chips :) These were perfectly sweet, filling, and easy!

  34. Monda says

    As I’m writing this, the muffins are in the oven baking. Since I don’t have almonds ready, I subbed it with coconut flour. I’m interested in seeing how it will turn out since the batter looks more like a dough :) I’m guessing coconut flour absorbs a lot of liquid. I used 2 eggs, added a bit more almond milk, a couple tsp of chia seeds a teaspoon of coconut oil, oh, and some dark choc chips cause my GF son loves it. Will write more once I get to try it. The “dough” taste quite nice when I tasted it. Fingers crossed the muffins will come out nice ?

  35. Edmary Serrano says

    Will the eggs make them “fluffier”? BTW I love your blog and I have made a ton of your recipes. last night I made the double peanut butter cookies and I left the gluten free chocolate chip cookies overnight for today. My boyfriend is not vegan but he loves the different curry varieties too.

    Thank you!
    A Huge Fan

  36. Elaine says

    This recipe has become a household favorite and makes my crazy morning flow smoother with a readied breakfast item. Thank you for creating such a wonderful treat!

  37. Marleen says

    Hi Dana, these babes look so good. Do you think I can substitute the oat flour with rice flour for I don’t have any gf oats on hand? Can’t wait to try them!
    Thanks, M

  38. Lauren says

    This recipe cries out for a bit of salt. I used packaged almond flour in more even proportions with oat flour and as a good GF baker, 2 t baking powder for more lightness.

  39. Joey says

    These are my favorite muffins eeeeeeeever! I make them with homemade, unsweetened, plain almond milk + the (oven dried) meal left after the milk, two small, slightly overripe bananas, flaxmeal ground at home and then stored in the freezer, no added sweetener, and then I lightly oil my muffin tin with coconut oil and skip the liners. Zero problems ever. They were wet and sticky when I added sweetener (and way too sweet) and I always lost half the muffin to the liner, so those are the only deviations I make. The rest is just what seems to work best for me.

    Seriously though grind your own flaxseeds and store the meal in the freezer, consistently successful “egg” results.

  40. Raq says

    This was disappointing – I followed directions exactly and my muffins stuck to the paper liners – probably because there isn’t any added oil or butter in this recipe. The flavor wasn’t as good as some other recipes I’ve tried. Bummer!

  41. nita says

    Made this tonight with pre-ground almond meal, and they turned out great! I used two medium -to-large bananas, and everything else as stated. I did notice the concerns about a “wet batter,” and so made these muffins quite small (same size as your pics) so they’d be easy to bake through. I think a “normal-sized” muffin may have more trouble baking through completely than a mini-muffin given the almond meal. For me, they were done in 25 min at 350. Next time I might add some cinnamon and a pinch of cardamom to get a “banana bread” flavor to these. Lovely, thanks for sharing!

  42. Susan B says

    This is a wonderful recipe. As a new “gluten-free” eater, I especially enjoyed this treat. They were so good, I fed them to a group of unsuspecting folks at my church and even the fast-food junkies wanted the recipe even after I told them it was gluten-free, no white flour, no white sugar, etc.!

    I have not made full-size muffins and instead make mini-muffins (16 from one recipe). They are soft/delicate to handle but do bake all the way through. I use real eggs, Bob’s Red Mill Almond Flour and Quaker Old Fashioned Oatmeal ground at home to flour. The last batch of muffins, I forgot to grind the oats and they went in whole. Still came out delicious!

    Thanks again for sharing your delicious recipes!

  43. Kristine says

    Thank you for the lovely recipe! I read all the comments and was a little afraid to try, due to the mixed reviews. I took that all into account and made a few small adjustments, some just for my own preference (and what I had to use up) and others to balance the liquid to dry ratio. I was concerned about the wet outcome some were having. Seems to be a dry to wet ratio problem, as well as using the store bought pre-ground products as you stated.

    I used two large eggs and two larger very ripe bananas. This seemed like a lot of extra moisture, as your eggs in the recipe state ‘small’, and bananas ‘medium’. Perhaps that is where some are having troubles with such a wet batter. Large eggs and large bananas create a lot more wet ingredient base. Anyways I just adjusted and added about 3/4 C of ground oats and a few tbsp. of oat bran to balance that extra moisture. That assisted in making a slightly thicker batter and a perfect muffin! I also threw in a couple extra tbsp. of ground almonds as I ground more than what I needed.

    Just for my own flavour preference I also added a few tbsp. of shredded coconut and a few tbsp. of raisons and cinnamon and a pinch of sea salt.

    I put them in paper liners, which they didn’t stick to, and were perfectly cooked in 25 min. Might I say they are spectacular!! Love them with a drizzle of honey. Thank you for sharing your recipe, I will make these always! Love, love love!!

  44. Shelley says

    These are so easy to make and so good. For sure will be part of my usual rotation. I used flax eggs, added a tad more vanilla and half maple syrup and half honey. Also sprinkled in pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon. Mine cooked for 27 min and turned out perfect.

  45. Robin says

    I love waffles like you love muffins, so this morning I tried them that way! Aside from being softer than most waffles – they were really good: not too sweet, moist and delicious!! Didn’t change a thing in the recipe either ! Love your website! Blog & Cookbook!!!

  46. Alleigh says

    Seriously moist and delicious!!! Best homemade muffins I’ve ever baked myself.

    I added shredded fresh carrots and parsnips to get in extra veggies (I was afraid the veggies would make it dry so I added a table spoon of coconut oil too) but those were my only changes.
    I’m so excited! My boyfriend said he can’t stop eating them and even though I am trying to save them for the week, I can’t seem to stop either! Yum!

  47. Roxanna says

    These are GREAT!!!!! I made a few adjustments (because I was too lazy to go to the store):

    I only had store bought almond meal on hand (and not enough of it) so I ground sunflowers and used a 1/2 c of “sunflower meal” (it added a touch of saltiness to the muffins- YES!) plus 1/2 c of almond meal (Pre-ground).

    I didn’t have milk, so i used water instead (but only 2 tbsp, because I used bananas that I had froze, and they are pretty wet when defrosted)

    I used regular eggs instead of flax, and honey instead of the agave.

    I used whole oats instead of oat flour.

    & I added cinnamon and a dash of nutmeg.

    THANK YOU! (This site is a godsend)


  48. Samantha says

    So for this recipe, instead of buying almond meal, you recommend making it homemade? How do you do it? I am a bit confused on exactly what to use!

  49. Silvia says

    Can I add a scoop or two of vegan protein to this recipe? And if so, how do you recommend I adjust the recipe so that the muffins still turn out as yummy? (FYI I tried another vegan banana muffin recipe that has vegan protein already in the recipe, but the muffins were *no where near* as good as yours! So my new approach is to add vegan protein to your recipe since I love these muffins, but I don’t know how to adjust the recipe accordingly to make sure they are still as yummy – please help! :))

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      I think that would work. I’ve heard good things about Vega and Sun Warrior vanilla!

      • Silvia says

        Thanks for your reply Dana! I presume I need to adjust the recipe somehow if I add the protein powder? Would it need more almond milk for instance? And/or anything else??

  50. Charlene says

    I am not supposed to be eating sugar/sweeteners right now and am wondering if I can just leave out the sweetening or if there is a suitable substitute—apple butter, perhaps?

  51. Chris says

    This is the best banana muffin I’ve ever had! I make them all the time! Thanks Dana for such an awsome recipe!

  52. Silvia says

    *I have a public service announcement regarding how long these muffins last* I made these muffins last Wednesday evening (with store-bought almond meal btw) and they were delicious Thursday and Friday (enjoyed with pb!). I put them in the fridge over the weekend knowing that with all my brunch and dinner dates, I wouldn’t be eating them. This morning (Monday), I took them out for breakfast and they had gone bad. They weren’t moldy, but they had a distinctly odd (bad) smell and taste. I was so sad and disappointed that they had gone bad so quickly. :(
    While I will definitely make these again (they were delicious at first!), the next time I will only keep out what I will eat the next day or at most the next two days, and freeze the rest, taking them out a couple at a time not long before I plan to eat them.
    I hope this message saves anyone else from having to experience my disappointment at breakfast this morning! :)

  53. Silvia says

    This recipe looks delicious and I would really like to try it, but I’m wondering why I can’t use store bought almond meal and oat flour?? While not impossible, it isn’t easy for me to make these flours myself (especially the almond meal/flour).

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      I’m sure you can, but I just recommend exactly what I use for the best results. I haven’t tried it that way, but if you do, let me know how it goes!

      • Silvia says

        Thanks for the quick reply! I made these muffins tonight – they are cooling now. :). While I haven’t had one yet, they look great (and the batter was yummy)! I have another question regarding portion size (since I’m trying to learn what healthly portions are): for breakfast, would I eat 1 or 2 of these (likely accompagnied by pb :))?

  54. Crystal says

    I don’t understand the ” + flax seed ” instructions. How much flaxseed to one flax egg?

    • Crystal says

      In addition it says, ” prepare flax egg by mixing flaxseed + water and let stand for a few minutes”. There is no flaxseed to water ratio listed in the ingredient list. ???

      • Crystal says

        Never mind. I clicked the link for flax egg. I went out and bought small eggs just for this recipe but I’ll use the flax egg method on the 1st try. Fingers crossed!

  55. donna says

    Just wondering what you egg-allergic bakers are using for eggs if you’re on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. I was using flax eggs when baking for my son, but now those are out on SCD. I did look up a list of options and the 1 t. baking-soda-+-1 T.-white-vinegar option is currently in this recipe and in the oven. But the batter was a bit on the sloshy side, so… not terribly hopeful. Ideas? Thanks!

  56. Amy says

    I love this recipe! I have made these quite a few times and have never had a problem with them. I used Bobs red mill almond meal flour and oat flour. I have even added rolled oats and reduced the oat flour a bit and they still turn out great! These are quickly becoming a staple in our house!

  57. Adrianna says

    Made these with my 1 year old in mind, she loves them of course, as a treat. Great combo of ingredients and quick to whip up! We’ll keep this as our healthy go-to muffin for sure!

  58. Gee Gee says

    YUMMY!!! Excellent! I baked these muffins as a “pre race fuel” for long rides, runs – triathlon training! Since bananas are sweet I only used 1/3 of amount of agave (I used maple syrup) in recipe – also added in “vegan protein powder”…. ( cut down on raw almond flour I grounded)……. Freeze and perfect to carry along in pocket of bike jersey!!

  59. Holly says

    YAY! These turned out SOOO yummy. They were my first attempt at any kind of baked good since being gluten-, sugar-, egg- and grain-free. (I figure 1/2 C of g-f oats spread across 9 muffins is minimal enough to be ok once in a while!) Dana, you did GOOD!! Thanks for giving me such a long-awaited treat!

    After reading reviewers who said their muffins did not bake right, I was half-expecting mine to flop. Not at all! And I used Bob’s Red Mill almond flour, so I do NOT think using store-bought almond meal is an issue in this recipe. My batter was pretty thick and chunky (perhaps my bananas weren’t quite ripe enough?), but the muffins turned out totally moist, full of really good flavor and texture. And the recipe made 9, not 8 :) The flax egg is a brilliant idea – I’m excited to know how to do that.

  60. Brittany says

    Hi Dana, I just love all the beautiful things you make! They’re so yummy! I made this last night and it was so delicious, I’m making it again tonight! I cannot have oat flour, so I used rice flour and almond flour to sub out the oat. I did make it a little sweeter by adding in 3 more tablespoons of half honey and half maple syrup. I also sprinkled a little brown sugar on top and placed it a 8×8 pan……It was incredible! Thank you so much for all your hard work!

  61. Mitsue Shibata says

    Hi! I loved the ingredients in the vegan banana muffins, but I certainly do not know how to make almond meal. To make sure I get the same results you get, may I please have your almond meal recipe as well? Thank you so much!

  62. Mitsue Shibata says

    Hi! I just saw your vegan banana muffin recipe and thought it was amazing, but I have never made almond meal. and would like to know how you make it for this recipe? Thank you so much!

  63. Kathrin says

    Oh my god! They are so yummy and juicy and sweet enough, too—without sugar! Just had my second one, this time for breakfast, and it was sooooo good! Unfortunately it was the last one…

    Here’s how I tweaked the recipe: instead of oat meal I used a GF flour blend (self-raising) which worked really well. I made 5 big muffins that rose nicely. Instead of the suggested sweetener I used date purée, which also worked fine!

    Thanks for this great & easy recipe!

  64. Lindsay says

    Hello, This recipe looks great, can I use 1 1/2 cup + 2 Tbsp of coconut flour instead of 1 cup of almond meal 1/2 cup + 2 Tbsp oat flour?
    Thank you

  65. Ashley says

    I just have to tell you Dana, as someone who has discovered allergies to wheat and eggs over the past 6 months, that you have saved my sweet tooth, my sanity, my love of new recipes…everything. Actually a little bit teary-eyed over here, you kept me from losing my mind when I thought my baking days were all but numbered. You are one of my favourite bloggers!

  66. Ellie says

    First time making these and despite the mixed reviews mine turned out really well! Cakey and moist on the inside, with a bit of coarse texture from the almond and oat meal. I do wish they were a touch more flavorful but they’re great for an easy breakfast-on-the-go muffin.

    I used 2 regular eggs, raw agave, Bob’s pre-ground almond meal, made my own oat flour with (non-GF) rolled quick oats, unsweetened almond milk, and I added a pinch of cinnamon and sea salt to the batter. Mine baked for exactly 25 minutes at 350 (I live in Brooklyn so no altitude).

  67. Rita says

    can i use the almond meal left over from making almond milk. what do you do with your left over “pulp” from making almond milk? thanks.

    • Laura says

      I’ve been searching for recipes to use the leftover almonds pulp for also, would love to see your answers ?

    • Saranya says

      So! I just made a batch of almond milk and had left over moist almond pulp that i really did not want to throw away like i normally and (stupidly) do. So this is what i did… Substituted raw fresh ground almond meal with the left over pulp from making almond milk. I just skipped adding 3 tbsp of almond milk coz the pulp was already wet. It came out GOOD. This is the first time i am baking gluten free so i am not entirely sure if this is how it is supposed to taste.. But i can gaurantee that it did taste good enuf. Following are the deviations i did just so you know

      1. I used 3 real eggs
      2. Used 3 over ripe bananas
      3. Used almond pulp left over from making almond milk instead of fresh ground meal
      4. Used whole oats (i was too tired to grind)
      5. Added blueberries
      6. Skipped adding almond milk

      The result was 12 moist muffins that did taste good. If I were to change something, i would add just 2 eggs instead of 3 because they were a little too eggy for my taste.

  68. Cheryl Lyric says

    I have made this recipe over 20 times this year. I love it! To change it up I sometimes add two tbsp. of cocoa powder and 1 tbsp. of chia seeds. In this case I omit 2 tbsps. of oat flour. I use almond flour I purchase from Costco and have had no issues with it. I do notice if I use small and less ripe bananas the consistency is a bit different. So try and use larger ripe bananas:-) Love it, thanks for sharing this recipe!

  69. Tanya says

    Your recipes are usually a huge success in my household but sadly not this one. I’ve ground my own raw almonds and followed the recipe to a T, no substitutions. They didn’t rise well AT ALL and were RAW on the inside, starting to burn on the outside when I had to take them out of the oven.
    Having read the reviews I see that a lot of other people had the same exact problem. I feel like this recipe needs to be taken down and investigated!
    I suppose the lesson to learn from this is to always read the reviews but your recipes are usually fantastic so I didn’t bother – this one is a failure though.
    My husband had to break up the muffins and fry them up in a pan to make into some sort of a crumble top to serve with vegan yoghurt. That was the only way these could be saved from being thrown out.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      My suspicions lead me to believe that almond meal ground from raw almonds is the difference. I don’t think store-bought acts the same in this recipe. I’m so sorry you had issues here! But so many other people have had success. I will, however, do some retesting and see what I can figure out. Thanks for sharing, Tanya!

      • Tanya says

        Thanks for getting back to me! I know it never feels particularly great to hear negative feedback about what you create, so thanks for taking it in the spirit it was intended.
        As far as the almond meal goes, I *did grind my own* just for this recipe, from raw almonds, so my almond meal was in no way store-bought. Not sure what went wrong for all of us in this thread who didn’t have success. Hope you can figure it out!

  70. carolina says

    I just made this recipe… and it turned out… AMAZINNNNNNNG!!!! OMG!!!! I added some walnut pieces and dark chocolate ( 70%) yummyyyyy!!! Thanks

  71. Tina says

    Great recipe, made them yesterday and they’re already gone, whole family loved them! Followed the recipe and had no complications. Thanks so much, love your blog!! xo, Tina from Slovenia

  72. DD says

    These were sooooo good!! I doubled the recipe and made 12 muffins… (used the flax eggs)
    So moist and yummy!! They were a lil sticky when I pulled them out of the oven but I just covered them with a paper towel, left them overnight and they were perfect for breakfast!!

  73. Ellen says

    I am allergic to bananas but would love to add some other fruit. Would I need to add something else to replace it? Im doing the elimination diet and can’t do gluten, wheat, oats, dairy… tons of stuff but otherwise this recipe works for me.

    Any help is appreciated!

  74. Jess says

    Any agave substitution? These would be a great first birthday “cake” for my son but he hasn’t had any sweeteners yet…apple sauce maybe?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Alyssa! I think so but can’t guarantee it – only use slightly less than half of what’s called for, as coconut flour is super absorbent.

  75. Rebekah says

    I had terribly ripe bananas that I really wanting to toss, but I saw this and figured I’d try it in a pinch. It was late so I put about zero effort into it…. I used 3 bananas, so upped it to 3 eggs, eyed up ALL of the ingredients…even threw whole oats in (again – zero effort, ha). Put everything in (aside form the oats), mixed with the hand-mixer. Finally, I added the oats and also some blueberries since they were about bad, too… and stirred. Then, followed your directions, and voila – DELICIOUS! Thank you so much for posting this… they are amazing (and I’m sure they’re even better if you actually follow your recipe to a T!) :)

  76. Alex says

    My partner is celiac and can’t have any oats even if marked gluten-free – so I used bob’s red mill gf flour instead of oat flour (this substitute usually works fine) and used pre-ground almond meal-those were the only adjustments and they did not turn out edible. :(

  77. Aiva says

    Hi, Just wondering if it would make a huge difference to texture or bake time required if i left the oats whole instead of grinding into a powder? Has anyone tried it this way?

  78. Tatiana says

    I just made these and they’re absolutely delicious! Finally found a guilt free muffin recipe for my muffin cravings although i used evaporated milk since i had leftover from another recipe but 3 tablespoons of milk won’t make me feel guilty! i used the flaxseeds and substituted baking power for baking soda and apple cider vinegar since i had no baking powder. I added chocolate chips, some cinnamon and walnuts. I used honey, almond flour from the whole foods dispensers and homemade oat flour. (gluten free oats in food processor). I’m in high altitude and didn’t adjust anything. They came out perfect.

  79. Lisa Fyfe says

    I have made this recipe 3 times now and it is just delicious. My son who is a super picky eater loves them too.

  80. Cristina says

    Hi Dana!
    Your blog is so inspiring! so far I’ve tried this recipe twice, first with almond meal and today with hazelnut meal (I didn’t found almonds in my organic market).
    And each time, they’re fabulous! my friends and my husband were cagy about it.
    Thank your for sharing with us a healthy but still pleasant way to cook!
    Best regards from Paris