The Easiest Whole Grain Seeded Bread

SIMPLE Whole Grain Seedy Vegan Bread | Perfect for sandwiches, toast and more! #vegan #baking #healthy

My mom used to make her own bread and yogurt from scratch.

I mean, come on. How cool is she?

I remember learning that and thinking my mom was the most awesome hippie mom ever and I wanted to do the same if I was ever a mama.

The bread-making season in our house ended sometime around the arrival of 10-pound me. But can you blame her? She had two babies to look after and who has time to make bread with so much life happening?

Well, the good news is, you do have time to make this bread. I even speculate you could make it with a baby on your hip because it is literally a dump, mix, rise and bake kind of bread! Let’s get to baking!

EASY Vegan Whole Grain Seeded Bread! The perfect go-to bread for sandwiches, toast and more! #vegan

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5 Ingredient Vegan Ice Cream Snickers Bars! You NEED these in your life! #vegan #glutenfree

5 Ingredient Vegan Ice Cream Snickers

It's happening. The ice cream Snickers of your youth is now fully within reach. Five ingredients. Vegan. Naturally sweetened. And it tastes like Ryan Gosling looks. Ladies, let's do this. ... Read More →

HEALTHY Vegan Mexican Quinoa Salad with Black Beans, Corn, Avocado and a Creamy Orange Chili Dressing! #vegan #glutenfree

Mexican Quinoa Salad with Orange Lime Dressing

Anytime we return home from traveling, I crave big leafy salads and all of the green smoothies. My body misses the 24-hour veggie stream it usually receives when I'm home and in control of my diet. So when we got back from our respective trips last week, the first thing I added to our meal plan was a big Mexican salad. So healthy, filling and fresh - just what we both needed. ... Read More →

AMAZING Coconut Ice Cream that's so thick it's like custard! Swirled with a 2-ingredient Sea Salt Date Caramel! #vegan #glutenfree

Sea Salt Caramel Coconut Ice Cream

I know. It's still technically winter you guys. But in the Northwest it's practically spring! There are literally trees blooming outside our window. I could faint from excitement. Plus, you know how I feel about dessert. Thus the reason we must ice cream. Yes, ice cream is now a verb. Get on board. ... Read More →

AMAZING Crispy (Faux) Fried Brussels Sprouts with creamy vegan Sriracha Aioli! #vegan #glutenfree

Crispy Garlic Brussels Sprouts with Sriracha Aioli

There are so many amazing restaurants in Portland. Living here is a foodie's dream. We recently tried Lardo (a food cart turned restaurant) that's become quite famous for its coma-inducing sandwiches. However, after sampling a few items all I could think about was recreating their crispy fried Brussels sprouts. ... Read More →

EASY, healthy Berry Coconut MUFFINS! Just 1 bowl required and #vegan #glutenfree

One Bowl Berry Coconut Muffins (Vegan + GF)

Daaaang Gina. Look at that muffin. It's so, biiiiiiiig. ... Read More →

SWEET, crumbly 1-Bowl Cornbread for TWO! #vegan #fortwo

Vegan Cornbread for Two

Sometimes, you just need a thick slice of cornbread. Not too much - not a whole pan. Just enough to enjoy alongside your favorite soup or chili. This, my friends, is that cornbread. Vegan cornbread for two! ... Read More →

5 Ingredient Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili! So healthy #vegan #glutenfree

5 Ingredient Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili

Are you surviving winter? Are your chilled to your bones? Sometimes the only fix is some hot tea and a giant bowl of soup. Trust me, I know. May I suggest warming up with this 5-ingredient sweet potato black bean chili? I think it's just what we all need. ... Read More →

HEALTHY, satifying winter salad with kale, lentils, roasted beets and leek and roasted pecans! #vegan #glutenfree

Kale, Lentil & Roasted Beet Salad

When we got back from Mexico last week I decided to swear off coffee, alcohol, dessert and fried foods for a week in the name of health. Well, that backfired in the way of a massive caffeine headache, minor flu, and my body being all like "why you think you can take away everything we love at once? Not happening." Not happening indeed. That little cleanse lasted about 3 days before I was ... Read More →

AMAZING Creamy, salty-sweet Vegan Dulce De Leche Pops! Just 5 ingredients #vegan

Creamy Dulce de Leche Pops

Happy Valentine's Day, friends! What are you up to this weekend? I'm just getting over a little cold and looking forward to a weekend in before we travel yet again all of next week. This time I'll be in Kansas visiting friends and family and tackling a freelance gig while John skips over to New Zealand with a close friend. Lots of adventure in February for us Minimalist Bakers. Let's get ... Read More →