Vegan Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

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Top view of our Vegan Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

If you’re one of those (few) people with mass amounts of self control, you were able to save your Vegan Mint Brownie Ice Cream until today! Phew, that was rough. How did you do it?

Here’s what I propose we do with that creamy, minty, dream boat ice cream: MAKE AN ICE CREAM CAKE!

Side view of our Vegan Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

I’ve loved ice cream cake since I was a wee little Minimalist Baker. I mean, cake AND ice cream? Come on.

But I haven’t had it since my dairy sensitivity really flared up last year and said, “Hey, lady, stop that. Dairy makes you feel like crap.”

Fine, body. Although you’re right, you’re still a giant party pooper.

Bowl of chocolate cake batter for making Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cake

This ice cream cake is made with our 1-Bowl Vegan Chocolate Cake! It’s the perfect chocolate cake for vegan newbies and skilled bakers alike because it requires just one bowl, no fancy ingredients, and comes together in about 1 hour. Plus, it’s mega delicious. Read the comments.

While your cake is baking and cooling, you can get on making your ice cream (if you haven’t already done so, champ).

Scoops of ice cream for a layer of our vegan ice cream cake recipe

Once your cake is cooled and your ice cream is softened, it’s time to build that cake.

You can do so in two ways (probably more). Basically you’re just trying to layer the cake and ice cream in as uniform fashion as possible. I went with a loaf pan for easy sculpting, but you could also use a cake stand and just frost the cake with the ice cream like “frosting.” If you do this, you’re fancy and I’m jealous of your skills.

The best part is, it doesn’t have to be perfect or even pretty because it tastes AMAZING.

Plate with a slice of delicious Mint Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream Cake

You guys are going to LOVE this cake. It’s

Perfectly minty
Studded with fudgy brownie bites
Mega satisfying
& Perfect for sharing

Do you have a birthday? Yes, you do! (I know you do. You’re lying, RHONDA.)

May I suggest something? Make this cake for yo’ birthday! Or make this pie, I mean, come on. Either way, make this cake! Cheers, friends.

Plates with slices of Vegan Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cake and a chocolate drizzle

P.S. You know the drill. If you make this cake (or just inhale the ice cream on its own), let me know! Tag your photo #minimalistbaker on Instagram so I can see. It makes my day, seriously. (Why wouldn’t you want to make my day, Rhonda?)

Grabbing a bite of a slice of Fudgy, Creamy Vegan Chocolate Mint Ice Cream Cake

Vegan Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

4-layer vegan mint chocolate ice cream cake, made with 1-bowl vegan chocolate cake and creamy, cashew-based mint ice cream! Mint-chocolate heaven.
Author Minimalist Baker
Homemade Vegan Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Cake on a plate
4.67 from 6 votes
Prep Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Servings 10 (slices)
Course Dessert
Cuisine Vegan
Freezer Friendly 1 Week
Does it keep? Store in freezer.


  • You can either bake your cake in two small round cake pans OR in a 9×13 and cut it in three even rectangles.
  • Once your cake is cooled, soften your ice cream for 10-15 minutes at room temp, or briefly in the microwave.
  • FOR A ROUND CAKE: Lay down your first layer of chocolate cake on a serving plate or cake stand and top with half of the ice cream. Smooth with a spoon, trying to keep the layer even and smooth. Top with second layer of chocolate cake and press down gently. Top with other half of ice cream and “frost” the cake with it. You can either frost it all the way around or just on the top. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Cover and freeze for at least 1 hour. Before slicing leave out for 20-30 minutes to soften.
  • FOR A RECTANGLE CAKE: Line a loaf pan with parchment paper and lay down your first layer of chocolate cake. Then top with half of your mint ice cream and smooth with a spoon. Repeat twice, ending with cake on the top layer (which will actually be the bottom once inverted).
  • Cover and freeze for at least 1 hour. Before slicing leave out for 20-30 minutes to soften.
  • I had some leftover raw brownie from the ice cream recipe, which I used to top the cake. This is optional.


*Nutrition information is a rough estimate.

Nutrition (1 of 10 servings)

Serving: 1 slices Calories: 466 Carbohydrates: 65 g Protein: 5.5 g Fat: 21 g Saturated Fat: 12 g Trans Fat: 0 g Cholesterol: 0 mg Sodium: 274 mg Fiber: 7 g Sugar: 12 g

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  1. DS says

    I made chocolate cake (your 1-bowl vegan chocolate cake recipe) and layered it between 2 ice cream layers (ice cream was milk based ice cream). The cake was really soft & delicious at room temperature. But turned dense upon freezing- when I thaw out the ice cream cake- the ice cream becomes soft & melty but the cake stays dense (slightly tough to slice through). Any suggestions as to why this could’ve happened?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Aw, bummer! Sorry to hear that happened. Did you make any modifications to the ingredients in the cake?

      • DS says

        Substitutions- I used half spelt and half all purpose flour, sunflower oil and grated apple. Could it be the spelt flour?

  2. Chris Read says

    Just made the cake in a 9×13 in preparation for a loaf ice cream cake. After cutting it in thirds and looking at my loaf pan, I see the sides are not high enough to accommodate the 3 layers of cake plus ice cream. Listing the dimensions of the required loaf pan will be helpful to others attempting to make the cake in the future. For now, I am looking at building up the sides of a rectangular tupperware with foil and parchment – ugh!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Ah, sorry about that, Chris! It’s a standard loaf pan and it can be tight fit. You could also try forming it in a larger standard round cake pan!

  3. Lisa W. says

    I recently saw “Mint Hot Chocolate Ice Cream” at my grocery store, and I wonder if you could invent a recipe for us to make at home! It was 3 colours/flavours (like Neapolitan): Mint, Chocolate, Marshmallow. Just saying… I think it would be amazing, and I think you would be the one to make it dairy-free for us!!! :)

  4. BeckyB says

    The cake was great, very moist! The ice cream flavor did not turn out so well. Ended up using a store bought ice cream with much success.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Sorry to hear the ice cream didn’t turn out as expected, but we’re glad you enjoyed the cake! Would you mind sharing what didn’t turn out about the ice cream?

  5. Lilia says

    Do you have to use the cashews for the ice making the ice cream? Or what are substitutes for that if there is an allergy?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Lilia, we haven’t tried making it without the cashews and can’t say for sure, but if you experiment with it, report back!

  6. Rae says

    I made this cake with Coconut Bliss cappuccino ice cream instead of the mint ice cream. I actually bought an ice cream maker off of amazon just to make this, but unfortunately it didn’t come in time due to USPS issues (#ruralmountainlifeproblems). Soooo, I had to purchase ice cream instead, and I decided to make it a coffee flavored ice cream cake because I still want to make the mint ice cream! I made it for my partner’s birthday. I made it in two pie pans because that’s all I had. The cake part sort of fell a part a little bit (I’m not a baker and I don’t think I greased the pans enough), but I was able to reconstruct it. Overall, it worked, but it definitely took me WAAAAYYY longer than the recipe states! I can’t wait to make the mint ice cream tomorrow!

  7. Kathleen Campbell says

    I’m making this for my sister-in-law’s birthday, but I don’t have an ice cream maker so I’m just buying some vegan ice cream. How much ice cream does the “1 Vegan Mint Brownie Ice Cream recipe” make in terms of cups or ounces or something I could use as a reference when using store bought ice cream? Thanks!

  8. Vanessa says

    I’ve been getting ice cream cakes since, forever and for the past two years I’ve gotten them from Ben and Jerry’s. I have since gone dairy-free and B&J have come out w non-dairy ice-creams, but I don’t think they offer non-dairy cakes just yet SOOOO, I have to make my own. SO of course I came to see if you created a recipe BC everything I’ve made from you has been 1000% amazing. So I am going to attempt this (not mint, not my thing. Maybe coffee and chocolate. Not sure how I’ll do that just yet but the internet is at my fingers). I will comment when I do!

  9. Stephanie says

    Tomorrow is my birthday, and in preparation for my celebration this weekend, my partner asked me what I wanted for a cake. I replied, chocolate… and then uneasily said, but I what I really want is ice cream cake. You see, my former, dairy-loving self totally loves ice cream cake from DQ or Coldstone. I know, I know, but that crap isn’t vegan. Well you know what is??? This. Since I’m not totally on board with mint, he left it out, and it was the most amazing wonderful stuff. Soooooo good! It does take a bit of time and focus to get it done, so be sure to read ahead so you allow enough time to prep the prep and do more prep and then wait. ;) Plus, we don’t have an ice cream maker… so he used our regular blender. In any case, it’s great to be getting older. It’s great to be vegan. It’s great to be with someone who loves me enough to make this for me for my birthday!

  10. Caitlin says

    I made this a few days ahead of when I plan to serve it. What is your best recommendation for storing for the next few days? Will the quality be good still?

  11. Lauren says

    This looks awesome! I’ll be making this tomorrow and was wondering if there is a recipe for the sauce that’s drizzled on the cake at the end. Is that a chocolate sauce?

  12. talia says

    make a vegan ice cream cake they said

    it’ll be easy they said..

    after constructing and deconstructing about 2 times.

    i ended up taking the ice cream and mixing it around like when you were a little kid so it was icing consistency,
    i would do 1 layer than freeze for 2 hours , than 1 layer free for 2 hours..

    in totally it took the entire day to do this. never the less i hope my friend enjoys her birthdaycake

  13. Yuki says

    Dana, this cake is too perfect for my dear friend’s birthday! But I was wondering how long before can I make it? If I were to make the cake and ice cream two days in advance, should I combine it yet or wait for the birthday to do that? Also, If I want to store them separately, whats the best way to that? Whats the earliest you suggest making the cake and ice-cream. It’ll be my first time making a cake from scratch.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      The close to the day of you can make it the better. I wouldn’t make it more than 1 day before. Hope that helps!

  14. Fei says

    Hey! What happens if I don’t have an ice cream maker! Is there any other way I could perhaps make the ice cream recipe?

  15. Sandie says

    I absolutely LOVE it that your recipes are compatible with Paprika Recipe software! Makes it so easy to save your recipes! I’m definitely going to try these when my no-dairy granddaughter is visiting next month!

  16. CakePants says

    How is it even possible that this gorgeous, decadent creation is vegan?!? This is almost too good to be true! I can’t wait to give this a try :)

  17. Len says

    This looks amazing, mint choc chip ice cream and brownies sound like the best combo.
    I am gluten intolerant do you think that oat flour instead of normal flour would work?

  18. Kat says

    I’ve been working on this all day long. The timing couldn’t have been better, it’s my mom’s birthday today! It takes a while to put all the steps together, but isn’t super labor intensive. I made the cake as written, except I subbed gf flour blend (brown rice, white rice, potato starch, tapioca starch, soy milk powder) and 1t xanthan gum. It worked like a charm!! Then I made the ice cream just as written and included about 1/2 the raw brownie. I don’t know what sort of loaves and fishes magic happened, but I got 2 CAKES out of the deal!! The cake was thick enough that I couldn’t fit more than 2 layers in a bread pan. So one cake is 2 layers of cake with a layer of ice cream between, and the other is one big layer of ice cream with 1 layer of cake. Both bread pans are full. We are having a big dinner here tomorrow night for some friends moving away, so I’m thrilled to have the 2nd cake to serve then. I’ll be pouring some chocolate ganache over both of them just before serving them. I can’t wait!! The ice cream is O.M.G. creamy and really delicious. That cashew cream is a game changer. No more store-bought vegan ice cream for me! Thanks for this killer recipe and the fact that I’ll never ever be able to wear a bikini again…

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      haha, who needs bikinis anyway? Do let me know how you like the cake! The ice cream is one of my favorites to date. Paired with the vegan chocolate cake it’s magical. Happy birthday to your mom!

  19. Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar says

    I will TRY to make this, I really will, but saving that ice cream is gonna be haaaaaard!

  20. Allison says

    This is just the best-looking dessert I’ve ever seen. Something about minty chocolate makes me wanna dance! I love how you’ve captured the fudge-like texture of the cake, right where it meets the ice cream. Ahhhh. So good! Love. This. Idea! Must make.

  21. Vanessa @ VeganFamilyRecipes says

    This looks fabulous! My son has a birthday coming up and I’m sure all the kids would love this. Will definitely give it a try!

  22. Samina | The Cupcake Confession says

    This Ice cream cake is JUST INCREDIBLE!!!! It looks neat and that cake looks soooooooo fudgy I’m not sure I have control over my hunger pangs anymore!

  23. Olivia says

    I can’t believe how creative you are. This looks really fabulous, and no one would ever guess it’s vegan. Thank you!

  24. Ellen says

    I just recently got into keeping fresh mint around and it is addictive. Doubley so with chocolate!

  25. Ala says

    I still haven’t recovered from seeing your mint chocolate ice cream–this is phenomenal, Dana! Seriously, ice cream cakes for each year’s birthday since birth (okay, since I could talk and actually order them). This would be awesome to make. Thanks for sharing!

  26. Brittany @ i love vegan says

    Oh my goodness, that looks so so good! This would be a great thing to make when my parents come to visit this summer – cold, refreshing, and a great way to showcase how decadent and amazing vegan desserts can be! Thanks for the recipe! (And all of your blogging tips, I’m really loving them!)

  27. Tracy | Pale Yellow says

    Completely smitten! Mint chocolate brownie sundaes are my all time favorite food and this looks like a delight rendition of one. Can’t wait to make my own!

  28. Katy says

    Love this! And it certainly does looks beautiful, especially with the chocolate drizzle. Mint choc chip is my fav ice cream flavour of all time!!

  29. Averie @ Averie Cooks says

    Oh this looks like a showstopper! How pretty and I bet it tastes even better! pinned