My Favorite Green Smoothie

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Cutting board with spinach, banana, and flax seed

There are a lot of green smoothie recipes out there, and I’m sure they’re all awesome in their own right. But this? This recipe is my absolute favorite and one I drink almost daily.

Berries, spinach, peanut butter and a glass of almond milk

I know I share a lot of dessert recipes around these parts, but I do, for the most part, eat a very clean diet. I try and incorporate fruits and vegetables into every meal. Things like meat, refined grains, heavy sauces, and cheese are consumed in moderation. Dark chocolate is my only daily indulgence. And if I haven’t had leafy greens in more than 12 hours, I kind of start to hyperventilate. In other words, I love a raw brownie every once in a while, but for the most part, whole foods are where it’s at.

Blender filled with a batch of our Green Smoothie recipe

Enter this green smoothie. The ingredients are simple and affordable: almond milk, peanut butter, banana, mixed berries, flaxseed and spinach. And it literally takes 2 minutes to prepare. I love that it sends me out the door with up to 3 full servings of fruit and veg in the mornings, leaving me less pressure to consume two huge salads for lunch and dinner to get my veggie count in. Plus, I love all the fiber it contains, how it has a salty-sweet balance, and how it keeps me full ’til lunch. Really, it doesn’t get much better to me than having a giant green smoothie for breakfast or a mid-afternoon snack.

Holding a jar filled with a batch of our Favorite Green Smoothie recipe

Though I’ve tried other varieties, this one is my favorite because I can stuff so much spinach in there without affecting the flavor one bit – which, for the record, tastes like a creamy peanut butter banana shake. Hello dream smoothie.

Play around and make this smoothie your own. Sub almond butter for peanut butter, try coconut milk instead of almond, all blueberries instead of mixed, another leafy green in place of spinach. But do try the original just once and see if you don’t fall in love with it like I have. I won’t be offended if my favorite becomes your favorite, too. In fact, I’d be elated. Here’s to health! (And regularity ;) )

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Jar filled with our delicious and simple Green Smoothie recipe

My Favorite Green Smoothie

A creamy, sweet vegan green smoothie with banana, peanut butter, spinach, flaxseed, berries, and almond milk. The perfect healthy breakfast or afternoon snack.
Author Minimalist Baker
Top down shot of a straw in a jar filled with My Favorite Green Smoothie recipe
4.87 from 129 votes
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 1 (smoothie)
Course Breakfast, Snack
Cuisine Gluten-Free, Vegan
Freezer Friendly 1 Month (in ice cube trays)
Does it keep? Best when fresh


  • 1 medium banana (previously peeled, frozen and quartered)
  • 1/2 cup mixed frozen berries
  • 1 Tbsp flaxseed meal
  • 1 heaping Tbsp natural, salted peanut butter
  • 1/2 – 3/4 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 2 cups fresh spinach


  • Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until creamy, adding more almond milk or frozen berries (or bananas) to thin/thicken, respectively. Serve immediately or freeze to enjoy later. Although it is best when fresh.



*Nutrition information is a rough estimate calculated with the lesser amount of almond milk. 

Nutrition (1 of 1 servings)

Serving: 1 smoothie Calories: 314 Carbohydrates: 44.2 g Protein: 10 g Fat: 13.4 g Saturated Fat: 1.5 g Polyunsaturated Fat: 2.74 g Monounsaturated Fat: 1.33 g Trans Fat: 0 g Cholesterol: 0 mg Sodium: 191 mg Potassium: 902 mg Fiber: 9.7 g Sugar: 20.8 g Vitamin A: 6002 IU Vitamin C: 33.13 mg Calcium: 350.3 mg Iron: 3.56 mg

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My Rating:

  1. A says

    Thank you so much for this recipe! I used unsweetened flaxseed milk instead of almond milk for extra protein. Turned out great :)!

  2. Anna says

    I love this smoothie! So easy to make. Sometimes for a little extra protein I add a scoop of vanilla flavored vegetarian protein powder, but otherwise I leave it as is. Thanks for consistently great recipes :)

  3. Ljay says

    The absolute best green smoothie I’ve ever made and I have tried quite a few. Wow! It’s so simple to make. And keeps me full all morning! This is my go to morning smoothie!!

  4. Sveta says

    Oh my god. I typically hate smoothies, but had some leftover spinach that I needed to use up and I was tired of always making spinach dal with it, so I decided to give smoothies another try and came across this gem of a recipe. This is hands down the best smoothie I’ve ever had in my life – thank you so much for posting this recipe, it’s a game changer.

  5. Jennifer says

    I googled green banana smoothie and this came up! Yay! It was absolutely fantastic and will be my go-to way to get greens into my breakfast. I look forward to trying your other recipes. Thanks for sharing!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Amazing! We’re so glad you enjoyed the recipe, Jennifer. Thank you for the lovely review! xo

  6. Julie says

    Best smoothie I’ve ever made! Thank you! I’ve always screwed up my smoothies by adding too much ice or water and it separated. I followed this exactly and it was perfect!

      • Sam says

        This is delicious! I’ve been drinking this almost every day and it’s helped keep me full and energized in the morning.

        Are these good anti-inflammatory ingredients?

        • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

          We’re so glad you enjoy it, Sam! This smoothie has antioxidants and fiber, which can have anti-inflammatory effects. If you’re on Instagram, we’d suggest checking out our stories over the next few days as Dr. Will Bulsiewicz will be popping on there and sharing information that you might find helpful!

  7. Dominique says

    Tried it this morning while I’m in between vegan meal powders. I subbed Sunflower butter for the peanut butter and still delicious! Thank you for all the yummy recipes!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Dominique! Thanks so much for your kind words and lovely review! xo

  8. Carly says

    I’m a HUGE fan of this site and all the recipes I try. Had to post my love for this smoothie because I’ve been nervous to try a green drink. That was a silly notion, this drink is worthy of 5 stars! Thank you for all you do!

  9. Susan says

    I rarely leave reviews, but I was really surprised at how good this smoothie was! I went vegan about a year ago and have since been on a fruitless search for smoothies that actually taste good. I am lured by rave reviews to recipes that always leave me disappointed. Many are just bland, some are even disgusting (to me), and almost all of them just taste like bananas. Which is okay if I want a banana smoothie, but when bananas are included not as the main ingredient but as a sweetener/thickener, they just overpower everything else. I generally have good luck with your other recipes, however, so I decided to try your “Favorite Green Smoothie” and — I actually LIKE this one! :D I don’t know why – the ingredient list looks similar to all the other (disappointing) ones, but this one was perfectly balanced, fruity and sweet, with a tiny hit of salty PB – and the bananas did not intrude, but blended quietly into the background. It didn’t come out green – more like purple with tiny flecks of green, which was pretty. My kids liked it, I liked it, and I’m eager to try your other smoothie recipes. Thank you! :)))

    • Sveta says

      I completely empathize with this, haha. Best smoothie I’ve ever made. I almost never leave reviews on recipes but this one blew my mind.

  10. Logan says

    Hi. Weird question but did this recipe used to have Greek yogurt in it? I’m trying to find the recipe I loved a few years ago and thought it was it but no yogurt. Am I mistaken? And if so can you tell me the measurement?

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Logan, no, it didn’t have greek yogurt. But you might be able to reduce almond milk and add some?

  11. Lindsey says

    This has became my favorite smoothie! It’s delicious and nutritious and is my go to when I’m craving something sweet. I do add Keifer to it for some probiotics and more protein. I drink it almost every day.

  12. Samantha says

    I love making this smoothie on days I want that signature banana strawberry almond butter flavor! This recipie never fails, and I think it’s consistently the best tasting one time after time.

  13. Anna says

    I love this smoothie!! I do have one question, though: it seems like every time I make it, it does not turn out green! Always more of a purple-y brown. Am I not adding enough spinach, too many berries? For background, I usually double it so there’s enough for my husband. The color doesn’t bother me as the taste is what really matters, I just want to know how to get that nice green!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Anna, we’re so glad you enjoy it! You could either add more spinach or maybe swap out the berries for a mix that has fewer darker berries and more lighter (such as strawberries and raspberries).

  14. Joao says

    Came here for a recipe, got a post full of advertising. Bah.
    Never know what can click without going to third parts.
    Shame ?

  15. Christina Wooters says

    I make green smoothies all the time and this is probably my favorite recipe. My son loved it and I love that’s it’s not overly sweet

  16. Houston says

    Such a great recipe! I always try to come up with a good smoothie recipe but I can never get the proportions right, but these are perfect. The fruits I had on hand weren’t frozen, so I added a few ice cubes instead. Also, I used almond butter in place of peanut butter. Thanks for sharing this recipe…I can’t wait to make it again!

  17. Terra says

    So good!!!! You cannot taste the spinach at ALL which makes it extra satisfying to cram as much of it as I can into this yummies smoothie!

  18. Elizabeth Eshun says

    This is the most delicious green smoothie! I loved it! Perfect way to start my morning with some greens and fruit. I used mostly frozen ingredients (banana + mixed berries) so I had to add a little bit more almond milk to prevent a sloshy morning slushy- but it was amazziiinnng. A new favorite for my morning smoothies.

  19. James Runyon says

    Sub the PB for a couple tablespoons of nuts. I use almonds because I keep them for snacks. Makes if les peanut buttery. Also my favorite smoothie ingredient is OATS. They also had e a nutty flavor as to mask greens. However, oats are not overwhelming, very affordable, and lend a fantastic texture. Hope that helps the peanut butter haters

  20. Jennifer S says

    I just made this smoothie for the first time and am excited to make it more often. My blender isn’t the world’s best which made the spinach was a little chunky (that’s on me, not the recipe). I didn’t have frozen bananas, so I cut the banana first and popped it in the freezer on parchment paper while I readied the other ingredients.

  21. Jessica Carr says

    Omg, so latley I’ve tried different green smoothies for my 19 month old and myself! Every recipe stated kids loved them. My son liked them only because I had to overdo the fruit side of every recipe I found…bllaa today I came across this recipe and WOW! I used the almond milk, frozen wild blueberry,frozen banana, few raspberries, few BlackBerry, Super green protein powder, fresh kale,spinach,baby bok choy,chard, I also put in flax seeds,chia seeds,hemp seeds, I used skippy creamy penut butter “didnt have natural”. THIS WAS AND IS AMAZING!! Thank you so much I now have a good recipe for both of us!♡

  22. Tatiana says

    21 year old avid smoothie maker (nearly 4 years now). This was the first green smoothie I ever made! I’ve made it many times and love how nutritious and tasty this is! It’s not too sweet and has a nutty taste. It’s like a peanut butter banana smoothie. Also, freezing the spinach can disguise its taste even more. Definitely have your banana frozen in coins (takes ~2 hours) to have a nice ice cream texture ❤️

  23. Meagan Nagorski says

    This smoothie is SO GOOD! I absolutely hate eating greens–I wish I liked them but I just don’t. I’ve tried a lot of smoothie recipes, and most of them are too high in sugar for my taste. So I gave this recipe a try, not expecting too much, and OMG–it really does taste like a peanut butter and banana milkshake. I used all blueberries instead of mixed, and I wanted to up the protein so I used unsweetened soy milk instead of almond. So, so good. I will definitely be making this often.

  24. Ashton says

    I was very skeptical, but this is GOOD! I added bee pollen and prebiotic powder – everything else was the same and I’m shocked at how good it is! Thanks for sharing!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks so much for the lovely review, Ashton. We are so glad you enjoyed it! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Thanks so much! Xo

  25. BW says

    Have to say the combo of PB and Spinach is not very appetizing, my daughter spit it out. I am struggling through it so as to not waste it

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Sorry to hear it didn’t turn out as you were hoping! You can reduce the amount of spinach, if desired, for a more mild flavor.

  26. Tangy says

    I have never made a green smoothie that I like…or really any smoothie at all. But this is it. I switched the spinach with kale and it still hits.

      • Karina says

        I have been making green smoothies every morning for my kids this month, but they hake the flavor of arugula ( I do too) and this smoothie hid the flavorbso good, they didn’t even realized it was there! Win, win!!! ;) I added chia seeds. Thanks!

        • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

          Yay! Thanks so much for the lovely review, Karina. We are so glad you all enjoyed it! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Thanks so much! Xo

  27. Vera says

    As I’m drinking it I thought maybe I should leave a comment:)
    Such a good green smoothie!!! I’ve been making it in the past 2 weeks on the daily basis and I don’t get sick of it :)

  28. Michelle says

    We really enjoyed this smoothie but it was definitely brown and nowhere near green for us. Not sure why as we followed the recipe exactly. Anyway, the taste was great! I love peanut butter so it being the strongest taste didn’t bother me at all. We added in some chia seeds after mixing too. I might just put a lid on it when I drink it so I don’t have to look at the color, haha!

    I love the site overall! We get a lot of our vegan recipes from here!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Michelle, Thanks for sharing! We’re glad you enjoyed it! Was it possible that your banana was on the riper side? If not, perhaps more spinach next time for a deeper green color? Hope that helps!

  29. Sarah Beth says

    I have tried several green smoothies and I really like this one! I didn’t have mixed berries so I used blueberries and mango for the fruit. I agree with another commenter that the pb is the strongest flavor that comes out but I love pb so no problem here. This is my first time to visit your site, I look forward to finding more yummy recipes.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks so much for the lovely review, Sarah. We are so glad you enjoyed it! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Thanks so much! xo

  30. Christine says

    This smoothie didn’t taste bad, but I didn’t love the taste either. I was in a green smoothie fad a few years back, where I used a very similar recipe and ate it every day for several months, which eventually led to me completely disliking green smoothies. Likewise, I haven’t had much success in finding another smoothie recipe that I adore, which balances taste, isn’t too sweet or not sweet enough, and is nutritious. In terms of “hiding the taste of the spinach”, this one does it very well, but peanut butter is the defining flavour for this recipe. As I’m not a huge fan of peanut butter, but I’m not convinced that other nut butters would mask the taste as well. However, if you absolutely adore peanut butter and wish for a nutrition-packed smoothie, then this is the recipe for you.

  31. Alexis says

    Hi, is normal Jif peanut butter okay? Or is the natural kind of peanut butter make a big difference? Thanks!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Alexis, we definitely prefer the taste of natural peanut butter. It is possible that Jif might work in this recipe, but we haven’t tried it and would recommend using natural, if possible.

  32. Gabby says

    This is my FAVORITE green smoothie! I’ve had so many green smoothies where “You can’t taste the greens!” and I always do lol. The spinach in this recipe is totally masked by the banana and peanut butter though, and it tastes amazing! I used oat milk in lieu of almond milk, and Sunflower seed butter instead of peanut butter because I have a peanut allergy, and 2 Tbs of hemp seeds because I didn’t have flax. Delicious!

  33. Cheri says

    My first green smoothie – and I’m hooked! Super good, and the nutritional makeup is pretty great. My body loves this as a “first meal of the day” thing.

    Daily consumption of this smoothie has dramatically increased my “milk” consumption, so I am now making my own oatmilk, too… way less $$!

    Thanks for the article and recipe. Inspiring find!

  34. Susan says

    I didn’t have all the ingredients on hand so I substituted kale for the spinach and had to use part coconut milk and part light vanilla almond milk. It was delicious! I used frozen blueberries and blackberries and it turned out a lovely shade of purple!

  35. Kathy says

    This was DELICIOUS! I was so surprised at how good it was and loaded with nutrients—this is my new favorite smoothie recipe!

  36. Lynn says

    Success! I’ve only made green smoothies with orange juice or water, never almond milk, so this was a first and a welcome change. Every recipe I’ve tried here, from your one-bowl chocolate cake to your lentil pulled “pork” sandwich has been a great hit for my vegetarian/vegan side of the family. I’ve also turned a friend of mine onto your website, as she makes the transition to a plant-based diet due to a recent (and scary) heart attack. Thank you so much!

  37. Heather Rodriguez says

    I decided to try in this smoothie just as the recipe said. And mostly because you asked us to LOL. I was a little skeptical but it was delicious! I’m so glad I tried it, this will definitely be on a regular rotation now. I was really afraid that the peanut butter would be odd tasting in it but oh how wrong I was. Looks like I’ll be looking into your other recipes now as well. Thank you

  38. Deedee says

    I just made this with a banana, spinach, Elmhurst unsweetened almond milk, peanut butter, 5.3oz Daiya blueberry yogurt alternative, and a heaping tsp of brownie batter dessert hummus (please note: I consume and use products that do not contain animal products or palm oil).

    I have to say, my shake turned out to be very creamy and yummy with a perfect consistency. Yummy!

  39. Hana says

    Made this for breakfast this morning! I only had my favourite dairy-free milk (Rebel Kitchen semi-skimmed – tastes exactly like regular milk if this is something you’re looking for!) but everything else was the same. So yummy! Will make again!

  40. Rhonda says

    Mmmmmm so good! I used milk instead of almond milk, and chia seeds instead of flax seeds, all blueberries instead of mixed berries – although slightly different, very similar to this recipe. Thank you for the fantastic recipe!!!

  41. Leslie says

    I made this and it is delicious! I used unsweetened, plain almond milk and added a bit of romaine too! Mine however was not quite as nice of a color as yours! Mine looks like mud! Lol

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      We haven’t tried it, but think it will work! You may want to add a little pure vanilla extract since we recommend vanilla almond milk in this recipe. Hope that helps!

  42. Amber Mertens says

    This smoothie was a 10/10! I intermittent fast and this is the perfect smoothie to break my fast. The sweet(not too) and salty was a winner! Enough spinach(60 grams) to IMO validate calling it a green smoothie. Yummy! Going to be a go to for me!

  43. Ranjitha says

    Hello Dana,
    Yummy recipe!! Healthy boost to the body. Big fan of all your recipes. Hey, can you please tell me which brand Almond Milk, Coconut Milk and Soy Milk you use.

    Happy Holidays!!


  44. Mary says

    I love this smoothie so much! I have been drinking it daily for a month or so. I make it just as you have in the recipe, but use wild frozen blueberries instead of mixed berries. For an extra special zing I add the zest of one orange and it is AMAZING! Thank you!

  45. Ian says

    This was good. Good balance of flavors. Mine came out purple due to the berries. I don’t see why purple is any less appetizing than green.

  46. Sarah-Beth says

    This is the first green smoothie I’ve liked! I love fruit smoothies but love veggies and want to eat more of them, however every other green smoothie I’ve tried has had a weird texture. I honestly couldn’t taste the spinach (no bs) and it was almost more like a MILKSHAKE than a healthy green smoothie- also love that it doesn’t have fruit juice or added sugar! I’m going to try without the berries for variation, with cacoa powder or more peanut butter for flavour. Thank you so much Xx

      • Sarah-Beth says

        Update: this is also amazing if you omit the berries and add 2 tbsp cacoa powder! Next time I’m going to add 1 cup of kale in addition to the spinach for extra greens.
        Btw forgot to mention that I froze my spinach before blending it and you can’t taste it at all!

  47. Tiffany says

    Love love your site. I credit you on my IG stories often. You reply back with a ❤️.
    Question: have you ever used kale with this?
    Also, why the frozen banana? Why not regular?

    • Sarah-Beth says

      The frozen banana makes it extra creamy, thick and cold and it says in the recipe that you can use kale.
      Hope this helps

  48. Lea Banks says

    Found you on the Internet and your green smoothie recipe seemed the “least” weird (and I had all the ingredients!) It was very good, almost great, but it needed something to make it “bright.” That something was salt, I bet. I had grabbed unsalted almond butter instead of salted natural peanut butter! It was STILL good, regardless!

  49. Kristal says

    I had given up on green smoothies after eliminating dairy from my diet over 6 months ago. My favorite protein powder had whey in it, and I hadn’t found a suitable tasting plant-based one since. I had tried drinking smoothies without any protein powder and hated them too. Well, not anymore. This smoothie is simply delicious. It was very tasty and equally filling. This is now my new favorite smoothie too! Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  50. Arla says

    It’s my first time to make a green smoothie and I absolutely loved it! It tasted great even though I used regular ground flaxseed and almond butter. Thank you for this recipe! :)

  51. Sarah says

    Fantastic! I’ve had trouble finding healthy ways to stomach 3 cups of spinach a day but this recipe is amazing. I have a bad reaction to bananas so I substituted a half medjool date, used pb2 powder and added cocoa powder. I can only imagine how delicious this would be with real peanut butter and bananas!

  52. Kelly O'Connor says

    I have tried a few green smoothies over the years and they all pretty much got a gag reflex out of me. I’d rather eat a giant salad. But having tried so many other of your recipes I had to try this one and oh my gosh it is perfect. I don’t know what does it but you can’t taste those greens. Thanks for another awesome recipe!

  53. Kim says

    I have to add that I find it hilarious that everyone is complaining that the smoothie isn’t really green. “Green” smoothie is not always meant to be taken literally – it means that there are greens in the smoothie. Still green, still healthy. Sheesh. It’s an amazingly delicious smoothie and will become a new staple in my morning routine!

  54. Anne says

    Can I use peanut powder instead of peanut butter?Am also trying out coconut flour in my smoothie is it okay?

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Haven’t tried it but peanut powder should work! As for the coconut flour – we’d be curious to hear how that goes for you, but have no suggestions for it!

  55. Jordan says

    Hey! If you’re looking to spice it up, add some cinnamon! I make this exact recipe with cinnamon all the time and it is delicious.

  56. Victoria says

    Yum! Just made this and it was delish! I absolutely LOVE green smoothies, and I love PB-banana smoothies, I don’t know why it’s never occurred to me before to combine the two. I made it as written and added about 1/4 c rolled oats and a touch more almond milk to make it more filling since this was my whole lunch. Fabulous!!! Thank you for sharing :)

  57. Kelly says

    So, sO, soOo fantastic!! I’ve been on the hunt for a go-to green smoothie for a bit & here it is! My hubby & I eat paleo, so used almond butter like the others- just brilliant :) Thanks for the yummy share!

  58. Sarah says

    I made this one this morning and it tasted really good. My son is allergic to peanut butter so we used almond butter though. I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t turning green so we doubled the spinach and it still wasn’t green. That’s why me I realized my frozen berries have cherries in them. Still tasted great. Thanks!

  59. Jen says

    Not only my favorite green smoothie but my favorite breakfast! I use soy milk in place of almond and almond butter in place of peanut butter. Using all strawberries keeps it a bright green if that’s your thing :)

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Jen! We’re so glad you enjoy it! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? It’s super helpful for us and other readers! Thanks! xo

  60. Xanthia says

    I find your blog so inspiring and the food is sooooooo good. Keep making amazing things! I cannot explain how much i love your recipes.

  61. Carla says

    wow – this was super delicious! I am an experienced green smoothie maker/drinker and I must say that this is going to the top of my list.
    I did feel the need to add some more almond milk and added a medjool date for a little extra sweetness (i was making it for a friend that is not an avid green smoothie drinker and thought the extra sweetness would be more appealing to her)

  62. Katherine says

    Holy Cow!! This is my first attempt at a green smoothie and I am so impressed!! I have been eating a plant based, whole food diet for almost 2 months now and this smoothie is going to really jazz up my mornings! I didn’t have vanilla almond milk, just the original unsweetened, so squeezed in a tiny bit of honey (we are beekeepers so I like honey). I don’t think it blended in though. I think the cold made it stay in a little ball! Oh well, it turned out great! Thanks for an easy and delicious recipe!

  63. Nissi says

    Ok, I was a little skeptical when I saw this, but I was in a smoothie rut and decided to try it. Ohemmgeee…YUHHHHMY!!! It is soooo good! Thank you for sharing!

  64. Holly says

    This was really good! The berries gave it a nice twist. I did find 1/2 cup almond milk wasn’t enough to get a blend, however – I had to add a splash more, as well as an ice cube to get a decent consistency. Even then it’s still deliciously thick! Next time I’ll just go for 3/4 cup. Yummy!


  65. Tiago says

    Hi, this smoothie is AWESOME!!!

    I just made it, its unforgettable. I used my own peanut butter (easy to make). I didn’t have frozen berries, but the rest i had, so that is the only thing missing that i’ll have to try later.

    Thank you so much for sharing ideas.

  66. Jamie says

    This is essentially our go-to smoothie too, but I usually use grapes and/or apples instead of the berries. Quick and easy, no added sugars – so good!!

  67. Alex says

    This seems like a great recipe. I’ve been on a green smoothie bender lately. One question if you don’t like bananas is there anything I could sub that for? Or perhaps use less of and add more?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Try pineapple or mango, and sub the almond or peanut butter for your favorite vanilla protein powder!

  68. Tokie says

    I made this today and surprisingly it was very good—didn’t taste the spinach at all. I ended up adding an additional 1/2 cup water because it needed more liquid. I will be making this for breakfast for the upcoming work week. Thanks for sharing!

  69. Mo says

    I can only assume the smoothie pictured is not this one, because mine turned out to be the exact texture and color of wet cement (more almond milk fixed the texture). The artist in me can only guess that the pairing of purple berry juice and green spinach makes the unpleasant gray-brown. It was pretty yummy, though :)

  70. David says

    Nailed it! I just watched my 8 year old down a half a head of bok choy, then smile. My 4 year old followed suit. Ha-ha. I am smiling ear to ear

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Whoop! We’re so glad they enjoyed it! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? It’s super helpful for us and other readers! Thanks so much!

  71. Christopher says

    I just started making smoothies a few weeks ago. This by far is my favorite smoothie that I have made. I couldn’t believe how delicious and refreshing it was and so healthy too. I followed the recipe as written but used unsalted and unsweetened peanut butter instead of salted. I will definitely be making this smoothie again. Not sure why but my smoothie was not green but brown though the color of the smoothie is not really a big deal. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe. I am a relatively new vegan and have bookmarked your site.

  72. Jen says

    I have been wanting to make a green smoothie for about a year now but have been too afraid of the taste. After making this treat just twice, I am totally converted. Not only is it delicious but It keeps me full all morning. Awesome find!

  73. Jennifer says

    Quick question hoping you can answer. I found this recipe this morning before leaving for work and while I had everything on hand, the banana and fresh berries aren’t frozen. That being said, our office refrigerator is JUST that, no freezer. Any experience with these not being frozen? Should I run down to the Walgreens and grab a bag of ice? Another guy in office and I went in on a Ninja Pro Blender and I’d like to make the most of the farmers markets that are going to begin in downtown Chicago but what will the fruits/veggies not being frozen due to the texture of the shake? Guess I could try and find out, but figured I’d ask while I was here!

    • J. Mayhak says

      The only difference I’ve found is that freezing the bananas or berries makes the smoothie cold. I don’t notice a substantial difference in the shake’s texture. If I had to say there was a difference, I’d say the unfrozen smoothie is a bit more smooth because the fruit is more easily pulled apart by the blender.
      I wouldn’t worry about not freezing the fruit too much. Try it both ways once if you can and see if you like one way much more than the other. As the post a couple above me said, “If it tastes good [to you], that’s all that matters”. :)

  74. Cynthia says

    I made it, I tasted it, I liked it…but, it was not green. I added 2 big handfuls of spinach and the color was purple.

    • Christopher says

      I really liked this smoothie as well though mine wasn`t green either. It was actually brown, which I gather is from the peanut butter and flax seed. Used a frozen four berry mix. Sure enjoyed this smoothie though regardless of the color. Will be making again.

    • Mara says

      MIne wasn’t green either–more like grey. But it sure was yummy! I was wondering just how Dana got hers so eye-pleasingly green…

  75. Faux Leather says

    I love all kinds of green smoothies. I was late today and ran out the door with just enough time to blend up this recipe. :-) I added about 30 grams of fresh spinach, but I was so busy and won’t be able to eat again till 6pm.

  76. walter says

    I’ve been shaking every day for years now and i think i’ve put together the most amazing, most nutritious, super shake. And i want to share it with everybody.
    It contains frozen berries, coconut water, a knob of organic ginger, a tablespoon each of flax seed and chia seed, bee pollen, maca powder, ashwagandha powder, and a teaspoon each of chlorella, spirulina, and wheatgrass powder. I also reserve my avocado pits and put one in my smoothie, if i happen to have one. (tons of benefits). I then put into my extractor and whiz for about a minute. A bit over the top, but i will guarantee you will have AMAZING results.


  77. Jill says

    Delish! I had make a few changes due to not having all the ingredients at the right temp. Here’s my version – room temp banana, fresh spinach that I froze, canilla almond coconut milk, organic frozen berries supreme (raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, & strawberries)!, organic crunchy peanut butter. I didn’t have flax seed on hand.

    Thank you for sharing the recipe. I am definitely making this again!

  78. Ralph says

    Someone suggested using avocado for a creamier texture. is that a substitution or an addition to the recipe? How much?

  79. Linda says

    help! My blender broke. What kind do you use? There are so many to choose from but most with poor reviews. Thanks for your help

  80. Rosemary says

    Thanks for this recipe. I’ve been making green smoothies for 10 years and I recently came across your recipe while trying to mix it up a little. Love it. So simple. My husband, 1 year old daughter and I are eating your smoothie recipe now at least once a day. I’m like you in that I need a green fix every 12 hours. Thanks!

  81. Tessa says

    Best green smoothie I’ve ever had!! I never thought I’d actually enjoy a greens smoothie!

    Quick question…when you’re measuring 2 cups of spinach, do you squish it down and pile as much in? Or loosely put it in?


    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      I squish it slightly, but don’t pack it! It’s really up to the user how much he or she wants!

  82. Melani says

    This was my first time venturing outside of my normal kale-and-fruit smoothie…. and I was amazed at how good this was. I had kale, so I used that instead of spinach, and chia seeds (just because I already had some soaking), and, wow, this was so yummy! I then took some of this mixture, and added cocoa powder, so it was a like a berry-peanut-butter-cup smoothie! Yum, again! Thanks for this great recipe.

  83. She she says

    This is positively outstanding. The first time I made it, it wasn’t very good at all, and I had to doctor it up a lot to make it drinkable. I think it’s because I put too much spinach and my frozen berries weren’t all that sweet.

    I decided to give it another try this morning but with a few twists: I used fresh peanuts instead of peanut butter because the hubster polished off the small jar of PB that I bought just for this purpose. I measured the amount of spinach, and instead of flax seeds, I used two teaspoons of berry burst Metamucil fiber (psyllium husks). I think that the Metamucil really kicked up the sweetness of my berries. It was outrageously, dangerously delicious!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Wonderful! Green smoothies are all about fresh ingredients and the right proportions! Glad you found a combo you enjoyed!

  84. Meagan says

    I’ve been on a healthy smoothie bender for a while now and recently decided to experiment using peanut butter. Gave this recipe a whirl to see what all the fuss was about… and it’s TRUE! My ingredients: unfrozen banana, all blueberries (frozen), 1-2 tsp peanut butter, 2 big handfuls of baby kale leaves, NO seeds, NO milk or milk sub at all (just a bit of cold water to blend) and a handful of ice cubes. It turned out green like the picture and despite no milk or milk variant, it was incredibly delicious. It’s like the blueberries and kale cancel each other out and all you taste is a creamy banana / faint peanut butter flavour. Def my new fave green smoothie! PS: Next time I will make sure the banana is frozen as you can’t beat that thick texture in a smoothie to help fill you up.

  85. Lori castle says

    I have been making almost the exact same smoothie for the last few years. I use kale instead of spinach, chia seeds instead of flax( after reading up on chia),and I now use almonds and either walnuts or sunflower seeds instead of peanut butter. I also put in a tablespoon of Greek yogurt for the probiotic effect but it can be left out.

  86. Ashley says

    I had to make a couple of substitutions because of allergies – vanilla coconut milk rather than almond and mango sub’d for the banana – and it turned out great! Good morning boost, and I love peanut butter in everything.

  87. Kristin says

    We’ve been making green smoothies that taste more fruity lately and wanted a change. This one is delicious! Great for my middle schoolers in early morning when they’re not hungry for breakfast but need something to carry them through until lunch! Thanks!!

  88. Sarah says

    I made this today with blueberries instead on mixed berries, and I ended up with a purple smoothie instead of a green smoothie. Should this happen?

  89. Brigid says

    But I just want to add that your blog is amazing and so far everything I’ve tried from it has been great! Only this smoothie didn’t work out. :-)

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      So odd! Definitely one that you need to play around with to suit your preference. Thanks for the sweet words, anyway.

  90. Brigid says

    I just tried making this smoothie and I don’t know where i went wrong but it was really not tasty in any way! I followed the recipe to the letter, except I couldn’t find vanilla almond milk so used regular unsweetened. Would that make a big difference? It was kind of sludgy brown colour and tasted sludgy brown too! So I added more spinach to make it greener but then it tasted even worse. I’m afraid all those lovely ingredients ended up down the sink :-( I must have gone very wrong somewhere!
    I’ll try the grapefruit green smoothie next and hope for the best!

  91. Amy says

    Love this smoothie, but no matter what berries I use it never looks green. What combo did you use in the one you photographed for the post? I actually find this with a lot of green smoothie recipes – they look so vibrant and green in blog photos but come out brown(ish) when I make them. Just curious! Tastes great.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      I just use a CRAP load of spinach :D Also, scale back on your berries a bit for an even greener color. Hope that helps!

  92. Jenna says

    Thank you! I LOVE this smoothie. Unfortunately, I have a banana intolerance and get sick from raw bananas. Any suggestions on what to substitute it with? I love the taste of this smoothie, makes me wish I could eat a banana without getting sick :(. Any help would be much appreciated!

  93. Oz says

    Hi Dana!
    I cant wait to try this recipe, can you tell me where I can find natural PB? or what brand you use, will be perfect!

  94. Nicole says

    Definitely my new favourite smoothie too. I was skeptical of 2 cups of spinach but it’s really good! I couldn’t taste the spinach at all. I used 2 tbsp of hemp protein powder instead of the flax but I think next time I will also add the flax

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Nice! Yeah, you can’t taste the green stuff at all. Glad you agree! Thanks for sharing, Nicole. xo

  95. Danika @ Your Organic Life says

    this sounds really good. However, drinking it every day is a very bad idea. Spinach has a lot of oxalic acid in it and drinking everyday can lead to kidney stones. If you’re going to drink green smoothies everyday it is recommended that you rotate your greens doing a different green everyday to prevent the buildup of oxalic acid. Also, spinach draws lead up from the soil so if you have lead in the soil where it is grown which can even happened with organic spinach you do not want to be giving this to your children everyday.

    • Nigel says

      @Danika, I’m sure your concern seems genuine, however scaring people from drinking green smoothies or consuming spinach may not be the best thing to do unless research or evidence is cited. I agree with rotating greens, or any food for that matter, but not to “prevent the buildup of oxalic acid”. The fact is there have been no conclusive studies showing an increase in kidney stone formation due to the consumption of leafy greens high in oxalate content. On the contrary, research has shown an increase in kidney stone formations related to diets high in animal protein and salt. I’ve done plenty of digging on this subject over the years, and recommend others do as well before deciding to avoid one of the most nutrient-dense leafy greens on the planet – spinach. If you want to learn more simply google “oxalic acid and green smooties” (with the quotes) and start reading – you may be surprised what the research actually shows. Good luck.

  96. Alannah says

    Tried to make it again today. Layered it differently so the spinach would blend last buuut its still brown. How the hell do you turn it green like in the pictures cause im starting to think that wasnt a picture of the actual smoothie

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Alannah, we use a LOT of spinach :D Also, scale back on your berries a bit for an even greener color. Hope that helps!

  97. Kelli Rhymes says

    I have NEVER posted a comment, even though I always look to see what others have to say, but I tried this recipe several months ago because of the enthusiasm of your readers. I just had to make my way back to the comment section to tell you that I have been enjoying this green smoothie almost daily since then! I shudder to say that I don’t really like vegetables and I have to force myself to eat fruit. I continue to try to find ways to eat healthily, but I am inconsistent, at best. I have tried to make smoothies over and over, but they are just too “fruity” for me. THIS SMOOTHIE IS AWESOME! The peanut butter and banana are just yummy, and the rest of the ingredients don’t even play in except for the incredible health benefits! THANK YOU!! This motivates me to continue the search for really healthy foods that taste wonderful! Thanks for a great site and a great smoothie!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      So great! Glad you enjoyed it. And thanks so much for commenting, too! It’s something I try and do when I have success/issues with a recipe on someone’s blog. I find it so helpful/uplifting. Thanks again!

  98. Emily says

    Yum! This was my first time making a green smoothie and it turned out great! The banana added just enough sweetness and creaminess to balance the tartness of the berries. I told my sister to try this with her eyes covered and she couldn’t even taste the spinach! What a great, healthy way to incorporate some greens at breakfast or in between meals!

  99. Karrie M says

    Love this! I’ve just bought a nutribullet and trying to find lots of tasty recipes and this works perfectly for a morning blitz of goodness! Protein, antioxidants and iron = today is going to be a good day! I couldn’t even taste the spinach so added more! I’ll be having this for breakfast every morning now, thank you!

  100. Cala says

    I just made this today after yesterday I was browsing your blog for recipes :) I loved this smoothie. It really did taste like a banana peanut butter milkshake! I used my magic bullet and mixed the spinach and milk first then added the rest of the ingredients. Yum! My one-year old son and almost 3 yr old daughter loved it too! Thanks

  101. Ashley says

    This green smoothie was amazing!! I felt so good after drinking it. Thanks for sharing this recipe! Im addicted now :)

  102. Brittany says

    I found this recipe via Pinterest. I just tried it out with my little one today, and we both loved it! Thanks for sharing :)

  103. Jules says

    I’m so addicted to this smoothie I’ve had it for breakfast every morning for the last 6 weeks!! Love love love it! Thanks so much!

  104. Marsha Washington says

    I tried this recipe but didn’t notice I needed to use natural peanut butter. I used Jif. I also really got into the “heaping” part of the Tbsn, so it was way too thick and too much peanut putter taste. I will try again when I pick up the natural peanut butter.

  105. J Patt says

    This sounds absolutely wonderful. I have recently been trying to reduce calorie intake for atleast two days out of the week. Would this be a good choice since the calorie count is quite high for one meal? I agree it is very healthy ingredients. I can’t wait to see if I should be reducing calories on this one.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      I’d say this is a good amount of calories for one meal for the average person but I’m no expert and that totally depends on your age, weight and activity level. I love it as a morning meal but usually need a small snack before lunch. I say try it out and see how filling it is and go from there!

  106. Tabatha says

    So glad I found this recipe! I have been on the search for TASTY and healthy, green smoothies for months and I finally found one. I admit, I was a little scared of the end color (almost black after I added the blueberries lol) and hubby definitely gave me wonky eye, but it was the most delicious smoothie I’ve ever had! Thank you! I’m excited to have discovered your blog!

  107. Catherine says

    Just wanted to say thanks. I didn’t try “the original” yet, because I didn’t have peanut butter… Use almond, and maca powder instead of flaxseed meal… Anyway, I love that I just ate spinach and kale in a smoothie as breakfast. And my 18 month old loved it too :)

  108. Karen says

    PB taste was a bit too much for me so will cut back to 1 1/2 to 2 tsps next time. I added 1/4 cucumber, a handful of kale and 1 tsp. fresh ginger. Yummy.

  109. Megan says

    I love this smoothie! In an effort to remove all additives and processed foods from my diet, this smoothie has become my go-to breakfast option. Mine never comes out quite as green as your picture (it might have something to do with subbing chia seeds for the flaxseed or the berries?) but it always tastes delicious and really keeps me full all morning long. I also use all natural almond butter instead of peanut butter.

  110. Kerry says

    Absolutely love this recipe, which is quite similar to smoothies I like to make. The natural peanut butter cinched it for me!
    I added 1 thing that also made this particularly yummy: 1 tsp of unsweetned cocoa. Very yummy!

    • Angel says

      Your children may love it if you try this recipe with all berries (no banana) and a tbsp of unsweetened cocoa powder. Or try it exactly as written with the added cocoa. The cocoa powder is only 15 call per tbsp, but it tastes like chocolate covered fruit. :)

  111. Nancy says

    Have been researching all ways to eating healthy and came across this recipe and tried it this morning. I used frozen blueberries and unfrozen banana and it was just the right temperature for my taste. Most delicious smoothie I ever had. It will be my “go to” smoothie.

      • Nancy Foti says

        Have been googling “green smoothies” and yours was one of several links that came up I checked out a few but liked yours the best. I can’t wait to try some of your GF recipes as well. After a 3 day detox, I think I it will be a great start for getting fit and off sugar, white flour and processed foods. I’m 71, so I’m late getting smart about nutrition, but I’ve got the determination to do it so my physical energy matches my mental energy.

        • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

          So great to hear! Thanks Nancy. It’s never too late to start eating healthier in my opinion, so I’m so glad you’ve decided to research and take steps toward a healthier you. I hope our recipes can help you in that endeavor! Do let us know if there’s anything else we can help with, recipe requests or otherwise. Hugs!

  112. Jessy says

    Thank you sooooo much!!! I’ve just tried this smoothy and it’s just the best one ever! How something so healthy can taste so good??!! Super delicious!! Thanks for sharing!! :)

  113. Lindsey says

    Just made this! It’s AMAZING!!! Certainly not the prettiest color but I’ve never had something so tasty before!

  114. Alisa says

    In my green smoothie, I use peaches in place of the berries, and add a spoonful each of chia, hemp, and ground flax seed.

  115. Catherine says

    Thanks for the recipe- I love the taste and have been making this smoothie all the time! Superficial question though- mine always turn out an unappealing shade of purple-y gray, even when I’ve added less berries or more spinach. Anyone else notice this? Or is there anything else that could be throwing things off?

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      If your mixed berries are heavy on the blueberries or blackberries, that could cause it! You could try frozen strawberries instead.

  116. Georgia says

    Omg it looks delicious but unfortunately I don’t have any spinach on hand and I was wondering if lettuce would be ok for this smoothie.

  117. Germain Wong says

    I just tried this recipe today (followed everything exactly) — and LOVED IT.

    I was initially apprehensive about drinking something that looks so scary, but glad I tried it. I made 4 portions of the ingredients and they are now in the freezer — I’m all set for the rest of this week!!

  118. Tina says

    Great smoothie! I just purchased a Ninja kitchen system and was a little bummed with my first smoothie….(I was still thinking juicer, which it is not!) I tried your smoothie, well, a version of it with what I had on hand….All organic items: Kale, no stems; 1 Tbl Almond butter (w/salt); 1 tsp flax seeds; handful of frozen mixed berries; 1 small banana; 1/2 scoop Chocolate flavored Spirutein, Vanilla almond milk….OMG, it was delicious!! Thank you for sharing your recipe to inspire others!!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Tina, love to hear it! SO glad you enjoyed this smoothie. I literally drank one today! So delicious. Keep trying new variations with greens – they never get old.

  119. Robert Wall says

    Weird question for you.

    Other than some minor potential nutrient loss, is there any reason you couldn’t use frozen spinach?

    Also, this recipe uses flax seeds – but I see some of your other recipes use chia seeds. From what I remember, they both “gel” – would they be interchangeable? Or does one thicken more than the other?

    Thanks for the great recipe. :)

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Frozen spinach would give it a weird taste, I think, because of the way it’s shrunk down before it’s packaged. But as for the chia seeds, you can use chia seeds in place of flax in almost any recipe. Chia will “gel” more, but flax seeds tend to be more flour like and absorbent. Hope that helps!

  120. Tracy says

    This was amazing! I’ve been making smoothies for 1 week now, all organic , berries, greens, nuts, goji berties, you name it. They’ve been gross. I spent so much money at whole foods that I forced myself to drink them each night. But this, oh, heavens! I cannot eat spinach due to health issue, so for greens I used sunflower micro greens, pea tendrils and mâché rosettes. I measured nothing and it was so delish my little doggies had some (and my previous concoctions had them backing away, so that’s saying something) and I could barely stop guzzling it down long enough to take a photo to post on Facebook. Absolutely hands down the best smoothie I’ve ever had!

  121. Brie says

    Hey Dana! This is Brie (Beran) Tickel! I heard about your blog from my dad then from yours, I love it!! I just spent half an hour reading it. It’s so funny, I’ve been making an almost identical smoothie for a couple years-my kids love it, too! Good to see you’re happy and doing well!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Oh man, Brie! So good to hear from you. My parents are our blog biggest fans so it’s no surprise that he was bragging on our site. This smoothie is my absolute fave! So glad to hear you feed your kids green smoothies too. Smart mom :D I hope you’re doing well, too! Thanks for saying hello.

  122. Robin says

    I have to say, this green smoothie recipe was 100% spot on! I just found your blog about 30 minutes ago and I am already hooked. I love your approach to minimalist baking and being vegan myself, it’s great to see so many vegan options in the archive! My first attempt at a spinach smoothie a few months ago was a complete fail and I’ve been a little afraid to try a spinach and ground flaxseed combo again…but I wasn’t disappointed this time! I think I’ll even add a little more flaxseed to my next one. I used 1/2c unsweetened chocolate almond milk and 1/2c B12 fortified unsweetened almond milk and I skipped the PB. Then I stuck it in the freezer for 10 minutes to get even thicker! Thanks so much for a delicious smoothie recipe that I can feel good about. Can’t wait to try some of your other recipes.

  123. nina says

    ohmygoodness! i love love LOOOOOOVE your website. truly love at first sight. beautiful. elegant. simple. stunning. and best of all: inspiring.

    sweet souls. thanks for sharing your gifts with the world.

    this is my absolute favorite green smoothie recipe. i can’t wait to try some recipes from the free eBook. you’ve already made my life a little brighter! :)

  124. Marc says

    I had never really tried green smoothies, but I was curious to see what this one would be like (especially after seeing the amount of fiber!). It is delicious! I’ve been making it since the beginning of the week, and I’m now trying to find other recipes so I don’t get tired of it.

    I thought I still had some flax, but couldn’t find it. I had a jar of wheat germ (don’t know how I even ended up with that), so I’ve been using that instead. I also made a mistake with getting sweetened almond milk instead of non-sweetened. It’s making the mixture a little too sweet, but I think that’ll be fine with the non-sweetened version. I also put in some kosher salt into it since I didn’t see any salted organic peanut butter at the store.

    All in all, great recipe!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks Marc! Sometimes if my smoothie turns out too sweet, I’ll add a touch more peanut butter and/or a little pinch of sea salt to balance things out. Hope that helps!

  125. Amy says

    I really really want to try this, however I was planning on making it and then take it with lectures with me. Do you think it will keep it a cool bag for a few hours before I drink it?? x

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      It is best when fresh, but you can keep it in a cool bag or insulated container and it should work. Hope that helps!

  126. nayeon says

    I usually don’t comment on blogs, like ever, but after trying this green smoothie I just really had to tell you how great it was. I don’t see myself going back to anything else for breakfast, and now I can’t wait to try the black bean brownie. Thank you so much!

  127. Penny says

    This was freaking awesome!!
    I made two servings, but only used 1 banana and 1/2 cup strawberries.

  128. Brittany says

    I have yet to try this, sounds like a healthy PB&J smoothie :) I love green smoothies, and one of my very favorites is exactly this one, but with cacao or cocoa powder instead of berries for a chocolate peanut butter smoothie :) so good, so filling, and definitely tastes way naughty! I love that the chocolate overpowers both the color and the flavor of the spinach, so I can drink a pretty green liquid Reeses for breakfast :) Peanut butter (or PB2 for less calories) with the fresh ground flax or chia makes it so filling

  129. Steve says

    I altered this recipe a bit based on what I had, and it wasn’t particularly good, so I’m wondering what it was that killed it. I used kale instead of spinach, lowfat milk instead of almond and Jif instead of natural peanut butter, so I’m wondering which you think might have been the problem. Does kale tend to be more bitter than spinach in smoothies? Maybe it was the sweetness of vanilla almond milk that was missing? I had to add some ice cubes because it turned out super gloppy, even with a bit extra milk. Thanks for any advice!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Steve, I think JIF is the main culprit. I highly recommend all natural salted peanut butter (I even add a sprinkle of sea salt to my smoothie if the salty-sweet combo is not prominent enough). Natural PB tastes entirely different than JIF. Try it, you’ll see. And yes, kale tastes way different than spinach in smoothies. I don’t like kale in smoothies unless it’s with pineapple because it somehow masks the flavor/texture. Lastly, vanilla almond milk adds another element of sweet, so try that next time. Hope that helps!!

      • Dana K. says

        I use PB2 as a sub for peanut butter in this recipe and it saves a bunch of calories with the same flavor ~ and it is all natural!

  130. Tea says

    Oh, I will try this.

    Although I also do one with baby spinach (prefer this in smoothies as opposed to normal spinach), one banana, one apple and just one decilitre of cold water, it’s really nice and fresh in the morning!

  131. Emily @ Hungry Delights says

    I do a similar smoothie but without the berries… I can imagine they would be pretty awesome in there though and extra antioxidants! Yay :)

  132. AnnMarie Johnson says

    I had to return with better news. I couldn’t stand to drink this for breakfast so I put it in the fridge and promised that it would be a snack even if I didn’t like it. It was sooooo much better cold! I made another this morning (I bought a huge container of spinach so had to!). I weighed the spinach (2 cups = 56 grams = 2 ounces) and discovered I’d packed it too much yesterday and probably put in 3 cups.

    S, I’m still modifying the recipe with 2x the fruit, but I can now say I like this! And I may even love it. I’ll find out after I drink it later today–it’s back in the fridge to get cold!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      AnnMarie, I wondered if you’d initially added too much spinach. I honestly don’t measure my spinach and just grab 2 handfuls and throw it in. But on some mornings I do less. The key to this is really using the FROZEN ALREADY PEELED RIPE BANANA. The sweetness and texture if provides is unmatched! Hope that helps and glad you’ve had a better result the second time around.

  133. Chelsey @ The Lemon Nest says

    Thank you! I have been looking for a good green smoothie lately and have more flaxseed than I know what to do with and the smoothie was killer. I love your blog, thanks for sharing!

  134. Ashley N. says

    Hello! New reader here, just found you from Iowa Girl Eats! What are the benefits of flaxseed meal or varieties of flaxseed?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Simply this: flaxseed meal provides more nutritional benefits because it’s easier for our bodies to absorb! the whole flax just passes right through, if you know what i mean ; )

  135. AnnMarie Johnson says

    I have to disagree about the taste–it was strongly spinach! I doubled the berries and added more milk and its only slightly spinach-y now. I love spinach but hadn’t had it in a smoothie before. Maybe you can hide a bit in, but 2 cups did not work for us!

  136. Courtenay says

    Is there any good substitutes for bananas, as I am allergic and can’t find a way to make a good smoothie.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Sure! try frozen oranges or pineapple for a similar sweetness. Either that, or you could just compensate with more frozen berries, and add a little honey, agave or stevia for added sweetness if you need it.

    • Karen says

      I’ve frozen chunks of raw zucchini and used them like ice cubes –it helps to make the smoothie creamy like the banana does. Can’t taste it either. Also, I am experimenting with putting about an 1/8 tsp of xanthan gum in to bind it. That seems to make it less icy too. I have no idea if it’s good or bad for me though!

      • Angel says

        Yup!! Almost all my green smoothies have avocado. You can’t even taste it (though I wouldn’t mind since I love all things avocado)!

    • Holly says

      You can also use a half to a whole avocado. It makes the Smoothie very creamy. Avocados are very nutritious and contain a wide variety of nutrients, including 20 different vitamins and minerals.

  137. Heather Thornburg says

    Made this for breakfast this morning! I used almond butter instead of peanut butter and it was almost too “almondy” for me. I will stick to the original next time and use peanut butter!

  138. Mariam says

    Yummy! I do a berry banana one and banana pb but haven’t tried combining them! And I always add so many berries that it isn’t green… Or maybe I don’t add enough spinach! Got me craving a green smoothie even though its cold and rainy!

  139. Amber says

    I make one almost exactly like this, but with almond butter instead of peanut butter. I love that I can cram a ton of spinach into it too!

  140. Lena says

    I am sure this green smoothie tastes fantastic. But about two months after I started making green smoothies with two of the same ingredients, I started developing calcium oxalate crystals (kidney stones are made of these). BE VERY CAREFUL to stay away from peanut butter, spinach, and berries if you are susceptible to kidney stones or bladder issues, or if you have health issues such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis, or Crone’s. They are very high in oxalates, and can cause some people to flare up.

  141. Carlyn Berghoff says

    How much do you love these?!? I start everyday with a similar one – instead of spinach I substitute Kale. Also peanut butter – how interesting…I’m curious to know what this adds to it. May just have to try that little addition tomorrow morning. Thanks for glorifying this green smoothie. My kids shake their heads at it each morning, but yous looks BEAUTIFUL!

  142. Katy @ KatysKitchen says

    Yum! My favourite green smoothie is pretty similar, minus the berries (only because they’re expensive so I like to eat them fresh!). Its so nice to have something to grab and go, with hidden veggies too.

  143. Paula says

    My first time visiting your blog. Can’t wait to try this recipe tomorrow before heading out the door!

  144. Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe says

    This sounds really delicious, Dana. I love the idea of masking all of that spinach with peanut butter and banana!

  145. Jamie says

    This is a nice change from some of your recent more decadent recipes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a lover of all things sweet and rich but my waistline isn’t :)
    My boyfriend and I make tons of smoothies and this is almost exactly our favorite recipe. You can also substitute the berries for mango chunks, or almond butter for peanut butter (if you’re allergic) and it’s equally delicious. Thanks bakers! You rock!

  146. Alexis @ Hummusapien says

    This is pretty much exactly my fave version as well! I usually do almond butter instead of pb, though. Such a great way to kickstart the morning!

  147. Meredith says

    I just made this, it’s awesome. Just subbed chia seeds for flax. Keeper recipe and likely my go to for brekky moving forward.

  148. Ashley says

    This is definitely a favorite combination of mine as well! Look at those fiber stats! Pretty stellar!

  149. Tieghan says

    I have never mad a green smoothy, which is just crazy because I LOVE all vegetables. Seriously, I am a freak about them! I need to give this a try!

    • Jay says

      You’ll like them but if you already love veggies you may not need to. I add them to fruit smoothies to get some in because I don’t like them alone.

  150. Eleanor says

    I love this!
    Quick question- would it throw off the balance to use cow milk? I’ve heard that it’s a big no no to use it in smoothies with fruit because it ferments as you digest it. Thoughts?