Easy Marinated Grilled Chicken (30 Minutes!)

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Bowl of tahini sauce beside a plate of Marinated Grilled Chicken Breasts served over quinoa

This chicken recipe has quickly become a go-to for weeknight grilling. Why? Because:

  • It’s easy.
  • It’s fast (start to finish in 30 minutes!).
  • You likely have the ingredients on hand right now (~10 ingredients give or take a spice).
  • You don’t need a grill! (It’s just as delicious baked or cooked on the stovetop on a grill pan or in a cast iron skillet.)
  • The seasoning technique can be applied to fish, other meats, cauliflower steaks, and even tofu and tempeh.

Let’s do this!

Cutting board with spices showing how to season grilled chicken

How to Make Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken is just about as easy as it gets. Start with your chicken: We always try to go for boneless, skinless, organic, free-range chicken breasts). Brush a little oil, add your seasonings of choice (we’ll get to that next), and grill — flipping regularly to ensure even cooking — until you’ve reached an internal temperature of 165 degrees F (74 C). That’s it!

How to Season Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken can be seasoned SO many ways. But this version has become our go-to. It’s adapted from Eating Bird Food’s amazing Apple Cider Vinegar Chicken recipe.

Originally I thought, “Apple cider vinegar? Doesn’t it just make it taste like vinegar?”

The answer is no. The vinegar tenderizes the chicken, which makes it super juicy. And it also enhances the other seasonings by adding a big of acidity to the overall flavor.

Our Go-To Spice Blend

  • Smoked paprika (which gives the chicken a smoky flavor and bright-red hue)
  • Dried oregano & basil
  • Sea salt & freshly ground black pepper
  • Fresh chopped rosemary (or thyme)
  • Red pepper flake
  • & Cayenne (optional for more heat!)

Bowl of Marinated Grilled Chicken Breasts for our simple and flavorful recipe

The Secret to Perfect Grilled Chicken

To keep the meat tender and not dried out, cook over a low flame vs. a high flame on the grill (or over medium-low to medium heat on the stovetop) for about 10-15 minutes, flipping occasionally until it just barely reaches 165 F (74 C). Perfect chicken every time.

Another tip? You can poke your chicken with a knife to allow the marinade and spices to more thoroughly infuse the meat with flavor. Also, marinating up to 24 hours in advance helps tenderize and enhance the flavor even more!

What to Serve with Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken can be served alongside or on top of so many things!

Our favorite pairings:

Our favorite sauces:

Using a grill pan to cook Marinated Grilled Chicken Breasts

We hope you LOVE this recipe! It’s:

Quick & easy to make
BIG on flavor
Customizable (spices + protein)
& Delicious

How long does grilled chicken keep? We find it keeps for 2-3 days in the refrigerator, making it perfect for preparing ahead of time and enjoying throughout the week.

More Grilling Recipes

If you try this recipe, let us know! Leave a comment and rating, and don’t forget to tag a photo #minimalistbaker on Instagram. Cheers, friends!

Marinated Grilled Chicken Breasts on a plate with chicken and tahini sauce for serving

Easy Marinated Grilled Chicken (30 Minutes!)

Incredibly easy, fast marinated grilled chicken. Ready in just 30 minutes with 10 ingredients (give or take a spice). Serve with grains, vegetables, or pasta of choice!
Author Minimalist Baker
Partially sliced Marinated Grilled Chicken Breast for an easy and flavorful chicken recipe
4.96 from 42 votes
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Servings 4 (Servings)
Course Entree
Cuisine Gluten-Free, Grain-Free
Freezer Friendly No
Does it keep? 2-3 Days



  • 2 (~8-ounce) chicken breasts* (pasture raised, organic when possible, boneless and skinless)
  • 1 ½ tsp avocado oil (or other neutral oil with high smoke point)
  • 1 ½ Tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt
  • 1/4 tsp black pepper
  • 1 tsp dried oregano (or sub 2 tsp fresh)
  • 1 tsp dried basil (or sub 2 tsp fresh)
  • 1 tsp smoked paprika
  • 1/8 tsp red pepper flake (reduce or omit for less heat)
  • 1 Tbsp fresh chopped rosemary
  • 1 dash cayenne pepper (optional // reduce or omit for less heat)


  • If using grill, start by heating grill. If using a grill pan, set on the stovetop and lightly oil.
  • Optional: For quicker cooking, place chicken breasts between two pieces of parchment paper and use the underside of a saucepan to gently pound the meat into thinner pieces. This can cut cook time in half.
  • Add chicken to a shallow bowl or dish and top with oil and vinegar, then flip 1-2 times to coat.
  • Add half of the spices to one side of the breasts and half of the spices to the other side. Mixture will include sea salt, pepper, oregano, basil, paprika, pepper flake, rosemary, and cayenne (optional). Flip a few times to coat.
  • Let marinate for at least 15 minutes or overnight (covered in the refrigerator // can marinate up to 24 hours).
    : You can also poke your chicken with a knife to allow the marinade and spices to more thoroughly infuse the meat with flavor. 
  • Grill chicken on a hot grill or hot grill pan over medium heat until cooked through (to an internal temperature of 165 F — 74 C).
  • Enjoy as is, or — our preferred method — with tahini dressing, grains, and fresh herbs.
  • Best when fresh. Store leftover cooked chicken in the refrigerator up to 2-3 days (depending on freshness of chicken). Reheat on the stovetop in a hot skillet until warmed through.



*Feel free to sub chicken breasts with another similar cut of meat — we suspect this spice rub would work well on other types of meat and fish as well.
*Though we haven’t tested it, we suspect a good vegan option would be to sub a block of extra firm tofu cut in half to yield two “steaks” — then proceed with recipe as instructed. This marinade would also work well with cauliflower steaks!
*Inspired by the lovely Eating Bird Food.
*Nutrition information is a rough estimate calculated without optional ingredients.

Nutrition (1 of 4 servings)

Serving: 1 half chicken breast servings Calories: 157 Carbohydrates: 0.4 g Protein: 26.1 g Fat: 4.8 g Saturated Fat: 0.7 g Sodium: 432 mg Potassium: 13 mg Fiber: 0.3 g Sugar: 0 g

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  1. Rachel says

    Hi there, I am also exploring the possibility of reintroducing small amounts of meat and fish to my diet due to complex health reasons, and I was wondering if you had any advice on the transition. For example was it difficult/did it make you ill the first few times? Thanks so much. Love all your recipes and appreciate the time and care you take in explaining the steps, and offering options and alternatives!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Rachel, definitely starting with eggs or fish in small amounts and working up to greater quantities worked best for me. But I would suggest working with your doctor anytime you’re shifting your diet to ensure your body’s getting what it needs.

  2. Katherine says

    I’m a vegan but my wife eats meat (I’ll often marinate chicken for her and tofu for me). In my opinion this blog just got better. All these vegans commenting that they’re leaving because not every single recipe is for them, is why I’m genuinely embarrassed to call myself a vegan. Please fellow vegans, live and let live and understand that we are privileged to be able to make this food choice (or any food choice). Thanks MB for the continued great recipes. Please keep the vegan and meat options coming :)

  3. Melanie says

    I admire that you make your recipes so widely applicable for different diets. I’m intrigued to try this marinade for some tempeh. SO many marinades call for sweeteners and I don’t like sneaking sugar in that way.
    Since you’re the go-to and are expanding your recipes, I’d LOVE to see some egg recipes. I’m trying to eat eggs again to widen my food list and some non-sweet recipes to start eating eggs again would be helpful.

  4. Kate says

    I was vegan for 5+ years and I noticed how that diet was not healthy for my body. I support you adding new types of recipes to your page. Do what’s best for your body. Being a new vegan I understand it may be easy to judge others, however you don’t know how you will feel in the future and may decide to change your diet once again. Be kind to everyone.

  5. Erica Cheek says

    My hubby gets cranky if I go a few days without cooking a meat dish. This turned out lovely. I did marinate overnight and baked for about 40 min. with bone-in chicken.

  6. Flavia says

    Disappointed by the change of the blog to include meat recipes. You had a niche blog which was one of the best in the vegan realm. There are plenty of meat based recipe websites available, what’s the point in following MB now?
    Please get back to your roots. Until then, won’t be able to follow or recommend to friends.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Flavia, thanks for the feedback. We understand this shift in content means a change in who finds value in our content, and we’re OK with that. We feel we have to be authentic and make the food that’s nourishing us right now. But thanks for the support thus far! If you’d like to continue seeing our only vegan content, you can subscribe to our vegan-only email list as well as visit our recipe page and select “special diet” “vegan.”

    • Deena says

      Agree with Flavia – we’re so disappointed to find that your vegan blog did not actually flourish from a conviction about animal welfare and authentic concern for the devastating impact of animal agriculture on this planet. Feeling a bit duped here, mb. Subscribing to your “vegan only” email list would be on par with supporting the local butcher by buying his salad in the display window. I’ve been following you for years, have recommended your recipes and website to dozens of friends and have advertised you to hundreds on my face book page. All that ends now, but apparently that is of no consequence since your new “authenticity” in consuming the flesh of sentient creatures is paramount.

  7. Megan says

    Great easy recipe! The spice blend and ACV add a unique touch. I served the grilled romaine white bean salad with this and used that dressing as a dipping sauce. Keep up the great work, Dana!

  8. Laura says

    Wow – your site is amazing – your recipes look amazing – the responses from the Vegan community … I’m speechless and stunned – how privileged are we that just the sight of meat is so offensive to some people? Obviously they have not seen some of the places in the world I have – Especially if you have health reasons (which that shouldn’t even matter) behind your decision. Please keep doing what you are doing – I’m going to try this chicken – and super excited about making the cauliflower rice burrito bowl to go with it. I can not comprehend the outrage I’m reading below. I’m very thankful to have found you and your site. If I don’t like something – it’s simple – I won’t make it.. but it all looks delicious.

  9. Gin says

    Your site is incredibly beneficial for those of us with busy work schedules who are in need of quick, healthy recipe ideas! I bought your Everyday Cooking cookbook last year and use both it and your website on a routine basis. It continues to shock me that people think they have the right to spread hatred over the internet simply because they don’t agree with someone’s choices. There seems to be this common idea that negative comments are “okay” online because people can hide behind their computers, when I highly doubt they would have the courage to make the same comments in person. It’s cruel and those types of people are very small. Regarding this chicken, it’s the best we’ve made in a long time, all thanks to your recipe. We prepared it as recommended and served it over the garlicky chickpea kale salad–fantastic! Please keep up the excellent work.

  10. Fabiana says

    What I believe you did with this website was gain a stable vegan fanbase to then introduce meat recipes after you had already secured the followers.

    I will not take this decision personally, and neither should any of the vegan followers you used to have, but I will admit that I have cancelled my subscription and will not come back to your website because I don’t have any interest in checking animal recipes, which the internet is full of.

    It is far more difficult to find a really well done vegan website like the one you presented us for years than to find a meat-eating recipe index, which is why I’m a bit sad about the fact that vegans will, in some way, miss your recipes.

    But beyond personal beliefs of animal cruelty (it doesn’t matter how bio is the meat you eat, it is still being butchered), I don’t think its helpful or even respectful to support the meat industry, which is one of top 3 main reasons behind our environmental crisis.

    I stay responsible, with my fellow animal companions, and mostly, with our fellow home planet. So farewell and thank you for the recipes in the past, it was a delicious ride ;)

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks for the thoughtful feedback, Fabiana. We do understand the environmental impact of consuming meat, which is why I personally limit consumption to a minimal amount of locally-sourced, high quality meat that’s raised in the most sustainable way possible. I understand our shift to include meat and eggs is not for everyone. But it’s what feels most authentic and nourishing to me right now and I don’t know any other way to move forward with my work without this kind of transparency.

      But sincerely, thanks for your support thus far. If you’d like to receive notifications when we publish new vegan recipes, you can subscribe to our vegan email list or update your current subscription at the bottom of any email we’ve sent you recently.

  11. Janet says

    I adopt a 70% plant-based and 30% meat and fish diet. I eat meat/fish on the days when I do strength training and plant-based on the days when I do cardio training. Some animal protein is essential as it has the complete list of amino acids we need. I eat chicken once a week, beef once a week, salmon once a week and cod once a week. I find this website perfect as it has few fish/meat dishes and majority of it is vegan/vegetarian. Keep up the good work Dana! ?

    • Priscila says

      Do as you wish but please don’t tell people that have been thriving as vegan for years that meat is “essential.” May we all continue to do what is healthy for each of our bodies and for the planet ✌️

  12. Sarah says

    I look forward to trying this spice combo on tofu! And would also like to thank you for this treasure trove of free, delicious recipes that you give to us. Thank you for all of your hard work.

  13. Juju says

    Everyone loves to be a hater on the internet! Don’t get down by these negative comments. What is truly sad is the alienation that the vitriol coming from the angry vegans causes – that’s surely not going to win anybody over. Personally, I don’t think anybody on the internet knows what’s best for your health or how you are feeling in your body. I’ve followed your blog for years now, and am not vegan – I will continue to read, as your recipes have always proven healthy and delicious. If people stopped thinking in such binary and polarizing terms, they would realize that here is a wealth of recipes here and that if you don’t like one, don’t make it. Move on to the next and enjoy what you’re interested in. Cheers to you, Dana, for doing what you needed to do.

  14. trw22 says

    This recipe is amazing!! I used chicken thighs instead of breasts and didn’t have rosemary so I used thyme. Marinated it overnight. It was finger licking good!!

  15. Julia says

    I’m very happy that you are expanding your recipes! Seeing how judgemental people can be and how they grab their proverbial pitchforks when you make a decision in your own business and your own life, makes me very sad. You are unbelievably cool, your recipes are fantastic and I support you 100%. Keep doing you and ignore the “culty” and offensive comments from people who feel “betrayed” because this is only a very negative reflection of who they are and how they deal with life and its normal changes, not on you or your professionalism. Thanks for what you do!

  16. Sparrowinthewild says

    I am a longtime follower of your blog and am not a vegan. I was also not able to be a vegan due to health concerns and fully support you in this change and I thank you for having the courage to share with your online community! It takes real courage to share such a big change but you need to do what is best for your health and body.
    I find the recipes on here are amazing to add more veggies and healthy things to my diet and am excited to see you transitioning to different recipes as well.
    This recipe will be going on to make list! Simple ingredients I already have in the house.

  17. Lindsay Reno RD LD says

    I am honestly just shocked at the aggressive comments especially from that of “ethical” vegans that are so devout to veganism but have seemed to forget the concept of compassion for fellow human beings. Climate change is an extremely important topic but I encourage all to look at how devastating soy, corn and wheat and other vegan crops are to the environment. Also I would be curious to see the other steps you are taking in supporting the planet like avoiding flying in an air plane or avoiding driving a car because transportation is said to be the biggest culprit with greenhouse emissions. The reality is sustainably farmed meat is not only supportive but it is the only type of farming that is regenerative. REGARDLESS; she has clearly stated she is battling health issues that require her intake of animal protein. Many fall deficient in key b vitamins or encounter hormone imbalances following a vegan/vegetarian diet. Most importantly there is no one size fits all approach for any human being. How boring would that world be in where everyone has and does and thinks the exact same way. It is 2019 can’t we all be compassionate and open to growth and change and open to learning and understanding new ideas? Let’s all be better, more compassionate human beings both towards the planet and especially towards each other.

    • Jess says

      Most soy, corn, and wheat crops are fed to animals. If you want that to stop, don’t eat meat. The only B vitamin not found in plant sources is B12, but it’s not found in animal sources either (come from bacteria). Animals destined for slaughter are supplemented B12, and omnies who eat those animals get the vitamin that way. The WHO, Mayo Clinic, and ADA all state that a vegan diet it healthy for all life stages.

  18. Stacy says

    Thank you for this quick and tasty recipe! Our family is dairy and egg free for allergy reasons and finding new chicken ideas can get challenging. The kids really enjoyed it too.

  19. Janet says

    I made this today. It was soooo good. I use skinless chicken thigh and marinated overnight. I skipped the red pepper flakes and substitute with 1/2 tsp of cayenne pepper. This is the best chicken dish I have ever tasted and I made it!!!

  20. Kira Pearson says

    This was very delicious! Thanks so much for sharing despite all the outrage and rudeness. You shouldn’t have to defend yourself, especially after how many people you have inspired to eat more plant based meals. I eat meat but I cook many of your vegan recipes regularly. You’re a talented chef and all your hard work is really appreciated.

  21. kristin says

    I’m sure my comment will get lost in the crowd, but…

    Ex-vegan here. I tried so hard for about a decade – before it was cool. I have a vegan tattoo. I worked for vegan organizations. I protested. I was convinced it would save the world. I was committed. It was my whole life.

    My health failed.

    There are actual GENETIC variances that, for example, make converting plant ALA into EPA and DHA in our bodies impossible. Some people are more genetically predisposed to success on a vegan diet than others, and getting a B12 shot is not a panacea to transform how your particular body operates. I have no doubt some people can be vegan for decades with no issues. But those people absolutely doubt that anyone else CANNOT. I am sick and tired of the “you didn’t do it right” argument, I am sick of zealotic vegans, I am sick of the narrow view that veganism is the singular way forward for all of humanity, even if it kills many of us in the process. Like it or not veganism IS a religion, and leaving it is emotionally similar to leaving other fundamentalist groups: you will be ostracized and exiled.

    Since you’ve started opening up your blog to non-vegan options, I for one am visiting much more. I know you’re taking a thrashing for it, but so did all of us that had to make the heartbreaking decision between our own life and the death of animals. It’s not something anyone does lightly. But the scores of ex-vegans demonstrate that there are real health issues that most people run into on this diet, and maybe that’s because it’s not actually sustainable long-term. I suppose time will tell.

  22. tomockakillingbird says

    I’m glad to see a chicken dish on this website! I’ve made a couple of your plant-based recipes and they have always turned out perfect. It’s nice to have even more variety from a trusted recipe developer.

  23. Melissa says

    I‘m happy to say that I made this recipe for lunch today 2 different ways! Since I eat no meat, I made this recipe with Tempeh & fried it up in the Cast iron skillet. It turned out very tasty & good! Then I also made this same recipe with chicken for my 2 kids (both teenagers!) as they enjoy eating meat every once in a while, and they love spicy dishes. I got 2 thumbs up, and they really liked it! :)
    I appreciate all of your recipes, and have made soo many of them, and have never been disappointed! I recommend your recipes & website to all my friends. I too am from Portland, however I‘ve been living in South Germany since 17 years. Last time we visited Portland I bought your recipe book at Barnes & Noble, and I love that you added so many pictures to it. Thanks again for sharing all the wonderful recipes! :)

  24. Marie-ellen says

    I am gluten and dairy intolerant, and often cook for gatherings which will include vegan/vegetarian eaters. I have NO background in eating/cooking purely plantbased and your website has been my inspiration and mainstay! Dare I say I’m even getting a reputation for tasty alternatives!! and we are starting to spontaneously eat more plant based. (Cauliflower Rice!!)
    Please be encouraged to continue!!

  25. Eleanor says

    Honestly, I too was surprised to see meat on this site, and initially, somewhat confused… But I immediately thought that I knew that this recipe would still encompass what I have come to expect from Minimalist Baker: healthy recipes that I can trust. My partner is a meat eater so although I will not make this for myself, it is nice to know the recipes from this site can now be shared with him. It is unfair for people to attack this site and the creator for being more transparent on her lifestyle. Veganism may be a healthy lifestyle, but it does not work for everyone! It seems more disingenuous and misleading for the creator to continue to post only vegan recipes when she herself finds this lifestyle does not fully work for her. Sorry to burst your virtual bubble of illusion but I commend the creator for be being open about her adventure with veganism. Besides shouldn’t the point, in the end, be to provide healthier choices for the broader community to help people to transform their current eating habits to a healthier vegan/vegetarian/less meat lifestyle! This in the end is the most sustainable option! Anyway, I will continue to visit this site as my go to for never fail, delicious recipes. Best –

  26. Annie says

    My omnivore husband and twin sister thank you! I made this for dinner tonight and they loved it. For myself, I marinated some portobello mushrooms in another batch of the same marinade — we were all happy. You never let me down, and I am delighted to be able to find fun, imaginative and delicious recipes that I can use for my plant eating ways as well as for my loved ones who enjoy eating meat. By the way, they also love most of the plant based meals I make from your many recipe offerings.

  27. Faith says

    I loved this marinade on boneless, skinless chicken thighs, had everything but basil so I subbed thyme. Fresh rosemary is key! Love your blog and your cookbook.

  28. Carlotta says

    Hi, I don’t mind you posting non vegan recipes. People are free not to try them if they don’t want to. I am vegan, although sometimes I eat milk products when I am invited for dinner by friends or colleagues, and I still appreciate your work very much. I think it would be practical, however, to have separate tabs/sections for vegan, vegetarian and meat/fish recipes. Have you considered the idea?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi, Carlotta! We are currently working on redesigning our site and will be adding more features to help readers more clearly distinguish type of recipes. In the meantime, you can go to our recipe page, select “special diet -> vegan” for only vegan recipes. Thanks for the feedback and kind words.

    • duxinco says

      I am 50, when I first went off to undergrad I became vegetarian; with time eggs and even honey tasted game-y to me, and I realized I just feel better when I eat a vegan diet (dairy + me = not friends), except I do love a stinky cheese. But living in the world (travel, friends’ homes, restaus) it is just easier allowing myself to eat vegetarian, so I call myself a ‘flexible vegan’.

      I have always been extremely anemic and when the MDs tell me, after knowing about my diet, to eat meat I say “adios and thanks for not listening and respecting me.” I take a few slow-fes each day and whatever. It is what it is.

      But three things: back in 2002 my husband and I were living in Kathmandu and chose to climb a pretty big mountain (it was hard). Hiking up, camping at the base camps, and then hiking down took a while, and I was having near-hallucinatory dreams about shrimp and cheese. I think my body was so desperate for protein, because with that physical exertion (at that extreme altitude) even sleeping is an aerobic activity! Once we got back to Kathmandu I was not interested in anything animal (to eat, I mean!), even the smell of cooking meat turned my stomach.

      Second thing: when I was pregnant with my first child the following year, I was having not as strong, but pretty strong dreams of (fast food) fried chicken. It really upset me, because I was 34 years-old, having been vegetarian / vegan for nearly half my life. It confused my sense of self. I told my (boneheaded) husband about these dreams, how upset I was, and he made a total jackass joke; luckily I worked with a shaman (I mean my day-to-day work was alongside a shaman) and I told her about this very upsetting dream. She, and just bless her, told me my body was telling me that for my (very much wanted) baby I needed more than I was giving it, that eating chicken would NOT erase my ethics, my values, my self-identification: it would be being a good mommy, taking care of my baby growing in my body. Having that conversation with her put me at so much rest that coupled with reintroducing a vegetarian diet the dreams subsided.

      Third, during my second pregnancy I craved SO BADLY cherry coke; pretty much the only beverages I’d been drinking for eons at that point were water and decaf herbal tea so again, that cherry coke came out of nowhere. We were back in the US at that point so I didn’t have my colleague (the shaman) to talk to, but I did purchase a can and had maybe one sip before I gagged and spit it out. I’m not sure what I was thinking / needing, but there you have it.

      It is what it is. We each feel better when we follow what is true for us. My youngest child is multiply, profoundly disabled, medically fragile + complex with life-limiting illness, including multiple intractable seizure disorders. Years ago his (multiple) neurologists said it was time to try a ketogenic diet, and it was not my finest hour because my immediate answer was “I need to think about it” (it should have been “YES!”). And I did think about it, I really meditated. Within a few days I realized my ultimate responsibility is to help my child(-ren), so in we checked to hospital and he began the diet. He hated it because he didn’t get to eat his carbs (he loves noodles, I mean LOVES noodles, and rice [his daddy is Japanese, after all]), and he was not super-keen on meat. (He is nonverbal so we have to read all his cues.) While in hospital (because a true ketogenic diet must be administered in hospital by a specialized nutritionist with a minimum three-day stay) his seizures did not ameliorate, but things take time. My husband bought a special “meat pan” and we continued at home for a few months. (My husband did all the meat cooking for this kiddo, because I did not know how to cook meat and had zero interest in learning how. My older child and I would frequently leave the house when my husband was cooking animal product, we were so disgusted by the smell.) Our son continued to hate the diet, and his seizures worsened. So off that diet and back to carbs!!!

      My point is: it’s very easy to say We All Should Do X, or I Am Forever Going To Participate In Y, but you never know. You never know. And I would hate to be painted with such a narrow brush.

  29. Kristina Mahar says

    I made this chicken the night this recipe was released because a) I had a bunch of chicken that I had been meaning to cook and b) because I had all the herbs/spices, so why not? I’m so glad I did! It was delicious! We don’t have a grill and our grill pan always sets off the fire alarm, so we cooked in our regular nonstick skillet. I’m pleased to report that this will be a constant rotation in our household!

    • Megan says

      We were plant-based with limited animal products until a year ago, but my husband skin began to crack, and he experienced a lot of discomfort. His skin responded really well to added bone broth and a little more meat, and I have seen an improvement in digestive health as well. It has been really good to read about some of the privilege and lack of nuance in the veganiam discussion – especially how it can negatively affect the diets of less monetarily privileged areas of the world. I know this is not for everyone, but I just want to throw out that I know this is such a big decision and I appreciate your openness. I hope that you are able to find healing.

  30. Aza says

    Dana, I’ve given this some thought after my knee jerk reaction of when this article came out. I self identify (!) as hard core vegan. I also self identify as tolerant, compassionate and empathetic. I didn’t act according to my values and I apologize to you, publicly.

    What you did was an act of courage. You stood by your convictions and did not act by fear, fear of judgment, of losing followers etc etc etc.

    While I still don’t think that the solution to any heath issues can possibly be adding animal protein to one’s diet, I respect and support your choice and I encourage all ky fellow hard core vegans do the same. We’re not doing ourselves a favour by being more catholic than the pope.

    I wish you to be healthy and stay inspiring to us all, Dana. Your vegan recipes still kick ass :)

    Lotta love,

    Aza, Montreal

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Aza, that means a lot. It’s easy to be defensive, and I also am sorry if that’s ever how I come across in response to criticism. But I’ve thought about this decision long and hard and feel confident I’m honoring my intuition and my body in shifting our content.

      Thanks for the support – truly. We hope you still stick around for the vegan content! FYI – we’re making even more improvements to the site soon to better distinguish which recipes are plant-friendly.

    • Aza says

      Dana, I think it was the element of surprise that freaked us, “religious” vegans, out. Or at least me, so thag I don’t speak in anyone else’s name.

      When and if you feel comfortable, I’m thinking maybe a disclaimer somewhere on the main page, might help people to process where you’re coming from. Or an update…. (just a suggestion)

      Yes, You can count on my continued support. I again applaud your courage and can only imagine the wave of negativity you received (from me too). But it comes with the territory when you are authentic and outspoken. We need that!! We don’t need to be brainwashed and bigoted, as a vegan-(friendly) community, no matter where we are on the spectrum of veganism.

      I’m sticking around, sister. My palate is sister-in-spirit with yours Hahahaha

      By the way, I have to reiterate, the seed cycle thing CHANGED MY LIFE. So you never know when someone can come with insight, no matter in which “party” we are. The day my veganism makes me blind and stupid, it doesn’t serve me anymore, as much as it a hige part of who I am.

      Be well, Dana, and everyone else on this wonderful community. Peace ✌️

  31. Sarah Ball says

    This makes me genuinely sad. I have followed this blog religiously and have made many of the recipes (and still have many saved in my notes). Regretfully, I am no longer interested.

  32. Lilian B says

    I am amused by the supposedly avid fans who are surprised by this post, when you’ve intermittently posted meat and egg dishes for the last several months.

    I am impressed by Dana’s graciousness toward the repeated criticism each time she’s posted one of those dishes in the past months.

    Also, the marinade looks tasty! I’d not thought of pairing smoked paprika and cayenne with what I usually think of as an “Italian” herb combo. Thanks!

  33. C says

    I do follow a plant based diet that our family supplements w eggs during our chickens and those living w our friends, normal laying season. I was surprised to see a chicken recipe but I also understand that no one can choose for anyone else what they decide to be the best way forward ethically and nutritionally. That said, I wonder if you would feel comfortable addressing the switch? Not because I feel you owe anyone an explanation but rather because I’m curious what you found was lacking. I’ve not eaten an animal for about 30 years and my kiddos (14 and 4) never have either. Like many parents I’m constantly worried about my kids health and do a lot of research. I became plant based long ago and know for sure that I did not take care to care for my own body for some time.
    If you feel like posting about this I’d definitely be interested in your journey towards your own health and well being.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks for the thoughtful comment. I may share more about my dietary changes in the future, but for now I’m only comfortable saying it’s due to personal health concerns. I still think a plant-based diet is wonderful and I strive to eat that way as much as possible. But in my current situation, eating 100% plant-based is not contributing to my healing.

  34. Becca says

    I baked this in the oven and it came out soooo good! Was very tender and juicy, I cut it into slices and served it with a ceaser salad (Ceaser dressing, Organic Lettuce leafs, bread cruitons and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese) Thank you Dana, I will no longer buy pre-cooked chicken slices thanks to you :)

  35. karen says

    Hey Dana,

    Given the polarizing response to this post, I just wanted to chime in with a message of support. I’m a long-time vegan (and reader) and have always appreciated the variety of options you offer within your plant-based recipe portfolio. I especially respect how you suggest numerous options for those of varying dietary and flavor preferences and your recipes are so incredibly versatile – I virtually always adapt recipes to suit my quirky tastes. In that vein, I am in no way offended by your introduction of periodic meat/dairy dishes – I love that you are still suggesting alternative tweaks for those with different preferences. I so respect your inclusiveness in general. I find it rather appalling that readers are attacking you for your personal and business choices. On behalf of plant based eaters, I am sorry for the intolerance being displayed here. Love your work, Dana!

    • B says

      Karen, Well said! I totally agree. Each person must follow their own health journey. I am not mostly vegan and plant based but choose not to judge others, especially caring , respectable individuals who give so much goodness to this world. I choose not to judge others unless I have walked in their shoes. Thank you for your well versed comment.

    • Beth says

      I am on the exact same page as Karen and could not agree more! Very well said.

      You rock Dana! Please do not let the comments act as a barrier to sharing your incredible talent. Your blog is the best I have ever come across, and you have such a lovely disposition. I hope that you continue to share who you are and your amazing availabilities <3


  36. Alexandra Coles says

    Oh no! I am so disappointed – for some reason I thought this was a plant based website. Gutted.
    Animals are not food, lol, it’s 2019, please catch up!

    • Hannah says

      lol, you must be kidding me if you can’t see that the choice to follow a vegan lifestyle isn’t a form of privilege in itself. and DEFINITELY not sustainable for people of all walks of life (especially those that live in food deserts.) it’s 2019, please catch up!

    • Anna Marie Davidson says

      This site has so many wonderful plant-based recipes that are FREE! Why would you condemn someone for their own personal diet choices? Plant-based works really well for some people all the time, but not for all the people all the time. My kids are vegan, but I am not because my body does not function well and I have thyroid issues. Not sure why I am even qualifying that…Plant-based can also be very unethical, and unhealthy, and bad for the environment. It saddens me to see so many intolerant comments on this site.

  37. SG says

    Super disappointed to see this. I agree with others, of course eat what you’d like… but you have grown your blog and your brand as a vegan cook.=

  38. Gail says

    I made this tonight. The marinade was super simple but was oh so tasty. I love rosemary and smoky paprika so I knew I had to try it. I did not grill it but pan seared it and finished it off in the oven. I think I will try this on thighs next time since they are typically more moist and I prefer them. This will be a keeper for a quick meal.

  39. Sofia says

    Okay, I need to say something because all these vegans are driving me nuts. First of all, this is DANA’S BLOG. If you don’t like it, then leave. Plain and simple.
    Second, I thoroughly respect her choice to show what she really eats in order to stay nourished. Too many times have “vegans” posed as eating only plant-based foods and showing off their health, when in reality they stuff their face with meat products behind-the-scenes. Esepcially for younger audiences, it is important to be clear on HOW you are healthy, not just show off all the “trendy” foods.
    Third, the fact that people are getting offended by this is ridiculous. You don’t have say on what other people eat, and she hasn’t gone full-blown carnivore. Chill out. She’s still posting some bomb vegan recipes. I even saw a comment on how she should’ve listed chicken as an option and should have photographed one of the veg options instead and that’s just ridiculous. How sheltered do you have to make yourself from everything? Seriously? She is trying her best to cater to her plant-based fanbase and all you can do is be nit-picky on what she decides to photograph. That is what’s disgusting, putting down ANOTHER HUMAN BEING. We’re ALL trying our best to take care of the environment and ourselves. I will not get into a meat vs plant nutrtion argument, but if Dana feels her best when she eats animal products, then she decides what she wants to do. You aren’t Mrs. Food dicator. STOP putting down other human beings. She’s trying her best to please everyone, and you just full-on refuse it. YOU are the one who’s not trying to help. You just want to please yourself and feel safe in your own space, making sure everyone does what you want.

    This recipe looks amazing, and I’m sure the veg options are great too!

  40. HL says

    Can I just say that if people are offended by seeing a piece of cooked meat on a blog (and go out of their way to comment on how upset and offended they are), then they live a very, VERY privileged life. No one is forcing them to cook and eat chicken– the mere sight of it sends them into rage. Seriously, how egocentric. Thank you so much for being transparent with your readers and offering them options (with substitutions ALWAYS). I appreciate your commitment to helping eaters of all lifestyles find healthy and well-curated recipes at a moment’s notice! I can’t wait to try this (with the additional cauliflower sub for my vegetarian roommate!).

  41. Pandatales says

    Wow so much hate from vegans! Not everyone likes the taste or texture soy protein, tofu or seitan, I sure don’t and protein is an essential part of one’s diet. What I love about the recipes here is that you can take the ideas and adapt them according to your needs or what’s in the fridge.

    BTW the strap line for the blog actually says:

    “Minimalist Baker is a place for recipes requiring 10 ingredients or less, 1 bowl, or 30 minutes or less to prepare. All eaters are welcome.” Note the last sentence, folks – it doesn’t say vegan only recipes.

    I, for one, eat mostly a plant based diet, although it’s more vegetarian than vegan and include fish as well perhaps once a week, so I’m always looking for things you can do with chicken that I can adapt for fish. In my case, I used the exact marinade described here by Dana and swapped in coho salmon for the chicken and grilled it in a stovetop griddle pan. Yummy! Lovely mixture that was quite different from what I’ve tried in the past. If I had any beef it was perhaps I like things spicier, so next time the recipe can be adapted for that personal taste.

  42. Becky says

    Thanks for sharing such a wide variety! Your recipes have made it much easier to accept my dairy sensitivity. (The cashew queso has been a game changer.) I’m excited to incorporate this recipe into my weekly meal prep!

  43. Natalie says

    I, for one, am thrilled you’re expanding your recipe/diet base!

    Perhaps some posts on how to responsibly source products from well-treated animals would help people understand that you can consume these products in a purposeful way. Have been following for years and will be making this this weekend.

    • Rebecca says

      That’s a good idea highlighting ethically and locally sourced items. I’m really lucky where I live, plenty of local family farms for both produce and the occasional meat product or eggs. Even the local honey supplier is awesome. You get to know the farmers and it’s nice to be able to enjoy fruits and vegetables seasonally, everything tastes so much better from the farm!

  44. Shaylyn says

    Hi Dana,

    Just here to lend a word of encouragement for making your recipes whatever you would like them to be! My husband and I have been vegan for many years, and while he has decided to stay such, I am chronically ill and have been struggling to get adequate nutrition as my diseases progress. I’ve been extremely nervous and honestly quite upset about the impending switch. But sometimes we have to do what’s best for us as individuals and our individual health and needs. I’ll be making this dish this weekend to try and get myself used to eating meat again. I’ll be sure to check back to rate it!

    Thank you for offering various dietary choices with your dishes, as well as options for your strictly vegan readers by having a “vegan only” email subscription list. And thank you for having the courage to go public about no longer being vegan. I haven’t told anyone except my closest friends and family due to the backlash, so I can only imagine how difficult it was for you to decide to be open about the switch. But seeing this has been very helpful for me, so I greatly appreciate you sharing!

  45. Allison says

    This is really disappointing, and I hope you will hear me out as to why. I’ve been an avid follower of yours for over 6 years, and I am really sad and shocked to see you posting an actual meat dish. I don’t expect everyone to be strictly vegan, but considering that your website has always been a plant-based haven of recipes, and a fabulous source for friends who are looking to learn more about eating plant based, it’s jarring to see it tainted with meat all of the sudden. Especially in a time in which climate change is more prevalent than ever, and consumers need to be taking smart action to do whatever we can to combat a global crisis. I know you are a smart woman, and you should know about the severity of climate change and the effect that the meat and dairy industry has on the environment. I always thought that you saw an importance in promoting plant-based eating as much as possible. Promoting something like this isn’t just an innocent difference of opinion, it’s tone-deaf and insulting in our current climate. I hope you will listen to those of us who are very hurt and betrayed by this post, and rethink what you decide to do going forward. Quite honestly- if you continue with the meat dishes, I will have to stop being a follower, because that proves to me that you care more about business and money than about what is the right thing to do. Take care.

    • Samantha says

      Did you ever think to maybe ask why she was doing this? Or how maybe her life has changed that would cause this departure from strict veganism? She has been transparent about her journey and the changes she has made in her life. And you’re right she is a smart woman, that is why she is making the best decision for life and her health and being transparent for her blog.

  46. Erica says

    Personally, I’m happy to see meat and fish options on your site. People can make their own choices about what to cook and eat. Thanks for the flavorful and healthy options!

  47. Lauren says

    Hi, Dana!

    Love that you’re honest with your readers and sharing new recipes ;) While I’m almost 100% plant-based, my children aren’t and I often cook meat. I’ll add this recipe to my meal prep for the family.

  48. Kathy says

    I love Minimalist Baker recipes (have for years) and am sure this one is great, too! I love that you are sharing recipes you eat behind the scenes and hope you continue to do so! Keep up the great work and thank you for all of the wonderful content!

  49. Carley Snoznik says

    Hey Dana,
    I have followed your blog for years and have always admired your beautifully simple yet flavorful dishes and your eye for food photography. I am neither a vegan nor a vegetarian but that didn’t matter to me as the recipes were easy and very adaptable. I see that many of your followers are upset at your change to adding non-vegan and non-vegetarian dishes to this blog. I don’t have a stake in the whole “diet debate” and as a recovering anorexic I simply am looking for delicious and healthy meals that inspire me to want to eat. We need to do what is best for our bodies ans our health. I hope you continue to develop and cook amazing dishes and I will continue to follow you on your journey

  50. Ais says

    I was about to complain about receiving emails for meat dishes, but I just saw you can change the email preferences to vegan recipes only, so nevermind! And thanks for the option. Not a fan of the meat dishes either but have made your plant-based recipes on many occasions and love them!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks for sharing, Ais! Yes, you can easily adjust your preferences at the bottom of any email we’ve sent you, or selecting that option when you sign up.

  51. MH says

    I want to thank you for including a chicken dish! It looks delicious. I eat and make predominantly plant based meals, but I do need animal protein in my diet so I appreciate you giving me ideas on how to balance that with some of your other recipes. There’s are lots of your recipes that don’t work for me, but I just move past them and look forward to the next one you have coming. I’m sorry for the negativity that you’ve received. It’s not helpful or encouraging. The world needs more love, happiness, and tolerance, which is something I gain from your website, emails and recipes. Thank you. Keep being you. You’re one of my favorite recipes blogs to follow and I hope you feel appreciated and joyful about what you do. You deserve it.

  52. James says

    Hi, Dana!

    I have been using your website for wonderful plant-based recipes for a while now. Recently, I have discovered some serious health issues regarding my diet and had to stop my slow switch to vegetarianism and incorporate more poultry and fish to ensure proper nutrition. I just wanted to say thank you for all your recipes, they are simple yet wonderful and have helped me navigate this recent change.

    I know that you are starting to get some flak for incorporating meat into your recipes, but know that there are quite a few of us that a. just can’t do pure vegetarianism/veganism b. live with meat-eaters and c. are making transitions to more sustainable eating habits. I am still recommending your website to my friends and coworkers. We all should be glad as well that your dedication to plant-based recipes is not gone, but rather you are honestly reflecting your own eating habits which is a combination. One of the things I enjoy about cooking and researching recipes is the ability to not use ones that I do not like or have chosen to abstain from, and your website has given all of us a wide array of recipes to pick and choose from for all diet types.

    Thank you for all the time and effort you put into maintaining this blog. My family and friends love every recipe I make for them.

    Grace and peace,
    James Jackson

  53. Vicky says

    This looks great! I’m truly terrible at cooking chicken breasts without drying them out so I’ll have to try your tips here. I’m very intrigued by the idea of vinegar keeping things moist without being overpowering!

    I appreciate you posting simple omnivore recipes with lots of options for people! I’m trying to get better about meal prepping and look for meals that are fast/taste good/healthy since my work hours are quite long at times! Your site has always been a go-to for me :)

  54. Rosemary says

    I personally appreciate a recipe that doesn’t contain any soy products, dairy, sugar, or gluten. This one sounds yummy! Thanks!

  55. Rob Padgett says


    I for one am happy to see you mixing in non-plant based recipes into the mix. It’s not like you’ve gone Paleo! There are plenty of families like mine who eat a balance of plant based and organic, local chicken and eggs.

    For everyone else who is upset, just skip the non-vegan recipes. You don’t have to eat them or see them, if you use the recipe index.

  56. Natasha says

    I just want to offer support. I’m very pleased with the new options that you are offering. It’s very helpful for us that have multiple diet styles under one roof. I know others are claiming their disappointments with the change but I want to encourage you to keep providing a variety of protein choices. I welcome the inclusiveness of everyone because it can be stressful trying to create dinner for a family with multiple lifestyles.

  57. Briana says

    I appreciate the variety of recipes! I am a meat-eater, probably about once a week, but I do prefer to eat vegetarian/vegan when I can. I hope others can understand that just because you post the occasional fish or meat recipe does not mean they can no longer use the rest of your recipes, the vast majority being vegan :)

    Thank you for all the amazing recipes and hard work you do!

  58. Cara says

    I just wanted to say my husband and I are omnivores and have followed you for years. You’ve absolutely made me a better cook, and way more comfortable with cooking plant based. I’m sorry to see the comments for months now regarding the diet change. I really respect your honesty and that you cook occasionally with meat and eggs. Keep doing what you’re doing and what makes you feel healthy!

  59. Irene says

    I am afraid I’m going to have to unsubscribe. Leading a vegan lifestyle, I don’t appreciate pictures of grilled meat popping up in my inbox.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Totally get it. You can also subscribe to our vegan only list by editing your subscription at the bottom of any email we’ve sent recently.

  60. Baiba says

    Dear Dana,

    Q about the recipe. I have a block of smoked tofu – do you think that would work¿

    I am vegan, but support you 100% on your health journey – if you don’t believe in a vegan diet anymore, well then it just won’t work for you. So you have to do what you believe in.
    In regards to the unkind comments. Maybe this will make you laugh :) Last night I dreamt that you came to Latvia (my homeland) and were looking for some inspiration for recipes. I suggested to make savoury energy bites from grey peas and broad beans (our national favourite sources of protein). I don’t know, if you have any kids, but in the dream you had your daughter with you, she was the same age as my oldest son – four. How convenient for the dream :D
    Hopefully this gives you a good laugh :))

    All the best :)

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks for sharing! Yes, I think smoked tofu would work. And you can reference my notes below the recipe for more tofu tips!

  61. Liddy says

    I’m not preaching – honestly I’m not – but I was a shocked at a meat dish in my email from you! I thought it was vegan/veggie recipe site, but I don’t really want any meat dishes coming my way!! I don’t want to be any part of it. I really think this will alienate nearly all of your followers including me! I’ve just watched ‘The Game Changers’ at the Odeon cinema in Oxford – UK, and it’s made me realise why my change to veganism a couple of years ago was so the right one! Even my husband came with me to see the film and is now a vegan too! There is bad meat, and there is better meat, but there is no ‘good’ meat, either for humans, animals or the planet. I encourage everyone to watch this film, it’s inspiring (and not preachy). Of course this is just my opinion & you can do what you want with own work(!), but I don’t want to be a subscriber or part of a meat based site. I do love the receipes you do that are vegan I want to say too – and I really think you’re a great cook!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      I respect your opinion and understand where you’re coming from. But kindly have to disagree regarding your “good meat” comment. That’s a one-sided opinion. Thanks for the support up to this point, though. We sincerely hope you continue to enjoy the plant-based recipes we offer. As a reminder, you can always tailor your email subscription to show only vegan recipes by updating your subscription at the bottom of any email we’ve sent recently.

      • Danny says

        It’s not a “one sided opinion” and you sound extremely ignorant and tactless for saying so. There is no such thing as a humane way to kill something that doesn’t want to die.

        It feels like you used the vegan/vegetarian community to get internet-famous and then once you “made it” you decided to drop the charade and make meat dishes, alienating and betraying the people who supported you and helped you reach this point in your career.

        I hope you will understand why people feel hurt and betrayed by you. You used us. Period.

        • Samantha says

          Did you ever think to maybe ask why she was doing this? Or how maybe her life has changed that would cause this departure from strict veganism? She has been transparent about her journey and the changes she has made in her life. And you’re right she is a smart woman, that is why she is making the best decision for life and her health and being transparent for her blog.

    • Sam says

      Did you ever think to maybe ask why she was doing this? Or how maybe her life has changed that would cause this departure from strict veganism? She has been transparent about her journey and the changes she has made in her life. And you’re right she is a smart woman, that is why she is making the best decision for life and her health and being transparent for her blog.

    • Sarah says

      I made this recipe using chicken for my husband and fish for myself. My husband is very picky about dry chicken, and the addition of vinegar to the marinade was a game changer. I think we will be using vinegar in all our marinades going forward.

      As far as your transition, I have been almost every variation of vegetarian over the last 14 years. For the last 5, I have been eating a pescetarian diet and it has worked very well for me and my health. There are a multitude of reasons to choice the way to eat, such as culture, health, ethics, and socioeconomic status to name a few. To ignore all these factors and blatantly declare that one diet is best for all is not only ignorant, but can be damaging in some cases. I am fortunate to have had the pleasure to travel to many different different countries and continents, and I am confident that are a multitude of ways to eat sustainably, ethically, and healthfully (eating Beyond Burgers evey day not being one of them…)

      I’m sorry to see the backlash you’re receiving, but I hope that new eaters will discover your blog and find it as useful as I do. I think it can be a powerful resource for omnivores that want a plant centric diet, but don’t want to make the transition to being fully vegan.

      I will continue to be a subscriber and recommend your blog to others. Cheers and take care!!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Dana, we get that eating meat has an impact on the environment. But so does virtually every other thing humans do on this planet. The best we can do is minimize our impact, as no one can be perfect 100% of the time.

      Because some people either a) aren’t interested in going 100% vegan, or b) can’t go entirely vegan for health reasons, I think the best path forward is to provide some options for people to eat a small amount of animal products when needed that are as well sourced as possible.

      We try to promote buying eggs and meat from a local, organic farmer whenever possible. Or, if that’s not an option, buying organic, pasture-raised whenever possible. And while that’s not an opinion everyone will agree on, it’s something we feel good about promoting.

      • Meghan says

        Honestly… Though I was thrown-off by the meat recipe, I had no intention of unfollowing… until I saw this comment of yours. It makes me sad…if feels like you’re turning on the vegan community a bit and stating opinions that are not true (For example…there is no reason for anyone to not be able to be vegan. It is scientifically THE best diet if done properly…see nutritionfacts.org). And then defending meat eating by saying that while meat has an impact on the environment, but “so does virtually every other thing humans do on this planet”… being vegan is also the best thing anyone can do for the planet on so many scales…Nothing else compares to the negative impact brought by consuming and promoting animal products. You’ve not only turned on the vegan community, but also the earth… so I guess I can’t support that.

  62. Maria says

    Aw Dana I LOVE your cooking and your blog and I was just shocked when I saw the email come through today. I was like is there a vegan type of chicken I don’t know about?! lol! I definitely respect your choices (personal and professional) but I felt it was important to share my disappointment since I know many of your other loyal readers are probably feeling the same.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      No worries, and thanks for sharing your feedback. As a reminder you can receive only vegan recipes by email by adjusting your subscription at the bottom of any email we’ve sent recently.

  63. Ashley says

    My husband and I have followed your blog for years – we mostly eat a plant based diet because he is vegetarian, but I eat meat from time to time. While we both LOVE the vegan recipes and the diversity they’ve brought to our diets, I AM SO STOKED TO TRY THIS and enjoy more minimalist baker recipes that include animal protein. Thank you for keeping it real :)

  64. Emily says

    Hi Dana,

    My family absolutely loved this recipe! I am vegan, but I knew this was going to be good coming from you :) and it’s so simple!

    Thank you for adding some non-vegan options. I love your recipes and have suggested your website to friends and family. It feels more inclusive with meat options, and hopefully people will try your recipes (love them like I have) and be encouraged to try out a more plant based diet.

    Great work! Keep doing what you’re doing!

  65. Robin Wilson says

    I thought this was a Vegan recipe email list for which I had signed up. I, like others I see, was taken aback seeing this recipe for chicken, one of the worst animals in terms of bacteria that one could bring into their kitchen to cook/eat. I did a double take, thinking perhaps it was a ‘Seitan’ version . I am glad to read there is a Vegan list option before I hit the ‘unsubscribe’. I’ll switch my preferences.

  66. Myev says

    There are SO many places on the internet, and in cookbooks to get grilled boneless skinless chicken breast recipes. What I have loved about your blog in the past is that never seemed to fall into ‘just like everyone else’ land. I am not a strict vegan, I eat bivalves and the occasional egg from people I know who have well loved back yard chickens (please no one throw anything!). My point is that I am not coming from an ethical standpoint here, I have no ground to stand on there. I am coming from a marketing stand point and as I fan, and I, in my humble opinion think this turn toward meat is a mistake. People are here for the plant-based recipes.

    Your readers can get chicken recipes ANYWHERE. They love you because you are outside the box, a reliable source of interesting, yet approachable, plant-based recipes that often manage to both challenge and delight without being pretentious or burdensome. Do you get how rare that is? People are upset, not because you added chicken and chickens have the right to life just like any other creature–though many people deeply hold that view– they are upset because they had a sense of trust and reliability with this site that this is where they could come for the rare thing they needed. To find out its just another boneless skinless chicken breast-touting site (about which I personally do not feel outrage, but boredom) is deeply disappointing.
    If you’re worried about being “authentic”, I say, don’t. Even if you eat chicken, there is nothing disingenuous about the Minimalist Baker being a place for easy but out of the box plant based recipes! You’re not making ethical claims, you’re providing a service to a woefully undeserved population of people (vegans, vegetarians, and aspiring vegans ) who love to cook. My advice is be honest with your readers, tell them that you eat meat sometimes, but then give them what YOU DO BEST (and not to be rude, it isNOT grilled boneless skinless chicken breasts– again, yawn.)
    It worked for Ottolenghi. The man is a omnivore who built his name by writing a vegetarian column and event ardent vegetarians were eventually cool with that because you can’t argue with the inherent quality and creativity of his work. He serves the community in a uniquely valuable way, even if he is not a member of that community. I would encourage MB to do the same, if only because recipes for grilled, boneless skinless chicken breast are the basic B of the cooking world and YOU CAN DO SO MUCH BETTER.

  67. Nina says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that you’re doing meat recipes now as well! This was delish, and it’s my new go to marinade! You should try a few ground turkey recipes, need more of those!

    Keep up the fantastic work!

  68. Susan says

    I’m actually so glad that you’ve started posting meat and fish videos again – I try not to eat meat often at all but I find it too hard to go all out vegan – I find all these comments when you post meat recipes (and the same with your recent fish one) too harsh and judgemental. There are actually those people who make an effort and do make a difference by drastically cutting down e.g. do you 100% not use plastic? Do you 100% use plant based cleaning products? Do you 100% use land transport only? Do you 100% only eat plant based foods? Perhaps if we focused on the efforts that people do make then it would make more of a difference. I eat maybe a 70% plant based diet , but I’m definitely more conscious of eating meat less and focusing on sustainability. Your blog definitely encourages me to do that – thank you and for sharing this post!

  69. Ramakanth Krovi says

    While veganism is an ethical stand against considering non-human animals of any less moral worth which you clearly seem to have missed. I have nothing against you but I don’t intend to subscribe to animal flesh recipes so I have unsubscribed from your website.

    Thank you for providing some nice vegan recipes over the months.

  70. Kami says

    Can’t express just how disappointed this post made me. Love this blog for one reason – it’s plant based and I could make and eat every single recipe on it with ingredients in my cupboard. The vegan crowd is a difficult one to re-brand to by including meat recipes. Please please please, start another blog if you’d like to share meat ones, but leave this one as plant based only! We love it that way.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks for the feedback, Kami! I understand this shift will mean our content isn’t for everyone. If you’d like to receive only our vegan recipes, you can subscribe to our vegan-only email list or change your current subscription to vegan only at the bottom of any email we’ve sent recently.

  71. Casey says

    If your reason for switching is running out of ideas…we’d far rather have less recipe posts than have meat ones. What makes you special is the small amounts of good recipes for plant based out there. Keep being special please! Adding meat recipes will not add value.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      To clarify, we aren’t sharing meat recipes because we ran out of ideas. It’s for health reasons on my end. And so many of our readers have expressed their appreciation for more diverse recipes including meat and eggs (either for themselves or families with mixed dietary preferences).

  72. Casey says

    I used to recommend this blog to patients for vegan recipes. Unfortunately, I cannot continue to do that. While I respect that those choices may be how you eat at home, it’s challenging to switch from one niche to another and maintain your clientele.

    • Lisa Sayers says

      And I’m delighted with them! I was just thinking what a breath of fresh air it was when I came across your comment. Just goes to show, there’s no pleasing everybody! ?

      Sometimes I eat vegan, but sometimes I don’t and I like Minimalist Baker recipes ? I might even try this recipe with tofu or cauliflower steaks as is suggested at the end rather than chicken, depends on my mood (and what I have in the house on any given day!).

      Live and let live ?

  73. viven says

    Oh no…. and all this time, I thought you were a vegan-food-meister !. Unsubscribed … Just kidding. I do highly doubt whether tofu could take chicken’s place for this dish … will pass on this one.

  74. Chris says

    This looks amazing!! Unfortunately, I don’t have a grill or grill pan, is it possible to bake the chicken in the oven? If so, at what temp and how long would you recommend?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      I’d just recommend cooking it on the stovetop! Heat a cast iron (or similar) skillet over medium-high heat. Add a little oil then chicken. Cook 5 minutes, then turn, lower heat to low and loosely cover with the lid cracked to allow steam to escape until the internal temp reads 165 F. Hope that helps!

  75. Charlie says

    I’m so confused, I thought this was a vegan cooking website. Is the site changing, will there be more meat dishes coming?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Charlie. In the past we have shared primarily plant-based recipes here, and we’ll continue to share plant-based recipes moving forward! However, earlier this year we decided to add some thoughtfully-sourced egg and meat recipes to more accurately depict the type of diet we eat behind the scenes. We still love plant-based cooking and eating, but have found our diets to require more than just plants to feel more balanced and nourished.

      If you’d like to view only vegan recipes, do so by going to our recipe index, select “special diet” -> vegan, and they will all show there! You can also elect to subscribe to our vegan-only email list, which you can do when signing up, or by altering your subscription type at the bottom of any email we’ve sent you recently.

      • Courtenay says

        “require more than just plants to feel more balanced and nourished” ouch. That is a personal choice. You just alienated a huge population of your fan base just like that? It’s flippant and hurtful to your fans who have been loyal to you.

        Totally fine for you, whatever you want to eat, that is your choice, but you are making it seem like veganism is not balanced or nourishing…I’m really disappointed and honestly offended.

        The community really needs you right now and this feels like a huge middle finger to us, especially to publicly change in the current political climate.

        I appreciate who you were to this community, it feels like you turned your back on us when we needed you.

      • Martin says

        “but have found our diets to require more than just plants to feel more balanced and nourished. ”

        Position of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: Vegetarian Diets.

        It is the position of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics that appropriately planned vegetarian, including vegan, diets are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits for the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. These diets are appropriate for all stages of the life cycle, including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, adolescence, older adulthood, and for athletes. Plant-based diets are more environmentally sustainable than diets rich in animal products because they use fewer natural resources and are associated with much less environmental damage. Vegetarians and vegans are at reduced risk of certain health conditions, including ischemic heart disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, certain types of cancer, and obesity. Low intake of saturated fat and high intakes of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, soy products, nuts, and seeds (all rich in fiber and phytochemicals) are characteristics of vegetarian and vegan diets that produce lower total and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels and better serum glucose control. These factors contribute to reduction of chronic disease. Vegans need reliable sources of vitamin B-12, such as fortified foods or supplements.

        • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

          I understand that in theory. But in application and reality that isn’t true for everyone. Please understand that we are not anti vegan. In fact, many people thrive on a vegan diet and we think that’s great. (And also know that we will continue to share many plant-based and gluten-free recipes alongside ones that include meat and eggs.) But please consider that unless you’ve encountered serious health concerns of your own and gone to specialist after specialist and received the overwhelming message of “incorporate some animal products into your diet,” you really don’t know what that’s like.

          If you’d prefer to only see our vegan recipes, you can always alter your email subscription to only receive vegan recipes. And you can filter “vegan” recipes under “special diet” on our recipe index.

          • Antoine says

            I think it would help your community if you could say to all of it that you were eating a very healthy vegan diet with B12 and D supplements (with possibly DHA and EPA on top of it), lots of legumes and grains, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds. That would help them see that you did your best and that even that was not enough. You could also add that you made sure that your health problems were not just correlated with your vegan diet, that they were caused by you not eating animal products (and not for instance by you sleeping three hours per night). We all get sick sometimes, and, more infrequently, some of us can get seriously sick, vegan diet or not.

            I think that would help.

            I love your blog.

          • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

            Hi Antoine, I understand your perspective. I think the problem is that even if I did spell out every single thing I tried and every doctor I saw and every variation of the diet I ate, people still wouldn’t think that was enough, that I somehow failed the diet (it couldn’t have possibly failed me). But yes, I was eating a very well balanced plant-based diet while supplementing every nutrient a vegan diet can lack.

  76. Franziska says

    How to alienate your whole reader base with one post.
    I was quite shocked to see chicken here, most eaten animal on the planet, drenched in antibiotics tasting like sadness and suffering. I’m sorry for the words, I’m just honestly surprised and shocked to stumble across a meat recipe here.

    • Emmy |The Non Judgy Vegan says

      I’m not sure this alienates her whole reader base, just to chime in. I know a lot of non vegans who still love this site. For me personally, as a vegan, I always encourage progress over perfection and steps in the right direction. Do I wish everyone was vegan? Totally. But by including some meat and dairy recipes, just to see the silver lining in this situation, she actually might inadvertedly expose this site to some non-vegans out there, who come to the site for a recipe like this, but will end up seeing her mostly-vegan recipes, trying them, and therefore making more vegan recipes as a result. Versus, her site just preaching to the already converted (vegans.) Just another way to look at it! I know in my former non-vegan days, that could have easily happened with me, and helped me convert!

    • lindsay says

      Maybe you could kindly leave then? I’m part of her reader base and I’m not going anywhere. We’re all just doing what we believe is best for ourselves. No one’s journey is exactly the same. Accept that and move on. No need to be rude.

      • Barb says

        Well said Lindsay! Why do people have to be such haters? Plus, pretty sure this website doesn’t state “vegan only”. If you must, unsubscribe and move on…. no need for rudeness.
        PS . your quinoa taco “meat” is a go to for me….but I will be trying this chicken marinade soon!

  77. Aza says

    Hi Dana,

    I’ve loved your blog from day one and your book is my culinary bible — and I have about 3 dozen vegan cook books. Your blog is the only one I recommend to my friends and acquaintances trying to go vegan.

    It’s the first tome ever I am disappointed in one of your posts…. This is a recipe for actual chicken, meat….. I don’t think it’s a secret that the great majority of your fans are hard core vegans…. while I know you personally eat a mostly plant based diet, this still comes as a shock to me.

    I would have expected maybe the recipe for tofu, tempeh, cauliflower (currently added as options) and maybe keep chicken under the options??

    I respect your personal choice of course, but I do not think this the best public approach.
    A few years back, a very popular chain restaurant in Montreal and surrounding area went from vegetarian to flexitarian proposing some chicken and fish options, while keeping everything else on the menu…. within months they went bankrupt… just saying.

    I still love you and am grateful for all your awesome recipes and that recent thing on cycle seeding. It was a wow moment for me.


    Aza, Montreal, Canada

    • A says

      I agree. I hope this site, my favorite ‘vegan’ site, may be on it’s way to becoming just like the thousands of other food sites and no longer “specialized”.

  78. Lexie says

    I absolutely love Minimalist Baker and all the recipes I use from you!! I’ve noticed, however, that you have switched from vegan to not so vegan, with several recipes that have animal proteins in them…wondering what the reason for the switch is? I loved that this was a vegan blog (though I know it was never explicitly stated) and am sad to see the change, especially amongst the current climate crisis we’re in and the need for more people to eat less meat :(.

    • Megan says

      Forever lurker and never a commenter. This recipe looks great and I can’t wait to try.

      I’ve been following your blog for years, back when you did have meat recipies (I cook so many recipies from your first e-book!) I stayed a loyal follower with the switch to plant based, because your recipies are so easy to tailor to your diet. (Romanesco soup with shredded chicken is a strong favorite around here)

      Just wanted to comment some support to offset some of the negativity. Thank you for helping me integrate healthy balanced meals into my busy weeks. Looking forward to more delicious meals and easy desserts.

    • Emmy | The Non Judgy Vegan says

      She explains her choice above! I totally get how you’re feeling and actually just recommended this site to a lot of my vegan and aspiring vegan friends, however, the occasional meat/dairy dish doesn’t take away from all the great vegan options. And actually might be MORE helpful to aspiring vegans who come to this site to get ideas, to see that they don’t have to 100% change/convert overnight. I’m all about baby steps and progress, and have found with clients of mine who have successfully converted to veganism, including people close to me like my mom and boyfriend, is that it takes pressure off of them to realize that “part time” and “veganish” is still “allowed,” and ok. As a 100% vegan myself, but a non judgy vegan, I try every day to encourage total veganism of course, and of course I wish no one ate animal products, BUT I also feel that shaming people for their personal choices ultimately does more harm to the vegan movement and “angry vegan stereotype” as a whole. Just my two cents!

  79. Natalie DiPaolo says

    Hi Dana! I wanted to comment that incorporating chicken into the mix could be really helpful for people who live with a meat-eater, but abstain from eating meat themselves! Cooking for two different types of eaters can be challenging on a daily basis so I imagine I’ll be able to use some of your new recipes for us both (following this recipe and doing one piece of chicken and a tofu steak with this same marinade for example). Looking forward to seeing what you have for us over the coming months!