6 Delicious Matcha Recipes

Assortment of recipe photos for our round-up of Matcha Recipes

In case you hadn’t noticed, we kind of sort of love matcha!

Matcha green tea powder is packed with antioxidants, contains an amino acid helpful for stress relief, and it makes the perfect cozy morning beverage. But did you know it’s also delicious in smoothies, snacks, and desserts? It’s true! Let us show you our favorite ways to put it to use.

P.s. If you’re new to matcha or wanting to know the best brands to buy, make sure to check out our unbiased Matcha Review!

Container of matcha and two mugs of our Vegan Matcha Latte recipe
Best Vegan Matcha Latte
The best vegan matcha latte with matcha powder recommendations, my favorite dairy-free milk blend, and natural sweeteners! A 4-ingredient, 5-minute, creamy, antioxidant-rich beverage!
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Slices of Vegan Matcha Cheesecake beside dates and matcha powder
Vegan Matcha Swirl Cheesecake
Amazing, 10-ingredient vegan matcha swirl cheesecake that’s raw, naturally sweetened, and insanely delicious! The perfect vegan, gluten-free dessert with health perks!
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Bowl of bright green matcha frosting for a natural frosting recipe
Vegan Matcha Buttercream Frosting (1 Bowl!)
Fluffy, 4-ingredient matcha buttercream frosting! Dairy-free butter whipped with powdered sugar, matcha powder, and vanilla extract! Just 1 bowl required.
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Tray of low sugar, date-sweetened Matcha Bliss Balls beside a bowl of hemp seeds
Matcha Bliss Bites
Delicious little matcha bliss balls made in the food processor with 8 simple ingredients in 20 minutes! Nourishing, low sugar, plant-based, and grain-free!
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Matcha Green Smoothie Bowl topped with coconut flakes, slivered almonds, and fresh raspberries
Matcha Green Smoothie Bowl
Quick, 4-ingredient green smoothie bowl infused with matcha green tea powder! Creamy, naturally sweet, and just as healthy as it is delicious!
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Two tall glasses of our Vegan Mint Matcha Shake for a healthy St. Patrick's Day recipe
Vegan Mint Matcha Shamrock Shake
A vegan spin on the classic shamrock shake with matcha, coconut milk, real mint, and peppermint oil! Naturally sweetened + perfect for St. Patrick's Day.
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If you give any of these recipes a try, let us know! Leave a comment, or take a picture and tag it #minimalistbaker on Instagram.

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  1. Joanna says

    I love matcha! I have been looking for/trying to create a matcha chia pudding. So far my attempts have been unsuccessful. Do you have a recipe for that or any suggestions??

  2. Tina says

    I’m so glad you posted this! I bought some matcha a little while back and I haven’t yet figured out how to consume it. I tried drinking it and I must’ve done something wrong because I didn’t like it.