12 Recipes for When You Don’t Feel Like Cooking

Vegan recipe ideas for when you don't feel like cooking

Having one of those days? You get home and the very last thing you want to think about is what to make for dinner. Fear not! Instead of ordering in, I’ve compiled 12 of my favorite vegan go-to recipes that are ready and on the table in 30 minutes or less!

Kale Chip NACHOS with Black Beans, Sweet Potatoes and Avocado! A 30 minute #plantbased #glutenfree meal! #vegan #nachos #kale
Kale Chip Nachos (30 Minutes!)
30-minute, 8-ingredient vegan nachos made with kale chips, sweet potato rounds, black beans, avocado, and salsa! A filling, flavorful, healthy plant-based meal or snack.
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Tray of halved Thai Spring Rolls with Cashew Dipping Sauce
Fresh Tofu Salad Rolls with Cashew Dipping Sauce
30-minute tofu salad rolls with fresh veggies, basil, and tofu, served with a savory-sweet cashew sauce. A hearty plant-based entrée or side!
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Wooden serving spoons resting on a bowl of Detox Salad
5-Minute Green Salad with No-Mix Tahini Dressing
A quick-and-easy salad for when your body is craving greens and simplicity! Greens and vegetables in a 3-ingredient no-mix dressing. A simple, fresh, healthy side.
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Big bowl of ingredients for our crunchy Asian Kale Salad recipe
Crunchy Kale Salad with Spicy Cashew Sesame Dressing
Super crunchy kale salad with a quick, creamy cashew-sesame dressing! Crunchy Miso Chickpeas are optional for added crunch and protein! A delicious, hearty plant-based entrée or side.
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Big bowl of quinoa topped with vegetables for our Quinoa Gado Gado recipe
Quinoa Gado-Gado Bowl (30 Minutes!)
A modern take on a classic Indonesian dish called Gado-Gado! Quinoa replaces rice for added protein, fresh and steamed veggies add plenty of nutrition and fiber, and it’s all topped with a spicy, 2-minute peanut sauce!
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Bowls of Gluten-Free Vegan Sweet Potato Kale Curry
1-Pot Kale Sweet Potato Curry
A hearty 1-pot curry with kale, sweet potato, and roasted cashews. Red curry is infused with coconut milk for big flavor and creamy texture. 30 minutes.
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Big plate of simple and delicious Vegan Alfredo Pasta
30-Minute Vegan Alfredo (GF)
Creamy, 30-minute vegan alfredo made with 9 ingredients and simple methods. Add spring peas and vegan parmesan cheese for a satisfying plant-based meal.
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Plate of zucchini noodles topped with Vegan Lentil Bolognese
Zucchini Pasta with Lentil Bolognese
A hearty red sauce with lentils and carrots over zucchini noodles! A flavorful, healthy, 30-minute plant-based meal.
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Big plate of Garlicky Kale Salad with Tandoori Spiced Chickpeas
Garlicky Kale Salad with Crispy Chickpeas
SUPER flavorful, 30-minute Kale Salad with a creamy roasted garlic tahini dressing and crispy tandoori roasted chickpeas!
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Two Portobello & Butternut Squash Tacos on a wood plank
Saucy Portobello & Butternut Squash Tacos
Insanely saucy and delicious portobello mushroom and butternut squash tacos. Hearty, healthy, and ready in less than 30 minutes. The perfect plant-based, gluten-free lunch or dinner.
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Big bowl of Gluten-Free Vegan Pea Pesto Pasta made with sun-dried tomatoes and arugula
Pea Pesto Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Arugula (Vegan + GF)
Amazing, 30-minute pea pesto pasta that's vegan, gluten-free, and tossed with arugula and sun-dried tomatoes. A hearty, flavorful plant-based meal or side.
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Gold spoon and fork resting on a plate of Chickpea Bolognese over Carrot Noodles
Weeknight Chickpea Bolognese
Easy, flavorful, 10-ingredient chickpea bolognese over carrot noodles! A healthy, fast, satisfying plant-based meal!
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Enjoy these quick, easy + nutritious recipes! Be sure to tag any of your creations #minimalistbaker on Instagram so we can see what you cook up. Cheers!

xo – Minimalist Baker

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  1. Nina says

    Amazing!!! I’m always busy with work and gym so this is a life saver for me. Does anyone know good recipes sharing apps/websites? I mean I tend to cook something I found online and then a week later don’t remember where I got it from. I started using Handybooks app so I can take photos of every step and then can go back to it when I need it or even ping it over to my cooking friends. I don’t know if there are better solutions…… if anyone knows one I would appreciate some info. Just planning to digitalise all my recipes :D

  2. Melynda says

    I also would like to add the Chickpea Shawarma Sandwich is another great weeknight meal, I just made it last night. Uses minimal dishes (1 baking sheet and 1 small bowl for hummus + plates) and it takes less than 20 minutes. It’s also one of my favorite recipes so far, extremely delicious and unique. The Chickpea Bolognese is another great one, made that this past week.


  3. L says

    let me preface this by saying i live on your recipes and you never let me down. one thing i struggle with is lunches. I have to be out the door at 7 am so I dont have time to put anything together and sometimes that causes me to grab a frozen entree at the store when I would much rather have a huge veggie packed homemade meal. or if i do prepare food my evenings are spent making dinner, eating, cleaning, making lunch, cleaning, sleeping. I work two jobs & time is not abundant so a post like this about make ahead friendly lunches that keep well in the fridge/freezer and also dont require an additional hour of cooking in the evening would be extremely helpful!!! sorry if this is an inappropriate place to comment this request! Love you!!!

    • Lauren says

      I agree I would love to see more posts for make-ahead-of-time lunches (or dinners) that can be frozen/refrigerated for later in the week =)

  4. Ellie Kennard says

    Hi there Dana
    I thought I had made a comment on your post, saying that you have a comment on your Google+ post, if you want to check it out. Maybe my comment was deleted as it contained the link to your G+ post?
    I hope you get this.
    Best regards,

  5. Ellie Kennard says

    Hi Dana,
    In case you don’t get notified of comments on your G+ posts, I hope you will go and read what is on this one: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+Minimalistbaker/posts/L12JY4GfFum (Sophie is a Google employee and if she is encouraging you, then it is worth checking it out).
    I have followed your posts for a long time and have tried and adapted many of your recipes in my whole foods plant based kitchen.
    Warm regards,