1-Pot Vegan Minestrone (Gluten-Free)

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Dinner bowl with veggie-rich 1-Pot Vegan Minestrone

I can almost feel it. Fall is right around the corner in the Pacific Northwest and that means one thing: It’s almost soup weather!

Wood cutting board with zucchini, carrots, spinach, green beans, tomatoes, pasta, and beans for making healthy 1-Pot Vegan Minestrone

OK, fall actually means many things (like cozy sweaters, lots of Golden Milk, and plenty of evening baths), but you get the point.

Origins of Minestrone

Minestrone is a thick Italian soup typically made with vegetables, beans, and pasta. It’s believed to date back to the 2nd century BC when Rome conquered Italy. At this time, there was an expansion in the variety of vegetables available and Italian peasants would gather ingredients from leftover meals to make soup.

There doesn’t seem to be one classic way to make minestrone! Many variations have developed over time and you can read about them here.

How to Make Vegan Minestrone

This soup is amazing, friends! One sample bite in and I believe I started talking to myself about how delicious it was, which was really confusing for everyone in the room. In other words, this is talk-to-yourself-it’s-so-good soup.

Plus, it’s simple! Just 1 pot and about 30 minutes required.

Stirring spinach into a soup pot full of gluten-free Minestrone for a healthy plant-based dinner

The base for this soup is a mixture of late summer vegetables, vegetable broth, and fire-roasted tomatoes. Then comes beans and gluten-free pasta for a bit of fiber and plant-based protein. And finally, greens! I went with a handful of spinach, but kale would be lovely here, too.

Two bowls of 1-Pot Vegan Minestrone alongside fresh vegetables used to create it

I hope you all LOVE this soup! It’s:

Fiber- + Protein-rich
& SO delicious

This would make the perfect soup to whip up when you need something healthy and satisfying on the table fast. I don’t use a slow cooker, but I think it would even work well as a “set it and forget it” type of dish. And while it’s delicious on its own, it would also pair well with my Vegan Parmesan CheeseVegan Gluten Free BiscuitsFluffy Spelt Vegan Rolls and Creamy Kale Salad with Shallots and Chickpeas.

If you’re into this kind of soup, be sure to check out my 1-Pot Lentil Chili, Lentil Dal, Creamy Tomato and Red Pepper Soup, Chipotle Black Tortilla Soup, and Curried Butternut Squash Soup.

If you try this recipe, let us know! Leave a comment, rate it, and don’t forget to tag a photo #minimalistbaker on Instagram. Cheers, friends!

Close up shot showcasing the colorful vegetables in our 1-Pot Vegan Minestrone recipe

1-Pot Vegan Minestrone (Gluten-Free)

Easy, 1-pot vegan and gluten-free Minestrone! Simple, wholesome ingredients, 30 minutes to prepare. SO delicious and perfect for fall and winter!
Author Minimalist Baker
Bowl of Vegan Minestrone beside vegetables, vegan parmesan, and gluten-free noodles
4.86 from 175 votes
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Servings 6
Course Side, Soup
Cuisine Gluten-Free, Italian-Inspired, Vegan
Freezer Friendly 1 month
Does it keep? 3-4 Days


  • 2 Tbsp water (or sub oil)
  • 1/2 medium white or yellow onion (diced)
  • 3 cloves garlic* (minced)
  • 2 large carrots (peeled and sliced into thin rounds)
  • 1 1/2 cups green beans (trimmed // roughly chopped)
  • 1/4 tsp each sea salt & black pepper (plus more to taste)
  • 1 small zucchini (sliced into 1/4-inch rounds)
  • 1 15-ounce can diced fire-roasted tomatoes
  • 6 cups vegetable broth (DIY or store-bought)
  • 2 tsp dried basil (or sub 1 Tbsp fresh per 2 tsp dried)
  • 2 tsp dried oregano (or sub 1 Tbsp fresh per 2 tsp dried)
  • 1 Tbsp nutritional yeast
  • 1 pinch red chili pepper flake (optional)
  • 1 Tbsp coconut sugar (or other sweetener to taste)
  • 1 15-ounce can white beans or chickpeas (rinsed + drained)
  • 2 cups gluten-free pasta noodles* (I like Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Fusilli)
  • 1 cup kale or spinach (or other green // roughly chopped)


  • Heat a large pot or dutch oven over medium heat. Once hot, add water, onion, and garlic and stir. Cook for 3 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  • Add carrots and green beans and season with salt and pepper. Stir and cook for 3-4 minutes, stirring occasionally, until vegetables have softened slightly and have some color.
  • Add zucchini, fire-roasted tomatoes, vegetable broth, basil, oregano, nutritional yeast, red pepper flake (optional), coconut sugar, and beans. Stir to coat.
  • Increase heat to medium-high and bring soup to a strong simmer. Then reduce heat slightly to medium-low until the soup is simmering but not boiling. Add pasta and stir. Cook for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally, reducing heat if needed to keep the soup at a simmer.
  • Reduce heat to low and simmer for 4-5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Taste soup and adjust seasonings as needed, adding coconut sugar to balance the flavors (optional). I added more dried basil, oregano, and salt.
  • Add kale or spinach (or other green) and stir. Cook for another 3-4 minutes to wilt the kale and allow the flavors to meld together. Turn off heat and let rest for a few minutes before serving.
  • To serve, divide soup between serving bowls and garnish with fresh herbs and vegan parmesan cheese (optional).
  • Store leftovers in the refrigerator up to 3-4 days or the freezer up to 1 month. Be careful not to overheat the soup when warming leftovers, as the pasta is tender once cooked and will get mushy if overcooked.



*3 cloves garlic yield ~1 1/2 Tbsp minced garlic.
*To keep this recipe grain-free, use a grain-free pasta or omit and sub more beans or vegetables!
*Recipe inspiration from Food Network.
*Nutrition information is a rough estimate.

Nutrition (1 of 6 servings)

Serving: 1 serving Calories: 127 Carbohydrates: 18.1 g Protein: 9.2 g Fat: 2.4 g Saturated Fat: 0.5 g Trans Fat: 0 g Cholesterol: 0 mg Sodium: 948 mg Fiber: 4.7 g Sugar: 7.1 g

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  1. Angela says

    I’ve made this soup for the past 3 years regularly and thought I should finally leave a review! Perfection in a bowl! One of my staples in the colder seasons. Made it for cold weather camping last weekend for the first time this year and it was SUCH a delight – filling, nourishing and perfectly flavor-full. Thank you for this!!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      This is wonderful! We are so happy you enjoy the recipe so much. Thank you for the lovely review, Angela!

  2. Ica says

    I absolutely love this recipe and have been making this all the time lately! I always keep my pasta on the side so it doesn’t soak up all the liquid the next day. Sometimes I double the veggies and crushed tomatoes. One of my favorite recipes!

  3. Kate says

    So good! Subbed coconut aminos for nutritional yeast, and last nights rice and quinoa for pasta. Thank you. Your work is wonderful, so grateful to you!

  4. Jennifer Lainez says

    Delicious soup! Just what we were craving! I added potatoes because I love my potatoes 😋 a splash of red wine vinegar and and extra clove of garlic.

  5. Shaili Mathur says

    Love this recipe, it’s a staple in our kitchen, thank you! I make it a bit more tomatoey by doubling the tomato, blending half of it, and reducing the broth.

  6. Donna T says

    Super easy to put together, and super delicious!! Had to run to the store down the street to get a loaf of crusty bread to throw in the oven. Broke off pieces of the bread for dipping into the soup. Absolutely wonderful! Thanks for the great recipe!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Donna! Thank you so much for the lovely review! xo

  7. Amy says

    Oh my!! Delicious!! And this recipe is so versatile! I only had frozen grated zucchini, so I subbed that. I had frozen French style green beans, and used those. I used arugula instead of kale. I made the batch a little bigger, so changed quantities a bit. This is going to be my go-to minestrone recipe now!! Amazing! Thank you!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Woohoo! Thanks so much for the lovely review and for sharing your modifications, Amy! xo

  8. H Burg says

    This is such a delicious and easy recipe. One if my all time favorites. I love your cookbook too! Thank you.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Volume. You can find the weight measurement by clicking “metric”. Hope that helps!

  9. Erika says

    Made this today with my mom. Omg sooooo delicious!! Will definitely be making this many more times. So hearty and filling. I topped with crumbled Miyokos Mozerella and it was perfect

  10. Kristin says

    Gosh, I’ve made this soup literally dozens of times and I am always impressed at how incredible it turns out. I’ve made many modifications based on what I have and it always tastes incredible. Sometimes I just have a can of regular tomatoes to use, other times I haven’t even had vegetable broth and instead just seasoned a lot. Sometimes I don’t use noodles and sometimes I use chickpeas instead of cannellini beans. Don’t always have green beans and sub other vegetables instead. It’s not always traditional minestrone but this soup is SO versatile based on what you have. Thank you, Dana for all of your recipes!

  11. Aimee says

    Ohhhh my goodness! This morning I thought, “I want minestrone tonight” and went to your website to see if you had a recipe. And of course you did! I used twice as much onion (accidentally, but it was fine), more zucchini, and added celery (because it needed to be eaten). I cooked my chickpea pasta separately about 2 minutes shy of al dente, then added it to the pot with the spinach – it’s fussy and I didn’t want to take a chance it would ruin the soup. I also used more than 2 cups of spinach. It was everything I hoped it would be – rich, flavorful and delicious! This will DEFINITELY become another regular in our rotation. Thanks, Dana!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Yay! We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Aimee! Thanks so much for the lovely review and for sharing your modifications! xo

  12. Tessa says

    I love this soup! I make it all the time and typically stick pretty close to the recipe’s suggested veggies (because I love them and always have on hand) but also substitute with whatever I have available. I sometimes add a small yellow potato or two, but some may not like that much starch between that and the pasta. I also cook the pasta separately for each serving and serve the soup over it. Definitely more work but less chance it will be soggy for anyone worried about that.

  13. Jennifer Peters says

    So excited to try this but I can’t seem to find fire roasted tomatoes. Is there something I can substitute???

  14. Erin B says

    Another success! Hits the spot on these “cold” California nights. I didn’t have zucchini or green beans but it still tastes great. I also didn’t have oregano, but I did have some dried Italian herb mix that had basil and some other items. I’m not vegan so I used chicken broth. Yum yum yum. Eating my leftovers for lunch now :)

  15. Jenny says

    I love this soup so much! When the weather cools off I make this recipe almost weekly. I love adding in corn and broccoli as well. I don’t know if it’s because I use more veggies than listed or the noodles I use (rice noodles most of the time) but I like adding an extra 2-3 cups of broth. Thank you for your delicious recipes!

  16. Cristina says

    Easy to make, satisfying, nourishing and tasty! I used a can of San Marzanos that I diced myself because I couldn’t find any fire roasted tomatoes and it worked just fine. The recipe makes a huge batch so I froze half of it to enjoy later. Thank you!

  17. veronica kurfess says

    One of my go to recipes! So delicious, makes great leftovers. My whole family loves it. I sometimes add in vegan butter for more richness, or a tiny bit of lemon/lime juice if I feel like it’s needed. Give this recipe a try!!

  18. Caryn Cook says

    This is hands down the best minestrone I have ever made. Thank you for such a great recipe. The crushed red pepper really put it over the top!

  19. Meg says

    I made this last Saturday and I’m already wanting another bowl so I’m making it tomorrow for lunch!! It’s so delicious and comforting and seriously takes me back to my childhood when Grandma used to make similar, hot, cozy and filling soups :) I added some frozen corn and peas to it because I love the sweetness it adds and I didn’t use the green beans (because they don’t stock them at my grocery store). It turned out really good, and even my non-vegan dad looked at my bowl and eyed it hungrily, haha! One thing, when you use the water to sauté the onions, is it supposed to evaporate really quickly and leave the onion half sticking to the pot? That’s what happened with me but it wasn’t that big of a deal.

    Thanks so much for this recipe, definitely will be a staple in our house!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Meg, we’re so glad you enjoyed it! If the onions start sticking, add a bit more water, as needed. Hope that helps!

  20. Caroline says

    I am just obsessed with this soup and I’ve made it multiple times now. As soon as the chillier weather started to kick in here in CA, I instantly start craving this soup!

    I have made this to a T before and it’s delicious, but this time I made it as follows and it was EQUALLY as delicious: I used mushrooms, zucchini, carrots, celery and kale for my veggies, Italian chicken sausage that I seared in a pan, some fresh grated parmesan mixed in and top before eating! Delicious. BF gave it a 10 and said he’s “not normally a soup person, but this one was perfect”.

  21. Sundee Barber says

    Yumm! Perfect winter meal. Made some corn bread to go with it. I love the one pot making it so simple for clean up.

  22. GS says

    Great recipe! family loves it. After the first time making it I modified by adding a full 28 oz can of tomatoes, doubling the bean portion (2 cans of cannellini beans AND 2 cans chick peas, also used only half of the pasta amount (went with 1 cup) & added more nutritional yeast and juice from 1/2 a lemon.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Saskia, We didn’t measure and can’t say for sure. But our best guess would be about 2-3 cups per serving. Hope that helps!

  23. Melisa says

    I’ve made this soup no less than 12 time and it never disappoints. I’ve shared the recipe with friends and it is by far the best minestrone soup recipe ever! I’m due with baby #2 in a few weeks and just made a batch to put in the freezer. Hopefully it lasts until after baby is born. :)

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      We’re so glad you enjoy it, Melisa! Thanks so much for the lovely review! Wishing you all the best! xo

  24. Sarah says

    My whole family really enjoyed this soup, which is rare! I added in some chopped chicken for my teen boys who refuse to eat “vegan”. Thank you for sharing your delicious recipes!!!!

  25. Kaitlin says

    It was super good!! I didn’t have white beans so I used chickpeas instead and I also used red lentil pasta. I will definitely make this again

  26. Elisa says

    I’ve made this a few times as written. Today I subbed in plump cranberry beans from Rancho Gordo that I had cooked on the side. These are the beans traditionally used in minestrone and they were a treat. I also used the bean broth to take me up to the correct amount of liquid (recipe doubled! I always freeze some). I used half the coconut sugar and no pasta (personal preference).

    I really love this soup and it uses up a nice chunk of my farm share vegetables. I eat soup in the summer as well, quite happily.

  27. Jessica says

    I love this recipe! I have to go out of town for work a lot and this is my go to dinner. It’s super healthy, delicious, quick to make, and I can cook it on a hot plate in a hotel room. It’s also good for using up older veggies at the end of the week when I’m at home. This is on regular rotation at my house. Delicious!

  28. Megan O'Leary-Barrett says

    Oh this was delicious! We have the hardest time finding vegan soups that don’t all taste the same. This soup had flavor, texture and looked as good as it tasted. We left out the zucchini since it’s not a favorite. Didn’t have roasted tomatoes so added a splash of Liquid Smoke. Made the Simple Vegan Rolls to go with it.

  29. Ayushi says

    After fire roasting the tomatoes.. do I need to peel the skin of the tomato?
    Can I omit zucchini as I don’t have.?

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Ayushi, you can peel if desired, but we don’t think it would be necessary. We typically use canned though. And yes, feel free to omit the zucchini and maybe sub more of another veggie such as green beans. Hope that helps!

  30. Sarah McFarlane says

    I accidentally put an entire box of pasta in this, and it became a delicious pasta salad! But I’ll try the actual recipe again because the flavors are divine.

  31. Sarah says

    I almost can’t understand how a soup recipe this simple and basic can taste so delicious! This is a good “pantry plus produce that lasts a long time in the fridge” recipe. I subbed frozen peas for green beans and did the kale instead of spinach (even wilted kale works great). So good, a recipe that is much more than the sum of its parts. Thank you!

        • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

          Hi Marie, we haven’t tried this one in the Instant Pot, but some other readers have. If you press “ctrl+f” on a PC or “command+f” on a mac, a find bar should pop up that allows you to search for specific words (such as Instant Pot) in the post and comments. Hope that helps!

  32. Sarah P. says

    Inspired by all the vegetables I had on hand. Made during Coronavirus 2020 quarantine for husband and veggie-loving 3.5yo. The recipe was a huge success and very quick and easy to put together.

    Doubled the recipe, but omitted the coconut sugar and opted not to add the crushed red pepper. The fire roasted tomatoes added a wealth of flavor. Chopped the veggies a little smaller and was forced to only add 8 c. *Better than Bouillon* Vegetable stock bc I don’t have a stock pot large enough to for it all.

    This recipe is *delicious*! I will certainly add this recipe to the year round rotation. What a wonderful way to pack in the vegetables and protein without feeling like a heavy meal. My little one kept saying “yummy, yummy, yummy” between every bite.

  33. Samantha says

    This is soo easy and soo delish. Made this over Easter weekend. Was a big hit with my partner and my 18 month old.

    Thanks again for a great recipe!!

  34. Carolyn says

    I love this recipe! I’ve made this multiple times and it’s always a recipe I come back to when I want something hearty and comforting :) Love all the veggies it has and it comes together easily.

  35. Lisa says

    This soup is a game changer! My kids (one vegan-friendly, one NOT) both loved this and I couldn’t get enough of it. My veggie broth wasn’t as red so the base was also lighter in color. Next time I may sub out some of the broth for a clean pasta sauce (in addition to the fire roasted tomatoes) to give it a red, heartier thick base. I love the suggestion of subbing out the pasta for more beans – will definitely try this as well – I can always serve it over already cooked pasta. Can’t wait to make it again!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Lisa, we’re so glad your family enjoyed it! We think you could also add tomato paste to the broth (that’s likely the color difference between yours and ours). Hope that helps!

  36. Crystal Dombrowski says

    Wonderful recipe! I used canned green beans, and doubled the amount of garlic. This recipe seems very forgiving. The heart of this is your DIY broth- it really takes this to the next level. I added more at the end and increased the spices for my taste. I made this in less than 30 minutes and had minimal dishes afterwards, plus tons to freeze for later. Thanks for another winner!

  37. P SMYTH says

    I make a version of this soup from a UK book of soups which I had for quite a few years – BUT I use courgettes (zuchinni) COARSELY grated to replace any pasta – totally GF . . . lower calorie!

  38. Brenda Loya says

    I made this tonight for dinner and it was beyond amazing! I added a few extra carrots, a heaping tsp of Herbs de Provence and 3/4 cup of sweet peas for extra protein. This soup is by far a new favorite and will be added to my regular rotation. Thank you, Dana, for another delicious recipe!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks so much for the lovely review, Brenda. We are so glad you enjoyed it! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Thanks so much! Xo

  39. Suzanne says

    Seriously I have not tried one bad recipe that you have created. I so so appreciate your generosity and your time to help us make delectable meal’s time and time again. This soup rocks and a big part of that is because Your veggie broth recipe that turned into this minestrone soup is crazy good! Thanks HUGELY! Have a wonderful day!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Aw thank you so much for your kind words and lovely review, Suzanne! We are very grateful for your support! xo

  40. Michelle says

    I made this tonight for a test-run since I am making it again on Friday or Saturday for our small group. The whole family loved it! I got a bag of green beans but for this one, I used a b cup of frozen peas instead since we have lots of it. Also subbed pinto beans for chickpeas. The recipe is as forgiving as the other comments say before me. Thanks so much again, Dana! ❤️

  41. Autumn says

    This was a simple and super versatile recipe, big fan! I had potatoes, carrots, white beans, green beans for veg base with lots of onion and garlic (x2 for garlic amount). Didn’t have any fire roasted tomatoes so I subbed oven roasted cherry tomatoes and about ~1 cup basil tomato sauce. Collard greens and ample fresh thyme, very luxurious and just damn delicious. Never added nutritional yeast to a soup base, but now I will without fail. Truly delicious!

  42. Gabriella says

    I’m not sure what I did wrong but mine came out bad.

    I used Pacific Veg broth which was super thick. The green beans were not cooked through and mine was yellow, not red like the picture. I tried adding more tomorrow but once I added the pasta, there was just no saving it.

    What store brand veg broth did everyone use?

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Gabriella, our homemade veggie broth works best! For store bought, we like Imagine brand veggie broth which has a more red color due to the addition of tomato. For the green beans, it sounds like they needed to be cooked longer. Hope that helps!

  43. Tanya says

    Absolutely delicious!
    I’m not a fan of tomatoes but I enjoyed it. I couldn’t get fire-roasted, so I used chopped tomatoes and added smoked paprika and chipotle chillies – was a nice substitute.
    A winner for the whole family.

  44. Morgan says

    This was one of the MOST delicious soups I have ever eaten! Everyone in my home loved it. I made a double batch so we could enjoy it for a few days and while the noodles did soak up the broth after the leftovers sat in the fridge, I just added more broth as needed. This is definitely going to be in our regular rotation!

  45. Margaret Woodward says

    We have made this multiple times and it’s delicious! I have a question, could I sub rice for the pasta? We had pasta last night but want the soup tonight! Thanks so much for your amazing recipes and videos!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      We haven’t tried that, but it might work! You may want to cook it separately and then add in? Let us know if you give it a try!

      • Margaret Woodward says

        Hi ! Thanks. I did try it, added about 3/4 cup of mahatma long grain rice. My Mom always used rice in chicken soup so I just tried it. It was great. Just kinda blends into soup don’t really notice it too much. I covered in for about 15 min on low simmer, and tested rice before serving. Thanks so much for this recipe its always delicious and hearty!

  46. Maggie says

    Thank you so much for this great recipe. I didn’t have carrots, green beans, or zucchini so I substituted potatos, celery, peas and corn and it still turned out amazing. Can’t wait to make again! ☺

  47. Petchie Hawkins says

    OMG! This was delicious! Everyone who had some loved it! I find all of your recipes very tasty. Have yet to find one we don’t like!

  48. Dorothy says

    This soup is amazing! I have made it a few times now and it doesn’t last long in my house!
    I added potatoes to the recipe today (because they were in my pantry and who doesn’t love potatoes!)
    I used 2 cans of tomatoes because we also love our soups “tomatoey”!
    The gluten free pasta cooks very well and doesn’t go mushy which is good.
    How nice to have a soup recipe that tastes as good as it looks!
    Thank you for this delicious recipe! real comfort food and easy to make.
    It’s a keeper!!

  49. Jenny L says

    We loved this SO much! Only minor changes per our taste: added a 28 oz can crushed tomos as suggested (we love tomato-ey soups); subbed a cup of rehydrated soy curls for the white beans; used 1.5 cups whole wheat rotini for the pasta, cooked in the soup until al dente. Just amazing. I don’t understand how these simple ingredients, cooked well, could be a zillion times more delicious than their parts! Thank you for our new favorite soup. Can’t wait to make it again! THANK YOU.

  50. Jennifer says

    I love all of the recipes here on Minimalist Baker, i don’t know how our dinners would survive without all these wholesome options! The minstrone came out excellent, you can almost always use whatever veggies you have on hand in it, like I didn’t have the green beans so I just added more carrots in it’s place, but I made it almost exactly and that pinch of red pepper flakes yumm!! Thanks Dana!

  51. Erin says

    The absolute best! I had a favorite minestrone from a restaurant near my college and this hits the spot! I love that it is vegan and gluten free! I used GF elbow noodles and it was just as delicious. It’s now on the rotating winter menu in my house!

    • Samantha says

      We are feeding 18 people this weekend and I wanted to cook this in the crockpot and have it ready in there to reheat the day of. Is this possible? Any suggestions for cooking it in crockpot instead?

      PS- Every single recipe you have on here becomes a huge hit in my home. Thank you for sharing!

      • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

        Hi Samantha, we haven’t tried it in a slow cooker, but we think it would work well. It looks like another reader shared their experience in the comments. If you press “ctrl+f” on a PC or “command+f” on a mac, a find bar should pop up that allows you to search for specific words (such as slow cooker) in the post and comments. Hope that helps!

  52. Carrie says

    Hi! I am currently making this for a friend who was diagnosed with colon cancer and has switched his diet to vegan. I added the pasta as specified in the directions, but it was completely broken apart. Is this because it’s gluten free or did I do something wrong? The rest tastes delicious!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Carrie, it sounds like it was either cooked too long or it could also be the type of GF pasta. Some hold up better than others. Our favorite is Trader Joe’s GF Fusili made with quinoa & brown rice.

  53. Neha Arora says

    Your recipe looks owsome, but can you please explain how to make ( fire roasted tomatoes ) it would be a great help as I desperately want to try this recipe…
    Thanks ?

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Neha, we buy canned fire roasted tomatoes. But you could try subbing canned diced tomatoes if fire roasted are not available in your region. Hope that helps!

  54. Lene Vinding says

    So good! I used an extra pinch of red pepper flakes, giving it a nice overall heat. I skipped the green beans because I wasn’t feeling it, used white beans and red lentil pasta, which I cooked in the pot and It turned out perfectly cooked. I think we’ve found another winter favorite!

  55. Allison says

    I added more stock, cauliflower, and miso at the very end which was great. Used maple syrup instead of coconut sugar. 1 cup of pasta was plenty. Great easy recipe I will definitely make it again. Was going to use half kidney beans then realized I opened black beans instead ?

  56. Ally says

    Yummy! Loved it and so did the hubby. So flavourful. I added more fire roasted tomatoes and used chickpea pasta and it turned out great!

  57. Deema says

    YUM!! Turned out great. Made a few modifications based on reviews read. Added 2 extra cups of broth for a total of 8 cups, an extra clove of garlic for a total of 4 cloves and 2 tablespoons of tomato paste. Used half a cup of orzo. Doubled the nutritional yeast and possibly tripled the salt, basil and oregano – I kept adding to taste. Omitted the sugar completely. Will definitely be making this again and again.
    Thank you for your great recipes.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks so much for the lovely review, Deema. We are so glad you enjoyed it! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Thanks so much! Xo

  58. Debbie Longenhagen says

    So delicious! I did my best to follow the recipe but I used a whole onion n frozen beans. Also cooked the pasta separately cause I’m anti mushy pasta and couldn’t risk it. I wanted to double the tomatoes but I refrained. Also thought about adding mushrooms. Next time. Gotta go have the leftover, I’m sure it will be even better !

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Neelima, we haven’t tried this one in the Instant Pot, but some other readers have. If you press “ctrl+f” on a PC or “command+f” on a mac, a find bar should pop up that allows you to search for specific words (such as Instant Pot) in the post and comments. Hope that helps!

  59. Abby says

    Made this tonight and after first reading the comments I decided to make a few changes. I added celery, cooked the pasta separate and added it at the end, and I also added a bit more vegetable stock while cooking. It was delicious and hearty! Will definitely make this again.

  60. TLB says

    Absolutely loved this! Will be one of my regular rotations for sure. The only alterations I made were that I added canned corn (my kids love it), used canned green Beans ( like another writer suggested), chickpeas instead of beans but I think I’ll try beans next time and I also only used one cup of pasta as other readers suggested. Yum! Thank you for a fabulous recipe!

  61. Quiara says

    Just made this! I replaced the green beans for asparagus and yellow squash for zucchini. Instead of salt, I mixed in some miso paste. Delicious!! The dried herbs make such a difference. The chickpeas made it super hearty too. Great recipe!

  62. Haley says

    This is my first time ever eating minestrone soup and it was delish! I heated up some nice crispy bread with it and gobble it up. Thank you!

  63. Stephanie says

    Fantastic recipe! Personally, this is the most flavourful soup I’ve ever made. I added extra crushed pepper because we love spice. This will be a winter favorite in our house.

  64. Allison says

    Went back vegan on January 1st and made this on the 2nd to have for dinner a few nights. SO yummy and comforting with tons of veggies. I left out the basil, added some extra salt and oregano. Also made the pasta separately to be better for leftovers. Thanks for the recipe!!

  65. Pua says

    I can’t wait to try this! Question- do I cook the pasta before adding it in? Or will it cook well enough while simmering for 10 minutes?

  66. Kimberly says

    This is my go-to soup! I make a big batch on Sunday’s and then take it to school with me! I change up the vegetables and use whatever I have in my fridge. I really like adding celery! Great recipe!

  67. Wanda says

    Hearty and yummy! My meat eating teenager and husband also liked it. I used canned green beans and it worked out great. Made it with the DYI broth which is definitely a winner too.

  68. Danny says

    Allison and I made this one-pot minestrone tonight. It was delicious! Reminded me of our last Olive Garden meal, only better haha! Thank you for the great recipe!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks so much for the lovely review, Danny. We are so glad you enjoyed both enjoyed it! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Thanks so much! Xo

  69. Emily says

    This was fantastic! We subbed in Parsley for Basil, Parmesan for Nutritional Yeast, Fresh baguette for dipping instead of noodles.

  70. Andrea says

    This was delish. I added za’atar spices which took it to another level. Like others, I had to add more broth. Served with homemade pumpernickel croutons. :)

  71. laurie says

    Loved this. So much good flavor. I too had to add more liquid. I started with 6 cups of broth. After it sat for 20 minutes (after cooking) I added another 2 cups. I had to adjust the seasonings after that.

  72. Rae says

    Though the first bowl right off the stovetop was fantastic, the pasta absorbed all the liquid as it sat. I tried adding a couple cups more broth, and it immediately soaked that up to. I’m worried the pasta will be mush and the leftovers will be inedible. Bummer, because this made enough for about 12 meals.

  73. Kathy Balco says

    I made this for a casual dinner party last night and it was easy, delicious and received rave reviews. I used cannellini beans and Banza chickpea rotini. I added another cup or so of vegetable broth because the pasta and veggies had absorbed a lot of the broth. Will add this to regular rotation.

  74. Kathleen says

    Made this soup yesterday. I followed the recipe as stated and it has really good flavor! I had to add 2 more cups of vegetable broth though after it cooled on the stove because the pasta and vegetables really sucked up the broth! Could have added even more (or water). Also, next time I will add only one cup of pasta as there was a lot. This recipe is a definite keeper though. Will make again and again! Thank you!

  75. Mackenzie says

    Loved it! To quote my best friend ” I consider that an internet win!” I thought I had basil and oregano but alas, I did not. I substituted it with a couple of teaspoons of Herbs de Provence instead and I loved it.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Elizabeth, we haven’t tried it, but we think it would work well! Let us know if you give it a try!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      We didn’t measure and can’t say for sure. But our best guess would be about 2-3 cups per serving. Hope that helps!

  76. Audrey s. says

    Please list the ingredients first…
    I was in the store today …with no wifi…. trying to scroll… to ensure I had everything … it was annoying.
    I love to read your story while mak8ng the food… just not when I’m busy.

  77. Mari S says

    This is a favorite recipe of mine – so easy and delicious! I love it with whole wheat pasta, since I’m able to eat gluten.

  78. Chris says

    Just made this and it’s absolutely delicious! It makes a big batch which will be my dinner every day next week. I used beef bone broth and baby potatoes (instead of pasta) and added a whole lot of lemon on top before eating plus a bit more nutritional yeast (didn’t have vegan parm on hand). Oh and I totally skipped the sugar and didn’t mind at all! Thanks for another great recipe Dana!

  79. Darrien Sherman says

    Thank you so much Dana for sharing this recipe! My boyfriend recently became vegan so its been a challenge to find recipes that he enjoys, and this hit the spot! It was SOO delicious and this will definitely become a weeknight staple for us!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Glad you both enjoyed it! Next time would you mind adding a rating to your review? It’s super helpful for us and other readers! xo

  80. Laura says

    This is now our standing Sunday night supper! Spectacular! I also add crushed canned tomatoes as they make a fuller bodied broth broth.

  81. Rob says

    Ive made this several times and its delicious…tonight i used beet greens.also I cook the pasta separate and add it to the bowl…leftovers are better that way.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks so much for sharing, Rob. We are so glad you enjoyed it! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Thanks so much! xo

  82. Amy says

    I loved this recipe! It looks hard but it isn’t. I added an extra can of crushed tomatoes, a scoop of tomato paste and four bean mix for the tinned beans as that’s all I had. YUM! I cooked for about 10 mins longer than the recipe stated but I don’t mind my pasta a little bit smooshy. I used fresh silverbeet from my garden to add at the end, amaze!
    We had this with garlic bread, my 2yo loved it too. Highly recommend.

  83. Alicia says

    I cannot believe how good this soup is. The flavor of this soup is phenomenal, tastes and looks like it’s labor intensive but that couldn’t be further from the truth! I made it exactly as written all while caring for my sick 3 year old laying on the couch and my 5 month old in a baby carrier. This was soo rewarding thank you!

  84. Amy says

    I made this for dinner tonight! I added whole wheat noodles and extra zucchini, it turned out great. Thanks you for all the great recipes

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks so much for the lovely review and for sharing your modifications, Amy. We are so glad you enjoyed this recipe! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Thanks so much! xo

  85. Cody Randolph says

    Delicious. Used regular noodles instead of gluten-free. Doubled the recipe – should last me at least until I finish my two exams this week!

  86. Charlene says

    It was ok ,but A little bland . I would recommend doubling all seasonings and perhaps add in A tin of crushed tomatoes.

  87. Juliet says

    It turned delicious, even my picky eater kiddos loved it. Ever recipe I tried from here turned out 5 stars.

  88. Elizabeth says

    This was beyond delicious! I used 6 teaspoons Italian seasoning and instead of vegetable broth, I used Garbanzo Bean Paste diluted in 6 cups boiling water. Also, I upped the tomato taste with 2 tablespoons of Tomato Paste. Yum. Thanks for the recipe.

  89. Judy says

    I have prepped my veggies for this recipe but am confused. I don’t want an overcooked or undercooked veggie to ruin the soup – it looks so delicius! The instructions say to add the green beans in both step 2 & 3. Which is it? Thanks!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Judy, the green beans are added in step 2 and the white beans or chickpeas in step 3. I hope that clears up the confusion!

  90. Leigh says

    The minestrone soup was pretty good but what really elevated it to “delicious” was the spelt rolls on the link included in the recipe.

  91. Emily says

    This is absolutely delicious! I halved the recipe but still ended up adding the full can of tomatoes, but my base was still pretty watery and pale. Next time I might try blending some of the tomatoes or adding some tomato paste – Any other tips for getting a good soup base?
    Regardless, it tasted incredible and will definitely be one of my go-to recipes from now on!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Emily, so glad you enjoyed the minestrone! We wonder whether the type of broth may have been a little bland? If you haven’t tried our DIY vegetable broth, we would highly recommend it for a good soup base.

  92. Amanda says

    I just made this and forgot to skin the chickpeas – the skins are now floating around in the minestrone. Is it ruined?

  93. Leslie Renée says

    Hello fellow PNWer! This was amazing on this chilly night. Used brown rice pasta and it came out perfect (yes it was a bit soft, but that is to be expected in a soup…). I used about 1/3 tsp of molasses for the sweetener, also helps brown the onions and garlic when cooking using water method. :)

    Will definitely save this as a favorite! Thanks for sharing!

  94. Tiffany says

    Yum! This was so delicious! I added some celery in when I cooked the onion. Great recipe! I’ll make this again and again! I’ve already sent the link to two people for them to try!

  95. April says

    #1 This was amazing! So healthy and tasty!
    The problem I had with it was the timing. It took me double the time. I’m not a knife skills expert so prep took me at least 15 mins…
    Also, the green beans were still crunchy. Are they supposed to be for that blanched kind of way? I cooked everything longer just to get them done. I guess I’ll used canned next time or just precook them?
    Again. Worth the time, I just would have liked to known it was going to be that long… :)

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Your green beans shouldn’t be crunchy, so they probably needed longer.. As for cooking time, everyone is different in the kitchen but we appreciate your review!

  96. Camila Holm says

    Used celery instead of green beans because I didn’t have any. Also just used a single carton of veggie broth (4 cups) and 2 cups water. Still turned out great!

  97. Beth Weston says

    I have made many different Minestrone Soup recipes in my days, and this was my absolute favorite one hands down!

    I followed the recipe as written with the following exceptions:
    – used oil vs. water
    – used a bit more onion, probably about 1 cup total; also added another garlic glove for good measure :)
    – didn’t have zucchini on hand, used 3 stalks of celery instead (added with the carrots)
    – didn’t have fresh green beans on hand, used 1 can of canned/cut green beans with great success; added along with the white beans
    – used Cannallini beans for the white beans
    – didn’t have fresh kale or spinach on hand, used frozen/organic kale instead again with great success
    – I used macaroni noodles instead of fusilli. I’m certain in looking back that 2 cups of macaroni noodles does not equal 2 cups of fusilli. They soaked up every single speck of the broth :( I just added water to reheat leftovers, which worked fine. Next time I’ll cook the noodles separately and add the cooked noodles to each soup bowl individually.

    Again, this was unbelievably flavorful and lovely to look at! Thanks for a timely recipe for use frozen out here in Indiana. Will definitely be making this over and over again this winter!

  98. Shana says

    I have made this recipe several times and it is always good. I’ve shared with many friends and they all love it! So tasty. I do add more of the tomatoes, just because the jar I had was 24 oz. Still turned out great. One friend made the soup a day before her dinner, and she cooked the pasta separately and added it when she heated it up the next day. That way the pasta doesn’t soak up all the broth overnight. I thought that was a good idea. Also, I use the ditalini pasta shape, and we like the kale not spinach. Great soup. We will make again and again!

  99. Mafey says

    Made this for a potluck at work to give my vegan friend at least one option. She had the yeast I could borrow but I left out the sugar. (Didnt realize sugar could even possibly not be vegan). She absolutely loved it! It was easy to prepare as well! Thanks!

  100. Caroline Dato says

    Made this recipe last week and it was DELICIOUS! My partner and I both agree it is a fantastic recipe! Tastes so good you don’t even realize you are eating plenty of veggies and protein! I made the recipe as is, but next time I think I would add tomato paste at the very beginning when cooking the onions to give it more of a tomato taste. Either way great recipe and can’t wait to make it again!

  101. Shelby says

    You had made a minestrone soup on the blog before if I’m not mistaken and I can’t seem to find that one! I’ve made this one too and it was delicious, but I was hoping to make the older recipe again. Is it still posted somewhere??

  102. Samantha says

    I had such high hopes for this soup. Unfortunately it tasted terrible (to me at least). I felt like the entire thing tasted like grass water with a bunch of noodles in it.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      We’re sorry to hear that this one didn’t do it for you, Samantha! Better luck on the next recipe!

  103. Maggie says

    I first made this recipe last year when trying out a vegan diet for several months. Now that I’ve transitioned to a largely plant based diet, this amazing soup is a frequent meal and my family raves every time. I’ve got it memorized and I savor every bite. I love this soup.

  104. Christina says

    I made this recipe and it came out so tasty!
    I added a small can of tomato paste, a few dried mushrooms, anther half tablespoon of sugar and some more salt (since I didn’t have any veggie broth)
    Didn’t have zucchini so I threw in frozen veggies and it came out thick and delicious!

  105. Lori P says

    I made this soup using Dana’s DIY Vegetable Broth (so excellent). I followed the recipe as written with no modifications. This is extremely flavorful and so satisfying. I love soup all year (and I live in Florida!). This recipe I will make over and over. I do find the pasta gets mushy; even as soon as the pot of soup is cooling. But I have found that to be true with any soups that contain pasta (GF or not). My solution in the past was to cook the pasta separately and add it to each bowl when ready to serve. I will do that on my future batches. I am so pleased with the outcome of this recipe. Thank you so much for sharing your love of food!

  106. Emma says

    This was wonderful! I added some extra water cause I found that the pasta took up a lot of it to cook but overall, it was so tasty. I would love to see your version of a potato leak soup next! Thanks for everything!

  107. Bryanna says

    I made this with Better than Bullion vegetable paste, chopped up some leftover baby carrots, and leftover red onion. Great clear out the fridge soup!


  108. Jessica Spicer says

    I have made this soup several times and it is by far the best minestrone I have ever had. I pretty much follow the recipe as written but I add a 28 oz can of roasted tomatoes and a couple splashes of red wine if I have a bottle open. I have also tried it without the pasta and put little bits of cauliflower in instead and that was also tasty. Great recipe!

  109. georgie @ georgieeats says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!!! I will have to try it out and see if it tastes as good as it looks!! Thanks for the inspo :) Have pinned the recipe :) X

  110. Tan says

    I love this soup so much and I find myself constantly going back to it. I always add the zucchini and green beans during the very last minutes of cooking however, to prevent them from overcooking and going soggy. Instead of using canned tomatoes I also often times use any leftover jarred tomato sauce – it makes the soup more flavorful and gives it a bit more body. I like to use Ancient Harvest rotini for this soup as it works perfectly every time. I find that simmering it for about 10 min or until its a tad undercooked works best. As it sits in the pot the residual heat softens it a bit more.

  111. Pam says

    Can you telll me how many g you consider 1 cup as I know as 1 cup=226g and u call for 2 cups of pasta here but the g is for 1 cup…

  112. Jess says

    WOW. This was amazing. I added a spoonful of your almond ricotta to my serving too! Maybe thats weird – but to me, it was amazing! Thank you!

  113. Malissa says

    I made this and it came out great! I have tried many of your recipes and they always taste delicious. I really appreciate the care and effort u put into your recipes…I always recommend your website to others who are in need of healthy, tasty dishes! Thanks again for all your hard work.

  114. Rob says

    This is a great receipe….I cook the pasta separate and add it to the bowl of soup…works great reheating just add the pasta as you go more mushyness.

  115. Donna says

    I use no sodium cooking stock. I also either roast my own tomatoes, or.use a can of no sodium diced tomatoes. I have an issue with sodium too.
    I know it’s over a year late but…
    I didn’t see where you add the beans. I added mine with the spinach.
    Also, I am the opposite of an expert, but I thought you always use half as much of the dried spices than fresh. Am i inorrect?

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Donna! We add our green beans in step 2 and white beans/chickpeas in step 3! And as a general rule, you would typically need three times the amount of fresh herbs as dry.

      • Donna says

        Thank u for replying to my post!! I love your recipes and in fact we had your sweet potato/ black bean burgers for dinner tonight. I dressed it with a little vegan mayo mixed with sriracha sauce, along with shredded raw red cabbage.
        I must admit that I’m still totally confused. Perhaps I’m looking at at the wrong version of the recipe, but there’s no mention of beans in my version of step 2. Maybe you talked about it in your opening, but I always go straight to the recipe instructions.
        Also, the recipe compares fresh herbs as compared to dried, not dried vs. Ground.
        Lastly, I forgot to mention the amount of pasta used in the soup. It said to add 2 cups, which I did, and I ended up with a potful of noodles. What am i doing wrong?
        If I’m going to work off the version that I have, I would use 3/4th cup of pasta and half of the dried spices. The little bit of soup, we ended up with did taste good.
        Thanks again for your help and your delish recipes.

        • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

          Comment, updated! Did you use 2 cups of uncooked pasta? In future, use 2 cups of cooked pasta!

          • Donna says

            Yes, I did it wrong!
            I’m going to try it again tonight. Perhaps I’ll be able to make it correctly the second time atound. LOL! Thanks again.

  116. Marie says

    Never mind my query above, I see it must be an error in the Prep Time Box, the text below it shows prep time is 30 minutes, this is more accurate. Thanks!

  117. Sara says

    I just made this for my husband and we both LOVED it. It’s so rich and tomatoish. The fire-roasted tomatoes gives it such a nice spicy-smokey flavor, plus I added some Chipotle powder for a fun kick.

  118. Margie says

    This is seriously one of the best soups I have ever tasted! No excuses need to be made for any dietary restrictions when serving this soup; no one will miss either gluten or dairy, and meat would be easy to add or to serve on the side if desired.

    I am gluten intolerant and some of my in-laws are dairy intolerant, so I often find myself looking for vegan recipes, even though we all eat meat. I made this recipe to accommodate myself, my family and a vegetarian friend, and the soup was well-received by all. My only modifications were that I used white sugar instead of coconut sugar, and I did not have nutritional yeast. I used Great Northern Beans and spinach, and Ancient Harvest Garden Pagodas (corn/quinoa) for the pasta in one recipe and Manishewitz gluten free egg noodles in the other. The soup took me about an hour and 15 minutes to prepare a double recipe, mostly because I am slow at chopping vegetables and had to divide the double recipe between two pots. I was concerned about how the gluten free pasta would hold up in reheating, but the corn/quinoa pasta held up very well. The Manischewitz pasta swelled up and made that batch look very sloppy, but it still tasted great!

    This time, when I make it for my meat-eating family, I am going to add 1 lb. Italian sausage to a double recipe.

    Thank you for thus excellent addition to our meal rotation! We look forward to making this soup again and again!

  119. Adela says

    I made this recipe and liked the taste very much the first day, even though I felt there was a bit too much pasta for the amount of vegetables. The second day, I reheated it over super low heat, but even then, the gluten-free noodles fell apart and what’s worse they soaked up all the soup. I will for sure use either 1/2 or less pasta or even better substitute with 1/2 – 3/4 of the amount with potatoes.

  120. Stephanie says

    This soup is so delicious! Love the combinations of flavors. I didn’t use the nutritional yeast, and just added some more of the veggies that you called for. Just tasted it now and YUM. I can’t wait to eat this all week!

  121. Sarah says

    I made this last night and it is delicious! I didn’t have any basil on hand so I threw in some frozen pesto we had from our summer harvest and it was perfect! I followed recipe exactly as directed otherwise directed and have been loving it! It tastes even better the next day!

    I have been looking for a good minestrone recipe and I’ve finally found it!

    Thank you!

  122. Naima says

    I made this recipe and my family and I have made it a staple in our house! I am always trying to come up with vegan recipes that I know they will love to decrease their meat consumption. thank you for sharing!

  123. Becca says

    Thank you so much for this recipe its so tasty, full of vitamins and very adaptable! Last weekend I made it for the week with green beans, caugette, peas, butter beans and carrots this weekend I cooked with caugette, greenbeans, peas, carrots, kale and black beans and its just as yummy and nutricious as last weeks! Next week im going to try with Celery, carrots, Kale, peas and butter beans as money will be tight but I pre froze my kale so its all ready for next week. Cant wait. Thank you again :)

  124. Kimberly says

    Delicious! Just made for me and my hubby. I am vegan he is not, he still loved it! He loves corn so we threw about a cup of frozen corn in. I added turmeric just to my bowl. So very good!
    I’m a new vegan so I am still experimenting and finding easy healthy and nutritious meals. Thank you for an awesome vegan recipe!

  125. Dina Anthony says

    Hi Deanna!,
    I just made this recipe! I had a bowl that was topped with homemade (your recipe!) vegan parm. It tasted and looked fabulous! Perfect for a cold winter day!
    Thanks again!

    • Dina Anthony says

      Sorry, I said the vegan parm was your recipe but I got it from somewhere else as it was made with three ingredients: almonds, nutritional yeast and mrs. Dash salt free herbs. When I run out of my vegan parm I will try your recipe!

  126. Lola says

    The recipe looks great and I can’t wait to try it, but I’m a little concerned about the noodles. If I don’t finish all of the soup, will the pasta get mushy when I store it in the fridge? I’ve had issues with gluten free pasta falling apart before, but my bf has celiacs so we do have to use gluten free noodles. Do the Trader Joe’s noodles hold up pretty well?

  127. Morgan says

    Dana, I have made and enjoyed so many of your recipes, but this one is especially phenomenal. It’s -2 where I live and this was warm, filling, and fun to make.

    I used Pow pasta for the extra protein boost and was really happy with how the noodles held up! Thanks for doing what ya do. :)

  128. Kate says

    Yummy! And kid-and-non-vegan-family-friendly! Bonus! Everyone loved it! Thanks again for your fabulous and simple recipes.

  129. Drew says

    I made this tonight and, oh my goodness, it was delicious. It was the perfect soup to eat on the first day of winter. It is so warm and flavorful. I forgot to buy fire roasted tomatoes, so I mixed some tomato paste with water and sun-dried tomatoes to equal the same weight and it turned out great! I will definitely be making this one again. Thanks Dana for another great recipe!

  130. Kim says

    Absolutely love this recipe. It’s super easy (a little time-consuming, but only because I’m a slow chopper), and ridiculously flavorful. I made this for my husband and our friends in a mountain cabin, and we ate it by the fire while it snowed. Since my husband and I are vegan and our families aren’t, we’re going to make another big batch to have for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day festivities. We LOVE this soup.

  131. Chanel says

    It’s definitively soup season @ our house. Have been cooking my way steadily through your soup repertoire. This minestrone is another winner. Left out the pepper flakes (DH is very sensitive to spice, can always adjust my own bowl to taste), had a poblano lurking in the fridge, as well as some green beans and a zucchini in need of a home, so they all went into the pot. I used orzo for the pasta, because I just happen to like smaller noodles in soup (if any). So, if you can excuse the liberties I took with your recipe, it is another solid winner that has become part of our regular rotation. Since we are only a two – person (and one feline) household, most soup recipes make enough to serve a hearty meal, leftover lunch for myself and another solid meal for the freezer.

  132. Shanna Crowell says

    My family LOVES this soup (including the three kids under ten.) I usually make it on the stove top but was wondering if I could make it in the Crock Pot? Would there be modifications of some sort?

  133. CHELSEA says

    This was AMAZING!! My husband and my toddler loved it!! It paired so well with the vegan parmasean cheese! Perfect fall meal!

  134. Allie says

    I made this today and it was so yummy! I made the mistake of putting 2 cups uncooked pasta in which ended up being too much…flavors are great though and super easy to make

  135. Alli says

    Just made this for dinner tonight! I love the recipe, but for some reason the flavor just wasn’t there for me.. I used just canned diced tomatoes instead of roasted, so I put about three heaping tablespoons of tomato paste in the soup as well and it really helped to both thicken and make the soup richer!

  136. Chanel says

    Made this over the weekend. DH gave it a 10/5 This soup is going into the regular rotation for the season. I omitted to red pepper flakes, added a poblano (which gave a bit of background heat, nothing in your face), and used only 1/4 orzo for the entire recipe (DH watches his carbs), used garbanzos, because that is what is usually on hand in my pantry. Thanks for another wonderful recipe!

  137. Leigh says

    I had pinned this recipe ages ago and finally made it, and it absolutely did not disappoint. My meat-loving husband loves minestrone, and after devouring bowl after bowl after bowl, he told me it was his new favorite soup. It is absolutely a cinch to make and takes no time at all. I will be making this soup throughout the winter. Thank you!

  138. Liz says

    So I’m no expert cooker but this soup turned out tasting awesome!!! It was a lot of work with all the veggies so maybe next time I’ll sub some frozen ones. From start to finish it took me about an hour and a half with all the prep. Again, I’m not someone who cooks often. Also, there’s a fine line where gluten free pasta is good and than turns to mush so beware of that, I don’t mind the broken up pasta though. I used barillas gluten free penne in this soup, everything else I bought at aldi besides the nutritional yeast.

  139. Christy says

    This was a great, very tasty, quick soup. I offered fresh finely chopped basil, red pepper flakes and shredded Parmesan cheese (for my not vegan family) for everyone to garnish their bowl of soup. It was an easy recipe to follow or adapt to your liking. Thank you! I will definitely add this to my recipe list.

  140. Lemlem says

    I made this last night. The process was very easy and I had most of the ingredients at home already so that was a plus. My family and I really enjoyed it. However, it ended up with that as much broth as I would like and the color was not there. I used half a cup less pasta and half a can of beans and still there was hardly any broth and it became more like a pasta dish. I will for sure make it again but use a few more cups of broth and less pasta or maybe add cooked pasta when ready to serve soup.

  141. Breanne says

    Made this for my husband who isn’t a big veggie eater and he absolutely loved it. I waited until after he ate it to tell him all the ingredients (; So filling and delicious.

  142. Jessica M says

    Can I just say this recipe is fantastic! I’m so obsessed. My husband and I have literally had it every single week since you’ve posted the recipe! ? I just love how the gluten free pasta sort of melt into the soup and make it super creamy!

  143. Erika says

    So tasty!!! My bf and I loved it! I used great northern beans instead of chickpeas. Also didn’t have any coconut sugar on hand, so I used brown sugar. The only issue I had was some of the liquid seems to have either evaporated or was absorbed by the noodles. I think I might have simmered it a little too long, however I just added some more veggie broth and it helped. However the flavors are awesome! Topped with your vegan Parmesan cheese, which by the way I am OBSESSED with (I use slivered almonds instead of cashews) AMAZING!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks for sharing, Erika and great solution to add more vegetable broth. Glad it worked out! :)

  144. Erica says

    I subbed the green beans for asparagus and used chickpeas and kale. Tasty, but definitely doesn’t have the rich colors shown in the photo. I love that it has veggies, carbs, and protein all in one bowl- makes life easier!

  145. Megan says

    I loved this soup! I added broccoli too since I had some in the fridge. And a little each of onion and garlic salt for depth. Thanks for this hearty and yummy recipe!

  146. Jane s says

    How much soup does this recipe make? Im catering for a large group soon and want to know how much to increase the recipe.

  147. Tori says

    Ive never cooked vegan recipes before and cannot find nutrional yeast. I’m hoping the recipe will be okay without…..?

  148. Alysa says

    Made this soup when boyfriend and I were sick. Comforting, healthy and delicious- just what we needed! It is now known as the “magic soup” because it completely nursed us back to health. Will be a staple dinner this winter!

  149. Amy says

    This was a good, fast, simple soup. Perfect way to lead us into what is a seemingly never-starting Midwest fall. (Also, we are watching what we eat and this puppy is pretty guilt-free.) We had purple and yellow carrots on hand which were really nice in here. Skipped the nutritional yeast, but don’t think it suffered from it. Definitely got even better each day. Add this to the long list of recipes I’ve tried from this site and totally loved. Thanks, Dana!

  150. Natasha says

    I made this in my Instant Pot and it is so good! I used Red Lentil Pasta, it broke up quite a bit so might try a firmer noodle next time.

    I may also cut down on the cook time to say maybe 3 minutes as my veggies were just slightly softer than I prefer – with a 5 minute natural release and then a quick release

  151. Jessica says

    I made this soup earlier this week, I followed the recipe with only one change as I didn’t have coconut sugar. Flavor was great and tasted even better the next day however, all my broth disappeared! It turned into vegetable pasta by the end of the night.

    Other than that, great recipe!

  152. Jaclyn says

    Loved this so much! Genius as always, Dana! The only thing I’ll do differently next time is skip the chickpeas, I usually love them but they just didn’t mesh with all the fresh flavors in this soup. That’s just my preference though. Thanks for the amazing recipe!

  153. Em says

    Yum! My husband doesn’t like minestrone, but he liked this! We didn’t use nutritional yeast but added a parm rind during cooking and squeezed lemon on top to serve. I might cut the sugar back a tiny bit next time, but I wouldn’t drop it. For the stock, 4 C stock and 2 C water worked. Thanks, Dana! All your recipes have been a hit at our house. We’ll make this one again!

  154. julie says

    This soup is fantastic!!! I’m serious. My husband, who is NOT vegan or vegetarian, loved this soup and kept eating it! I froze a bunch of it in single serve portions and he kept taking them out of the freezer for himself! You have to try it. So much flavor. I used the pasta noodles that are made from veggies. You must use the fire roasted tomatoes. It was amazing.

  155. Cassie Autumn Tran says

    WOW, this looks fabulous! I love the idea of adding pasta–I’ve never seen that before! Have you ever tried Banza bean pasta? The fusilli reminds me of their rotini, which is delicious! Definitely have to try that pasta in this recipe!

  156. Denise says

    Greatings from Germany! We had this minestrone a couple of days ago and just loved it. It was easy to make and so delicious, we will sure have it again through winter season.
    I have no Ida if we can buy fire-roasted tomatoes in Germany, I never heard of it, so I just used normal tomatoes an some sun-dried tomatoes (cut in slices to add) some flavor.

  157. Sara says

    This was soo good- my sister was hella impressed as well. I made a few changes and I think it worked out great for me still! I couldn’t figure out if I was supposed to cook this with the lid on or off though. I felt like too much of he soup base evaporated.

    I used oil to cook the onions and garlic for more flavor (and I used more than what the recipie called). I used a cup and a half of frozen spinach, omitted the green beans and did 4 cups broth and 2 cups of better than bullion vegan chicken base (so yum!) I also threw in a bay leaf and used Penzy Spices Pasta Sprinkle blend instead of the recommended herbs (it’s essentially the same thing)

    I love love love your recipies! So delicious, easy and a crowd favorite.

  158. Laura says

    Really tasty! I was nervous it wouldn’t have that umami from the parmesan rind but the pooch really worked well here. My zucchini ended up going bad in my fridge so I subbed some sliced mushrooms instead and like it so much I may never go back to the original. I might have gotten the wrong pasta as my calorie calculator has a much higher count than 127 per serving. The pasta alone (about 190 cals/57g) accounted for 130 calories per serving without the calories from the beans and veggies. I ended up about with approx 260/serving which is still awesome for such a substantial meal. Is it the organic brown rice and quinoa fusilli pasta at Trader Joes or did you use another lower calorie one?

  159. Carol Edwards says

    My hubbie who usually hates minestrone liked this one. We’re still getting hot weather here in Southern Ca so I waited for a “sort of” cooler day and whipped this recipe out quickly (along with your beer chili-a staple around my house) Bring on the Fall!

  160. Mary says

    Delicious- added about 3tbsp of tomato paste because the soup was a little bit thin, once I added the paste it was the perfect consistency. Also added a bay leaf, an additional tbsp of nutritional yeast, and some extra dried basil/oregano

  161. Natalie says

    I made this last night but it came out more as a stew than a soup ’cause I wasn’t that strict with the measures. I omitted spinach (there was none it the grocery store) and pasta because I decided it will be quite hearty without it. It was a really delicious and warming meal. Perfect for early autumn. Thanks!

  162. Megan Spears says

    I made this tonight and it REALLY hit the spot! I added sweet potato, I only used 4 cups of broth, and I omitted green beans, noodles, and zucchini (because I don’t have it). I love it. Thank you so much!

  163. Anna Lee says

    Just made this. SOOO delicious! I plan on making it again soon to bring to my coworkers. I’m now waiting for your spelt rolls to rise so I can pop them in the oven. Wonderful recipe!!

  164. emily says

    Made this last night and both my husband and I LOVED it. So satisfying and perfect on a cold night.

    Thanks for another winner!

  165. Abby says

    This soup was amazing! I just recently went vegan and have been making your chickpea red coconut curry non-stop and this soup is definitely going to be another repeat as well.

  166. Kya Barreto says

    Will leaving out the nutritional yeast make a big difference? If yes, is there something else I can use instead?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      You can just leave it out! I find it adds that “umami” flavor, but definitely not vital.

  167. Kat says

    Absolutely delicious! I made this for my boyfriend and I last night and we practically finished half the pot! Definitely would reccomend. So quick and easy.

  168. Kerry says

    As always, your recipes are consistently yummy and amazing. Made this last night and it was a hit. No changes made except I used mini bow tie noodles since that was all I had at home. Thank you for all the recipes!!

  169. tessa.hueck@gmail.com says

    OMG!! This minestrone was so amazing. I am currently vegetarian and am in charge of picking meals for me and my parents (and cooking some of them). My parents aren’t veggie but they will eat what’s for dinner so I always choose vegan recipes and this one was a total hit!! Thank thank thank you for creating so many amazing recipes so me and my family can be more compassionate eaters. (p.s. I just got your 7 day plant book and making 3 recipes out of those. also we make your fajita recipe at least once a week.) YUM.

  170. Lauren says

    I made this soup and it was delicious! Full of flavor and perfect for a chilly fall day. My meat eating boyfriend devoured multiple bowls. I love your recipes and photos. You inspire me to cook vegan all the time!

  171. angie bee says

    This was really good! Adding a bit of vegan parm (Go Veggie) at the end gave it that extra touch of flavor. I particularly didn’t like the chickpeas, If I were to make it again I would leave those out. It was warm and a perfect meal for fall.

  172. Bethany says

    I made this for my weekend work lunches. As for the optional ingredients, I used olive oil, great northern beans (because that’s what I had), spinach, only a couple pinches of Zulka cane sugar and def added the red pepper flakes. Otherwise, I pureed my fire-roasted tomatoes (felt like it) and cooked my pasta separately (because I always do). Delicious and comforting to eat even under fluorescent lighting on a Saturday. Thanks, Dana! :)

  173. Sam says

    I made this recipe immediately after seeing it posted! Doubled the spinach and added a little cornstarch, but otherwise followed the recipe closely…it was perfect! Thanks Dana for another delicious recipe! :-) PS I’ve so been enjoying following your adventures on Instagram!

  174. Kathleen says

    Easy and yummy. Was better the day after I made it. It had time to thicken up and for the flavorsblend nicely. I used canned tomatoes from my garden instead.

  175. Rebecca says

    Made a variation of this last night in my slow cooker with a few tweaks – ommitted chickpeas, for veggies I used carrots, peas, and broccoli, added some turmeric, and used cilantro instead of oregano as that is what I had on hand. Also added a splash of lemon juice and plain almond milk. I cooked everything less the pasta in the slow cooker on high about 3 hrs, veggies were a bit soft, 2 hrs is probably enough. And then added the pasta, not sure exactly how long it took to cook, maybe 20-30 minutes? I’d keep an eye on it if you plan to use the slow cooker, I let mine cook too long I think as while it wasn’t mush, it definitely soaked up pretty much all the liquid and I ended up with more of a “slop” than a soup. Still tastes great though and made a huge batch that will keep me going for the week, perfect fall food. Thank you for yet another fabulous and flexible recipe!

  176. Jannelle says

    I just made this! It’s delicious ;) the addition of the fire roasted tomatoes is sooooo good! I used San marzano crushed fire roasted brand.
    I’m not necessarily gluten free so I used tolerant brand red lentil rotini for extra protein! Awesome. Will make again soon.
    Thanks again for the recipe!

  177. Kat says

    This isn’t unique to this recipe, but I’m just wondering why you peel your carrots? I prefer not to, but I want to be sure I’m not missing some important food safety key! Thanks!

  178. Elisabeth says

    I made this today! I made a huge batch of veggie stock yesterday, so this post was perfect timing. I began by browning some mushrooms, removing from the pan and adding back in with the broth, etc., then following the recipe. I had a pint of vegan tomato basil soup I made previously leftover so I threw that in too to thicken the soup. It was delicious. I also boiled my g-free pasta separately because I don’t like mushy pasta in my soups, and I will add it into my warmed portions as desired. So delicious. I enjoyed the hefty dose of herbs and chili flakes. I think the nutritional yeast and coconut sugar balanced the flavor and added nice layers. I also used spinach and chickpeas for my version, with some celery added for extra crunch and flavor. For anyone making tomato-based soups, 1/4 t. of baking powder in the soup is a great way to balance acidity too. Thanks for the great inspo. I love your site :)

  179. D says

    Hmmm followed it to a T but it didn’t taste that great — feels like something is missing but I’m not sure what…vinegar perhaps? Some kind of bite? I don’t know. What did I do wrong? Also, did anyone experience the pasta making the sauce too starchy and thick? I think in the future I will cook the pasta separately like someone else said and just top it with the soup.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      That might be a good thing to try. I preferred keeping it 1 pot and easy, but cooking the pasta separate may help. Otherwise, perhaps try adding more of the spices / seasonings?

  180. Bebe Vanek says

    Delicious! I loved the freshness of this soup! I added a bay leaf while it was simmering and doubled the herbs. I will be making this all Fall and Winter! I made the Spelt rolls as a side and they were a perfect paring. Thank you for sharing your recipes!!