Gluten Free Vegan Breakfast Cookies

Vegan GF Breakfast Cookies! Minimalist Baker

I’ve been wanting to experiment more with gluten free recipes since I have a few friends that eat gluten free and I am wanting to shy more away from it myself. These cookies are a result of that desire, and although they were kind of an experiment, they turned out so good I simply could not stop eating them (as in “6 cookies in one day” kind of good).

Oats and Bananas for Cookies

My ingredients are simple: Peanut butter, banana, coconut oil, agave nectar, almonds and flaxseed. To keep them gluten free I opted for GF oats, oat flour, and almond meal. And what kind of cookie would they be without chocolate chips? That’s what I said…

Cookie IngredientsGluten Free Breakfast Cookies

These cookies have some of the heartiest ingredients I know and love, making them more like a healthy snack than a true cookie. But I’m really not much of a butter-and-brown sugar type of cookie girl anyway, so these suited my fancy much more.

Flax Seed MealCookie Dough Batter

What you need to know about this recipe:

-It requires just one bowl and about 30 minutes
-It’s refined sugar and butter free
-It’s vegan and gluten free
-It’s makes the perfect take-along breakfast or snack
-They’re seriously addicting…remember my 6 in one day comment?

Yeah, ridiculously tasty.

Chocolate Chip Cookie DoughGluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

I loved that these cookies were delicious right out of the oven and seemed to become even more delicious after they’d cooled. They became a bit more soft and banana bread-like. Even John had a few, and he’s not much into health food hippie cookies. Success!

Gluten Free Vegan Breakfast Cookies | minimalist bakerTender Gluten Free ChocChip Cookies

If you’re looking for more banana-based, healthy cookie recipes try my Vegan Everything Breakfast Cookies and my Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Bites. They continue to get rave reviews. Enjoy!

Gluten Free Vegan Breakfast CookiesGluten Free Chocolate Chip Breakfast Cookies!

5.0 from 26 reviews
Gluten Free Vegan Breakfast Cookies
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Tender, not-too-sweet breakfast cookies made with bananas, flax seed, oat flour, rolled oats, almond meal and lots of dark chocolate chips. Gluten free and vegan!
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: Vegan, Gluten Free
Serves: 26 cookies
  • 2 medium ripe bananas
  • 2 flax eggs (2 Tbsp flaxseed + 5 Tbsp water)
  • 1/2 cup natural, salted peanut butter (crunchy or smooth)
  • 2 Tbsp refined coconut oil, melted (or canola oil)
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 3 Tbsp agave nectar (or sub maple syrup, or honey if not vegan)
  • 1 1/2 cup gluten free rolled oats
  • 1/2 cup oat flour (ground from GF oats)
  • 1/2 cup almond meal (ground from raw almonds)
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • pinch sea salt (add more or less depending on saltiness of your PB)
  • 3 Tbsp raw walnuts, lightly crushed (or sub other nut)
  • 1/2 cup semisweet or dark chocolate chips (non-dairy for vegan)
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. In a large bowl combine flax seed and water and let rest for 5 minutes to achieve "eggy" texture.
  3. Mash in the bananas until well combined, and then add peanut butter, baking powder, baking soda, melted coconut oil, agave nectar, salt, vanilla and stir.
  4. Add oats, almond meal and oat flour and mix well.
  5. Add chocolate chips and walnuts and stir until well combined. Refrigerate for 5 minutes to harden.
  6. Drop cookies by spoonfuls on a lightly greased baking sheet - they won't expand much. Also make them as uniform in size as possible to ensure even baking.
  7. Bake for 15-17 minutes or until the cookies are slightly golden brown.
  8. Let rest on baking sheet for a few minutes before transferring to a cooling rack. After completely cooled, store in an air-tight container to keep fresh for up to a few days. Refrigerate or freezer for even longer storage time.
Nutrition Information
Calories: 119 Fat: 6.5 g Carbohydrates: 12.6 g Sugar: 5.5 g Sodium: 44 mg Fiber: 2.5 g Protein: 2.8 g

nutrition information is a rough estimate for 1 cookie.

danaHi, I'm Dana! I am a food stylist, photographer, and author of the Food Photography School and the 31 Meals Cookbook.

Find me on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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    • Krismas Vera says

      Loved them! I made them more into muffins as opposed to cookies. What a yummy treat. My 3 kids ate them up!!

  1. says

    I will never tire of new recipes that use up leftover bananas! As for gluten free, an increasing number of my friends can’t eat it so I love having a stash of recipes on hand to surprise them :-)

  2. says

    Who doesn’t love cookies for breakfast? How about we meet. I’ll bring the blueberry muffin bread pudding, you bring the cookies, John brings the coffee. :)

  3. says

    Yes! These are my kind of cookies as well. My roommate and I are already hooked on your banana bread cookies, but we will definitely be trying these out as well :)

  4. Tori says

    Hi. These look delicious and I am looking forward to trying them. Would you please clarify the 2nd item on the ingredients list? It says 2 flax eggs. Thanks so much!

    • Dana says

      Hi Tori! That’s just a vegan egg substitute, so you’ll add 5 TBSP water to 2.5 TBSP flaxseed meal (ground flaxseed). Stir the two together, let it set for 5 minutes, and it forms an egg substitute for baking! Hope that helps.

      • Suzanne Ferenczy says

        Dana: please, please change the original recipe to say that the flax seeds are to be the ground type. I imagined soaking flax seeds in water and thought what can that possibly do for them? In your reply to Tori you indicate flax seed *meal*, a big difference from the seed itself, in use and function. See here?:
        Dana says
        March 12, 2013 at 5:17 pm

        Hi Tori! That’s just a vegan egg substitute, so you’ll add 5 TBSP water to 2.5 TBSP flaxseed meal (ground flaxseed). Stir the two together, let it set for 5 minutes, and it forms an egg substitute for baking! Hope that helps.

  5. says

    ooh yay, I’ve been wanting to make some breakfast cookies for a while now (…because, well, who doesn’t want cookies in the morning!?) so I’m TOTALLY going to be making these :)

  6. Kayla says

    Just made these! Fantastic recipe and you can really play with it and add your own things. I ended up using chia eggs, and instead of chocolate chips, i used dried apricots and cranberries, also added extra walnuts, almonds and sunflower seeds. Yumm! Thank you :)

    • Dana says

      I think so! Although, you may need to add a little more since almond meal isn’t as absorbent. Hope that helps!

  7. A. says

    I halved the recipe and loved these! I used brown rice flour instead of almond flour. Nice and banana bread-y. Thanks!

  8. R says

    Am in need of gf vegan pb cookies–so thank you! Possible to leave out the almond meal? Allergic to almonds.

    Thank you!

  9. Julia says

    Yum just made these two nights ago! So yum! I am seriously loving your site I have made at least 6 recipes from your website! Thank you for being my new FAVORITE blog!

    • Paige says

      Agave has become popular, because it’s a natural sweetener, but it’s actually not good for you, because it’s extremely high in fructose. In fact, agave has more fructose than HFCS! Excess fructose is a known contributor to type 2 diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. There are many healthier options for natural sweeteners.

      • Dana Shultz says

        Thanks for sharing, Paige! I feel this is relatively new information in the healthy food community. I’m transitioning to maple syrup when possible.

        • Paige says

          Me too! Or honey. I’m excited to try this recipe. I’m making it for my dad as a healthy oatmeal cookie alternative for Christmas, so thanks!! :)

  10. Ellissa says

    Mmmmm these were AMAZING!!!!! I loved how packed they were of good healthy ingredients! Amazing! My all time cookie go-to recipe! Thanks for sharing! :)

  11. Amy says

    These cookies look tasty and I want to try them. However I have a son who doesn’t eat bananas or fruit for that matter. What would you substitute for them?

    • Dana says

      Um…maybe avocado for a similar texture!? Just compensate with more sweetness. You need something sticky and kinda thick like bananas. Hope that helps!

    • Dana says

      Um, another nut or seed butter? Or, you could potentially omit it and see how it goes, although I really feel it helps with the texture/flavor. If you end up leaving it out, I’d increase the amount of banana you use so it gives it more moisture…hope that helps!

  12. meghan says

    These were really good! Thanks for the recipe. I subbed Chia Seeds (same measurements) for the ‘eggy’ flax seed mixture, they came out wonderfully, as the Chia seeds actually turn into a gel! I also subbed the oat flour for a cup of fresh almond meal that came out of making almond milk in my slow juicer! no waste :D

    • says

      I used tahini but measured with a dessertspoon, might’ve been more than 1/2 cup and I could detect the taste. Last time I used ground cashews and sesame, no almond meal and the cookies were better. I think any nuts or seeds, ground, would do, except pumpkin seeds which I can’t imagine in sweet stuff.

  13. Melody says

    So delicious! I made them exactly as posted with the addition of dried blueberries and dried cranberries. The perfect addition to our breakfast rotation of tried-and-true favorites!

  14. Sweet says

    I just made a batch of these, and they are DELICIOUS. I subbed g-free corn meal for the oat flour and almond meal because that’s what we happened to have, and I used maple instead of agave for the same reason. Did I mention DELICIOUS? Thank you for th recipe and to Monique at who led me here.

  15. Denisa says

    Great recipe, tried them subbing one banana for a grated summer fresh zucchini from the CSA harvest box. YUM…. definitely a staple from now on. Thank-you

  16. Kate says

    Not to b picky but chic chips are not vegan – look at the ingredients – but what harm is a leetle bit of choc going to do?

    • Dana says

      I’d suggest cornmeal, another nut meal – such as hazelnut, if that works – or additional oat flour. Hope that helps!

  17. says

    Made these today, and they are great! I love how not sweet they are! Only thing is, the instruction on when to add the “flax eggs” is missing. I added it at the end, when I realized I hadn’t added it yet, but I thought I would let you know. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Francesca says

    I’ve recently been diagnosed with celiac disease, which for a lot of people also creates a lactose intolerance so recipes like this are so great to find! Where do you buy your gluten free oats?

  19. Lisa says

    These were so yummy!! I love the banana bread taste and texture.. I have been looking for a healthy breakfast cookie recipe for my kids since we’re always playing beat the clock in the am…We are GF and nut free so I subbed crunchy sunbutter for the peanut butter, flax meal for the almond meal, added 1/2 cup brown sugar(to make sure they would eat them)and as non-vegans I used 2 eggs.

  20. Ash says

    Just made these, have already eaten 3 of them while they are warm. We are GF and Vegan and after 1.5 years of baking that way this is a new favorite I’ve found today. Thank you!!

  21. Li Shan says

    Made 2 batches today and YUM. I like it’s not too sweet and soft. This recipe is easy for a beginner like me. Thanks!

  22. says

    I use rolled buckwheat as I’ve never heard of glutenfree oats. Usually 2 TBSP makes a meal’s worth of porridge and a batch of cookies equates 15 meals. They’re definitely filling, but they’re so irresistible even without choc chips – I wolf down a whole tray every time as soon as they’re cool enough :P

    Going by looks and texture, PB can be replaced with tahini or nut butters, or ground cashews, seeds or nuts (without additional oil or banana but I skipped the setting in the fridge). I omit or replace most of the almond meal because I have to, and have to use rice syrup instead of agave.

  23. Eleni says

    These are AWESOME. I ended up using 1/2 cup oat flour, 1/2 cup rolled oats, 1 cup almond meal and 1/2 cup hazelnut meal. so still 2 1/2 cups dry just different proportions. This was due to the fact that I ground my oat flour, realized I only had 1/2 cup more of rolled oats, so I subbed the almond meal for the rest, Ran out of that and used hazelnut meal.
    Still awesome.

  24. Patricia Thacker says

    I just made these. My family loved them. Made them exactly as written. Perfect. Thanks so much for sharing.

  25. Flo says

    Hello!! I’m a big fan of what you do, it’s just so good!! Tasty food is what I love and inspired on you now it can also be healthy. I want to do this cookies but the thing is that where I live, to this day, I have not seen canola oil. Does the recipe change too much if I use vegetable oil?? Thanks for all!! :)

    • Dana Shultz says

      Thanks for the sweet words, Flo! Yes, you can sub vegetable oil or melted coconut oil in this recipe. Hope that helps!

      • Flo says

        THESE TASTE LIKE BANANA BREAD!! maybe less than the banana bread bites jajaja but wow great taste!! perfect for snack time and pretty filling. I think I should have baked them a bit more, but next time I’ll do better. Waiting for more recipies and enjoing the current ones!! :)

  26. Savannah says

    These were so simple to make, yet so delicious! I added a dusting of cinnamon right before baking. I’m not sure I would classify these as cookies, but whatever they are, they’re tasty (; Thanks for the recipe!

  27. Jo Ann says

    WOW…I made these on Sunday night and I have about 4 left this morning…soon to be 3! I pack a few for snacks at work during the day. They are guilt free and so tasty!! I forgot to buy almond meal and subbed flaxseed meal instead and they turned out great. I used honey as well and the thick Ghiradelli dark choc. chips. Amazing recipe that I can’t wait to make again!

    • Dana Shultz says

      Right? Aren’t they so addicting? Every time I make them I have to stop myself from eating half the batch straight out of the oven. Glad you enjoyed these, Jo Ann!

  28. Alicia says

    I’ve made these cookies like 5 or 6 times now so I figured I should stop by and leave a comment. These cookies are amazing! I took a batch of these to share with my yoga class this morning and they just loved them. Everything I’ve made from your site has been delicious. Thank you for sharing!

    • Dana Shultz says

      Aw, thanks Alicia! I appreciate your review and positive feedback. So glad you’ve been enjoying them!

  29. says

    I think you are my favorite baker because you understand me! Haha! You make awesome, hit-out-of-the-ballpark recipes with ingredients that aren’t so crazy that I buy a gallon just to use a teaspoon. It’s stuff I normally just keep in my kitchen, and I love that. Thank you so much for your awesome ideas, and keep going! Your photographs are beautiful also!

    • Dana Shultz says

      Thanks Autumn! That’s what I aim to do! So glad you appreciate our methods and vision. Cheers!

  30. Nabila says

    these are so delicious we cant even wait for them to cool down. they immediately get put in front of the fan. its also nice to give my daughter cookies that are actually Good for her. ha! (she usually doesnt get any). thanks for creating something that all of us at home can enjoy :0)

  31. Emily says

    Thanks, these are fabulous! My 4 year old son and I are GF and I’m vegan. Always love a good cookie recipe. My gluten-eating daughter and husband loved them too.

  32. Cele says

    Just made these and they are terrific! Instead of the Oat Flour I substituted in 2TBS of coconut flour. I also added dried prune pieces. Thank you for a great and easy recipe and also for teaching me about flax eggs! Perfect.

  33. Liza says

    What could I replace the bananas with? Also could I sub chia for the flax? My son is highly sensitive to both. Thanks, can’t wait to try this!

  34. Susan says

    Hi Dana,

    These are really hearty and delicious cookies – thanks for the recipe!

    Just a question for you though…
    I don’t bake/cook with refined coconut oil, so I used my usual – organic, unrefined, cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil – and the texture was really great … so I’m curious why you recommend refined oil or canola – since it’s such a highly GMO oil – any reason?

  35. Julia says

    These are super yum! Another great recipe from you Dana! I think I have now tried about 10 recipes from your site and everyone of them has been ridiculously delicious! Thank you for providing such amazing recipes that make peoples lives better :)

  36. Amy says

    My 4 year old has multiple food allergies and we LOVE these cookies! I’ve made them a couple times following the recipe exactly and they turned out great. I recently discovered that she can’t have oats anymore, so tonight I tried substituting quinoa flakes for the oats (scant 1:1) and millet flour for the oat flour (1:1). We just pulled them out of the oven and they are fantastic! I love finding allergy-friendly recipes that are easily adaptable. Thank you so much for providing this wonderful recipe so my sweet girl can have her cookies!

  37. Carissa says

    I have made these cookies so many times now and, without fail, have been asked for the recipe every single time! What a score! Super easy to make, healthy, and delicious! I’m seriously in love with these hearty, filling, delicious cookies!

  38. Jennifer says

    Hi there, I am looking at making a “fruit pizza” with a oatmeal crust, do you think this would work?

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