5 Minutes to an Awesome WordPress Site


Bluehost & Studiopress

I wanted to create a ridiculously simple tutorial on starting and setting up a great WordPress site. This video tutorial takes exactly 5 minutes.

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  • Domain Privacy Protection: Yes, I would recommend this service
  • Site Backup Pro: Probably no. Personally, I’d use another service such as BackupBuddy
  • SiteLock Domain Security: Not recommended
  • Search Engine Jumpstart: Not recommended
  • Google Apps for Work: If you want to use a personalized email address (you@yourdomain.com), this is the best available service and well worth it.

More Resources

If you want more options for WordPress Themes, check out The Best Food Blog WordPress Themes.

If you’re interested in the Foodie Pro child theme, I also have a review and master setup guide.

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  1. Caroline says

    Hi John! First off, thank you! Second, must you create a host (Bluehost in this case) before creating your WordPress website? I wanted to demo a website for a week to see if I could realistically keep up with the demands, but didn’t want to pay for the host during the trial if it isn’t necessary. I am worried that if i create the website before the host account I will not be able to link the two together. Is this true? Thanks!

  2. Rachel Anderson says

    Hey John! Thanks for this resource! I seem to be in a bit of a pickle and don’t know what to do. Here’s my situation:

    1. I currently have a blog, hosted on Wix, with a domain purchased through Squarespace.
    2. I followed your instructions/recommendations for setting up a SiteGround account, and I bought the Foodie Pro & Genesis Theme through StudioPress – so now I have both of those.
    3. I don’t want to transfer my old blog. I want a completely new one – with a new domain name so I can start over and set it up with SiteGround hosting and use my beautiful new Food Pro/Genesis theme.
    4. If I purchase my new domain name (WhoIs is cheapest), then what are my next steps? Change my primary domain (to new name) on SiteGround and then install WordPress on SiteGround? Since your videos are for setting up on BlueHost, I’m not sure how to navigate SiteGround to be able to set up my Foodie Pro/Genesis framework.

    I hope this makes sense! I feel like I have everything but don’t know how to piece it together. Thank you for your help!

  3. Phillipa says

    Hello Joe! Great work .. great help. You come across so genuine and energy on this site is great!

    I need help … i cant decide between setting up my custom structure permalinks as either “postname” or “category +postname”

    Can you advise me on which one you’d recommend and why? SEO and attracting traffic is my priority.

    Thanks a mill!

  4. Sebastian says

    Thank you for all the resources. Do you have a video similar to the one on this page for Siteground setup?

  5. Jessica Thompson says

    Hi guys!!

    I want to say two things before I ask my question. 1) THANK YOU for making my life so much easier as a vegan!! Affordable, simple, and good-quality food is rare to come by in this world, so thank you for being my diamond in the rough.
    2) Thank you for providing insight into your blogging ways! You make it so much easier for those of us trying to kickstart a blog.

    This dives into my question: Do you provide blogging services? I am re-inventing my blog, and it’s more of a health/fitness/lifestyle blog than a food blog… but I have no idea what any of the technicals mean with reference to WordPress and the parent/child platforms.

  6. Sylvie | Sails & Spices says

    Hi! I’ve been meaning to drop by and say a HUGE thank you for all these valuable resources, the time you put into the videos, and explaining everything so well. I started a foodie pro blog about 6 months ago, a total newbie with no blogging or website background, and could not have done it without you. Just by following along step by step I was able to get it set up and going! So just wanted to say I really appreciate you sharing this with us – Thank you!

  7. Dolores says

    Hi! Thanks for all the information!
    I have bluehost and Im using the email suggested for free but my emails are nos encrypted..
    I think this would get my subscribers insecure about my emails.

    How could I fix this?
    Thanks in advance and happy new year!!

  8. Jennifer Nesbit says

    hey, if you already have a wordpress.com account can you transfer it to wordpress.org as your site and the features you mention look so much better than whats on offer on wordpress.com ?

    also can you buy the bluehost in the uk?


  9. Jackie says

    Hi John,

    Thanks so much for all these blogger resource pages and for this blog in general which has been a huge source of inspiration for me. I have a question/problem about setting up my website. I am recently trying to start a blog and I used wordpress.com which allowed me to buy my domain and wordpress as well as themes. I already paid for a year of this but now that I’m looking into my issues it seems I should’ve done an independent host and then get wordpress themes. Should I start over again using bluehost or one of the other ones? Thanks!

  10. Martina says

    Hi John,
    I am writing from Berlin, Germany, and want to thank you for your video. Because of your encouraging style I am considering for the first time to start a blog based on WordPress. I previously had a blog on Blogger (2009-2013), so I have very limited experience with the technical aspects of a blog…
    So far, I have only heard that without basic knowledge in HTML, one should refrain from working with WordPress, and use instead services like Weebly etc.
    Now you make me wonder: based on your video, it sounds relatively easy to set up a WordPress blog – but how about maintaining it? Could I manage the technical and HTML aspects all by myself without spending tons of hours on troubleshooting?
    Thank you for reading this and for your dedication to your fantastic blog! I admire you both!

  11. L says

    I cant believe i waited 3 years to set up a blog! Thanks so much for making it seems so possible and easy to do! You have truly inspired and helped me John! #yourockmysocksoff

  12. Giselle says

    Hello John and Dana!
    Thanks so much for the inspiration over the years!… You guys are BEYOND awesome and your resources make such a difference in a world of crazy technical info that makes no sense to aspiring bloggers like myself. I finally took the plunge and purchased both Genesis and Foodie Pro but as I followed your setup videos I couldn’t find an option for adding them through my “Appearance” and Theme options on the dashboard… Is there because I have the free version of WordPress? I tried to figure it out myself but even when I tried to upgrade it actually gave the option of starting a new site and that is definitely not what I want to do! Help!! I just feel like the dumbest blogger on the planet :””( – Well thank you in advance for any clarifications! Best to you two always,

      • Giselle says

        Thank you so much for replying, John! I’ll look into it ;)
        I just wish all this were a bit more “nontechnical-at-all” people friendly
        – lol!
        Best to you and Dana!

      • Giselle says

        Sorry for all the confusion, John… After much searching I realized when livechatting with the WP team that I had had my site on WordPress.com this whole time and didn’t realize it needed to be on WordPress.ORG. Trying now to fix it all up :(
        Thank you again and I hope to finally be on the right track!

  13. Imani says

    Hi John Hi Dana,
    I’ve been reading up on your awesome awesome blogger tips and I really appreciate it but I have one question: for someone who is starting a blog site on their own (in charge of photography, technical things, etc… until further notice) what are your tips for where to start with all of this?

    • Stephanie says

      I was going to ask the same thing! :) If Sitelock isn’t recommended, is there a security plugin you recommend for small blogs instead?

    • Avatar for John ShultzJohn Shultz says

      I don’t recommend it as it’s more of an upsell than a valuable product. I’d suggest VaultPress for backups and considering their security add-on if that is something that’d give you peace of mind.

      But real WordPress security starts with making sure your site is up to date and you always have a reliable backup. Strong passwords (and if you’re really trying to be careful, using Google Authenticator) and protecting your account are the most important ways to keep your site secure.

  14. Chloe says


    Thank you for the abundance of information here!

    I have a wordpress food blog already, but it is not self hosted. I am wanting to switch to self host it and am wondering if there is a way to transfer all the content to the “new” blog?

    Thank you for your help!

  15. Sheridan says

    Hi there!

    I can’t thank you enough for your tutorials on setting up the web site. You are amazingly good at explaining things clearly. It really does take a few minutes for setup. Now I’m on to your other tutorials in setting up my site.

    My many thanks for all your help!

  16. Lara says

    Thanks so much for this tutorial! Iw as wondering do you use an ad plugin or do you put them in as codes on the page and on single posts? Thanks so much for an answer.

  17. Tiffany says


    Have been looking through all your resources and you’re amazing! Thanks so much for posting all of these. I’m not technically savvy, and a lot of it flies over my head, haha. However, I’ve heard one of the big guys is having a self hosted site. I want to take my blogging to the next level, and generate more traffic, etc, so I think this is the next step. I currently have a wordpress site, so do you still recommend going through bluehost? I noticed you can go directly through wordpress for $99 a year for a premium account.


    • Avatar for John ShultzJohn Shultz says

      I definitely recommend going self-hosted than through WordPress.com. It’s a big difference in terms of flexibility and controlling your own content.

      My favorite budget host is actually Siteground.

  18. Jacqueline Albir says

    Hi John!

    Thank you so much for this tutorial. Starting your own blog can get really confusing! I started my food blog back in 2010 on Blogger and I want to get back into working on it again, but 100% need to give it a makeover. I am going to follow your video instructions and switch to WordPress, but my one concern is about when I make the switch, will all my content carry over? I have a good amount of recipes on my current site and I wasn’t sure if it automatically carries over or if I have to reenter everything.

    Also, I’m assuming I have to transfer my domain first to Bluehost? Sorry I’m confused with what exactly I need to do first.

    Thanks so much!

    • Avatar for John ShultzJohn Shultz says

      Transferring your domain isn’t necessary, but would probably make the most sense. And yes, you can import your existing content into your new site.

  19. Gayatri says

    This is amazing! I love the blog and all of these beautiful resources, your list of the best food blog themes is really incredible, bookmarked quite a few :) Thank you!

  20. Chelsea says

    I just wanted to say that I am so grateful for this post. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Much success to you John and Dana. :-)

  21. Patty says

    Thank you so much for all these videos. Helps so much as I am working on building a new site and am not at all tech savvy. I am having such a hard time picking out a genesis theme that fits my needs. I really want a header that will hold a photo across the entire top of all the pages. Could even be a slider on the homepage. My blog is more of a vegan lifestyle blog and will also include my recipes. Do you have any templates that you could suggest that might offer this? I can find them all over, outside of the genesis framework.

  22. Anna Womack says

    I had the opportunity to listen to your wife on Jesse Lively Show and it was so inspiring. Love your blog and by listening to the show it made me want to start my own blog in Spanish. Thank you for all the tips on how to start a blog and making it so simple. You guys are awesome and keep doing what you love. Thank You!

  23. Dolo says

    Im from Argentina and Ive been wanting to start a food blog for the last year and finding you guys was what made it possible. Thank you so much for all your tutorials (used all your affiliates of course!!!!!). I have just started (from domain to foodie pro installed in a blink!) Now is time to work. Thank you so much!!! I could have never made it without you!

  24. Cailyn says

    Hi John,

    Thank you SO much for this tutorial! I just have one question as a newbie blogger. I followed all the instructions you provided in the video but I’m just wondering if I now have a wordpress.com account or a wordpress.org account. The reason I am asking is because there is a theme I want to buy that only works on wordpress.org so I just want to make sure before I purchase it.

    Thanks in advance,


  25. Kaleigh Prokop says


    I’m trying to add a profile picture to the primary sidebar in foodie. How do I get a gravatar picture? I have looked in my user profile and there is no place where I can add a picture. Please help!

  26. Kelly says

    Hi there! This video has been so incredibly helpful, thank you! I have followed this video all the way up until logging into my new wordpress site. I clicked on the admin link and logged in with my username and new password from Blue Host, but wordpress won’t log me in and keeps telling me that the password for this username is incorrect. I already have a wordpress site set up using that username, is that what is causing this issue? Any ideas as to how I can log-in? Appreciate any insight you may have, thanks!

    • Avatar for John ShultzJohn Shultz says

      Hmm, that’s hard to say. I’d guess that isn’t the problem, but sometimes your browser can get two similar sites mixed up or pull information from the wrong place.

      Personally, I’d just use the “forgot password” link on your login page and reset the password. See if that works and if not, you can probably change the password through the database (Bluehost chat should be able to help with that).

      Let me know if that works!

      • Kelly says

        Hey John! I figured it out! It actually had to do with my WordPress registered domain that needed to be pointed towards Bluehost instead. All good!

        I am almost all set up (your tutorials have been amazing), but I still have one last question. Is there a way change the font size for the widget titles? For example, on my homepage I have titled the Foodie Pro Featured Posts widget “More Recipes”. The font shows up in very small text and looks tiny in relation to the blog post titles. Is there a way to fix this? Thank you!!

        • Avatar for John ShultzJohn Shultz says

          You can change this with a little bit of custom css. The “Removing Lines Surrounding Menu” tutorial in this guide also alters the CSS (for reference).

          Adding this line of code to your css page should do the trick:

          .widgettitle {
          font-size: 18px;

          Simply change the font-size to whatever size you were looking to add. The default size is 14px.

          • Kelly says

            Thanks John! Unfortunately, when I added in that line of code my entire site crashed :(. Any tips for getting a site back up and running?

        • Avatar for John ShultzJohn Shultz says

          My guess would be that you put it in your functions.php file instead of your CSS if your site isn’t displaying, but I’m not sure.

          Either way, the easiest way to fix it is to use an ftp client and navigate to the file you changed. It should be located in wp-content -> themes -> foodiepro under style.css (or, if you edited your functions file, it is called functions.php).

          If you don’t have that setup yet, you should be able ask your host for help.

  27. Allie says

    First off – you guys are AWESOME and have been such a huge push in my decision to start a blog. Seriously, can’t say it enough. Keep it up!

    My question is this…I followed the video and signed up for the $3.95/mo starter package, but then my bank account was charged $81. Did I miss something that you know of?

    Thank you for all that you do!! :)

  28. Lisa says

    I just wanted to say how thankful I am to have found your site. I LOVE your recipes and, since changing our diet almost 2 years ago, many of your recipes have become mainstays at our house. I will be reading the information about blogging. I’ve thought it might be fun and, quite frankly, I’m wanting to make other changes in my life, as i am becoming restless with the stagnation I am experiencing. I would like to put new life into my life like I put new life into my body by eating a more plant based diet. Thank you for sharing yourselves with the rest of us. Do have a Happy New Year and I can’t wait for your book to come out. I will be snatching it up in a flash!

  29. clara says

    I need help! I want to start blogging. I dove write in and created an account but of course it was free so my domain is now saidname.wordpress.com. I refuse to have this complication and would like to start over and get the domain saidname.com. Is it best to delete the initial wordpress account or can it be changed?

  30. Amy Beckingham says

    Thank you so much for all the experience and knowledge you are willing to share, it is so helpful! A massive thanks to both of you for your amazing blog!!!

  31. Gabriella says

    You two deserve an award for all of these tips and blogger/photography resources! I am so thankful. I’m in the process of transforming my Instagram into a blog (and actually uploading my DSLR photos, not just iPhone) and everything you write is so helpful, concise, and to the point. Forever grateful!

    • Avatar for John ShultzJohn Shultz says

      Aww, thanks Gabriella! We’re always adding new resources, so let us know if you have ideas of topics you’d love to see covered.

  32. Mandie says

    I was wondering what is the most efficient way you have found to post your recipes and articles to all your social medias? Do you post to them each individually, or do you use a service? And what social sharing plugin do you use for below your posts?

    • Avatar for John ShultzJohn Shultz says

      Hi Mandie!

      We use buffer, but we still end up manually posting much of the time. I’ve heard of some good plugins that do this that you install to your site, but I haven’t used any of them (might be worth looking through the plugin directory).

      The social media plugin we use under our posts is called the Simple Share Buttons Adder.

  33. Katie Lepine says

    Hey there! Did y’all start out with the starter package or the plus package? The link now leads to a little bit different page and it looks like the monthly cost could be as low as $3.95/mo. You mention elsewhere that the monthly cost is $6.95/mo, which makes me think you went with the plus package. Is that correct, or would you say spend as little as possible in this situation as well and go with the starter package? The limitations (for example, space and email accounts) of the starter package worry me, but perhaps that wouldn’t be a concern when it comes to posting a year’s worth of content?

    • Katie Lepine says

      Whoops, those prices were the extended-time deal. So, it would be $5.95/mo (starter) or $8.95/mo (plus) for 12 months. Are the limitations still an issue, or would you start with the starter package?

      • Avatar for John ShultzJohn Shultz says

        Hi Katie! I’d say start with the cheapest package and upgrading if you start to notice performance issues.

  34. Dillon says

    Hello! Thank you so much for the extensive blogger resources. I am starting a blog and cannot tell you how helpful it has been. I am wondering if you have a recommendation for the best web feed management provider? Is there a place in the blogger resources that you have addressed this that I am missing?

    Thanks so much, Dillon

  35. Dini @ giramuk says

    Hi! Thank you so much for the wonderful resources! I have been blogging as a hobby for years but now I want to take it to the next level & your blog is helping me and inspiring me so much!! It’s very daunting but I’m reading through your tutorials carefully to revamp and hopefully relaunch my previous blog! :) Thank you again!! & wish me luck!!

  36. Szandra K. says

    Hi John,
    I really appreciate your site and I count on your opinion!
    I’m really on the beggening of the WP project and I feel I’m in a bit of trouble and looking for the best way to solve the problem.
    I thought it’s a good idea to use WP.com as a start, I’ve started a 2 weeks trial period of their Business package. And I was stupid enough to register a domain thru them.
    Now I’m pretty upset and I could see the limits even in one day, feel like escaping and start a WP.org.
    But now I have my domain registered. I’m afraid if I cancel it, I lose the domain. At least they told me there is a possibilty for not being able to register it at an other host…
    Transfering is an other option, but I have to wait 60 days. So I start to go insane.
    I read there is an option meanwhile there is this 60 days waiting period and I can point the domain to a new host. But how can I do this? If I want Bluehost for example, should I register a totally new domain there and then point the existing one into that address?
    Thank you for your reply in advance and hope my question doesn’t sound too weird..

    • Avatar for John ShultzJohn says

      Hey Szandra!

      Totally valid question. Moving domains get confusing.

      Thankfully, anything you do will ultimately allow you to keep your domain. From an ownership standpoint, you own the domain, not wp.com. Your biggest issue is having it registered and wanting to move it within that 60-day time period.

      I’m not sure how canceling wp.com will work in your situation (in terms of cost), but there should be some way to still control the domain.

      Here’s what I would do in your situation:

      1. Register with bluehost using the same domain name (assuming that’s the domain you’d like to use).
      2. Point the domain to the bluehost name servers (from within your wp.com menu, there should be a “edit domain” button). Point your name servers using this bluehost information (under “transferring domain names”).

      This means although wp.com will still be your registrar, bluehost will handle how your domain points to the correct information.

      From there, if you want to fully transfer your domain name to bluehost (or another registrar) later, you can do so once the 60 day have passed.

      Hope that helps!

  37. Vanessa L. says

    I am having trouble with this simple process. The reason being, I have a domain through “Go Daddy”, and I want to set up a blog through the site (my domain site) . I really want to use BlueHost, but I am not to sure on the steps to take,

  38. Bryan says

    Thanks for the great guides on setting up a site. I have been hearing a lot about Bluehost lately which you speak about. I setup my blog through WordPress using their hosting and themes. The only thing I pay for is my domain name. What is the benefit of using Bluehost over WordPress?

    • Avatar for John ShultzJohn says

      Hi Bryan!

      In short, what I really recommend is self-hosted WordPress sites. I suggest Bluehost as it’s one of the most affordable, efficient, and reliable (they have a wonderful money-back guarantee) services for self-hosted sites. Plus, it’s the service we personally used and with which we found success.

      Your question is great, but honestly, there’s enough information on the subject that somebody could write a dissertation. In my quest for simplicity, I’ll hit on the three biggest concerns (in my opinion):

      On wordpress.com:

      1) You cannot display advertising
      2) You cannot use custom themes/designs
      3) You cannot use third-party Plugins

      WordPress.com is really great for some uses, but it’s limited. If your goal is to create and grow a food blog, all three of these things can be huge factors in making it work. Using a custom theme can be very helpful for giving a personality to your site as well as boost your visibility online. The WordPress.org plugin database provides you with amazing functionality to add to your site without hiring a developer. For food blogs, I think these things are extremely helpful. In summary, I feel like you get so much value for your money with a self-hosted WordPress site that the choice is a wonderfully easy recommendation for me to make: If you can do it, I’d easily recommend it.

      Ultimately, as I’m always happy to say, focusing on content should always be your priority. However, I think a self-hosted WordPress site has amazing advantages over every other platform and is rightfully the industry standard for food blogs.

      Hope that helps!

      • Bryan says

        Thanks for the info! You know, after I posted my comment I read your other articles. I agree! The challenge now it to move my blog. Sigh

  39. Ashley Lynn says

    You are amazing! I adore minimalist Bkaer and have been reading various food blogs and wanting to start my own for 5 years and have never found any resource that was as simple and as motivating for me to follow my little dream. Thank YOU!

    • Avatar for John ShultzJohn says

      Now we’re blushing. Thanks so much. We kind of love simplicity and hope to make more resources like this. Let us know if you ever have any ideas!

  40. TiNa says

    Thank you so much for this comprehensive information!! I really enjoy reading through all of the blogger recources posts. I’m from Germany and just starting with the blogging, food photography and and and…..You’re doing a awesome job!!! Thank You!!!!!

  41. ivy says

    Love you guys!!! Love the photos, the recipes and the good vibes! I have a 3 months old, just can’t wait until he grows up and I can cook up for him all your delicious+healthy recipes!

    Happy New Year! And rock on Minimalist Bakers!



  42. Sabrina Howard says

    Just wanted to say you guys are awesome. Finally bit the bullet and decided to start blogging after thinking about it for over a year. This simple post just made the setup portion so much less daunting. Thanks so much!