1-Bowl Banana Bread Cinnamon Rolls

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Close up shot of a vegan Banana Bread Cinnamon Roll with icing

Oh, cinnamon rolls, banana bread. How have I not joined you before?

Let me set right this injustice, join your little hands, if you will, so you can forevermore be united in holy sweet baked good matrimony.

Dramatic? Over the top? I think not (Rhonda).

Ripe bananas for making homemade vegan Banana Bread Cinnamon Rolls
Freshly risen dough for making homemade vegan cinnamon rolls

After having such success with my 7 Ingredient World’s Easiest Vegan Cinnamon Rolls, I knew more experimenting was to be done.

You guys have been loving on my first recipe. It’s been one of our most popular to date! And because I love banana bread so much, this recipe was bound to happen sooner or later.

Pan of Vegan Banana Bread Cinnamon Rolls ready for the oven

The banana bread infusion happens in two ways: 1) banana puree in the dough, and 2) banana slices and walnuts in the centers. The result is an amazingly moist, banana-bread like cinnamon roll just begging to be frosted (and that, we must do).

BONUS: This recipe is seriously simple! Just 1 bowl and 9 ingredients (10, including the glaze). Plus, there’s only one true rise and no fancy methods required. Just pure, easy, simple cinnamon roll goodness that takes about 2 hours total.

Freshly baked batch of Banana Bread Cinnamon Rolls in a pan
Spreading icing over freshly baked Vegan Banana Bread Cinnamon Rolls

This means you could wake up around 9, make these little gems, and be enjoying them by brunch. Huzzah!

Oh man, these are not to be missed! They’re:

Spreading icing over a batch of freshly baked Vegan Banana Bread Cinnamon Rolls
Freshly baked Vegan Banana Bread Cinnamon Rolls displayed on squares of parchment paper

Perfectly sweet
Slightly crisp on the outside
Infused with banana bread flavor
Seriously substantial
& Surprisingly simple

Make these rolls for a special weekend breakfast or brunch, or on a Sunday to enjoy throughout the week (that’s a good week). And if you take these rolls to work, I can almost guarantee you’ll be the queen (or king) of the office. That’s right, so many friend requests, so little time.

Close up shot of a Banana Bread Cinnamon Roll made with our quick and easy vegan recipe
Partially unrolled gooey Banana Bread Cinnamon Roll with icing

If you do try this recipe, let us know! Leave a comment or take a picture and tag it #minimalistbaker on Instagram! We absolutely love seeing what you guys cook up. Cheers and happy baking!

1-Bowl Banana Bread Cinnamon Rolls

Simple, fluffy vegan cinnamon rolls infused with banana bread flavor and made in just 1 bowl!
Author Minimalist Baker
Spreader knife coated in frosting on a pan of Banana Bread Cinnamon Rolls
4.97 from 55 votes
Prep Time 1 hour 30 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 2 hours
Servings 10 (rolls)
Course Breakfast, Dessert, Snack
Cuisine Vegan
Freezer Friendly 1 Month (see instructions)
Does it keep? 2-3 Days



  • 1 cup unsweetened plain almond milk
  • 3 Tbsp vegan butter (such as Earth Balance)
  • 1 packet instant/fast-acting yeast (1 packet yields ~2 1/4 tsp)
  • 1 Tbsp cane sugar
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1/2 cup mashed ripe banana
  • 2 3/4 – 3 1/4 cups all-purpose flour (I used a ratio of 2/3 unbleached all-purpose, 1/3 whole-wheat pastry)


  • 1/4 cup vegan butter
  • 1/3 cup cane sugar
  • 1/2 – 1 Tbsp ground cinnamon
  • ~20 very thin banana slices (1/2 cup yields ~20 slices)
  • 1/3 cup raw walnuts or pecans (optional // crushed // plus more for topping)


  • 1 Tbsp vegan butter
  • 1 Tbsp sugar (cane or brown)


  • DOUGH: In a large mixing bowl, heat the almond milk and vegan butter in the microwave in 30 sec increments (or heat over medium heat in a large sauce pan), until warm and melted (never reaching boiling). Let cool to 110 degrees (43 C) – the temperature of bath water. It should be warm but not too hot or it will kill the yeast. (If you used a saucepan to heat the milk, transfer to a large mixing bowl now.)
  • Sprinkle on yeast and let activate for 10 minutes. Then add sugar and salt and stir. Next, add in mashed ripe banana and stir. Add flour 1/2 cup at a time, stirring as you go. The dough will be sticky. When it is too thick to stir, transfer to a lightly floured surface and knead for a minute or so, adding flour as needed, until it forms a loose but still springy ball. Only use as much flour as it will take.
  • Rinse out your mixing bowl, coat it with avocado or olive oil, and add your dough ball back in seam side down. Cover with plastic wrap and set in a warm place to rise for about 1 hour, or until doubled in size (see photo) – mine only took 40 minutes.
  • FILLING: On a lightly floured surface, roll out the dough into a long rectangle ~1/4 inch thick (the dough should measure roughly 12 x 20 inches). Brush with melted vegan butter and top with cane sugar (I used a little brown sugar mixed in with the cane sugar) and 1/2 – 1 Tbsp cinnamon (up to preference // amount as original recipe is written // adjust if altering batch size). Then add banana slices so it's easy to roll, and walnuts.
  • Slowly and tightly roll up the dough and situate seam side down. With a serrated knife or a string of floss, cut the dough into 1 1/2 – 2 inch sections and position in a well-buttered 8×8 square or comparable sized round pan (you should have about 10 rolls as original recipe is written). 
  • TOPPING: Brush with melted vegan butter and sprinkle with sugar (brown or cane) and remaining walnuts.
  • Cover with plastic wrap and set on top of the oven to let rise again while you preheat oven to 350 degrees F (176 C).
  • Once the oven is hot, bake rolls for 28-35 minutes or until slightly golden brown. Let cool for a few minutes, then serve warm.
  • Optional: Frost with dairy-free cream cheese frosting or a simple dairy-free glaze (recipe below).
  • Cinnamon rolls should keep covered at room temp for up to a few days, though best when fresh. You can freeze at the stage where the dough is cut into cinnamon rolls and placed in a pan. Cover well and freeze in a pan, then let thaw for at least 6 hours before baking. Cover and set on top of the oven while preheating to help rise. Bake as instructed. 


*For a simple dairy-free glaze, melt (as recipe is written // adjust if altering batch size) 1 Tbsp vegan butter and add to ~2 – 2 1/2 cups powdered sugar. Mix and gradually thin with dairy-free milk 1 tsp at a time until pourable but still thick.
*Nutrition information is a rough estimate calculated without glaze.
*Adapted from my World’s Easiest Cinnamon Rolls.

Nutrition (1 of 10 servings)

Serving: 1 rolls Calories: 304 Carbohydrates: 41 g Protein: 5.4 g Fat: 13 g Saturated Fat: 3 g Trans Fat: 0 g Cholesterol: 0 mg Sodium: 174 mg Fiber: 2.3 g Sugar: 12 g

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  1. Sara says

    I love this recipe! It turned out so good. I always use your regular cinnamon roll recipe and adapt it to make fun flavours but this is a great option too! I added banana to the frosting to make it banana frosting, instead of putting banana slices in with the filling (didn’t wanna go banana overboard), and it turned out amazing!

  2. Melinda says

    I’m an avid baker, but this was only the second time I’ve used yeast – and first time making cinnamon rolls! They were good… I used whole wheat flour, which I’m sure changed the taste and consistency a bit (and the reason I feel I can’t rate the recipe properly), but it was just 4 WW points per roll, so that was worth it. I loved the idea of putting banana slices inside!
    Although it was fun and I feel accomplished to have made them, I’ve already decided I’m never making cinnamon rolls again – way too long of a process haha.

  3. Tash says

    Thank you very much for answering all my questions. I just have one more. Currently there is a shortage of bananas on Isle. However I do have some frozen banans. I know the recipe called for banana slices. Nevertheless, can I use my frozen banans and mash them instead of the banana slices?

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Tash, we haven’t tried that, so we’re not sure, but we think it might work. Let us know how it goes!

      • Tash says

        Hi I tried it and it came out fantastic. I created a filling by melting the cinnamon, sugar and butter and then combining the mashed thawed bananas.

        Can I use buttermilk.with this recipe?

  4. Tash says

    Hi there, i do plan to make this. However I have a few questions.

    1. Can I make this with all purpose flour?

    2. Also can I use evaporated milk or whole milk instead of almond milk?

  5. keiko says


    i made banana cinnamon rolls with my daughter. i love baking, but i haven’t tried any special diet recipes before, but it was more than i expected, very delicious!!🥳 thank you!!

    i didn’t plan frosting part when i saw the ingredients in the recipe, but my daughter said “no way”. yes, we needed it!!😆

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Love that! We’re so glad you both enjoyed them, Keiko. Thank you for sharing! xo

  6. Erica Garcia says

    Amazing recipe! I have been eyeing the recipe for a while and was finally able to give it a whirl this morning. I substituted the Yeast for equal amounts of Baking Soda + a splash of lemon juice, I let it sit for a little over an hour to ensure that the dough had risen. I topped off the finished product with a non-vegan cream cheese frosting. They we’re delicious! I plan to make this recipe a staple in my kitchen.

  7. Jill says

    My five-year-old son and I made these for the first time a couple of months ago. They were easy to make and delicious!! I’m going to be making them again for Christmas morning because they are THAT tasty.

  8. Jasmine says

    I made these this afternoon and they’re AMAZING- my flatmate is very happy. I cut the banana slices for the filling so thin that they almost melted into the dough- this was lovely.

  9. KIM BURKE says

    At first I thought this looked to complicated for me. I decided to start with one thing at a time and before you know it without any complications, we were eating wonderful banana cinnamon rolls.

  10. Ely says

    We made this recipe – it was really delicious! I was a bit suspicious that the baked banana slices inside of the rolls would be a bit gross… but, they turned out great.

    One thing that I think would be helpful is some sense of what the dimensions or proportions of the rolled out rectangle of dough should be. It’s been a long time since I’ve made cinnamon rolls, and I had a general sense but could have used a little more guidance in the written instructions here.

  11. Farwa says

    This looks delicious! Can’t wait to make it. I want to try it without the banana slices rolled in, can I just add more mashed banana to the batter instead for the banana flavour?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Yeah, just skip the banana slices. But when adding more into the batter, know that it will affect the texture. Let us know how it goes!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      That should be OK, bit it will affect the texture! Adjust as needed and let us know how it goes!

  12. Lili says

    I’ve made these a few times now and they are great! Do you think it would work to use applesauce in place of the mashed banana in the recipe?

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      We’re so glad you enjoy them, Lili! Hmm, we haven’t tried that, but maybe! Let us know if you give it a try!

  13. Kelsey Cook says

    I love this recipe! Very easy to make and very tasty. It’s a hit with my friends. I make this non-vegan and it’s great.

  14. Jennifer says

    I made this recipe GF by subbing an all purpose gf flour. And adding 1/4 cup of chia seeds. Also upped it to 1 cup of ripe bananas. It was actually the good kind of GOOEY!! Which is a complete miracle for gf baking. Thanks for sharing this recipe, it’s been our special quarantine desert!

  15. Darya says

    i haven’t had cinnamon rolls since i turned vegan because it’s impossible to find them in the vegan version where i live (hello from Russia), and i’m very happy to have found the recipe, gonna make them a lot from now on. I substituted coconut oil for both the dough and the filling and also used more banana than written in the recipe, and the rolls still turned out amazing. Might make them with raisins next time. Thanks a lot!

  16. Ciara says

    Newbie yeast user here! A terrifying ingredient, but the recipe writing of Ms. Minimalist B makes you feel at ease and gives you that, “Go ahead, You can do it!” nudge that is needed.

    I subbed coconut oil in the dough recipe, used a mix of light and dark brown sugar for the filling, as well as a mix of walnuts and pecans. Topped with an almond milk, vegan butter and powdered sugar glaze. I can taste them as I write this.

    Recipe and steps were super easy to follow. Of course my minimal faults were due to lack of yeast/dough using/creating experience.

    End result, 7 large delicious buns! Would Banana Bread Cinnamon Roll AGAIN!

  17. RSC says

    I would rate this recipe 5 stars as is. Even though I found it light on banana flavor, the quality of the rolls was excellent, even though I wound up letting the dough rest in the fridge for 2 days. I baked in a cast iron skillet. I will use more banana purée next time, maybe banana liquor in dough and frosting, and completely cover the cinnamon sugar with banana slices. I will use milk powder in the dry ingredients (1/2c) and all the liquid will be banana purée and melted butter. I had about 1 cup of total nuts in this, but we have pecan trees, so I can get extravagant with them.

    • Lia says

      Hi, there. Thank you for giving such an idea for replacing milk with banana puree. I’m having lots of almost ripe bananas right now and kinda bored with banana bread. Have you tried it? I’d like to bake it as per your suggestion, so the banana puree will be 1+1/2 cup and there’s an addition of 1/2 cup milk powder to the dry ingriedients?

  18. Bo says

    Could this be done with gluten-free flour? Or completely whole wheat flour? Or would the outcome not be as good? Cant wait to try..

  19. Ridhi says

    Hi what can be a substitute of vegan butter and yeast because we don’t use yeast can we use curd or any other substitute??

  20. alexis says

    I made this yesterday with a lot of modifications like wheat flour and coconut oil. I then left the dough to rise which did not happen due to dry yeast being very old. To save the dough I then used a mix of baking soda and lemon juice since there is no yeast to buy in any of the stores. I guess everybody is baking these days. So 4 hours lates the dough finally was in the oven and the rolls turn out very delicious. They were out of shape but nevertheless scrumptions. I will be baking these again because they are easy to make.

  21. Amber says

    Do you think I could sub coconut oil for the earth balance anywhere in this recipe? I dont want to use all of my earth balance. I dont have much left…

  22. Kiah says

    I just made these and they’re amazing!! SO FLUFFY. Used coconut oil, soy milk, and extra banana slices and they were perfect. Better than I was expecting honestly. Thank you!!

  23. Stephanie says

    So, so, SO yummy. Rich and substantial without being overly heavy. The banana makes the dough all the more moist and delicious, and that banana/nut/cinnamon combo is to die for. This was my first go at this recipe, and I could have let the dough rise for a tad longer and I think I could have used a tad more flour (I used the lower end of the suggested amount in the recipe); however, the result was a slightly sticky (in a good way) and super fluffy dough that ended up making incredibly fluffy, moist rolls. I opted for a little extra melted vegan butter and cinnamon sugar topping with crushed walnuts instead of frosting (mostly because this was a spontaneous baking experience, and I was low on glaze/frosting ingredients). No regrets; still absolutely delicious . . . just as much so warmed up with coffee the next day. My partner and I loved them! Thank you for the wonderful recipe!

  24. Eve says

    I made these yesterday to use up some bananas and they were DELICIOUS.
    They didn’t taste any different for being vegan; even my dad didn’t notice!
    I used all plain flour and I’d add double the banana next time, but it’s the first recipe of yours I’ve used and I think I’ll make more soon!

  25. KB says

    Morning! Made these for Christmas brunch. Lovely addition to our table. This time, I substituted coconut oil in the filling and preferred the flavor.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks so much for the lovely review and for sharing your modification. We are so glad you enjoyed them! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Thanks so much! Xo

  26. Tazzy says

    Unless my understanding is wrong and there is no video, where do I find the video for this recipe? Can’t find it using my phone & my computer is broken. :( Thanks for any help with this.

  27. Lucy says

    Really easy! I made these (in addition to other treats) to promote fairtrade with fairtrade bananas from work. They went down a treat at the bake sale, really wish I made more. I made it with non-vegan products due to having to use products in store and we don’t sell vegan cream cheese. It still worked perfectly fine with dairy products and was delicious. Thank you!

  28. Jacqui says

    Just made the banana cinnamon rolls and they are absolutely fabulous!
    I just had one and I really want another immediately.
    Can’t wait for my husbaand to try them. Thanks for another great recipe!

  29. Kim says

    We loved these! I made them just as the recipe told me to with the vegan cream cheese frosting. I was shocked at how delicious they were. We used 1/2 whole wheat flour and 1/2 white flour. We also used the organic cane sugar- the slightly thicker granules make a slightly crunchy sugary topping. Yum! Great recipe- and thank you!

  30. Cristina says

    Hi! I have family members allergic to all types of nuts, but would LOVE to serve your recipe for the holiday season coming up. How can I replace almond (flour, milk, nut ANYTHING) with something more vegan & allergy-free friendly?

  31. Jamee says

    Hi! Do you think it would be possible to leave them to do the final rise in the fridge overnight so they can be baked fresh in the morning?

  32. Jane Speyer says

    These were hands-down the best cinnamon rolls I ever made. Really easy and so good! I subbed rice milk for almond milk, because that’s what I had in the house and added just a little vanilla to the powdered sugar icing because vanilla is awesome. This banana in the dough makes it extra sticky, so keeping the kneading area well-floured is essential. I was worried about the amount of butter used in the filling – seemed like more than was needed, but trusted the recipe and everything worked out beautifully. Thanks so much for this recipe. We will definitely make this again!

  33. Charleen Belcher says

    This was really good! I added more warm spices (pumpkin pie spice, extra cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger) to the filling and used the cream cheese frosting from the GLUTEN-FREE ZUCCHINI CAKE (I halved that recipe). Thanks for another amazing recipe, Dana!

  34. Lydia says

    I’m not sure what exactly where I went wrong on this recipe!
    Tried it this morning. Slowly added flour until I had what I thought was a springy ball but then after 1.5 hours it hadn’t risen that much, but was bigger than when I started. Maybe my yeast never activated, problem 1. Then when I was trying to roll out the dough it kept sticking and crumbling… Too much flour? I decided to move ahead even though it wasn’t looking good at this point. They turned out OK. Not sure if I would invest the time/energy again.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Lydia! Sorry to hear you had some difficulties with this recipe. It sounds like your yeast was possibly too old? As for the crumbly dough, adding moisture will help the dough become more coherent. Add a few sprinkles of cold water (no more than a teaspoon at a time), handling the dough as little as possible until it’s evenly moistened.

  35. Josuha says

    Made this yesterday to bring over to my friends’ new house and they absolutely loved them! I don’t think I quite got the flour ratio right, but they still came out delicious, the bananas really added a bunch of flavor.

  36. POLly says

    Sososososo good! I’ve made this twice, once for thanksgiving and everyone raved and a pregnant relative begged for the recipe. I will add that I used regular milk and butter though. Amazing!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Theresa! We wish we could comment, but we haven’t experimented with a GF cinnamon roll yet. But if you try it, please report back!

  37. Yoko says

    For the first time to bake cinnamon rolls! and it’s successful with fluffy texture:) I used chopped dates to reduce some suger. but I realized that sweeter is nicer! Thank you, Dana :D

  38. Selina says

    THESE ARE AMAZING!!! I had some overripe bananas to use and was looking for ideas online on how to use them when I came across this recipe. Instead of yeast and flour I adapted it with self raising gluten free flour, and they still turned out SO DELICIOUS!! Btw, your page is a freaking haven for celiacs and I don’t want to ruin anything by moving too fast but I love you.

    • Selina says

      Also, just wanted to let you know that this recipe was just SO GOOD that I ended up translating it to Norwegian and shared it with family members and on a Celiac forum, linking to your page of course.

  39. Georgia says

    These look amazing! Unfortunately, where I live, vegan butter is not accessible… is there any way to alter the recipe, and sub the butter with something else? Coconut oil, for example? Thanks!

  40. Kennedy says

    I had never made cinnamon rolls before but was craving them and had bananas that were turning ripe and the I found this recipe! I made them gluten free, which is just a matter of different flour.

    Anyway this recipe was easy to follow and I really like the walnuts! I’m not sure what I did wrong but they were a bit flavorless, I’ll keep experimenting and I’m sure I’ll get it right soon enough!

  41. Alison says

    Do you think it’s possible to replace the butter in the cinnamon buns with coconut oil? I don’t have access to earth balance or another vegan butter. Also, do you happen to have a glaze or icing that doesn’t require vegan butter? Or perhaps I could sub in coconut oil for that too?

  42. Ana says

    This recipe is another one I have made multiple times and everyone who’s had a piece or two, or three loves it. So thanks for deliciousness.

  43. Kelly White says

    How long do they keep for ?? I’m making them for an even thats two days away and I was wondering if i could get away with making them today x :)

  44. Kayla Werner says

    I am just knocking these recipes out of the park!! EVERYTHING I have made from your website and cookbook has been amazing. I have to say it’s easy living a vegan lifestyle when you have amazing food recipes from Dana!

  45. Sarah says

    Thinking about making these for a trip with friends, however Id have to make them the day before and heat them up before serving (adding the frosting after of course). Will this work? Has anyone tried this? I’m thinking a low what to just warm ’em up. Thanks!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Yes that’ll work! Just let them cool completely before storing and store in an airtight container and they’ll stay fresh for serving!

  46. Kristen says

    I just finished making these and oh my goodness. First of all, I’ve never made cinnamon rolls before, I wouldn’t consider myself any sort of Baker. But this recipe was so easy (almost foolproof) and these cinnamon rolls are among the best ones I’ve ever had. I just wanted to say thank you for all of your recipes. I went vegan about a year ago, using your website and your cookbook have helped me so much! I know I can always count on your recipes to impress not only myself but my non-vegan friends/family.

  47. Angie pangie says

    These barely fit into the suggested 8×8 sized pan, and barely cooked in the middle. They were good, but would be much better as 12 rolls in a proper 9×13 pan.

  48. Marubi says

    I believe I already commented on this recipe about how awesome they are, but I have to comment again because these are such a huge hit. So incredibly delicious! My boyfriends father who isn’t big on sweet things always takes seconds when I make these. The whole family gets excited as little children when they see what is in the baking pan. The friends I made them for have been nothing but impressed. We currently have a couple of very ripe bananas at home and the boyfriens is not-at-all-subtly hinting at what I should make with them :D Can’t thank you enough for the recipe :)

  49. Lisa in Apex NC says

    Holy moly roly poly. These were phenomenal. Made a glaze of powdered sugar, some soy milk, vanilla, coconut oil, and cinnamon for the top. Divine.

    Thank you for your expert instructions. I made sushi for the first time last night from your recipe. I absolutely love Minimalist Baker and recommend all the time. Thank you thank you!!

  50. Britton says

    I made these yesterday for my boyfriend’s birthday breakfast. I’ve never made cinnamon rolls before and this recipe was easy to follow. They turned out absolutely amazing. I felt like I was eating a Cinnabon, only vegan and with bananas. So it was 100x better.

  51. Julie says

    I recommend doing more than one banana sliced in the middle. They were good bits of caramelized goodness, but I think it would be better with 1 1/2 – 2 bananas sliced. Also, definitely do the brown sugar and not just white!

  52. Puck says

    These are soooooo good! They’re almost too rich, but not quite. I rolled them up the wrong way but they still turned out great. I think I’ll probably halve the recipe next time, though, since there’s too many for 2 of us and I’ll have to figure out what to do with the rest. I don’t really like vegan cream cheese, so I just used your sticky bun topping instead.

    • Puck says

      Oh, I forgot to ask – how do you measure your flour? I know some people scoop the flour with the measuring cup, some people spoon into the measuring cup and level, and it’s hard to tell who uses which method based on their recipes. I’m a spooner, not a scooper, but when I did that, I ended up adding quite a bit more than was called for – but they still turned out.

  53. Aeniah says

    Is it possible I could rise this and bake it as a log of cinnamon banana amazing soon to be bread?

  54. Hannah says

    Made these last night. Best things I’ve ever made! So simple! And they were soft and sweet and gooey and AMAZING!! Thanks for a great recipe x

  55. Elizabeth says

    Can I substitute the almond milk with another non dairy milk? Maybe soy, coconut, or rice milk? I would love to try this recipe but I’m have a severe almond allergy.

  56. Jennifer says

    What is vegan butter made of? I try not to do oil and/or highly processed foods. Thanks. These look amazing.

  57. Cassie says

    The problem is that if I make these cinnamon rolls, I’d eat all of them before the brunch even starts! :D my next challenge to you: CHOCOLATE cinnamon rolls.

  58. lili says

    Hi Dana thank you for the amazing recipe it was sooooo easy to make and tasted amazing I added some raison to it as well it’s so moist and delicious I and used coconut suger. Thank you for all the great recipe

  59. Bethany says

    Hi there! I was wondering if I could substitute the vegan butter? Can I use more bananas or applesauce, or coconut oil? thanks! ~Bethany

  60. Lauren says

    I used whole wheat flour for the entire measurement and made a cream cheese icing. The icing was SO complementary. Who would’ve thought to put banana bread and cinnamon rolls together? Almost a crime it hadn’t been done sooner!

  61. Shelby Huskey says

    Can we freeze the dough and not actually bake the cinnamon rolls until the morning, or do they need to be baked right away?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      You can freeze the dough. Just let it thaw completely, then preheat the oven while they rest on top of the oven. Bake as instructed!

  62. Maria says

    My friend got me onto this website because of your awesome vegan cinnamon scrolls. They are to die for! My fiancee LOVES banana treats so I’m going to try these ones out. Can’t wait to taste them. Thank you so much – you are awesome.

  63. Sandra Price says

    These look amazing!! I can’t wait to try this out, I am always looking for a substitute for Earth Balance or vegan butters… I live in a remote area and you cannot get it! Coconut oil is also always a liquid here never a solid! Any great suggestions out there?? Much love!!

  64. Marubi says

    I am so happy I found your blog with all the amazing recipes! Just made these babies, for tomorrow’s brunch with my boyfriend’s family. I figured we’d warm them up a bit tomorrow, and I have the frosting in a separate jar until then, this should work fine, right?
    Of course I also had to taste one already (got enough rolls that two were baked separately from the others), and it is absolutely delicious. Combining banana bread with the rolls is a great idea!
    I did do it slightly differently, I used dairy milk, fresh yeast, and added a bit more banana into the dough, about 2/3 cups, to which I added two spoons muscovado sugar, which I think goes really well into the combination. I also skipped the slices, because I usually already have a bit of a problem rolling the thing up, so didn’t want to complicate :)
    Of course I did frost them with the cream cheese frosting (dairy). If I was already indulging, might as well go all the way! :D

    • Marubi says

      Hello, I thought I’d tell you (in case someone wonders) that the warming them up a day after worked perfectly, Just popped them in the oven at a bit lower temperature for 15 min, and they were as delicious as freshly made. I was asked by everyone to share the recipe and to definitely make them again :)

  65. Kathleen says

    These are amazing! They are reasonably easy to make and delicious! Just made them for the second time today, and I will be giving them to my mom for Mother’s Day! I also definitely recommend adding the glaze. Thank you for this wonderful recipe.

  66. Max says

    trying make these bad boys right now. Waiting for my dough to rise. But it is normal that was super duper gooey when I was trying to knead it? No matter how much flour I added it was gooey. Tips?

  67. Chloe W says

    I am making these right now, but I am going to try making them GF. I will let you know how they turn out! So excited :)

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Yes! I would recommend making the rolls up until the baking part. then covering with plastic wrap and refrigerating overnight. then, bake as instructed in the morning, setting them on top of the oven while it preheats! Good luck!!

  68. Caroline says

    Hi Dana, love this idea and thinking about making these for Christmas morning! One question – have you ever made these in advance and then pulled out to bake? Would like to make the day before and pop into the oven!



    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      think you could! Just make them up to the baking part the night before, cover and refrigerate, and then bake the next morning as instructed!

    • Maria says

      Thanks Tori – you’re a lifesaver. I was having a hard time finding dairy free butter, so I’ll just use the Nuttelex in the fridge!

  69. Mandy says

    I made these a couple of days ago, exactly as written with the exception of adding two more tablespoons of sugar to the dough. In my oven, they needed to go for almost the full 35 minutes, but they were delicious, with an amazing, fluffy texture. Since my kitchen is cold and drafty, I used a tip I had seen elsewhere for letting the dough rise and wrapped the entire bowl in two bath-sized towels. Then we went to the gym for an hour. :-). By the time we got back, the yeast had done its thing and the dough was ready to roll! I used a vegetable peeler to slice up my bananas, and Daiya cream cheese because I can’t do soy. I haven’t tried Tofutti, but Daiya is a little sweet already, so I only needed two cups of powdered sugar for the cream cheese frosting.

    These were awesome, and will definitely be part of my special occasion repertoire!

  70. Dee says

    Oh Em Geeee!!! Just made these to satisfy my insane pregnancy craving for cinnamon and bananas and I have to say, this recipe and concoction is absolutely divine – it hit the spot! What’s more is that the hubby didn’t even know they were vegan until he devoured 3 and saw my Smart Balance tub sitting on the counter lol. Thanks Dana!! :)

  71. Zavier says

    Don’t know what I did wrong (maybe it was subbing half garbanzo bean flour?) but these stayed so sticky they were hard to cut. But I don’t care…the smell from my oven is amazing!

  72. anna says

    Please let me know if you tried this with gf flour and if it worked. I really want to make this but I’m a bit afraid of “wasting” my precious gf flour…

  73. Dai says

    I’ve made these twice now and man, they are awesome. Quick and easy to make and so good. The second time around, I left out the cinnamon and added chocolate sprinkles to the filling, goes together well with the banana.

  74. Anja says

    It looks great!
    Just obe question, last timd I made cinnamon rolls with instant yeast it tasted a lot like yeast..
    What did i do wrong?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Not sure! If you’re weary of instant, just use regular and give it more time to rise. Good luck!

  75. Karley Breese says

    Finally made these! I have tried these and the regular cinnamon recipe…. I love how easy they are to make! My only complaint is they are a bit “yeasty” for my tastes…. do you have any suggestions to combat this at all?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hmmm. Perhaps next time try baking them on a baking sheet lined with parchment spaced apart a little bit so they have a bit more space to “breathe” and crisp up. That should help!

  76. Jamie | Jamie's Recipes says

    You never cease to amaze me. This is a delightful combination. (Why didn’t I think of that?!)

  77. Sarah@WholeandHeavenlyOven says

    Omg I can hardly stand how tall and fluffy these rolls look! I’m a banana bread-FIEND so these are right up my alley! Totally loving the double-banana action going on there. :D Pinned!

  78. Thalia @ butter and brioche says

    Words cannot describe how badly I am craving one of these banana bread cinnamon rolls right now.. they look super delicious. Especially loving that thick layer of frosting going on as well. Pinned!

  79. Fee says

    Oh, wow….I’m definitely going to do this. I already love your cinnamon rolls, so should be a doddle to add the bananas. Won’t be today, but next weekend!

  80. Kate @ Almond Butter Binge says

    I read the title of this post and all I could think was “No. Freaking. WAY.” I can’t wait to try these :)

  81. Leigha @ The Yooper Girl says

    I’ve actually been craving a banana bread cinnamon roll, and you are literally my savior. Great recipe!! And as I am dabbling more and more with vegan eats, this is perfect! I just made an adaption of your one bowl banana bread yesterday and will be sure to let you know when I post it! :D

  82. Felicity says

    Dana, I love you! I haven’t yet tried this but I got sooooo excited when I saw your IG post on these!! I was like this is the best idea ever!!! Vegan banana cinnamon rolls!!!! EPIC. You are a baking goddess. Thank you. I have black spotted bananas on my countertop just begging to be made into this! I will report back when I’ve tried it. Thank you you wonderful woman!

  83. Nikki @ Quest for Balance says

    Dana you are a genius! I can’t wait to try these! What are your thoughts on subbing gluten free flour? I know it’s never really the same as traditional flour but I’m thinking it would also be delicious!

  84. Danielle says

    I cannot read your blog without my mouth watering!
    Another amazing recipe I will need to try!


  85. Emilie@TheCleverCarrot says

    I can’t even believe you got a cinnamon roll to look that good, without eggs. Seriously, that crumb is amazing- so fluffy! Girl, you better polish that crown because this is a good one ;)

  86. Mary Beth says

    I tried these, but am not a huge fan! :( Maybe it was some changes I made, not sure.

    I’m not gluten-free so I used regular salted butter (decreased the salt in the recipe by half, which was a mistake because the dough turned out a bit flavorless), unbleached white flour, regular whole milk, and toasted almonds. I also did not put bananas in the filling because I always have so many issues rolling the dough that I didn’t want to make it too complicated. :)

    I also made the dough the night before and let it rise overnight.

    Everything came together normally, but the end result was disappointing. First of all, they took forever to cook! It definitely might have been my oven, but they ended up hard on the outside and still soft on the inside. I like super soft cinnamon rolls, so I’m not sure if it was the addition of banana in the dough that made them not cook uniformly? And as I mentioned before, the dough was too flavorless for me. I shouldn’t have decreased the salt and I think I prefer sugar in the dough like normal cinnamon rolls.

    I think it’s probably a great healthier cinnamon roll recipe and I really hope others have success! I’ll blame it on my oven and my error for decreasing the salt. Maybe I’ll try these again and report back with better success!

  87. Katie Barthel says

    I was expecting the bananas to be mashed and included in the dough, but including thin slices in the roll itself sounds even better! I do have a question – do you think you could make these ahead of time, refrigerate them overnight, then bake them in the morning? I don’t work with yeast very much and I’m not sure if refrigerating would mess with the dough staying risen. Thanks!

  88. Florianne says

    hi there,
    this looks wonderful,
    do you remember how many bananas do you need for those 2 half cups, mashed & sliced ? thanks in advance !

  89. Ceara @ Ceara's Kitchen says

    Okay, you guys did it – these cinnamon rolls look OVER THE TOP ahhh-mazing! I cannot wait to try these because Banana Bread is one of my fav. things ever and so are cinnamon rolls! And can I just say, gooey is the best word ever to describe baked goods – ever!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      I wish I could comment, but I haven’t experimented with a GF cinnamon roll yet. But if you try it, please report back!

  90. Ala says

    I was disinclined to believe the title, but then I clicked over and oh. My. Gaw. Seriously, you guys are amazing. This looks FANTASTIC–one bowl, indeedy! Sharing and saving, Dana!

  91. Joanna says

    I was just looking at the 3 pathetic looking browning bananas on my counter and wondering what to do with them. I was going to go with banana pancakes, but this is much more decadent! As soon as I get home from work tomorrow, I am going to make these!

  92. Lisa @ Simple Pairings says

    I don’t think I’ve ever come across banana bread cinnamon rolls – what a fantastic idea to combine two wonderful baked goods together this way! I like the idea of using banana as a natural sweetener, too. I imagine these would be quite lovely for breakfast.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Not sure I understand you. Are you OK with using all purpose? Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to advice on other flours as I haven’t tested them.

  93. Katie (Veggie and the Beast) says

    Ohhh lordy the way that thick cream cheese glaze is cracking on top in that last picture. Why can’t there be a high five emoji for desktops?

  94. Alexis says

    These look great. Now…did you ever think of marrying cinnamon rolls with apple strudel? I had a vision of apple slices in place of the banana slices. Or, have you thought of trying to make them gluten free (hint hint)!

    • Claudia says

      Just made these…. PERFECT! AMAZING! DELICIOUS! INCREDIBLE! The banana, which is not obvious or overpowering, gives this that certain * magical * touch! On my list for more, already shared with my mother who loves the Cinnabon version at the mall – no longer! This is so easy to make, a bit of waiting time for the dough, 30 minutes in the oven, done! Thank you so much for this idea!!!

  95. CakePants says

    Oh my…these look downright divine! I know it’s still a way off, but these look like they might be perfect for my family’s Christmas breakfast :) Yummm.

  96. Valerie says

    Good Morning from *sunny* Vancouver……awesome recipe for sure! I am a true ‘raisin in my cinnamon buns girl’ and would want to add some to your recipe….ummm..what quantity would you suggest? Thanks and cheers, Valerie :)

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      As much as you want! I’d say 1/4 cup, which is enough to sparsely cover the surface. Hope that helps!

  97. The Blonde Chef says

    This looks like my new favorite dessert! Bananas AND frosting?! I am counting the minutes until I can whip this up for myself! Brilliant!

  98. Fi at this and that blog says

    This sounds like a match made in heaven – I need to try it one day soon. It looks like the perfect brunch for an autumnal day. xxxx

  99. Claudia @Breakfast Drama Queen says

    This looks AMAZING! I officially have cinnamon roll cravings (hmm… I’m going to having to try and make some gluten free cinnamon rolls super soon!!!)

  100. Averie @ Averie Cooks says

    Banana bread is one of my favvvvvorite things ever. I have a bazillion recipes for it but have never done banana cinn rolls. You’re a genius! AND they’re vegan AND they’re one bowl! And almost no kneading! Amazing! Pinned!