Aloo Tikki (Indian Potato Cakes with Green Chutney)

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Stack of gluten-free vegan Samosa-Inspired Potato Cakes

Oh, Indian food. I could write an entire novel chronicling my love for this cuisine, but even that would fail to fully describe how I feel.

While I don’t cook it that much at home, we tend to get Indian takeout at least once every couple weeks. Perhaps my favorite dish is the vegetable samosa. Crispy crust stuffed with tender potatoes and peas, perfectly spiced, and begging to be dipped in chutney.

How can you go wrong?

Stirring potatoes and spices for gluten-free vegan Curry Spiced Samosa Potato Cakes

The problem with samosas is two-fold:

1) They’re fried. I’m pretty much terrified of frying anything, so that’s a no-go.

2) They’re quite complicated. It’s nearly impossible to make a samosa recipe that will fall under my simple standards.

So, I decided to get creative and tackle the Indian dish that reminds me most of a samosa: Aloo Tiki*.

Here’s the deal. Yes, the crust is delicious. If you want a fried pocket of dough, go to your neighborhood Indian restaurant and order a whole basket. There’s no shame in that. But if you want to make an inspired, simplified version at home, I have just the thing.

*Learn more about the origins of aloo tiki and a more authentic preparation here.

Cooking gluten-free vegan Samosa Potato Cakes in a cast-iron skillet

I’m convinced my favorite elements of a samosa are the tender potato-pea filling, the spices, and the chutney sauce for dipping (read, drowning).

I kept these elements intact while ensuring this recipe was simple, condensing it down to just 10 ingredients (give or take a spice). And to mimic the pastry crust, I provide an option of crusting them in panko bread crumbs.

This is entirely optional and can take them off of the gluten-free spectrum. But I found myself gravitating toward the panko-coated cakes more in the end.

Container of homemade Green Chutney for dipping Samosa-Inspired Potato Cakes

And that chutney. Oh, the chutney. So green. So fresh. So perfect.

I’ve studied up on how to make a sweet, green chutney and it’s actually quite simple. The best grinder for the job is a small food processor. The next ideal option is a mortar and pestle. And lastly, if you’re like me, you can use a coffee/spice grinder in a pinch. Fair warning, clean up is a little messy as I don’t think they’re intended for wet herbs, but it gets the job done!

I hope you guys love the aloo tiki! They’re the best way I’ve found to mimic a samosa at home without a million ingredients or busting out the frying oil.

If you give them a try, let me know how you like them! Leave a comment and rate it – it’s super helpful to us and other readers. And don’t forget to show us how it goes by tagging a picture #minimalistbaker on Instagram! We’d love to see what you come up with. Cheers!

Stack of Samosa-Inspired Potato Cakes dripping with delicious Green Chutney

Aloo Tikki (Indian Potato Cakes with Green Chutney)

10-ingredient Aloo Tikki with Simple Green Chutney. Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, and perfectly spiced.
Author Minimalist Baker
Stack of Indian Potato Cakes with Green Chutney dripping down the side
4.84 from 81 votes
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Servings 10 (cakes)
Course Side, Snack
Cuisine Gluten-Free, Indian-Inspired, Vegan



  • 2 pounds yukon gold potatoes (scrubbed clean, peeled + halved)
  • 1-2 Tbsp vegan butter (plus more for cooking // or sub a neutral oil of choice)
  • 2 tsp curry powder (plus more to taste // I love Trader Joe’s curry powder)
  • 1/8 tsp ground cardamom (plus more to taste)
  • ~1/2 tsp each salt + pepper (to taste)
  • 2/3 cup green peas (thawed if frozen)
  • 1/2 cup panko bread crumbs (optional // for coating // gluten-free for GF)


  • 1 bunch fresh cilantro (stems mostly removed // 1 bunch equals ~3 ounces)
  • 3 cloves garlic (crushed)
  • ~1/4 tsp each salt + pepper (to taste)
  • 1 large lime (juiced // or sub lemon)
  • 1 Tbsp sweetener (such as cane sugar, maple syrup, or honey if not vegan // plus more to taste)
  • 1-2 Tbsp water (to thin)
  • 1-2 Tbsp ripe avocado (optional // for extra creaminess)


  • Add potatoes to a large pot and cover with water. Bring to a boil over high heat and cook for 15-20 minutes or until tender and slide easily when picked up with a knife. Drain and set aside.
  • While the potatoes cool, prepare chutney. Use a small food processor, mortar and pestle, or a spice grinder* to combine all ingredients until well blended and pureed. (A blender may work, depending on size – the smaller the better).
  • Add only enough water to encourage blending. Taste and adjust seasonings, adding more garlic, salt, sweetener, or lime as desired.
  • Add cooled potatoes to a mixing bowl along with vegan butter, salt and spices. Mash to combine, trying not to overmix. Taste and adjust seasonings as needed. I found the cardamom really helped the curry flavor punch through. Don’t be timid with the salt.
  • Add peas and mix once more. Then scoop out about 1/4 cup measurements and form into round discs (should be enough for 8-10 cakes as original recipe is written).
  • Season the tops of the cakes with a pinch more salt, pepper and curry powder. If using panko bread crumbs – I tested with and without and would recommend for a crispier crust – sprinkle on top and gently press to adhere.
  • Heat a skillet over medium heat. Once hot, add enough vegan butter or oil to coat and add 3-4 patties spice side down, being careful not to crowd the pan. Sprinkle the tops with salt, pepper, curry powder and panko crumbs. Press gently again to adhere.
  • Brown for 4-5 minutes, turning down heat if they brown too quickly. Gently flip (being careful as they can be fragile), and brown for 4-5 more minutes, or until deep golden brown.
  • Remove from pan and repeat until all patties are cooked, adding more vegan butter or oil as needed.
  • Serve with chutney. These work as finger food but are most ideal when plated and eaten with a fork. Leftovers keep well (separated) covered in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.



*I used a spice/coffee grinder and had to clean it out quite a bit afterwards since it’s not necessarily intended for mixing wet spices. With that being said, it does work but I would first recommend using a food processor or mortar and pestle for ideal outcome.
*Chutney heavily adapted from Veg Recipes of India – a lovely, reliable website for Indian cuisine!
*Nutrition information is a rough estimate calculated with all of the chutney and without avocado or bread crumbs.

Nutrition (1 of 10 servings)

Serving: 1 cakes Calories: 90 Carbohydrates: 18 g Protein: 2.3 g Fat: 1.3 g Saturated Fat: 0.8 g Trans Fat: 0 g Cholesterol: 0 mg Sodium: 135 mg Fiber: 3 g Sugar: 2.7 g

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My Rating:

  1. Nicole says

    Wow this sauce is so good. I’ll def be finding other uses for it. The cakes were amazing too (uncoated), although I didn’t have peas. Instead, I added in some curry-spiced, sauteed bell pepper (chopped fairly small) and green onion, as well as some chickpeas for protein. I’m not vegan so I may add an egg or two if I make these again for binding as the cakes were a bit crumbly.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks as always for the lovely review and for sharing your experience, Nicole! xo

  2. Charles Hirshberg says

    That cilantro chutney is off-the-hook! Can’t believe something that delicious can be so simple. I’m going to be using it on all kinds of stuff. Many thanks!

  3. Sharan says

    These were super delicious – my favorite part about a samosa is the filling and this is just that. I added a bit of gharam masala and cumin powder to add to the flavor and they came out amazing. In seeing the comments on the chutney, I think I might add a bit of mint next time to offset the strong lime flavor. Absolutely love the avocado tip… makes it so creamy. Love your recipes as always!

  4. Jaimie says

    These were delicious. I used russet potatoes and they worked fine. I think the yukons might have held together a bit better. Added 1 teaspoon each of ground cumin and coriander. Made the chutney with one jalapeno, a handful of mint, and no avocado. Perfect compliment to the patties along with tamarind chutney, too. I baked in the oven at 450 on a cookie sheet preheated with 2 tablespoons oil and sprayed the tops with oil. Cooked on lowest rack for 15 minutes and then moved to top rack to broil.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks so much for the lovely review and for sharing your modifications, Jaimie. We are so glad you enjoyed them! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Thanks so much! Xo

  5. Erin says

    A tip for making the chutney in the blender – use a small mason jar instead of the blender’s pitcher. Nice and small, less clean-up, and keeps it simple!

  6. Nikki says

    These are bloomin delicious!
    I coated with dessicated coconut for a gluten free version, which I am very pleased to discover as a breadcrumb sub, you can’t taste the coconut but it gives the crispy coating and breadcrumby texture. I’d suggest putting cumin seeds, an Indian shop I used to get delicious samosas from in England would taste similar to this but with whole cumin seeds 😘 thank you for all of your amazing recipes! I make them often x

  7. Em says

    oh my yum!!!! So easy and tasty and just what I wanted. Everything a Minimalist Baker recipe is ☺. My partner declared it better than the chicken dish & “now you have to make this every time” we eat Indian.
    Tip:I made them early and let set in the fridge & they didn’t fall apart when cooked. Added panko to half right before cooking & I preferred them w/o. Tip 2: MAKE THE CHUTNEY!!!

  8. Elizabeth says

    Thank you for a great recipe! It recreates the wonderful flavors and texture of the samosa filling, and phew! no scary deep-frying. We all loved it.

  9. Monica says

    Cooked this for my family the other evening. Everyone loved the flavor – especially the chutney. However, I had a very difficult time getting the cakes to fry evenly without burning or becoming soggy (even using my cast iron skillet). I ended up popping a few raw ones in my air fryer and they crisped up perfectly! I pulled the half-cooked ones from the pan and finish them up in the air fryer as well. Highly recommend for anyone who has an air fryer! Plus I didn’t have to use any additional oil for frying.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Yay! Thanks for sharing, Monica! We don’t have an air fryer but do love our convection oven setting!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Probably some oil or a neutral nut butter like raw cashew? Or a small amount of soaked cashews or hemp seeds.

  10. Gina says

    I’ve made these twice now and really love the flavors. Both times, though, I’ve found the mixture too wet to work with without adding some sort of grain – I used breadcrumbs because that’s what was easiest in the moment, but I think next time I’d use some chickpea flour, as the flavor and texture seem likely to merge a little better.

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Gina, did you thaw the peas before adding? If not, we’d suggest that as well for next time. Hope that helps!

      • Gina says

        Thanks for the response! I did – fully thawed and patted dry. Perhaps there was too much moisture in the potatoes. Either way, though, they were still delicious with the additional breadcrumbs.

  11. Jill Rosemarie says

    I am definitely going to try this! I have about 3 cups of samosa filling left from the cheater samosas I made last night. I share your fear of deep frying. I learned a trick where you cut the crusts off slices of sandwich bread and roll them flat as your samosa dough, then egg wash them and bake at 350 F for twenty minutes. They turn out well!

  12. Nora says

    I made this tonight with the green chutney – so delicious. I added some garam masala to the mix and coated them in a mix of chickpea flour and bread crumbs before frying in a combo of avocado oil and vegan butter. Yum!

  13. Melina Kennedy says

    This is a fantastic recipe. It was so quick and easy to make. I made this along side the easy chana masala recipe. These two plus the Chutney went perfectly together! I can tell this recipe will be a favourite in my kitchen from now on!

  14. John says

    OH. MY. GOSH. The “5-Minute Green Chutney” is the best part of this recipe. Who knew seven ingredients could come together to form something so yummy??? The avocado addition is a must (forget that “optional” part). Perhaps it’s the slight sweetness, or the big hit of lime juice, or the cilantro. I don’t know, but I can tell you that I made this potato dish along with two other recipes from this site for dinner (1-Pan Potato (Aloo) Sabzi, and Quick Crispy Cauliflower), and the first thing to disappear was the Green Chutney because everyone kept dipping their cauliflower in it! For sure, this chutney will become a staple in my house.

  15. Taylor says

    Delicious and and easy with a quick clean-up! I’ve made this one a few times now and freestyle it a bit with the potatoes and spices. The chutney comes out delicious but I’ve had some trouble getting it all to come together with a food processor. I think a mortar and pestle would be the best way to make it.

    I also have a major weakness for samosas and a reluctance for deep frying anything so these are perfect!

    Now to figure out the doughnut!

  16. Amelia says

    These are delicious! I am GF so I used finely ground cornmeal (all I had) for the ‘breading’ and it added a nice crispness they didn’t really get without it. I’d probably use coarse cornmeal next time or the rice crumbs from TJ. I think my food processor was slightly too large for the chutney so I added the avocado then it was fine. Next time I’d probably double the recipe or jsut plan to use the avocado. Yum! :)

  17. Timmy says

    This is a staple in my house – I make it to accompany your chana masala recipe and it goes down a treat every time. Thanks for simplifying both of these dishes, and for doing so at no cost to their quality and authenticity.

  18. Sierra says

    We loved these! Left the potatoes unpeeled and they turned out fine. This made so many patties and they were super filling, I’m freezing the extra ones (uncooked) so I will update this comment to let ya know how that works out. Been making this chutney for years, one of my MB standbys! Finally made the potatoes to go along with it, don’t know what took me so long :)

  19. Kimmi says

    Whoa, that chutney is delicious!! I didn’t add the avocado at first and just blitzed it in my baby food processor and it made a huge mess, haha! So I ended up chopping up the cilantro and adding the avocado and everything else back in and it worked great. We can’t do panko (gluten sensitivity) so just did it with potato and it was still divine. I may try to powder it with some gluten free flour or bread crumbs next time though! Yum! Hit the spot for my samosa craving. Going to pair these with some allergen friendly chicken korma and vegan saag for Father’s Day lunch tomorrow. Thank you for sharing!

    • Support @ Minimalist Baker says

      Yum- your lunch sounds divine! Thanks for the lovely review and sharing your experience!

  20. Jim says

    Delicious! Left the peel on the taters and baked instead of frying, since I doubled it to feed more people. Mixed in diced yellow onion after sauteeing. Thumbs up on panko!

  21. Ro says

    I just made these while listening to a summit. So so good! I could drink that sauce and I ate four of the cakes as they came out of the pan.

    I used the stems and all and made the sauce in a Ninja blender and it was fine. I cooked the cakes in one of those copper pans so needed very little oil but it took 5-6 minutes per side to get them to the brown that I like. I did use the panko as I like the crispiness.

    These will now be my new go to instead of fish cakes and beans. I served veg baked beans on the side which I doctored up with red pepper, white and red onions.
    Thanks, Dana!

  22. Druid says

    Made this last night to accompany Chicken Tikka for non-vegan hubby’s birthday – he loves Samosas. I used russets & didn’t have panko or breadcrumbs, so just fried the patties in olive oil. They formed a crust but some fell apart when turning & all were very soft & rather wet inside. My frozen peas were very frosty – maybe that made it too wet? But the flavor was good, very much like Samosas. Hubby was happy.
    I had previously made this chutney recipe, but it just tasted like a Mexican salsa verde to me, & with the avo, like guacamole, so I used a different chutney recipe with the Tikki. It added toasted cumin & coriander seeds, fresh garlic & ginger, no avo, & was much more Indian tasting.

  23. Adam says

    Do you think I could do this with butternut squash? I know the water content is higher so I would probably have to make sure to get as much of the water is possible, possibly roast instead of boil.

  24. Rebecca says

    Hi there! Is it possible to sub edamame for peas? Have some in my freezer and not sure if that would work…thanks :)


  25. Cindy Salit says

    I made this – delicious! I used Ghee instead of vegan butter and it was fabulous. I used 3 pounds of Yukons and doubled the chutney recipe. Because I doubled it, I was able to use a full size food processor and did not have to remove the cilantro stems.

  26. Michael & Chari says

    Michael, hubby, made it. We LOVE them!!!
    Important item… take cilantro off stems!
    Our carnivorous friends liked them too!! :)

  27. Raiya says

    I made this for a potluck and every piece (even the crumbs) were dug out of the container. I did the recipe slightly different as I did smaller patties, I made it a day ahead, and I added a mint leaf to the chutney, but it tasted phenomenal! I doubled the recipe and made around 35 small balls, then carefully flattened them into thick patties (being so small, they are fragile), sprinkled bread crumbs & curry powder, sprayed with olive oil to make it all stick to the patties, and threw them in a pan to cook with a bit more oil. After all were cooked and cooled, I stored them in the fridge until just before the potluck. To reheat, I set the oven to 350 degrees, placed them all on a large cookie sheet, baked for about 30-40 min (15-20 min on each side), and placed in a container with no lid or foil (so it stays crisp) to transport. Serves up perfectly! A+!

  28. Beth says

    These were delicious! My kids (10 and 8) loved them too. They wouldn’t touch the chutney, but I loved it! Tip – if you add to much water to your chutney and it’s super runny (like I did), just add some of the mashed potatoes and it thickened right up.

  29. Mary says

    Hi Dana, I love the recipe. I change up the lemon juice with orange cuties and seen I didn’t have seen I didn’t have any cardamom I search up replacements and found if you mix cinnamon and nutmeg you have a cardamom taste. I recommend you to try this.

  30. AndreaM says

    Soooo good!! I pinned this recipe months ago but took forever to finally make it. Then I had to make it twice this week! Next time I’ll buy larger potatoes (the peeling was labor intensive) but otherwise this recipe is super simple. The chutney is finger licking good. I made it with gf breadcrumbs (homemade) but actually preferred them just pan fried. The potatoes alone formed a nice crust. This is a keeper!

  31. Sheila says

    I made this on a cold winter evening and it was delish! We were fighting over the sauce, so next time I will double that (at least). It definitely reminded me of the inside of a samosa. And it wasn’t too spicy for my picky pre-teen (I’m embarrassed to say she did put ketchup on it, but whatevs). I will make this again! Thanks so much for all the fun vegan recipes — much appreciated!

  32. Sharon says

    Hi! I really like your blog but the fact that you have chosen to ignore comments informing you of the correct name of this traditional Indian dish is quite frankly disrespectful. You cannot take dishes from other cultures and name it what you want. As mentioned many times in the comments, the proper name of this dish is ‘ALOO TIKKI’. No need to change the name or dumb it down for your white audience

    • Nanette says

      The print version has the name Aloo Tikki AND MANY times Dana commented about the name. If you took the time to read the comments instead of being so nasty you’d learn she was unaware of Aloo Tikki so named it accordingly as Potato Cakes.

      • Deepti says

        Well now that she knows, why has she changed it? And I have not seen any comments from her acknowledging that the name is wrong? The only thing ‘nasty’ here is taking a dish from another culture and changing the name! A little research would have saved her a lot of headache :)

  33. diane says

    this was so delicious. i cant make anything without making some tweaks. It’s why i dont bake!!!
    I added a jalapeno and some onion. it’s my favorite go to food for a treat.
    Thank you l
    for posting it.

  34. Lucy says

    Can’t wait to try! Confused about one thing- can you sub oil for vegan butter when mixing into the potatoes? I don’t want to mess up the consistency, but I don’t have vegan butter. I do have vegan mayo, do you think that would work if the oil doesn’t? Thank you so much, I’m a big fan of all your recipes!!

  35. Polly says

    These were delicious! We made them along with your recipe for Spicy Red Curry Cauliflower Wings, and both were awesome, especially with the ‘chutney’ / cilantro sauce. Highly recommend! We will be making both again soon.

  36. Kari says

    I made these and they were delicious. The only change I made was to add sauteed onion as other reviewers suggested. Unfortunately mine weren’t cohesive enough to hold together in the pan. Maybe too many peas and the onions made it looser? Regardless it was delicious with the seasonings and the sauce. Thanks for another great recipe!

  37. JOSIE says

    I made these tonight using leftover baked potatoes & they were fantastic! Really easy to make, they don’t fall apart or stick to the pan. I baked mine in the oven first then browned them in the pan with a little coconut oil. Next time we’ll fry up some onions to eat with them. Thanks for another great recipe.

  38. Krizia says

    Amazing. I am addicted to samosas and this hit the spot. I was nervous about the chutney because I usually hate cilantro but it complimented the samosas wonderfully.

  39. Kristin Baker says

    Excellent flavors, like usual. You never cease to impress me with your culinary expertise. I did however, add a little of a serrano pepper to spice it up a bit!

  40. Bob F says

    went by the your recipe, but found out that the cilantro I thought I had, was no where to be found, so I had to go to the store, turning the potatoes off…. they were under cooked.. ouch. had to microwave them. Then I put the panko inside the potatoes instead of on them. OMG I’m bad… but distracted. Still turned out great. The green chutney didn’t need the water but that was finger licking good…. A I’m gonna make this again. Thanks!

  41. Khushi says

    Dear Dana,

    It’s a nice recipe and I will try it. Just an issue. I am just repeating what my fellow Indians have pointed out before me. This is not a samosa but Aaloo tikki (potato cakes) and adding the term samosa is very misleading. They are totally different things.

    I was searching for a good potato samosa recipe and google showed me your website. It’s disappointing to see that you have ignored the comments regarding this and failed to correct your error. You’re misleading people with incorrect information.

    Please do oblige. :)

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thank you for this feedback! I honestly had never heard the term “Aloo Tikki”or tried them at a restaurant before I made this recipe, which is why I called them potato cakes. However, I’ve added a note within the text that says they’re known as aloo tikki! I appreciate the feedback.

  42. Laura says

    Wow! I am running to my kitchen now to make these! The chutney sounds divine, ususally I gorge on coconut chutney, this green chutney I have to try. I use crushed rice squares cereal for GF panic, works like a charm. Light and crispy. I love your ideas, so healthy and delicious. It’s a nice way to give back to others around me: healthy healing foods that just happen to be vegan. win win!
    Thank you,

  43. Beth says

    Looking forward to making these! We visited Bollywood Theater last weekend so now I’m obsessed. What is your fave Portland Indian restaurant?
    Beth in the Couve :)

  44. Robyn Gray says

    Just made this tonight! I added a flax egg to give them a little more stability and it worked! Also, that sauce is MONEY. Thanks for another great recipe!

  45. Tamie says

    I’ve already made this twice since discovering the recipe last week! It’s absolutely delicious. The green chutney goes PERFECTLY with the samosa potato cake. Definitely recommend this recipe!

  46. Katie Millard says

    You say you prefer Trader Joe’s curry powder, over here in the UK have no idea what that is, so would you mind letting me know the ingredients and can see if I can get near the equivalent over here. Many thanks Dana, have just signed up too. Happy New Year Katie

  47. Steph says

    Just made these tonight and they were absolutely delicious!!!! I just made the addition of sautéed onion with more curry powder and then toasted whole cumin seeds. I doubled the recipe they were that good!

  48. Wisal fattouh says

    I made it! Was really yummy! I changed up the spices a bit, I added garam masala, tumeric, coriander, curry powder, and chili powder. I also added carmalized onions to the mix. The chutney was to die for I made it with Avacado. I can’t wait to make it again!

  49. Jojanneke Vanderveen says

    I find that baking samosas (with a crust) in the oven works just fine, and it’s completely oil-free ánd saves a lot of time, as you can just throw them all in at the same time, instead of having to fry them in small batches! It’s kind of like a quiche. :-)

  50. Claudia Callaghan says

    These are absolutely delicious, simple and full of flavor! They are also filling and, with a salad, make a wonderful dinner. Thank you! I love this blog!

  51. Aerin says

    Very very good for a chilly fall evening – and perfect with the chutney. I wish I’d made a jug full of it – I’d eat it with almost everything!

  52. Nalini says

    The recipe is wonderful. I know these are samosa-filling inspired. But, these cakes have their own name – “aloo tikki”, samosas are actually pastries and can be baked or fried.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thank you for this feedback! I honestly had never heard the term “Aloo Tikki”or tried them at a restaurant before I made this recipe, which is why I called them potato cakes. However, I’ve added a note within the text that says they’re known as aloo tikki! I appreciate the feedback.

      • Priya says

        I didn’t realise it, but this blogger literally pawned this off recipe as her own for over a year before commenting to anyone. Citing she “didn’t know” or “ever tried it” but magically came up with it herself is slightly odd.

        Minimalist Baker = Karen. She should have responded to everyone from 2016, 2017 who told her it and course-corrected to each one or publicly.

        I will definitely not be coming to this website again to see what else she pawns off as her own.

  53. Mattison says

    Hi! I’ve been using your for a little over a year on a regular basis and I really do enjoy them.
    I made this recipe today and I just wanted to say that the addition of raw garlic to the chutney made it pretty sharp tasting and a little over powering. Next time, I think I will roast or cook the garlic in the pan before adding as i think it will be sweeter and less strong. I just wanted to post this because a small additional step like that I think could improve the chutney just a little bit.

  54. Abe C. Buford says

    These potato Samosa are perfect for busy folks who do not have unlimited resources to work with. They’re not super difficult to make yet Taste Simply Wonderful!

  55. Caterina says

    These were super delicious! I didn’t have all the ingredients on hand for the chutney so just ate them plain and I couldn’t stop, they were addictive. Thanks for a fabulous recipe, these will be a regular now!

  56. Annie says

    I am going to try these with cauliflower instead of potato. I can’t eat potato because it has higher histamine. I hope it works!

  57. Shannon says

    This was awesome! My CSA came with a head of cilantro and potatoes and this was quite a delicious way to put them to use as I had nearly everything else on hand! A nice healthy way to get my Indian fix! ;) Also- chutney was such a perfect and amazing addition- we ate it all and we don’t even usually finish them from the Indian restaurants! Thank you!

  58. Ian says

    Hi Dana, Ian here from LA. You are a domestic goddess and I’ve been meal-prepping your recipes each week for the past month. The Buddha Bowl was life changing. Keep it up!

  59. Tara says

    I made these tonight for light dinner after having a huge lunch. The whole family LOVED them. I used GF bread crumbs to coat and it worked great. I will be making these again soon!! Thanks again for another SUPER recipe!!

  60. Morgan says

    First of all, I find myself on your site a few times a week, so thanks for all the inspiration and recipes! For this one, I subbed sweet potato for yukons, and dusted with tapioca starch before frying in coconut oil in my cast iron (all because that’s what I had on hand). Served with some Indian yellow rice, tomato and onion salad, cucumber mint raita, and the green chutney of course! Whole family loved it, even my two year old made a happy plate. Thanks again!

  61. Holly Noel says

    I was wondering about the possibility of baking these instead of frying….
    Maybe adding a flax egg to stiffen it up? What are your thoughts and/or experiences with baking these as opposed to frying?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      I don’t think you’d have to change anything in the recipe to back them. Just bake at 375 for 15-25 minutes!

  62. nick says

    Thanks for this great recipe Dana! Deeeelishhhh!
    As a GF option I blitzed some GF dry crackers/toasts that we have available in the shops here (made from buckwheat, rice & millet) together with some nutritional yeast, salt & pepper and it gave a really nice panko style crust.
    I also added a cashew yogurt I had on hand from another recipe the day befre, and it worked really well with the beautiful chutney.
    Thanks again, love your work!

  63. Courtney says

    I love this recipe! Whenever I make mashed potatoes I make sure there are left overs so I can make these the next day (ok it’s only happened 3 times but I think that’s enough to made it a trend)
    Thanks Dana!

  64. Michelle says

    I love your recipes and your site. I made these but had trouble keeping them together – they were pretty goopy and ended up burning on the outside from trying to cook them longer. Any tips? Did I boil the potatoes too soft? P.S. I admit I tried to make these with sweet potatoes – I thought it would be a nice variation. That could also be why.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Sounds like the potatoes might’ve been too soft, Michelle. Sorry you had trouble! They should be more like a dough once it’s all mixed.

  65. Devinder says

    This dish is actually an Indian dish called ‘aloo tikki’ or potato pancake. It’s usually served with chana masala (chickpea curry), onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, green and red (tamarind) chutney. Very popular, a party of flavors and SUCH a crowd pleaser. My mom always made her green chutney with a granny smith apple and fresh mint in addition to your recipes, so delish!!!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thank you for this feedback! I honestly had never heard the term “Aloo Tikki”or tried them at a restaurant before I made this recipe, which is why I called them potato cakes. However, I’ve added a note within the text that says they’re known as aloo tikki! I appreciate the note.

  66. Angele says

    I loved this recipe. I can have samosa’s without the deep fried pastry is even better! I used the panko bread crumbs and it worked well for creating a crust. I broiled then to net get the added fat of the pan and they were great that way!

  67. Greta says

    These are so delicious. My whole family agreed that with the chutney, these were better than a restaurant. Thank you for developing this recipe. I’m making it again tonight! Yum. ?

  68. Seia says

    These definitely satisfied my potato craving today! Had mine with some veggie stir fry on the side and it was absolutely delish!

  69. Pamela says

    Hi there – these are called “aloo tikki”. Also samosas can be baked. Check out mark bittman’s recipe.

  70. Bhavesh Kakadiya says

    Great work into putting all the thoughts. But what you have made is simply called as Aloo Tikki. It’s not something new, may be different but is still an aloo tikki and not Samosa

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thank you for this feedback. I honestly had never heard the term “Aloo Tikki” before I made these or tried them at a restaurant, which is why I called them potato cakes. However, I’ve added a note within the text that says they’re known as aloo tikki!

  71. joy says

    I am so excited to find your website! I specialize in simple living and cooking is no exception, that is for sure. I am really looking forward to trying this recipe and many others. Though I am not vegan or vegetarian, it seems like you have an incredible diversity of recipes that can either be adjusted or made to compliment my household’s regular cuisine.

  72. Sports Bars in Philadelphia says

    YUM! These were SO delicious! I loved how easy they were too. I added carrots to the boiling potatoes and mashed them all together. I also added sautéed garlic & onion, and some more spices.

    I made mine with naan bread and basmati rice. What a treat!

  73. Bar downtown Louisville says

    These were really good! They were delicate, but nearly all of them held together. I used the panko as suggested, and it added a nice crisp. One thing I’ll skip next time is adding salt after forming the cakes – I don’t think they needed salt at that point. The chutney was really easy to make, too. Such a refreshing condiment. I used a small food processor – easy peasy. Thanks!

  74. Private Party Venue NYC says

    Totally trying this on Saturday to accompany some chicken tikka masala I’m making for friends. I seriously cook from here three to four times a week and recommend you regularly on my simplify blog Live Big and Small. Keep up the amazing work! and wish I had made more.

  75. Stamford CT Restaurant says

    They look yummy! I will ever try them right now and may try them out as a exclusive menu item at work! Thanks for sharing.

  76. Subrina says

    Totally trying this on Saturday to accompany some chicken tikka masala I’m making for friends. Can’t wait. They look delish!

  77. Anne says

    I made it and it was great! Like you, samosas had always seemed too difficult especially when I can get great ones for cheap. But these are all the potato goodness without the pastry hassle. Genius! I’m cooking for one so I appreciated that they lasted well in the fridge (thank you for the tip to keep them separated) so I could eat them for a couple meals. I liked your chutney but I’m absolutely addicted to the kind we get in the restaurants around here that isn’t sweet. Cilantro, onion and lime do the trick and you can make it in a blender. Asafoetida (or hing) adds a special je ne sais quoi if you can get your hands on it. Just don’t add too much. Thanks again!

  78. Dawn says

    These samosa potato cakes are a winner in my book. I’ve made them twice and we’ve inhaled them both times. I serve them as a main dish and increase their staying power by adding cooked red lentils (cooking for a small army of five here) and serve with salad and/or steamed veggies on the side. I tweak the spices by adding toasted and freshly ground mustard, coriander and cumin seeds. They are delicious, inexpensive and easy to make – hits all the marks with me!

  79. Pippy says

    I could not find cardamom at my local grocery store. Can you suggest a substitute? I am already in the middle of my samosas and was going to use a bit of ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg. What do you think? Thanks for your WONDERFUL blog. I seriously cook from here three to four times a week and recommend you regularly on my simplify blog Live Big and Small. Keep up the amazing work!

  80. Leah says

    These were really good! They were delicate, but nearly all of them held together. I used the panko as suggested, and it added a nice crisp. One thing I’ll skip next time is adding salt after forming the cakes – I don’t think they needed salt at that point. The chutney was really easy to make, too. Such a refreshing condiment. I used a small food processor – easy peasy. Thanks!

  81. Tracey @ A Taste of Trace says

    YUM! These were SO delicious! I loved how easy they were too. I added carrots to the boiling potatoes and mashed them all together. I also added sautéed garlic & onion, and some more spices (ginger, merken, & cumin).

    I’m traveling now and being able to make these in a hostel kitchen in Chile after months of stir-fried veggies & rice was a hugely welcomed change!! :)

  82. Indira says

    Hey Dana! Since I saw this recipe, I’ve been thinking about it. I loved samosas when I was younger and was toying with idea of trying to make it and voila! Your email appeared lol. I love the cilantro sauce and plan to try it this weekend. I have a handheld stovetop waffle iron so I think that I’ll try the potatoes in that. What do you think?

  83. Sisley says

    Dana!! You have done it again! First of all, I’m literally OBSESSED with everything and anything you post. Secondly, just made these for dinner and I’m so in love. How do you do it!? What is your secret haha! Thank you times a million. You make my life that much better. Xo

  84. Becky says

    Made these last night and they came out perfect! The breadcrumbs do seem necessary, such a nice light crunch. I screwed up the chutney (too watery) but I drained it and just added it to the potato mix. They also held up perfectly, I just put them in the fridge for ~30 minutes before cooking.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hmm, next time perhaps try adding a little all purpose or gluten free flour to the mix to thicken them up!

  85. Chusi says

    I made it for dinner tonight! It was a hit. Mine didn’t look as pretty. They were more of a blob not a perfect hockey puck but they tasted good. We love samosas but I won’t fry at home.

  86. Becca says

    These sound amazing. Do they work with regular butter? Just wondering if the vegan butter served a specific purpose or if it could be interchangeable with regular butter. Thanks!

  87. Catherine D'Arcy says

    That’s spooky. What you have invented is actually a classic Indian snack called Aloo Tikki (or Potato croquettes). Mashed potato, peas and spices (usually Garam Masaala and chilli) with breadcrumbs. They’re normally fried so fantastic to have a healthier version. They look fabulous. :-)

  88. Alice says

    Hi! My mom and I made these tonight, along with your roasted jalapeno hummus. It was really exciting because we got to use her mortar and pestle (always tryna find excuses to use it…) for the chutney. Added a few jalapeno seeds and OMG I was expecting the hummus to be the hot dip and the chutney to be the cool dip (added a bunch of mint from her garden) …roles reversed. But delicious. So delicious. 100% will make this again. Thanks sooo much <3

  89. Andrea Carbonaro says

    Exquisitas recetas y sobre todo inspiradoras!!

    Estamos en climas opuestos, así que voy siguiéndote igual aunque no haga justo la receta que estas publicando, Sobre todo aprendo como reemplazar ingredientes, por ejemplo los huevos!
    Bueno alguna vez podre mandarte fotos? para que me compartas tu opinión y así poder seguir mejorando.
    Un abrazo y gracias por tu dedicación

  90. Madeleine says

    Made these the other night–tasty, but really difficult to keep together. I know it wouldn’t make it vegan, but would adding an egg bind the ingredients together a bit better?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      An egg would definitely help with binding. Did you perhaps add too much moisture, either vegan butter or was there residual water from boiling the potatoes? They are kind of fragile, but should hold up fine. I also wonder if refrigerating them before cooking for 45 minutes or so would help? They also firm up after cooking if you let them rest a bit before serving. Glad you still enjoyed them!

  91. Healthy Eats says

    Just whipped this up & made much more than we’ll eat for dinner. Has anyone successfully frozen these? So excited to eat these tonight!!

  92. Anna says

    Hi Dana! I love your blog (I make your vegan biscuits basically every weekend) and I am so excited to try this recipe!

    Here’s my question: since I will be tripling the recipe (okay, I know I sound crazy, I live in a co-op with 8 people and we always try to have leftovers) do you think it would work to bake these little guys? We have a couple big cast irons so I’m sure I could fry them up without too much trouble, but I’m wondering if you ever tried baking them/have advice.


    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      I think it would work, but I haven’t tried it myself! I’d recommend frying over baking just because you won’t get that nice golden crust. But if you greased your baking pans, baked them for 30 minutes at a high temp (375 to 400) and flipped them at the halfway mark (15 minutes), it should work. Let me know if you give it a try!

  93. Kristin says

    Hey Dana!
    I recently started trying to eat more plant based. I have loved combing through your site, you’ve got some great recipes! (We’ve tried a few already) and these look SO good! Cant wait to try them!

  94. Zed says

    My mum makes something very similar (but a lot more spicy) to this and they taste great so I’m sure this recipe will do too. Looks mouthwatering.

  95. Mindy says

    Made these for dinner tonight with a side of scrambled eggs and avacado. They were delicious!!! I tried using ground almonds in place of panko on one and although it tasted good, it didn’t look very good.

  96. Ashley says

    I made these the other night and they were incredible!! My husband loved them too. He doesn’t normally eat left overs but he ate these two days in a row he loved them so much. A great healthy alternative to true samosas, and that chutney!!! So fresh and delicious. Thanks for the recipe; will definitely make these again

  97. Brie says

    Thanks for the great recipe! Both of my little ones (3.5 years and 14 months) devoured theirs. I served it with spinach, pitas, and raita. So yummy! I’m using our leftover chutney on my eggs and spinach tomorrow morning. -Brie

  98. Kelzee says

    Oh man, Dana, these were divine, and SO easy to make! And that chutney with cilantro fresh from the garden? O.M.G. Thanks for yet another winner!

  99. Sidney says

    I tried the chutney with another Indian inspired dish I was making and it was awesome! Only don’t use a vitamix to blend. It liquified it and I had to start over. However, it was worth it. I love the potato pancake idea, so clever! Going to try it next.

  100. Alex says

    I just made these after stumbling across this website and oh my god they are AMAZING. My whole meat eating/loving family all tried them and loved them. I added some mashed sweet potato and yellow lentils (cooked before hand), used slightly different spices (garam marsala, coriander, cumin) and added some spinach. I didn’t made the chutney (didn’t have the ingredients lying around) but I ate them with a side of rocket and peri peri sauce. Thanks so much!

  101. Colleen says

    These are delicious. The chutney completes them. The only problem I had was that some of them fell apart, that could have been because I didn’t wait until the potatoes were completely cooled.
    They’re also good as mashed potatoes but even better crispy.
    I didn’t use cardamom because it was very expensive at the store I went to but I added some ginger and chili powder.
    Yum yum yum!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Yeah, they are a little gentle. I think the panko bread crumbs help seal them in a little. So glad you enjoyed them, Colleen!

  102. Sue Ann Jaffarian says

    Another big hit! I fried a couple for supper, then put the rest of the patties in the oven to see how baking would do in order to save calories. They came out great. Not as good or crispy as the pan fried ones, but still quite yummy and a bit healthier. Also loved the chutney. I made mine in the smoothie single cup that comes with my food processor and it was perfect. I also make my vegan parmesan cheese in that cup. Keep the great recipes coming!

  103. Pascale says

    Made these for lunch on Saturday. They were devoured by the whole family, even the potato- hating three year old. A definite winner!

  104. Taylor @ The Girls on Bloor says

    OMG…such a brilliant idea!! I was considering making samosas using filo pastry sheets but this looks like a lot less hassle. And yes, Indian food is amazing!

  105. Maria says

    Another hit, Dana, thank you! I made them with the panko, and they hit all the right notes. I’m grateful you found a way for us to have a favorite without the deep frying. The chutney was delicious.

  106. Olivia says

    These are like rainbow unicorns kick-lining on clouds of curry and Indian food happiness. Not kidding.

  107. Julie says

    Yes! We made these today. I skipped the cardamom because it’s a little pricey and they were still FANTASTIC. Thanks!

  108. Ellen Lederman says

    Love samosas, but avoid them because of the deep frying. These will be a dance in my mouth, without the guilt! And the green chutney sounds like perfection for it.

    Do you think red potatoes can work as well as Yukon? (Yukon can be hard to find, and I have red ones I’d like to use up).

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      I do. Slightly different texture (not as smooth and buttery), but still good! Let me know how it goes.

  109. Ria says

    Your food just looks so appetising! I must make one of your recipes one of these days. So impressed all the time. x

  110. Barbara says

    Yum, yum! I love these. Easy, really, except if drinking wine while cooking. I was forming my last patty when I realized the peas were still in their pan. Back in the bowl they all went, mixed and repattied. I have issues with gluten but am not celiac so the next time I make these – might be next week!! – I will try the panko. None on hand last night. They held together well and were at least crispy enough. I love sweet yellow curry from Pensey’s, but I used a Jamaican curry I had purchased on a trip. Sooooo, deliciously edible! Served with a big salad mostly from my garden, broccoli and some chiled pinto beans. My husband, an ironman triathlete was satisfied, which is important for me when serving no-meat meals. I have some bananas past ripe and was googling a gluten- free banana, oatmeal anything and minimalist baker had a recipe pop up – I will be making that tomorrow morning! Thanks for creating these wonderful recipes.

  111. Stephanie says

    Never mind. I see that you already answered this, and you had the same idea that I was thinking about. Sorry!

  112. Stephanie says

    I’d really like to make this recipe in the coming week, but my boyfriend has that thing where cilantro tastes like soap or blood, and he hates it. Do you think I could sub parsley and/or mint for the cilantro?

    • Annie O'Hanlon says

      I am allergic to fresh coriander (cilantro), and I usually make a sauce with plain greek yoghurt, a squeeze of lemon juice (or lime juice), and heaps of fresh mint to go with curries.

  113. Carole says

    Whoa… those look SOOO good!!! I really dislike cilantro… but maybe I can sub for another fresh herb? am totally going to try these over the weekend!!! Keep up the AWESOME recipes, can’t wait for your book :)

  114. Alex says

    Thank you for the recipe! I love samosas but I am also afraid to fry anything for many reasons. The filling is a great idea for a pattie.

    I added some indian spices (garam masala, coriander, fenugreek & mustard seeds) as I didn’t have any curry powder and it turned out amazing. My patties were a bit too soft for grilling but flavor was wonderful. The chutney was also a simple and beautiful addition! I also added some fresh mint along with the cilantro.

    I paired mine with a main dish of indian chickpeas and spinach. My family loved it! Thank you once again for the inspiration! I love your recipes!!

  115. Angie says

    Finding this recipe in my inbox yesterday was a God-send after I realized I didn’t have the ingredients for my original dinner plan! I was a bit dubious while frying them up (I’m not very familiar with Indian food), but my whole family ended up raving about them — including my somewhat hard-to-impress dad! O_O I did change the recipe a bit, adding plain yogurt and ground sumac to the sauce, and mashing some chickpeas into the potatoes since I didn’t have quite enough spuds. Thanks so much for the awesome recipe!! I’ll definitely be making it again! ^_^ Love the creative vegetarian recipes on your site~ (I have many more of them on my to-make list!)

  116. Jenna says

    You’ve made my samosa dreams come true with this recipe! I will be making this weekend! Oh lawdy lawdy! I’m obsessed with tamarind chutney but I will make yours and dip in both! :)

  117. Emma {Emma's Little Kitchen} says

    Love they have all of the samosa flavour, without any of the complications. As always, fab pics :)

  118. Kathryn says

    I am so excited about this recipe! I’ve wanted to make samosas for so long, but like you, I’m afraid of frying! I mean, I burn myself while boiling water and sauteing. Imagine what I could do to myself with a vat full of hot oil! This recipe may have just saved my life, because I don’t know how much longer I could have resisted the homemade samosa’s call.

  119. Mason says

    I was scarred as a child by my parent’s bland “mashed potato cakes” (that I only let them make once) but feel I now have the courage to make potato cakes with this recipe!

  120. Nishu says

    Hi Dana! I am a big fan, not one day goes by when I don’t open your blog at-least 5 times. Being an Indian, I was so delighted to see these samosa potato cakes which by the way look absolutely gorgeous and appetizing just like my mom’s. Try adding roasted peanuts next time in green chutney to take it up a notch. I would love to have your feedback!

  121. Hof ter Zielbeek says

    Hi Dana, samosa potato cakes are a regular feature in every homes; especially in North India. These samosa potato cakes make our evenings really special. I personally feast on the samosa potato cakes made by my mother at home. Thanks a lot for sharing this recipe. :)

  122. Clara says

    I am from Spain, but my sister lived in Scotland for a few years and sometimes, she prepares samosas at home. I love them.
    So I will try your recipe and maybe I can cook some for her!!
    Looks great with that green chutney…

    Kisses from Madrid

  123. Niels @ Have Another Bite says

    Whoa, I’ve been looking for a way to simplify samosas ;) I guess you nailed it here! They look mouthwatering and I’m curious to try that chutney! Pinned!

  124. Heather says

    This looks delicious!! I ‘m going to have to pin this. I’ve had Indian food exactly once and it was ok, but I’m sure if I went back I’d learn to love it. The chutney sauce looks awesome with these potato cakes! Hey I’d love if you stopped by and possibly linked up on with my Gratitude Journal. I’m looking for bloggers who’d love to participate weekly. Love your blog!

  125. Nisha says

    Hi Dana. This looks totally amazing but can you change the name to Aloo Tiki as the recipe you have written is for aloo tikis not Samosas.

  126. Green says

    Ooh I want these now, they look delicious! I will try them asap and may try them out as a special menu item at work! Thanks for sharing.

  127. Rosanna says

    I have to try these!.. Never had samosas before!.. For the chutney I would use my magic bullet (i’ve not used since I bought my Vitamix 3 years ago!) so I’d better dust it off first!.. Will let you know how that went.. xo

  128. Hannah says

    These sound amazing and I can’t wait to try them! Can you recommend a good veggie side dish to serve with them?

  129. dixya | food, pleasure, and health says

    samosas are my absolute favorites too except for the frying part at home. i love your cake version..another thing i tried in the past is make it into galette. here is a recipe if you ever want to give it a shot.

  130. Sydney | Modern Granola says

    First, I like the site changes! They’re fun and fresh! Second, this recipe is what LIFE is about. Oh my goodness. Veggie samosas are the best part about going to an Indian restaurant (close second is fresh naan, obv).

    I, too am afraid of frying. Whenever I’m standing over a hot pan filled with oil, and it’s spitting at me, and popping…it’s a lot to say the least. This is why I never make samosas at home! Thanks for giving me the loophole I needed. These look and sound like a genius idea! Brava!

    xx Sydney

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks Sydney! SO kind. Glad to hear there’s another person terrified of frying! Hope you give these a try!

  131. Cara's Healthy Cravings says

    I often do this with leftover mashed potatoes and the flavours of samosas are so great. I also top mine with a fried egg!

  132. Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar says

    Potato cakes all the way! I could totally eat Indian food every day. You should write an indian food book and I’ll be first in line to buy it!

  133. Aida@TheCraftingFoodie says

    I can’t tell you how awesome these are! Ramadan (the month of fasting) started today (18 hours without food and water), and samosas are a traditional food eaten during the month. We’ve completely cut them out of our diet because the heavy fried wrapper does a number on my stomach after not eating the whole day. But your recipe/idea is the perfect alternative! I’m definitely trying these. Thanks for the brilliant idea!

  134. Mandy says

    UGH….love Indian food and samosas!! And I just realized I have all the ingredients needed, might have to scale the recipe down a little, but this will be happening SOON.

  135. Sheila Kealey says

    I love samosas, but, like you, thought they’d be too complicated/time consuming to make. It’s one of the few prepared foods we buy!

    This recipe looks great – will try it soon.

  136. Pamela says

    Honestly, I have never been a fan of Indian food but this post has me actually wanting to eat this asap. Kudos to your fabulous photos and straightforward recipe!

  137. Dacia says

    I LOVE samosas but like you, don’t attempt to make them at home for both the effort it would take and the whole frying/cleanup issue. I am super excited to try these though. Definitely seems much more up my alley :) THANKS!

  138. Mel @ The Refreshanista says

    Yay!!!! This recipe is so perfect for me! I am a known samosa addict. No joke. In my city they make GIANT samosas and all that deep fried pastry makes me feel a bit guilty. I love that these cakes are simply the best part of the samosa- the filling! Much healthier and much easier to make :)

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      These ones are SO much healthier – give them a try next time your samosa craving hits! :D

  139. Kathy @ Beyond the Chicken Coop says

    These look so interesting! I’ve never tried samosas before but I like how you’ve made them “home cook” friendly.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks Kathy! I’ve definitely tried to simplify them down as much as possible. Let me know if you give them a try!

  140. Lissa says

    I love your cast iron skillet. My grandmother used to make potato cakes the same way. She put a ton of pepper on hers, no curry powder, and no chutney. Her potato cakes were deep fried so unhealthy, but so delicious. Reminds me of home. Great recipe.

  141. Alexa [] says

    I’ve never tried a samosa, but after looking at this ingredient list, I just know that I need to try it ASAP! And that chutney…perfection! I can’t wait to try this recipe this summer!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      If you’ve never tried a samosa, this is a must-make! Let me know how you like it!

      • Camellia says

        Absolutely loved the recipes for the samosas and chutney. Not too complicated or time consuming. We love Indian food and thought these flavors were outstanding! My niece and husband raved over their dinner.