Banana Bread Granola

Banana Bread Granola with Walnuts and Flax | MINIMALISTBAKER.COM #healthy #vegan #glutenfreeIf you want your house to smell like banana bread without actually baking banana bread, make this granola.

BananasThis granola is pretty rad, and provides yet another way to use up overripe bananas; serious score in my book.

Banana Bread Granola IngredientsThe ingredients you need are likely in your pantry RIGHT THIS SECOND. WHOA. EVEN, the wet ingredients: Coconut oil, agave nectar or maple syrup, vanilla extract and a big ol’ ripe banana.

Banana Bread Granola Wet Ingredients

Banana Bread Granola! #vegan #glutenfreeLook how friggin’ good that looks; and it’s not even baked! Hubba hubba.

Banana Bread Granola! via MINIMALISTBAKER.COMTa-da! Banana bread granola. So delicious + VEGAN & Gluten Free! It’s

Not too sweet
Super fragrant
Tastes JUST like banana bread
& Is loaded with healthy fats, Omega-3s & 6s, protein and fiber

Plus, it takes about 30 minutes start to finish and is the perfect breakfast or on-the-go snack.

Vegan Banana Bread Branola |

30-Minute Banana Bread GranolaJohn loves his granola over yogurt. I prefer mine straight up with almond milk (or straight outta the jar #fistfulls). But it also makes the perfect topping for smoothies, creamy oats, frozen yogurt, and ice cream.

Banana Granola Recipe

30 Minute Banana Bread Granola! via MINIMALISTBAKER.COMIf you aren’t a banana fan, sub sweet potato, pumpkin or even beet puree! (Hello hot pink granola! That’s my jam.)


Banana Bread Granola | A great way to use up ripe bananas and ALWAYS have homemade granola on hand | MINIMALISTBAKER.COM

BANANA BREAD GRANOLA | 30 minutes, super healthy and tastes JUST like banana bread |

Banana Bread Granola! | healthy, delicious and easy |

4.9 from 44 reviews
Banana Bread Granola
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
30-minute vegan granola that tastes JUST like banana bread and is loaded with protein, fiber, healthy fats and omega-3s and 6s.
Recipe type: Breakfast
Cuisine: Vegan, Gluten Free Optional
Serves: 12
  • 3 cups rolled oats (GF for gluten free eaters)
  • 3/4 cup walnuts
  • 1/2 cup pecans
  • 3 Tbsp raw sugar
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt
  • 1/2 Tbsp cinnamon
  • 1 Tbsp flax seed
  • 1/4 cup coconut oil
  • 1/3 cup + 1 Tbsp maple syrup, agave or honey if not vegan
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 medium ripe banana, mashed (~1/2 cup)
  1. Preheat oven to 350.
  2. Mix the oats, cinnamon, sugar, salt, flaxseed and nuts together in a large bowl (see photo).
  3. In a small saucepan over medium low heat, warm the coconut oil, maple syrup (or agave or honey) and vanilla extract. Once liquidy, remove from heat and whisk in banana puree until well combined. Pour over the dry ingredients and mix well.
  4. Spread the mixture evenly onto one or two baking sheets (making sure it doesn’t get crowded) and bake for 23-28 minutes or until golden brown. The coconut oil will help it crisp up well, but be sure to watch it carefully as it can brown quickly.
  5. NOTE: If you don’t toss the granola while baking, it will make get clumpy, which I personally love. But if you want a more crumbly granola, toss/stir a bit at the halfway point to break up the clumps.
  6. Once the granola is visibly browned, remove from the oven and toss just a bit to let the heat escape. Cool completely on the baking sheet or in a heat-safe bowl. Store in a container or jar with an air-tight seal – it should keep for a couple weeks.
* Yields approximately 12 half cup servings.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1/2 cup Calories: 249 Fat: 13g Saturated fat: 4.7g Carbohydrates: 38g Sugar: 12g Sodium: 80mg Fiber: 3.7g Protein: 5.3g

danaHi, I'm Dana! I am a food stylist, photographer, and author of the Food Photography School and the 31 Meals Cookbook.

Find me on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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    • Dana Shultz says

      Lisa, one medium banana mashed is about one generous 1/2 cup. That’s all you need! Too much banana and it will make the granola soggy. Hope that helps!

  1. Jennifer says

    Yum! As soon as this popped into my inbox, I knew I had to try it. I just took it out of the oven and it smells amazing – and tastes pretty good right off the baking tray too! I couldn’t find pecans so I substituted some banana chips part way through for extra crunch and banana goodness.

      • Jennifer says

        I was heading to the shops anyway, so I just grabbed the bits I needed :) Plus, I’m in Germany, so a different time zone (I didn’t really jump out of bed and have this sorted by 8:30am!).
        I look forward to more granola recipes!

  2. says

    I love throwing bananas in granola! It makes the most wonderful smell while baking and it also makes such awesome huge clusters. <3 I'm totally with you — I eat my granola right from the jar most of the time. This looks so amazing and delicious! I'm definitely trying it soon.
    Pinning for now!

  3. says

    I think we may have been separated at birth. First the juice, now this :)
    I made and sell my own handmade vegan GF granola and this was one of my flavors last summer, if you have any other brilliant ideas, submit it to the contest!

  4. says

    Holy granola, this is pure genius! How did you get to be so clever, Ms. Dana?! I love how this clumps and clusters, the flavors sound like pure perfection, and the pictures are beeeyoootiful!! I am so making this.

  5. says

    This sounds delectable! I’m a sucker for crunchy-sweet homemade granola clusters…definitely guilty of eating straight from the jar as I attempt to sprinkle it over yogurt.

  6. Heidi says

    It’s another snow day here in Ohio–and this was the PERFECT recipe for today–just out of the oven, and my daughter and I have nearly devoured half the pan!! I think I may have to “hide” this when it cools!! It is perfection! Thanks!

  7. says

    I love the nice big chunks in this granola, they look awesome! I’ve always thought that baking was a much better air freshener than those store-bought sprays…unless of course they invented a banana bread spray. But I think you’re on the right track here ;)

  8. Sherry says

    Dee-Lish! This made the house smell like heaven and was so good. Made the Detox Smoothie to enjoy with it, that was amazing too, even my 12 yr old daughter liked it. That is a big deal…if she sees spinach going into the Blend-Tec, she turns her nose up. But she tried it and loved it (made with tart cherry juice and blackberries). Thank you!!!

    • Dana Shultz says

      You are on a Minimalist Baker recipe roll! I love it. Thanks for sharing your experience, Sherry! So glad your daughter enjoyed the recipes, too. Cheers!

  9. Jennifer says

    I don’t have coconut oil on hand. Is there anything I can use as a substitute, like apple sauce or extra agave nectar?

  10. Mahtzie B says

    Just made this tonight. I was wondering if you use ground or whole flax seed. I used whole and it came out great! I am going to add golden raisins to the mix to give it a little more oomph, but it tastes fantastic in its original recipe too! Thanks for sharing!! This is a new go to recipe for me!

  11. Kari says

    Could you make this without sugar? My hubby is on a no sugar diet right now but this looks sooooo yummy! I am wanting some like right… now!

    • Dana Shultz says

      Kari, you could but it obviously won’t be as sweet. You could sub some powdered stevia, or up the amount of honey. Hope that helps!

    • Dana Shultz says

      It’s amazing over plain vanilla yogurt, says my husband (I can’t have it b/c I’m lactose intolerant). So I highly recommend it with almond milk :D

        • Brittney says

          I’m lactose intolerant as well, but decided to try greek yogurt with a lactaid for the health benefits and am now in love with yogurt, fruit, and granola!! I’ve made a chai tea latte granola from Sally’s Baking Addiction and can’t wait to try this banana bread one!

  12. Bonnie says

    I am not sure if anyone has said this but I made a batch just now with 1/2 cup of applesauce since I had no banana (gasp) and it turned out really good! I am glad you said I could use any other puree in place of the banana. This was super easy and tastey. I am printing out the recipe and will use it all the time now, thanks!!!

  13. says

    Mmm! This looks so good. I’ve just made banana granola myself – a slightly different recipe -, but yours makes me want to make this for tomorrow’s breakfast right away!

  14. Stefani says

    Making my second batch tonight! My very picky 2 year old is in LOVE with this granola(I kind of am in love too). My daughter is gluten and dairy free and we have made almost every gf recipe on your blog, and we love them all! Thank you so much for making my life easier with all your amazing recipes.

    • Dana Shultz says

      You are the sweetest! Two batches in one night is a true testament to your love for the recipe, so thanks for sharing! I’m eating my second batch right now and will probably eat my way through it by the end of this week. So tasty!

  15. dorothy says

    As someone who faithfully makes the sweet potato granola almost every week since you posted that recipe (yes, it’s a true addiction), I was a bit hesitant to try it with bananas however I have to say, this is a fantastic alternative!! Granola came out beautifully and tasty. My only alternatives were to decrease the honey to 1/4 cup (only to save on cleaning), decreased the sugar to 2 tbsp, omitted the vanilla (forgot) and I added chia seeds. Was afraid the chia seeds would get all glutinous on me but turns out not at all.

    Thanks again!

  16. Leigh says

    You’ve done it again! Thank you! I “loaned” my baking stuff and I was itching to do something at 10pm this evening and this just hit the spot. My boyfriend loves it and is finishing 1 batch 1 spoonful at a time. I keep telling him to leave some for breakfast. He’s asking me to make another batch since he wants to show it off in the office tomorrow.. Like I said, a hit!

    I don’t have my flaxseed and vanilla with me so I just used almond extract. I couldn’t resist as well – added some chocolate chips while in the baking tray. Yum, thanks Dana!

    • Dana Shultz says

      So glad you’re enjoying it, Leigh! And thanks for the tips/modifications. That’s so helpful for other readers. Cheers!

  17. Carissa says

    So I’ve made three of your recipes in two days… I may be a little obsessed. :) And I might be overstating this, but I think this granola has changed my life. So unbelievably good. I’m eating it right now as I type. Yum!!! Can’t wait to try your other granola recipes! With the rate I’m going, I’ll have all of them made within a few days!

    • Dana Shultz says

      Such sweet compliments! So glad you enjoyed this recipe, Carissa! It’s become one of my favorites already. Cheers!

  18. Grace says

    I have made this twice in one week! My preschoolers and hubbie can’t get enough of it and sprinkle it on everything- oatmeal, yogurt, protein shakes, and even by itself! This recipe is a keeper for sure. Thanks!

  19. Melanie says

    Took this out of the oven about an hour ago and OH MY WORD it’s delicious!! So glad I found this recipe. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  20. says

    How funny, I also posted a (simplified, lower sugar) recipe for Banana Nut Granola last week after discovering Green Kitchen Stories’ version from a few years ago. Our kitchens must have been filled with the same amazing baking banana bread scent at the same time. ;)

  21. Laura says

    This recipe is AMAZING!!!! I loved the smell as it was in the oven. I have passed this recipe on to everone I know. Thanks for sharing!

  22. Pradnya says

    Hi, Dana. Tried your 5-ingredient healthy granola bar and absolutely loved it!

    This sounds very exciting too, and am itching to try it. I would like to make bars even with this though; they would make for a convenient snack. Any idea how that may be possible?

    I was thinking of notching up the honey slightly so the mixture would still hold together.

    Hooked to your blog btw. It is seriously delicious. The recipes are exciting and the photos, delectable.

  23. Natalie says

    I just recently found your blog and have been swooning over recipes! This was amazing granola and we inhaled the batch at a morning meeting. Thank you for amazing recipes and I look forward to trying many more. Absolutely delicious!

  24. Holly says

    Just made this recipe, still have the great smell throughout my house! Absolutely delicious! I did though substitute almonds for the pecans because I didn’t have any pecans on hand, and it totally works! So if anyone wants to switch up the recipe a little bit, try some almonds for sure.

  25. says

    Seriously- BLOWN AWAY by how amazing this turned out!! I am a week overdue waiting for baby to be born. I was having contractions all night that were keeping me up. Finally at 6 am I rolled out of bed. And what else should one due after a sleepless night then make their way to the kitchen to whip up something yummy and special for breakie?! Long story short, I made this granola and it made my day! I’ve been enjoying it with coconut yogurt and fresh strawberries. Already gearing up to make batch #2! Thank you for the amazing recipe!!!

  26. says

    I made this recipe last night and I’m about to have it for breakfast. I’m sooooo excited! It smells amazing and tastes even better! You have no idea how excited I am to be cooking so much right now, this blog is such an inspiration!

  27. Miriam O. says

    Absolutely in love with this website! Its so perfect and simple, I’m all for easy, short recipes! Plus they’re delicious! I just made this and i’m waiting for the second batch to be done! I’m so excited for breakfast tomorrow!

  28. Nicole says

    I love this recipe! The smell is intoxicating! I added freeze dried strawberries from Trader Joe’s to end product and it tastes amazing in a bowl with almond milk. Thank you!

    • Dana Shultz says

      Right? It takes over your entire house with yummy banana bread smells. So yum! Thanks for sharing, Nicole.

  29. Veronika M says

    Since coming across your website I’ve made this AMAZING granola at least 3 times. The aroma, the flavor oh so divine! My family and friends have thoroughly enjoyed this recipe, so thank you.

  30. Janine says

    I have made this 5 or 6 times and each time change it a little…. With or without the banana, plus dried fruit ( dates, apricots, cranberries…) plus flaked almond, macadamias, pecans. Best addition though is shredded coconut. I have also used golden syrup when I didn’t have enough maple syrup and that worked too.

    Basically this recipe with whatever I can use from my pantry and the kids (4 and 15 months) and hubby love it every time.

    Thank you. I love love love an adaptable recipe to reduce any waste from the pantry. Also great to know what’s in our breakfast cereal. What a great start to the day.
    Thanks again

    • Dana Shultz says

      So great to hear! Thanks for sharing your modifications, Janine. That’s so helpful for other readers. Glad you’re enjoying this recipe so much! Cheers!

  31. Grace says

    This recipe was delicious! One of the best granola recipes I have tried. I used brown sugar instead of raw sugar and it turned out perfect! Thank you!

  32. says

    So I watched Jude (Kim & David’s little guy) and she made me this granola as a thank you…so now I want MORE and here I am! Thanks you clever friends! :)

    • Dana Shultz says

      Ha! Such a great exchange! Thanks for sharing, Megan. We’ll be in Portland this summer so we’ll have to connect!

  33. says

    Found this amazing recipe on Pinterest today…. In the oven as we speak! Smells like heaven. Planning on topping my favorite nice-cream tonight and blog about it tomorrow. Of course I will be giving a link to your lovely site. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  34. Jessica says

    I made this granola the other night – it tastes amazing, I love the little bit of salt. I tossed shaved coconut in during the last 5 minutes and added banana chips right after it can out of the oven. Tonight I ate a big bowl with homemade vanilla cinnamom almond milk. The perfect pair, I could have eaten the whole batch!

  35. caitlin says

    I subbed the banana with pumpkin puree since we were out of fresh bananas and ohmygosh I LOVE IT. I couldn’t resist not eating it so now there’s probably only half left, oops! thanks so much for the recipe!

  36. Jennifer says

    I have some in the oven right now…smells really good…I also added hemp hearts for added protein and used organic coconut sugar! Hopefully it tastes as good as it smells!

  37. says

    I’ve been looking for a new flavour of granola to try, getting a bit bored of my Maple Almond lol. And I love that this doesn’t have dried fruit! I have a surplus of bananas at the moment, just about to head into the kitchen to make this! :-D

  38. says

    This is the best looking and sounding granola, I have come across. I think even hubby would like this and he uses frowns on granola. Let’s see if I can thank you for working miracles on him.

  39. Annika says

    Soooo yummy! I feel like I could just mix a bit more flax or banana or something in it and it’d be a gigantic cookie, almost wanted to eat the mix raw!! I wonder if you could adapt these into breakfast cookies? I also added dates and raisins because I love dates in my granola ^^
    Love you blog by the way, really makes me laugh and inspires me ^^ You’ve got me wanting to make a food blog myself *^^*

  40. Irene says

    This is a wonderful recipe! I also added some ch-ch-ch chia seeds as well. I am excited to try your other recipes :)

  41. says

    this recipe is great! just made it this morning to go with my greek yogurt. I also mixed in some chocolate chips since I like chocolate chip banana bread :)

  42. Vivi says

    I love my granola clumpy and crunchy too. Just made this one and loved. Will be adding some dark choc chips to balance the flavors :]

  43. says

    Dana, this is FANTASTIC! Thank you for sharing. The banana taste is – – – incredible. This tastes so much better than the pricey bags of granola that we occasionally splurge on. We love the perfect amount of sweetness that you created. We already sampled it in a Greek yogurt parfait- the kids DEVOURED theirs. By the way, my 4 1/2 year old son helped me make this, it’s an excellent kids-in-the-kitchen recipe. I’m sure we’ll be making another batch soon. Thank you for a healthy and delicious recipe for me to feed my family!

  44. Jean says

    WOW! WOW! I made this thinking it would be a novel way to use some ripe banana, but I didn’t think there would be any chance it could bump my go-to #1 granola recipe out of its place.
    My goodness, the mix of maple syrup and banana and coconut oil has left my mouth drooling for more.
    This is incredibly tasty and I am delighted to taste the banana flavor coming through. The outside pieces which got a little browner are causing me to nibble more and more.
    Thanks for this keeper!
    I used coconut sugar and bran in place of flax seed, but otherwise followed the recipe as is.

  45. says

    In the words of my four-year old daughter, “this- is- a-mazing!” Thank you so much for sharing a delicious and nutritious granola recipe. My four-year old son helped me make your granola recipe, it is a perfect beginner recipe for kids in the kitchen. I posted how he made it on our blog.
    My husband and I were both surprised at how much banana flavor actually came through in the granola. This is our new favorite granola- goodbye fancy bagged granola!

  46. Beca says

    Well, it’s still in the oven and my 11 and 9 year old walked in the house and said “What’s that amazing smell?!?!?!” LOL, we haven’t tried it just yet… well… ok, I tried it raw, I had to sub olive oil as per a previous comment as Coconut Oil is out of my price range… the olive oil tasted a bit strong. My vary banana and oil quantity next time. :D

  47. Ashley Brainer says

    Tried this recipe and it turned out fantastic! I substituted banana for sweet potato and I substituted the coconut oil for vegan earth balance butter. It turned out amazing and made my condo smell wonderful. This is now my go to recipe for granola!

  48. TinaStone says

    Oh my! I have it in the oven right this moment and it looks (and tastes, yes I tasted – a lot) sooo delicious! It was ment as a gift, but I thing I’m gonna keep it :)

  49. Nathalie says

    Hello! This looks perfect for Christmas gift-aways. But I was wondering if the sugar in the recipe can be subbed with something else or removed entirely without compromising on the taste?

    xx nat

  50. says

    I’m opting for homemade goodies for Christmas gifts this year and I’m totally gifting this granola! It just came out of the oven and my apartment smells fantastic!! :) I added some popped quinoa & buckwheat groats that I had lying around. The real challenge will be to see if I’ll be able to stop eating it before I give it away!!

  51. Sandi says

    I saw this recipe when I was looking at your peanut butter granola recipe (which is wonderful, by the way). My daughter thought I was nuts when I told her it sounded interesting. I made it today while she was at school, and now I can’t wait for her to get home and taste it. My son and I both agree it is fantastic! It tastes just like banana bread! This one will definitely become a regular in our granola rotation. Thank you for such a wonderful recipe! I can’t wait to explore some more of your recipes.

  52. Karley says

    This is a major hit in our house (as well as all your other granolas we have tried)! I added cocoa nibs because we like chocolate in our banana bread. Making again this week and thinking of adding some dried fruit for a bit of a chew!

  53. Emily says

    This looks amazing! Would it work with quick oats instead of rolled oats? I’m celiac and would have to order GF rolled oats to make this, but already have quick oats on hand!

  54. wendy says

    Made this recipe today with my 2.5yr old daughter, it was quick and easy but most of all it was delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe :)

  55. says

    I make this granola so often because it’s just so good! By now I tried it with different oats (quick oats work just as well), nuts and “add ins”. I absolutely love it with hazelnuts! I’m actually just put a batch in the oven as I type this haha.
    It’s also nice as a gift because it’s easy to make but everyone thinks it’s something really special.

    This recipe definitely made my life a lot better ;~)

  56. Danika says

    Would love to make this, just not a big fan of walnuts or pecans- any suggestions to substitute these?

  57. Regina says

    Amazing!! My three-year-old-daughter and I made this today, and it is so freaking delicious!! I have to keep her away from it so I have breakfast for the week! Just as good as your pumpkin maple granola, which we’ve made a few times now. I left out the sugar from both recipes – and didn’t miss it at all. Thank you for these wonderful, healthy granola recipes. So glad to have found your site!

  58. sandi says

    Hi, I just found this recipe and I’m excited to try it. One question, I only have flaxseed meal on hand. Will that still work?

  59. Angie says

    I just made this and can’t stop eating it!! I cut down on sugar and fat and it still is wonderful! thanks

  60. De says

    Just made this and good!! My only regret is that I didn’t double the recipe, pretty sure my sister and I might eat it all today lol Thanks so much, Dana! :)

  61. Julie says

    Ever since seeing this post a few months ago, I’ve been making this recipe regularly. I live inFrance, so I’ve shared it with a few French friends (who hardly know what granola is, and certainly don’t know the pleasures of a good, spiced banana bread). They LOVE it, and each person who has tried it has, without fail, asked for a jar of it. This stuff is seriously addicting.

    NOTE: I find that the nuts (especially walnuts) tend to burn before the oats have fully toasted and seized. Have had to pluck too many burnt walnuts from the final mix, so I think I’ll try adding them about half-way through cooking next time. Other than that, I have had excellent luck with this recipe every time. Pro tip: serve with some sliced bananas with almond milk, or yogurt, or–why not–a bit of coconut cream. Mmmm.

  62. Neelima says

    Our whole family is in granola heaven! I made my first batch ever yesterday and even my very finicky 8 year old paid a compliment and wanted seconds :) We’ve had it with yogurt and fresh, sliced bananas and a sprinkling of chia seeds. Just yum.
    The only thing I changed was using olive oil instead of coconut oil and it worked like a dream!
    Thank you for this!

  63. Ruby says

    OMG!!!! I love this stuff, it turns out so delicious and it is so easy! I have already impressed all my friends. :)

  64. Claudia says

    Just made your granola bars – we love them at our house. And this granola just came out of the oven and I tried it right away – delicious!! I substituted flaxseed with chia seeds and added shredded coconut halfway through – yum. Can’t wait for breakfast tomorrow! Great website.

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