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What Is Minimalist Baker?

Minimalist Baker is a space for simple, delicious food. Wonderful, right?

All recipes require just 10 ingredients or less (sometimes 7), one bowl, or 30 minutes or less to prepare. While we aren’t strictly a vegan or gluten free blog, many of the recipes are special diet-friendly. We simply love experimenting in the kitchen and providing unique and enticing recipes.

Who We Are

We’re John and Dana, a husband and wife team currently based in Portland, Oregon.

Dana develops the recipes, takes the photos and writes the content, and John designs and manages the technical side of the site. He’s also our blogger resources guru. We make a pretty good pair.

Together we created Minimalist Baker in 2012 as a space dedicated to simple, delicious recipes because we ourselves love simple food.

Why Minimalist Baker?

We both had a heart for simplicity long before this site, but we got really serious in preparation for a cross-country move to Portland, Oregon after our wedding. We whittled down our possessions to only what would fit in our Honda civic coupe.

We try to intentionally consider how much we consume, everything from how many shoes we own to how many ingredients we use. Read more about our ideologies on our Minimalist FAQ page.

This love for simplicity has infiltrated all areas of our lives, including cooking. We don’t like recipes that require a ton of ingredients or equipment. Not only does that require more time hunched over a bowl and cleaning up messes, it translates into less time with friends, each other, and just enjoying life. Bonus? This approach makes cooking accessible to even the novice cook.

That’s why all the recipes we share are easy and practical to make.

  • We try to use as few ingredients as possible to help keep our budget and pantry in order.
  • We utilize minimal equipment, owning only the equipment and appliances we really need.
  • And most importantly, we love recipes requiring short time commitments, leaving more time to just do life and less time loading the dishwasher.

This is an approach to food we not only believe in but live out daily. And we hope you find it as appetizing as we do.

Dana and John Minimalist Baker

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