Soft & Chewy Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Close up shot of a Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie on a baking sheet

I am currently in love with two things: 1) our new Canon 5D Mark III and the way a 50mm lens + an extension tube totally kills food photography, and 2) THESE FRIGGIN’ COOKIES.

Big bowl of Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Speaking of these friggin’ cookies, they’re gluten-free thanks to this (amazing, versatile, whole grain) baking mix. (Yes, the one I made pancakes with.) And they are SO delicious and soft and addictive that you’d NEVER guess in a million years they were gluten-free. Hooray!

Ball of Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie dough topped with two chocolate chips
Batch of freshly baked GF Chocolate Chip Cookies and a glass of almond milk

When I had such great success with the gluten-free mix for pancakes, I immediately wondered if it would work in cookies. Well, it turns out IT DOES – really, really well.

Including the mix these cookies require just 7 ingredients and 1 bowl. That’s simple baking at its finest.

Baking sheet with several Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies
Batch of our Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe with a glass of almond milk

So what do these guys taste like?

Slightly crisp on the edges
Not greasy at all
Perfectly sweet
Balanced with a bit of sea salt
Seriously chocolaty
& Kind of (totally) perfect.

Stack of GF Chocolate Chip Cookies for a delicious dairy-free dessert

As I ate three more cookies after my initial “test bite,” I couldn’t help but think:

A) They in NO way taste gluten-free; and
B) How they reminded me of the Keebler Soft Batch cookies I used to murder when I was a kid.

Seriously, they’re THAT DELICIOUS. You have to make these cookies! Cheers.

Stack of easy to make Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies on a baking sheet
Revealing the soft and chewy texture of the top cookie on a stack of Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Soft & Chewy Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

7-ingredient gluten-free chocolate chip cookies! Tender, chocolaty, and undetectably gluten-free.
Author Minimalist Baker
Close up shot of a soft and chewy Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie
4.58 from 92 votes
Prep Time 4 hours 30 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 4 hours 40 minutes
Servings 24 (cookies)
Course Dessert
Cuisine Gluten-Free, Vegetarian
Freezer Friendly 1 month
Does it keep? 3-4 Days


  • 1/2 cup vegan or dairy butter at room temperature (1 stick = 1/2 cup)
  • 1/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 1/2 cup packed light brown sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 heaping cup gluten-free baking mix*
  • 1 cup semisweet chocolate chips


  • Using a mixer, cream butter and sugars in a large mixing bowl.
  • Add egg and vanilla and beat again until well combined, scraping sides of bowl as needed.
  • Add gluten free baking mix in two batches and mix again. It won’t be so thick that you can’t continue mixing it, but it should appear “doughy.”
  • Stir in chocolate chips, cover and refrigerate overnight or for at least 4-6 hours until thoroughly chilled. You should be able to roll the dough into balls before baking.
  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (176 C).
  • Once chilled, scoop out rounded Tablespoon amounts of dough, roll them into balls and place them 2 inches apart on a baking sheet.
  • Bake for 8-10 minutes or until the edges are just slightly golden brown. Remove from oven and let rest on the pan for 5 minutes, then transfer to a cooling rack. Store leftovers in an airtight container at room temperature for up to several days. Freezer for longer term storage. (They taste just as good the 2nd and 3rd day as they hold their texture/flavor well.)


*Adapted from (the amazing) Martha Stewart
*I have not tried this recipe with any other gluten-free flours or mixes, so be sure to use the mix I list!
*Nutrition information is a rough estimate.

Nutrition (1 of 24 servings)

Serving: 1 cookies Calories: 121 Carbohydrates: 14 g Protein: 0.8 g Fat: 6 g Saturated Fat: 4 g Sodium: 31 mg Fiber: 1 g Sugar: 9.7 g

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  1. yvonne says

    ive just got some in the oven now and the whole lot have melted into one large cookie :(
    dont know whats wrong as i followed instructions to the latter?

  2. Justin says

    The prep time needs to be update to 4+ hrs if following instructions. wasn’t too happy getting to the chips and finding that 4-6 hrs till the next step

  3. Kaitlin says

    Having made these cookies numerous times now, I feel I need to leave a review. These cookies are DELICIOUS. You could never tell they were gluten free. I use Bobs red mill 1:1 flour . They’re soft and airy and sooooo flavorful. Most recently I’ve substituted the butter for coconut oil . I didn’t think these cookies could get any better but the coconut oil compliments this recipe so well. I love all your recipes, thank you for sharing them!

  4. Christine says

    What a fantastic recipe! I have tried dozens of GF CCC recipes and this is by far the absolute best! My kids agree! For flour, I used Pamela’s Artisanal Blend. If you have not tried it, it is a “must have” in any GF pantry. Texture is not at all grainy! This is my go to ready mixed GF flour blend. Readily available in most mass grocery stores (Stop n Shop, etc.) Remember to add the baking soda, baking powder and salt if using a ready made flour blend! Also, I did not refrigerate the dough and went straight to oven and cooked for 12 minutes on convection. Cooked perfectly! Soft in the middle crispy on the edges!! Thanks for a wonderful recipe. I can finally stop searching for the perfect one!!! ; )

  5. Ron says

    I cooked these for my grandson who has a gluten allergy. I didn’t expect a gluten free recipe to be so good. This is my favorite chocolate cookie recipe and it’s gluten free! :)

    Thank you for posting this recipe for novice gluten free cooks like myself.


  6. mike says

    Just for the heck of it Iexperimented with this and made the following changes that worked out great: Flour Pamelas —Pancake/baking mix 2 1/4 cups–pinch of baking soda–8-10min at 350..
    trick don’t over work the batter ….chill for 30min or longer.
    also made them with just walnuts and almond extract.. GOOD STUFF..

  7. Dounya says

    These were delicious. I made them for my kids and didn’t read the bit about chilling the dough and since kids can’t really wait lol we just put blobs on the tray and they still cooked wonderfully.

  8. Jennie says

    I love This recipe! I just found out that I have celiac disease as well as an egg and milk allergy. I was feeling kind of depressed about not being able to eat what I want, when I found this recipe. I made the cookies last night and they are so scrumptious. I use an egg replacer and the cookies still turned out great. I also skipped the refrigerating step, and used coconut oil instead of butter. My friend who doesn’t have allergies asked for seconds, and my son loves them. Thanks so much!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Bummer! I have a friend who has celiac and when she found out she was heartbroken. That’s the primary reason I bake gluten free, for her! And now, for all of you. So glad you enjoy this recipe! Thanks for sharing, Jennie! xoxo

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      It should work, but I’m not familiar with that brand. Let me know how it goes if you give it a try!

  9. Elena Olivares says

    I just tried these yesterday and they turned out flat, gritty and greasy. I followed the recipe very carefully, so will not be trying this again as the GF ingredients are too expensive to waste. Aside from all the issues with texture, the cookies were also gray due to the buckwheat flour. I’m just curious if you use a specific brand of buckwheat flour that’s not gray.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Mine wasn’t was definitely lighter. I think you might’ve gotten toasted, which I wouldn’t recommend…

  10. Brad says

    Thanks for a great recipe!
    I made double batch for a group that includes a couple of coeliacs and I think there will be some very happy ladies tomorrow :)

    I added a couple of tablespoons of roasted and crushed hazelnuts to the mix as I’m a sucker for chocolate/hazelnut and yuuuuum..

    I did find either due to the extra oil from the nuts or the flour I use (White Wings gluten free) that the mix was a little too soft when baked, spreading out to be very thin.
    After gently beating in 1/3 cup of plain GF flour to the double batch it was perfect.

  11. Hannah says

    Mine were amazing! Best recipe I have ever tried!

    Also, just wanted to know if you can freeze them? And if so, how long do you have to freeze them?

  12. Sanya says

    These cookies turned out delicious!! Thank you for sharing. I rolled them into balls but they didn’t flatten like a cookie. They remained the shape of a ball.. How can I get them to form a cookie shape??

  13. Birdie says

    Hi! I am new to all this, so please bear with me. I am dying to make this recipe. However, when i looked at your gf flour, i noticed it called for corn meal. I am unable to eat corn so I am wondering if there is a substitution you could suggest? Thank you for your help! Love your site!

  14. Anna-Capri Do says

    On the page with the gluten free flour mix/recipe it doesn’t tell us how much of each powder of flour to put in so, could you please put in the measurements?

  15. Abigail Pratt says

    I’ve been searching for a great g-free choc chip cookie recipe & have tried so many…this is my favorite!!!
    I just made a huge batch and put them in the freezer in a tupperware…I take a few out & pop them in the microwave for 20 seconds…perfect.

  16. Lorraine says

    This recipe is fab thank you. My son is dairy and gluten free and I was recently baking for a gathering with a friends daughter who is also egg and nut free! Made these with a flax egg and they were gone in seconds. Plus I agree you’d never know they were gluten free : )

  17. sheila says

    Thanks for this recipe. As I cannot find brown rice flour where I live in Switzerland, can I substitute it with white rice flour?

    • zainab says

      why are you soo mean maybe there not good bcz they are GLUTEN FREE!!!
      but they are amzing cookies thanks for the recipe

  18. Yvonne says

    I’m making these now and they’ve been in the oven 14 minutes, have not melted down or browned. What’s going on? My oven just baked a batch of muffins so I know it’s not a problem with the appliance.

    • Nicholas says

      We did not chill it maybe that is why it turned into one large rectangular cookie. Nevertheless it was the best chocolate chip cookie I ever had.

  19. Megan says

    Just made these, and they came out perfectly. I followed your directions, no additions or substitutions. This worked well with king Arthurs GF baking mix. As of 10 days ago, I had a regular diet filled with gluten. These taste NO different than a conventional cookie. Thank you, thank you!

  20. Emily says

    Thank you for this yummy recipe! Subbed raw honey for the sugar and they were STILL scrumptious :-) Looking forward to trying more of your recipes.

  21. Tara says

    I am trying these, adding a little honey and almond butter :) I’m hoping the honey gives them that carmelized, chewy texture. I used oat flour and added a bit of xantham gum. Fingers crossed.

  22. ahale28671 says

    Great for people who are gluten free! I make a gluten free pizza on my blog

  23. Nabila says

    This recipe was spot on!

    I ran out of sodium bicarbonate and doubled the baking powder instead and it still turned out fab!

    For someone who is seriously gluten intolerant such as myself, this recipe is gold! Hoping that you’d keep posting more GF desserts!

  24. Sandra says

    I see these comments are several years old but I just found and made this recipe and had to leave a comment. These cookies are ridiculously good! I never would have believed it from a gluten free cookie. I just ate them fresh out of the oven and they are every bit as good as a “real” chocolate chip cookie. I don’t know how they’ll do in a few days but they probably won’t last that long. Finally I can make cookies that EVERYONE will be able to eat and love. (no more torture of making cookies for the gluten eaters and not being able to even taste the dough!) I followed the recipe exactly and used Arrowhead Mills baking mix. I did end up cooking it longer, probably 15 or 16 minutes. Perfection…I can’t thank you enough!

  25. Jazzy says

    Made them! So delicious, but after cooking they got a hard? Is it because I put them into a mini cupcake pan? Wanted to make cookie balls lol .. Still very tasty, next time I will leave them on a baking sheet. Thoughts?

  26. Tiana Lumley says

    I substituted the baking mix for White Wings Gluten free plain flour blend and added about an extra tablespoon or two than the recipe because the dough was too wet (not sure if this brand is sold in other countries, I’m Australian). I also forgot the baking powder and soda, but I didn’t realise until it was too late. I refrigerated the dough for four hours then baked the cookies and they turned out great. Best GF cookie I have ever had.

  27. Kelly says

    I’m concerned with these spreading out and becoming flat while baking. This happens every time I use butter. Should I use something else or try butter with these?

  28. Kamakana says

    Hi Dana,

    Can you substitute a dairy free butter for the regular butter? If so is it 1:1 ration? Can’t have dairy or gluten but would love to try this recipe!


  29. Kim W. says

    Just made these, and if you follow the directions to a T, they make a great tasting, pretty cookie. I was looking for a recipe to try out xylitol, so I subbed it 1:1 for the granulated sugar, and used coconut sugar for the brown.

    I jumped in and started making them before I realized they needed to be chilled, so I left the dough in the fridge over night and in the morning rolled them into tight balls on the tray. I noticed they were flatter if I didn’t roll the ball as tightly, but were still never “flat”. The cold, tight ball into a hot oven is the key. Lovely recipe, thanks!

  30. Jackie says

    In case anybody is interested, I just made these using the Dove’s Farm self-raising gluten free blend. I doubled the vanilla, added a pinch of salt, and did not refrigerate. Dropped onto the tray in large tablespoons.
    I put it at 180C and left it for 9 minutes for one batch and 11 for the other.
    Using this method, these cookies do not spread very much. They are mostly puffy but may sink as they cool. The longer batch is overall more golden but all in all they came out well!

    • solene says

      I had the same issue, so in the end because I had a bit of left over dough, I flattened the dough before putting in the oven and now it looks a little more like biscuits.

  31. Chyanne wade says

    I want to try this recipe, but I’m wondering if adding pudding mix to it would help or ruin it? What do you think? I normally make all my gluten full cookies with pudding mix..

  32. Taste USA says

    Best chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever eaten. I have to do gluten free desserts and am just now learning to cook so I’m glad you included the substitution of measurements for baking soda and baking powder, seeing as I have an interesting flour mix to begin with…Thank You!!!!

  33. Andrea says

    Anything i can replace the gluten free mix with ? Cannot find those ingredients in my small town, only have whole wheat and i guess oat flour which i can make in my nutri bullet. help! these look delicious !

  34. Trevor says

    If I’m using your gf baking mix, I put 1/4 cup of granulated sugar in both the baking mix and the cookie mix, right?

  35. Sarah says

    The taste of these cookies is excellent- can’t tell the difference from the non-gluten free cookies! I had pre-made Bob’s Redmill GF flour on hand, so added the extra salt, baking powder and baking soda like advised. In my haste, I didn’t see that they were supposed to be chilled so they spread across the baking sheet and I had to peel them off. My only suggestion would be to indicate at the top of the recipe that they need to be chilled for a long period of time so busy mommas trying to make dessert for the kiddos know right off the bat that they won’t be ready right away:-). I will be making these again though!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      So glad you enjoyed them, Sarah! Thanks for the note about chilling and thank you for sharing!

  36. Marques DiNapoli says

    First off, the flavor of these cookies is awesome. I’m slowely but surely perfecting my chocolate chip cookie recipe, and aside from the discernable bits of cornmeal, they taste like my regular gluten invested cookies. While i’m not gluten intolerant, several of my friends are gluten intolerant, so i thought i’d give it a try baking some cookies for them.

    Like i said, flavor is awesome… But i’ve tried several batches and i just can’t get the centre of the cookie to cook. I even tried turning my oven down to 300, and leaving them in for 20 mins! And i still can’t get them to stay fluffy. Like i said, i’m new to gluten free baking, so i’m sure it’s me, not the recipe. Any ideas on how to cook these evenly throughout the cookie?

    Or any other tips, i’m open to any suggestions.

  37. Sara Arnold says

    I made these yesterday and am so pleased!! I used coconut palm sugar instead of granulated, Bobs Red Mill GF flour with BS and BP as listed at the bottom of the recipe and added about a cup of dried cranberries. Once all mixed, I rolled dough into logs in parchment paper and set in freezer for about 3 hours. Once hardened well, sliced into about 3/4″ thick discs and baked for about 10 minutes. Had no trouble with flattening at all. At first thought they were going to be a little crumbly as is usual with GF but after they sat for a bit they were perfect!!

  38. Smakk says

    Hi there your GF pancake mix requires 1/4 cup granulated sugar and then this recipe requires 1/4 cup granulated sugar + 1/2 cup light brown sugar.
    Is that correct?
    Or do you make the gluten free mix without sugar and then just use the 3/4 cup sugar in this recipe?
    Thank you!

  39. rani says

    I was wondering if you can add vanilla pudding mix to make the cookies more softer. Also, what can I substitute the oat flour with?


  40. Taylor says

    I haven’t had a good chocolate chip cookie in 6 years. This recipe is outstanding! I may have a tummy ache later from eating too many!

  41. Minna says

    I have been trying different GF cookie-recipes now for some time and I think I have found the one :) I just baked my first batch and it tastes wonderful! My cookies are quite flat but it is ok for me, the taste is what matters. I’m from Finland and although our way of making pancakes is a bit different to yours, I tried making them also with the mix and your recipe and they were delicious. Thank you! I will be making these again. :)

  42. Shamim says

    These cookies look delicious! I wanted to make these cookies to send overseas in a gift package. Will these cookies travel well? I was going to individually wrap each cookie and then seal it in an air tight comatinee before sending. Thanks.

  43. Kathy says

    This is probably a dumb question, but do you use a greased or ungreased cookie sheet? I didn’t read it in any of the comments, and the directions don’t specify. Normally, it’s ungreased, but I don’t want to assume. I too made the mix and didn’t notice the refrigerating part. So I guess my daughter will have to wait until tomorrow. :( I substituted millet flour for buckwheat since I didn’t have any. The batter I sampled was yummy. Thanks!

  44. Meredith says

    Best chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever eaten. I have to do gluten free desserts and am just now learning to cook so I’m glad you included the substitution of measurements for baking soda and baking powder, seeing as I have an interesting flour mix to begin with…Thank You!!!!

  45. Zoe says

    I was looking for gluten free cookie recipe for a long time, and I think I found it! Thank you so much, I’ll try them later! :)

  46. Stefany says

    YUM! I’m a vegan so I used earth balance vegan butter and substituted the egg with a flax egg (1 tablespoon ground flax + 3 tablespoons water, whisked and set aside for 5 minutes).

    I didn’t have the gluten-free baking mix, (and I’m not gluten-intolerant) so I used 1/2 cup + 1 tablespoon all purpose flour and 1/2 cup + 1 tablespoon whole wheat pastry flour, plus the 1/2 tsp baking soda/powder, but I used less salt (of which I’m glad, because they were still quite salty, and I think 1/2 tsp would have been way too much for my tastes!)

    Anyway, these cookies are PERFECTION!

  47. Deanna says

    I will take responsibility for not reading the full instructions before starting this, however I want to note that the prep time of 30 minutes and total time of 40 minutes does NOT include refrigerating it for at least 4 hours before rolling into balls and baking.

    That said, so far the cookie dough tastes great and I’m sure they will come out really good.

  48. Greg says

    I made these yesterday but used half oat and half rice flour as well as coconut nut and regular butter. I subbed coconut sugar for the white and used unsweetened chocolate. I put it all in the food processor to mix and then cooked on a pizza stone. They only lasted a few hours and that’s because we left the house.

  49. Dannai M says

    I just made them and they are delicious! I used Vegetable Oil instead of butter; semi-sweet chocolate mini chips (by Enjoy Life)- dairy, nut & soy free (3/4 cup); and used White Rice Flour w the baking soda, baking powder & salt add in. Chilled it overnight, as recommend, and they are delicious! I was scared they would taste oily, but not at all. I made two batches so we can have one for home and one to bring to my Son’s school.
    FYI- I usually bake from a box, unless it’s a family recipe. This will be my new go-to cookie for our household. Thanks for the recipe!

  50. LeAnn says

    great recipe. I had never cooked gluten free before and the hardest part was figuring out when the cookies were done. They are done but chewy just when they sightly change color on the edges in my over. When I pulled them they didn’t seem done till they cooled and were just perfect. I was also cooking high altitude. I had to use 1/4th less butter and sugar, and non packed brown sugar so they wouldn’t run.

  51. Violet says

    I was looking for something to make with my failed chocolate frosting. (It turned out more like chocolate moose.) I found these, and I substituted the flour with all purpose gluten free flour.
    They definitely were chewy and moist, which I was looking for, but tasted like a big bite of cooked flour. The chocolate chunks I put in it were okay too.
    But it went great with the chocolate moose. I ended up cutting out the centers, and putting a good amount there.
    Almost like chocolate drop cookies. They’re very good that way.
    Otherwise I wasn’t overly excited about them.

  52. Ginger says

    I tried these but baked in a 8×8 glass dish and added chocolate chips and coconut to cover and baked 5 more minutes. In all i baked them 25 minutes at 350. To yummy to describe.

  53. Katy says

    Hi – quick question! Would different flours affect it? I used white rice, tapioca, potato starch, oat flour and cornmeal. When baked, they spread very thin. Have you ever experienced this?


  54. Tess says

    Great recipe! Thanks for sharing, I’m currently waiting on my first batch to cool and they look positively delicious!

  55. sparky says

    These have brightened up a bad week. Remind me of what non-GF cookies tasted like. Thank you! I used GF self raising with added Xantham- brilliant.

  56. Anita says

    I made the recipe with Namaste Gluten Free Perfect Flour Blend and put them in the refrigerator for 4 hours. I didn’t notice until they were in the oven the bottom note on this recipe to include baking soda, baking powder, and salt if it wasn’t a GF “mix.” Strangely, four of 16 rolled up balls of dough turned into perfect cookies that look very much like the photo. The other twelve either ended up completely flat or partly flat/partly cookie. And it didn’t matter what side of the cookie sheet they were on, just sporadically across the cookie sheet. I can only guess I had some of them in my hands longer (as I was rolling them into balls) than others. Next time I will refrigerate them, roll them into balls, then probably freeze them and bake. The taste is good, I imagine it would be better with salt. ;)

  57. Patricia Gloria says

    Hi Dana,

    I made your chocolate chip cookies two weeks ago and they were fabulous. See my comments on June 16th. I am about to make another batch today but the link to the baking mix has been changed to the pancake mix. Help! I didn’t write down the old baking mix and I don’t have the pancake mix ingredients. Can you please post the original GF baking mix? Thanks very much!

  58. valentina silva says

    My husband is gf, so I’m always looking for good recipes. These are fantastic. I exchanged the butter for some coconut oil, and they turned out picture perfect and delicious. A little kosher salt on top doesn’t hurt either.

  59. Mary Louise says

    Not a fan of gluten free but my son had to bring gluten free cookies to school for project. Good cookies being that they are GF. Mine did not turn out flat and cooked really well. I refrigerated the mix for only one hour prior to cooking and instead of rolling the dough into balls I gently spooned out onto tray. Thanks for the comments, helps with cooking your own.

  60. Patricia Gloria says

    These are the best GF cookies I’ve ever had! I substituted the butter with the same amount of coconut oil. I didn’t have time to refrigerate the dough as my grandson was waiting for them, so I rolled them up right away and baked. They had a nice rise, crunchy outside and chewy inside. Yum yum…and Oscar loved them :)

    • Patricia Gloria says

      Forgot to mention that I used brown rice flour with bpowder, bsoda and a pinch of salt.
      Regarding the flat cookies…could it be because your bp or bs is old?

  61. Amee says

    Hi, I want to tell you, these cookies are AMAZING!!!! I make two batches at a time cause they are so amazing, I do everything you say, even refrigerate, but they always come out flat. They are still good, but I don’t know how to get them to look like the ones in your pictures. I’m happy either way, but just thought I’d ask, seems like others are having the same issue. Thanks!!

  62. Taylor says

    Perfect dough.. Then I cooked them and they seem to have melted and burned.. Any tips on how to adjust this so they hold up better? High elevation maybe?

  63. Maya says

    For store bough gluten free mix, how much do we add aside from the extra 1/2 tsps. You mentioned in the footnote? Thanks!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      I’ve never used an egg replacer, so I’d say just use your favorite! Let me know how it goes :D

  64. Amie says

    I pre-heated my oven and finished mixing in the chips when I read “refrigerate for 6-8 hours.” =/ Why did I pre-heat my oven then? Lol! Small criticism but I cannot wait to try these in a few hours. Thank you for the recipe and I’ll let you know how they turn out.

  65. Melissa says

    They look and sound delicious. My one disappointment as I prepared to start mixing the
    dough at 6 pm was that the listed 40 min. prep time did not include an overnight in the fridge.

  66. Courtney says

    Hi! I tried to make these yesterday and again today. Both times they burned on the bottom and we’re not completely cooked through. I followed the directions to a t and even messed with the placement of them in the oven to see if that would help. I have made your other recipes without any problems so I’m not sure what’s going on! Any ideas?

  67. Courtney says

    These cookies look amazing! Any idea how much xanthan gum to use if it is not included in the gluten free flour blend? I would to try these tonight! Thanks

  68. Ashton says

    Amazing…soft, chewy, full of flavour, and with a little crunch on the outside! I will try to reduce the sugar next time to see if they can be a bit less sweet…might try to adapt for an oatmeal cookie too? Unless Dana has plans to make my dreams come true by posting a recipe for that??
    Thanks for the amazing recipes! My partner and I have 4 recipes marked to make over the coming week and I can’t wait!

      • Tricia says

        I did try the oatmeal gf cookie. Really delicious and the cookie held it’s form amazingly. I just added a 1/2 cup of gf quick cooking oats. It’s really hard to tell that they have oatmeal in them, you probably could add more. Love this site. Thanks so much!

      • daWn says


        Sorry for the oatmeal lovers, but the majority of oats you find in the market in the US are not gluten free. Those diagnosed with coeliac disease should avoid oats. For those who are just experimenting with a gluten free diet, look for certified gluten free oats, but know that oats have a protein that’s quite similar to wheat’s gluten and may trigger similar reactions.

        Thank you for all your great recipes!

        • Dr. Becky says

          I second this comment. These cookies look amazing and delicious! 4 gold stars for working toward GF goodness!!!
          Not to discourage anyone from enjoying this amazing recipe, but in the spirit of education regarding gluten:
          It is VERY important to know that the label of “gluten free” for oats is a bit misleading. The way the US food labeling laws are currently written, a product can say Gluten Free if it has below 20ppm of gluten from wheat, barley or rye. It usually means the oats are not cross contaminated with wheat during processing .( )
          What it does not address is that other grains (oats, spelt) have a VERY similar protein structure (thus their similar function in baking). Essentially they have their own gluten (oat = avenin and spelt = gluten). FDA allows this to be called gluten free, but a subsset of Celiac and gluten sensitive individuals will still have a reaction to oats and spelt.

          Knowledge is power! If you are celiac, research these grains before eating them.
          I’m going to go make some cookies (though I’m going to put in coconut & almond flour instead of oat).

          Thanks again for the excellent post and beautiful pictures.

  69. Kate says

    These were so delicious! Mine turned out a little on the flat side too, but it was wonderful to have homemade gluten free cookies that tasted so amazing. My kids loved them too, didn’t even notice they were “different”. The printable recipe didn’t say anything about sea salt so I forgot that, but next time I’ll sprinkle that on. Thanks for the recipe! (oh and I made pancakes with the mix this morning, so yummy!)

  70. Maya says

    These cookies looked so good I had to try them! Well I made them using your GF baking mix and they turned out flat as a pancake. So sad! Any suggestions on what I did wrong??

      • Kyla says

        Same thing happened to me. Twice! First try I used my own gf baking
        mix (bs/bp included) = flat, melted together cookies. I decided to give them another try following your recipe and instructions exactlyear but same result! =/

    • Erika says

      The same thing happened when I tried to make them. I think perhaps I didn’t refrigerate them long enough…I’ll definitely try them again!

    • Kiel says

      I had the same problem…flattest cookies I’ve ever made, and I have made quite a few gluten free cookies, too. Oh well. I do wonder if it had to do with the refrigeration, since I skipped that part. But I never refrigerate chocolate chip cookies…just mix, scoop, drop and bake. Maybe I’ll try again sometime when I’m not in a hurry and have time to wait for them to sit overnight and see if that makes a difference.

      • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

        I do think that makes a difference. It helps them hold their form better before baking. I think it’s key for this recipe. Hope that helps!

        • Heidi says

          I didn’t realize I’d have to refrigerate the dough and I want these cookies tonite! Can I put the dough in the freezer instead? For like an hour? Hope so, cuz that’s where the dough currently is.

          • Heidi says

            I ended up freezing for 30 min. then taking them out, rolling into balls and putting into fridge for another 30 min, then baked them. They turned out perfect, not too flat!
            Well, ok…one batch was perfect. The other I cooked in a glass baking dish which was a big mistake…at least ungreased. They ran into each other and fused to the bottom of the pan so I ended up having to chip off the cookies. I have cookie chunks…which still taste great nd would actually be an excellent ice cream topping. :)

      • Chelsea says

        Add more flour/baking mix. Mine did the same thing and I added about a half cup more with a bit more baking powder. They turned out perfectly

        • chelsea says

          Also they seem to turn out flatter when cooked on a cookie sheet as opposed to just a piece of tin foil

  71. carole-ann says

    Weird question but can these be made with regular flour and not gluten free? Would the measurements all be the same? Thanks!!!!!!

  72. Abbie @ Needs Salt says

    These cookies look absolutely perfect! I like my cookies to me crisp on the edges but slightly soft in the middle – and I love the addition of salt! No chocolate chip cookie is complete without salt.
    Pinning these!

  73. Jess says

    Oh yes – those pictures are puuuurty! I can’t believe these came from that same mix – what else do you have up your sleeve with that stuff?! And those two perfect little chips on top of each cookie? Love.

  74. Jessica (bakecetera) says

    i’m loving all these gluten free recipes! it’s a goal to get more involved with them… and your blog is really helping me out! these cookies look amazing.