Homemade Pumpkin Pasta

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Holding up a skewer with strips of homemade Pumpkin Pasta

Several years ago I sat entranced watching Mark Bittman make pasta from scratch on his New York Times video column. I had no idea you could just up and make pasta. As far as I was concerned, pasta only came dried into sticks in a box. Mind -> blown.

Eggs, pumpkin puree, and flour for making Pumpkin Pasta

Years later I finally decided to give it a go myself with a pumpkin spin in mind. You know, for fall. Plus it turned my noodles an uber pretty color. All you need for this 4-ingredient pasta is:

pumpkin puree

That’s it! So easy, eh?

Food processor with ingredients for making homemade Pumpkin Pasta

Then you just boil your noodles for 1-2 minutes and choose your toppings and sauce.

I kept mine simple with basil pesto and parmesan cheese. You could also go a more fancy, pumpkin-themed route with my recipe for Spicy Pumpkin Mac ‘n’ Cheese, which can be found in our 1 Cup Water e-Book.

Using a pizza cutter to cut strips of homemade Pumpkin Pasta

Another perk of this recipe? You don’t need a pasta maker or crank. If you have a trusty rolling pin and a pizza cutter or knife, you’re in business.

Strips of From Scratch Pumpkin Pasta on a cutting board
Strips of homemade pumpkin pasta with a skewer under them
Freshly cooked Homemade Pumpkin Pasta in a colander

Look at those fresh, fluffy noodles. Nothing like fresh pasta, according to Mr. Bittman. I 100% agree.

Plate of Fresh Homemade Pasta alongside small bowls of pumpkin, flour, and parmesan

If you aren’t a big pumpkin fan, don’t fret as the flavor isn’t that prominent – it’s more of a hint and way to add some color. You could also sub pesto for the pumpkin for a super flavorful pasta, or just omit it altogether and add in one more yolk and one more whole egg as the original recipe suggests.

Plate of Fresh Pumpkin Pasta topped with pesto and parmesan cheese

I loved this pasta with pesto. We also tried it with tomato sauce and it was just as tasty. Though I didn’t try it with my pumpkin cheese sauce, I’m sure it would be dreamy. Enjoy!

Twirling a bite of Fresh Pumpkin Pasta on a fork
Picking up a bite of Pumpkin Pasta with Pesto and Parmesan

Homemade Pumpkin Pasta

5-ingredient pumpkin pasta from scratch, no fancy techniques or pasta maker required!
Author Minimalist Baker
Homemade Pumpkin Pasta in a colander
5 from 11 votes
Prep Time 43 minutes
Cook Time 2 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Servings 4
Course Entrée
Cuisine Italian-Inspired, Vegetarian
Freezer Friendly No
Does it keep? 3-4 Days


  • 2 cups unbleached all-purpose flour
  • 1/4 tsp sea salt
  • 1 large egg
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 3 Tbsp pumpkin puree
  • Water


  • Add flour and salt to a food processor and pulse. Then add in whole egg, egg yolks, and pumpkin puree. Pulse until well combined. Then drizzle in water until a dough forms (see picture).
  • Transfer to a very lightly floured surface, sprinkle top with a little flour, and cover with plastic wrap. Set aside for 30 minutes to rest.
  • After it’s rested, bring a large pot of water to a boil and salt generously.
  • Cut the pasta into thirds and begin rolling out into a loose rectangle, sprinkling on only as much flour as it takes to keep it from sticking. More flour = a less flavorful, tender pasta. Also, the pasta will want to stick to the rolling pin – simply use one hand to hold it down while you use the other to roll.
  • Once the dough is nearly paper thin, cut it into any shape you want. You can even leave it in a solid sheet if you’d like. I used a pizza cutter to cut mine into fettuccini-sized strips.
  • Cover with plastic wrap until ready to cook. Add pasta to boiling water and stir just to make sure they don’t stick together. It should only take 1-2 minutes to cook.
  • Drain and transfer to serving plate. Top with pesto and parmesan cheese, toss with your favorite tomato sauce, or try this easy pumpkin mac-n-cheese sauce.


*Heavily adapted from Mark Bittman (see his recipe for video instructions).
*Nutrition information is a rough estimate calculated without sauce or other toppings.

Nutrition (1 of 4 servings)

Serving: 1 g Calories: 279 Carbohydrates: 48 g Protein: 11 g Fat: 4 g Saturated Fat: 1 g Sodium: 165 mg Fiber: 2 g Sugar: 0.8 g

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      • Jana says

        Great! I tried this recipe and was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to work with the dough. I made raviolli with goat cheese and herbs for two and it was amazing! I dried the leftover pasta (cut as fettuccini) and it dried quite easily as well… Definitely a keeper for us! Thank you!

      • Marie says

        My mother used to make pasta when I was a child. She’d hang it on strung wires to dry it and then use some right away. Sooo good.

  1. Barb says

    Now that you have a freeze dryer, I’m wondering if you’ve made any vegetable powders: spinach, tomato or pumpkin. If so, have you used them in pasta? I just ran my first batch in the FD. I had a huge bag of shredded cheese, spinach and a few cans of tomato paste for just this purpose. I blended up the tomato and spinach into a powder. It took much longer than I would have expected. On one site, I read that it’s actually easier to dilute some things with water before freeze drying, and now that I’ve run a batch, I think I understand why that would be the case. I think if I’d diluted the paste to be more of a sauce consistency, it probably would have been quicker.

  2. Nico says

    Hi where do you list your spicy pumpkin mac n cheese recipe? I downloaded the ebook given in the link but there was no recipe there.

  3. Heather says

    So delicious! Added tomato sauce, basil, parmesan, and fresh cracked pepper. Would make a devicingly simple date night dish! Love it!

  4. Annette says

    Hi Dana,

    You used to have a homemade vegan pasta recipe on your page that I’ve made before and loved that I can’t seem to find. Any chance you could repost or send me it? Thanks so much! We love your recipes!!!

  5. joe says

    I was utterly disappointed this time. In fact I didn’t go thru all of the recipes. These are NOT vegan.
    Eggs are not vegan.

    Modern pasta recipes contain no eggs.

    Check Barilla, Combino etc and other famous Italian makers.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Joe, not all of our recipes are vegan. You can learn more here. Let us know if you saw somewhere indicating that this was a vegan recipe?

  6. DZolter says

    I know this says it isn’t freezer friendly…..however I still tried. I froze them in mini serving amounts powdered with extra flour. I generally use them in Udon soup base……and love them! Worked for me!
    Just boiled them separately quickly before joining the broth to remove the excess flour.

    Love this recipe!

  7. Julie curtis says

    Just made this pasta, going to cook it tomorrow, can I just leave it in the refrigerator wrapped in plastic wrap overnight?

  8. Megan says

    HI Dana, we made your ravioli recipe from your book (can’t seem to find the recipe on your blog) and they turned out tough/chewie. Any troubleshooting tips for our next try? Thanks!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Sounds like the dough might’ve been slightly overworked? Knead for slightly less time and make sure they get rolled quite thin before stuffing!

  9. Leah @ Lunch with Leah says

    This recipe is so delicious! Also, a great way to get kids cooking in the kitchen – they think it is so fun to make pasta!

    As a total winner, I included this recipe in a round-up of favorite vegetarian dinner ideas.

    Thanks for creating such amazing recipes, can’t wait to try more!

  10. Emily says

    Recipe modification: 2 cups flour, 1/4 tsp salt, 3 rounded Tbs pumpkin, 1 whole egg, 3 yolks. Followed food processor instructions to combine thoroughly. Transfered mixture to bowl and pressed into a dough ball. Added very minimal water to outside and let it rest. Divided dough in thirds and used pasta roller/cutter. Best pasta I’ve made. Served with ribbons of shiitake mushrooms cooked in garlic butter and a small amount of peppery hot tomato sauce.

  11. Sherilyn Downie says

    Hi there, I am wondering if there is a way to make the pumpkin pasta gluten free? So instead of using the unbleached white flour, is there another flour I could use?


  12. Danielle says

    Hi Dana, would it be possible to use a flax egg for this recipe or am i better adding more pumpkin puree and flour?

  13. Denise piastrelli says

    I have been vegan for the past two years now and Dana I have to say I absolutely LOVE all of your recipes I have tried (there are a lot). Eating plant based meals means you need to pay special attention to all your ingredients and seasonings. You are spot on!

    My husband and I had fun making your homemade vegan pasta recipe. How simple (just a bit messy) and delicious. My question is, can I just add the pumpkin purée to the vegan pasta recipe? I believe I could and just perhaps reduce the amount of water I use. Please advise.

    Thanks for helping make our healthier lifestyle more flavorful!


  14. Ravan says

    My food processor’s motor died recently (may it rest in piece) how would you suggest blending together the ingredients? A whisk and spatula, a knead hook, cutting it together with a butterknife?

  15. Mara says

    Substitutions: I made a gluten free version with Bob’s 1 to 1 gluten free flour substitution. I also used 4.5tbs of pumpkin and omitted the water. The result wasn’t overpowering in pumpkin flavor and utterly delicious.
    Note: I found it difficult to roll it very thin but the outcome was pillowy and delicious!! I didn’t have cheese so I dressed it in butter, salt and pepper.
    I saw a recipe on A Cup of Jo for pumpkin pasta with just pumpkin and flour. I’m glad I put eggs and salt in here, the pasta “grew” nicely.

  16. soni says

    Made this today and it was super easy and good! Next time I will add some pumpkin pie spice for a little more pumpkin flavor! Love your recipes!

  17. Brent says

    I made it into ravioli. I used fresh acorn squash in both the pasta and the filling. It was topped with a savory cream sauce which used the last of the squash. The pasta was a bit sticky from the fresh squash, so it took a bit more flour to roll out. The flavor was off the charts

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      That should work! It will affect the texture, but if you’re using semolina flour, you should be good!

  18. Lauren says

    Looks and sounds delicious! I’ve been on a search for pumpkin recipes that aren’t pie or cookies or anything sweet and this fits the bill.

  19. Louis says

    Does the puree of pumpkin need to be cooked before making the pasta? Want to try this recipe it is very simple and easy. Like it!

      • Christina says

        Can you elaborate? How should the pumpkin puree be cooked beforehand? What if you are using pumpkin from a can?

        Also, I want to make this, but I am single and only making food for myself! How do you store something like homemade noodles?

        • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

          That’s what I used! Canned pumpkin puree. You can store homemade noodles tossed in a little flour to prevent sticking, covered in the fridge up to 3-4 days.

        • K. says

          Canned pumpkin puree is already cooked…it’s basically roasted, pureed pumpkin flesh (thus you could also do it yourself).

  20. Kitty says

    I found it! YES!

    I had made this recipe two (? three?) years ago over and over because I loved it so much, but in between my Firefox profile died and I couldn’t save all bookmarks, since then I have been searching for this recipe whenever I craved butternut pasta (as I’ve always made it with butternut), and now I’ve finally found it again!

    So looking forward to making this again!

    • Mara says

      I made a gluten free version! It’s harder to roll very thin so you get these wonderfully thick(er) noodles (they grow when boiled).

  21. Melissa says

    I love making fresh pasta and noodles. I think this recipe would work great for raviloi or lasagna as well. Can’t wait to try it! :)

  22. Maria says

    This looks AMAZING! If I could make it this very moment I so would! Do you think its possible to sub some of the all purpose flour for almond flour?

    Thank you


    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Perhaps, but I wouldn’t count on it. Almond meal probably would react poorly when boiled :(

  23. Brie @ Entrée the Giant says

    I’ve been meaning to make this pasta since you posted and shame on me for not doing so sooner! Just got around to whipping this up this past weekend and let me tell you – it’s already on next week’s menu so we can enjoy again. The texture and taste is unlike anything you can boil from a box – so, so good. Clearly, I have impressed myself, but it’s all thanks to you. So happy you shared this one :)

  24. Rebecca @ Fieldhouse Kitchen says

    Wow, I need to make this! Been looking for a great pumpkin pasta recipe to try and this looks like the winner! Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Rebecca

  25. paige says

    Love this! You can put literally any pureed veggie in there and make incredible pasta. Spinach (blanch or steam then blend) and beet (roast or boil then blend) are my fave because a) tasty wut wut! and b) such gorgeous colours.

    I’m not sure if you made the noodle uneven in size on purpose but if you do want to make them more uniform in both width and straightness, it’s super easy. Just flour both sides of the dough then roll it up super loosely like a cigar or a cake roll. Then make your cuts and unravel the noodles! It’s probably a bit more time consuming but creates more even, straighter strands.

  26. Jessica (bakecetera) says

    wow! what an amazing fall recipe! i can’t wait to try this one out next week!! i love the idea of pairing the pasta with a pesto. mmm!!!

  27. Tieghan Gerard says

    Nothing beats homemade pasta. I love making it came fall and making pumpkin ravioli! This look so good and your photos are so pretty. Love it!

  28. Abbie @ Needs Salt says

    Wow, pumpkin pasta sounds AWESOME. You guys… I can’t get over your recipes. They are just perfect. Every. Last. One.
    Pinned! :)

  29. Katy says

    I’ve made pasta before with a pasta crank but it was a bit of a complicated process. Nice to know that’s not even needed and I can do it myself at home. Love it!

  30. Kelli H (Made in Sonoma) says

    This is TOTALLY something I would have thought I’d never make at home. Unless maybe when I’m retired some day and in my sixties…BUT you’ve totally inspired me. I WILL do it and soon!

  31. Alexe @ Keys to the Cucina says

    Wow this looks to die for. I have some left over pumpkin puree from when I made pumpkin risotto, so I might even just make this fresh pasta with it. Thanks for sharing!

  32. Ash-foodfashionparty says

    I love making home made pastas, it’s such a therapeutic thing.
    I saw this on pinterest and loved your pictures and your new layout looks really nice.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Actually I think it would work quite nicely if you did so! I might recommend keeping it heavier on the all purpose for texture purposes though. Hope that helps!

      • TamTam says

        Thanks for your quick reply! I think I will be adding this to next week’s menu plan…may have to let my boyfriend fend for himself, since he’s a weirdo and doesn’t like pumpkin!

  33. Erin @ The Spiffy Cookie says

    I may need to bust out my pasta rollers for this. I’ve never made flavored pasta before, just stuffed!

  34. Eva Gold says

    we love making hand made pasta! the taste is something completely different from store bought pasta – can’t compare it at all! I have never tried Pumpkin but it’s on my list now – thanks for the great recipe!

  35. Becki @ Bites 'n Brews says

    It’s hard to find recipes where I actually have all the ingredients around the house – definitely trying this one soon!

  36. Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar says

    The new site looks great, guys!! I love how simple it is…it totally suits you. ALSO, this pasta is the shiz. Yum!