Goat Cheese & Caramelized Onion Pizza

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Baking sheet with Caramelized Onion and Goat Cheese Pizza cut into slices

One of the best memories I’ve shared with my in-laws so far is sitting elbow-to-elbow around a crowded couch in their basement, soda cans and napkins sprawled all over the coffee table, everyone eating pizza. All 9 of us.

Yes, 9.

John has six siblings and he’s the oldest, and every time we get together with his family we joke that it’s like chasing a tornado. You don’t know where it’s headed and how long it will stay and everyone seems to be pulling to go their own direction at every turn. Thankfully they’re not the destructive tornado type, more the “come in make things a little messy and love on you” type. The kind I prefer.

Goat cheese and caramelized onions for making delicious homemade pizza

One thing John’s family does very well is pizza. One of the best times I recall was on one of the kids’ birthdays. The birthday boy got to decide what was for lunch and he picked pizza – smart kid.

In true Shultz style we all made our own personal pans since the chances of 9 hungry bellies agreeing on one flavor was slim. I’m OK with that. I’m a “heavy on the sauce, pile on the veggies, light on the cheese” type. John loves pepperoni, lots of it. Abby prefers more adventurous types like BBQ chicken, and the other half of the group seems to be all about the cheese.

Clearly, personal pans were the best option.

Cooking Caramelized Onion & Goat Cheese Flatbread on a pizza stone

So we all crowded into the kitchen, narrowly missing each other at each turn, flour covering the counters, each one pulverizing his or her own plot of dough. Sauce and spoons left red little dots everywhere and stray cheese and toppings looked like edible confetti exploded all over the floor.

Twenty minutes later our (very) personalized pizzas were out of the oven, onto plates and under the weight of swiftly-moving knifes and forks working feverishly to cut fresh slices before the cheese lost its elastic stretch.

Andy Griffith was on, eyes glued to the screen when not shoveling in steamy bites of pepperoni and veggies and crust. Amidst the chaos I couldn’t help but look around and feel thankful that I was a part of this little group, this family.

A lot of people complain about their in-laws, and maybe rightfully so, but I kind of have it good. Any family that does personal pan pizzas and soda on a Sunday afternoon is the kind of family for me.

Freshly sliced Goat Cheese Caramelized Onion Flatbread on a baking sheet
Baking sheet with slice Goat Cheese and Caramelized Onion Vegetarian Pizza

Typically I prefer a very standard veggie pizza, but after buying some goat cheese and flat breads for another recipe I couldn’t help but do a little experimenting.

Crispy thin flatbreads smeared with creamy, tangy goat cheese and topped with piles of sweet caramelized onions. As is this pizza is stellar, but add a little balsamic drizzle and we achieve perfection. Don’t even get me started on when we add fresh basil…

Drizzling balsamic reduction onto our Caramelized Onion and Goat Cheese Pizza
Baking sheet with a pie of our Goat Cheese Caramelized Onion Pizza recipe
Grabbing a slice of our Goat Cheese Caramelized Onion Pizza recipe

Goat Cheese & Caramelized Onion Pizza

A simple, flavorful flatbread-style pizza with goat cheese, caramelized onions and balsamic reduction.
Author Minimalist Baker
Homemade Goat Cheese & Caramelized Onion Pizza on a baking sheet
4.79 from 19 votes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Servings 2
Course Entrée
Cuisine Vegetarian
Freezer Friendly No
Does it keep? 2-3 Days


  • 1 10-inch flat bread or small pizza crust (I used Flat Out brand, whole wheat – use gluten-free for GF eaters)
  • 1 medium white onion (cut into thin rings)
  • Salt and pepper
  • Olive oil or butter (for sautéing)
  • 3 ounces goat cheese
  • 1 splash milk
  • Fresh basil or arugula (for topping)


  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (204 C) and position a rack in the middle of the oven. If using a pizza stone, place the stone in the oven as it preheats.
  • Sauté onion in butter or olive oil over medium heat until soft, stirring frequently. Season with salt and pepper. Cover to keep in the moisture if they begin to look dry – add a splash or two of water if they’re getting too brown. Set aside once cooked.
  • Once oven is preheated, brush flatbread with olive oil and place on the pizza stone or a baking sheet and “pre-bake” to crisp for about 5 minutes.
  • In the meantime, spoon goat cheese into a bowl and add a splash of milk or water to thin so it’s spreadable. Whisk until smooth.
  • Remove flatbread from oven and spread with goat cheese and top with onions – I used all of the onions but use less and reserve the leftovers if you prefer.
  • Place back in the oven and bake for 10 minutes, or until the edges appear crisp and the onions and goat cheese have warmed through.
  • Slice and serve with desired toppings. I opted for a balsamic reduction and fresh basil.


*Nutrition information is a rough estimate for 1/2 the pizza using a FlatOut whole-grain wrap for crust.

Nutrition (1 of 2 servings)

Serving: 1 g Calories: 269 Carbohydrates: 14 g Protein: 18 g Fat: 16 g Saturated Fat: 10 g Sodium: 357 mg Fiber: 5 g Sugar: 4 g

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  1. Beth says

    Love this recipe! I used shredded gruyere. When there is a surplus of onions I carmalize and freeze them for treats like this.

  2. Laurie says

    My husband thought he did not like goat cheese – until he ate this pizza! It’s my new favorite, as well. We used garlic naan for the crust, and it was perfectly delectable! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Leah says

    I made this with a gluten-free crust, herbed goat cheese, and I added prosciutto. I topped it with fresh basil and a balsamic reduction and it is easily the best pizza I’ve ever had in my life! So so yummy! Thank you for this recipe.

  4. Emily D'Emidio says

    This came out lovely! My flatbreads were on the small side, so I ended up making two individual portions instead. I feel like a fruit would have taken this over the top for me to perfection, just to cut through some of the richness – next time I’ll try it with figs or roasted strawberries or black cherries.

    • Trish W says

      Delicious! I made this with a fathead pizza crust in the shape of a flatbread. I did top with homemade pizza sauce 1st, then the caramelized onions and then crumbled goat cheese. Yum! It was beautiful and delicious with the arugula on top and a drizzle of reduced balsamic. Great option for low carb this way–thanks for the winning combination of goat cheese, onions and arugula!

  5. partha says

    Superb recipe . We have made . Among all pizza types we made ,kids and everyone loved this simple recipe

  6. Sneha says

    One of the first recipes I made off this site a few years ago! Definitely recommend with a crispy crust, I think I picked up some from Whole Foods that made this a quick meal on a weeknight even with all the caramelizing, very worth it.

  7. Kellie says

    Wonderful combination of flavors. I used gluten free prepared pizza crusts and Indian Style flatbread both from Trader Joe’s. Also topped with smoked chicken thighs we had leftover. Next time I make them planning to add portobello mushrooms.

  8. Emily says

    This pizza is delicious! We used fresh pizza dough for the crust and added fresh basil and a balsamic reduction on top. We will definitely be making this again!

  9. Abby says

    Absolutely loved this recipe. I didn’t want to decide between arugula and basil so I added both. I will definitely be making this again.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Sabrina,

      No, it is not. Sorry for any confusion! Some of the older recipes on our site are vegetarian, but not plant-based. All newer recipes are plant-based.

  10. Tyler says

    I just made this with ciabatta flatbread crust from Trader Joe’s and I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever eaten

  11. Redhed says

    I used a pizza stone, followed the preheating instructions and prebaked the flatbread for 5 minutes. The namebrand flatbread came out super hard, barely able to cut it. The flavors were great, but the crust was horrible. I’m going to try again, maybe not prebake.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      I think that would be a delicious addition! You could either sautee, or simply sprinkle it on top!

  12. Jessica says

    For some reason it will only let me put 3 stars but it’s DEFINITELY a 5!!
    I love this recipe!! It inspired me and I tweaked it this time… I made this with red onion (not caramelized), lemon infused goat cheese that was on sale at Ralph’s and when I reduced the balsamic I added pomegranateand mango vinegar to it! So delicious :)

  13. Zia Catalina says

    I had to modify this recipe so I could use what I had on hand. I used French bread, so this turned out to be a very individualized meal, similar to mini pizzas. On half of the mini pizzas I used thinly sliced tomato (thin, so they would warm up within the suggested amount of time). I topped all pizzas with balsamic glaze and whole basil leaves. They were delicious, and I am certain the original recipe tastes just as wonderful. I will make this again! The changes I want to make next time: cut the onion rings in half (to make the eating process less messy), and tear the basil and combine with the goat cheese (so it is part of the spread and won’t fall off the top of the pizza while taking a bite).

  14. Anita says

    I made this today and loved it. I made exactly as receipt with one exception; I added mushrooms whice are 0 smart points. Really gave it a meaty flavor.

  15. kungaa joseph says

    I used to make the same thing years ago; same flatbread too. I loved the caramelized onions. And the goat cheese is so good. I did find a vegan alternative that is just as good and will use it.

  16. Erin Sanders says

    Made this last night and it was AMAZING!!! I did add an Arugula & Basil salad on top and drizzled the balsamic vinegar reduction on top. Perfection :) I love…LOVE your recipes! I have tried six so far, and all of them have been outstanding!

  17. Sheelagh says

    Great flavours. I make this with a soda bread base. Still very few ingredients and very quick. Just knock up your soda bread dough and roll out as quickly as possible and continue as per this recipe.

  18. Arvind Srinivasan says

    This pizza was perfect; it was last night’s dinner and I’m making it again for tonight. There were no survivor slices.

  19. Sebastien Gagnon says

    I love the site and was looking for recipe. I stubble on the pizza until I saw Goat Cheese! Am I missing something.

  20. Jenny says

    I just made this. It was really good. I wish I had the balsmic vinegar I was out. I was also out of fresh basil so I topped with fresh chopped spinach. I also used my homemade pizza crust. Can’t wait to try it again with the balsamic.

  21. Katey says

    We made something very similar last night, but with fig spread. So relish. We also made your watermelon margaritas and the grapefruit spritzers… Yum! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful creations!

  22. Chung-Ah | Damn Delicious says

    Awwww, what a great story. Jason and I are a family of 10 (parents, grand children, spouses, etc.) so it can get quite crowded here too. Thankfully, we don’t make personal pizzas – we just eat what we’re served.

    No, but really, this caramelized pizza is the best. And I can’t resist anything involving goat cheese!

  23. Kiran @ KiranTarun.com says

    Perfection! My husband would love these — he has a soft spot for caramelized onions :)

  24. Hannah @ Not From Concentrate says

    Wow this is totally mouth-watering! I’m with you on all of it – I LOVE pizza and I’ve been wanting to branch out lately! this just made it’s way to the top of next week’s menu!

  25. Suzanne @RollWithIt says

    Goat cheese and caramelized onion are my favourite combo on pizza! Love the balsamic glaze-nice touch!

  26. Belinda @themoonblushbaker says

    single pizzas are the only way to go with my greedy family! this way at least we keep our hands on our own pizza; we have been known to fight over it. Love the onions it is like French onion soup

  27. Lindsay @ The Live-In Kitchen says

    This pizza looks so good! I am totally in love with caramelized onions. Good thing it’s personal sized because my family would never go for it. I can just make them “boring” pizza.

  28. Tieghan says

    I am on of 7 so I totally no what you are talking about with the elbow to elbow eating and full on craziness. It is fun though!

    I love this pizza. Caramelized onions are so good an typically the only way I really enjoy onions. Plus, I really love the basil and balsamic drizzle. YUm!

  29. Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar says

    Oh my goodness, what a huuuuge family! I can only imagine how much fun that must have been growing up. Also, this pizza looks magical!

  30. Kristi says

    That pizza looks absolutely delicious. I’m all about the caramlized onions. Raw onions just don’t do it for me anymore after I started caramelizing the onions.