Creamy Kale and Spinach Dip

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Ceramic dish filled with our Creamy vegan Kale and Spinach Dip

It’s about that time for holiday parties galore, and for that, you need a dip! If I’m invited to your gathering, this is definitely the one I’m bringing.

Ingredients for making our Kale and Spinach Dip for a healthy vegan appetizer

I take my appetizers seriously.

This cheesy kale and spinach dip is my vegan take on classic spinach and artichoke dip, which is typically laden with cheese – my former love.

Cooking kale and spinach for a healthy gluten-free vegan appetizer
Pouring cashew sauce onto greens for healthy vegan Kale and Spinach Dip

But since we’ve broken up, I’ve replaced the cheese-shaped hole in my heart with cashew cream and vegan parmesan and haven’t looked back. Who needs the real thing when the substitutes are healthier and taste amazing? That’s what I say.  

This dip requires just 9 ingredients – hooray! And it comes together in about 30 minutes (once your cashews are soaked).

Plus, it has all my loves:

cashew cream
vegan parmesan

All that’s missing is a toasty baguette for scooping. Don’t worry – we’ll get to that.

Stirring together our vegan Kale and Spinach Dip recipe in a skillet
Ceramic dish filled with our fast and healthy Kale and Spinach Dip

Once you’ve mixed your ingredients together it just takes a quick bake in the oven to get it piping hot and ready for serving.

I preferred a toasted baguette, but you could also serve it with veggies, tortilla chips, or any other crackers of choice.

Dish of the perfect healthy appetizer of Kale and Spinach Dip

This dip is amazing! It’s

Loaded with greens
Super healthy
& Perfect for holiday parties

Dipping a slice of bread into our Creamy Vegan Kale and Spinach Dip

If you make this dip, we hope you love it! As always, share a picture on Instagram with the #minimalistbaker if you do! We’d love to see this dip in action.


Dairy-free Creamy Kale and Spinach Dip for a healthy appetizer

Creamy Kale and Spinach Dip

Simple vegan spinach and kale dip made with just 9 ingredients that will please a crowd. Cheesy, hearty, chock-full of greens, and so delicious. Perfect for holiday parties and beyond.
Author Minimalist Baker
Slice of bread topped with Creamy Kale and Spinach Dip with the rest of the pan of dip beside it
5 from 31 votes
Prep Time 1 hour 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 30 minutes
Servings 6
Course Appetizer
Cuisine Gluten-Free, Vegan
Freezer Friendly No
Does it keep? 2-3 Days


  • 1 1/4 cups cashews (soaked overnight or in boiling hot water for 1 hour // then thoroughly drained)
  • 2 Tbsp olive oil (divided)
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened plain almond milk (sub up to half with water)
  • 4-6 Tbsp nutritional yeast (to taste)
  • 1 tsp sea salt (divided)
  • 3 cloves garlic (minced)
  • 1 10-ounce package frozen chopped spinach (thawed and squeeze-drained)
  • 3 cups kale (finely chopped // or just double up on spinach)
  • 1/4 cup Vegan Parmesan Cheese
  • Veggies, crackers, chips, or 1/2 baguette sliced and toasted (optional // for serving)


  • If you haven’t soaked your cashews yet, do so the night before in room temperature water, or 1 hour before in very hot water. Drain thoroughly.
  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (176 C) and lightly grease a small, oven-safe serving dish (see photo for size reference).
  • Add soaked and drained cashews to a blender with almond milk and puree into a cream. Add 1/4 cup nutritional yeast and 3/4 tsp sea salt (amounts as original recipe is written // adjust if altering batch size) and mix once more. Taste and adjust seasonings as needed. You want it pretty cheesy and well-salted, so I added the full 6 Tbsp nutritional yeast (amount as original recipe is written // adjust if altering batch size). Set aside.
  • In a large skillet over medium heat, sauté garlic in 1 Tbsp olive oil (amount as original recipe is written // adjust if altering batch size) and then add spinach and kale. Season with a healthy pinch (1/4 tsp as original recipe is written // adjust if altering batch size) of sea salt and black pepper and cook for 5 minutes or until wilted, then remove from heat.
  • Add 3/4 of the cashew cream (see photo) and toss to combine. If it can take more, add it in. Otherwise, reserve the rest for pasta or other uses. Add 2 Tbsp vegan parmesan cheese for additional texture/flavor and stir.
  • Add to prepared baking dish and top with remaining vegan parmesan.
  • Bake for 15-20 minutes, or until warmed through and sightly browned on top.
  • Before serving, top with additional vegan parmesan cheese if desired. Other add-ons might include red pepper flake or hemp seeds.
  • Serve with assorted vegetables, tortilla chips, crackers, or toasted baguette. Store leftovers covered in the fridge for up to a few days, though best when fresh.


*Nutrition information is a rough estimate.

Nutrition (1 of 6 servings)

Serving: 1 serving Calories: 275 Carbohydrates: 19 g Protein: 11 g Fat: 19 g Saturated Fat: 3.5 g Trans Fat: 0 g Cholesterol: 0 mg Sodium: 466 mg Fiber: 4.7 g Sugar: 1.7 g

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  1. Liz says

    I already have cashew cream in the fridge that we made for another recipe- can you estimate the amount of already-made cream to start with? I’d love to use this recipe to use some of it up!

  2. JD says

    Enjoying this during the Super Bowl!

    This is truly a fantastic recipe, really came together quickly, although we couldn’t wait to brown top before devouring it with a baguette.
    My only regret is that I did not triple the recipe.

    I added artichokes, you can adjust the artichoke brine to add in as well.
    I used a mix of Asiago and parm as I cooked on the stovetop, had to add a few splashes of oat milk as it cooked.
    Used Tuscan kale and spinach, fresh and chopped, fantastic.

  3. Jessica says

    Delicious! Dairy is something that I miss so much and this dip doesn’t disappoint. I can’t have cashews so I subbed vegan cream cheese and added artichoke hearts. I needed to add a little water at the end to thin out a bit but it came out amazing, will definitely make again.

  4. Eleni says

    Delicious!! I didn’t have spinach – I subbed with other greens (chard, etc). Otherwise, followed the recipe and was amazing.

  5. Laura says

    I would really like to make this dish, but I was wondering if there are any replacements for the cashews I can use? Sadly my brother, who is also vegan, is allergic to nuts. Thank you!

  6. Kelsey says

    Spinach dip is one of the few treats I’ve really missed since going vegan four years ago, but NOW I get to enjoy this! I love that all the healthy ingredients means it doesn’t make me feel tired and “ugh” like traditional spinach dip used to too. I added a can of artichoke hearts (drained and chopped) and several tablespoons of lemon juice. I absolutely love this recipe and it is among my go-to special occasion recipes. I always double-batch it too, so I can enjoy the leftovers for a few days! Thank you for all of your amazing recipes!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      We’re so glad you enjoy our recipes, Kelsey! Thanks so much for your kind words and lovely review! xo

  7. Eugenia says

    I have made this several times and absolutely love it. I was craving it today, and although I had vegan parmesan in the fridge, I didn’t have cashews so I used walnuts instead. Also, I was really craving it so I didn’t want to wait for the walnuts to soak in the water, so I just went ahead and made the dip without pre-soaking them. It came out delicious!

  8. Melissa GC says

    This is one of our favorite dips! Excellent and easy to throw together. We have made this one at least half a dozen times and everyone always loves it!

  9. Grace says

    The best dip ever!!! Thank you for the recipe!! After the dish was devoured at my party I told my friends it was vegan and they were shocked! I will definitely be making this on a regular basis!!

  10. Brooklyn says

    This dip is a show stopper! I took it to a party (baked in oven there), and everyone loved it even my partner who doesn’t like “hippie food.”

  11. Kathryn says

    I made this recipe for a vegan baby shower, and people (vegans and carnivores alike) LOVED it. I tripled the batch, used fresh spinach instead of kale alongside the frozen spinach, and I didn’t bake it, just served it cold. I added more garlic and nutritional yeast because that’s what I ALWAYS do. I added a bit more almond milk to make it creamier, but my ratios are never exact. The little bit of leftovers I had I used as a spread on a sandwich and it was divine. I will definitely make this again!

  12. kate says

    Made this for a girls cottage weekend. Pre-made the night before and then baked at the cottage. So delicious. Served with crackers, crudités and champagne!
    I doubled the recipe and squeezed fresh lemon juice on after baking.

  13. Maura says

    Made this for Xmas and everyone loved it! I would definitely double the batch next time because it did not make as much as I thought it would! Served it with a Toasted Baguette and it was wonderful! Will definitely make again!

  14. Annie Sherek says

    I was surprised by how amazing this dip tasted even non-vegans were fans!! I will definitely make it again in the future!

  15. Yumi says

    Oh my goodness, I’m so happy I found this recipe! I love spinach dip but it’s too heavy for my lactose intolerant stomach. I just made this cashew/nutritional yeast version and it is just divine ? Creamy, cheesy, healthy… it’s sooooo tasty!!
    I wanted to make it right away so boiled the cashews, next time, I’ll try soaking them overnight to see if there’s a difference.

    Thank you for sharing this recipe!

  16. Crystal says

    I knew you’d have a delicious creamy spinach dip recipe – thank you for always coming through! I can’t wait to make this for an upcoming party I’m attending. Being the only vegan among my friends, I always want to open people’s eyes to how amazing vegan food is and how you’re not giving up anything by being vegan. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

  17. Natashia Wright says

    I have recently been having food allergies to cashews and was wondering if I could substitute tofu? I subbed out tofu before for cashews in another recipe of yours and was wondering could I do the same here?

  18. Liz M. says

    Made this last night as an appetizer before dinner with friends, and everyone was raving about it – including me (hellooo, easy)! My husband and I agreed that this is our new staple to bring to parties. It tastes so decadent, no one could believe there was no dairy in it. We love recipes that help make our friends realize how delicious vegan food can be! Thank you for this gem!

  19. Victoria says

    Does anyone know how this dish would be if the cashews were substituted with pistachios? My friend is allergic to cashews. Thanks for the tips

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      I would not recommend using pistachios in place of cashews, but don’t have another sub for you at this time!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      I wouldn’t recommend it! Store leftovers covered in the fridge for up to a few days, though best when fresh.

  20. Raquel says

    Just made this recipe for a party, but subbed the kale with artichokes (to make it more like a spinach artichoke dip). Everyone loved it and no one would have guessed that it’s dairy free. Highly recommend!

  21. Lucy says

    Hi, love your work, the website, the book, everything!

    I have been looking at making a cob loaf and was wondering would it work if I made this dip ahead, then spooned into the cob later? I was hoping to have the dip made a few days in advance, do you think it would keep that long and would it taste fine served cold as opposed to warm from the oven?

    Thank you!

  22. Amanda says

    Just made this, and overall I love it. Crramy, cheesy, delicious. It tastes absolutely decadent, like I should feel really guilty indulging. However, it was very very salty. I don’t know if maybe I over salted the cream part or the sauteed spinach or what. Impossible to eat with chips, it was tolerable when paired with veggies. But I’ll be much more careful with the salt in the future.

  23. Carolina says

    My best friends and I, do wine night every thursday with a delicious spinach dip recipe her mom thaught one of my friends. We love it but we don’t know how to cut down the calories, and I think this is a great solution! I’ve never cooked anything vegan but since I watched NikkiLimo on Youtube she talked about your blog and I think it’s GREAT! I may just start!

  24. TyIsha says

    I just picked up a ton of fresh spinach. Should I steam, or saute? And how much should I use? Hoping to try this on Sunday.

  25. Aimee says

    Hi, this sounds amazing. Unfortunately I cannot have cashews and I saw you also suggested Eggplant, but I can’t have that either. I can eat other types of nuts, wondering if any would work, like Walnuts or Almonds, or any other suggestions? Thank you.

  26. Lyla says

    I want to make this for Christmas, but I’m pressed for time. Do you think it would still be good if I did everything up to baking it the night before? I thought maybe I’d take it with me the next day and then sprinkle the parm and bake it after I got to my parent’s house…. My stomach is growling looking at the pictures-hope I can wait until then!

  27. Abigail says

    Yum! I love each of the ingredients in this dip on their own, and they don’t disappoint when combined! It felt rich and decadent, but I knew that it was secretly healthy (and perfect for a vegan with insulin problems!). Total winner.

  28. Maxine says

    Hello—I made the dip tonight for my GF (who’s vegan)…I did notice my cashews and almond milk did not turn out as “creamy looking” as yours…despite the fact that I added extra almond milk and processed it to the end of time lol…my sauce was a little “nuttier looking…I made some homemade vegan garlic bread for dipping so I am hoping she likes it still! I love your site…thank you for taking the time to share your gifts!!!

  29. Carmen says

    Hi! This looks delicious, I want to make it. Just one question: Do I have to bake it? I mean, does it really make a difference or is it ok if I serve it straight out of the pan? Thanks!

  30. Jen says

    This was the recipe that is responsible for me discovering you & your amazing site. Whoa! This was our New Years appetizer. Holy moly!! I wouldn’t change a thing & I’ll be making it again. And again. And then again. Bravo!

  31. Eleanor says

    Do you know how much cooked kale this recipe would call for? I cooked all of my kale yesterday and this would be perfect to use it up, but I think 3 cups cooked will turn out to be a lot more then 3 cups uncooked (as in this recipe).

  32. Jennie says

    I felt lazy so threw it together with two packs of frozen spinach. Didn’t sautee anything, just put garlic in raw. It was absolutely amazing!

  33. Jacq says

    This looks amazing! Do you have any idea on what I could use for “cheese” if I can’t use nuts? someone in my family has a nut allergy.


  34. Jesss says

    These knocked the socks off of my whole extended family and none of them are vegan!! They love their cheese and didn’t miss it a bit! Even my “I will not eat anything healthy.” sister said she loved it (before she found out it was vegan).

  35. Sue Ann Jaffarian says

    Another winner!!! I made it as a side dish instead of a dip so only used little more than half of the cashew cream. This will be made again and again and again!

    There hasn’t been a single recipe I’ve tried from your site that I have not loved! Thank you!!!

  36. LifeSheWrote says

    Whoops, was trying to delete my first comment since I figured it out (the key was in step 4!). If some moderator reads this, please delete this comment and my first one! Thank you!

  37. LifeSheWrote says

    Just discovered your blog but love all the recipes! I bookmarked 6 or 7 immediately and am trying this one (my first from your site!) tonight. I’m making this for company tomorrow and hope it turns out great!

  38. LifeSheWrote says

    Just discovered your blog but love all the recipes! I bookmarked 6 or 7 immediately and am trying this one (my first from your site!) tonight. One point of clarification – this might be obvious to everyone but – the kale should be cooked, right? I got the chopped frozen spinach and while it’s thawing was going to cut up my bunches of fresh kale but then realized that you probably meant cooked first, yes? Sorry for the maybe-obvious question but I’m making this for company tomorrow and want it to turn out great!


  39. Kirstyn says

    Made this the day after Christmas and I wished I made a double batch! My husband and I practically ate the whole thing before it was cooled…planning to make it for our New Year’s day get together. Awesome, must try dish.

  40. Annaliese says

    Oh! Will have to try this for our New Years Eve celebration! I tried a vegan spinach-artichoke dip a few nights ago for a christmas party, and it was just…not right. Kale and some vegan parmesan will make it right! Thanks for the recipe, and Happy New Years! :)

  41. d says

    it’s difficult to find nutritional yeast in our part of the world so… can i skip it or sub it with something else? :) thanks!!!

  42. Veronique says

    I made this the other night for a Xmas supper with my friends… I am vegan and only one on 4 of them is also…. THEY ALL LOVED IT!!!! It was such a hit!!!! Thank you for creating easy and yummy recipes! Love your blog :)

  43. Elinor Thomas says

    Making this right now for a Christmas appetizer! So excited to try it…I also added in some chopped artichokes, hoping it will be delish!

  44. Megan says


    I had always been so intimidated by making cashew cream and I am so glad I made this recipe! I honestly wish I had some with me right now for breakfast. It is just that good!

  45. Marie says

    Can’t wait to make this next week! I definitely need to find a place I can buy bulk cashews. Will be sure to post a pic on instagram

  46. Maria Padilla says

    You guys seriously! EVERY RECIPE IS AMAZING! My bf found about your blog about a month ago, when he was looking for a vegan hot chocolate recipe. From that day we have cooked around 6 recipes already (in repeat… almost by memory now) and its just so simple and amazing. I check the site everyday and keep adding recipes to my to do list.

    Thank you so much for all you do and making our tummys happy with delicious simple vegan recipes.

  47. Dana D says

    Do you think you could prepare this all the way up to getting it in the baking dish, and then refrigerate to bake just before serving? This looks soooo awesome, but will be an easier holiday dish if I can do most of the preparation in advance. Thanks!!!

  48. Robyn @realfoodwholelife says

    This sounds divine! We do a big appetizer spread for Christmas Eve–I may have to add this dish to the mix!

  49. Kathryn says

    This looks positively divine! I’ve been deprived of spinach dip since going vegan several years ago, but now you’ve posted this and I feel like my quality of life just improved tenfold. ;)


  50. Abbie @ Needs Salt says

    I’m with you — spinach and artichoke dip is da bommb, but I hate to pass it up because of dairy allergies. And bringing kale into the mix? Oh yeah, brilliant decision right there. This dip looks so creamy and incredible! Aaack, somebody get me a holiday party so I don’t devour the entire bowl.

  51. Carey Schreiber says


    I love all the recipes I have tried from your site. It makes being vegan easy and delicious! I have a questions – I am bringing cupcakes to my daughters ballet tea party this Friday and I wanted your opinion on what frosting to use. I want it to look like a swirled candy cane and I plan to use a piping bag. Do you recommend doing the coconut whip, regular vegan icing (like you used for the pumpkin cookies – minus pumpkin) or the vegan buttercream frosting.

    Thanks for your help!

    Carey – Middletown, DE

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      I’d recommend a vegan buttercream icing (which is basically what I used for the pumpkin cookies). Hope it works out, and thanks for the kind words, Carey!

  52. Alex @ get big, go to work says

    I am definitely making this one Dana! I love the classic Spinach and Articoke dip, but haven’t eaten dairy in about a year due to sensitivities. Seriously can’t wait to give this a try!

  53. Melissa @battleofmarathonblog says

    Dang. I’ve only recently discovered you guys, but I think I’ve already bookmarked 20 recipes. Keep the goods comin’! Love how simple everything is.

  54. Stacy | Keeping Willow says

    Kale is a tough green for a 2-year-old to chew on but I think my daughter would gobble up this creamy dip. And the garlic and the cashew cream… We will gobble it up together.

  55. Jen @ sweetgreenkitchen says

    I love a good spinach dip and this one looks so good and so much healthier than the typical versions, plus the additional of kale, super yum. I’m also having a foodie love affair with cashew cream lately, so thanks for another recipe to add to my new love collection!

  56. marla murphy/ The Blonde Pantry says

    Now THIS recipe is what dreams are made of!! I love creamy spinach dips but never eat them but this one I am now dying to try!! Great work!

  57. jenna @ just j.faye says

    I love creamy spinach dip, but I never eat it, because of all the cheese and cream. This would be a perfect healthy alternative! Can’t wait to try it out!