Coconut Cream Pie French Toast

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Plate of Coconut Cream Pie French Toast with coconut whipped cream on top

The other day I was running on the treadmill in our apartment gym and I flipped on the Food Network – literally the only channel I watch TV for.

Lucky for me the show on at the time was all about the best foods featured chefs had ever made. The recipe that immediately caught my eye and  got my mind spinning was Paine Perdu – the most decadent, mind-blowing take on french toast ever. It, was, on.

Drizzling coconut whipped cream onto two slices of Coconut Cream Pie French Toast

I immediately ran upstairs and told John I had a recipe idea.  The original recipe was LOADED with dairy in the form of half and half and butter – things I really can’t handle. So I wanted to make version that was just as decadent yet dairy-free. That fastest way to get decadence without dairy fat? COCONUT MILK. Plus, it just so happens that my favorite pie is coconut cream pie, so that flavor application was kind of a given.

Slices of bread resting in batter for Overnight French Toast

This french toast starts at night – a step that’s not entirely necessary but recommended. The batter includes:

Coconut milk
Almond milk
Agave nectar
& Raw sugar

Whisk it all together then toss in your crusty bread (gluten free even!). Get some zzz’s and in the morning you’re ready to bake.

Cooking slices of Coconut Cream Pie French Toast in a skillet

Because the slices of french toast are so thick, we first fry them up on both sides to get some color, and then finish them off in the oven to make sure they get cooked all the way through. After 10 or so minutes in the oven they’re just begging to be served and smothered with coconut cream pie toppings.

Baking sheet with freshly cooked slices of Coconut Cream Pie French Toast
Slices of dairy-free Coconut Cream Pie French toast on a baking sheet

For starters, coconut whipped cream.

Holding up a wooden spoon of coconut whipped cream over a bowl
Using a wooden spoon to drizzle coconut whipped cream onto Coconut French Toast

Ooh, baby. Next? MAPLE SYRUP.

Drizzling syrup onto slices of Coconut Cream Pie French Toast for a dairy-free breakfast

Last but not least? Toasted coconut flake.

Toasted Coconut Flakes on a baking sheet
Sprinkling freshly toasted coconut flakes onto slices of Coconut Cream Pie French Toast

All right, seriously. Now we’re talkin’.

Slices of Coconut Cream Pie French Toast for a decadent dairy-free breakfast

This french toast is INSANE. It’s:

Slightly crisp on the outside
Tender and custard-like in the middle
Sweet and decadent
Loaded with coconut cream pie flavor
& Perfect for feeding a crowd (1 slice per person is plenty)

Plates with slices of Coconut Cream Pie French Toast

After cooking mine up, I devoured a slice, John had one as well, and the rest went down to some very happy staff at our apartment who received the dish with big eyes and hungry bellies. The verdict? Some of the best french toast EVER, especially if you’re a coconut cream pie fan like me.


Plates loaded with slices of our decadent Coconut French Toast recipe
Using a fork to grab a bite of a slice of dairy-free Coconut Cream Pie French Toast
Holding up a bite of Coconut Cream Pie French Toast on a fork
Slices of Coconut Cream Pie French Toast on a plate

Coconut Cream Pie French Toast

Dairy-free, ultra decadent French toast with all the flavor of coconut cream pie. Coconut whipped cream, toasted coconut flake, and maple syrup make this dish the ultimate breakfast indulgence. 10 ingredients or less.
Author Minimalist Baker
Two big slices of our delicious Coconut Cream Pie French Toast recipe
4.92 from 12 votes
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes
Servings 4 (slices)
Course Breakfast
Cuisine French-Inspired, Vegetarian
Freezer Friendly No
Does it keep? Best when fresh



  • 1 14-ounce can full-fat coconut milk (or sub light)
  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1/4 cup agave nectar, maple syrup, or honey
  • 3 Tbsp raw sugar (plus more for sprinkling on top)
  • 7 large eggs (free range, vegetarian fed if possible)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/4 tsp sea salt
  • 4 slices super-thick, crusty bread
  • 2 Tbsp vegan butter or coconut oil

TOPPINGS (optional)


  • In a large bowl, vigorously whisk together the coconut milk, almond milk, vanilla extract, sugar, agave nectar, sea salt and eggs.
  • Arrange your bread in a shallow, rectangular dish and pour your wet mixture over the bread. Let set for 5-10 minutes, then turn the bread over to soak the other side. Cover and refrigerate overnight, or for at least 4-6 hours. (You will have leftover batter after cooking the french toast, which you can reserve for later use if desired.)
  • The next day, preheat the oven to 450 degrees F (232 C).
  • Heat one large or two medium oven-safe pans over medium-high heat and add the butter or coconut oil. In the meantime, sprinkle some raw sugar on top of the bread slices. Working quickly, place the bread in the pan sugar side down and cook for about 5 minutes or until golden brown. Sugar the top side.
  • Flip the bread over and transfer the pan(s) to the oven until cooked through – about 12-15 minutes. It should have a nice, dark golden brown color and be puffed up.
  • Carefully remove from oven and plate – 1 slice per person is plenty. Serve with coconut whipped cream, toasted coconut flake and maple syrup.


*Prep time does not include overnight soak.
*To toast your own coconut flake, bake unsweetened flakes for 3-4 minutes in a 350 degree oven. Watch closely as it burns easily.
*Nutrition information is a rough estimate calculated without toppings.
*Adapted from Food Network

Nutrition (1 of 4 servings)

Serving: 1 slices Calories: 536 Carbohydrates: 55 g Protein: 15 g Fat: 27 g Saturated Fat: 16 g Sodium: 307 mg Fiber: 2 g Sugar: 25 g

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  1. Annette says

    Amazing recipe! I made this for breakfast this morning and it was SO GOOD! It surpassed my expectations and definitely made for a seriously delicious Sunday brunch treat.

  2. Jordan says

    Hi Dana! I thought you might be able to help. I’ve recently discovered I have a coconut allergy and was wondering if you knew of a vegan substitute for canned coconut milk in baking or regular culinary? I have a ton of recipes that I’m very sad to see go if I can’t solve this :(

    Thanks for all you do :)

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      You could try subbing with homemade cashew milk, which can be made quite thick / high fat. But unfortunately if you can’t have dairy or coconut, getting that rich, creamy flavor can be a challenge!

  3. Ann says

    Looks amazing, but where do you find a good thick crusty bread that is gluten-free? I would love to know what brand and where to find it (or what recipe to make).

  4. Chris says

    Hi this looks outstanding can you recommend a high quality gluten-free bread my daughter has celiac disease

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Saskia! If I were going to make this without eggs, I would compensate with more coconut milk and almond milk, and just add in some flax to thicken the milk mixture. Hope that helps!

  5. Ruchi says

    This looks insanely good! Do you have a recommendation for gluten free bread that would do this french toast justice? I generally have Udi’s frozen bread and it’s not bad. Definitely not decadent and thick like the one in your pictures.

  6. IDontThinkSo says

    Ugh! Yuuuum! (I want to sit in a bathtub full of these! (Is that weird? Where’s the delete button…)

  7. Robin says

    Dana this absolutely looks like the best french toast I have ever seen!!! Coconut Cream Pie is one of my favorites. I have just been diagnosed with Cronic Mylogenous Leukemia & also Endocarditis (heart valve infection) so all the elements of this I can eat…thank goodness for you!!! With the leftover batter, you could probably put more bread in it & just change up the toppings with maybe other fruits. I cannot wait to try this & I know it will be amazing!!!

  8. Aileen Kim says

    Hi Dana, loooooooove everything avout this coconut cream french toast!:))))
    May I have the nutrition details of the coconut cream as well?

  9. Trista says

    I am SO EXCITED to try this! My best friend is visiting for the holidays, and I want to make it for her for Christmas morning breakfast. However, she’s gluten intolerant – I know your recipe says it can be made gluten-free (which is how I found it!), but I’m a little hesitant because I’ve heard that some gluten-free breads can turn to mush if they absorb too much liquid, which seems like a possibility given the overnight soak. Have you actually made this recipe gluten-free before, and if so, which brand of bread did you use? Thanks!

  10. Heather says

    oh my gosh, my hubby is going to love these. I usually make my french toast with almond milk, I don’t know why I never considered coconut milk. Thank-you

  11. ariamarazzie says

    too bad these aren’t vegan…how do you think they’d turn out if i subed the eggs for flax eggs?

  12. Linda says

    My friend just recommended this to me….looks yummy. I like to use a light rye for my French toast….It doesn’t absorb too much liquid and I can make it right away….I make it with cheese and no cinnamon or sweetener. I also like to make French toast with cheese bagels…..absolutely wonderful.

  13. Jessica M says

    Yum! The perfect Mother’s Day breakfast! My crusty bread is soaking and my coconut cream is chilling the frindgr as I type. Can’t wait to taste the results tomorrow morning!

  14. Margaret Anne @ Natural Chow says

    Do you think I could use all coconut milk (like maybe a can of coconut milk + 1 cup of coconut milk from a refrigerated carton)? I would love to make these soon! Thanks for the easy and delicious recipe, Dana!

  15. Jen says

    Okay, you really did it with this one! Never have I seen a post like this. I mean, I wouldn’t ever want to compare anything I’ve seen here to a Carl’s Jr. ad, but you may know what I mean. Their reputation in advertising – you put them, and everyone else (think Apple 1984) to shame with this one. Every picture grew, upon picture, upon hand shaking coconut, upon, upon, upon.

    And now, I have every single thing I own sealed in BOXES. I literally have a bowl, a spoon, and a can of Amy’s Rustic Italian soup to my name. And I have till Friday to be in another house, and unleash on those boxes. I just paused and turned my head to an entire bedroom with a sea of brown boxes. Maybe -there’s a pan in box 74, some flour in box 42, and…

    Better idea. Grab my flip flops, my laptop, knock a neighbor and let them know our hours are dwindling, and sadly, this is the last meal they’ll ever be able to make ME ; )

    Yes, that GOOD!!

  16. Dina says

    Hey there,
    Thanks for sharing this! I’m newly daily and nut free, as I have trouble digesting both. This includes almond milk (and large quantities of soy milk) unfortunately. Do you have any recommendations for a substitute for the almond milk in this recipe?

    Thanks again!

  17. Mary says

    Hello! I just stumbled upon your blog. (I am hooked by the way and like a crazy person– going through all your archives) I would love to make this recipe but our oven currently doesn’t work. What would you suggest I do? Can I just soak for 10-20 minutes and then cook on stove-top?


  18. Christopher Guy says

    I made these for my birthday breakfast and they were a hit. No one could believe that they were diary free. My brother who is diary intolerant absolutely loved them. He told me I didn’t make enough even though I doubled the recipe. Love this recipe and can’t wait to make them again.

  19. Cilla says

    Thank you for sharing so many great recipes. My family of 10, started our vegetarian diet a month ago and at first I thought it was going to be really hard and expensive but so far with so many great blogs and cookbooks it has been a good experience. They all loved the coconut cream pie french toast! I have a feeling I’ll be making these often. =)

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Oh good! So glad you and your family enjoyed this recipe. With all of the online and cookbook resources available these days, it’s fairly easy to follow any diet you want!

  20. Katie @ Whole Nourishment says

    Yeaaaah, so this was AMAZING! Such a genius idea, I love it and especially love that prep work is done the night before. Also, I only had 5 eggs on hand and reduced almond milk to 1/2 cup and it worked very well still. Still enough for 4 and a little less batter left over. Will be making this over and over again, especially perfect for weekend company. :-)

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Oh good! So glad you enjoyed this, Katie! Thanks for sharing your modifications, too. Cheers!

  21. Tracy | Pale Yellow says

    I’ve never been swayed by over night french toast until reading this recipe; this french toast looks spectacular!

  22. allie says

    I… can’t…even….deal….

    I just ate breakfast and it’s taking all my willpower not to make this. it might become my lunch today.

  23. Jennifer says

    I absolutely LOVE french toast!! The coconut cream looks AMAZING with it!! Can’t wait to try it the next time I feel like something fancy for brunch!!

  24. Leigh says

    Do you think I could use the powder coconut cream to make the whipping cream? Have you ever tried that? I just happen to have a couple of pouches at home. I was thinking I could make the “thick” version then whip it good…
    Hmmm…. got a song going through my head now

  25. Amanda says

    Oh lordy, this looks amazing! I’m not a huge fan of maple syrup, so I’m always on the look out for french toast/pancake topping alternatives. Definitely going to try this :)

  26. Katy says

    Great tip for finishing up the cooking in the oven, I’ve never thought of that and even though I make french toast all the time I quite frequently end up with soggy bread. Sounds like you’ve solved that problem! Mmmmm pinned :)

  27. Donna says

    OF YOURS… This totally stuns in every single, possible way…the images…the perfect golden toast hue..the moving images of the white coconut nirvana/mana…you have outdone yourself here…and if there is…and I HOPE there is a Food Photography/Film Oscar….you simply must enter this AS SOON AS POSSIBLE… I will be concocting this as soon as possible…THAT is a certainty…I adore coconut cream pie…but you have actually made a Frenchie riff of said tart even MORE attractive.. Just….thanks for sharing such creative culinary genius…Ya know…you don’t HAVE to…but please know it is so very appreciated on a practical, visual and artistic level…My favorite bookmark of the entire year…perhaps favorite EVAH!!!…

  28. Abbie @ Needs Salt says

    Woooo! FRENCH TOAST. oh my gosh, it’s one of like the best things ever. And this variation looks so amazing! I love the GIFs!!
    Food GIFs are some of the best things, man.
    Pinning this awesome stuff!

  29. Ashley says

    This recipe looks nothing short of Ah-Mazing!!!! I’m curious as to what bread you used…? This just looks heavenly!!!

  30. Robin says

    I used to HATE coconut when I was a kid. Thankfully, I’ve recently come to my senses and discovered how magical it really is! I’m vegan and have been meaning to create a vegan French toast (my favorite childhood breakfast) but never even thought to use coconut milk/flakes/whipped “cream.” Can’t wait to try it out in my veg French toast experiment! What sort of bread do you use and recommend for the best and tastiest result?

      • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

        Karen – great question! I’m not strictly vegan, only avoid dairy. But if I were going to make this without eggs, I would compensate with more coconut milk and almond milk, and just add in some flax to thicken the milk mixture. Hope that helps!

      • Robin says

        I’ve seen lots of recipes on the web that look like they’d be successful! Most of them use a combination of flour (oftentimes chickpea flour as I think it lends an “eggy” taste and consistency), nutritional yeast, non dairy milk, and spices. It probably won’t crisp up like non-vegan French toast but I’m thinking finishing it in the oven like Dana suggests could be a great solution!
        I think the flour (or even a mashed banana) would do the job but if you wanted to use chia/flax as a thickener, I’d go with ground chia seeds over flax since they have a more neutral flavor, whereas flax might be too nutty.
        I’m definitely going to use your toppings suggestions, Dana! And maybe some heated berries?! Coconut whipped cream is just too much fun to pass up!

  31. Tieghan says

    This may just be the best french toast I have ever seen. Coconut is ruling my life. I love it! Oh and um, these are draw dropping gorgeous photos!

  32. Maryea {happy healthy mama} says

    I think insane is definitely the right word here. The breakfast sitting before me seems so boring now. :)

  33. annie @ chase that i love says

    Zoinks! Lazy mornings were made for foods like this. Oh dear, all that cream. I want it right now.

  34. Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar says

    Whoaaaaa!! I can definitely see why you ran upstairs to talk about a recipe like this! It sounds FAB! I love coconut cream pie too!

  35. Averie @ Averie Cooks says

    The photography, the flavors, the fluffy coconut cream, the perfectly seared toast, omg this is HEAVEN on a plate! and that cream is the clouds! pinnnnnned!