8-Ingredient Zucchini Lasagna (GF)

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Ceramic baking dish filled with our gluten-free vegan zucchini lasagna

Whoa. Like whoa.

Guys, you’ve never had lasagna like this before. Trust me.

Food processor with ingredients for making our nut ricotta for vegan lasagna

Origins of Lasagna

Perhaps like many of you, we were under the impression that lasagna originated in Italy. Turns out, its origin history is more complicated!

Some say the concept originated in ancient Greece where layered dough sheets (called laganon) were cut into strips and baked. Others claim it resembles a Roman dish recorded in a cookbook in the 1st century AD. And still others place its origin in England or Italy in the 14th century, where cookbooks describe the concept of layering cheese and pasta in a dish and baking it. (source)

But it wasn’t until the 16th century that tomato-based versions were recorded that more closely resembles today’s lasagna. Those versions came from Italy. So to everyone who ever contributed to the invention of lasagna, we’re forever grateful!

How to Make Zucchini Lasagna

What sets this 8-ingredient lasagna apart from the rest is two things: Veggie ‘noodles’ and a brand new-to-me vegan ‘ricotta cheese.’

Have you guys tried macadamia nut ‘cheese’ yet? You know how I love my tofu ricotta, but this macadamia version is ridiculously easy (no soaking required!) and very close in flavor and texture to the real thing!

Plus, it turns out all fluffy and cheesy and green from fresh basil. Ooh mama.

Photos showing the layers in our gluten-free vegan zucchini lasagna recipe

In place of noodles, I opted for ribboned (thinly sliced) zucchini squash, but you could also sub eggplantsweet potatoes or gluten-free lasagna noodles.

You could also use the macadamia ricotta to adapt my Spaghetti Squash Lasagna Bake for another delicious lasagna-inspired dish!

Two servings of gluten-free vegan zucchini lasagna on dinner plates

I hope you all LOVE this lasagna! It’s:

Super simple
Protein- & fiber-rich
& Delicious

This would make the perfect weeknight meal when you want something hearty, healthy, and more special than pasta and red sauce (not that there’s anything wrong with that). It’s delicious on its own but would also pair well with a Garlicky Chickpea Salad or these Vegan Pesto Parmesan Breadsticks (not GF).

If you try this recipe, let us know! Leave a comment, rate it, and don’t forget to tag a photo #minimalistbaker on Instagram so we can see. Cheers, friends!

Close-up shot of our protein-rich vegan zucchini lasagna recipe

8-Ingredient Zucchini Lasagna (GF)

Healthy, 8-ingredient lasagna made with zucchini noodles, organic red sauce, and macadamia nut ricotta "cheese"! Hearty, wholesome, and so delicious.
Author Minimalist Baker
Pan and plates of Vegan Gluten-Free Zucchini Lasagna
4.83 from 168 votes
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 20 minutes
Servings 9 (squares)
Course Entrée
Cuisine Gluten-Free, Italian, Vegan
Freezer Friendly 1 month
Does it keep? 2-3 Days



  • 3 cups raw macadamia nuts or soaked blanched almonds* (or 1 16-ounce block extra firm tofu*, drained and pressed dry for 10 minutes // amount of tofu is as original recipe is written // adjust if altering batch size)
  • 2 Tbsp nutritional yeast
  • 1/2 cup fresh basil (finely chopped)
  • 2 tsp dried oregano
  • 1 medium lemon, juiced (~2 Tbsp or 30 ml as original recipe is written)
  • 1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil (optional // for flavor + richness)
  • 1 tsp sea salt + pinch black pepper
  • 1/2 cup water (plus more as needed // reduce if using tofu as it requires less)
  • 1/4 cup vegan parmesan cheese (optional // plus more for topping)


  • 1 28-ounce jar favorite marinara sauce (I like Trader Joe’s organic tomato basil)
  • 3 medium zucchini squash thinly sliced with a mandolin (or sub eggplant with this recipe as a guide)


  • Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (176 C).
  • Add macadamia nuts to a food processor or blender and mix to combine, scraping down sides as needed. You’re looking for a fine meal.
  • Add remaining ingredients: Nutritional yeast, fresh basil, oregano, lemon juice, olive oil (optional), salt, pepper, water and vegan parmesan cheese (optional). You are looking for a well-puréed mixture/paste.
  • Taste and adjust seasonings as needed, adding more salt and pepper for flavor, nutritional yeast for cheesiness, and lemon juice for brightness.
  • Pour about 1 cup (amount as original recipe is written // adjust if altering batch size) marinara sauce into a 9×13-inch (or similar size) baking dish and line with thinly sliced zucchini.
  • Scoop small spoonfuls amounts of ricotta mixture over the zucchini and gently spread into a thin layer. Spread on a layer of marinara sauce and then top with more zucchini slices. Continue until all filling and zucchini are used up. The top two layers should be zucchini and then sauce. Sprinkle on vegan parmesan cheese (optional), and then cover with foil.
  • Bake covered for 45 minutes, then remove foil and bake for 15 minutes more. The zucchini should be very easily pierced when cut with a knife. Let cool for 10-15 minutes before serving.
  • Serve immediately with additional vegan parmesan cheese and fresh basil. Leftovers keep for 2-3 days in the refrigerator, or in the freezer up to 1 month.


*If subbing blanched almonds, soak in cold water overnight (or 6 hours), or in very hot water 1 hour. Then drain thoroughly and proceed with recipe as written.
*If subbing tofu, make sure it’s firm (not silken). Adjust seasonings as needed as the tofu requires a little bit more nutritional yeast, salt and basil.
*Nutrition information is a rough estimate calculated without vegan parmesan cheese or olive oil.

Nutrition (1 of 9 servings)

Serving: 1 squares Calories: 395 Carbohydrates: 19 g Protein: 6.8 g Fat: 35.9 g Saturated Fat: 5.7 g Polyunsaturated Fat: 1.73 g Monounsaturated Fat: 26.7 g Trans Fat: 0 g Cholesterol: 0 mg Sodium: 585 mg Potassium: 692 mg Fiber: 6.7 g Sugar: 10.6 g Vitamin A: 908 IU Vitamin C: 24.97 mg Calcium: 78.4 mg Iron: 3.02 mg

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  1. Julie C. says

    Made this for an anniversary dinner. Absolutely obsessed with the tofu ricotta now! This will certainly be my go-to for lasagna from now on!

  2. Mo says

    I love all of your recipes!! So easy and tasty! I had a question for this one. Mine turned out pretty watery. The only thing I could think of is that I didn’t add enough of the ricotta cheese. I ran out of sauce before I ran out of the cheese. Did this happen with yours? Should I bake longer? Thanks so much!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi there! I’m wondering if you did just need a little more sauce, and one that’s more chunky / hearty and less liquid? Perhaps it was too wet. Also, the zucchini does release some moisture when baking, so that’s normal. It should redistribute as it cools.

  3. Heidi says

    Made this yesterday. I mini processor was just not having it with the ricotta. So it all went into the Vitamix, which overheated on me twice. Then, when it came to make the lasagna, I couldn’t get the ricotta to spread at all. I ended up adding nearly another 1/2 cup of water in addition to the 1/2 the recipe already calls for (which in retrospect would have made things go easier with the Vitamix). I was really confused why I ended up needing more water when so many reviews didn’t or used less. The only thing that makes sense to me is my macadamia nuts were halved. If other people are using whole, then my 3 cups would be more densely packed.

    Even with all that work, the lasagna turned out great! The nut mixture really does capture that ricotta texture. I’m certain any kind of nut would do the job just as well, especially considering the cost of macadamia nuts. I splurged this time, but I’ll try something different next time.

  4. Lindsey says

    You misspelled ‘medium’ in the line describing the lemon but… thank you for everything you do! I love your recipes. They’ve inspired me to eat a more plant-based diet. Keep being amazing.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks for catching that and for your kind words, Lindsey! It has been updated.

  5. Amy Bright says

    The flavors in this recipe are out of this world. I made the tofu ricotta because I wanted a lower fat option. However, the zucchini released a lot of water as it cooked, and while it tasted great, it was a mess on my plate. When I make it again, I think I will try roasting the zucchini much like I would have eggplant to release it’s natural moisture so I can control how much water is released in my pan. Thanks for a great recipe.

  6. Kate Lindsay says

    I’ve made this twice now in the last week, both shared with non vegans and we all loved it. It’s one of my favourite recipes Dana. I find the texture of the macadamia nuts mimics mince slightly. Currently following a vegan keto diet so was ideal with the low carb count. HIGHLY recommended. xx
    p.s out of interest if I made a double batch of ricotta would that freeze ok on its own or is it best made fresh?

  7. Alex says

    Was soo good! Made it for mother’s Day. I used a little bit too much water. Substituted almonds for the macadamia nuts. I found it added a nice texture.

  8. Oran Aviv says

    Wow – this is probably the best recipe I ever used and I didn’t even have all the ingredients! (no fresh basil at home)
    The macadamia nuts make this incredibly rich and delicious and is such a welcome change from tofu and cashews.
    I sliced the zucchinis lengthwise with a large peeler and I roasted the slices first on a two burner griddle on the stove. It only took a minute on each side to get them soft, so I didn’t need to bake the lasagna as long. Make sure the zucchini slices aren’t too thin or have too many seeds in them if you roast them otherwise they crumble as you flip them (can still be used in the dish though.)

    Thanks – this recipe is brilliant and will now be a regular dish I will make.!

  9. Ewa says

    Divine, one of the best vegan dishes I have ever made. Carnivores loved it and could not believe there was no butter or cheese or cream in it : ). I used macadamia nuts for “ricotta” – texture and flavor was perfect.

  10. Ewa says

    Divine, one of the best vegan dishes I ever made. Carnivores loved it and could not believe there was no butter or cheese or cream in it : ).

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Molly, we don’t think that would work! The texture would be off. Hope that helps!

  11. Zach says

    I’ve made this twice now and both times I’ve been amazed! It is seriously sooo delicious. Being “vegan paleo” it’s tough to find exciting new recipes, your stuff is unbelievably delicious. For this recipe I ended up changing some things around only because I was trying to use some stuff up (and was dreading a Whole Foods trip). I substituted cashews and blanched almonds (soaked for an hour) for the macadamia nuts. I only had 2 zucchinis so I used some leftover calzone ingredients: mushrooms, bell peppers and red onion- in place of one of the middle zucchini layers. Last and most importantly I had leftovers of your incredible raw walnut taco meat and mixed it throughout. It’s seriously my new fav meal. Your recipes are amazing, thank you so much!!

  12. Inga J. Glodowski says

    So delicious! I user Kite Hill ricotta, my own vegan Parmesan and alternated zucchini with Trader Joe’s frozen eggplant. Excellent!

  13. Anna says

    This was one of the best dishes I’ve ever made. Hands down, this dish got my kitchen engine revved up again. Thank you so much for sharing!

    I made the recipe almost exactly as written, except for the basil in the ricotta – I subbed half for fresh spinach. It tasted amaze balls.

    Quick question: I used my vegetable peeler and I couldn’t get my zucchini strips as long or uniform as yours. What appliance did you use?

  14. francesca says

    This is so delicious! I’ve gotten rave reviews from meat eaters and vegans alike. Already made it 3 times in a month. So excited I found this recipe. Works well with dried basil too.

  15. Allison says

    I made this recipe (and actually combined it with the sweet potato lasagna recipe, layering both zucchini & sweet potato and topping with the pesto sauce). Soooo delicious. My one thought is to consider making macadamia nuts the alternative, not the default, nut for the recipe, as they may be cost-prohibitive for lots of people, with 3 cups costing from $15-$20 (in my experience). I love the vegan cheese alternative, just wish the starting point was something more accessible. Anyway, I make your recipes all the time and enjoy them so much!!

  16. kristine says

    Simply amazing recipe! Easy to make and delicious. Everyone loved it, even our non-gluten free, non-vegan eating family members. It was a great dish to contribute to the family birthday dinner. I made it in the morning with my daughter and then we heated it up later. We made the “cheese” with almond flour as we do not have a food processor. So we used 3 cups of almond flour and then the rest of the suggested ingredients. The texture was so much like ricotta! I will make this again, and again, and again for sure :)

  17. Maria says

    So delicious! BUT…. it was so watery! I made the ricotta from tofu, and I did press it for 20 minutes, so it was very dry…. what did I do wrong?

    • Lucy Cork says

      It was probably the water released from the zucchini. Best to slice the zucchini and then salt it. After 20 minutes or so, blot the excess water off the zucchini. Will make a big difference. This is an excellent recipe in the summer with extra zucchini from the garden!

  18. Chantel says

    I know this recipe is a few years old now, but I figured I’d still throw in my 2 cents :)
    Made as directed with tofu, with the extra basil, nooch, and salt as suggested. This tofu ricotta… SO GOOD! The only change I made was adding prepped TVP granules to half of the tomato sauce to give it that “meaty” texture. Made half the pan with plain red sauce and half with the “meat” sauce. Highly recommend trying with the TVP, it gives it a bit more texture and heft. It came out a tad watery, but thats likely due to not being able to press much water from the tofu.

  19. Kathy says

    I used 2 cups macadamia nuts and 5.5 oz tofu (cubed and drained) and NO additional water and this was AMAZING. Thank you!

  20. Mara Y Latorre says

    Hi! Whats your advice for prepping the zuchini lasagna ‘noodles’ enough so that they can be ‘dry’ enough to bake in the oven? Ive found that the zucchini gets too watery from past recipes…

    • Kathy says

      After I sliced my zucchini, I lay the strips on paper towels with another layer of towels on top , then pressed and this worked great. I didn’t add the additional water that the recipe recommended. My lasagne was the perfect consistency!

  21. Sal says

    For freezing what is the best route to go? Cook it as instructed then freeze? Or do I assemble it then freeze it for later when I’m ready to bake it? Also, how long and at what temp?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Sal! You can freeze this dish baked or unbaked and then thaw it at 375 degrees F (176 C) until cooked or warmed through.

  22. Raychel Marriott says

    Someone made this at a diner party and I was so wowed by how fantastic it was! I have a question about the Macadamia nut measurements. Is the 3 cup measurement for whole, halved or chopped nuts?

  23. Dianne says

    OMGOSH!!!! This was incredibly delicious and extremely outstanding. My sister and I made this for the first time for Christmas dinner 2018. We added layers of sauteed onion and fresh spinach and alternated the layers of fresh zucchini with layers of fresh eggplant. I cannot believe how much this tasted and looked like the pasta and cheese lasagna we grew up on in our Italian home. You all must try this recipe! It’s quite simple and quick to assemble. The hardest part is waiting for it to bake!! Enjoy!

  24. Diana says

    I hadn’t eaten or made lasagna since my husband went gluten free 5 years ago and he’s since gone vegan as well. I thought I’d give this a try to satisfy a hankering I had for lasagna. It did not disappoint! I used the tofu option for the ricotta and it was delish. I had forgotten to get fresh basil, so I used dried. I imagine it will be even better using fresh. I sliced the zucchini using the thickest setting on the mandolin and it was perfect. As it was cooking the kitchen smelled like lasagna. I’m so excited to be able to give us all a lasagna fix without all the carbs and dairy, yet with plenty of taste.

  25. Nel says

    I would really love to make this. Would it be possible to substitute the nutritional yeast for something else? For allergy reasons?
    I like the idea of a macadamia nut cheese, as my recipe can’t have most other “cheese” nuts (almonds, cashews, etc) but the nutritional yeast is a no go as well.
    Thank you!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi! If you can’t have nutritional yeast, I would recommend just leaving it out for this recipe!

  26. CG says

    AMAZING — a new favorite dish — even my omnivore family loved it.

    If you read the reviews, a lot of people said the final dish turned out watery. I adjusted it and it wasn’t watery at all:

    – I laid the sliced zucchini out and salted it, let it sit, blotted it, and repeated a few times until I felt like it wasn’t sweating anymore. After this step, you could also grill it to remove even more moisture, but I didn’t.
    – I drained as much excess water from the spaghetti sauce as possible before using it.
    – I only used spaghetti sauce on the very bottom and very top. Layers in between were just zucchini and ricotta. I served it with a bowl of marinara on the table so you could add more at that point if you wanted it.
    – I cooked it uncovered the entire time.

    Delicious! Have already forwarded this recipe to my fellow vegetarians and vegans!

  27. Sharon says

    So excited to find your recipe, I have everything ready, The vegan ricotta is delicious, but have not sliced my zucchini, not serving until Sunday how far ahead can I make it and leave in the refrigerator without getting soggy?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Sharon! You can either refrigerate it for 2-3 or freeze it for up to 1 month. Hope this helps :)

  28. Larissa says

    Love this recipe – it pleases everyone :-) I cook a cup of lentils in the sauce and add whatever veggies I’ve got leftover in the fridge, e.g. mushroom, corn, peas, etc. Love it!

  29. Rachel says

    If you’re a single person or cooking for 1-2 since it lasts 2-3 days in the fridge, 1/3 of the recipe is perfect and I used cashews instead of macs/tofu/almonds and it was wonderful! I cooked it first for 30 min covered, then 15 min uncovered. I know it’s probably annoying hearing people butcher your recipe by changing this and that for this and that, sorry about that! I used a square pyrex I think 8×8.

  30. Whitney C says

    This recipe is delicious! Our family of 5 ate the entire 9×13 in one night. Haha.

    My changes: I didn’t want to spend $15.99/lb on macadamia nuts and I use cashews when I make our “queso”, so I tried organic almonds ($7.50/lb)! It’s so so so good. I had to use more than 1/2 a cup of water, but the consistency was great. I also used two jars of sauce. I’m not sure how I couldn’t layer multiple times with just one jar! Sprout’s has their sauces on sale, 2 for $5, and the flavor was awesome. I used one jar of traditional marina and one of the tomato basil.

    My layers: Sauce, zucchini, riccota, sauce, zucchini, ricotta, sauce, zucchini, sauce….. I used three cups of almonds and had some left over. Gonna use it in something ??‍♀️☺️

  31. Jackie says

    First time making any vegan “cheese” and it was delicious! Used the almonds vs. macadamia
    nuts, excellent. Saving this recipe for sure.

  32. Katie says

    I used a cup of macadamia nuts and 8oz of tofu. The tofu had been frozen and defrosted which made it crumbly. The texture was wonderfully fluffy and light. I used courgette and gluten free lasagne noodles and stacked it up. A beautiful supper and delicious too. Thanks so much for the recipe.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Great! Thanks for sharing, Katie! Yes, the tofu may have been crumbly from being frozen and defrosted but we are glad you enjoyed the dish!

  33. Megan says

    Made this tonight with cashews and it was so dang good. And somewhat picky husband approved and had seconds. If only I could get the kiddos to try. Gimme all the zucchinis I’m making lasagna! /Garfield

  34. Sharon says

    I made this with tofu ricotta and added extra veggies in the layers. It’s incredible! The star is the show is definitely the ricotta. I’m not a huge fan of plain ol’ cubed and fried tofu, I need to find more recipes to incorporate the tofu ricotta. This recipe is so freakin delish.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Ruth! I’d recommend soaking the cashews for 30 minutes in hot water, but I also haven’t really tried that yet. I also think you can use blanched almonds but haven’t tried that yet either! Let me know how it goes!

  35. Kathy Smyth says

    Loved this recipe! I used zucchini and eggplant in the dish. I also added some onions. I used almonds for the ricotta. I would like to use the Macadamias at some point but they are pricey. whew! My husband, who grumbles every time I make a vegan dish, loved it too!

  36. Estera says

    watery is not the word, it turns out like an awful soup. waste of ingridients, especially ricotta (straight out of blender it tastes delicious, two stars for it)

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Estera! We are sorry you didn’t have success with this recipe. Did you happen to make any changes? Let us know and we’ll do our best to help you out!

  37. Allison Miera says

    I made this last night and seriously my boyfriend almost ate the entire thing he LOVED it. And doesn’t Ike real cheese! The ricotta was amazing. I made mine by mixing eggplant slices and the lasagna pasta and some spinach. I also threw in some vegan mozzarella to make it extra nutty and cheesy. So good! Thank you !

  38. Annie says

    How thick should the zucchini slices be? I’m also gonna try a chunky white bean & spinach purée as the ricotta :)

  39. Helen says

    DELICIOUS! Made this with tofu ricotta and used your vegan parm. We both loved it. Planning to make this for an upcoming potluck. Will the zucchini become too watery if I make and freeze it ahead of time?
    Thank you so much for the recipes.

  40. Tiffany Brooks says

    Delicious, ignored portion control divided it into 5 and everyone loved it. Used almonds but forgot to soak so got a crunchy but wet texture that still was good and in the vegan parmesan used powdered ground Chinese mushrooms not nutritional yeast which gave great flavour. Tip top recipe once again!

  41. Debra says

    Making this tonight! I’m trying to find different ways to use all of the zucchini from my garden and am doing a few of your recipes!

  42. Marina says

    preparation took 45 mins, not 20! Looks great though, ready to bake now!
    Used cashews for the ricotta layers, came out very tasty!

  43. Lauren says

    This is a great and creative recipe! I made it today with tofu, next time I will shell out the money for the nuts bc the tofu tends to clump after sitting in the fridge. I’m also going to add lentils next time for a meatier texture, and add an extra zucchini or two, 3 just didn’t give me as many layers as I wanted in a 9×13 pan.

    Great blog! I will definitely be trying more of your recipes this week and in the future!

  44. Natalie says

    This was a hit for MY WHOLE FAMILY. My 3 and 1 year old gobbled it up along with my husband and I! I like that it feels like a complete meal, though I did serve it along with some garlic bread. Leftovers were delicious as well, as are most spaghetti type dishes! Will be making again.
    Also I ended up buying pre-cut sliced zucchini from the local super market. I do not have a mandolin so that was not an option. Though I did consider just using my knife to make long strips, which I am sure is possible but would be time costly and I probably would end up with rather uneven slices!

  45. Daria says

    I love lors of your recipes,but this just climbed to the top of my list. I had a dramatic story with this recipe- last night was too excited to make it that sliced top of my thumb off on a mandoline. After a quick trip to ER and reattaching my bodyparts finished making this lasagna. And its torally totally worth everything i went through ? i followed the recipe exactly(only used less zuccini as my sauces finshed up) and it turned out perfect,not watery whatsoever how some ppl mentioned! Can’t wait to make it again for a family gathering! Thank you for your recipes!!!

  46. Becky says

    I want to say that in the process of cooking this I ended up cutting a large chunk of my finger on the mandolin. But this was worth it! So incredibly tasty and cheesy even my boyfriend loved it. I made the recipe exactly as written and ended up spending $18 CAD on macadamia nuts but if your in the mood for something special this is worth it (and cheaper then a steak dinner). My only comment was that it ended up not holding together very well but it all ends up that way in the stomach and I will probably cook it longer next time.

  47. Nicole says

    Phenomenal vegan ricotta recipe! I used half tofu, half cashews soaked 30 minutes in hot water, followed the recipe as written, then added a pinch of nutmeg and sugar to make a traditional manicotti filling. Baked up delicious with brown rice manicotti, marinara, and a generous sprinkling of your vegan parm. :-) Ricotta is one of the few dairy items I legitimately miss eating, such is the delicacy of its fresh cream flavor, but this was so surprisingly good, I really wasn’t even jealous as my boyfriend chowed down on the pan of traditional dairy manicotti I made for him!

  48. bonyta says

    I’ve made this twice now – both times with a combo of almonds and tofu (about half and half). I didn’t take the skins off the almonds or press the tofu; just added only a bit of liquid until it was the consistency I thought it was supposed to be. The first time I made all zucchini layers but second time I did a combo of zucchini and regular lasagne sheets. Both times it turned out amazing! This will definitely be in regular rotation and I can see there could be so many variations like some others have commented with mushrooms, lentils eggplant etc.

  49. Sara says

    Just made this following the recipe, it was delicious! Foolproof and easy to make. It is my first time ever making vegan cheese and I am really impressed. The nuts were pretty pricy though so I’ll have to look out for sales, or perhaps try the tofu next time. I’ll definitely be trying some other recipes on this site!

  50. Nancy Conradt says

    I made this for Christmas dinner 2017 and it was beyond fabulous in flavor. I also made a meat entree. The non-vegans who tried the lasagna went back for seconds.

  51. Julia says

    Hey, I’m blanching the almonds myself right before I cook this dish. Do you think I should still soak them? Or should I go ahead and make the ricotta since they’re freshly boiled?

  52. Cook for fun says

    I used almond flour and a tablespoon of almond butter-delicious. Perfect solution for those that cannot eat cashew or macadamia nuts.

    Thanks Dana, you have me thinking and cooking outside of the box. Eating WFPB is easy and delicious with your website. I plan to order the book-all of the recipes I have tried from your website have been amazing.

  53. Hannah says

    I don’t understand all the rave reviews!
    Mine was so watery it was basically soup.
    The Ricotta was delicious. I made it with the Tofu and it was out of this world! Tasted just like ricotta.
    But other than that, it was wayyyy too watery.

  54. Natali says

    i made everything according to the recipe (pressed dry tofu) but it came out extremely watery :( tastewise it would be good if it were not for all this liquid

  55. Alanna M. says

    OMG. All I can say is, all hail Minimalist Baker! I have made so many of your recipes and still am amazed at how delicious every dish tastes. This is my new all-time favorite recipe. I can’t believe how similar it tastes to lasagna, but also EXCEEDS the taste of regular lasagna. Is that possible? Is this magic? Thank you thank you!!

  56. Helen Postelnek says

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! I made this last night- it is seriously one of the BEST recipes I have made since going plant based, and I’ve made some seriously good food! I love to cook, am not a newbie, and often just convert my favorites to plant based. I was craving lasagna yesterday- looked up some plant based recipes, chose yours based on reviews- and WOW! Was so good!!
    I made my own sauce, as I always do. I salted and rinsed the zucchini to make it less watery, and I subbed 1 cup Brazil nuts and 2 cups almonds, as that is what I had. I also added fresh garlic and some sundried tomatoes to the filling. Those were the only changes, but that’s because that’s what I would normally do. My family was all raving- my carnivorous, cheese loving son-in-law could not believe it wasn’t real cheese! Thank you so much Dana!!!
    TO EVERYONE—–MAKE THIS TODAY!!! you will not regret!!

  57. Edwina says

    This is now my go-to recipe for dinners with friends — have made it many times and it’s SO GOOD. The macadamias are definitely pricey but they are worth it for the delicious, rich flavour. The tofu option is also good though :) I added a couple of layers of g-free pasta sheets in mine to soak up a bit of the extra tomato sauce. Love it!

  58. Kim Ramos says

    Just made this lasagna tonight. I thought it was good but would make some alterations next time. I used the almond method because mac nuts are so darned expensive. I tend to like a lasagna on the saucy side so next time I would cut the cheese filling in half and add a bit more sauce. The flavors were good but when I served a piece it felt like I had mostly cheese, and I would prefer heavier on the zucchini and sauce. I also think it would be great with some mushrooms added in!

  59. Jess says

    WOW. This recipe was amazing.
    Didn’t even miss anything about “regular” lasagna, this was so much better.
    My ricotta – I did follow the recipe, but didn’t get it to spread well, so just did dollops all around, and crossed my fingers. Still turned out perfect!
    Thank you!

  60. lillian says

    I made this today and it tastes absolutely delicious! This was my first time making almond ricotta and can I say that it didn’t disappoint! I can’t wait to make ravioli’s with it. I so don’t miss the dairy ricotta. Thanks for the recipe!

  61. Amanda says

    I made this for the first time last night and OMG! My husband and I LOVED the flavor and texture of the macadamia nut “ricotta.” Thank you for your inventiveness in the kitchen!

  62. Hannah says

    This was delicious!!
    I used almonds instead of macadamia nuts and it worked out pretty good. Though taking the time to blanch the almonds was pretty time consuming.
    I added in some black beans in the layers for some extra protein which I felt worked really well.
    Will definitely make again!

  63. Stef Laureano says

    Could you add the tofu to the marinara sauce instead? I would like to keep the macadamia based ricotta cheese but I could also use the extra protein.

  64. Nora says

    So good! I was worried by some other reviews that it would be watery, so I made a few adjustments.
    After slicing my zucchini I roasted it at 400 degrees for about 6 minutes, and I made the tofu cheese and didn’t add any water. It didn’t come out watery at all. Thank you for another wonderful recipe!

  65. Yolanda says

    Let me start with saying I’ve subscribed and will follow you on Facebook and IG. I do not want to miss a beat with you. Your culinary skills are off the charts! I’m so lucky to have come across your site. This is by far the best lasagne I’ve ever tasted. I’m ordering your cookbook and can’t wait to try other recipes.

  66. Carolyn says

    I made this tonight and it turned out incredible (even got rave reviews from the meat eaters). The only change I made was adding a couple layers (over then cheese layer) of super finely chopped spinach dusted with garlic powder. The sauce I used was Mom’s – which had whole lead basil and whole garlic. Oh, I also sprinkled in a bit of vegan mozerella on top and on the cheese layers. Did not miss the pasta at all!

  67. Danielle says

    This is super tasty!!! I’m not a vegan or even a vegetarian by any stretch of the imagination but I’ve been turning to some vegan and vegetarian recipes to balance out my diet. I’ve been having success with your recipes!

    I did use the tofu modification because I can’t have too much nut fats with my diet. I also add some dairy cheese to the top for some gooeyness. I’ve made this for company and everyone loves it. Definitely take the time to salt and drain the zucchini, and I dab the excess water off with paper towels before layering. I also find that letting the casserole rest for 20 minutes or so helps firm things up a bit. So fantastic!!!

  68. Erica Cheek says

    I made it with eggplant and macadamia nuts. Oh my word! It’s fantastic with the vegan parm. My parm was on the crunchy side and I didn’t think it would work, but all the flavors are on point. I may never buy ricotta cheese again.

  69. Rhonda Einstein says

    I have made about 30 of your recipes and my husband and I who are new in the vegan world love every single one of them. The zucchini lasagna was absolutely delish. I made it with blanched almonds and I couldn’t believe how much it tasted like the real thing. Thank you for your creativity and talent.

  70. Corrie says

    I made this last night and it was delish! I used extra firm tofu for the ricotta cheese, made sure to press for 10 minutes. I only added 2 tablespoons of water, doubled the nutritional yeast and fresh basil and added a little extra salt. I topped it with my own homemade vegan parm (cashew, nootch mix). It didn’t come out watery at all. With a side of vegan caesar salad and garlic toast, this was a hit and I will definitly be making it again.
    Thank you for this recipe!

  71. Julia Ennis says

    This is so delicious! I have made it three times. However, every time I make it- it comes out super runny more like a soup. I have tried leaving out the water but it doesn’t help. Do you have any suggestions? Maybe sweating out the zucchini? or adding more solid vegetables?

  72. Moira says

    Made it twice already (eating it right now) and its absolutly awesome!
    I use the tofu and combined it with some mushroom-pesto I still had in the fridge and topped it with vegan cheese. So I really like it, but I had a problem, both of the times I made it.

    The tomatosauce selfmade/bought always is too thin and I and up with a lot of liquid.
    Any tips on how to reduce that?

  73. zara says

    This was absolutely delicious and so easy to make. I used tofu rather than macadamia nuts as they were quite expensive!

  74. Jennifer says

    Another amazing recipe! Seriously! Where did you come from!! We lov d this! Made it with zucchini noodles and added some shredded carrot and spinach. It was amazing! Torn between trying it with gluten free noodles and sticking with the low carb zucchini noodles! But either way fantastic! Wondering does it freeze well?

      • Jodie says

        I am new to cooking. I am making this yummy and easy to follow recipe. I want to freeze it for a friend I will be seeing in 10 days. What do you suggest I use to freeze a portion for 2 people and what instructions should I give her to reheat, please? Thank you!

  75. Cheryl says

    I made this last night and needless to say it was delicious. First time trying macadamia nut cheese…but the taste was incredible and worth the extra expense. (Traders joes has the best prices on macadamia nuts that I’ve found)… Based on other comments I may try it next time with sauteed spinach and mushrooms to up the layers. Can never go wrong with more healthy veggies! Thank you for sharing this amazing vegan lasagne.

  76. Carol says

    I made this dish last night and it was delicious!! Both my husband and I loved the flavor of the mac nut “ricotta” cheese. I think using fresh herbs (I also used fresh oregano) always makes a dish taste better.
    Thank you for all your great recipes.

  77. Emily says

    I don’t have the nicest blender, should I soak the macadamia nuts before I try and blend them? I am able to blend soaked cashews fine. I tried making your Nutella with hazelnuts and my blender had a difficult time blending them up. Or should I just use the tofu or soaked almonds/cashews instead?

    Thank you so much!!

  78. Honsei says

    Can I make the “ricotta” ahead of time? I’m making more than 1 dish and any prep work I can do ahead of time would really help out.

  79. Melissa says

    I made this last night and it is SO GOOD. I’m going to be making this way more often now. I love lasagna but felt so guilty after scarfing down so much pasta, but this recipe is perfect. Dana, do you have any suggestions on how to avoid a watery end product? I spent about 15 minutes using a turkey baster to remove excess liquid (those damn zucchinis did me dirty again). I ate it after draining it, (which was worth it) and oh boy, I’ll never eat lasagna with noodles ever again.

  80. Michi W. says

    Thanks for this amazing recipe! I made it last night for a dinner party with non-vegans, using zucchini and eggplant and a mix of tofu and almonds – it was a big hit! Consistency was great and flavor just yummy. Everyone loved it and asked for the recipe. Easy to make and simply delicious. Will definitely make it again.

  81. Heather says

    Hi, Dana!

    I’ve been following your blog and trying out a number of your recipes for about a year and this one is by far my favorite — even my father, a die-hard carnivore, went back for seconds! I made the tofu version of the ricotta and mashed it instead of blending, and found that the consistency was lovely. Thanks so much for all of the recipes you share, they’re incredible! :)

  82. Katalina Aguilar says

    Made this for my family and it was a hit! Even my dad (who is the biggest meat-lover in the world) thought this was amazing! It’s a great lighter take on such a traditionally heavy dish, but still leaves all the flavor that you would normally get

  83. Emily says

    I made this using cashews instead of macadamia nuts & regular lasagna noodles instead of zuchinni & WOW! It was AMAZING! I’m so surprised by how similar in taste + texture to standard ricotta this was! I shared some with my family (non vegan/vegetarian) and they thought it was great as well!

  84. Ryan says

    This is delicious! I made it with almonds and it turned out just fine. Best vegan entree I’ve made so far. Next time I am going to double the ricotta

  85. Melissa says

    Used raw cashews and added egg-free lasagna noodles. Soaked the cashews in hot water for thirty minutes. Amazing!! And leftovers are even better if that’s possible!!

  86. Caitlin says

    I am not on the GF train, in fact I LOVE gluten, but after recently being gifted a TON of veggies I decided to give this recipe a try. I’ve made one other vegan lasagna and it wasn’t great and after reading several reviews above that commented on the amount of “soupiness” I had concerns.

    This is freaking delicious.

    I used 1.5 c soaked cashews + 7 oz. of pressed firm tofu (half a container) for the ricotta. I completely ignored the addition of water and added jusssttttt enough liquid to get the consistency I wanted. After baking for 45 min and removing the foil it was super liquidy and I was even more worried. But after another 20 min + you know, following directions, and allowing it to cool for 15 min it was PERFECT. I plan to freeze the remaining 5 squares and make this again and again in the future.

  87. dani says

    I love this recipe. I make it about once a week. I always sub tofu and almonds for the macadamia nuts and double the ricotta recipe. I also use two jars of classico sauce. Love this!

  88. Vaishalee says

    I love this recipe sooo much! I used tofu and it turned out amazing. I’m going to try the filling with lasagna noodles and give it to my kiddos and see if they notice that it is vegan cheese.