1-Pot Cauliflower Dal Green Curry

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Overhead image of a pot of green curry with golden lentils

When winter comes and the nights get cold, I crave comfort food…but I still want my greens. That’s literally where inspiration for this dish came from: “How do I eat so many cooked greens?”

I love this dish because it’s both Indian- and Thai-inspired, using both split mung beans (or moong dal), and my go-to Thai-inspired green curry paste. Let me show you how it’s done!

Overhead image of ingredients for a green dal curry on a cutting board including ginger lentils kale and lime

This 1-pot meal starts with soaked moong dal (a.k.a. split mung beans). While that’s happening, you can prep your fresh green curry paste (or opt for store-bought!) and veggies.

Overhead image of food processor with blended green curry paste
Overhead image of a pan with sautéed onion, garlic, and green curry paste with a wooden spoon stirring the ingredients

First we start with sautéed shallot, ginger, and garlic before adding the green curry paste*, which adds the primary flavor to this dish. 

*Note: you can learn more about green curry paste and its origin here.

Next comes chopped cauliflower, coconut milk, coconut aminos for depth of flavor, maple syrup for sweetness, and a little lime for acidity.

The soaked moong dal is added and once tender, we throw in a generous amount of greens (I went for kale) and cover to wilt. Then, it’s serving time! It’s that easy.

Overhead image of green curry with lentils served in a pot with a small wooden serving bowl and portion of the curry

We hope you LOVE this dish. It’s:

Easy to make
& Incredibly satisfying

This would make the perfect hearty meal when you want something nourishing and delicious. It’s tasty as is, or (our preference) served over grains (like rice or quinoa) and garnished with fresh lime and cilantro.

If you’re into curries, also be sure to check out our 1-Pot Golden Curry Lentil Soup, 1-Pot Chickpea Cauliflower Yellow Curry, Rich Red Curry with Roasted Vegetables, and 1-Pot Pumpkin Yellow Curry!

If you try this recipe, let us know! Leave a comment, rate it, and don’t forget to tag a photo #minimalistbaker on Instagram. Cheers, friends!

Image of green curry with kale and lentils in a wooden bowl with metal spoon

1-Pot Cauliflower Dal Green Curry

Green curry with coconut milk, moong dal, cauliflower, and loads of greens! A hearty, flavorful, 1-pot meal inspired by Indian and Thai cuisines!
Author Minimalist Baker
Big pan of Cauliflower Dal Green Curry packed with fresh greens
4.88 from 58 votes
Prep Time 1 hour 10 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 40 minutes
Servings 4 (Entrée servings)
Course Entrée
Cuisine Gluten-Free, Indian-Inspired, Thai-Inspired, Vegan
Freezer Friendly 1 month
Does it keep? 4-5 Days



  • 3/4 cup moong dal* (split mung beans)
  • 2 Tbsp coconut or avocado oil (or sub twice as much water)
  • 2 medium shallots (thinly sliced)
  • 2 Tbsp fresh chopped ginger
  • 2 cloves garlic (minced)
  • 5 Tbsp green curry paste (plus more to taste // store-bought will be more intense in flavor, so start with slightly less and work your way up)
  • 2 cups roughly chopped cauliflower (or other seasonal vegetable of choice)
  • 2 13.5-oz cans light coconut milk (can sub half with vegetable broth for lighter curry)
  • 2 Tbsp coconut aminos (plus more to taste, or sub tamari)
  • 1 Tbsp maple syrup or coconut sugar
  • 3-4 cups chopped kale or spinach (or other green of choice)
  • 2 Tbsp fresh lime juice

FOR SERVING optional

  • Cilantro
  • Brown rice or Quinoa
  • Cashews
  • Lime


  • Add moong dal to a bowl (or pot) and cover with water. Allow to soak for at least 1 hour (to increase absorption and speed cook time), or overnight. Then rinse, drain, and set aside.
  • Heat a large rimmed skillet or pot over medium heat. Once hot, add oil, shallot, ginger, and garlic. Sauté for 2-3 minutes, stirring frequently. Then add curry paste and cook for 1-2 minutes more.
  • Add cauliflower and sauté a few more minutes. Add coconut milk and stir to combine. Bring to a simmer. Then add soaked drained moong dal, coconut aminos, and maple syrup and stir.
  • Return to a simmer and cook for approximately 15-20 minutes or until moong dal is tender. In the last 5 minutes of cooking, add kale and stir until wilted (about 3 minutes).
  • Taste and adjust flavor as needed, adding lime juice for acidity, maple syrup for sweetness, coconut aminos or salt for saltiness, or green curry paste for more intense curry flavor. 
  • Serve plain like a stew, or over grains like rice or quinoa. Garnish with cashews and lime juice (both optional). Store leftovers in the refrigerator up to 4-5 days, or in the freezer up to 1 month. Reheat in the microwave or on the stovetop. Rehydrate with water or coconut milk as needed.



*Prep time includes soaking dal.
*If you can’t find moong dal, you can sub golden lentils or brown or green lentils. Soaking is still recommended, but adjust cooking time as needed.
*Nutrition information is a rough estimate calculated with avocado oil and lesser amount of kale, and without optional ingredients.

Nutrition (1 of 4 servings)

Serving: 1 Serving Calories: 382 Carbohydrates: 49.4 g Protein: 10.9 g Fat: 17.6 g Saturated Fat: 8.5 g Sodium: 215 mg Potassium: 268 mg Fiber: 6.3 g Sugar: 14.1 g

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  1. Lydia says

    So delicious! I made it using whole mung beans because that’s all I could find. I soaked them over night and cooked it for about 25 min, and it turned out great ❤️

  2. Loraine says

    I have the regular mung beans. Can I use that to sub for the split mung beans as long as I soak it?

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Lorraine, Possibly! We’d suggest soaking them overnight and cooking longer, but we haven’t tried it that way so aren’t certain how it will turn out. Let us know if you try it!

  3. Elly says

    i love this recipe, especially when you make the green curry paste from scratch :)

    I didnt have coconut aminos and found that normal soy sauce or tamari was a fine replacement

    also the second time i made this, i couldnt get shallots so i just used a brown onion, didnt notice a huge difference

  4. Lin says

    Hello – Do you think I can use whole mung bean instead of moong dal in this recipe? Looks so good. I hope to use what I already have. Thanks.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Lin, we haven’t tried with that modification, but would suggest soaking them overnight and cooking longer. Let us know if you try it!

  5. Azza says

    Does Sprouted Mung Beans work here? I am not sure I can find split mung beans. Unless they are same as I did find sprouted mung beans.
    Many thanks,

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Azza, if you’re referring to the fresh sprouts, unfortunately that won’t work. You could possibly use dry green mung beans if you soak them overnight and cook longer, but we haven’t tried it that way and would suggest split yellow mung beans for best results.

  6. Isabelle says

    Thank you Dana for such a delicious recipe once again. Cooked it yesterday evening for today’s lunch. Delicious! Followed your advice about the store-bought green curry: I used 50g instead of 75g and it was quiet hot. Served it on whole brown rice and steamed green beans. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Kristen says

    Absolutely loved this recipe! Quick, easy, and flavorful. I had a big bag of split yellow mung beans that I needed to use; they worked well. I look forward to left overs!

  8. Josie says

    I used red lentils (did not soak) and this turned out delicious! I used 3/4 can of regular coconut milk and the rest veg broth. Great recipe, kids loved it too! Doubling it was not enough!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      We’re so glad you and your family enjoyed it, Josie! Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. Callie V says

    This is my first time cooking mung beans and I love how this turned out! I added cauliflower rice instead of cauliflower and that worked out well. The coconut flavor mixed with the spiciness is delicious. Like a restaurant thai curry. I used 5 TB of Maesri Green Curry paste, which is a little more than half the 4oz can. Thanks for this delicious easy recipe!

  10. Nishita Henry says

    This was delicious. I soaked the dal for abt 2 hours and used the Thai Kitchen green curry paste. I also used full fat coconut milk and cut it w veg broth. I add snap peas and kale fur the greens. Kids loved it. Will make again.

  11. Emily says

    I’ve tried this twice. Once I didn’t soak them long enough or with enough water. I’ve searched on the internet and apparently you have to double or triple the amount of water for soaking. The second time I made this I tried soaking for 24 hours. I must not be using enough water because cooking time is still taking longer than the 15-20 minutes. I give up on mung beans and will stick to lentils. Still love all the recipes just wanted to share about the soaking.

  12. Shael says

    I made this using split yellow peas (couldn’t find mung beans at the grocery store), store-bought green curry paste, and half coconut milk, half broth. Turned out really good! The leftovers for lunch the next day tasted even better! Definitely making this again but would love to find mung beans next time and also take the time to make the fresh curry paste! I would also double the recipe, as my lunch leftovers were very “minimal” heh. :D

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks so much for the lovely review and for sharing your modifications, Shael! We’re so glad you enjoyed it!

  13. Adam says

    I cannot express just how good this recipe was! I can hardly wait to have it again during the week, nor can I wait to try more of your recipes. Brava!

  14. Darlene Rutledge says

    This is a great recipe. I used 4 tbsp green curry paste (purchased), added some mushrooms and used 1 can of coconut milk and water for rest of liquid. Sure to become a family favourite. Really yum.

  15. Genevieve Remark says

    just finished making this and it is so deliciously tangy, spicy, and hearty. i didnt have any kale so i added spirilized carrots instead :) The only thing i regretdoing is buying the green curry paste which was wayyy too spicy, i may have to add some more coconut milk to turn down the heat a little.
    Thank you for this!!

  16. Sydney says

    Second time making this and I’m hooked. I added mushrooms, carrots and broccoli for more veg and had to force myself to pack away the leftovers before I ate the rest of it lol. It’s so flavorful and I actually like this green curry better than my favorite Thai restaurant in the area which says A LOT

  17. Vasu says

    Excellent recipe! Made a few modifications to up the veggie factor: chopped a couple of carrots and added them with the cauliflower. Also, sautéed some mushrooms on the side and added them along with the kale. Served with moong sprouts, cashews and lime on top.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks for sharing, Vasu! So glad you enjoyed it. Next time would you mind adding a rating to your review? It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Thanks!

  18. Yukari says

    This was our first time having dal and we’ve seriously been missing out. This dish was amazing! We served it over forbidden rice and it was a wonderful combination. This recipe is definitely going into our regular rotation :)

  19. Erin says

    So delicious and it’s a veg recipe that my husband actually really likes (there haven’t been many). Winning! I added an entire chopped zucchini for more veggies during the sauté stage and then some sugar snap peas in the last 3 minutes for even more vegetables and used 3 tbsp of store bought Thai green curry paste which I might reduce slightly next time.

  20. Christine says

    I just have to tell you that this recipe is one of my go-to recipes. I made the green curry paste from your recipe as well and it makes a wonderful difference in flavor. I keep it frozen and whip this together when I have the ingredients laying around. It never gets old!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks so much for the lovely review, Christine. We are so glad you enjoy this recipe! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Thanks so much! xo

  21. Rachel Child says

    I couldn’t find moong dal, so I used 1 cup of whole mung beans and soaked them overnight. They cooked perfectly in the dish and weren’t hard at all. I also used 1/2 coconut milk and 1/2 veggie broth in place of the full amount of coconut milk. I used about 3 tablespoons of store-bought curry paste, but thought it could use even more than that. This was a good dish, especially with extra lime juice for serving!

  22. Tamara says

    This was my first experience with moong dal and wow, delicious! I can find it hard to locate some of the ingredients included in the minimalist baker recipes but moong dal was easy to buy anywhere, inexpensive and delicious! I also love the green curry paste. I make a big batch, freeze it in small amounts and have it on hand for recipe after recipe!

  23. Allie says

    Your recipes never fail. I added a few peeled/chopped carrots with the cauliflower, used red lentils and added a zucchini with the kale. I also substituted one can of the coconut milk with broth, but then ended up adding another half a can lol. I made your green curry paste too and that was amazing! I ended up adding almost triple the called for amount of that because I like my curry strong. Overall awesome, amazing recipe! Thank you so much

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks so much for the lovely review, Allie. We are so glad you enjoyed these recipes! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Thanks so much! xo

  24. Amy says

    I have made this recipe multiple times. I often use one can of coconut milk and the rest substituted with veg stock because for me it’s too creamy (my husband prefers all coconut milk!). I’ve used broccoli for half of the cauliflower too and it’s great. I always use about 3-4 tablespoons of store bought curry paste. Make sure you soak the moong beans prior as instructed (even just an hour). I didn’t do this once because I had no time and it wasn’t as good. My 2yo devours this!

  25. Kasha says

    I used a store bought green curry paste, because I didn’t see your recipe for homemade – I can’t wait to make that. I added diced white skin-on potato along with the cauliflower and kale. I could only find split yellow lentils, which may be the same as the moong beans. was delicious over brown jasmine rice. It made about 7 servings. I’m definitely making it again!

  26. danielle says

    I didn’t care for the recipe using the 2 cans of coconut milk. I found it too sweet and coconutty. I’m going to try it again and use only 1 can plus the stock and eliminate the maple syrup.
    Also my cauliflower became mush. I may have needed to soak the beans longer.

    This recipe has much potential, I just need to tweak it for my tastes.

  27. Eleanor says

    This recipe was soooo delicious! I meal prepped the green curry paste recipe & moong beans over the weekend and made this in 20 minutes!

  28. Rebecca says

    Made this a few days ago. I used half coconut milk half broth which was creamy enough for me, also used red curry paste (and less) as that is what I had on hand, def wanna try your curry paste next time though! I don’t normally cook with mung beans so I enjoyed the variety. I think next time I’d do less cauliflower and add other veggies, it’s a bit too cauliflower-y but all in all good recipe and super filling – half a serving with a piece of naan is enough for me. Thx for the recipe!

  29. jenni wells says

    Another excellent, easy to follow recipe from MB! I used whole mung beans that were soaked overnight and they didn’t need any extra cooking time. I will definitely be making this again.

  30. Dani says

    I love this. I’m not a big fan of curries normally but I recently became a mostly vegan eater and was looking for filling dishes and this is delicious. It’s a really comforting dish on a winter’s evening. My husband loves it also. Would really recommend.

  31. Kathleen O'Connor says

    Our large grocery (chain) store didn’t have mung beans (split or otherwise) and I won’t have a chance to get to a store that does before I make the dish. What do you think about using French lentils, which I have on hand?

    I also plan to add sweet potatoes (petite diced) to the dish. What do you think?

  32. Sue says

    I made this for my family tonight, and it was soooo good. Delish. I used one can full fat coconut milk and the rest low-sodium vegetable broth. I had a pack of sprouted mung beans, and though I did soak them for a couple of hours I’m not sure I even needed to. I used Thai and True (excellent brand!) green curry paste because I had it in the fridge and it was easy. Used spinach and served over brown rice. I can’t wait to have leftovers for lunch!

  33. Sylvia says

    The green curry recipe is a must with this dish! It’s a keeper! Substituted lentils for moong dal beans. This meal is now permanently in my repertoire. Thank you!

  34. Kate says

    I made this with whole mung beans, as I did not have split ones. It was not a good choice. The texture was way off. If I had to do it again, I would use yellow split peas instead. Different flavor but better texture. Or wait until I can go to an Indian grocery.

  35. Devin Buckley says

    I made this and it was surprisingly tasty (I am an incompetent cook). It also made way more than I expected and it lasted for days!

  36. Sabrina says

    This was my first experience with a Minimalist Baker recipe and it was truly fantastic! I love cooking vegan food (I hate handling animal product) but I do struggle a little to get my husband on board. I packed this for his lunch today and he messaged me to say this was “extremely good” and I couldn’t be happier!

    I had trouble finding coconut aminos or tamari so that just didn’t get added. Also, I used green lentils because I could easily find those in the grocery store and I thought, YAY MORE GREEN!

    I will definitely make this again (I think I’ll make the curry paste ahead of time) and I look forward to trying the red curry you have as well. Really can’t wait! I think this is a wonderful website! And I love baking too so I’m excited to try those recipes as well. Keep up the awesome work! Love it!

  37. Denise says

    This is delicious! I am thrilled with how the green curry recipe turned out! I used a small onion instead of scallions and I used one can of light coconut milk and the second one replaced with broth. I used mung bean that were not split that I soaked overnight (actually overnight and while I was at work all day) and the beans were tender after simmering 20 minutes. This is now one of my favourite recipes. Thank you so much for sharing!

  38. Svet says

    This was the third recepie I made from your blog and it was as wonerful as the other two!
    Full of different tastes, that come together in a perfect harmony, easy to make and also easy to substitute. With each of the receipes I didn’t have at least one third of the ingredients at home and substituted them with something from the same family of tastes. Each time it came out fantastic!
    My husdband “doesn’t believe in vegan” and he too loved every dish!

    Many thanks for your wonderful dishes!

  39. Julie says

    Wow! Such a good receipe!!!! :) I was too lazy to make the cury paste though, so I bought a canned one but forgot to adjust the quatity and it turned out delicious but super firery!!! For those who buy « already made » cury paste, you might want to go easy on the paste at first and add some more later! ;) or eat it with a lot of rice to cut the fire down! ;)

  40. Pumpkin says

    I forgot to pick up mung beans, so I used lentils that I had instead, and it was still SLAMMIN’. Is that why mine wasn’t this yellowish green color?

  41. Emilie says

    I began to follow with chia seed pudding and then I tried this which is easy to make and so delicious. I replace green curry paste by red one, more to my taste less hot but still spicy and full of flavour. And I used purple cauliflower. I take whatever coconut milk available (the cheapest one) and if it is not a light one I dilute it with water. Voilà! But so good thanks

  42. Annik Bernatchez says

    Hi, i should have read the comments before cooking this dish because i’m using whole mung beans because there were no split mung beans at my store. I soaked them an hour and 15 minutes prior to cooking them. They are super small and on the package it says no soaking needed but cook for 45-60 minutes. I thought an hour of soaking and the cooking time would be fine…now i’m not so sure.
    If i cook it longer to have a tender bean, the cauliflower will mostly be smushy :S

  43. Emily says

    What kind of salad would you serve with this? It looks filling but I think I might want to round out the meal a little.

  44. Jenny says

    This was AMAZING!!!! I’m a new fan of your website and have LOVED everything I’ve made so far. This recipe and the Budda Bowl Chickpea Sweet Potato recipe are divine! Thank you!

  45. Kalei says

    I made this for dinner tonight. It was simple, fast, and so delicious. I followed the recipe to the t. I will be making this over and over again. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe!

  46. Monique says

    Delicious! Had to make the green curry sauce too and it turned out soooo good! Thank you for your easy and fun recipes! ??

  47. David C says

    Wow, that was REALLY good!
    I didn’t have moong, so substituted urad wash, a/k/a “white lentils” which are closely related. Worked just fine. Used a combo of cauli, broccoli, and carrots for the veg, red kale for the leafy greens, and subbed broth for about 1/3 of the coconut milk, to make it a bit lighter. This seems like a recipe that you can make work with a lot of different vegetable combinations.
    Thank you!

  48. kathrina says

    oh my goodness this was so good! super easy to make, filling and SO FULL OF FLAVOR! definitely saving this recipe for quick weekday meals.

  49. Erin S says

    I made this recipe this week and it was FANTASTIC! I am a die-hard Minimalist Baker cook and this recipe is right up there on our “favorites” list. In fact, I often take some of what I’ve made to my Mom so she doesn’t have to cook. She deemed this dish her favorite thus far. Had it for leftovers as well and it was super! Not soggy and all the flavors had melded together! Thanks for another yummy meal!

  50. Sadye says

    Hands-down the best curry I’ve made at home! Modifications I made:

    * Used full 5 tbsp of store-bought paste, and it definitely had a good kick. (Which I like.)
    * Used lentils versus mung beans and doubled the amount.
    * Definitely doubled the spinach from recipe suggestion and probably did as well with the cauliflower (I didn’t measure, just used two bags of the pre-cut stuff from the grocery store).

    All this made it way thicker, which I appreciated so I didn’t *have* to serve it over rice.

    I used soy sauce in place of the coconut aminos (since it said I could use tamari) and I would say it turned out a bit salty — but that’s not the original recipe’s fault, it’s mine. And I don’t typically use a lot of salt either so could also just be my sensitive tastebuds.

    Will DEFINITELY be making again!

  51. Bibi says

    I made this recipe while traveling in Central America. I had to make a few substitutions because of ingredient availability. Most notably, I used lime zest (two varieties) in place of the lemongrass in the curry paste. It turned out so yummy! Thanks for the recipe! Bibi

  52. Mona says

    OMG! that is first and the best curry I’ve ever made. I made the green curry paste as well. It tastes sooo goooddd!! I omit few things because I couldn’t find it. Im not a cooking person but i have to cook for healthier me or maybe go vegan because of certain condition. Thank you Dana! I love it! I will try more recipes!

  53. Leanne says

    I made the delish green curry sauce to go with the cauliflower dahl tonight.

    However, I need advice. I can only find whole polished moong beans, or also masoor and moong split mix that is more the red lentils than the moong split beans.

    Will either of these work?

    I don’t have the green or brown lentils either, only red, and did buy both the above mentioned beans.

    Please help! I REALLY want to make this dish asap. Thanks!!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerSupport @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Leanne! Unfortunately, we haven’t tried either of these subs and can’t say for sure how they would turn out. If you experiment with the recipe, please report back on how it goes. Good luck! :D

  54. Danielle says

    This looks amazing!! I just bought your photography school bundle course, already watched a few videos, I’m so excited!! Hoping you do a videography course sometime or even a photography retreat/day, I’d totally sign up!

  55. Mary says

    This is outstanding- the dal keeps it from being too watery (which I find most green curries are) and the flavour is so good. I used a combo of brocolli and cauliflower and Swiss chard instead of kale. Will be interested in seeing how it holds up in the freezer.

  56. Eva says

    – I used whole, sprouted dry mung beans because that’s all I had, so those needed to cook a bit longer (according to their package).
    – To have less waste, I incorporated the kale stems – diced them and added those in to cook when the cauliflower went in.
    – To save some time, I used only store-bought green curry paste, so 2 Tbsp was sufficient.
    – I added 1 tsp each of turmeric and cardamom.
    Thanks for this!

  57. Alane says

    This was yum! A great synergy of flavour and tastes. We liked the texture of the moong dal in the curry. Because I had a lot, I put chopped basil on at the end rather than cilantro. That worked.

  58. Lindsay Crowder says

    I thought i ordered the right dal on Amazon for this but looks like I got Chana Dal – split chickpeas? Will that be ok to use?

  59. Sue says

    Dana, this was phenomenal. Starting withthe green curry paste it was a total winner. Five adults loved it and requested it again in the same week!!. Pure genius Dana. Thank you.

  60. Linda says

    This was excellent, both my husband and I loved it!! I used one can of light coconut milk and an equal amount of unsweetened almond milk, and the result was perfect for us in richness and consistency. We did not have mung beans, so I subbed chick peas that I cooked (from dried) in advance. The toppings (in our case fresh lime, toasted cashews, and sliced jalapeños) added even more flavor. I am sure homemade curry paste would have been even better, but for a shortcut I love the Thai and True products from Oregon – vegan, and real ingredients – https://thaiandtrue.com/collections/curries/products/green-curry-paste. Thanks for a great, and easy recipe!

  61. Karen says

    Hi! This was delicious! I followed the directions exactly (with spinach). The chopped cashews, cilantro and squeeze of fresh lime before serving made it even better. Thnak you for the great recipe!

    FYI – I usually by a glass jar of Thai green curry from grocery store … and I end up throwing out most of it because it doesn’t keep. This time, I bought a small can at an Asian grocery which was exactly 5T. It was spicy and perfect for this recipe. And about 1/3 the price with no waste.

  62. Gina M says

    Like with EVERY recipe you share, the first try always turns out soooo good. Followed exact directions and turned out delicious. Did store bought green curry to save on time. Had a small bowl with a 1/2 cup of cashews. Delicious!! And will probably do leftovers with some rice. Could see experimenting with potatoes or other veggies to mix it up. Or thinking to pair with those potatoes pancakes on your site. This can be one in regular rotation for sure. Thank you this gem!!

  63. Tara says

    Excellent recipe! I live in a small town and could not find split mung beans so I just subbed a can of lentils at the end of cooking (just before the kale). I used a jar of green curry paste and cut back to 3 tablespoons which was perfect! Very tasty and will make this again, thanks!

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Caro! We’re not sure, but assume it would work similarly to other soups. If you give it a try let us know how it goes!

  64. Bailey says

    This was really good. I used green lentils since I couldn’t find split mung beans. My husband asked me what he should call it in the future so he knows what to request when we’re planning our meals in advance. Thank you!

  65. Tammy says

    Well, to be honest, the recipe was not too minimalist. I started when I got home from work and really, it took me over an hour. I also used yellow split peas instead of mung beans as I also had only whole ones. It’s a beautiful dish and my even my 16 year old is enjoying it. Thank you.

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Tammy! It’s a 1-pot meal, which is where the “minimalist” appeal comes in :D

  66. Kate says

    Hi Dana, I couldn’t get moong dal but have option of normal mung beans, split yellow peas or green lentils. Which would you recommend? x

    • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

      Hi Kate! I’m thinking mung beans would be great. But also green lentils would also work! Just adjust cooking time as needed.

  67. Shanon Giffin says

    Wow – another winning recipe! I made this last night. It was SO good there weren’t any leftovers. I used the jarred green curry at the same ratio and it worked. I also used frozen cauliflower and put this over black rice. Next time I might add some heat, but this was truly delicious and easy to make. Thank you for another great recipe.

  68. Karen says

    This was absolutely delicious. I used normal red lentils as I couldn’t find the ones you specified at the time. But it only needed under 10 minutes until cauliflower was cooked and I had to add the spinach. Absolutely delicious definitely cooking again.

  69. Judith Stensland says

    Oh my dear girl, this is absolutely the best stuff I have eaten in ages. I made it pretty much the way you described, except that I used a bit of onion instead of scallions (didn’t have any). The lime juice absolutely MAKES this dish exquisite. I have posted it to my recipe club (with full credit, of course) and I hope you keep up the good work. I am a long time subscriber. I am 69 and love learning new things!

  70. Carla Sokol says

    I can’t have coconut milk as it’s too high in fat. Realizing it has a specific flavor and consistency, can you recommend another plant milk in it’s place?

  71. HR says

    This is DIVINE! I used Thai Kitchen Green Curry Paste instead of making my own. Thank you for the wonderful recipe!

  72. sarahem says

    I wasn’t sure what I was going to have for lunch, and then I happened to check my email and also happened to have all of the ingredients for this recipe. And omg it is SO GOOD.

  73. PeteSuffolk says

    Looks lovely, but I think I might roast my cauliflower before adding, a bit later in the process. I would do everything possible to avoid soggy cauli!

    • Andrea says

      Great idea!

      Your 1 pot Lentil Dal is so fantastic–this reminds me of it a little but I love the addition of kale and cauliflower. Can’t wait to try it!

  74. Nancy says

    I have whole mung beans, how would the cooking method change vs the split ones? I’ve never used and am anxious to try to this.

      • Carol says

        I have whole ones too. I think I will sprout them first. Otherwise, I would soak them overnight for the recipe and probably allow a little extra cooking time to make sure they were soft. I don’t have coconut aminos either, so I’m wondering if 2 TB coconut flake would be a good sub?

          • Avatar for Dana @ Minimalist BakerDana @ Minimalist Baker says

            Coconut aminos can be subbed for tamari if gluten free, OR soy sauce if not gluten-free.

            For mung beans, I suppose you could sub whole instead of split. Just be sure to soak the night before and increase cooking time as needed!