7 Ingredient Vegan Cheesecakes

7 Ingredient Vegan Cheesecakes

Friends, few times have I been more excited to share a recipe with you as I am today.

This recipe has been taste tested and approved by 6 of my closest foodie friends and heartily approved. And they weren’t even vegan! I even like these better than real cheesecakes, which I can no longer stomach with my dairy intolerance. Crisis, averted.

Date Walnut CrustThese 7 ingredient beauties begin with a 2-ingredient crust! Dates and raw walnuts (or almonds) – that’s all you need. Whirl and set aside.

7 Ingredient Vegan Cheesecake

Next up, the 5-ingredient filling: Soaked cashews, coconut milk, coconut oil, lemon juice and agave nectar. So good, so creamy, so insanely delicious you’ll want to drink it with a straw.

Vegan Cheesecake Three Ways!

This is where the fun begins: you get to pick your own flavor!

Of course, you could leave them as is. They’re extremely delicious plain. But, to perk them up a bit I created three varieties: blueberry, bourbon caramel and peanut butter. My favorite being peanut butter (as if you expected anything less).

7 Ingredient Vegan Cheesecake Bites

Instead of baking these cheesecakes you simply pop them in the freezer to set. To make removing them from the pan a breeze, I simply cut out strips of parchment paper and made little tabs so I could just pop them right out. Worked like a charm! If you don’t have parchment, just slide a butter knife along the sides to pop them out. Easy, simple removal either way (no special equipment or springform pans required).

Blueberry Vegan Cheesecake | minimalistbaker.com #vegan #glutenfree

Vegan Cheesecake Bites 3 ways! MinimalistBaker.com

If you’ve ever been suspicious of cashew-based vegan desserts, don’t be! I can whole-heartedly attest that these are some of the best desserts I’ve ever had! No seriously. I can’t even begin to tell you how insanely delicious these guys are – and I’m a cheesecake snob!

Simple 7 Ingredient #Vegan Cheesecake Bites!


Perfectly sweet
Slightly tart
Insanely satisfying
Perfect topped with coconut whipped cream

OK, this is beginning to sound like a Victoria’s Secret ad. You catch my drift. Just make, these, cheesecakes!

7 Ingredient Vegan Cheesecake Bites with a Walnut-Date Crust

7 Ingredient Cheesecake Bites | Just whirl it all in a blender for a creamy, dairy-free dessert

Super Creamy 7 Ingredient Vegan Cheesecakes! #glutenfree #vegan

Super Creamy 7 Ingredient Vegan Cheesecake Bites! #vegan #glutenfree

4.8 from 94 reviews
7 Ingredient Vegan Cheesecakes
Prep time
Total time
7 ingredient vegan, gluten free cheesecakes that are creamy, slightly tart, perfectly sweet and 100% irresistible. Better than real cheesecake and the perfect healthy, simple dessert to feed a crowd (or just you).
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: Vegan, Gluten Free
Serves: 12
  • Crust:
  • 1 cup pitted dates (soaked in warm water for 10 minutes then drained)
  • 1 cup raw walnuts or almonds
  • Filling:
  • 1.5 cups raw cashews, quick soaked*
  • 1 large lemon, juiced (scant 1/4 cup)
  • 1/3 cup coconut oil, melted
  • 1/2 cup + 2 Tbsp full fat coconut milk (see instructions for note)
  • 1/2 cup agave nectar or maple syrup (or honey if not vegan)
  • Optional Flavor Add-Ins:
  • 2 Tbsp salted natural peanut butter
  • 1/4 cup wild blueberries (fresh or frozen)
  • 3 Tbsp bourbon caramel sauce
  1. Add dates to a food processor and blend until small bits remain and it forms into a ball. Remove and set aside.
  2. Next add nuts and process into a meal. Then add dates back in and blend until a loose dough forms - it should stick together when you squeeze a bit between your fingers. If it's too dry, add a few more dates through the spout while processing. If too wet, add more almond or walnut meal. Optional: add a pinch of salt to taste.
  3. Lightly grease a standard, 12 slot muffin tin. To make removing the cheesecakes easier, cut strips of parchment paper and lay them in the slots. This creates little tabs that makes removing them easier to pop out once frozen.
  4. Next scoop in heaping 1 Tbsp amounts of crust and press with fingers. To pack it down, use a small glass or the back of a spoon to compact it and really press it down. I found the bottom of a glass works well. If it sticks, separate the crust and the glass with a small piece of parchment. Set in freezer to firm up.
  5. Add all filling ingredients to a blender and mix until very smooth. For the coconut milk, I like to scoop the "cream" off the top because it provides a richer texture. But if yours is already all mixed together, just add it in as is.
  6. You don't need a Vitamix for this recipe, just a quality blender. I mixed mine for 1 minute, then "liquified" or "pureed" it until silky smooth. If it won't come together, add a touch more lemon juice or agave or a splash more coconut milk liquid as the liquid should help it blend better.
  7. Taste and adjust seasonings as needed. If adding peanut butter, add to the blender and mix until thoroughly combined. If flavoring with blueberry or caramel, wait and swirl on top of plain cheesecakes (optional).
  8. Divide filling evenly among the muffin tins. Tap a few times to release any air bubbles, then cover with plastic wrap and freeze until hard - about 4-6 hours.
  9. Once set, remove by tugging on the tabs or loosening them with a butter knife. They should pop right out. Our favorite way to devour these was with a little more caramel and a touch of coconut whipped cream. But they're perfect as is! Keep in the freezer for up to 1-2 weeks.
  10. Optional: you can set them out for 10 minutes before serving to soften, but I liked them frozen as well.
*To quick soak cashews, pour boiling hot water over the cashews, soak for 1 hour uncovered, then drain and use as instructed.
*Adapted from Sidesaddle Kitchen (Absolutely smitten with her.)
*Nutrition information does not include toppings or added flavors.
*Prep time does not include freezing (4-6 hours)
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 cheesecake Calories: 324 Fat: 22 g Saturated fat: 8.7 g Carbohydrates: 29 g Sugar: 21 g Sodium: 10 mg Fiber: 2.6 g Protein: 6 g


danaHi, I'm Dana! I am a food stylist, photographer, and author of the Food Photography School and the 31 Meals Cookbook.

Find me on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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    • Moniq says

      Hi Dana!
      I’m in love with your recipes & food pics!! And would love to try this vegan cheesecake ASAP. The major problem is, I have a very small & full freezer, no way I can fit the muffin thin in there. So, can I bake them instead? If yes, on what temperature? and how long?

  1. says

    I totally believe you that these are wonderful….. I just recently made a vegan cheesecake with a nut/date based crust and it is one of my favorite recipes on my blog. It’s amazing what you can do with cashews. I love your trick with the parchment tabs. I will definitely be trying that.

      • Evelina says

        Hi Dana! I couldn’t find a way to post a comment on a mobile version, so will just reply here. Do you think refrigerating these lovely cheesecakes overnight would be OK too? My freezer is not that great, I’m afraid it might ruin them.

      • comfort says

        this looks and sounds like its gonna be a festival in your mouth but as i am allergic to nuts do you have a suggestion to replace the nuts with. thanks

        • Dana Shultz says

          Maybe you could try subbing a raw seed, such as sunflower? Otherwise, I’d recommend doubling up on coconut milk and upping the oil a little. Good luck!

  2. Stacey Hoffman says

    This recipes looks amazing. My husband is allergic to most nuts, except cashews. Is there anything I could use the sub the almonds/walnuts for the crust?

    • Dana Shultz says

      Hmm, I’m not sure how it would affect the flavor and texture, but possibly subbing almond milk would work? And either omitting the coconut oil altogether or subbing it with another neutral oil, such as grapeseed oil….Hope that helps!

  3. says

    That parchment paper tip is great! I love a good raw cheesecake but it’s frustrating when the minis get stuck in the tin.
    PB would be my flavour of choice too :D

    • Dana Shultz says

      Dude me too. I actually put blueberries in the peanut butter ones and then ate them with caramel. BEST CHEESECAKE EVER.

  4. says

    These are adorable and brilliant, Dana! I LOVE the parchment tabs to get them out of the pans, and all of the flavors sound glorious. Yum! Also, I’m really jealous of whoever got to take the bite out of that last shot. ;)

  5. says

    AHHHH! I’m in LOVE with this. I’ve seen cashew cheesecakes before but your photos, the parchment tab ideas, and just the entirety of this post really excites me. I must make these.

  6. says

    Wow, I love these and especially the fact that you can choose different flavours without making an entirely new batch! Cashew based desserts are awesome and they have that wonderful ability to be secretly good for you while not tasting as such.

  7. Meghan says

    This looks delicious!! I have a question..think it is a dumb one, but I. Really am confused and I see coconut milk on a lot of recipes,..so here we go

  8. Stefanie says

    This sounds great! Unfortunately I am fructose intolerant and cannot eat dates. Do you have any suggestions for alternatives?

    • Erin Yeschin says

      I too am fructose intolerant and dates aren’t an option for me either. Any suggestions on a substitute would be greatly appreciated! :)

  9. Leigh says

    Hey Dana! It’s me again. I just got from a baking shopping spree yesterday and decided to do this this morning. My boyfriend was excited as he loves cheesecake but is vegan. The end result is good but I think I can do better next time! One thing is I overprocessed the crust so it ended up being more like raw vegan ball batter than cheesecake crust. Which probably resulted to this other thing – I can’t get it out of the muffin pan!

    I used baking sheet as strips. Is it so different from parchment paper? It would tear than pop the cheesecakes out. The butter knife method didn’t work either. :( Any suggestions?

    • Dana Shultz says

      Leigh, hmm, perhaps over-processing the dough was the thing that made them difficult to remove. Sorry you had trouble! Next time, try and process the crust less and then lay parchment paper circles (just cut them out) down in the bottom of the pan to make them easier to pop out. As well, spray the pan with a little nonstick spray so they slide out easier. If you put a butter knife down in the sides and push they should pop out! The only reason I can think this wouldn’t work is that maybe they aren’t all the way frozen yet? Hope that helps! Let me know!

    • Nina says

      I sprinked a little dry grated coconut at the bottom and also used a silicone muffin pan. Very easy to pop them out. Delicious!

  10. says

    Oh my oh my!!!! These look looooovely! And I bet they’re delicious, too! Can’t wait to try them – maybe even tomorrow :)))) Love a good recipe like this one.

  11. says

    I am also insanely jealous of the wild blueberries, I’ve never seen them in the UK before. They’re so small, omg I want them ALL.
    Also okay now I wanna make this cheesecake so much. I’d seen people make raw vegan cashew cheesecakes before and was all pssshht yeah, sure, like that’s gonna taste like cheesecake. It’s nuts and lemon juice. But girl, I trust your judgement and am gon’ go soak some cashews right NOW.

    • Dana Shultz says

      Wild blueberries are the best! Hope you get your hands on some. Yes, Izy, you need to try cashew cheesecake! You’re going to freak it’s so good. You know I wouldn’t lie! :D

  12. Travis says

    This is a much better dessert than the coconut ice cream I usually get at the store. I love the simplicity of the ingredients.

    I had a little difficulty with the crust sticking to my fingers and cup as I tried to condense it to the bottom of the muffin pan. I had a glass cup that fit inside the muffin tin perfectly, but the batter would stick to the bottom when I compressed the almond/date mixture, and when I tried to get it off with a spoon it was no longer the perfect circular shape.

    They came out delicious but just with a little uneven crust on the bottom.

    I had a little extra so I put it in cups which is making for an indulgent instant satisfaction in single servings from the freezer. I’ll probably make them crust-less next time to reduce the stickiness hassle and increase the amount of time I can spend enjoying these.


    • Dana Shultz says

      Travis, next time try putting a cut out circle of parchment paper between the glass cup and the crust. I’ll add that tip to the notes!

  13. sara says

    I made these tonight. I also had a problem spreading the crust into the pan without it sticking. I found out after I put the pan in the freezer to let the crust set, it was easy to spread the mixture with no sticking. So if youre having trouble, just stick the pan in the freezer for a few minutes.i havent tasted them yet. Looking forward to that tomorrow. I know what Im having for breakfast! Haha

      • sara says

        I didn’t care for them. I’ve had some amazing vegan cheesecakes (post punk kitchen and skinny bitch both have amazing recipes), but these didn’t taste like much of anything. I didnt make the caramel sauce so maybe if I did that and the whipped cream they’d be good. Also, the date crust was mushy, not like a regular cheesecake crust. They are healthy so I appreciate that.

        • Dana Shultz says

          sara, thanks for being honest! this is the first vegan cheesecake I’ve tried and I personally loved it. The crust texture was spot on for me. I’ll have to check the sites you mentioned for further reference. In any case, thanks for giving them a shot and sharing your experience! I appreciate it.

  14. Fabienne says

    These look vegan cheesecakes are great. I have a question; my stomach can’t handle coconut milk, but I’m not vegan. Could the coconut milk also be replaced with regular milk? Or something else?

  15. amy says

    Wow i never thought I’d want to try to make vegan cheesecakes, but you have swayed me with this post!!

    They look scrummyyyy!!

  16. Jenna says

    I’m hoping to make these for a dinner party on the weekend as I have a guest who is gluten & vegan free. I was wondering if you thought lime or lemon zest in the cheesecake filling might be good? I’ve never made anything with soaked cashews before & so am not sure if it would fit with the rest of the flavours or not..

  17. Kasha says

    I made these last night, but used prunes in the crust. Delicious and very sweet! Thanks for this awesome recipe. I am spreading the word!!

  18. Carrie says

    I made these for my Valentine. I added a little vanilla and cinnamon to the crust and filling and they were fantastic. I had no trouble with the crust being too sticky or the cheesecakes sticking to the pan (I coated the pan with coconut oil and added the parchment flags). I made half PB and half Blueberry. Will certainly make again! :)

    • Dana Shultz says

      So glad these worked so well! thanks for sharing your experience, Carrie. PB and Blueberry are excellent flavor choices.

  19. Caroline says

    Hi! I would like to say that I love your site, and have made a few things already, but these are absolutely perfect!! Despite being a vegan for years, I never made a raw dessert before, since I don’t own a Vitamix but I made everything in my food processor and it was extremely easy! I suggest adding a vanilla bean to the cheesecakes, it made them even more delicious. Just wondering, if I were to make these into chocolate cheesecakes, how much cocoa powder would you recommend??

    Lots of vegan love, and thanks for all you do!!

    • Dana Shultz says

      So glad you enjoyed these so much, Caroline! To make these chocolate cheesecakes I might suggest adding melted dairy-free chocolate into the mix! Otherwise, CACAO powder or any dutch process COCOA powder would do! Hope that helps.

  20. Cathleen says

    Yumm I made these and they were delicious! For the crust I used a walnut/almond blend, and I omitted the coconut oil, and then swirled in some blended fresh strawberries! I used muffin liners instead of parchment, and that solved the problem of getting stuck. Overall, these were really really good! Thank you for the recipe!

    • says

      Thank you for this comment! I kept wondering if there was a reason that baking cups would NOT work. Apparently, they do!

      My 13yo son is excited for me to try these. I make pumpkin cheesecake every year, which he cannot have, because of a severe dairy allergy. He also has celiac disease, so needs to be gluten-free. I’m hoping that these taste as awesome as they look!

    • Dana Shultz says

      They will definitely get soft. But if you’re OK with that, they’ll be fine! I just preferred mine in the freeze for freshness and firm texture.

  21. says

    I may or may not have gone on a pinning spree from your blog. I was just catching up on my blog reader and some blogs have recipes that I just mark as read because they don’t look intriguing, but I consistently always want to click through and see yours. Your recipes are always inspiring, simple, and look so delicious!

    Thank you for sharing great, simple recipes that look amazing =) You’re one of my new favourite blogs evaaaarrrrrrr.

    I also love the parchment paper tab idea. GENIUS.

    • Dana Shultz says

      Ha! Thanks so much for the kind words, Lisa! And for the pins/shares. It means so much! Parchment tabs for the win. So glad we could connect!

  22. says

    this recipe is the BOMB! – I have been dairy free for the last 5 years & this hits all the notes of what I have missed – thank you so much for sharing! (a bit of prep, however well worth the effort). These will stay in my freezer ALL THE TIME!
    byw – I loved the suggestion someone made to use the peanut butter, blueberries & caramel. The parchment tabs worked perfectly, but am wondering if paper muffin liners would work the same. Also, how long does the coconut cream last in the fridge after opening.

    • Dana Shultz says

      Linda, thanks for sharing! So glad you liked this recipe. You could definitely use paper liners – I just didn’t want little ridges. But I actually have another recipe coming up that uses them so I know for sure it works! And high fives on using all three flavors! That sounds AMAZING.

  23. says

    Looks like will be a tasty recipe to enjoy the weekend with family.Loved the idea someone ready to use the peanut butter, blueberries & caramel. The parchment tabs worked perfectly,

  24. says

    I went with a lemon curd because I’m contrary that way. :) These are SUPER AMAZING! I decided to half the recipe since I’ll be the only one eating them …only I forgot I was halfing it…I halfed the cashews, and the crust, but added normal amounts of everything else. It still turned out super amazing!! I can’t wait to make it properly and see what happens!

  25. lisa says

    Tried these today. Unfortunately my blender crashed halfway through the process :C
    Had to mix the cheesecake filling with a very old blender that didn’t work so well. The mixture stayed a bit grainy and didn’t seem to get very smooth. Hope they at least still taste good :P

    • Dana Shultz says

      Bummer! Recipes like these can be hard on blenders/processors. Sorry it gave you issues! Hopefully they still taste good.

      • lisa says

        Yes I guess our blender just hasn’t enough power, especially processing dates is always really difficult.. However they still tasted delicious! Will definitely try this recipe again, so amazed that you can make this out of cashews ;)

  26. says

    Man, I made these last night and just did a taste test (this morning…) and they are incredible!! I’m not vegan or even dairy-free, but I’ve been trying to cut back on my sugar intake and just generally put better foods in my body. This recipe caught my eye because I feel like so many vegan recipes include strange add-ins (like xanthan gum, soy). I was excited to see a clean recipe that looked so yummy! And it is!

    Seriously, I found your site two days ago and I’ve already made two recipes. The beet lava cakes are next! :)

    • Dana Shultz says

      Ah, this makes me so happy! So glad you enjoyed the recipe. I try to stay away from gums when possible, only relying on them for GF baking when necessary. The more natural the better! So glad you’ve found us. Stick around and let us know if you have any recipe requests in the future!

  27. says

    I used this recipe and I adore it. I am a huge cheesecake fan and I am both lactose and gluten intolerant. My kids who are pretty picky about everything loved them as well. I will certainly be following your blog for more delicious recipes. Thanks

    • Dana Shultz says

      Yes, but there is a cheat around the length of time you soak. If you soak the cashews in boiling water for 1 hour, it has a similar effect. 4-6 hours in room temp water is still ideal, but the boiling method works in a pinch. hope that helps!

  28. Stacie says

    Cheesecake is my favorite! I don’t have a sweet tooth like my husband and I could probably go the rest of my life without another cookie or brownie and be just fine. Buttttttt… The idea of going without cheesecake is devastating. We are not ‘strict’ vegans yet – working up to it. I’m happy to say that I may still have to indulge in a Junior’s cheesecake from New York when my mother in law has them at Christmas, but this recipe will keep me for the rest of the year. They are rich and creamy! I topped half with fresh blueberries and the other half with frozen raspberries. The hardest part was waiting for them to freeze hard so we could eat them! Thank you!!!

  29. Amy says

    OH I Loved these! Almost as much as “normal” cheesecake. I don’t like desserts too sweet though so I’d like to cut down the honey in half and use less dates for the crust. But so yummy, thank you for sharing.

  30. says

    I just tried this recipe yesterday and you have no idea how much I love you right now! hahahaha, I never thought I could have such an amazing, creamy, delicious vegan dessert. I’m starting to explore vegan cooking (I’ve been vegetarian for 4 years) and this just made my day! (and my boyfriend loved them too!) Thanks for sharing!

  31. Jennifer D. says

    Awesome recipe! They tasted amazing and my whole family loves them. My only concern is the 22g of fat in each one. I know the kids need some fat, but I don’t, lol. Is there anyway to make them less fatting and do u know what the nutritional value would be if u did?
    Thanks for the great food!

    • Dana Shultz says

      Jennifer, that’s a valid concern but these are definitely the healthy, good kinds of fat from heart-healthy nuts and coconut. If you want to cut it back a little, reduce the coconut oil by half, use light coconut milk and sub half of the nuts in the crust for oats. Hope that helps!

  32. Pame says

    At first I was a little hesitant about how sweet they were going to be and also how well the lemon jiuce would go with everything but they turned out awesome!!! I made all mine with wild bluberries with a friend helping me (not vegan, I am), and I am going to give these mini deliciousness to all my friends :)

  33. Shelby says

    Made these twice now… both times halfing the recipe.. AMAZING! They came out perfect each time. I agree, peanut butter is the best! I added in some mini chocolate chips……. :)

  34. says

    Hello Dana!

    I’m planning to make this again (already tried the recipe last week and loved it!), and I wanted to know if you think it’s ok to replace the dates with prunes. Thanks!

  35. Suzy says

    We don’t have a food processor.. What would you suggest I do for the dates? Would a blender be just as good?

    • Dana Shultz says

      I would suggest either super fine chopping them with a knife or using the blender, as long as they’re soaked or just super moist on their own. Hope that helps!

  36. Laura says

    I made these yesterday, froze them overnight and tried them in the morning. I followed your instructions and really appreciated your photos and level of detail. They were absolutely delicious, no issues with the crust. I’m bringing them to a crowd with discerning taste and am confident that they will love them too.
    A few notes-
    I used coconut creamer bc the recipe did not specify canned coconut milk, but it was perfect. Thick, creamy-very nice.
    I did not use your parchment trick, but regretted it. The butter knife idea worked fine, but it would have been prettier/easier with the parchment
    I made a few of the plain cheesecakes with a pinch of finely grated lemon rind, so they tasted like lemon cheesecake. Excellent!
    While it was more clean up, I did use a food processor for the crust and a quality blender for the filling.
    What I love about your recipe is that it uses whole food. No vegan cream cheese and strange subs. Just heavenly :) thank you!!

    • Dana Shultz says

      Yay! So glad you enjoyed these, Laura. Thanks for sharing your experience and such helpful tips. Cheers!

  37. says

    Hi-do you think I could sub soy milk for the coconut milk or would that make it totally different? I’m not sure if soy has as much fat.

  38. Elizabeth says

    Hi Dana,

    I tried to make this recipe yesterday, and my cheesecake had a very strong coconut aroma.
    Is it mean to be that way due to the coconut oil?
    Or maybe did I use the wrong coconut oil?
    Btw i used Virgin Coconut Oil..


    • Dana Shultz says

      They are coconutty, but it shouldn’t be overwhelming. I used Virgin coconut oil as well. If you’d like to mask the coconut flavor a bit more, sub rice or almond milk for the coconut milk and add another item to flavor, such as the blueberry, caramel or peanut butter I suggested. PB seems to mask it best. Hope that helps!

  39. Gigi says

    These look so good, but I wish they weren’t a cashew-based dessert because I can’t have any nuts!!
    Do you think there could be any alternatives for the cashews?

  40. PaleoBaker says

    How do these last in a fridge. Can they live for very long outside a freezer or do they get too runny?

    • Dana Shultz says

      They don’t stay stiff out of the freezer, but if you keep them in the fridge they’ll keep for a few days. They will be closer to a thick pudding consistency when not frozen. Hope that helps!

  41. Ceecee says

    Hi Dana,

    Have you ever tried vegan cream cheese? I have a tub of Tofutti one though I’ve never tried to make cheesecake from it. Maybe it’s possible to sub that for a nut-free recipe?

    • Dana Shultz says

      Ceecee, I have used tofutti before but I recognize that it’s a fairly processed item that should be eaten in moderation. In the case of these cheesecakes, I think it could be subbed in but you’d need to do some adjusting with amounts/flavors. Play around with it and see. I don’t think you’d need to freeze it since the cream cheese is so thick. Hope that helps!

  42. Moa says

    I just made this, YUM! However I didn’t have a muffin pan so I used a regular cake pan (I think it’s 8×8 round shaped) and it filled up nicely. Not sure how long in will take in the freezer to fully chill, I put it in 3 hours ago and I have already started to nibble the edges but it will probably need a few more hours to set. Anyways it’s super delicious! I will probably add more peanut butter next time, and add a slightly larger pinch of salt to the crust. Thank you for a great recipie! I might eat only this from now on.

  43. Moa says

    I forgot to mention, I also added a teaspoon of vanilla bean as one other person suggested in the comments. Yum yum yum!

  44. Cassandra says

    I would love to try these, but do you think it would taste good if I did pop them in the oven for a bit? I really like a dry crust and my family won’t eat it if it’s not baked (they’re not vegans so this entire recipe would be something new for them).

    • Dana Shultz says

      If you cook these I honestly don’t know what would happen. I kind of just think they would get runny, but maybe if you chilled them after that they would be a descent texture? Let me know if you give it a go!

  45. says

    Well done these look YUM , my friend had something like this at a local raw cafe. Sadly I am unable to have cashew nuts, is there something else I could use instead maybe soaked blanched almonds?

  46. Justine says

    I just made this today! it was AMAZING!! I used soy milk instead of coconut because I couldn’t find coconut but it came out lovely. plus I added some coffee extract, absolute heaven!

  47. Keisha says

    I made these a few weeks ago… They are amazing. I used less agave because I don’t like things too sweet. Thank you for sharing!

  48. says

    Just made my 3rd batch & I live alone!!! – this time with the peanut butter and topped w/ toasted coconut shreds. I share with family & friends or enjoy all to myself. The muffin tin makes the perfect portion controlled size.

    • Dana Shultz says

      haha, no judgment here! So glad you’re enjoying these, Linda. The muffin tins help keep the portion size in check for those of us who need it (myself very much included). Cheers!

  49. Cel says

    From what I’m getting from the comments, the crust can be made from dried fruit + nuts/oats? Let’s say I use raisins and oats, would I have to bake it? I’m not really familiar with raw oats.

    Great recipe! Looking forward to trying this soon!

  50. says

    These look so delicious! I made some Raspberry Lime Mini Cheesecakes the other day and they were absolutely delicious! I can’t wait to give these a try.

  51. Kristie says

    I was sooooo wanting to serve this tmw for morning tea, but my mixture didn’t turn out. It was grainy. Please why?

    • Dana Shultz says

      It’s probably your blender. If it’s not powerful enough OR you didn’t blend long enough OR there wasn’t enough liquid it can’t liquify and thus won’t be very creamy.

  52. says

    I made these last weekend to take to a party and the guests loved them! Wish I could say I loved them too but I’m on a self-imposed ‘no sugar/sweets’ during Lent.

    I will make them again (maybe for the family Easter Sunday get together) just so that I can bite into one and see what all the fuss is about ;)

    Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  53. Leah says

    Oops, wasn’t done typing. Anyway, I wondered if you had tried making lime cheesecakes? Could I add some lime juice & zest, or would the juice make it too runny? Sub lime for the lemon? It would go with my menu, but if not, I’ll try blueberry.

  54. says

    Although I am not a vegan, I love trying out vegan recipes. Especially considering health issues within the family. These cheesecakes sound so delicious and so very simple! Absolutely love the fact that you don’t need a billion ingredients and they are even customisable! Will have to try these at the weekend. Thank you for sharing!

    • Dana Shultz says

      Oh good! Glad you enjoyed them. I agree that even if you aren’t vegan, it’s healthy and fun to be adventurous in your diet and try dairy-free dishes for variety’s sake. Thanks for sharing!

  55. says

    This is one of the best recipes I have ever tried. I made it for the first time (with the help of a colleague) for a healthy cooking competition at our workplace. It was easy as cake (pun absolutely intended) and super tasty. I made this with 3 mini cupcake trays (24 pcs X 3=72pcs) and made 72 of them. There were 56 guests for the party and each one of these were gone and everyone was asking me for the recipe. So your site is probably going to see more visitors in the near future.
    One of the guests also requested me to come to our community temple and making it for the entire community.
    I truly appreciate your sharing this with us.

  56. Trista says

    I am absolutely in love with this recipe. We have potlucks at school so I made a batch of these as I am usually the one to bring the dessert, and they were a totally hit! I have a vegan classmate, as well as another classmate that doesn’t eat gluten, and I am trying to avoid dairy, so these were perfect.

  57. Catherine says

    These look amazing! Would like to make these for a fete but wont be able to keep them refridgerated (cant think they’ll be round for too long though!) will they be ok or will they melt?

  58. Andrew says

    I tend not to use oils in most of my baking recipes and tend to replace them with applesauce instead. Is this an option for this recipe?

  59. says

    Dear Dana & John, I have been admiring your work from afar for a while now. And finally I found the courage and circumstance (weekend, soaked cashews leftover from making cheese) to try this! I am thankful I did. It is so much easier than I thought! Nomen est omen.

    Also, I made a sweeter, unstable one out of the leftovers from your recipe and tried the vegan caramel sauce without the booze ;)

    Keep on doing this! Your work is amazing. Thanks a million from Germany, Kat xxx

  60. says

    I did an adaptation of these for dessert for Mother’s Day! Ahh it was so so tasty. Thanks for sharing and I hope you’ll look at my adaptation (it should be on my blog in a couple days).

  61. Daniela says

    Making these tonight! I love cashews for their versatility, tonight cashew cheese fondue is on the menu along with this.

  62. says

    Your blog is perfect. I just found it and I am spending way too much time looking through all of your amazing recipes. I am dating a guy who is lactose-intolerant and I am finding it hard to find easy and delicious dairy-free recipes to make for him. (especially when I am a dairy lover)

  63. northwhale says

    Looks amazing. I Can not Walt to make them. One question. Is the coconut oil with or without flavour? I have both.
    Thanks again. I’m so happy I found your website.

    • Kathryn says

      I just made these this evening and I use Spectrum coconut oil (has no flavor). It’s delicious! Mind you, I did not follow the recipe exactly bc I wanted to do a slightly lower fat version. I used less coconut oil, no canned coconut milk; instead I used some almond milk, a frozen banana, and a couple tbsps of shredded coconut. I can’t wait until people try them tomorrow! The crust I actually make for snack bars but I add extra dried fruit, like cranberries and cut them into squares. Love your site, thanks so much!!

  64. Eileen Weis says

    Thanks for the recipe :) I made the cheesecakes last night for a dinner party and none of us are vegan but we all loved it :) I added some vanilla extract to the filling, reduced the amount of maple syrup and used coconut cream instead of milk and they were hard after just 1,5 hrs. So delicious and easy to make!

  65. Armina says

    I also made these yesterday. Love them! I recently found you on instagram and I’m making my way through your recipes. I love them. Very simple and delicious. I play a little bit with the recipes to make it to my own and my husbands liking and also because I don’t have all the ingredients but it all works out. Thanks for the recipes

    • Dana Shultz says

      Ah, thanks Armina! Glad you found us. Let me know if you have any recipe requests in the future! xo

  66. Rachelle says

    I’ve just made these and I was a bit apprehensive but OH LORD! These are amazing! When I was making the ‘cheesecake’ bit, I thought it was too tart with all the lemon and I only used half a lemon instead of a whole one. So I added 1/4 cup more maple. I did the peanut butter version but added another 2 tbsp of peanut butter, 2 tbsp cinnamon and 2 tbs cacao powder. Once frozen the end result tastes absolutely beautiful. My carnivorous husband and mother in law are in love with these! They didn’t even know they were vegan until I told them and we’re totally surprised. Will be making them again soon! Thank you!

    • Nadia says

      This version sounds yummy too! Did you add the 2 tbsp cinnamon and 2 tbs cacao powder to the “cheesecake” filling or the topping?

      • Rachelle says

        I added it to the actual cheesecake part so it was more like a chocolate cheesecake. It was honestly to die for, I’m craving these at the moment!

  67. says

    I’m trying to find a cheesecake recipe that I can make for my fiancé’s parents. One is diabetic and the other is allergic to nuts, dairy, eggs, and wheat. I was so thrilled to find this recipe until I realized it still has nuts. Do you have any suggestions for substitutions for the cashews in the cheesecake? Thanks!

  68. says

    Your recipes are absolutely fantastic! You’re the first place I visit for awesome Saturday Evening Dessert Recipes and they are ALWAYS a hit!!

    Quick question about these; For the Coconut Milk, is it possible to use Koko Dairy Free instead of the canned version or would it not work the same? I know it’s a lot more liquidised and I’m unsure if it thickens like canned Coconut Milk does. Also, if I were to sub the Ground Almonds for Oats, how big (in cup size) would I need to be adding to the mixture? And.. (sorry for all the questions) this sounds really silly but also (in cup sizes) how much does the Almonds make once they’ve been grinded?

    Thank you! <3

    • Dana Shultz says

      Thanks Lucy! That warms my dessert-loving heart :D

      For the coconut milk, you want to make sure it’s full fat. I don’t know that any beverage style would work, if that’s what you’re asking. Might make it icy. For the almond substitution, just start with the same amount of oats and add more if you need. Not sure how much almond meal 1 cup raw almonds yields, but I’d assume it’s around the same amount. Hope that helps!

      • says

        Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!! I’ll make sure to use Canned Coconut Milk :) I’ve read through the comments and seen that you’ve mentioned using the Light Option so I’ll give that a whirl too. If I were to use Ground Oats instead, would I use a One Cup Serving straight over, or would that be too much? I don’t know how much Almond Meal it would be instead of grinding the Almonds myself (I’m a bit tired tonight!)

  69. Jessie says

    Hey there! Your cheesecake bits look great! But I have a question regarding the cashews, do they have to be raw (unsalted) cashews? Or can they be like whole (unsalted) cashews?

  70. Nina says

    Hey there!
    I tried your recipe three times in a row and the taste is absolutely wonderful but… I need help!
    I just can’t seem to get it right, cause not even one of my cheesecakes was hard enough to get them out :(
    I even tried to put more of coconut oil and more of cashew nuts but the only result was a slightly different taste…
    What do I do in this situation ?

  71. The ScareBear says

    Late to the party!

    Mine are in the freezer but, if the blender lickin’s are any indication, this Bear will have a belly ache tomorrow from yummy goodness.

    Looking forward to making this again with different flavored and add-ins.

    So grateful!!!!

    • Kathryn says

      I used almond milk (Silk brand in the carton) with a frozen banana instead of the canned coconut milk and sprinkled in some shredded coconut. Pour in about a half of cup of the milk and blend and then add some more if needed.

  72. Jessica says

    Omg I just made these tonight and they are delicious :) thank you for the awesome easy recipe :) cheese cake is my favorite but I am lactose intolerant and was diagnosed with celiac disease about 8 months ago! So these are amazing :) thank you

  73. angie says

    Made these today and they are just as good as I knew they would be! Even my mom who is a huge fan of real cheesecake is amazed! Thanks for the recipe, this one is a keeper! I added some pumpkin seeds with the walnuts.

    • Dana Shultz says

      Olive oil? Or are you looking for a substitute for oil in general? You could probably leave it out, but they won’t be as creamy.

      • Candice says

        I left out the oil and I whipped the coconut cream then in the blender I put everything else and blended til smooth. I then folded the blended almond mix into the whipped coconut cream… in the freezer now! We’ll see how it goes!

  74. shelly says

    I just attempted to make these as they are so very beautiful in the picture. and cheesecake was always a favorite of mine.
    These turned out HORRIBLE for me. I can typically make, follow any recipe and they do beautifully for me. this however, was a completely different thing. i was literally so upset over the process and cost that i just cried. lolol (it was a rough nite)
    They were entirely too sweet. i did not like the flavoring of the agave, it was a weird kind of sweet with an awful after taste when using the amount shown. i checked the recipe about 10 times cause i thought of course i had read it wrong. i did not. (ive used agave in much smaller amounts and never had this after taste issue)
    Regardless, i still pressed on. i used the wax paper tabs in order to help me get them out. that was another travesty. i lightly greased as suggested and used the tabs and i still had to dig them out. i tried everything to at least get them out looking beautiful. lolol
    this was a horrible fail for me.
    i really enjoy the way your website is set up, i will continue to try your recipes. i will not be deterred, but at least i learned in the future that i need to avoid agave. i am NOT a fan of the after taste if you need to use more than a drizzle. ugh…
    Shelly <3

    • Maria says

      Shelly, I didn’t like the flavour of the first batch either finding them too sweet (although I did use maple syrup not agave). However, after adding double the lemon juice and some lemon zest to the next batch, the flavours were amazing! The perfect tang to balance out the sweetness. Natural peanut butter and a little Himalayan salt mixed through also tasted delish. Also, I put mine in cupcake liners if that helps.

      I’m also going to try a more biscuity base next if anyone can suggest a recipe ?

  75. says

    MMMM so good! First recipe I try from your website and let me say I’ll try as many as I can! When I went vegan I kinda put a cross on ever having cheesecake again but this recipe… yummm totally works for me! Even better than “real” cheesecake :) my boyfriend who’s a real cheesecake lover really liked them too! For the topping I used mashed strawberries. The only thing is that I think the recipe gave me too much “crust” so next time I won’t use as much dates and nuts but still they’re so perfect. Thank you!

  76. Lizzy says

    Hi. I made these cheesecakes last night and my family couldn’t wait for them to freeze properly- we waited a couple hours and they were delicious! It’s amazing when non-vegans say, “wow, these are really good!”
    Side note: we have a few diabetics in the family so I used half the agave and added more peanut butter/ blueberries. They were super yummy and creamy, we didn’t think they needed more sugaryness. Thanks for the recipe!

  77. Xenia says

    Hi Dana! Do you think that I could substitute in coconut butter for the coconut oil and/or milk?

    Lovely photos, by the way. I can’t wait to try this recipe!

  78. says

    Hello! I’ve been trying out heaps of raw/vegan dessert recipes for a number of years and recently stumbled across your site. I made your cheesecake last week without coconut milk (I used all coconut oil because I didn’t have coconut milk at home) and it was DIVINE! The best recipe I’ve used. Ever. But yesterday I made it again to the dot (using coconut milk) and… it just didn’t work. The cream of the milk just refused to combine and the result was a clumpy, streaky mixture that, when it began to warm a little, released the liquid elements of the mixture so it was a juicy mess! Eeek. Now I reckon this is more me than you! Hehe my question is: do I make it how I made it the first time again OR do I choose different coconut milk and/or combine it in a different method in future?

    I’m obsessed with all your other recipes!
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

    • Dana Shultz says

      I’m stumped! Not really sure. I know coconut milk can be finicky anyway, with “dud” cans happening often when trying to use it for “whipped cream.” Try it again using Trader Joe’s Coconut Cream OR Thai Kitchen or Whole Foods full fat coconut milk. Those brands perform the best! Others can be a little off.

  79. Amanda Spears says

    I really want to try this but I don’t like dates. What else could I use in place of dates. I’m not too crazy about banana so please don’t say banana. Thanks!

  80. Suzane says

    Oh my god they look sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good and so cute.
    Will def give that a shot.
    My tummy can’t handle dairy either but my trainer suggested to try this recipe and it’s so good. I highly recommend you give it a shot. let me know what you think.

  81. Lauren says

    Help! I started soaking my cashews this morning thinking I’d make this recipe this afternoon, but my plans just changed and it looks like I’ll be gone all day. Do you think I could make the filling separately right now and store it in the fridge until later tonight when I’ll be able to add in some berries/caramel/pb and make the crust?

    • Dana Shultz says

      Yes! Make the filling, keep it in the fridge, and then assemble when you can. You don’t want to leave the cashews soaking too long or they’ll get funky.

  82. Ashlee says

    Can i keep these in the fridge once they have set in the freezer or do they need to stay frozen until your about to serve them?


  83. Frances says

    I have to say I have been looking at different recipes on Pinterest and the ones I really love point me to your site. I have recently gone dairy free and I am so happy that your site has so many options (I made your vegan biscuits yesterday and they came out so good!). Please keep the vegan and/or dairy free recipes coming!

  84. Kathryn says

    Definitely tasty ~ thawed or frozen. I just added strawberry preserves to 7 of them and peanut butter to the last 3. I tried making the bourbon sauce, but it didn’t turn out, but I’ll succeed at it next time. Keeper recipe. Creamy, coconut-y flavor.
    Thank you for it. Cheers*

  85. says

    Hi there!
    I LOVE your recipes and I am a minimalist baker myself so anything that tastes amazing with the least amount of ingredients is great. Anyway I had a few questions that I noticed hadn’t been answered/asked by other comments so please, if you will:

    If I forget to soak the cashews, could I boil them?

    Do the cheesecakes have to stay frozen?

    Also, I’m not sure if this helps but for those that had issues with the coconut milk not working out, is it possible that there was “guar gum” in your coconut milk ingredients? I heard somewhere that guar gum keeps the milk from thickening which is a problem for us trying to make vegan whipped cream and cheeses! That and I can’t seem to find a can of “full fat” coconut milk or without guar gum. Curse you, “fat is bad” myth bleievers!

    Anyway, I’m hoping to make these tonight so we’ll see!

    • Dana Shultz says

      I wouldn’t recommend boiling the cashews, but I have seen elsewhere that you can submerge the cashews in near boiling water (in a bowl, not on the stove top) and let them sit for 1 hour for a similar effect.

      They don’t HAVE to stay frozen, but I recommend it because they hold their shape better that way. I like to freeze them, then let them set out for 30 or so minutes to become more like traditional cheesecake texture/temperature.

      Thanks for the tip on the coconut milk! Not sure if guar gum was the suspect or not, but it was worth mentioning!

      Good luck!

  86. says

    I did it!
    I kinda eyeballed the recipe a bit which is a gamble whenever you’re trying something new, but I didn’t have as much of the ingredients as I thought I did when I got home and I wanted to make them into “bars” because I’m serving them at a work function today.

    Anyway, I boiled water, removed it from the stove and waited for it to stop bubbling then set the cashews in a bowl and let them soak in the hot water for an hour.
    I made my own graham cracker crust because I like graham cracker crust, then I mixed the rest of the ingredients that you listed for the filling except I put less agave nectar (didn’t want them too sweet) and added two more tablespoons of coconut milk because I ran out of coconut oil (dont know why that seemed to make sense to me at the time but whatever).
    For the flavor, I just added chocolate chips because I’m a choco-holic.
    Froze them for a few hours and got up in the middle of the night to check them because I was anxious lol.
    I poured my mix into a brownie pan then sliced them into bars. People are eating them at work now and the non-vegans are impressed! They only stay solid for about an hour or so, but if you pop them back in the freezer they work just fine!

    Thanks so much for the recipe!


    • Dana Shultz says

      If they were gritty, it’s a matter of your blender not blending them well enough. And if they’re too sweet, simply scale back on the sweetener next time. Hope that helps!

  87. Rongo says

    is it possible to use normal unsalted cashews? and are these ingrediants okay to use?

    coconut milk
    maple syrup
    coconut oil

    and what else can you use if you dont have a food prosseser?

  88. Jelena says

    I tried it couple of days ago and it was OK. The crust seemed a bit too soft so I should have probably put more walnuts. At first I liked the richness in taste, the mix between dates and walnuts, but after few bites it seemed a bit to strong. I might try with almonds next time. As for the cream, I used all listed ingredients and quantities – it was very creamy, but when I tasted it, I found that it was just too oily :/ It was somehow too heavy even when eaten frozen :/ I added some cacao in one part of the cream and that was a great idea :) It tasted like a really good chocolate ice cream :) Next time I’ll add almond milk instead of coconut milk and make this without the crust = ice cream! :) Thank you for the idea! :)

  89. says

    Hi, This recipe looks great I plan on trying it for some Paleo eating friends this weekend. I really don’t like dates. Is there a decent alternative? Could I try a combination of peanut butter and something? As Im presuming dates are your binder.
    Thanks !!

  90. Anya G. says

    Hey I made these last night. And they look amazing but when I tasted them they were too coconut-ty and too too honey-ish. I expected them to have a more neutral flavor. Was I wrong in assuming this? What can I do to make them taste more like an actual cheesecake?

    • Dana Shultz says

      Next time, try subbing the coconut milk for almond or rice milk, and the coconut oil for olive oil. That should help!

  91. Lise K says

    Hi, love the website! I’m a new subscriber and when I saw these vegan cheesecakes I had to try them! I let the cashews soak reeeeeallllllly long because I forgot about them! I don’t know if that affected the texture. I otherwise followed the recipe pretty closely. I added vanilla and extra lemon because I love the ‘tang’ in cheesecake. I blended the mixture until silky smooth and just as you promised, it’s delicious. Then I froze them. I have to say, I don’t care to eat them frozen. After thawing they remained delicious but much more of a ‘pudding’ texture than cheesecake. Is it because I soaked the cashews too long?

    • Dana Shultz says

      It is probably that you soaked them too long which can give them a weird texture/flavor. Otherwise, is there something taste-wise about them you didn’t like? Try subbing a more neutral oil for coconut if it’s too strong. Otherwise, not sure what went awry!

  92. says

    These are so awesome!!!! I used frozen mixed berries and placed them in a bowl with a few tablespoons of maple syrup. They were perfect on top!
    I wonder if these could be made into a Key Lime Pie-Like cheesecake???
    Thanks for posting this beautiful vegan recipe.
    Go Vegan! For The Animals!

  93. Jessica says

    I messed up in the beginning and tried to grind up the wet cashews by themselves… did not work too well! The directions didn’t specify which nuts, walnuts or cashews, to process along with the dates; but I guess it’s implied as it’s part of the crust. (I’m a newb at cooking. What can I say.)

    The blending was difficult, especially trying to blend the dates. Next time, I think I’ll just squish them up by hand, process the walnuts, and then mix them together by hand.

    My little cheesecakes turned out amazing!! Holy moly! I simply refrigerated mine rather than freezed them, and the consistency turned out just like that of cheesecake.

    All my favorite ingredients mixed into one. Relatively easy recipe and delicious! I’m going to load it up with more peanut butter next time. I can’t wait to take them to the party tonight!

  94. Christi B says

    I am so glad I found this recipe for the vegan mini cheesecakes. I really wanted to make your caramel sauce to mix in on top but when I looked it up it is made with dairy. I would really love to make a vegan caramel sauce to go with these. Have you tried making it with coconut milk or anything to make it vegan? Thank you!

  95. Sadaf says

    Oh what a beauty! So wanna try it but aghh my family have alergic to cashew. Is there any substitute with another nut..? SOCKED Peanuts?

  96. says

    I have loved all of the treats I have indulged in since going vegan but nothing has compared to these! They were so rich and decadent. Thank you!

  97. Alice says

    Hi, this looks BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING AND LUSH. Is there anyway I could make it pumpkin flavored or add some kind of pumpkin swirl to it (for Thanksgiving)?

  98. val says

    hey! these look absolutely amazing; of course i’m going for blueberries!
    I was wondering, do you know the portions of ingredients to make a big cheesecake, more like a birthday cake? thank you!

    • Dana Shultz says

      I think it would be the same amount of ingredients, just make them in a big springform or pie pan. Good luck!

  99. Amanda Marshall says

    What else can I use instead of cashews, as that’s one of the foods along with wheat, gluten and dairy that I’m intolerant to. I’m hoping there’s something else, cod I want to make this as I love cheesecake and don’t want to miss out this Christmas

  100. Jessica says

    I recently purchased a slice of raw vegan strawberry cheesecake from my local health food store and it was amazing. I decided to make my own and ended up here lol Your ingredients seem almost identical to those on the packaging of the one I bought, however, the strawberries in the one I had were blended in with the cheesecake mixture. I’m wondering if that can be done with this recipe and how much strawberries should be used where the mixture will still set correctly? Thanks!

  101. st says

    These look amazing! I wanna make these for Thanksgiving. I’ve always made pumpkin cheesecake for Thanksgiving, but with our diet changes, that came to an end. This looks easier than the real ones too. Anyway, got me some pumpkin and homemade chai spices. Can’t wait to whip it up. Plus some summer huckleberry pickings still left in the freezer. Yum!!!

      • Stephanie says

        I just replaced the peanut butter amount with pumpkin (but I think I did twice as much and it was still weak on pumpkin flavor, I think I’ll do three times the amount next time) and added some spices. I tend to be a free-spirited sort of cook; I change, add, remove things willy nilly. Sometimes it’s a flop, but a lot of times it works really well. I also felt the crust was a bit sweet. I’m going to keep the cheesecake filling from this recipe and make a baked crust with almond flour, arrowroot, coconut oil, a bit of honey, vanilla, salt, and some baking soda. I’m not raw (so I don’t mind baking) or vegan; I lean towards paleo and avoiding some extra ingredients that my kids are allergic too.

      • Stephanie says

        UPDATE: I tried the pumpkin again and this is how it went down.

        I made mine pumpkin. The filling yields about 3 cups of liquid. I made half huckleberry and half pumpkin, so I had 1.5c of filling for each flavor. I poured the berry cakes first to the top. Then I poured the pumpkins, but only just over halfway. I put about 5 or 6T of pumpkin and some pumpkin pie spices into the remaining half or so cup of filling. I blended that good and spooned it into my half filled cups. Then I took a skewer and swirled it around. It turned out really well and tasty. Hope that helps. Sorry it’s after thanksgiving.

  102. Stephanie says

    Sorry, that last comment from “st” was mine. Didn’t finish typing my name. Anyway, wanted to ask/mention, I’m going to try pecans for the crust. Should work just as well, right?

  103. Chris says

    yum! Can these be Pumpkinified?? Would love to make these for Thanksgiving! I love how simple they are (I always ruin things when cooking is involved) ;) THANKYOU,

    • Stephanie says

      I made mine pumpkin. The filling yields about 3 cups of liquid. I made half huckleberry and half pumpkin, so I had 1.5c of filling for each flavor. I poured the berry cakes first to the top. Then I poured the pumpkins, but only just over halfway. I put about 5 or 6T of pumpkin and some pumpkin pie spices into the remaining half or so cup of filling. I blended that good and spooned it into my half filled cups. Then I took a skewer and swirled it around. It turned out really well and tasty. Hope that helps. Sorry it’s after thanksgiving.

  104. Krista Widdison says

    Would it work to swirl in the pumpkin swirl mixture from Vegan Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipe? I like the simplicity of this cheesecake recipe better, but would still like the pumpkin addition.

    • Stephanie says

      I made mine pumpkin. The filling yields about 3 cups of liquid. I made half huckleberry and half pumpkin, so I had 1.5c of filling for each flavor. I poured the berry cakes first to the top. Then I poured the pumpkins, but only just over halfway. I put about 5 or 6T of pumpkin and some pumpkin pie spices into the remaining half or so cup of filling. I blended that good and spooned it into my half filled cups. Then I took a skewer and swirled it around. It turned out really well and tasty. Hope that helps. Sorry it’s after thanksgiving.

  105. lince says

    Hi from Jakarta, Indonesia. I love you write and take pictures, beautiful and delicious. I’m not a vegan but is reducing meat in my daily meals. I notice you use a lot of coconut milk, must be canned, right? Is it cooked or not? Because in my house, I don’t buy canned coconut milk, I use fresh whole coconut, grate it myself and extract the milk. So I’m confused whether to cook my coconut milk or not before applying it in your recipe. It would help if you could give me a tip.

  106. Jess says

    I just made these! I made them with fresh raspberries though and they are so much better than I expected :) thank you so much!

  107. ellen says

    Spot on! These are wonderful!! They were a huge hit at my family gathering today. I added some shredded coconut to the food processor with the dates and almonds/walnuts for crust. Divine!

  108. maddalena says

    I’ve been longing to do this recipe for weeks since I was browsing the web looking for some cheesecake at the same time lactose and gluten-free. And I found this! Yesterday I made it! I must admit that I live in the second dates producer in the world: UAE. Have very good dates, of any kind it’s easy for me, and I’m collecting as much recipe with dates as possible. But I am intolerant to coconut.. SO: I substituted coconut milk with camel milk (other specialty here, and I am not vegan..), coconut oil with olive oil and used tea cup rather than a standard muffin tin (I jest moved and i don’t have the kitchen fully equipped yet) and….mmmmmm I have admit that they are very good! I also added as flavour for two of them, a pistachio cream made with the delicious pistachios of Bronte (Sicily) from C-Colzani (just for your curiosity http://www.c-colzani.com). I will taste this tomorrow…I can’t wait! And thank you very much for all the ideas and recipes!

  109. says

    Hey! I live in India and have been finding it challenging to get a bunch of ingredients most websites use for cheesecake. Must admit I was sceptical when I started out, since Im not very good with desserts normally and this one seemed too simple… But wow! it was awesome! Thanks for sharing! I’ve modified it a bit since currently our audience is largely from India and just uploaded it our website…thanks a bunch again! :) http://ourfoodprint.com/recipes/divine-vegan-cheesecake

    • Dana Shultz says

      Ah, yay! Thanks for sharing! Glad you enjoyed them despite ingredient troubles. So cool you follow along from India. Thanks for the note!

  110. says

    Thanks for this recipe! I made it in a fluted tart pan with a removable bottom and put parchment paper on the bottom of the pan. Kept it frozen until just before serving and then popped it out of the pan and it came away beautifully. The fluted edges added a bit of elegance to it. I didn’t end up adding anything to it, and it was still very, very good. It is a great recipe for folks who can’t have gluten or dairy.

  111. Angela says

    These are firming up in my freezing right now! I’ve been wanting to make these since first seeing this recipe a few months ago. Only a few more hours to go before I can try them out. I went with the blueberry! :)

  112. Jean says

    What “kind” of dates do I need for the crust? Can it be dried dates that I find in the baking aisle, or does it need to be fresh dates found near the produce? (Well, at my organic grocery store, fresh dates are with the produce… I don’t know where they may be in a “normal” grocery store.)

    (This may have been a newbie question; I’m so excited to try these out, I don’t want to ruin them with the wrong dates!)

    • Dana Shultz says

      Medjool or deglet nour dates. You can get them in the produce or baking aisle. But they should be whole, fresh dates!

  113. Sarah says

    Made some slight modifications. Made the crust with almond meal, coconut oil and maple syrup for a more ‘traditional’ biscuit/cookie crust feel, also as I didnt have dates. Also used vanilla extract, and replaced some of the sweetener with more coconut cream. I put it in a springform pan. I read in the comments that you should let it sit out if the freezer for 30 minutes or so if you don’t want a ‘frozen’ texture.. if I leave it in the fridge overnight (after freezing) and serve immediately will it give the same texture?
    Thanks, and btw the filling is delicious x

  114. Julia says

    In the ingredients list it says 1.5 cups soaked cashews. Is that 1 1/2 cups or 1 to 5 cups? I just need some clarification. Thanks.

    • Dana Shultz says

      Hmm, not sure! I would say you’d want to try blanched almonds with the skins removed for best texture. Otherwise, try macadamias!

  115. Irene Yam says

    I’ve made this 3 times already and have won a lot of non-vegan people over with this cheesecake. I have been keeping my cheesecake pretty traditional by adding lemon and orange zest. I also add fresh orange juice to add more of a tangy taste to the cheesecake.

    Note to authors: At the top of the blog, can you somehow mention people that they will need to soak the cashew nuts 4-6 hours? I first made this for a friend’s birthday party, and I didn’t read the instructions, I just took down the ingredients and dashed out to the market. When I came back to prep, I realized then that I would have to soak the cashews, so it threw my day off.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Dana Shultz says

      Ah! Great tip. There IS a workaround that I’ll add. Pour boiling hot water over the cashews, soak for 1 hour, then drain and blend as instructed! Glad you still liked them, Irene!!

  116. GF Vegan says

    Made these today with peanut butter mixed in…SO yummy! (Shhhh! My husband and I each ate two tonight!) This recipe is in the “keeper” pile! Thanks so much for sharing!

  117. Allison says

    Can you recommend a substitute for the cashews? My daughter is allergic to cashews, walnuts and pistachios. Thanks?

  118. Lauren says

    I perused the comments a bit to see if I could answer my own question but came up empty. Sorry if I’m being redundant! Did you use medjool dates? Or another kind? I find results can be very different with mejool vs. any others I’ve used when not adjusting the amount. Thanks!

  119. Gemma says

    These were so yum! I blended up my blueberries into the filling mixture instead of putting them on top and it was delish! Great recipe :)

  120. Kate says

    Made these last week and they were AMAZING. Had to force myself to not eat them all at once! My parents loved them too! I did regular, banana, and carob flavored (carob was sooo rich and good) and still can’t decide which is my favorite. Will definitely be experimenting with a gazillion other flavors this weekend! You’re a life saver for all us vegans!!

  121. Sammi Little says

    I am deathly allergic to coconut and was wondering what I should use to substitute coconut oil? This has been a very common issue/ roadblock in my vegan diet and I would really like to expand my options. Thank you for all the wonderful recipes!

  122. Tereze says

    I made these to instructions but the filling was too runny even after adding extra oil as suggested. Do you have any idea where I went wrong? They are still delicious though.

  123. says

    We made these cheesecakes today, absolutely delicious. It’s the first frozen treat I’ve had in 6 months, so good. We used silicon muffin trays and they popped right out. My dairy-eating half of the family also loved them, thanks so much.

  124. says

    I’m debating between these lovely cheesecakes and the bourbon caramel almond butter cups for Valentines Day treats. We’ve accidentally volunteered to host desserts and drinks at the farm for some neighbors. (Currently trying to get out of it) but regardless I’ll be whipping one of these up. Thanks for the inspiration!

  125. Ashley says

    Made these today for my boss’ birthday. They were a hit throughout the entire office; even the non-veg, dessert loving folk swooned over them. I decided to make a second batch this weekend for you know… myself. Love!

  126. Tom says

    I made these for my boss (who is gluten/sugar free) for his birthday. INCREDIBLE. Also, when I pressed the crust into the muffin tins, I wet the bottom of the glass with water to help prevent the two from sticking. Worked like a charm. To say that these went fast would be an understatement!

  127. Andrew Nunez says

    I can never get mine to harden all the way, any advice? They end up more like a hard pudding then they do a solid mass.

  128. sophie says

    So I turned this into a big cheesecake!! It’s just setting in the freezer with some fresh raspberries waiting for it…. I love the nutty taste! (Couldn’t resist dipping my finger in the mixer…) It doesn’t taste like a cheesecake to me but it’s right up my street! More of a raw torte sort of thang! I added some vanilla to the mix and used maple syrup instead of agave (shop ran out :( ) it’s for my Mum’s birthday, she likes natural foods, I’m vegan and sis is not one for gluten so this should go down swimmingly!!

  129. Amanda says

    My birthday is in a little over two weeks and I’ve been considering what kind of cake/dessert I should celebrate with. I don’t like to eat any super unhealthy baked goods and I think this recipe is a winner! This will be my first time making a raw cheesecake (or any cheesecake for that matter) and at 14 years old my cooking skills are still a little to be desired. Any extra tips so I’ll be able to make mine as flawless as yours?

  130. Elysia says

    Oh my gosh I just finished making this for one of my friends and I can’t believe how creamy the feeling is! I had to tweak the crust a bit because I didn’t have dates but other than that I followed the instructions to the letter and I really liked the filling! Tart with just enough sweetness to carry the day. I just made plain ones today but I can’t wait to add other toppings.

    Other things I will try for figure variations: replacing the coconut oil with Cocoa butter, replacing the coconut milk with almond milk, adding cacao powder.

    5 stars!!

  131. Debie says

    Just had two of these minis, so good! I used ikea’s silicone baking cup and it worked like magic, popped out very easily and did not stick at all.

  132. says

    This recipe looks so beautiful. I’m so impressed with how creamy the cheesecake looks and how cute the swirls of flavour are. Keep up the great work, I’ll definitely check back from time to time :)

  133. Maria says

    These little treats only stay solid for about 10 minutes (still quite warm in Aus). Any suggestions for ingredients I can add so that they stay solid for longer?

    • Dana Shultz says

      You could potentially cook the mixture down over medium heat in a saucepan with a little arrowroot or cornstarch to thicken. That way they should set up for longer. Good luck!

  134. Del Cajazeira says

    This recipe it’s only amazing! I am a healthy foodie always trying different recipes from Paleo, vegan, vegetarian, clean diets however this cheesecake were beyond my expectations . My mother in law is quite fussy specially when I do my healthy versions but she loved it ! She even asked me to make it for her mother’s 90th birthday! I’m delighted! Love it! Love it! Love it! Thank you!

  135. Heather says

    I made this as a single pie today layered on top of your (prebaked) black bean brownie batter and it was A.MA.ZING!!! I was in brownie-cheesecake heaven! After several days of dreaming about some kind of fudgy chocolate-creamy cashew concoction, your website came to my rescue! Combining those two recipes really was a winner!

  136. Ns says

    Omg these were amazing!I used silicone muffincups and had no trouble getting them out. Next time I will only use 1/4 cup agave nectar,though. I made them with blueberries and the rest with caramel peanutbutter-spread from the healthfoodstore. I like how they taste a bit morrocan with the date&nut crust! 10/10!

  137. Mollie says

    I might love you.

    I haven’t tried these yet, but if they’re everything you say they are, they’re perfection.

    …And a blessing for those gluten-intolerant, dairy-intolerant, frustrated-sweet-tooth sufferers among us who are growing gloomy whilst watching friends & loved ones gorge themselves on sumptuous restaurant desserts as we shiver over our lump of sorbet — the ONLY gluten-free, dairy-free dessert ever to grace a restaurant menu. Now, if we can just turn some restaurant pastry chefs on to this recipe…

  138. Sue says

    Sorry if you’ve already answered this earlier but just wondering if the filling can be made in a food processor or would it not get it smooth enough?


    • Dana Shultz says

      More full fat coconut milk? Either that or some silken tofu. You’ll have to play with the flavors/texture though! Good luck.

  139. rebecca says

    They sound fantastic! Questions…can you use cashew meal? Do they travel well considering they’re frozen?

    • Dana Shultz says

      Hmm, I’m not sure but I would guess. I just think it would be harder to drain after soaking…Let me know if you try it out! They don’t really travel that well when not frozen. I’d say 1 hour max.

  140. Coralie says

    This is my first time making anything vegan and these were pretty awesome! I’m not vegan by any means or a celiac but I wanted to try it out. In the future would absolutely make these for any of my vegan friends. I personally prefer real cheesecake though

  141. Bridget says

    Hi! Sorry if this is a repeat question, but how long can these sit at room temp? Will they hold their shape if used for a dessert table at a wedding? Or do they need to be served pretty quickly after coming out of freezer?

  142. Dana says

    I’ve made two of your cashew based cakes and each time they have been lumpy. I have a great food processor and I’ve been measuring the ingredients as posted. The only thing I can think of is that there is too much cashew to liquid ingredients– AFTER soaking the cashews. When you say 1.5 cups of cashews, do you mean 1.5 cups AFTER they are soaked? Because mine expand quite a bit after soaking and probably end up being 3 cups if I put 1.5 cups in raw.

    Or maybe I am missing something here? But the recipe is very straight forward (put in and blend)?

  143. Kristen says

    In my home, we refer to these as “cheesefakes.” My son has soy, wheat, dairy and egg allergies. I love making cheesecakes, but he can’t have any. This is the best recipe that I found that is very close to cheesecake that he can eat. I did substitute gluten free graham crackers and margarine for the crust.

  144. Audrey says

    Hi- these look great. I love caramel and would love to try the caramel version of the cheesecakes. Can you please share your vegan caramel recipe. I tried following the link the caramel bourbon sauce you had here but it went to a recipe that needed heavy cream. ;(

  145. says

    Wow, these look amazing! Do you think Almond Milk would work, or does coconut milk work best? (I’m not a big fan of coconut). Thanks for the recipe, I’m new at the vegan diet and am excited to incorporate some of my old favorites in this new lifestyle!

    • Dana Shultz says

      Almond milk (or any milk) works well here! ANd as for the coconut oil, I’ve found you can sub in refined coconut oil for a less pungent coconut taste (or another neutral oil, such as olive!).

  146. Danielle says

    I’ve always wanted to try making raw cheesecake but I thought it would be a hassle. Turns out these were really easy to make and are AMAZING! Made them for my friends (none of us are vegan) and everyone loved them. Definitely going to be keeping these in my freezer from now on :) Thanks!

  147. Sydny says

    I want to make these for a vegan bake sale and I’m thinking if I freeze them and bring them to the location in a cooler, they should last at least a couple of hours. Does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations? If I make sure to have adorable packaging to match how great these taste, I think they’ll definitely be sold sooner rather than later.

    • Duygu says

      I put some of them into the freezer and some into the fridge. To be honest, they were both amazing. The ones in the fridge were not liquid-like at all, they were quite creamy, not as hard as the ones in the freezer of course. So as long as they are not under the sun, I think they should be fine.

  148. Nikki says

    Why did my mixture look like cottage cheese? Did I over blend, under blend or do some,thing wrong? Still tastes delicious but doesn’t look a great deal like yours

  149. Dana says

    Hi Dana. This is going to sound like I am moaning but I am not I do love the recipe.

    I purchased some cashews… how can you tell if they are raw? I got them from the nut section and they just state that they are cashews.

    Also I couldn’t warrant buying the coconut oil not when it costs £6-£10. I found that without this and the fruit flavour it was going to cost me £12 already.

    Do I really need the oil or can I use something else?

    I love the idea of using fruit and nuts for the base but do you have a suggestion for a Vegan biscuit base as well?

    Last question… can you change your weights to actual weights because cups very in size. Or is there a specific cup size in the form of a measure that I need to purchase?

    Great recipe and thank you

    • Dana Shultz says

      You can use olive oil! Or any neutral oil. You can tell the cashews are raw by looking at the ingredients list. It should just say cashews and they should be very light in color. Light tan. Not sure about a “biscuit” base. As for now, I’d say just google the measurements in weights. Hope that helps!

  150. Jen says

    How many hours do you recommend soaking the cashews? I see you wrote 4-6 but what’s best? 5? 6?
    Also in the vitamix what setting did you use for the one minute that you blended all the ingredients together?

    • Dana Shultz says

      6 or overnight is best! But recently I’ve been pouring over boiling water, letting it soak for 1 hour, and then draining and it’s just as good!

  151. Applewriter says

    Thank you for this great recipe. I’ve never had much luck with raw desserts before, but this was fab! I left the cheesecakes plain, but they taste wonderful. I was surprised at how much I nibbled on as I was making these, but still had plenty left. I also like the fact that since it’s frozen, I can’t gobble up the whole batch at once – I can ration out a nice indulgent treat or two and feel virtous!

  152. Laura says

    The calorie count of 324 is for all 12 pieces, right? I’m hoping that’s not just for 1 piece!

    thanks : )

  153. Terrie says

    These just became my favorite frozen treat for a hot day. And by treat I mean breakfast.
    I put fresh sliced strawberries and basil on top because that’s what I had.
    Delicious. Thank you!

  154. Hannah says

    I thought these cheesecakes were pretty good, but I wouldn’t say they were the best things ever. The consistency was pretty close to regular cheesecake, but I’m not a huge fan of the coconut taste. I guess I was under the impression that these would taste like traditional New York Style cheesecake, so I think you should maybe disclose that they do have that coconut flavor, and the crust doesn’t taste like a traditional cheesecake crust. I had non vegan friends try them, and the ones that like coconut did enjoy them. I also don’t think the prep time should be 25 minutes, since it takes at least an hour to prep the cashews, and then 10 minutes for the dates. I will say that I like how simple the ingredient list was and how thorough you were. I just think it should be a little more realistic as the prep time and how they’re gonna taste.

  155. Jacki says

    the consistency of the cheesecake was grainy- blended for several minutes. also- I recommend making extra crust and adding more than the 1tbsp on each.

  156. Carli says

    I have been vegan for almost a year now, and I’m often weary of dessert recipes. This one is by FAR the best one I’ve ever tried. I was seriously surprised by how incredible this tasted- my non-vegan mom even said it tasted like cream cheese after I forced her to try the batter. It’s one of the simplest recipes I’ve come across as well. Seriously, make this.

  157. says

    I can’t wait to prepare these deliciously healthy cheesecakes. I not really into veganism, but this recipe gave an insight that plants have everything we need. With vegan cheesecake, who needs to much sugar to satisfy our tummies, right? Thanks for this!

  158. Melody says

    This may be a repeated question, but is there a vegan version of the caramel sauce? The provided link takes us to a recipe that uses heavy cream. I was very excited to see a nondairy caramel recipe from a trusted source, but quickly disappointed upon following the link.

  159. Emilee Ruler says

    These look delicious! Do you have a suggestion for a substitute for the caramel bourbon sauce? Is it added for sweetness/taste or does it help with the consistency?

    • Dana Shultz says

      I don’t know, but I don’t think it will work. I would suggest using macadamia nuts or blanched almonds instead!

    • Dana Shultz says

      Well, they are pretty subtle. But you can sub most other dried fruits, such as raisins, prunes and cherries. Good luck!

  160. kim says

    just joining in the appreciative chorus…these are UNBELIEVABLY GOOD! followed the recipe exactly and they came out amazingly. also stored perfectly for probably about 8 months (don’t judge my freezer habits). making this again tomorrow. gonna use “no stir” natural creamy pnut butter taht i just discovered today. i’m getting all chubby up in here THANKS TO THESE RECIPEEEEEES

  161. Erica Rezende says

    These had zero flavor!!! I wasted expensive ingredients on this recipe! They went straight into the garbage disposal! Absolutely BLAND! Cheesecake from what I remember before I went vegan, is tarte and sweet! The crust was soggy, same texture as the filling! ! Total disappointment! I’d give it zero stars if I could!

    • Dana Shultz says

      Erica, sorry you had trouble here. It sounds like you may have had some technical issues here. If the filling texture was off, it probably means it wasn’t pureed properly as a result of your blender. And as for flavor, I suggest ‘tasting and adjusting flavor as desired.’ Did you perhaps skip this step? So many other people have loved this recipe so I’m not sure what exactly what went wrong…

  162. Melinda says

    Hi, just wondering if cashew butter would be good to use intead of soaking and blending cashews? Thanks! Can’t wait to try them.

  163. Selina says

    Recipe sounds fabulous, looking forward to trying it! I have a friend who is on a 30 day no-sugar challenge. The only way she’s consuming sugar is if it’s a whole fruit/vegetable. I’d like to make these mini delights without agave and no sugar/sweetener substitute, so she can enjoy them too.

    Any thoughts on how this change would affect the taste and/or consistency in a major way? Obviously they won’t be as sweet, but wonder if the natural sweetness of the cashew nuts would suffice.


    • Dana Shultz says

      It won’t be as sweet, that’s for sure. But if you’re OK with a more TART cheesecake, then go for it! Top with some coconut whip and fresh fruit to add natural sweetness. Or, throw a few soft, soaked dates into the batter to sweeten things up a tad! Good luck!

  164. Julianna Horvath says

    Is there anything I can substitute for the cashews? I get what feels like a migraine from them!!!!!!!

  165. Nea says

    Can you put in Strawberries or Rasberries in the filling? Will it still taste good? :) how many cup of berries would you estimate pouring in ?

  166. Catherine Munoz says

    I have these in my freezer as we speak– I haven’t tasted one yet, per say– since I whipped them up before I left the house. When I come back home they will be ready to eat, and I will try one! I did taste the crust and the filling individually– by licking the spatulas!– and this recipe is a delicious one! The filling tastes just like — if not better than– regular cheesecake made with cream cheese! It’s amazing! This recipe is a keeper! {Notes: I used almonds for the crust and maple syrup to sweeten.}

  167. elle says

    is coconut milk necessary? because I have all the other ingredients but the coconut milk! I’m so excited to try this!! :)

  168. Emily says

    These are sooooo good! I’m making them today for the second time this month. My house is soon to become The Cheesecake Factory. I like to make a vanilla and ginger version with blueberry chia jam on top :) keep being a superstar!

  169. thea says

    these were a fair amount of time and patience, but SOOO worth it! what i did was make cashew milk, then sifted out the solids for the cheesecake. no waste, all delicious! thank you for this recipe!

  170. Wedh says

    7/19/15 – Just made these – didn’t have lemon – so used lime and they are exquisite – Tastes so good
    plain, I don’t think I will add anything else to it.

  171. Nikita Ingratta says

    I made these bad boys (but in a springform tin, so one big cheesecake) for family night. The carnivores ate the whole cheesecake. Then I told them it’s vegan! They could not believe it. The creamy texture, so light and refreshing. The chewy base. My gosh. My husband then asked me to make one for him so he could have it all to himself. Seriously, Dana. You know your stuff.

  172. Deanne says

    Darling Dana, my sweet little food goddess, I think I might have to build a shrine to you. I used to have a New York style cheesecake business … the real thing: 3# of full-fat cream cheese in every cake, butter, chocolate, the works. Thanks be to Jesus they were so expensive to create, I went broke (because in southeast WI where I live and work, people don’t understand that not everything should come from Wal-Mart). Anyway, this is just to tell you – I know and love cheesecake. Blend that with a physiological aversion to wheat and sugar, and I am left with grateful awe and adoration for Ms. Gluten & Sugar-Free-Vegan-Oh-How-I-Love-My-Sweets Dana Shultz! We love you, darlin – keep these FABULOUS recipes coming!

  173. Susan says

    I’m curious about the agave nectar. Is it strictly used as a sweetener in that I could substitute Stevia for it OR is it used because of its thickness? Does it add stability to the filling?

  174. Elsa says

    This sounds like the perfect dessert for a summer BBQ. Can this be made in a springform pan as is, or does it need to be scaled up?

    • Dana Shultz says

      I believe that would work! I don’t own a springform, but I’m almost positive it would work the same. Let me know if you give it a try!

  175. Jess says

    I’m absolutely jumping to make these but unfortunately don’t have access to cupcake pan! Could these potentially be made the same way, but in a small brownie type pan?

  176. Caroline Masic says

    I used the blueberry vegan cheesecake recipe and made it as a birthday cake for my brother.
    He absolutely loved it and he is the biggest fan of cheesecakes.
    Thankyou so much for sharing this lovely recipe.

    How long can these be kept frozen for?

  177. Maja says

    I tried it and they turned out yummy! :) They looked great and the kids went all crazy about them :)

    One thing bothers me more than it should though: “prep tim 20 min, total time 20 min”? That’s just not true! When I’m in the store, quickly checking the recipe on my mobile while searching for ingredients, I have no way of reading the whole thing and figuring out that it takes much more time than that… I just trusted the “prep tim 20 min, total time 20 min” phrase and got myself into trouble. 4-6 hours of soaking nuts, and then 4-6 hours of freezing is far from “total time 20 min” :( Please, make it more visible for us who view it on the phone!

    P.S. The blueberry ones are my favorite, they were unbelievably delicious!!! :D

  178. Nis says

    Such a hit! I tweaked it a bit.. I doubled the ingredients and made 1x large 20″ and 1x 10″
    I added caocoa powder to the base of one and made a delicious chocolate flavoured base. Also I used rice malt as the sweetener.
    I also used a can of mixed berries blended them up and swirled some it into the filling and kept the rest as a sauce for those who wanted a bit more berry flavor.
    Absolutely a delicious recipe thank you!!

  179. Rose says

    These were absolutely delicious! Perfect dessert if you don’t want to turn the oven on in the heat of summer. They don’t taste like cheesecake, and they are a desert of their own.

    • Rose says

      I should add, I used the reduced fat coconut milk from the can and a splash of vanilla. It worked just as well.

  180. Skye says

    These were SO yummy, and so easy to make! I would love to see more recipes. I just got the “cooking bug” so when I find something that looks satisfying I go for it! This was great find! More PLEASE!!!

  181. Librarygeek07 says

    Very yummy! Finally made these and have a small suggestion — I used an espresso tamper tool to press the crust into the muffin tin. Worked great!

  182. Nis says

    A new tweek! I just love your recipe!
    Left lemon juice out added cacao powder. Then made a chocolate sauce to swirl in (nut free chocolate spread+ coconut cream+ dash of rice malt) = omg! Thsnk goodness we have guest coming tonight. .lol..

  183. Moneca says

    These came out fantastic! I literally use coconut in anything and on anything I can, and cheesecake is my absolute favorite desert. Coconut + cheesecake= me in pure heaven with no guilt for indulging. Thank you for this great recipe!

  184. Moneca says

    Also, I left them plain as is without adding lemon juice and drizzled a little local honey on top after defrosting! Delicious.

  185. Kat says

    Super yummy! BUT a nightmare to get out of the pan. Even with tabs, and greasing. Next time I’ll use cupcake liners.

  186. Simmy says


    I want to try this, looks great.
    Do they have to go in the freezer? or can I just put in the fridge to cool?


    • Dana Shultz says

      They should set in the freezer, but will mostly maintain in the fridge (though they do get pretty soft).

  187. says

    Hey Dana. I’ve always loved yours and John’s site for its simplicity and photography. John was going to work on my new company’s photos. But we had a problem with logistics and timing, however, perhaps for the next shoot. Anyways, please check out VeganCheesecake.net Keep up the great work!

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