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There are three important points we want to make about these links:

  1. The most important point is this: We won’t offer any affiliate link for a product we couldn’t recommend to our mother. Seriously.
    In fact, we have likely recommend almost all (if not all) of the products about which we write reviews to our friends and family.
    We care much more about providing reliable and helpful information to you rather than just making a quick buck. Ultimately, we want to build something that you can continually trust and rely.

  3. If a we are comparing products where one has either a more lucrative affiliate program or we are comparing products where one has an affiliate program and the other has none, these programs will never alter our opinion, suggestions, or recommendations.
    Many times, we have offered the less lucrative program (or the product without one altogether) because we believe it’s a better product.

  5. We have almost always not only tried the products we recommend, but we also have usually personally used them. We’ve been doing this internet thing for a while, and we want to share our honest experiences with you.


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