Salt Box

A Dash of Bleu Ceramic Salt Box is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Experts agree that keeping salt conveniently accessible is one of the best ways to ensure good seasoning in every dish. The best way to keep salt handy is with a beautifully crafted stylish salt cellar.

The combination of simple white ceramic and naturally finished bamboo provides an elegantly modern aesthetic that complements the decor of any kitchen. The simple design looks clean on the counter where your salt (or other seasonings/spices) will be literally at your fingertips.

This salt box is made of a high quality, impervious ceramic that won’t splinter, crack, or leach noxious chemicals like a low quality wood box might. That leaves your salt or other seasonings tasting just the way they should.

The bamboo lid is constructed of highly renewable bamboo to give the box a warmly modern look. The bamboo has been carefully finished to not off-gas any chemical smells and provides protection from splashes and spills keeping your salt or spices fresh and ready to use.

The salt box can be used to hold a wide variety of seasonings. From kosher salt, to sea salt, to Himalayan salt and beyond, our salt box gives you the opportunity to get just the right pinch to give you your perfect dish. Or get more than one to give yourself some options.

The salt box works equally well for other seasonings beyond salt. Everything from gourmet spices to sweetener packets fit perfectly. The salt box is the perfect solution for keeping small necessities handy in a stylish and elegant way.

Whether it is for salt or something else, this Dash of Bleu Ceramic Salt Box is perfect for keeping small necessities handy on the countertop. By pairing classic utility with elegantly modern good looks, this salt box gives you both convenience and beauty.

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