Congratulations! You just planned dinner this month.

31 Meals Cookbook: 31 Healthy, Simple Dinners

A digital cookbook with resources to help you make dinner simple, affordable, and delicious.

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What’s for dinner?”

Sound familiar? It’s the question we ask almost every night.

Tired of the same 2-3 recipes you rely on every week?

Looking for healthy, simple, and affordable dinners that will please the whole family?


This is the cookbook for you.

31 Meals was created for all of us. Like most, we like to eat healthfully, simply, and affordably, but dinner always trips us up. We’re too often tired and uninspired to think about what to cook by the time evening rolls around.

So, we end up making the same 2-3 meals over and over. But all of our taste buds – and most health experts – would agree that variety is important and even necessary in your diet. Besides, life is short! We should branch out and try new things!

With this mission in mind, we developed 31 Meals: A digital cookbook that offers one month of simple dinner ideas that are healthy, affordable, and delicious. Most recipes are vegetarian-friendly, but to ensure everyone can enjoy this resource we have included vegan and gluten-free modifications for every dish.

Sneak Peek 31

If you’re like us, you enjoy trying new flavors and dishes, but knowing what to make for dinner is nearly impossible after an exhausting day.

31 Meals makes it ridiculously easy to make wholesome, delicious food right at home. Even better? You don’t have to worry about the grocery list, calendar of meals, or wasting ingredients.

31 Meals is packed full of approachable, healthy, and tantalizingly delicious recipes.

Yes, there’s pizza and (veggie) burgers and basics for nights you barely have energy to boil water. But there’s also fresh takes on spring rolls, pastas, soups, curries, and sandwiches. Our personal favorite? The world’s easiest vegetarian egg rolls with a truly amazing 7-ingredient chili dipping sauce.


We ate (and devoured) every recipe in this cookbook.

We employed a panel of testers to make sure the instructions were easy to follow and accurate.

We tested and reviewed every detail, multiple times.

And we’re more confident than ever that you’re going to love 31 Meals as much as we do.

What does 31 Meals Really Offer?

  • 31 simple, affordable, healthy recipes that require 30 minutes or less, 10 ingredients or less, or 1 bowl.
  • Totally new, original recipes – Never published before and only available in the cookbook
  • Vegan and gluten-free modifications for every dish that’s not already V + GF
  • No casseroles – All fresh, healthy meals
  • One month of week-by-week, hassle-free dinner plans
  • Easy-to-understand instructions
  • Vibrant photos for every recipe
  • Dishes with fun flavors and combinations
  • Helpful notes to accommodate gluten-free and vegan eaters
  • Weekly grocery lists that make shopping a breeze
  • Recipes that utilize ingredients to ensure no food goes to waste
  • Tools to help make dinner at home fun, exciting, and cheaper than eating out


What do People Really Think?

I love this book! The photos are amazing. I used the shopping list which was excellent and a time saver… It’s family friendly too – my three boys (10 and under) have looked at all the recipes and photos and are asking to make all the recipes and have enjoyed what we have made so far. Thank you! – Nicole Lewis

What a great idea – to have menus, recipes and grocery lists coordinated in one place. I also appreciate the fact that I didn’t have to pay (and skip through) a plethora of red meat recipes. My husband and I eat a plant based diet with some fish, and no dairy… It’s pretty easy to adapt these recipes to a vegan lifestyle. – Gayle, So Cal Vegan

Great collection of recipes and photography – and to have it all planned out plus shopping lists by week! Priceless. Thanks again. – Sara Standal

My husband and I have enjoyed everything I’ve cooked from the 31 Meals Cookbook so far. Plus, it allows me to organize dinner ahead of time with healthy and affordable ingredients. – Sonya

Absolutely love it. Every recipe I’ve made is delicious and super easy to make – two wins! Thank you for publishing this. – Meghan

The photos are spectacular and the way the resource is organized makes great sense. I especially like the shopping list. You two have done a great job! – Teresa Baker

I bought the 31 Meals eBook and am loving it! I have made about 7 of the meals so far and they have been tasty, easy, and fairly healthy! I can’t wait to try all of the recipes. – Rebecca Schaefer, @rebschaefer

31 Meals was exactly what my husband and I needed — a no-excuses kick in the butt to start cooking simple meals for ourselves. So far we’ve tried the cashew coconut curry and the thin and crispy veggie burgers. Both were a huge hit and we’re excited to try out the rest of the meals! – Diana,

Not only are the recipes incredible, but the graphics and photography make this cookbook easy to ease and exciting to look at. The recipes are described well and entice the senses. –Emily Frost,

A simple collection of delicious, healthy recipes. The shopping lists made this one of the easiest to use cookbooks I have ever seen. – Joe

This book is the kind of resource that every person needs and wants. Whether you enjoy cooking or not, we all have to eat and face the dilemma of what to make for dinner – 31 Meals is a perfect solution, and I can’t wait to cook from it in my own kitchen. – Sara Lenton

A must have for any household. How many times do you find yourself repeating the same meal week after week because they are quick and tasty? This book will expand your mid-week meal repertoire with easy to follow recipes consisting of only 7 ingredients or less. What’s even better is they’re all accompanied with beautiful images so you know what the meal should look like. – Matt Lenton

I discovered the Minimalist Baker’s 31 Meals e-cookbook and it is amazing! We do all of our shopping at Whole Foods which can get quite pricey but we actually saved money using this cookbook! Our grocery bill (including all organic fruits/veggies except the red onion and including some extra items outside of the dinners) totaled $137. When I deduct all of our extras the total is $87.45 (which I think is outstanding considering there are leftovers for lunch!). All the meals take under 30 min to prepare (yes mamas! Under 30 min!), include 7 ingredients or less, and are delicious!

I hope other mamas are as excited as I am about this!! It just made my life SO much more simpler and healthy (and tasty too!). Thank you Minimalist Baker! – Sarah Edgerly,


What’s Included?

  • 31 Meals Cookbook is delivered in the versatile PDF format (works on computers, iPad, Kindle, or can be printed on letter sized paper!)
  • 4 Shopping Lists in PDF format (One for each week and weeks four and five are combined)
  • A Week-by-Week Meal Plan in PDF format – making sure you don’t have two similar tastes two nights in a row, but also don’t waste ingredients!
  • A ticket to one month off from deciding what to make for dinner!


Bonus! For the sweet tooth…

31 Meals also includes 5 Bonus Desserts!

Make them as you please or add them to the end of each week!

Look at that. You just planned desserts this month, too!


Let’s just be clear

  • You will immediately receive a cookbook with 31 Dinner Recipes + 5 Desserts
  • You will receive 4 digital (and printable) grocery shopping lists to maximize ingredients and make grocery shopping a breeze
  • You will receive a week-by-week meal plan plotting your entire month of meals that you can use over and over again throughout the year
  • With the economical planning of dinners and time-saving recipes, 31 Meals actually rewards you!
Instant Download • Secure Payment • 31 Day Hassle-free Guarantee


I’d like to purchase this as a gift. Is that possible?

Yes! Click the “buy now” link and you’ll be sent to the payment screen. Next to the email address field, click the little gift icon to enter the recipient’s email address and a personalized message. That’s it!

Can I pay with Paypal?

Yes! Just click the “pay with paypal” option in the upper righthand corner of the checkout screen.

What if I don’t want to stick to the meal plan?

Of course – the meal plan is optional. If you don’t use the calendar, you’re still going to have 31 delicious dinner options. However, we think it’s still worth your time to check out the plan as it was designed specifically to help you explore different tastes and fully utilize all of the ingredients in each week’s meals.

How often do I have to go the store following this plan?

The grocery lists are separated into weekly meal plans. We try to go the store once a week and that’s the way the ingredient lists are split. Of course, if you bought everything for the month on the outset of starting, you would only have to go once! But your vegetables wouldn’t be as fresh, so we recommend once a week, or once every other week.

Are these recipes Gluten-free or Vegan?

Most recipes are vegetarian-friendly, but to ensure everyone can enjoy this resource we have included vegan and gluten-free modifications for every dish.

Will nutrition information be included with the recipes?

Yes! We include nutritional information at the bottom of all recipes in this cookbook. Of course, this information is an estimate based on the ingredients recommended and using a free online nutrition calculator such as Calorie Counter to gather the nutrition information based on the ingredients you choose to use will yield the most accurate results.

How exactly is this more affordable than just planning my dinner on the fly?

We all know how planning dinner last minute goes – you sit, toil, can’t decide, and get hungrier. We’ve found this causes two problems: 1) We are lazier and choose the easiest option (usually take-out); or 2) Think we are hungrier than we are and end up getting the less-healthy option or over-cooking. Either way, this costs you money. Of course, that’s not even including the massive amount of time you waste worrying about what to make or pick up for dinner.

How is this more affordable than just finding recipes online?

To plan a month of healthy cooking, you will have to find a month’s worth of recipes, list out the ingredients, and plan your shopping trips. To make sure you don’t waste your ingredients, you must use your ingredients efficiently and within their expiration dates. You also must make sure you don’t purchase too many ingredients!

So, we’re wildly confident that the time and energy you will save is well worth the cost of this cookbook. Plus, following this plan will allow you to introduce new fun flavors to your dinner schedule! That’s a win-win in our book.

Do you use “common” ingredients in the recipes?

I’m not really sure about the common ingredient question. We think they are common, but that obviously varies greatly in relation to location.

Feel free to give the cookbook a try and if the ingredients are too uncommon for you to locate, we’d be happy to let you return the cookbook and refund your money.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Sure! Not sure if you will love the cookbook? Check it out for 31 days and give it a whirl. If you don’t like in 31 days, we will happily fully refund your purchase.

How many pages does the cookbook have?

77 pages in the cookbook, 5 in the grocery lists, and 1 for the week-by-week dinner plan

How Do I get my Cookbook on my iPad?

Install the iBooks app and simply click the link given to you during checkout!

It might take a couple minutes to download as the cookbook is a pretty big file. Once it’s fully loaded (assuming you are in safari), you can tap the cover once and there will be a bar at the top that says “open in ibooks.” Clicking that should add the cookbook to your library!

Alternatively, download the cookbook to your computer, add it to your library, and sync your ipad with your computer.

Have more questions?

Contact us here! We would love to hear from you!


Don’t worry about dinner this month

We wanted to create a cookbook and resource kit that was so easy and helpful it pays you back for using it. Not even including all of the money you’ll save from not eating out, the efficient use of your ingredients will pay for itself within the first few recipes you create. You’re up for saving a little dough, right?

Additionally, after a month, you can start reusing the recipes. If you want, just restart the whole plan! Or, switch it up and swap around recipes and weeks to create even more variety. Everything is yours to keep and you can reprint and reuse your PDFs however you please.

Instant Download • Secure Payment • 31 Day Hassle-free Guarantee

Ordering Process

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Here’s how to order 31 Meals:

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  4. Download, open, and enjoy your cookbook and resources!

31 meals cover

Instant Download • Secure Payment • 31 Day Hassle-free Guarantee