Recipe Developer

We’re hiring recipe developers to help create and perfect recipes for Minimalist Baker. Qualifications and job description listed below.

Qualifications – Looking for someone who:

  • Has plenty of cooking experience (has cooked extensively, made at least 200 recipes)
  • Has experience with vegan and gluten-free cooking / baking, specifically
  • Knows how to write and read recipes (writes clear instructions and lists ingredients in order used, etc.)
  • Is detail oriented and takes studious notes while cooking
  • Has the ability to take basic photos of each step and final product to communicate the recipe to our team
  • Has creative abilities (can take a recipe from good to great with creative input)
  • Has a functional kitchen, including a working oven, gas range, basic cookware (cast iron preferred), high speed blender, food processor, baking pans, etc.
  • Has access to basic ingredients and fresh produce (bonus if it’s seasonal to the U.S.)
  • Enjoys cooking and baking and getting creative in the kitchen
  • Has no or limited food aversions / allergies / restrictions (is able to eat a variety of foods)
  • Is easy to communicate with and responds well and quickly to feedback
  • Can work ahead of schedule – we work months ahead on content and need someone who manages their own time well and is able to hit deadlines
  • Doesn’t require much feedback or hand holding in the creation process

Job Description

  • You will receive recipe concepts and ideas and turn them into perfected recipes complete with fully written ingredients, instructions, and notes. 
  • Sometimes you will be asked to modify an existing recipe into a new variation. Other times you will be tasked with creating a recipe from scratch. 
  • Along with the recipe you will include basic (iPhone) photos of the cooking steps and final product to clearly communicate the recipe to our team.
  • You will be tasked to test / create up to 2-3 recipes / week, although the work may be a bit inconsistent (some weeks will be busier than others).
  • Finalized recipes will be our copyrighted work and shared under our brand. We require that submitted content not be recycled, sold, or shared again elsewhere.

Bonus qualifications

  • Any photography or food styling experience
  • Any chef / restaurant cooking / catering experience
  • Any experience helping create or test cookbook recipes

Interview process

  • If selected for an interview, you will receive a recipe concept and be tasked with taking them to completed and perfected recipes, including fully written ingredients, instructions, and notes, as well as a few photos (iPhone quality is fine) of the cooking process and final product.
  • You will be compensated for your time and cost of ingredients.
  • We will select the best candidates based on creativity, attention to detail, and precision in recipe writing (e.g. did the recipe work, is it easy to understand, is it delicious, what makes it unique or stand apart?)

Please include:

  • Your experience and qualifications
  • Your required pay per recipe
  • A 2-minute video or audio file explaining why you think you’d be a good fit for the role.
  • Your availability (start date and available hours / week)
  • Any other skills or experience relevant to the job

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