Basic Vegan French Toast

Vegan French Toast! Simple, healthy and surprisingly similar to traditional french toast!

We just celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary and it caused me to reflect on our early days of marriage, living in Portland in late spring, early summer. I made us breakfast most mornings - just ... Read More →

Coconut Cream Pie French Toast

Coconut Cream Pie French Toast | #breakfast #frenchtoast |

The other day I was running on the treadmill in our apartment gym and I flipped on the Food Network - literally the only channel I watch TV for. Lucky for me the show on at the time was all about the ... Read More →

French Toast Sugar Cookies


Attention: These cookies taste like french toast, but they also taste just like a brown sugar cinnamon Pop Tart. In other words, childhood, reclaimed! ... Read More →

Strawberry Danish French Toast


Going into donut shops was one of my greatest joys in life as a kid. I knew exactly what I wanted every time: maple long john with chocolate milk with a back-up plan of anything chocolate glazed or ... Read More →