A 12-Recipe Detox Guide For a Healthier You

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You guys, it’s 2013 -we made it. 2012 is in the dust and now the question is, have you made any resolutions?

If I were to guess I’d assume most people aim to eat healthier in the New Year. I’m usually one of “those people,” at minimum reevaluating the way I approach health and diet. After some reflection last year I decided to go vegetarian, so starting in January I did. While it only lasted until April, it helped me realize life without meat is possible and it also forced me to try new-to-me foods like kale, beets, chia seeds and quinoa.

One thing I’ve been realizing more lately is that my body loves whole foods. And not just my body, everyone’s body. Our systems seem to function a little better, our skin becomes a little clearer, and our moods a little brighter when we’re filling up on the right kinds of fuel. While John and I are all for occasional indulgence, we genuinely try to make sure the bulk of our daily diets are loaded with foods that agree with our bodies.

This brings us to the Detox Guide. The kind of detox we’re talking about is a natural one: More high-nutrient whole foods and less processed junk – it’s that simple. This approach to eating doesn’t always seem practical or exciting, but we’ve created a resource to help inspire a new, fresh approach to wholesome eating that’s also delicious.

What to expect in the Minimalist Baker Detox Guide:

  • 12 flavorful, fresh and healthy recipes – 10 originals and 2 classics from the blog.
  • Almost all recipes in the guide are vegan or vegetarian and gluten free optional, and include breakfast, lunch and dinner options.
  • Includes simple, satisfying snacks and one seriously mouthwatering 4-ingredient dessert.
  • Throughout the guide we note just a few of the health benefits each recipe provides, such as free-radical fighting antioxidants in our maple blueberry smoothie, heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids in our flax and compote yogurt parfaits, and disease-preventing phytonutrients in our apple pie date bars (see a sneak peek below).

Apple Pie Date Bars

We hope you enjoy this little guide and sincerely believe it will help you fall even more in love with simple, healthy food. We loved putting it together both for the creativity that poured out once we started putting pen to paper and fork to food, and for the dishes we dreamed up to share with you all (and our own bellies).

So here’s to eating healthfully and deliciously in the New Year and beyond. After all, if you can have healthy dishes that also taste good, why wouldn’t you?

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danaHi, I'm Dana! I am a food stylist, photographer, and author of the Food Photography School and the 31 Meals Cookbook.

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  1. says

    Happy new year! I’m definitely in the same boat as you at the moment and looking at ways I can help my body best recover from the excesses of Christmas. Thank you so much for putting together this guide, I’m downloading it right now!

  2. Latricia Fahringer says

    I just paid, but I don’t know how you get my book to me. There was no where to fill out an address form, or emal address, if this is an ebook. I’m confused. But the recipies look great :). I came over from Iowa Girl Eats, where she previewed your Super Spring Rolls. I plan to make those.

    • john says

      Hey Latricia!

      You should’ve received a link to the email address you used when purchasing the guide. I just resent it to you as well as another email from me.

      Please let me know if you have any other troubles finding it!

  3. says

    I already subscribed to the mailinglist, but can’t figure out where to get the link to the e-book! Very excited to see the other recipes! :)

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