22 Easy Summer Recipe Ideas

Loaded Black Bean Sweet Potato Boats

Loaded Black Bean Sweet Potato Boats – The perfect finger food for summer parties and gatherings. Serve as an appetizer or hearty vegetarian-friendly entree.


Noodle Free Pad Thai – A heat-free, summer-friendly version of pad thai sans noodles that’s loaded with veggies and flavor.

Rainbow Chard Hummus Wraps!!

Rainbow Chard Hummus Wraps – The easiest, healthiest wrap EVER. Hummus and veggies rolled into a sweet, nutrient-filled rainbow chard leaf. Add sprouts for extra good juju.


Asian Noodle Bowl with Ginger Peanut Dressing – The perfect no-fuss lunch or dinner for summertime. Loads of veggies on top of rice noodles tossed in a bold ginger-peanut dressing.


Roasted Beet Hummus – Extra beets on hand? THIS is the hot pink (crazy healthy) dip for you.

Creamy Thai Slaw with Easy Baked Wonton Chips! minimalistbaker.com

Creamy Thai Slaw with Baked Wonton Chips – Sub dairy-free yogurt to keep this cooling, flavorful dip vegan-friendly. Wonton chips are the perfect vessel for this summer-friendly slaw.

Green Chili Mac n Cheese! #vegan minimalistbaker.com

Vegan Green Chili Mac n Cheese – Turning the oven on is SO worth it for this creamy, cheesy Mexican-inspired mac ‘n’ cheese that’s completely dairy-free and loaded with flavor and texture.


Better Than Restaurant Collard Green and Tahini Falafel – The only falafel that’s loaded with collard greens and bold garlic and lemon flavor. Bake it or saute it, you can’t go wrong. Make, this, recipe.

The Best Damn Vegan Nachos! #vegan #glutenfree

The Best Damn Vegan Nachos – Everyone loves nachos, especially topped with this crazy flavorful, creamy queso that’s completely dairy-, gluten-, and cashew-free!

Simple Grilled Corn Salsa | Minimalist Baker

Perfect Grilled Corn Salsa – The quintessential salsa for summertime. Throw some corn on the grill and watch this perfect salsa happens before your eyes. Share with neighbors for instant best friends.

No Bake PB Brownie Bars | minimalistbaker.com

2-Layer No Bake PB Brownie Bars – The most low-maintenance dessert on the block. Two no-bake layers of chocolate and peanut butter perfectly married together in these surprisingly healthy bars. Healthy enough for breakfast, dare I say?

Smores Rice Krispies via minimalistbaker

S’mores Rice Krispie Treats – Toast your marshmallows BEFORE mixing in the rice krispies for this absolutely perfect summer, cookout-friendly dessert.

Coffee Coconut Ice Cream | via minimalistbaker

Coffee Coconut Ice Cream – Coffee addicts rejoice for this simple, java-infused vegan ice cream. Thick, creamy and with a serious caffeine kick.

no bake cookie bars google

4-Ingredient No Bake Cookie Bars – My all-time favorite no-bake dessert. A 4-ingredient bar that takes 5 minutes and tastes JUST like a friggin’ no bake cookie.

Vegan Peanut Butter Cup Pie! PB Mousse filling, chocolate ganache top and an easy graham crust. SO so creamy and delicious!

Vegan Peanut Butter Cup Pie – Mind-blowing, easy peanut butter cup pie. Creamy tofu PB filling, chocolate ganache top and a simple graham cracker crust. Buy the crust ahead of time to keep this completely bake-free.


Peanut Butter & Jelly Date Smoothie – My favorite way to eat PB&J without bread – in this delectable, dairy-free smoothie perfect for breakfast or post-workout.


Mango Marriage Saver Smoothie + Mask  – A smoothie and mask in one utilizing one of summer’s most gorgeous fruits: MANGO. Check out why this is so healthy for every part of your body – inside and out.


Chocolate Brownie Batter Blizzard – Blizzard lovers rejoice for this dairy-free dessert that’s healthy enough to replace your post-workout smoothie.


Refreshing Grapefruit Lime Spritzers – My ultimate summer cocktail. Simple, flavorful and the perfect balance of sweet and tart. Fizzy, refreshing, delicious.

Vodka & Coconut Ice Cream Root Beer Floats

Vodka Root Beer Floats with Coconut Ice Cream – We tested ALL the liquors and vodka was the true match for these boozy root beer floats made with coconut ice cream. A&W, meet your competition.


3-Ingredient Cold Brew Mocha Frappe – The perfect morning beverage for coffee lovers who appreciate a cold drink in the summer. Yes, there’s only 3 ingredients. I promise it’s not witchcraft.


Watermelon Limeade Cocktails – Watermelon and lime belong together, especially in this effortless summer cocktail.


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22 EASY Summer Recipe Ideas that require little-to-no heat and perfect for cook-outs and warmer weather!


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